Attraction Marketing Formula By Ferny Ceballos

Attraction Marketing Formula By Ferny Ceballos

I recently purchased the 177  page ebook and access to the 10 day training boot camp offered by Ferny Ceballos through an attraction marketing training platform called Elite Marketing Pro. Ferny Ceballos is actually the CEO of marketing for Elite Marketing Pro so you will find a lot of reference to joining Elite Marketing Pro or using the services of their in house coaches, called ignition coaches. Essentially Attraction Marketing Formula is a tool to eventually get you to join or at least get you to take a look at Elite Marketing Pro.

Putting aside the fact that this offer may just be the bait that the more expensive training platform Elite Marketing Pro uses to get you into their program, lets see if there is any real value in buying the Attraction Marketing Formula ebook and 10 day boot camp course.

I hope you find what you need in my Attraction Marketing Formula review. Please leave me your comments and questions at the bottom of this page. Your feedback will help me write better reviews in the future, have a good one Mike.

What Is Attraction Marketing Formula?

As I stated in my opening remarks, Attraction Marketing Formula is offered up in a 177 page downloadable ebook and access to a 10 day boot camp style course. The attraction marketing formula was designed to help you promote your MLM product by utilizing the power of the internet.  Traditional downline building techniques like parties, reaching out to family and friends are the main reason why only a small percentage (1%) of MLM participants find any real success.

What Will You Find Inside The 177 Page Guide?

The Attraction Marketing Formula pdf has 10 chapters two of which are the introduction and conclusion. Here are the chapter topics that you will find inside…

  1. Introduction
  2. How to use the Internet to Automate Lead Generation & grow your Downline
  3. Building a brand for your business and building trust
  4. Building your downline Pipeline
  5. Learn how to get something from your prospects even if they don’t buy
  6. How to do market research
  7. Cyber Realestate
  8. How to create your online business and start generating Leads
  9. How to use Email opt-in to build an email list and relationships
  10. Conclusion

A Little Insight Into The Various Chapters

Chapter 1 – This is an introduction to why you need attraction marketing for your success in MLM.

Chapter 2 –  is mostly made up from Ferny’s accounts of is training at MIT and USC where he received a degree in Electrical Engineering but still wasn’t full-filled. Ferny moves on to tell you about how he used his experiences to create a MLM business that generated 7 figures in one month. It isn’t until the end of page 22 that ferny Starts talking about something other than his own endeavours. You start to get a sniff when Ferny Starts to talk about the power of marketing your MLM on the internet.

You start to get into areas that have some benefit. One topic that I believe in to be true is, don’t try and sell a product, instead provide an answer to your audiences problem. Ferny highlights a quote about people that are looking for a drill are really not looking for a drill but want to make a hole, this is how he explains recruiting your downline. This is really good insight into attraction or affiliate marketing success. Don’t try and sell, try and educate and people will follow!

More  talk about becoming an expert in your field is the best way to get people to follow you. You will also get an insight into why attraction marketing is the new technique that you will want to use for your MLM promotion. Once again there is a lot of filler in this chapter, lots on how attraction marketing got its start.

Once again a lot of discussion about using google, Facebook and other social platforms but no real info on how you are to actually use these media platforms.

Chapter 3 – This chapter is on building your brand. This chapter expands a bit on building your brand by solving peoples problems, building relationships and offering value. Ferny makes reference to how DR Phil and Donald Trump created their brand. Lots of talk on building your brand through self promotion and helping people solve their problems.

Chapter 4 – This chapter speaks to building your pipeline which essentially is just learning how to multitask and don’t waste time on waiting for a reply from one prospect when you could be recruiting others. Ferny makes reference to making phone calls in relation to using automation to recruit and follow up on prospects in this chapter. Once again, nothing really concrete for you to use, just general info.

Chapter 5 – This chapter starts to show a little more promise, a little more meat and less feathers so to speak. Here you get an actual look at how a marketing strategy should look like and why. Ferny refers to this marketing strategy as the “magic slot machine”. In this chapter you will also learn a little about opt-in capture pages, paid advertising and how to use email to reach out to your prospects. This is the first chapter where you Start to see a reference made to joining Elite Marketing Pro.

Chapter 6 – Discusses topics related to market research, establishing who your target market is and what they are interested in. This chapter make reference to using a keyword tool to define your audience and what they are looking for. I am a big proponent of using a keyword tool online.

As you get into this chapter there is more on using the info you get from a keyword tool and also they show you what you get from doing Google search that will help you do a PPC (pay per click) campaign.

Chapter 7 – Talks about creating your own website and picking the right domain name for your business. There’s more discussion on domain names and directing your email to your website. This chapter actually has some good info for a change, less fluff.

Chapter 8 – Well, it took eight chapters to get to something I feel offers some value and that is the intricacies of building a good capture page for your business is laid out for you. There is a pitch for you to join either the EMP VIP membership or the EMP annual membership.

Chapter 9 –  This chapter starts out talking about the importance of your email campaign and what to look for in a good autoresponder sequence, doesn’t actually show you how to do it, just tell you what it should include. The chapter goes on to speak about creating newsletters and using video to reach your prospects.

Chapter 10 –  Discusses a few traffic generation techniques and the wrap up for this ebook. This chapter is also used to pitch the ignition coach program which in my opinion is an avenue to steer you towards joining Elite Marketing Pro and higher priced packages and ad ons.

