Hi, my name is Mike, I have been in the Online marketing field for many years now.  I have had many online marketing successes to date and I hope with this site I can pass some of my expertise on to you and filter out the scams that we all fall into at some point in our journey to make money online. Not all products are outright scams many are just poor products that will get you no closer to making money online and these products will be reviewed on this site as well.  I have found that poor training and support and outdated marketing techniques are one of the biggest culprits to eating up your time and hard earned money.

I started Internet marketing probably like everyone else. I stumbled around the Internet trying different programs and wasting a ton of money and time doing so,  nothing I tried got me to that end result I was looking for, making money online.  It wasn’t until I met a family acquaintance that my Internet marketing career really took off.  As it turns out he was very successful at the online game, I’ll rephrase that, “he was freaking amazing at it”.

He quickly hooked me up with some credible training resources and the rest is history.  I will tell you a little bit of my story so that you will know who you are trusting for advice!

Making money online took some time, I definitely wasn’t an overnight success, truth is there is no such thing in the online money making game,  but you will never know this by all the hype pitched at you when searching for ways to make money online, everything is promoted as the winning system.

I had very little experience with computers when I first started, even the easiest tasks like sending emails I found challenging, not a joke, cross my hart serious here, didn’t know how to send an email.

With a lot of perseverance and some help from my marketing friends,  Internet Marketing eventually became my bread and butter giving my family and I a lifestyle that most can only dream of.  I started out as an affiliate marketer in the weight loss industry, which I might add was a pretty competitive but very lucrative niche,  which I did well in,  since then I have been fortunate to have had a great career in the Internet marketing field selling products from affiliate marketplaces such as Amazon, Market-health, Link share and Click-bank just to name a few.

I only endorse programs and products after evaluation that I feel will work and won’t leave you chasing your tail trying to find a way to make money online. I use the same standard criteria to evaluate every program and product reviewed on this site. Enjoy my site and I hope that I can help you in some way find success online.

Best of luck,