Amazon Affiliate Bootcamp V3.0 Review

Amazon Affiliate Bootcamp V3.0 Review

Amazon Affiliate Bootcamp V3.0 Review


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Cost: $397 or 4 instalments of $99 for 4 months

Owner: Jessica Larrew or “The Selling Family”

Established: 2011

Website: Visit

Today I am going to be reviewing Amazon Affiliate Bootcamp v3.0. As of recently Amazon acquired for a whopping 13.7 billion dollars an up and coming grocery retailer called Whole Foods. This acquisition will bring Amazon into the  brick-and-mortar retailing arena or maybe bring whole foods into the online arena we will have to wait and see. This is a significant move for Amazons behalf and will help to solidify Amazons future and reach as an online retail giant for years to come, no better time to begin looking at jumping on the Amazon bandwagon in this Amazon Affiliate Bootcamp V3.0 review you will learn whether this program will help you not only jump on the bandwagon but get a front row seat.

I am eagerly awaiting how Amazon will integrate whole foods into their online offering. In the past we have witnessed Amazons ingenuity and creativity at work and can only guess as to their plans to include a brick and mortar grocery business such as Whole foods into their online empire, I am excited for the opportunities it may bring for affiliate marketers such as myself who promote products online for a living.

With online sales up a whopping 24% alone in 2016 with no signs of slowing I feel it’s a great time to do an Amazon Affiliate Bootcamp V3.o Review by Jessica Larrew,  aka The Selling Family”.

“There’s gold in them there Amazon hills”, lets see if The Selling Families Affiliate Bootcamp V3.o will help you get your share of people flocking to Amazon to purchase their goods. Enjoy my Amazon Affiliate Bootcamp Review and like always I encourage you to voice your opinions and look forward to any feedback, cheers Mike.

What is Amazon Affiliate Bootcamp v3.0?

Amazon Affiliate Bootcamp v3.0 promotes a different approach to selling online. Most affiliate training programs are geared towards training you on selling their products and in the process earn a healthy commission, you won’t find that in the Amazon Affiliate Bootcamp V3.0 training.  Amazon Affiliate Bootcamp V3.0 helps you cut out the middleman so to speak and allow you to get into the selling game where the earning potential is unlimited. Jessica Larrew’s Amazon Affiliate Bootcamp V3.0 will take you by the hand in a step by step format and show you how she has made a fortune buying inexpensive products from various liquidation outlets and turning around and selling these same products for some healthy profits on Amazon, sound easy? Jessica definitely makes it look easy.

Little Background On How The Amazon Affiliate Bootcamp Came To Be!

Jessica Larrew and her husband Cliff went through what they describe as a rough patch when Jessica’s full time management position was pulled out from under her. Jessica was forced to turn her semi part time eBay selling hobby into a full time job to help support her family. Jessica had heard a lot about Amazon over the years and decided to try her hand at selling products off of Amazon. In comparison In Jessica’s mind eBay didn’t offer adequate help in ares where she felt there was a need, areas such as selling merchandise, shipping or customer service skills were lacking to say the least. Amazon on the other hand was the complete opposite.  Jessica found Amazon to be very helpful in all areas of selling products through their platform.

Jessica quickly found huge success buying liquidated products in the  2 – 3 dollar range then turning around and selling them on Amazon for 8 – 15 dollars. After seeing such opportunity it soon became a family affair when Jessica’s husband Cliff decided to quit his 9-5 regular job and jump into selling on Amazon. When family and friends started to inquire as to how they were making over 100,000 a year, Jessica and her husband decided to create what is now known as “Amazon Affiliate Bootcamp v3.0.”

Amazon Affiliate Bootcamp v3.0 is the third version in a line of training programs that Jessica has developed for aspiring Amazon sellers. The Amazon Affiliate Bootcamp v3.0 uses an easy to follow step by step approach to creating an Amazon FBA (fulfillment by Amazon) business. Jessica teaches you how to purchase inexpensive sought after products from liquidation orientated stores and sell these  again for a larger profit margin. As I mentioned above, Amazon takes the lead in convenience by promoting, storing, packing and shipping the products so that there’s very little for the business owner to have to worry about except making money! Which is what you’ll be learning within the Amazon Affiliate Bootcamp v3.0 program.

What Kind of Training Can You Expect To Receive with Amazon Affiliate Bootcamp v3.0?

The training within Jessica’s Amazon Affiliate Bootcamp v3.0 is pretty good I have been around a while and from where I sit it ranks right up there for quality and presentation. The program material is constantly being updated to stay relevant to any changes Amazon makes. As Amazon’s FBA policies and regulations change, so does Jessica’s training. You can always count of the fact that you’ll be receiving the most up to date training and guidance from Amazon Affiliate Bootcamp v3.0.

