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Hi my name is mike Lambert I am a Internet Marketer. I specialize in analytical research. Currently I am providing people with honest reviews of educational on line products and services.
How To Use A Keyword

How To Use A Keyword

For any one who doesn’t know what a keyword is or the importance of keywords when creating content for a blog or website  I am confident after this article you will know “how to use a keyword” to maximize your article or page rankings in Google, Bing, and Yahoo search engines and drive huge volumes of traffic to your website in the process. There is no credible or more reliable way of getting massive amounts of “targeted traffic” to a website.

You will notice I highlighted targeted traffic, traffic is not all made equal, if you hope to make money from your traffic, in other words,  direct your traffic to buy something then you need targeted, people who are actually interested in what you might be promoting.

So here we go, enjoy the read and by all means leave me your comments please!

The Importance Of  Keywords In Blogging

Many new bloggers start out using blogging platforms or website building platforms that offer what is pitched as a professional looking website with hosting which leads many newcomers to the conclusion that it is really a simple procedure but this is far from the reality of blogging.

Cheap website building offers in most cases offer very little in the form of training that pertains to anything outside the simple setup instructions which eventually proves to be a huge problem for new bloggers. Wannabe bloggers are led to believe that “if you build it they will come Ray”. Unfortunately for website builders they may be thinking they are working on their dream of living of the profits and popularity of their website but as they soon find out they have very few or no visitors coming to their ball park, this is where the use of keywords come into play!

Statistics show that only 7% of people searching will go past the first page looking for information. Therefor knowing how to  use a keyword and keyword phrases effectively is critical to generating high volumes of traffic and can’t be overstated when it comes to the success of your website.

What Is A Keyword?

A keyword is a term that people type into a search engine such as Google to find something that they are searching for, hopefully if you choose your keywords correctly it will be your post that they click on first resulting in a visitor. An example of a keyword phrase would be the title of this post ” How To Use A Keyword”. If all falls into place and I was successful at selecting and applying keywords relevant to my topic title then I have a pretty good chance that Internet users searching for this topic will see y post somewhere on the first 2 pages of search results on this particular topic.

My goal is always to have my content rank on the first page of a search result. This of course doesn’t always happen for varying reasons, maybe the content I am adding is a deviation from the usual content that my website focuses on,  but if you choose your keywords properly and strategically place your keyword selections in your content your chances are greatly increased.

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How To Become A Good Affiliate Marketer

How To Become A Good Affiliate Marketer

Would you like to make a 75% commission on  items or services you have sold? If your answer is ” Sign me up” then you will want to keep reading!

Becoming a good Affiliate Marketer should be every Internet Marketers goal. If you are good at any job it tends to open the doors of opportunity. This statement is no more truer than in Internet Marketing. Successful online Marketers are sought after by large companies hoping that the best online marketers will promote their goods.  Affiliate program managers offer the elite marketers incentives that well exceed the norm for Affiliate commissions.

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Chris Farrell Membership Review – is it Really Worth the Money?

Chris Farrell Membership Review – is it Really Worth the Money?

chris farrellWebsite:
Owners & facilitators: Chris Farrell
Type of business: Online marketing program
Cost to enroll: $4.95 for 7 day trial, $37 per month after trial , $997 mentor me package.
Legitimate: Yes
Approved: yes
Affordability: 8/10    Training:8/10    Support: 6/10   Websites:6/10    Tools: 7/10  
Access to experts 6/10

For More On The Chris Farrell Membership Program Click Here

Is Chris Farrell A Legitimate Program?

The Chris Farrell Membership is one of the better online money making programs.  After a thorough critique of the actual program, I can tell you that the program is credible and does offer some value. The Chris Farrell Membership is definitely not for everyone but is one of the more credible online money making programs.

Who Is The Man Behind The Program?

So, who is Chris Farrell?  I will not go into too much detail on Chris’s background other than he started in 2007 and has found much  success as an Internet Marketer. You will find an introduction video that Chris has made on the Internet where Chris explains how he has made his living as an Internet Marketer. Chris is a very likable and credible guy with very good presentation skills as well as a reputation as being an upstanding guy.

