7 Minute Money System Scam-Read Before You Buy

By | April 1, 2014

Do You want to make some real money with the “7 Minute Money System”?  I can show you how!










 What a pile of crap Jackson!


The real money that is being made with the “7 Minute Money System” isn’t with buying this bogus program. The 7 Minute Money System is a marketing trick used to get you to pay $50 for a download that simply put,  is a scam!  Yep!  just junk,  like the Iraqi Dinar!  Not worth the paper it is written on.  Yeah! I own the Dinar!

I will be honest,  a scam like 7 Minute money system turns my stomach.  I know that these phony marketers are  getting rich off stealing money out of  the pockets from every day Joe’s trying to make a few extra bucks .  I personally don’t condone this type of scam marketing,  I don’t do it, and I never will.

On the other hand,  there is a lesson to be learned from scams like the “7 Minute Money System” .  Foot soldiers that put up all the phony reviews and scam reviews that are really sales pages  are making money, all be it, chicken shit chump change, the true marketer is behind the scenes making the real doe!  The 7 Minute Money System and it’s look a likes are just slick marketing gimmicks that are rapidly growing in popularity.  I just had 4  identical scams come across my desk today alone! This is the hottest ticket in town, in relation to marketing scams to the public.  You will see hundreds of these bogus scams released as the year unfolds.

This type of scam marketing is a very short lived with very low income potential,  unless of course , you are the mastermind marketer behind the scenes.

As it goes with anything,  there are are always the good and the bad elements in society. How about if you had a chance to be the Robin Hood of the Internet Marketing world, you know, be one of the good guys!  You could  make the same or even more money as the mastermind scumbag marketer, but still be able to tell your kids what you do for a living when they ask. Hell!  You could end up being a shoe in for guest speaker on career day at school!

Do you want to make a great living from Internet marketing?

Do you want to make money while you sleep?

Do you want to sleep with a clear conscience?

Do you want to make more money than you would promoting a scam?Green-Check-Mark

Do you want to make real income that lasts longer than the scam you are promoting?

If your answer is yes to all the above then keep this in mind!

You can still make a lot of money online by being ethically and morally responsible and get the same end result as the scumbag marketer. You can be proud of your accomplishments and still make a great income from Internet marketing!


Don’t be the sucker in a scam like this! Tare a page out of the lesson book,  make some great money from online marketing with out scamming people. The 7 Minute Money System is just 1 out of  approximately 50 online marketing techniques.  You can  build a profitable online business in no time with the remaining 49.

My #1 recommended program can teach you all the necessary marketing skills so that you can make money online promoting whatever you want, free trade products, environmentally sensitive products,  just to name a few! If you can think of it you can sell it!  Actually,  I just helped a lady get started in Internet marketing so that she could reach more people with her product. Part of the proceeds from her product go to help under privileged woman, now that’s a robin hood! ( minus the stealing from the rich.)

My #1 recommended program will give you all the tools and state of the art training that you will need to make money online

There are lots of great marketing deliveries available that are ethically sound. You don’t have to compromise your morals like the peddlers of the 7 Minute money System to make great money online!


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