700 Profit Club – Is It Really Free!

700 Profit Club – Is It Really Free!

Instant money!? Very little work?! $725 a day with no effort! From researching money making schemes over the years the 700 Profit Club has all the common characteristics of a full-blown scam. I hope by reviewing the 700 Profit Club I can shed a little light on whether this money making offer is a legitimate way to make a good income online or simply another scam that uses shady marketing tactics which I will discuss as we get into my 700 Profit Club Review, like always I welcome any questions or experiences you have had with this offer, have a great day Mike.

What Is The 700 Profit Club?!

When you click on the 700 Profit Club website, you’re presented with a sales video which actually explains very little about what you will be doing to make your millions online. If you take the time to listen to the video, it claims to offer potential sign-ups the opportunity to make $700 a day with only 10 minutes of work required, OK, I am going to tell you right here there is no online money making opportunity that takes little effort, everything I have done or researched online to make money takes considerable effort to make money, convincing people to part with their money isn’t easy, it takes skill and lots of targeted training.

The video goes on for about 4 – 6 minutes hammering home 2 points that the creators obviously want you to get.

Unless you act now you’re going to miss out on a $700 cheque being deposited into your bank account every day a day. The emphasis on this point should be enough for you to take cover and run, this is the oldest pressure and scam tactic in the book so if you see this the offer is bogus. No credible offer relies on outrageous income claims combined with limited time offers.

For the last 30 days, the owner has been taking on 15 different people to coach and mentor, and that today is the last day and there’s only ONE spot left. The site shows only one spot left on a consistent basis. These types of limited quantity claims are a scam artist go to tool, don’t bite!

Although the video is upwards of 6 minutes long, these are the only true points made within the video.

It is indicated that by signing up for this opportunity, you pay nothing. At the end of the day, the 700 Profit Club home page is really just a sales funnel into a different opportunity.

This isn’t a bad thing though, as many legit opportunities have a sales funnel to fast track people into legit opportunities.

But is the 700 Profit Club a legit opportunity?

So, What Happens If I sign up?

If you watch the video, and end up supplying your email, you’re pushed into another video sales page. This one is very similar to the first.

While the video plays, there’s indication that your account is being created at that time, and that you have to watch the video in order to move to the next step.

There is a counter at the bottom of the screen, letting you know how much longer you need to watch the video before you can access your account and start making that ” $700 a day” the 700 Profit Club claims you will make.

In the sales video, it explains that you need to create your “free” website through a domain hosting platform that 700 Profit Club is affiliated with. The sales video states that if you grab your free website that the 700 Profit Club has already done the work for you and hand-picked a done for you website (claiming the niche websites have been selected because they are the most profitable niche websites). The 700 Profit Club goes on to mention that you will qualify for a 40% discount off your hosting.

This is as far as I needed to go with this offer, These guys are simply affiliates for a hosting outfit, they offer simple landing pages claiming they are fully functioning websites when in reality these websites are cookie cutter templates that every scammer and their dog try to pass off as unique niche websites. Where the income starts to roll in is from commissions made from affiliating themselves with the hosting platform, you buy they get a commission.

What’s The Catch 700 Profit Club?

You can source out merchants that sell resell rights for products like pre done niche websites, these sites are extremely inexpensive to buy and you can turn around and either sell these templates for a profit or do what this outfit is doing and combine them with a hosting an offer and make a commission off the back end, it’s actually a really smart idea for the peddlers but not very good for the buyer.

The pre done website templates as I mentioned earlier are low quality, have very little SEO properties so they won’t get a high ranking with search engines such as Google which means they won’t get seen by the internet public and ultimately get no traffic. You can find website template offers in marketplaces like JV Zoo which is known for these resell offers, probably where these schemers got their idea to make money off unsuspecting buyers. On the right is a shot of what the hosting will cost you, typically an affiliate for a hosting platform will make anywhere upwards of 40% commission, so you can see this is a pretty lucrative deal for the 700 Profit Club owners.