What Is The Chris Farrell Program?

Well if you didn’t know by now the Chris Farrell program was created by Chris Farrell to teach you how to make money online using the same techniques that Chris used to make his online fortune. Chris teaches various proven Internet marketing techniques within his programs platform. The Chris Farrell membership provides all the techniques that you need to build your own website, build leads, and many more useful marketing strategies needed to generate an online income.

What’s The Cost To Be A Member?

At $37 a month the Chris Farrell Membership falls into the average category for affordability, for what you get with your membership the price Chris has set is a decent price point.

What do you get for your $37 a month?

Free Unlimited Hosting ( not anymore)  Free hosting is a nice plus when you are looking for a online training program but not all hosting is made equal, it can be annoying and costly if you can’t access your site do to server issues.I haven’t heard of any real issues with the hosting so that’s a good thing.

Website templates- Chris offers step by step training on how to set up your free websites making it quite easy to follow and set your website up.

Ready for you websites- The Chris Farrell Program Developers have had built a series of websites for those members that don’t have the time to build their own. You simply download it and follow the instructions and within an hour, you can have a pretty professional looking sales page ready to go. 

Optimizepress Lite- This software is designed for more advanced marketers, a good value added to your membership.

Few Notable training modules –   I liked the training in reference to Creating your own eBook, Killer Copywriting, creating your own products, setting up an autoresponder are just a few resources I enjoyed. 

All training is video based and backed up with text for later reference.

Traffic In 21 Days – This is extra bit of training that Chris and his team put together to help the newbie which if you do decide to try his course out is worth the time, quite a few helpful hints to get your online business off the ground running.

 Drawbacks To A Chris Farrell Membership

I guess the biggest drawback that I saw or what I didn’t see that much of was Chris himself, I know that he created the program and that should be good enough in itself but I didn’t see much of Chris which was a bit of a downer for me I would like to have asked him questions in a group setting, he does offer his phone number but I like a group setting because collectively questions get asked and answered on a various topics that I might not have thought of.

No Free Trial – 7 days for a $1 just isn’t long enough when you are learning something as complex as Internet Marketing, there are so many new techniques and just wrapping your head around the idea of choosing a niche and how that niche can make you money as well as just navigating around the program that 7 days is burned up in no time!

My Final Thought On Chris’s Program

I feel the Chris Farrell membership offers a real opportunity to make money online. Chris Farrell is a credible guy that tries his best to offer a program that has a realistic price point for what he offers. Is this program a slam dunk? No, it has a few glitches but the training is solid and Chris is up front about the fact that you will have to work hard to make you dream of making money online a reality and for that I applaud Chris!








QuickSprout University Review- Neil Patel’s Baby!

QuickSprout University Review- Neil Patel’s Baby!

200px-NeilPatelProduct Name: QuickSprout University

Product Description: Traffic Generating Training Program



Owner: Neil Patel

My “Quick sprout University Review” will encompass who Neil Patel is, What Neil has accomplished, what the Quicksprout University is, and who the Quicksprout University is for, and of course whether it is worth your time. Enjoy the read and hopefully at the end I will have answered all of your questions.

Who Is This Neil Patel Guy?

Neil Patel is no slouch when it comes to Internet marketing. Neil Patel is a Seattle, United States-based entrepreneur, angel investor, and analytics expert. Neil has worked as a analytics consultant for some of the big players in the business world such as, Amazon, NBC, GM, HP, Samsung, Mazda, Yahoo and Viacom just to name a few. Neil is best known for his work in digital marketing, and as the cofounder of the analytics companies KISSmetrics and Crazy Egg. I have read a lot about Neil’s exploits, unfortunately most has been written by Neil himself, little bit full of himself but with a track record such as his who can blame him.

What Can You Learn At Quick Sprout University?

Neil’s expertise is analysing traffic and how to maximise the traffic to your site. Neil uses his experience and knowledge in the analytics game to coach and mentor you into generating solid traffic from a variety of sources right to the front doors of your website. Basically Quicksprout uses Neil Patel’s knowledge to help you increase traffic to your website using proven marketing techniques and ultimately teach you how to turn that traffic into sales.

