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About Me

Hi, my name is Mike, I have been in the Online marketing field for many years now.  I have had many online marketing successes to date and I hope with this site I can pass some of my expertise on to you and filter out the scams that we all fall into at some point in our journey to make money online. Not all products are outright scams many are just poor products that will get you no closer to making money online and these products will be reviewed on this site as well.  I have found that poor training and support and outdated marketing techniques are one of the biggest culprits to eating up your time and hard earned money.

I started Internet marketing probably like everyone else. I stumbled around the Internet trying different programs and wasting a ton of money and time doing so,  nothing I tried got me to that end result I was looking for, making money online.  It wasn’t until I met a family acquaintance that my Internet marketing career really took off.  As it turns out he was very successful at the online game, I’ll rephrase that, “he was freaking amazing at it”.

He quickly hooked me up with some credible training resources and the rest is history.  I will tell you a little bit of my story so that you will know who you are trusting for advice!

Making money online took some time, I definitely wasn’t an overnight success, truth is there is no such thing in the online money making game,  but you will never know this by all the hype pitched at you when searching for ways to make money online, everything is promoted as the winning system.

I had very little experience with computers when I first started, even the easiest tasks like sending emails I found challenging, not a joke, cross my hart serious here, didn’t know how to send an email.

With a lot of perseverance and some help from my marketing friends,  Internet Marketing eventually became my bread and butter giving my family and I a lifestyle that most can only dream of.  I started out as an affiliate marketer in the weight loss industry, which I might add was a pretty competitive but very lucrative niche,  which I did well in,  since then I have been fortunate to have had a great career in the Internet marketing field selling products from affiliate marketplaces such as Amazon, Market-health, Link share and Click-bank just to name a few.

I only endorse programs and products after evaluation that I feel will work and won’t leave you chasing your tail trying to find a way to make money online. I use the same standard criteria to evaluate every program and product reviewed on this site. Enjoy my site and I hope that I can help you in some way find success online.

Best of luck,



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    1. Hi Norrie, yes I have heard of the course Ultimate Amazon Seller looks like an ok course with a pretty decent price point at just under $500. Don’t know too much on the teacher Phillip Covington and I would hate to go on how he describes himself but the course layout looks good.
      I personally like Amazon Affiliate Bootcamp v3.0 only because I am familiar with their program and they do have a pretty solid reputation for producing results for their students.
      The Ultimate Amazon Seller is a pretty new course so I am not to sure on the success rate and the positive reviews you read are mostly from past members who qualify for a 20% commission from every sale of the course do to their participation which for you might be a consideration.
      If you do join and qualify for the 20% commission stop by and I will give you a link to some free training that will help you promote the product. One last option is a really good course on creating an amazon affiliate site which is put on by Human Proof designs which only costs $7, no thats not a typo that’s all they charge, pretty good outfit, Click here to have a look at the course, hope that helps Norrie, have a good one Mike.

  1. Hello Mike. I would like to comment on WA. To be fair,what I have to say is not what I found to be a good experience. I hesitate to continue because I do not want to mislead anyone. I totally did NOT know what I was doing or how to do it. The promise that members and or the founders would reply to my specific questions left me wanting. It is true that WA has many videos on certain aspects of their program. It is also true that, at least for my skill level, most of the videos were way over my head. When I would ask for specific instructions about a specific problem I was encountering, I never received specific explanations. instead, if I did receive a reply it was a short instruction to either watch the video again, or post it to the “community.” Now,I admit that I am not technically savvy. – However,I am not stupid either. When I discovered that my questions were not being addressed in a manner that would solve the problem, but actually created additional questions which also went unanswered I became frustrated and let my premium membership expire. – Now THAT got a specific and immediate response.response.
    I cannot blame every thing on WA.I must take partial responsibility for this unpleasant experience because I did not,and still do not, know how to properly use my e-mail account. Currently enrolled in a seniors computer class, which is helping. However, my experience with WA was not satisfactory.
    Even after I learn how to manipulate my e-mail, there will be other technical questions about other parts of WA’s program that will need specific instructions and I do not feel I can, or would want to take the chance they would repeat their lack of interest in a sincere effort to assist my learning curve.
    However,WA did do one thing I consider positive: They sparked my interest and desire to learn more and search other programs and companies that actually offer and provide specific training and assistance as promised.
    Which brings me to the main reason for this long e-mail: I have come across another “offer” that sounds to good to be true. Yet,their “sales pitch” and so-called guarantee is extremely tempting. While searching some key phrases they use is how I came across your site.
    I am impressed with the manner in which you”tell- it -like- it-is” and would like your comment(s) on a site called “mysuperaffiliatementor.com”
    BUT, I WOULD ALSO REQUEST THAT YOU SEND ME A SEPARATE E-MAIL WITH YOUR COMMENTS. OF COURSE I EXPRESSLY GIVE MY PERMISSION FOR YOU TO POST THIS AS WELL AS YOUR COMMENTS IN REPLY. I request this because as I have stated, I am still learning how to manipulate my e-mail and am afraid that when I post this I will lose it in the cyber apace of the internet.
    Thank you Mike Their”FREE” offer is only $37 and it sure sounds good. – If my request for your comment sand your candid response can save even one person from a rip-off then you and I will have done our duty to our fellow friends,neighbors,and relatives.

