The 5k Formula is system that was created by a marketer named Matthew Neer. This system is pitched as a complete step by step system that will allow you to generate a daily income on autopilot. Matthew has quite the promotional video for his product where he shows off wads of cash, worldly trips, sporting events the list goes on. Matthew also portrays his formula as an automated business where you can make money while you sleep!

So far Matthew has described Internet Marketing to a tee, you can make money while you sleep, you can travel the world and still do Internet Marketing and you can make good money on a daily basis but will this system do that for you? Read my 5k formula review to find out!

How Does The 5K Formula System Work?

For many of you that are reading this 5K Formula review you might not know the basic principle behind Affiliate Marketing which is what Matthew is selling you on, so I will give you a quick break down. There are many approaches to Affiliate Marketing this particular method used by the 5k formula creator makes use of a pre made sales funnel, basically a sales funnel works on the basis that targeted traffic goes in sorts out the serious leads on a squeeze page or landing page ending up on a sales page where you see the offer ending in a sale, an autoresponder is also a key component in a system of this nature.

Your part in the 5K Formula offer is getting traffic to the sales funnel that Matthew Neer provides.  You’re not on your own on this the 5K Formula provides instruction for finding and utilizing traffic sources such as Facebook,  solo ads, safelists and traffic exchanges to name a few. You are also required to find a product but once again you are provided with sources and instruction,  Clickbank, Warriorplus, JVZoo are a few marketplaces that the 5k Formula offer to find your products for sale.

The 5K Formula offer comes complete with pre made squeeze pages, Email swipes, made for you campaigns and more!

What Makes The 5K Formula Offer Attractive?

When you go through the 5K Formula sales video it’s hard to not get excited when you hear the lifestyle and income claims that Matthew Neer throws around then he adds in the fact you don’t need to blog, you have no need for a website or hosting and you don’t need a domain name.  Matthew promotes the idea that his system runs on autopilot with no technical experience needed and I have to say the price point looks quite attractive for what you get for your $19.97.

What I didn’t like about the 5K Formula 

I didn’t like all the hype for starters,  to many people get caught up in the classic marketers showcase where high performance cars and lavish trips and handfuls of money are thrown around to set the hook, yes you can make good money Internet Marketing but it takes work and trust me nothing is “fully automated” in Internet Marketing!

There are many upsells in this offer I counted 8 ranging from paid traffic sources to resellers rights. These upsells could end up costing you an extra $700 if you bite on all the offers, if you have no experience it will be hard to discern what tools and services  you really will need to make this system work, you have to be prepared to take Matthews word on this.

Along with the upsells you have to realize there are going to be additional costs. These costs are not mentioned in the sales video, Matthew lists everything you don’t need to make money with his system but neglects to mention what you will need to make his 5K Formula system effective. What’s missing?  You are going to need roughly $50 a month in services and products to integrate with the  5K Formula system, products and services such as an autoresponder, paid traffic source and a traffic tracker of some sort.

My Final Take On The 5K Formula Offer?

This is a decent product it isn’t without some drawbacks. When your income stream is dependant on servers and platform that realistically could be gone tomorrow then there goes your source of income just something to keep in the back of your mind. I hope you enjoyed the review and look forward to any feedback on this program or my review, cheers Mike.