The 700 Profit Club are affiliated with a web hosting company called Cool Handle. I have been in the Internet marketing biz for quite some time but have never heard of Cool Handle.

The cost to host through Cool Handle could be upwards of $100 – $200. The picture here represents the cheapest option.

Cool Handle Hosting, Who Are You?

Cool Handle hosting from what I found out has been around for sometime. However, it wasn’t until recently (March 2018) that they were accredited by the Better Business Bureau with a rating of A+.

Unfortunately, Cool Handle hosting offers very expensive hosting options compared to a lot of other hosting companies. Because of this, and the fact that they offer affiliate options, Cool Handle has obtained a very poor reputation in the online community from what I have read.

Compare what you see at Cool Handle to what you would get with a popular hosting platform like Blue Host which you can see below offers everything for under $6 a month or $72 a year all in.

Take a look at where Cool Handle rates on www.pissedconsumer.com:

What Happens If I Do Buy Hosting?

Say you do invest Cool Handle hosting to get your site up and going. What happens next?

700 Profit Club provides you with a personal adviser, however, it seems this personal adviser is more of a telemarketer. A master at selling!

Unfortunately there is no training or direction as to how you’ll make $700 a day. And surprise, you have a website but you haven’t made a dime yet.

Your personal adviser will attempt to sell you on a lot of different money making opportunities such as email auto responders, ad optimizer, e books and more, this is one big lesson in up selling and scamming all in one. Next thing you know your free offer is costing you literally hundreds of dollars a month

They don’t actually show you how to use these items, how to set up your website, or how to make $700 a day.

So Many Red Flags!

These types of fast money making schemes come with a lot of red flags to the trained eye, people they are not targeting. People they are targeting are the vulnerable, people with very limited to no knowledge of how the money making gig works online.

The First Red Flag: Exaggerated income claims.

You can almost always bank on it, if someone is pitching hundreds of dollars a day in guaranteed income with little effort, something is rotten.

Making money online is possible, but you don’t start by earning $700 a day, just doesn’t happen.

The Second Red Flag: Fake Testimonies

Buyers are getting very skeptical of online offers and with good reason, websites like the 700 Profit Club use testimonials to try to persuade their visitors that their offer is tries and true. Unfortunately what I see are not authentic testimonials but fake stock photos and testimonials that can be bought from vendors such as fiver. A high quality testimonial can cost as little as $5 on Fiver.

9 times out of ten, if there are multiple people on a website with perfect profile pictures earning thousands of dollars a week, it;s more than likely fake! You’ll probably find these same profile pictures on a different website as well.

The Last Red Flag: There’s a limited availability

The volume of internet users is massive, and anyone and everyone is perfectly capable of making money online with the right training. If an opportunity claims there is only a certain amount of spots or limited amount of time to claim those spots, there only trying to prey on your primary instincts which is to panic buy.

When people feel there’s a limited amount of time to decide something, they usually make decisions without fully investigating or thinking it through.

What 700 Profit Club Does Well…

  • There is only one thing I agree with in the 700 Profit Club offer and that is you need a website to make any really significant income online.

What 700 Profit Club Could Do Better…

  • Don’t use misleading sales tactics, advertising a “free” opportunity which isn’t free and unrealistic money making income opportunities;
  • Offer real training on how to make money online;
  • Don’t up sell products you don’t offer training for;
  • Train people on real affiliate marketing opportunities;
  • Provide a real personal adviser who focuses on helping their customers, not a sales person.

The Final Verdict!

All in all, the 700 Profit Club I feel is a web hosting scam in the way that they intentionately mislead you into thinking you can make $700 a day free. This offer can cost you upwards of $200 plus a month if you buy into all the up sell offers.

There’s literally no value in joining the 700 Profit Club, all they really provide do a website template which you can find almost anywhere with the hosting for your site at an additional cost. If you follow the 700 Profit Clubs instructions step by step, and don’t buy into the up sells, you’re left with very little to no opportunity to make an income online, that’s unfortunately is just the hard truth.

The 700 Profit Club is one of these opportunities that screams unethical marketing practices!






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