    1. Hi John Thanks for reaching out.
      I totally get where you’re coming from John. When I first started online or at least my training, believe it or not I didn’t know how to send an email either, up to that point I was a hands on type of guy and the basic functions of working online were foreign to me, I was like s fish out of water!
      I read your comment on your less than positive experience with WA which is unfortunate, I actually got my online start using WA’s training platform, it has served me well over the years and still does.
      I was lucky when I joined WA, I was fortunate to have had a good mentor who I entered under and I learned a lot from him. Opposite to your experience I was encouraged to ask my mentor questions and communicate via private messaging. My mentor was there every step of the way with website critiques and he also critiqued my first few posts to make sure I had all the principles of creating an SEO friendly post that was thorough, informative and most of all ranked high in search engines.
      Your story unfortunately plays out more often than I like to think in WA for the simple reason when you enter WA you never know who your mentor will be or if you will even have one, which leaves you to figure things out on your own. You always have the community to ask questions of but what I see happening is WA gives incentives to members to answer questions but from my experience many answer questions with the minimum amount of effort leaving the member who asked the question with an incomplete answer. Members will answer as many questions as they can to reach the “ambassador rank” and the credits that go with that ranking.
      That unfortunately is the crappy side of WA which I might add after reviewing many programs every program has some pitfall that you somehow need to work through or work with. On the flip side I can honestly say you won’t find a program that offers what WA offers. WA offers a real opportunity to make a living online I am proof of that but I can totally see what you came up against and why you are skeptical on finding success using WA’s platform.
      Getting away from WA, I actually joined and reviewed super affiliate mentor, you will see my review on the first page of Google which is a testament to WA’s training, it’s hard to get on the first page.
      In the internet marketing world Super affiliate mentor is referred to as a sales funnel, its actually not the real offer or program, it is a tool that marketers use to funnel people through to the real offer which is actually “Super Affiliate Network”, here’s my review here, https://avoidonlinemarketingscams.com/super-affiliate-network-super-or-not-so-super.
      Super Affiliate Network is a decent program run by an experienced marketer named Misha Wilson but definitely not for someone without a lot of experience!!!!!!
      San starts out at $37 but as you progress and want more opportunity the price tag tops out at close to $2000. I still get emails on up sells every single day, quite annoying.
      This is my advice John, be very careful looking for ways to make money online. Cheap introductory memberships will always end up costing more. Avoid any offer that has a “count down clock” this is high pressure sales at its best, don’t rush into anything.
      There is lots of free info on various blogs in relation to affiliate marketing everything from finding a profitable niche to writing engaging content, I actually have quite a bit on this site that is totally free. What I would do is just spend some time utilizing free stuff and get yourself so you have a basic understanding of internet marketing. Once you have done this you can then hunt around for a program, you will have knowledge of what is realistic and what isn’t.
      Look at the Super Affiliate Sales video, crazy income claims, not realistic at all, 20 minutes a day to make 100,000 in one month, absurd! If you familiarize yourself with what is really entailed in making money online you will see this for what it is just by the time they say it takes to make money and the income claims they mention. You will understand the work that is needed and so much more.
      You can email me through this page you will see a little icon towards the bottom of the page mike@avoidonlinemarketingscams.com, that’s my email through this site. Email me and I will give you a free road map of what you need to know and from there you can look for info on those topics and you can run the info by me and I will tell you whether it is worth looking into.
      I think by the time you are done you will be able to take advantage of training that places like WA offer and get some real benefit from it.
      Hey by the Time you have emailed me a few times you will be a pro at it. You can do this John just don’t be in a rush, learn as much as you can with free options then refine what you have learned with a step by step program. Flip me an email if you like, I am here to help, I never charge for my help only ask that you pay it forward one day. Oh and when you are roaming around the internet looking at information don’t click on any pop ups or sign up for any news letters these annoying things are how we internet marketers get you on our email list and then bombard you with products that we are affiliated with, wish you all the best Mike.

