Affiliate Millionaire Club Review – Millionaire Sized Scam?

Affiliate Millionaire Club Review – Millionaire Sized Scam?

Welcome to my millionaire club review, during this Affiliate Millionaire Club review I’m going to dig into what the Affiliate Millionaire Club offers, what kind of support you can expect, what training is involved, and what income potential the Affiliate Millionaire Club offers.

Many say that the Affiliate Millionaire Club it Is just an elaborate scam which we are going to get to the bottom of in this Affiliate Millionaire Club review.

I hope you enjoy my Affiliate Millionaire Club review and like always I welcome any questions or feedback that you may have on this review. Have a great day and I hope to hear any of your comments, cheers Mike.

What Is The Affiliate Millionaire Club?

Affiliate millionaire club offers software that will create (done for you) websites while adding Computer generated content that hypothetically Will create and nice income stream for you.

The program is supposedly created, or run buy , what I see to be a fictional character called Mo. This isn’t the first program that mo has created. Let’s stop with the games shall we, Mo is just a fictional figurehead that a company called “my mobile empire” uses for a face to one of many programs they have created to make a quick buck.

The Affiliate Millionaire Club is being sold through an affiliate marketplace called “Clickbetter”. This is a marketplace where affiliates such as myself can go to find products to promote, this particular product will fetch affiliates a commission of $30 per sale on average. I would never promote a product like this because I feel it uses unethical marketing tactics and to be honest I feel it won’t work, just read the disclaimer at the bottom of their sales page to see the real story

How Does The Affiliate Millionaires Club Work?

For arguments sake I will say that My Mobile Empire aka Affiliate Millionaire Club has created this blow your mind software that can make you affiliate commissions by manufacturing done for you affiliate websites that basically run on auto pilot, or as their sales video states, requires less than 5 minutes a day of your time lol.

These sites are supposedly built with computer generated content that is SEO optimized and is used to sell the exact same program that is providing this service for you, in other words you will just turn around and sell the Affiliate Millionaire Club offer.

The kicker with this offer is that the concept is authentic. The whole concept that the Affiliate Millionaire Club is built around is a real legitimate marketing technique where you can build niche specific websites that if you do your homework and choose the right niche you can make some pretty good money if you produce enough sites.

I have personally helped people make niche specif sites that make well over $2000 a month using the niche specific website model. These are typically 3-4 page websites that focus in on one specific product and if you manage to get the top search result ranking in google you can get quite a bit of traffic with some good earning potential. Build multiple sites and you can do the math, it adds up to a nice monthly income with very little time or money invested.

Will Afiliate Millionaires Club Work For You?

To get right to the point I feel quite safe in saying the only way you are going to make money with the Affiliate Millionaires Club offer is if you are on the selling end of things, not the buying end. If you have the knowledge on how to sell this offer you could make a few bucks quite easily and not worry about refunds eating up your commissions.

The problem with this offer is, pre done websites that are computer generated don’t work period! These are not like the sites I mentioned earlier that can generate quite a bit of income if you have enough of them and have the training to know what specific products to target.

Clone products like the ones that Affiliate Millionaire club offers won’t rank with search engines such as Google so therefore won’t get any traffic or sales so your $47 is out the window as far as I am concerned. Google catches on very quickly to anything that might game their system even if I wrote to many posts that had scam in the title I would be flagged by Google’s bots as spam and lose my ranking authority very quickly.

It’s easy for me to see a scammy product that won’t work because I am an affiliate marketer that knows how it all works, programs like the Affiliate Millionaire Club are programs that have been created to emulate proven marketing techniques but lack all the components to actually make them work. If these sites were actually manually built to be one of a kind which these sites aren’t and had unique content which these sites don’t they would have a legitimate chance of making some good income.

Traits That Point Towards A Scam

As I mentioned earlier the Affiliate Millionaires Club is sold through Clickbetter. When doing my research I thought I would check and see what marketplace this offer was sold through and what I found is this offer has a $30 payout for affiliates. So off of a $47 sale price an affiliate gets $30 so that demonstrates that these guys are going for volume not quality, if they expect to make it rich off a net $17 sale.

You need to think that if these guys are only netting $17 per sale the chances you will see a refund is probably nil to none.

Here is a screenshot of what happened when I clicked on “refund policy” on the Affiliate Millionaire Club website…

This shows there is no page that states the refund policy! Actually no page except billing information actually worked when clicked on, not a good sign.


Testimonials Are Fake!

You will see a few testimonials used on the Affiliate millionaire Club sales video that when researched for authenticity turned out to be fake. Two of the testimonials are done by a Fiver stars Banjoman and his sidekick the real star, Oldmansteve. I did some digging and found these guys on Fiver. Wow they broke the bank hiring these guys, one for $5 and the old guy for $10 lol.


Looking at these “testimonial stars” I think it’s safe to say that these are fake income and product claims which should be enough to make you turn and run!

Sketchy Sales Tactics

Only 8 spots left, when I was on the site earlier that day there were only 4 spots left for the day lol. The other thing that bothers me about this promotion is the fact that if say you did buy in and got a few of these bogus websites you would lose everything in a blink of an eye when this outfit pulled up stakes because your sites are hosted as a sub domain controlled by them, they fold so does your business. I really don’think you would be losing much because I really don’t think these sites have any income potential.

The old up sell down sell, this is so common among scammy sales pitches. This is where a price is shown slashed to give you the impression you are getting one hell of a deal and you had better act now….

Here’s another bogus sales pitch, this page isn’t going to be around much longer. In actuality this scam has been around for a few years now. Here’s a screen shot showing what I mean…

My Final Say On Affiliate Millionaire Club

Like I said in this Affiliate Millionaire Club review, this program is based on a very effective marketing technique that is becoming very popular and I have personally helped people create niche specific sites that earn good income but this offer is missing so much and what it does offer won’t work in my opinion so don’t waste your time and money on this program. I don’t even have to mention the scammy marketing techniques this offer uses, that in itself should be a huge “stop sign” for you.

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