7 Minute Money System Scam-Read Before You Buy

By | April 1, 2014

Do You want to make some real money with the “7 Minute Money System”?  I can show you how!










 What a pile of crap!


The real money that is being made with the “7 Minute Money System” isn’t with buying this bogus program. The 7 Minute Money System is a marketing trick used to get you to pay $50 for a download that simply put,  is a garbage!  Yep!  just junk,  like the Iraqi Dinar!  Not worth the paper it is written on.  Yeah! I own the Dinar!

The 7 minute money system is what marketers call a sales funnel, it is used to rope you into buying a product while offering a free product to get you to buy in.

On the other hand,  there is a lesson to be learned from schemes like the “7 Minute Money System” .  Foot soldiers that put up all the phony reviews and scam reviews that are really sales pages,  the true marketer is behind the scenes making the real doe!  The 7 Minute Money System and it’s look a likes are just slick marketing gimmicks that are rapidly growing in popularity.  I just had 4  identical schemes come across my desk today alone! This is the hottest ticket in town, it appears.

This type of scheme is very short lived with very low income potential for the second wave, but if you are the creator this can be a very lucrative venture. There is no free meal offered here, you are led down a tunnel with one goal in mind and that is to sell you something, it is actually a classic Internet marketing trick commonly used by veteran marketers.

As it goes with anything,  there are are always the good and the bad elements at play this is one of the bad ones in my opinion. There’s really not much more to add on this product for the simple reason there is no actual value in joining the 7 minute money system.Do you want to make a great living from Internet marketing?The 7 Minute Money System is just 1 of many marketing techniques.  You can build a profitable online business in no time using various marketing techniques, while not upsetting your stomach.

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    1. Mike Post author

      Your welcome Loane, if you have any specific areas of Internet marketing that I can help with don’t hesitate to leave a question I will gladly help, cheers Mike.

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    I would like to hear more of your marketing ideas. Thanks. Ioane Fetu.

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      Hi Loane I will be writing more content in regards to Internet marketing techniques and strategies in the near future, thanks for the comment, Mike.

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    Looking to build a new website with earning potential, and perhaps some product or sector specific sites again with earning potential e.g affiliate links ?

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      Hi Paul, If you are asking about creating a profitable website and need some assistance, then I would suggest going to Wealthy Affiliate. Lots of knowledgeable people at WA. You will find members with loads of experience in creating websites with high earning potential that are willing to help. Cheers Mike

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