  2. I have been looking at Anik Singal’s INBOX BLUEPRINT. It seems like a great course. I would like to get started with affiliate marketing and then move up to creating my own products, just don’t know how. What are your thoughts on Anik’s course, thanks…


    1. Hi Chad I just want to start by saying your story is inspiring my hats off to you and your determination and I must say you have put together a really nice looking site with a really nice flow for visitors.
      Why did I look at your site?
      Anik is a top notched internet marketer thats for sure but his Inbox Blueprint offer I feel is for someone who already has experience in internet marketing and from what I saw from your website you do.
      As you are probably aware the Inbox Blueprint platform focuses on email marketing and I am guessing you want to incorporate that into your site.
      I do find Inbox Blueprint to be on the higher end of the cost scale at close to $1500, you could get 3 years of IM training in all disciplines including email marketing for that price so that’s probably my biggest concern. From what I see the training is very good but I honestly can’t see paying that kind of training when you can get email marketing training considerably cheaper elsewhere.
      some of the pros
      good training
      Anik knows his stuff ( he’s actually working on a project in conjunction with Clickbank right now just got an email from them yesterday).
      If you really know internet marketing and have made money working in IM then you could find success implementing Anik’s techniques.
      Price, price, price!
      There are no guarantees with any program and your costs are not fixed. You will have your program costs as well as tools you will need to support Anik’s techniques such as a capture or lead page creation software and an autoresponder for example and possibly even more costs that are associated with email marketing. The price is and skill level needed to participate are really the only drawbacks that I see with the program so if you feel you have the skill set and don’t mind forking out that kind of money then fly at it. Personally I am a big believer in not saddling yourself with too many costs, keep it simple. If I can help at all maybe you’re not seeing sales through your site I can have a quick look if you want and give you some ideas. I work on a pay it forward Moto, I help you and you help some other person trying to break into IM. Hope that helps Chad I wish you all the best and keep fighting. My family has battled cancer right down to my grandson so I can appreciate all you have been through and you have my admiration, cheers Mike.

  3. Dear Mike,
    It seems always be the same frustrating game! So many people getting ripped off, so many scams.
    And they are using psychology on us
    – they understand what we are going through
    – they have had the same problems struggling to make money online,
    But if you buy their product, than you can become a millionaire and this of course, in a very fast…about one or to days.
    I have purchased lots of those products, always looking for the right one…and we all know about those damn sales letters.
    After the purchase?
    I am stuck with a useless product and I ask myself once again why did you push that button?
    The answer is easy! It is hope!
    I really want to become an affiliate marketer, and I want to have success doing it!
    Mike I really like Your reommendation of WA , because they give me the possibillity to have a look at all they have inside the premium membership sites.
    Perhaps I now have found what I am looking for, after beeing scammed so many times.
    Making my first dollar online would be great!
    So I would like to become your student and starting working with you, if you would like to help me.
    I also like your website, so many people here do. I like what you and your readers have to say.
    I’m still hoping, not for the holy grail, but for the pay out for hard work.
    Have a nice day
    P.S. Sorry if there are any mistakes, I am from Germany, 45 years old and have never been an A student 🙂

    1. Hi Sam I will start by saying your English is very good better than most. I would love to work with you Sam I think we can build you a great online income sounds like you have a great attitude. Yes WA is the real deal it doesn’t offer get rich quick sales pitches it tells you up front how you will generate online income using their training and yes they have a free starter membership which has no expiration date so you can look around ask members any questions even if they have made money. You will see many post their accomplishments many that I have personally worked with.
      I don’t think you will find this is like anything you have ever tried and if you work at it you will see great results. Look forward to working with you Sam talk soon Mike.