Who Will Benefit From Quick Sprout University?

This is kind of a tricky question with a tricky answer. In a perfect world this program was developed for small businesses,  startup companies, bloggers in general but not limited too. If you are looking to generate traffic or get into the Internet marketing business then you are what Quicksprout was designed for, hypothetically speaking of course.

What’s Inside The Quick sprout University That’s Worth The Money?

There’s a lot of information inside Quick SProut that I liked but I am an experienced marketer and have a good idea on how to generate traffic and on how to convert that traffic into sales, wow, and here I was dissing Neil for being full of himself!  What I am trying to say is if I were an inexperienced person, startup business, new blogger, basically a newcomer to the IM game you are going to struggle with this program.  The way that Neil’s program is delivered is a deal breaker for me.  I personally don’t think a newcomer or a person with limited experience at marketing has any hope of digesting and implementing Quick Sprouts training on their own, and believe me you are on your own! I will get back to this point in a minute, but first I will give you a quick rundown on what’s inside quicksprout and then I will explain what my glaring problems I see with the Quicksprout training.

quicksprout inside

Here’s a condensed version of what you will find for training inside Quicksprout.

Over 100  short video tutorials

→Transcripts to back up video tutorials


→Certification courses

→Search engine any Conversion optimization training

You look at what is included inside quicksprout and it looks like good value for your $97 but in actuality I found this material to be good but not near enough in depth. The videos for example all range under 10 minutes run time and when you are covering off topics related to SEO this isn’t near enough time to have an indepth discussion on the topic. If you have any questions you are out of luck, asking questions seems to be an oversight in the Quicksprout University curriculum. If you have a new subject and you have access to a video series but lack the avenue to bounce questions off someone how far do you think you will get? My guess is not very far! Neil’s videos had flashes of really useful material but always seem to leave me wanting more, a 30 minute video would have been closer to what I would have expected for some of the topics covered.

I also found the training material was cumbersome to navigate, you only had access to training via a search function which is time consuming.WaldoWhat You Won’t Find Inside Quicksprout University

For starters I felt Quicksprout university was more like “lets find Waldo” or Casper the friendly ghost sequel, I couldn’t find Neil anywhere except for his little introductory spiel at the entrance to his program. You will find that all the subjects that are covered off in his program are from individuals other than Neil. To me not having personal instruction or interaction with Neil at some point isn’t worth the money, I mean I am not asking for Neil to take a pile of time out of his busy schedule but a guest video tutorial would have been nice! I never got the feel that Neil had at any way left his mark on the training inside Quicksprout.

Let’s Talk Support & Interaction

I know the way I started this Quicksprout University review you thought it was going to be a hard sell on the Quicksprout University, nope!

Support within Quicksprout is to say the least disappointing. There was absolutely no available resource to answer questions, no forum of people going through the training that you could compare notes and draw experiences from, no help desk, literally nothing that I could see helpful in your time of need. The lack of support is the achilles heel of the Quicksprout University training platform. I know Neil is very accomplished at what he does but I have to question given his success if he even had a hand in designing this program, something so integral as support for his program was obviously an oversight on someones part, maybe he’s just used to doing things himself, being good at something doesn’t always make you the best teacher, I feel this is the case with Neil’s Quicksprout University.

My Final Take On Quicksprout University

Some good material inside, some great free resources, but overall I was very disappointed with what I found. This program isn’t a scam just not a program that I found to be user friendly and not a resource that I feel you could draw on to ensure success online, and really, isn’t that the ultimate goal!

Support which is an integral part of any learning experience was non existent. The training I found was incomplete and over valued at $97 bucks. The target audience that Quicksprout appeared to be intended for was in fact the group that I found would least benefit from the training inside. No forum to access and learn from. Forum members are usually one of the best training aids a program can have, there’s nothing like learning from a fellow members success and failures.

Lastly Waldo, I mean Neil is nowhere to be found! I was paying for Neil’s expertise, interaction with Neil Patel, Neil’s Guidance all of which was void from his program, what I did get was a training program with Neil Patel’s name and picture on it, that’s it! That was very disappointing.