When you sign up for the full Amazon Affiliate Bootcamp v3.0, you’ll get a lot of different modules that take you step by step through the process of selling products on Amazons platform. Heres some of things you’ll have access to if you decide to join Jessica’s Amazon Affiliate Bootcamp v3.0:

  • Instant access to all 7 Amazon FBA course modules;
  • High quality video training that can work anywhere anytime;
  • Custom printable checklists keep help keep you organized and on track, something so simple can save you a lot of time!
  • Membership to the exclusive seller community;
  • Access the bonus section (full course option only).

The bonus section comes with some important things to help move you along as a online business owner. Two of the most important components within the bonus section are a wide range of  informational books and video sessions that talk about the business end of things such as sales tax collection and accounting, you know all that fun stuff, not.

The bonus section covers quite a few important topics that you need to know or should know if you intend to run a fulfillment by Amazon business (FBA), definitely the bonus section is something I would recommend if you’re seriously considering joining the Amazon Affiliate Bootcamp V3.0 program.

Get Your Free Guide To Selling On Amazon Here!

Throughout the 7 modules you’ll get instruction in a variety of disciplines that are going to help you succeed as a Amazon seller once you have completed the Amazon Affiliate Bootcamp v3.0. Here’s some of the topics that are discussed in detail as you move through bootcamp:

The cost of doing business on amazon;

  • Amazon Affiliate Bootcamp v3.0 is very upfront about the cost associated with starting your business. They are extremely transparent and they strive to be clear on what the Amazon FBA business is actually going to cost you. Jessica will break down all of the start-up expenses in addition to costs you may incur along the way.

The Initial set up your Amazon FBA business;

  • In this section Jessica will go over the  set up your business right from the beginning before you even start buying inventory. Jessica walks you step by step through the process of setting up a seller account with Amazon. Jessica talks in length about the Amazon Seller Dashboard and how to navigate your business.

How to sell good products and inventory considerations;

  • Amazon Affiliate Bootcamp v3.0 will teach you which products to buy and how to actually obtain sales consistently. Jessica goes into great detail on how to achieve profitable margins and how you can determine whether or not something is a good buy and worth your time and effort.

Using Retail Arbitrage Method to find products to resell;

  • The method Jessica teaches in her Affiliate Bootcamp v3.0 is called “Retail Arbitrage”. Finding the right inventory that will be appealing and profitable to your prospective Amazon customers is probably the most trickiest part that you will have to deal with when trying to sell products on Amazon and Jessica really spends considerable time showing you how to search for products in an efficient and timely manner showing you little trade secrets that she personally uses to find profitable and appealing products to flip.  

How to list your products on Amazon;

  • In this section of the Amazon Affiliate Bootcamp v3.0 training you will learn how to list and get your products to the Amazon warehouse so that your orders can be filled. 

Support In Amazon Affiliate Bootcamp v3.0

Besides the usual frequently asked question section on “The Selling Family’s” website, as a member you’ll have access to over a thousand like minded members looking to help and support you along the way. To be honest I am not a fan of Facebook support groups in general which the Selling Family uses as their support platform,  but in the case of the selling Families Facebook support page I found it to be quite helpful and very active which was a pleasant surprise. 

I really like this program but there is one thing I absolutely dislike about this program and wish they would change,  they offer in the form of an up sell “The Selling Family All Access Vault/Pass”. This Vault pass entitles you to additional support for an additional fee. Come on Jessica really! Support should be unconditional especially paying the fees that are required to participate in this program.

What does it cost to join Amazon Affiliate Bootcamp v3.0?

The great thing about Amazon Affiliate Bootcamp is that your payment will help cover your business start-up costs, legal fees, inventory costs, tools you need to run your business, as well as actual fees incurred by Amazon.

You have two different options when joining Amazon Affiliate Bootcamp V3.o:

Amazon Affiliate Bootcamp Full Course Option….

This option will cost you a $347 one time fee OR 4 monthly instalments of $99

This option gets you:

  • Instant access to 7 ABC training Modules;
  • Instant Access to The Selling Family’s members only community;
  • Bonus Library;
  • Lifetime access to materials regardless of how often they upgrade the programs.

Amazon Affiliate Bootcamp v3.0 Video Only Option

This option requires a $197 one time fee to access materials

  • Instant access to 7 video modules;
  • Lifetime access to videos and any updates.

Jessica mentions that you should try and have at least $500 extra dollars for your start up inventory, however, Jessica does a great job at finding the most cost efficient options for getting your business up and running.  

If you were someone who was interested in additional support, you could purchase as well “The Selling Family” All Access Vault/Pass.

This up sell will cost you a one time fee of $797 OR 6 instalments of $167 a month.

With this option you will receive access to:

  • Monthly coaching;
  • Private members only Facebook group;
  • Access to entire training library;
  • Multiple special discounts;
  • Lifetime access to all content!

Just a quick note: If you go the instalment route you will end up paying an extra $205 more than if you go the full payment route.

What I liked

  • Program content is routinely updated to keep the program current and effective. Responds well to any changes that Amazon makes to their FBA program.
  • No website creation, and no customer service issues to deal with;
  • Very detailed step by step training;
  •  Open community support platform;
  • 60 day money back guarantee, this is a very generous money back Guarantee which they do back;
  • Offer a sneak peak at the program before purchasing through a free ebook.
  • Training touches on some of the finer aspects of selling on Amazon such as accounting, bookkeeping, and sales tax implementation.