  4. Have you heard of tyson zahner and his system “the attraction marketing bundle”. there is an offer for $297. it usually around $400.

    1. I have heard of him he is pretty big in promoting The Elite Marketing Pro System. I will look into his attraction marketing bundle and post it on my request a review page for you, thanks for stopping by, cheers Mike.

    1. Hi Alan, I briefly looked at this MLM opportunity and I do plan to do an in depth review in the near future. I will be honest from what I see on the surface there are some pretty high priced membership fees if you want to benefit from the complete income revenue opportunity, this always scares the crap out of me, especially when I don’t know what kind of training they offer.

      Here’s some food for thought!

      I see a few positive reviews that have been posted on Digital Attitude. What you need to know is, these people are experienced marketers that are affiliates of this program, they are going to make a lot of money selling a high ticket item like Digital Attitude to people with no experience in marketing online.
      I have always said, get some internet marketing training before you consider any MLM. All you need to do is spend 2-3 months learning the basics and you will recognize a good opportunity when you see one, this will cost you at most 150 bucks, it will be the best money you will have ever spent. You will know if the company has a good product, has the infrastructure to support growth, and really know how to make sense out of all these levels of revenue options. Doesn’t matter how many revenue option there are, if the product is not appealing to the general public it will have a short life.
      When you have internet marketing training you will know that a simple generic sales page won’t get the results you will need to make money, so you can cross those outfits off quite quickly.
      When I look at a program I don’t look at how much money they say you can make, I look at the tools and training they offer you so that you can achieve that income potential. 90% of all participants fail at MLM because they don’t know how to market online, the ones that make it are the ones that you are reading positive reviews on their sites, now these are marketers that know how to market to the masses.
      I will do a review shortly so keep an eye out for it, but I do suggest thinking about what I said, even if I do give this program the thumbs up you will need the basics in internet marketing, have a great day Mike.
      p.s If you have any questions on programs or internet marketing training please feel free to ask away, cheers Mike.

    2. Hi, Mike. I appreciate you taking the time to reply. I’ll be looking forward to your Digital Altitude review. Like you mentioned, I’ve seen some positive reviews about the company. However, I’m always wary about online marketing. I’m one of those who has NO experience, but I wouldn’t mind the extra income while I look for a full-time job and even after I’ve started working again. For me, it’s also about the product. I’m definitely skeptical when it comes to this industry. If I want to learn about online marketing, which programs and marketing training do you suggest for a novice like me? – Alan

    3. Hi Alan, your skepticism is warranted. Just a small fraction of all people who enter MLM’s find any type of success. This isn’t just MLM problem either. Affiliate marketing is another online money making opportunity that many fail at. With both money generating opportunities it boils down to having access the right training and specifically support, that’s very hard to find. Even the affiliate marketing program I personally used to create my affiliate marketing business has a fairly high failure rate. Unlike MLM affiliate marketing failure usually is associated to overstated outcomes, and understated expectations. Affiliate marketing does require some investment of time, you need to build an online presence but I do feel it is the most legitimate way to make money online.
      As an affiliate marketer you get to pick the product that you want to promote and the affiliate/merchant relationship you want, which is a great deal. You can be passionate about a product and service and still make money at the same time.
      I have approved quite a few programs on this site because they do offer value and are legitimate companies but the one I wholeheartedly endorse is Wealthy Affiliate for learning affiliate marketing, this is the exact program I used to start my online business promoting products for online merchants.
      If you haven’t heard of affiliate marketing it is simply the task of driving traffic to a merchant’s offer, if that traffic results in sales you get a commission off those sales. Affiliate marketing is what drives online merchant sales, without affiliates online merchants wouldn’t be able to get their products showcased in front of the masses. Affiliate marketing is the most legitimate income source on the internet, even if you want to play in the MLM field you should have some affiliate marketing training behind you when you start.
      You can check WA out here, it’s a great program that I am still involved in so you we will have an opportunity to work together if you so choose, it’s free to get started so you can see what is involved in affiliate marketing, give it a try and see if it’s something that interests you, have a great day Mike.