Mark Ling’s Affilorama- review

Mark Ling’s Affilorama- review

affiloramaName: Affilorama
Website Url:
Price: $1 Thirty day trial, $67 per month $497 for Three Years
Owner: Mark Ling
[yasr_overall_rating size=”medium”]

Read my full review of Affilorama. Is Mark Ling’s program a golden opportunity to earn a living online, or just another piece of Internet Marketings fools gold?
View Affilorama’s Website Here

Who Is Mark Ling?

Mark Ling is known for his success with products such as “Rocket Piano” and “Jamorama”. Mark is an accomplished marketer in his own right. Ling went on to create Affilorama in 2005 to fill a void with a much needed community minded affiliate training program.

Will You find Value In A Affilorama Membership? 

I like the idea that there is a trial period available, it is unfortunate that Affilorama feels the need to get credit card info by requesting a $1 trial period charge but in all fairness to Affilorama this does seem to be the new industry norm . When you are in the preliminary stages of signing up with Affilorama this is where it can get a little confusing with some of the upsell options mixed in with their premium membership offer. I must admit these upsells are very good additions to the premium membership offer and have value. If you have read any of my reviews I detest upsells but in the case of Affilorama they are very good additions that complement the premium membership offer.

  Affilorama Premium Membership- What Tools Are Included? 

A basic premium membership for $67 monthly includes:
♠ Affiliate Training
♠ Software
♠  Hosting
♠ Forum Access
♠ Blog Bootcamp
As you can see Affilorama offers quite a few tools that you will need to start an online business.

Love-UpsellingAffilorama Up selling

Remember at the beginning I said the signup process could be somewhat confusing, this is where confusion gets a little clearer! There are three different upsells that will come your way.

#1)  Affiloblueprint 3.0 membership– one time fee of $197 on top of your $67 monthly fee Affiloblueprint offers 13 lessons and 85 videos examining topics such as:
♠  Affiliate marketing
♠  PPC via Google’s content network.
♠ 6 WordPress themes

This is a very good package with some very good content that I personally found useful.

#2) Affilojetpack membership One time fee of $497 on top of your $67 monthly fee Some valuable information included in this upsell. For starters you will receive: 1) Your pick of 5 out of 10 of Mark’s top promotional Niche packages. 2) 15 Newsletter email series, one per niche. 3) Graphics for each niche. 4) 3 e-books, 3 per niche 5) Access to Affilotheme 6) 20 PLR articles. Looks a little pricey from the outside but once you get in it offers some very detailed information.

#3) Affilotheme at $97 one time fee on top of your $67 monthly this is one of the cheapest upsells offered. This is what you will get with the Affilotheme package:
1)  Affilotheme WordPress theme
2)  Private members forum
3)  Graphics creation tool
4)  One year hosting
As you can see the three upsells do offer a wealth of information and do have good value, you don’t need to purchase any of these items they are optional and you can decide at anytime if or when you might need them.

How is Affilorama At Support? 

Affilorama offers forum support, their community is very active and from what I saw very helpful. I received timely responses to my questions. I feel I Would have benefited with a little more participation from Mark ling that’s probably the only negative I could dig up.

report_cardIs It A Pass Or Fail For Affilorama?

I would give Affilorama a PASSING grade! I think Affilorama offers a wealth of material that you don’t regularly see offered in affiliate training programs. Some of their material such as backlinking, use of  article spinning tools is out of date, but all that aside it is a great program that offers some real value.




Work At Home Institute Review – What’s Inside WAH Institute

Work At Home Institute Review – What’s Inside WAH Institute

Product Name: Work At Home Institute

Owner: Bobbie Robinson

Price: $97

Rating: Scam

work-at-home-institute-fake-5What’s Inside Work At Home Institute?

Work At Home Institute is one of the many spin off shell programs that I have been reviewing lately. The Work At Home Institute was engineered more for what they can get from you rather than what you can get from them!

