Advocare – How To Make Money Selling Advocare

Advocare – How To Make Money Selling Advocare

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Cost: $59/ one time fee

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Make Money Selling Advocare

Establishment: 1993 (24)

Founder: Charles E. Ragus


Finding out that supplements are a $37 billion dollar industry makes me want to get into the industry right away! More than 2/3’s of American adults take supplements. Advocare is one of those Network Marketing companies that have taken the Leap of faith and hoping it will pay off in the lucrative supplement industry. Not only did Advocare take the leap but did it almost 24 years ago while the supplement industry as in its early years of development.

It is unfortunate that supplements a regulated industry, and so it becomes increasingly important to understand and realize what is going into your supplementation and who is doing their best to make sure that your supplements are of the highest quality.

In my Advocare review I’ll talk a little about the company itself, as well as the products and the systems around the production and product testing. I’ll then let you know how to get started and explain the costs associated with getting started with Advocare. Finally, I’ll touch base on the compensation plan, support/tools, and what I feel Advocare does really well, and what they could improve upon.

Let’s take a look at Advocare…

The Company; Advocare

Trying to live up to their motto “We Build Champions”, Advocare works out of its headquarters in Plano, Texas, where they help and support over 600,000 distributors build a business selling Advocare products. Advocare employees 247 employees and brings in approximately $400 million a year, not to shabby!

Advocare is known for selling products that help consumers in areas such as weight loss, nutritional supplements, sports’ nutrition and personal care. With that being said, it makes sense that the meaning behind their “Advocare” name really stands for “Advocates that care”.

Advocare Products

Advocare has several lines of products that it and its 600 000 distributors sell. The products lines are:

  • Trim;
  • Active;
  • Well;
  • Performance Elite;
  • Fit;
  • 24 Day Challenge.

On average, the products sold by Advocare and its distributors range around the $20 – $80 mark, positioning themselves squarely in the middle of very competitive supplements industry. In the supplement industry, products are under fire due to the lack of regulations placed on testing and processing. Advocare had this same struggle in 2008 when one of their products tested positive for containing what was considered to be a harmful and illegal product for consumption.

Since that dark moment in Advocare’s history they have worked diligently to keep their name and products clean, which I might say they seem to have done an excellent job so far. Advocare has established a “Standard of Excellence” that many popular suppliers now used to ensure that all vitamins and minerals are approved pharmaceuticals or USP Grade products.

In addition to this, Advocare also ensures that their products are manufactured within facilities that follow “Good Manufacturing Practices” and are compliant with all safety regulations. Since 2008 and that potential business ruining tainted product scare, Advocare has affiliated itself with an outfit called “Informed Choice”.

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InformedChoice is a quality assurance program for suppliers to the sports’ nutrition industry, and supplement manufacturing facilities. The program certifies that all nutritional supplements and/or ingredients that carry their InformedChoice logo have been tested for banned substances by the world and guarantee that any products carrying the Informed Choice logo are 100% banned substance free.

From what I have seen while doing my research on Advocare it looks like they have done a great job of informing their customers of the safety and care that goes into each one of their products.

How to get started With Advocare

Advocare is extremely transparent with how to become a distributor, encouraging you to start whether you’ve tried the products or not.

There is a big “Get Started” button in the top left of their main website, pushing you straight through to the application page to get stated.

The cost to get started is a $59 flat fee (+shipping), which includes a distributor starter package.

As with most MLM or network Marketing companies, you’ll be required to either sign up under a distributor, or you will have one assigned to you.

Compensation Plan With Advocare

There are 5 different ways to earn with Advocare, whether it be conventional or over and above incentives and bonuses. As you build your team, you’ll move through the ranking system. The ranks are as follows:

  • Silver
    How To Make Money Selling Advocare

  • Gold
  • Gold 3 Star
  • Ruby
  • Ruby 6 Star
  • Emerald
  • Emerald 9 Star
  • Diamond
  • Platinum
  • Double diamond
  • Triple Diamond

Different ways you can earn are:

1. Retail Profits

This is the most common way to earn money through being a distributor. You have the potential to earn up to 40% on retail products sold to customers.

2. Wholesale commissions

As you build your team, you’ll make money off of the people you recruit onto your team. You’ll earn from their distributor fee (up to 20%), or just simply preferred customers (returning customers) that are purchasing wholesale from you.