    4. I actually signed up with Wealthy Affiliates a few years ago but deactivated my account because I wasn’t fully dedicated to the company and the whole process. I recently visited my account, but in order to reactivate it, I have to choose one of the plans. It would be great if I had some guidance this time around.

    5. Hi Alan, WA has changed quite a bit over the years, I am not saying this to you but, if you create a new email account and enter under that you can get in under a free membership and have a look at how they stack up to when you were there last time, I think you will see quite a difference. This way if you still don’t see the value you can just walk away, no need spending any money on it. If you click here when you are ready you will work directly with me.
      WA’s training is what you need to sell anything online whether it be MLM’s or just affiliate products in general. Facebook is clamping down on posting links to products and Twitter is struggling and looking of ways to monetize, it looks like their model isn’t very profitable by what I am reading so really affiliate marketing is looking like it will be the only realistic way to promote products or services inexpensively. Facebook and I would imagine Twitter will have to start really pushing a pay to advertise type of structure sometime in the near future.
      If your aspirations are to work and make money online you will need to know affiliate marketing at some stage.
      If you don’t have the right mentor, hate using that word, I really don’t think your experience will be any different. The reason I say this is, I am a product of WA’s training so I know what is needed. I wouldn’t be working online unless I had the right help on top of WA’s training. Due to my experience coming through their program I know people need help finding a niche, I know people need help with their website structure, I know people need help writing their first post. What I like to do Alan is give you an example of a user friendly website structure, I also help people with their first post, I find if people get their first post critiqued and see how easily it is to make every post SEO friendly then it simply becomes a rinse and repeat process. The key I have found is get members going on their website and producing content and then they are off to the races, it then becomes all about them and how hard they want to work at it. I hope that helps to clear any WA issues up with you. If you are the Alan that I am working on Digital attitude it is still on my list of things I am working on, have a great day, cheers Mike.
      P.S WA only has two plans, free or premium, that’s it!

    6. Thanks for the feedback, Mike. I’ll do what you suggested and re-enroll using a different email address. Once I get that started, I’ll let you know. I really could use the supplemental income so I think I’m ready this time around. When I’m setup, how do I get in contact with you?

      And yes, this is the same Alan asking about Digital Altitude.

    7. Hi Alan, if you click on the link I provided in my reply earlier I will be automatically notified and you will go under my supervision. You will work with me from that point on, Look forward to working with you Alan,

  5. Hi Mike,can you have a look at pajama affiliates and tell me hat you think.I have tried some causes but too much infornation makes me take no action.Brian.

    1. He Brian I have completed a review on Pajama Affiliates, just do a search on this site and it will pop up. You can also Google it under Pajama Affiliates review, The review made it to the first page of Google which was nice, have a great day Mike.

  6. This is Harold Looney (SoMMA – Integrative Health Geek). I followed your recommendation to join WA on Monday. When I tried to log back in today I get the following error message – “We were unable to find a user account with the credentials provided.”

    I got the same error message when I tried to reset my password, and I get the following message when I try to create a new account with a different email address – “Oops, we found that you already have an account at Wealthy Affiliate. Please login with that account to access Wealthy Affiliate!”

    I am not able to leave a message to WA support or join the live chat without logging in. Please advise.

    I was on a roll and want to continue the momentum.


    1. Hi Harold yes you are on a roll, try and contact them directly through their main website and let me know how you make out, I am sure it will get straightened out thanks Mike.

  7. Hi Mike!

    Very interesting, Mike! I’m so glad things worked out for you!

    I’ve enjoyed reading the other comments!