What Could Be Better

  • Training geared towards seller’s based out of USA (however you could apply the training to  any country of origin);
  • You’re having to deal with the physical product with this does come some risk although minor.
  • Amazon has some pretty strict policies and procedures that must be adhered to or you could lose your selling privileges;
  • Although Amazon handles most of the selling process, you still have to understand and manage the bookkeeping and accounting end of things;
  • Additional support (besides the FB group) you are made to pay for additional support.

My Final Thoughts on Amazon Affiliate Bootcamp v3.0

All in all I don’t have any reservations in approving or recommending the Amazon Affiliate Bootcamp V3.0 program. The costs seem a little steep to participate but I still feel the cost to revenue potential heavily favours the revenue side of things, really the income potential of this type of business venture is unlimited!

The training you will receive looks to be very detailed and easy to follow. I like the fact that there is a trial offer and a very good money back guarantee. This program offers a viable and proven money generating technique.

From what I see many past Amazon Affiliate Bootcamp alumni are finding success selling products on Amazon which gives some credibility to the programs effectiveness as a learning aid.

Amazon Affiliate Bootcamp final rating: [yasr_overall_rating size=”medium”]




11 Replies to “Amazon Affiliate Bootcamp V3.0 Review”

  1. There are so many resources out there now for affiliate marketing. It can get a little overwhelming at times. I appreciate your detailed review and straightforward info. Really interesting that someone could make that much money selling items on Amazon. It seems like it might be worth looking into to. Thanks so much!

    1. Hi JD, yes the Amazon Affiliate Bootcamp is a pretty good program if you want to sell products on Amazon, not so much for affiliate marketing which is actually the promotion of products for commissions. If you want to be an affiliate marketer I would recommend checking out Wealthy Affiliate  that’s where I got my training from. Have a great day Dave, cheers Mike.

  2. Mike, thanks for this great in-depth review of Amazon Affiliate Bootcamp. As a former automotive parts retailer, Bookshop owner, Realtor® and current Amazon Affiliate this is information that definitely piques my interest. I have always been a buy and sell guy and want to move towards having my own niche items for sale on Amazon. While the price seems a little steep for the full package, it is something I have put in my “further study” file and will be back.
    Good luck in your projects!

  3. hi there mike,

    I do think i need some training on my affiliate marketing  so i can compete with the pros in the market.

    At the same time i think $397 is a little too high for such products and skills so my question is do you think it is worth it?

    1. Hi Dave, I personally like affiliate marketing you don’t have to buy any products just direct traffic for commissions. If you go into selling on Amazon which is what Amazon Affiliate V3.o teaches you how to do there is some risk involved with that. 

      The price is high but you really need some good training if you are going to buy products and try and flip them on Amazon, I feel you will get this with Amazon Affiliate v3.0.

      Hope that helps Dave, have a good one Mike.

  4. Hey Mike

    Thank you for the detailed and well-described review of Amazon Affiliate Bootcamp v3.o. I have been considering trying Amazon but was hold back as firstly, I have read that it is hard to succeed in Amazon due to high competition and a lot of knowledge needed. Secondly, there are a lot of scams out there stating to teach you to sell on Amazon and I am always very cautious before joining anything. Now that you have found Amazon Affiliate Bootcamp legit – I will seriously consider trying out my luck as proper education is extremely important to sell on Amazon successfully. And this does seem to be a profound source. Are you selling on Amazon?

  5. This is a great review, it is obvious you have put a lot of work into it. I think that selling on Amazon is probably going to be the way to go in the future, as a lot of online marketing is difficult to accomplish any meaningful returns with. Amazon has taken over everything, so you might as well learn to do this if you are trying to make money.

  6. Funnily enough, I’ve just opened a new Amazon Associates account for one of my blogs due to getting the boot off them about 12 months back (I still don’t know what I did wrong!).
    I’m looking into this product as I want to get things right this time – I want to make sure I stay within their parameters, but it seems to be more like dropshipping – would I be right in assuming that?

    1. Yes, you would be right in that assumption Chris, it’s more like Dropshipping than affiliate marketing.

  7. Hi Mike, what a great and detailed review!. You really have covered all bases and this does seem like a fantastic opportunity if one has the cash to pay for it. Like you say, online sales are going crazy now, and only set to soar even more in 2018.
    At the moment I do affiliate sell through Amazon, but this Amazon affiliate boot camp v3-0 is a whole new level and I can see the opportunity there. I especially like the fact that you don’t have to deal with the products yourself which is what I initially thought when I first started reading.
    The training looks thorough and seems to cover all bases, I do believe this is something I may think about doing for myself to boost my income further. Thanks

    1. Hi Stephanie thanks for leaving your thoughts on my review. You can make a lot of money selling on Amazon, many do so this program is definitely worth a look.

      Have a great day Mike.

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