I gave the Work At Home Institute a scam rating do to their scammy marketing techniques they use to promote WAH Institute to the public. The use of outrageous earning potential and doctored photos of newscasts left me scratching my head. Why would a program like the Work At Home Institute resort to using these deceptive advertising techniques when they actually promoted some credible training methods, this is made clearer as my review peels back the layers of WAH Institute.

Work At Home Institute offers some training in the form of a video series but like all scams this is just a means to cover off on any legal implications that may arise from taking peoples money without giving them something in return. The whole Work At Home Institute looks like it was created to funnel you to other products where they get another chance to swindle you out of your money.

Here’s How The Work At Home Institute Scam Works!

This is how I believe this whole scam works. There appears to be at least 3 programs that are all interrelated and feed off each other. From what I can see now that I have reviewed a couple of related programs, the three main participants in this scam appear to be, Home Profits System, Home Job institute and of course the work at home institute. All of the previously mentioned programs have glaring similarities that you will soon see!

Deceptive Advertising Is All In A Days Businesswahinstitute-sealTOPS-Home-Profit-System


Photoshopped generic guarantees, dubbed over newscasts, fake testimonials and phony one on one mentoring are just in a days business for the three programs that are working to steal your money. These outfits will go to any expense to gain your trust and once they do you are in a whole pile of trouble. There is huge money to be made from theses types of scams, think about it for a minute, $47-$97 one time fees multiply that by say a minimum of 30,000 – 50,000 people combined in all three scams and there are some very rich scammers out there. This fake news release is used in the Home Profit System scam as well as the Work At Home Institute scam. Fake seals of approval, advertisements using popular news stations are all used to garner credibility.

Will The Real Bobbie Robinson Please Stand Up!

One of these photos is used in an ad for the Home Job Institute and the other is for the Work At Home Institute. The Home Profits System claims this ladies name is Mary Johnson and in the Work At Home Institute this lady is passed off as Bobbie Robinson the creator of the program. The fact that WAH institute would stoop to this type of advertising deception is alone a good reason to stay well clear of this outfit!




What Do These Scammers Want?

What Work At Home Institute, Online Profits System, and the Home Jobs Institute want is your money to start, this comes in the form of  your initial entrance fee ranging from $47-$97,  secondly they want as much personal information that they can gather from you!  The personal information is worth more or as much as hard cash to these scammers. Your personal information will be sold over and over again to companies from all backgrounds, good and bad!

My Final Thoughts

You will want to stay well clear of products like the Work At Home Institute, Home Jobs Institute, Online Profits System. These products all ask for one payment entrance fees that are backed by a 30 or 60 day guarantee which is a scam, you won’t get your money back! Any product or make money online scheme that promotes one low fee and not a monthly membership has no obligation to provide any support for their product, where a monthly pay as you go offer has a vested interest in keeping you in the program. The monthly pay as you go programs for the most part will always be looking at ways to increase retention so their offering should be evolving on a regular basis.

Home Profit System Scam- Read My Quick Review

Home Profit System Scam- Read My Quick Review

Home Profit System is just another clone of the many scams that are running rampant on the Internet today! Read my quick Home Profit System review and see why I think this work at home venture will turn into a home nightmare.

TOPS-Home-Profit-SystemHome Profit System Uses Fake News Releases

As you can see from the picture to your left that the home profit system resorts to using altered news release captures to try and set the hook making it look like they are the real deal and the latest craze in making money from the comforts of your own home.

What Is The Home Profit System?

This system as they call it is very simplistic in nature. What the home profit system promote is a prehistoric marketing technique that has long gone by the wayside. Link posting at one time was a way of generating online revenue albeit minimal income even in it’s prime. Link posting is when you are offered money from companies to post their links wherever possible. In theory this sounds quite easy but unfortunately thats the only time this technique holds any water. Over the years Google has put an end to this type of practice s the promotion of this marketing technique is an outright lie. It’s been reported that the home profit system subscribers get varying support material such as DVD series, their offering is different for many different subscribers that tells me they are just covering their backs and avoiding any legal issues in regards to ripping people off. You as the purchaser get something for your investment even though it is absolutely useless to your efforts of generating revenue online.

What’s This Scam Going To Cost You?