    I have already sent you a couple of questions! Using my phone, I don’t see the whole page & it was only afterward that I found the comment section. Look forward to getting an email back from you! Oh! 1 more question! Are you accessible only via email once enrolled in the course??

    Thank you! Have a beautiful day,


    1. Hi Cynthia I am glad you enjoyed reading all the comments there are some very good questions posed by my readers. If you enroll in the 7 day course that I offer my readers here on this site you will have access to me through the Wealthy Affiliate platform to answer any questions you may have. I am a member at Wealthy Affiliate, have been for years now and look forward to helping people like yourself learn more about internet marketing and it’s potential for online income. I am with you from the initial greeting right through to the end of your 7 days and beyond if you choose. The nice thing about the free online starter course is you get access to WA’s community of experienced internet marketers with your enrollment, you pay for nothing just enjoy and learn. Hope to see you as a participant in the course and look forward to an opportunity to work with you, cheers Mike.

  8. Mike,
    Just looking at your site and I sure am glad I did. Your site is very informative and very true. many of us have been ripped of from scams. I like the layout of your site. The reading is easy to follow and the pages seem to flow in the order that you presented them. I was on the internet searching for a site to make money and I came across your site and I need advice you seem very good on this subject and you have a trusting face.

    1. Hi Charma, thank you for the comment. One of the biggest problems is people are surfing the net looking for ways to make money and there are many who will take advantage of that need. There are a few proven ways to make money online that I have come across but way too many scams. A few proven ways to make money online would be paid surveys, this doesn’t offer any significant amount of online income, barely any to be honest. You can freelance write for blogs, this is becoming pretty popular and can fetch in the range of $10-$30 an article depending on it’s complexity.
      My first choice for making money online would have to be Affiliate Marketing this is by far the most lucrative and with a minimal overhead. You can make literally hundreds of thousands a year as an affiliate marketer if you have the proper training. The primary goal of an affiliate marketer is to direct traffic to a merchant’s website and if a sale is made you get a commission. Commissions range from 4%-75%. This is the online job I feel is the best option and one I do for a living so I know it works and the potential it offers, have a great day Charma.

  9. Dear Mike,

    Great to read the information on your site. It’s definitely useful for people like me.
    Your valuable experience and tips in the online marketing field would definitely help lots of people and I am sure I too will benefit from the same.
    Keep up your excellent work and have a great day ahead 🙂

    Thanks & Regards,

    1. Thanks Unni for the vote of confidence I am glad you got some useful info from my site, have a great day Mike.

    1. Hi Cas yes I did and I sent you quite a lengthy reply and it did say it was sent yesterday but it went to your other email by the looks of it, I re sent it today, let me know if you got it, if not I will try your other email the one I see this time looks different, talk soon Mike.

  10. Hi Mike ,
    The following comment I shared to my face Book followers and friends .

    Where to start in internet marketing and who to trust ? This task is daunting for many including Holisitc Chef Barry . Chef Barry presently has his full attention on his offline Garden Villa Phuket Thai Residence development for now . But in the future eventially all bricks and mortar companies will need a proper on line buisness model to follow. So Chef Barry is only making the indroduction for now . We can stay in touch and share each others marketing growth and experience together . Hope this post is helpful to you? Next marketing post by the Good Earth Chef will be how to VET and conduct due diligence on any offer that lands on your lap . Introducing Mike Lambert Thank You Holsitic Chef Barry Anderson

    1. Thanks Barry I wish you all the best in your online endeavours, if you need a hand one day don’t hesitate to ask, cheers Mike.

  11. Mike

    I am in the final stages of completing my affiilate product. I would like to start on Clickbank but be able to sell on other affiliate sits. I am specfically looking for a product like “Clickbank Builder” but I want something more robust. Clickbank Builder seems very user friendly but limited. Do you have any recommendation for a like Clickbandk Builder, but more robust or advanced?


    1. Hi Drew, I would say it all depends on your product, I would assume because you are looking at Clickbank that your product is a digital product? The top 3 Affiliate programs in my opinion are Rakuten Linkshare, Commission Junction then Clickbank all offer decent platforms for building promotions for your products then there is ShareAsale on a little smaller scale. Clickbank has quite a high return rate which turns a lot of affiliates off. I would check the other two out for sure, they are the big players in the biz, hope that helps, cheers Mike.