Is There Value In Paying $47 For Attraction Marketing Formula?

Yes, Ferny has put a value on the information in his Attraction Marketing Formula ebook offer. You ready for this, $10,000 if you were to source this info out on your own. Not sure if I can really digest that number given the fact that an annual membership in the Elite Marketing Pro program is roughly $400 and it “ACTUALLY” teaches attraction marketing.  What Ferny is saying by putting a value of $10,000 on the attraction marketing formula content is,  you could spend roughly 20 years in Elite marketing pro and get the same value. Not sure if Ferny really gave that one a lot of thought!

Straight to the point, there is very little for value in the Attraction Marketing Formula ebook. I found it more of a really good sales pitch offering Elite Marketing Pro services that can run you into the thousands of dollars in ad ons or up sells.

Support For What You Are Learning In This Ebook

There really isn’t any need for support or asking questions because there really isn’t that much for learning in this 177 page ebook. The content I found is based on experiences and examples of why you need to do certain things when you participate in attraction marketing, very little if anything in relation to learning or implementing disciplines is absent from this ebook.

How About The 10 Day Course?

I am not going to waste a lot of your time on this component of the $47 offer,  it is just more of the same in my opinion. A lot on the what and why you should do stuff but very little if anything on the how! What you will find in everyday is a video supported with some text. Lots of motivational jargon in these 10 days with pitches for you to join Elite Marketing Pro. This is also the bait to get you to buy the Attraction Marketing formula. I did a 10 day course on affiliate marketing which is in my opinion is the same as attraction marketing but less costly. This course was free and offered real training with little if any fluff, guess I was lucky. If your interested in comparing, you can check the course I did here for free!

 I am finished this Review!

You can get into this offer at a discounted price if you haven’t clicked on the offer before, somewhere in the range of $27. Personally I would say save your money. If you still won’t take my word for it at least buy it through my affiliate link and we can chat about it once you have checked it out. Click here to join under me!

4 Replies to “Attraction Marketing Formula By Ferny Ceballos”

  1. I went through the AMF ignition boot camp and I agree with your assessment. I had a good experience with my ignition coach until they tried to sell me on the VIP subscription. I decided that it was too much money and told them no and it became very high pressure, which I didn’t mind but that doesn’t usually change someone’s mind. Based on your above comment, which program (lead lightning or wealthy affiliate) would you recommend to someone who already has a solid grasp on how attraction marketing works and only lacks the technical knowledge on how to implement it (ie. Never built a website or a funnel).

    1. Hi Andrew thanks for your question. Lead Lightning is definitely low cost but much of the focus of their offer is the promotion of Lead Lightning. I gave Lead Lightning promotion a go even with one of the top Lead Lightning ranking reviews which links to Lead Lightning it results in very few sales, so I wouldn’t join for that reason. The training inside Lead Lightning has very little quality training on building websites or funnels, it really pushes their own done for you funnel for Lead Lightning. I like what you do get for the $7 entree price so it’s cheap to see for yourself with little risk. I think you will find for a person like yourself that has some experience, Lead Lightning training doesn’t get into the meat of promoting any product you may want to promote.
      When it comes to Wealthy Affiliate they would be more suited for your needs. In saying this you will find their starter course a bit of a yawner given the fact that you do have some experience so you will need to blow through the first few lessons to get to the website building, keyword research and social media portions of the training. The training at WA is really extensive for premium members, not so much under the starter accounts. The starter accounts are free so I would suggest having a look first and really getting into the community and asking questions, this way you can get a feel for what is offered in WA.
      I still have a few affiliate websites hosted through WA and frequent their platform for some of their weekly webinars and current training.
      Here’s a free membership link I don’t make anything off of this free membership link so have a look around and ask lots of questions and see what you think, don’t see what you need just walk away. Best of luck Andrew, cheers Mike.

  2. Good day,

    I am in an MLM and currently starting to pick. I want to boost the sales and sign up a good number of prospects.

    I need your urgent help.

    I am in Forever Living Products

    1. Hi and I apologize for the late reply looks like your comment ended up in the spam folder.You have a few options that are inexpensive but can produce the results you are looking for. There is a program called Lead Lightning that is a lead generation platform that teaches you how to get leads to your MLM or products. Lead lightning offers the training and tools to attract prospects. Lead Lightning has a $7 onetime fee but you need to watch out for the up sells that they pitch you. Their best offer comes in the form of a monthly membership that gives you all you will need to generate prospects, but I would check it out first before you put out more than the $7
      The other route you can look at is Wealthy Affiliate which costs $38 month and offers everything you need. You get websites and social media training and much more.
      I have experience with both programs and can help you get the most out of either offer if you decide to try one of these offers out, my help is free!
      These are two platforms that I would recommend for attracting prospects for Forever Living which I am familiar with, great products and MLM opportunity. I actually reviewed Forever Living years ago. I am here to answer any questions. If you find another platform that you feel might work, feel free to run it by me and I will give you my thoughts and help out where I can.
      Forever Living has quite a few products you could review and also promote Forever Living as a biz op if you had a website. Wealthy Affiliate offers a great fit for this type of strategy. I hope this helps, have a great day, talk soon Mike.

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