3. Overrides

This means earning money fr4om products your team successfully sells to customers. You’ll earn 7% of the business value.

4. Leadership Bonus

As you move through the ranks, you’ll be able to make more and more income through your team that you build. You’ll earn between 3-9% on the complete organization.

5. Incentives, Paid Trips, and Paid Period Bonuses.

These are opportunities and bonuses are given out at the top performing members at almost every level, which gets everyone regardless of their position an opportunity to earn more or earn trips.

Becoming Active With Advocare

In order to earn the bonuses over and above selling at retail pricing, you must remain an active distributor. This is known as an active adviser.

In order to stay active you have to earn and sell a certain amount of products every pay period (monthly).

Pay period #1 – Must sell $500

Pay Period #2 – Maintain that $500 minimum

Pay Period #3 – Have made $2500 on top of the $500 to be considered active.

Of course, if you continue to maintain the $500, you’ll still be eligible to become active as soon as you hit the $2500, as long as you’ve already hit your third $5000 profitable month.

Support and Tools Advocare Supplies

As with most direct selling companies, your success will be directly linked to the support you receive from your sponsor.

In addition to support from your sponsor, your membership fee will include some online Training, a generic website, Nationwide training event access, Distributor Kit.

Your distributor kit will include:

  • Welcome, Guide;
  • Advocare Blender Bottle;
  • Product starter pack;
  • Subscription to their magazine;
  • Retail sales receipts;
  • Policies, procedures, compensation plan.

What People Are Saying At Advocare

People get frustrated quite easily when they join Network Marketing companies such as Advocare, expectations are always high and everyone thinks they are going to knock it out of the park, but the reality is that only a small percentage will make a few bucks and most none.

Less than 5% of all members make any significant income and that’s being generous with 5%! So it stands to reason there will be some negative press on Advocare. I will be honest I was surprised to see quite a few negative comments from past members claiming Advocare was a pyramid scheme, personally I don’t see Advocare as a Pyramid Scheme. In my mind to qualify as a pyramid scheme the company needs to rely solely on recruitment and usually in the case of pyramid schemes they don’t have a product that sells to the public, Advocare has a good product and has done a lot to develop their product line so I am not getting the pyramid scheme vibe.

From the resources I have used during my review, Advocare seems to have a very positive standing with both current advisers and previous advisers, only coming across a few mentions on the excessive amount of time it takes to build and run an Advocare distribution business.

As always, you get the odd adviser who has zero customer service skills and only cares about making a sale that makes people believe that Advocare is untrustworthy.

Advocare is not Better Business Bureau Accredited which seems odd given their longstanding in business, however they are given an A+ rating. Having only 16 complaints over the last 3 years, all of which have been resolved which demonstrates Advocares commitment to their customers and distributors.

What Advocare Does Well

  • Get product 20-40% off and have a choice of how much to sell it for. (Decide your own profit);
  • Products got through rigorous testing to ensure quality and safety;
  • Membership fee is inexpensive and includes training, website, and much more;
  • Distributor pack gives you free samples to try;
  • Products competitive with products on the market.

How I feel Advocare Could Improve

  • Targets mainly women ( cuts your selling demographic in half);
  • Extremely hard to maintain “active” status.


Overall I do not believe Advocare is a scam. As it’s a direct selling company, skills within selling and marketing are crucial to success. On average in 2016 Advisers only made an income of $1429 that year. Not a lot, and definitely not enough to support a family.

Advocare has an inexpensive start up fee for the amount of products, marketing tools, and training that comes along with it, making it very appealing for people on a tight budget that want to try on a new business venture. My only real turn off with Advocare is the ability to remain active, which is extremely difficult to achieve. Although you can still sell and profit off retail commissions, any over and above bonuses or opportunities are off the table until you become and remain active.

As remaining active is difficult to do on your own, your encouraged to build out your team immediately.

If you have the commitment and determination to grow your business, this could be the right opportunity for you but there is one thing that I feel you need to avoid being the next statistic on the failure side of things and that’s training that will allow you to sell Advocare to the massive online public. Yes,  Advocare does allocate you a website but this website is really just a generic sales page that all distributors get and won’t have any ranking ability whatsoever, just look at the first two pages when you search Advocare, you won’t see one of these sites anywhere on the first two pages and that’s where you need to be to get any traffic to your site and products.

I welcome any questions or feedback that you may have regarding this review or any questions in general, have a great day and please leave a comment, cheers Mike.



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