This scam will cost you anywhere in the range of $100 and all your personal information. The monetary loss hurts enough it’s the privacy part that will hurt you even more. Endless emails promoting make money at home products, soliciting phone calls at all times of the evening and day are the norm for this type of scam. Really scary giving a credit card number to the likes of these people behind the scene. Like I have said in the past when reviewing programs such as the home profit system, scams like this like a one time fee so that they can get in and out, real online business opportunities have monthly memberships because they are always creating new material that their members benefit from. One payment wonders scam or no scam are usually duds for the simple reason they have no motivation to enhance or improve on their offering, and if they do offer something new it’s at an extra cost to you if you want it, something to keep in mind when you are looking at an online program.

scammersWho Are These People?

Knowing who you are dealing with in a scam like the home profit system is a big problem. People behind scams like HPS are pretty clever but lazy and just want the quick scam and get out, that’s why there is a good chance that the front person or the fictional creator is just a wallet card photo or a copied image off the Internet, by no means is this a genuine program owner.

What Can I Expect For Support?

No such thing as support when it comes to the Home Profit System. Here are a few complaints from the better business bureau.


hps1As you can see the home profit system has some glaring concerns which should be taken into consideration. When you purchase a product and you get no support or even the product that you were promised this is a bad situation, one instance should be enough to stop you from purchasing this product, when I looked there were actually 11 complaints filed with the better business bureau.


Home Job Institute Review

Home Job Institute Review

Home Job Institute is a program developed by Mary Johnson. The Home Job Institute poses as a Internet marketing facility which could not be further from the truth.


What Is The Home Job Institute?

What the home job institute is and what it is promoted as are two totally different animals. The Home Job Institute is actually a scam disguised as a job placement facility. The con starts with a notice that there are  job opportunities in the area in which you live and the scam unfolds from there. What this bogus outfit is after first is for you to take the bait and sign in  with your email address and phone number to access the information you want. Once the home job institute has your email address and phone number it’s only a matter of time before the emails and phone calls start trying to get you to buy expensive training, these types of scams are growing in popularity.

What does the home Job Institute cost?

The price tag is kept low to entice you through the doors, a $49 one time fee is all that is required.  This is a ghost company looking to milk you out of every penny they can get. I just read an ad in one of the Google+ circles I belong to and it was another outfit just like home job institute where they claim to give away internet marketing tools valued at over $1500 away for free all you have to do is give up your email, phone number and mailing address. Unfortunately once you give up your personal information to an organization such as home job institute it is quickly used against you, whether it is used to upsell you or given to the highest bidder.

 Signs That You May Be A Potential Victim Of A Scam

If the outfit asks for more than an email address then you should be very cautious. It’s almost impossible to join any program these days without giving an email address, companies like to get your email address so that even if you don’t sign up they can reach out to you in the future with other offers.  For a Internet business an email list is one of the companies most valuable assets. When a program asks for more personal information up front without showing you their product this is a warning sign that you may be getting involved in a scam, there’s absolutely no reason for an Internet based program to ask for a phone number.

There is no such thing as money for free on the Internet, if it sounds too good to be true it is!

One time fees are usually a sign of a poor quality program or a scam,  very little investment from the creators of a program most times indicates that they are  in it for for what they can get out of it qickly. They offer nothing but junk to cover their butts legally. Many of the well known legitimate online  programs offer monthly memberships and promote support and training,  not quick money making schemes, so look for monthly memberships as a sign of credibility.

Read their disclaimer that’s about as close to the truth that you will get from any program.

Free look at their offering is a sign that a company is confident in their product and want you to see it is something of value. Scams like the home job institute are always a set price offer.

Photos of Clickbank, Clicksure or affiliate commission pay stubs are commonly used as an attempt to add validity to a scam. Photos of big daily and weekly incomes are sure signs that something is up. The real legitimate work from home opportunities usually don’t need to advertise earnings. The home job institute leads consumers to believe that they are working as agents for online companies seeking workers,  there is absolutely no evidence that this is true and I personally haven’t heard of one single person getting an online job through their organization to date.


The home job institute is a full blown scam, stay well clear of this one, can’t make it any clearer than that!