  12. Hey awesome site! Man. Exceptional, outstanding! I am blown away with the many helpful tips, many thanks.

  13. Really enjoyed your story it sounds a bit like mine with out the success on the end yet. I have been beavering away for a year now and am under no illusions that all this takes time. Thanks for being honest and human really help. All the best Jackie

    1. Hi Jackie, thank you for your kind comment, just keep at it and all of a sudden it will happen, did with me, cheers Mike.

  14. Hi mike,
    I just left a comment on WA about how I was scammed by a guru, I have been interested in the scams
    I find on the ineternet and how I got ripped off so many times butI wrote about the last one that left me
    feeling almost dirty and disgusted !. About myself and that’s why these dirt bags get away with it,
    poeple are too embarrassed to admit the scam to loved ones who are telling them not to get into it in the first place.
    I clicked on your URL to get here as I was curious to see your site!. I like it! nothing fancy or complicated
    nice work mike, and good for you. the internet needs you.
    Thank you for this site!

    1. Hi Linda, I will start by saying I know how you feel, the feeling you experienced being scammed is all too familiar to me and it hurts. There are a ton of review sites on the net right now and growing daily, 99% of which are solely in it to turn a quick buck, and they do, bash and then promote a multitude of products which they push as legitimate products when in reality they are the ones perpetrating the scam. I have sold products in many different niches but I chose scams online more as a pay it forward website, I don’t endorse any program that I wouldn’t buy myself. It would be easy for me to just go out and find scams, they are everywhere, but where do people go after that? I give some solutions here on my site. I only endorse a few programs that I know I can send people to and know that they won’t be disappointed.
      Wealthy Affiliate is my top pick because it was the first program that I entered that I never felt scammed, yes it wasn’t easy learning Internet Marketing and anyone who tells you different is lying, but WA was a program that helped me make my first online paycheck, they taught me how to make money online and the rest was up to me, and I ran with it and built a very successful online business. I am long standing member at WA, they stay current with training, I like the WA community not only for the wealth of knowledge members have but for the friendships I have made over the years. WA has a very interactive community with incentives put on sharing knowledge.
      Anyone that has been scammed feels violated and the financial impact can be devastating! Usually people surfing the net are people who really need to make some extra money and are the ones that can least afford the financial loss, I can say that I always keep this in the back of my mind and although I might write with a sharp tongue now and again I feel that I am compassionate to peoples needs and would not exploit them at this vulnerable time in their lives. Thanks so much for the kind comment, cheers Mike.

  15. I am a retired individual looking to make dollars online to supplement my income. I am sick and tired of the rip offs etc that are out there. Can this Wealthy Affiliate help me to earn 2000.00 per month without having to spend that or more to generate this income. Thanks

    1. Hi Larry, Feel your frustration. When I started affiliate, online marketing, whatever you want to call it I got ripped off many times, some programs seemed good but not knowing what I needed I was vulnerable, in the end these programs never got me to the part where I could make money. Wealthy Affiliate is the only program that I actually acquired techniques that I could apply to make money online and had fellow members who helped me stay on track.
      I worked for a grocery chain as a manager and had zero skills when it came to any online stuff. I guess what I am saying is if it worked for me theres a good chance it could work out for you.
      I will be upfront and say that it takes work and isn’t an overnight success thing, took me a few months to make anything then things started to roll and now I make a great living online. At WA I pay $47 bucks a month for a premium membership which I recommend ( gets you free hosting, multiple wordpress themes or websites and the only thing extra is $7.99 a year for a domain name, that’s it! If someone says you need to pay more than that they’re full of b.s.
      $2000 a month is nothing in the IM field, once you learn to make $1 you can make $100 and then $1000.
      Have a look at WA it’s free under a starter membership then if you think it’s something you can make a go of then go premium. No credit card info or commitments just have a look, but if you decide to do it then this is where you need to be committed and focused and it will work. Look me up inside and I will help where needed. Can’t get ripped off when it’s free Larry, maybe your time! Cheers Mike

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