Work At Home University Scam- Another Wolf In Sheeps Clothing?

Work At Home University Scam- Another Wolf In Sheeps Clothing?

In my opinion Work At Home University scam, is a scam, did I just double up on scam? must have scam on my mind. Where was I? Oh yeah, In this short review I will give my reasons why I think Work At Home University is a scam and should be avoided, unless of course you have lots of money and like making donations to unscrupulous marketing scams.

Name: Work At Home University

Owner: Some wallet card person 

Cost: Discount price $97 bucks and as many upsells as you can afford


Rank: Scam







The Work At Home University is promoted like many other scams I have had the pleasure of writing about, a business in a box, no effort required, well they do say 60 minutes a day but that is just to get you thinking there is actually something there that you are going to learn. Pretty appealing to think you can make money online without actually earning it, even 60 minutes a day to make a living online is something fairy tales are made from. Hey,  if you are the type that wants something that takes no effort but makes money online, you will be a victim, this article will not save you! Hate to be the dealbreaker but there is no such animal on the Internet. Learning to sell stuff online takes some perseverance and  commitment but it’s very doable, thought spellcheck would pop up with “doable” wasn’t to sure if that was an actual word! Anyways, read on and I will tell you why Work At Home University is a Wolf in Sheeps clothing!

What Is The Work At Home University?

WAHU is a fake program not a school or a University, don’t think I really needed to tell you that but I did. This program is like all other scams, they have to offer something to keep their butts from getting roasted so they offer up some old decrepit marketing techniques that came in when computers took up two whole floors of a building. The techniques I am referring to are link posting and auction list supplier. These are the two marketing disciplines that you will get instruction on when you sign up. Link posting has been a practice that Google has blackballed sometime ago, so the thought of making money at it is quite laughable, auction list agent is an ineffective method of generating income online, but given you something useful I believe was never their intention.

Wish this type of school was around when I was going to school, take two short courses and Bamm! I am out of there. Let’s see what else? Oh you get a personal coach, don’t get excited, when you get your instructions to phone their hotline number and get your  personal coach you will get lots of personal attention alright, lots of phone calls trying to push you into buying extra items that you will need to make your millions online.

What’s The Work At Home Scam Going To Cost You?

WAHU will cost you $97 bucks right off the bat and once you get in touch with your personal coach, or should I say your personal sales person you could be on the hook for well over a thousand with nothing to show for your investment. They do state you will get something from them, the most secure payment site on the Internet, hmmmm, really? that’s bad! What a bullcrap statement! How can you quantify a statement like this, you can’t that’s why they say it!

wahu secure payment




What Are Some Telltale Signs That The Work At Home University Is Misleading?

mary2For starters they seem to use a person for endorsements that is becoming quite a Internet celebrity these days. This beautiful lady is popping up all over the place and appears to be the newest “business in a box” poster child,  in one case she is actually portrayed as the owner of  another less than desirable get rich quick scheme,  Online Riches University, Naah, not another university, go figure!

Bogus news releases are used to make it seem like they have been featured on national news broadcasts when in reality the only chance these guys will have of getting on TV will be when NBC does a documentary on Internet marketing scams.

Offer more than the industry standard of 30 days money back guarantee. Work at home university offers 60 days, good luck cashing in that chip.

wahuThey use a scam type of sales pitch where they slash the regular price and offer a limited time only discount which you know is the regular price.


Not going to waste your time with a bunch of filler just to get my word count up, that is an actual marketing technique you know, Google likes articles to be roughly 1500 words or better, Google will rank your posts higher!

Work At Home University is one big sales pitch, the whole program is designed to suck as much money out of you as possible, this is what they do and they are good at it so please be careful around this one.



Can I really make money online?

Can I really make money online?

Money-Quotes-5Can I really make money online?  Absolutely you can! But it is not all champagne wishes and caviar dreams.

Affiliate marketing takes a lot of work but you really can make money online.   You must start with the basics and don’t get to far ahead of yourself.  Expert training is so critical early on in a marketing career.    Affiliate marketing is not something you can find success at if you think you can take a few courses and off you go!

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