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Hi my name is Mike and I have participated successfully online as an Internet Marketer/Affiliate marketer for many years now. I created this site to help you avoid the costly mistakes I made in my pursuit of building an online income. Over the years I have tested numerous products and services that have claimed to be the program or system that will allow you to make money online, honestly, most programs fail the test. Which products or programs will help you make money online? My hope is you will find your answers here on my site. I hope you enjoy the information on my site and by all means please leave me your thoughts. If I can help in any way, don't hesitate to ask. I am always more than happy to pass on any knowledge that will help you find success online, cheers Mike.
Can You Profit With All In One Profits?

Can You Profit With All In One Profits?

Cost: $10 or $20/month

Founder: Johan Van Geffen and Isabella Capsuna

Established: 2012


Building an entire business online can be tough and time-consuming, and a lot of people would be looking for what All In One Profits provides, which is a one-stop-shop.

The internet has become the most expansive resource as each and everyday more people are discovering its potential. All In One Profits is designed to help you capture that growing base of individuals looking to purchase from the internet. They have provided a single spot for you to access everything you could ever need to build your business online.

There are numerous things you need just to get started and then numerous services and programs needed to maintain and grow your business.

Today I am reviewing All In One Profits to find out if the one-stop-shop they provide is really as valuable as they claim it to be, and whether it’s worth you investing your hard-earned time and money into it.

Join me in reviewing All In One Profits!

What Is All In One Profits?

All In One Profits claims to have integrated a suite of essential web tools, products, services and advertising for your everyday needs as a potential internet marketer.

These services include things such as professional web hosting and autoresponders, all made affordably to help businesses and individuals simplify and facilitate their online operations.

All In One Profits main goal is to lower the cost of someones online presence by delivering critical internet products and services one demand, with a full spectrum of compliance to web presence regulations and anti-spam compliance services.

Again, as mentioned above, All In One Profits has built a one-stop-shop for someone looking to build a complete online business from the ground up.

In addition, they offer a compensation plan for those looking to recruit others into All In One Profits. Some of the compensation is 100% profit back to the affiliate!! We’ll talk about that further down.

The Products

There are two levels that you can sign up for with All In One Profits, one being a ‘basic’ level, and another being the ‘pro’ level products.

The basic level of products come with:

  • Premium web hosting;
  • How To video guide for setting up you host account;
  • What All In One Profits considers their ‘fantasico’ C Panel. This is a built in site builder, where you can choose from your own ready-made templates for your website;
  • Programming and database features;
  • Email features;
  • As well as the all-in-one profits e library, which includes hundreds of how to video training courses on everything about internet marketing, computer training, self-development, network marketing, social marketing, MLM, educational, inspirational and motivational videos, software, audio, templates and sell pages, articles, and email training and tips.

The pro level comes with everything included in the basic level membership, however, you also get:

  • Drag and drop landing page and website builder to create your own lead pages and sales funnel;
  • Photo slider maker to quickly and easily create photo slideshows for your site;
  • Video squeeze creator;
  • Web video testimony creator;
  • Premium audio video, which is a royalty free music and image creator;
  • All In One Profits ad co-op, which will help advertise your links for you automatically on a co-op rotator;
  • 3 text blocks;
  • 2 rotating banners with unlimited credits;
  • 20 track links;
  • And a premium special PLR products package, updated monthly.

What Would I Pay For All In One Profits?

The cost is actually fairly reasonable, depending on how much you utilize the entire site.

It is $10 a month for the ‘basic’ level membership.

For the ‘pro’ membership, you’d be paying $20 a month, however you’d get a little more compensation when recruiting members. In addition, you’ll be getting more bang for your buck.

Compensation; All In One Profits

This is one of the most basic compensation plans I’ve seen in some time.

At a basic level, you actually get 100% pay out. For every basic membership you promote and sell, you get $10 back for your referral.

The same goes for the pro membership, however, if you’re a pro member, you get $15 back for every pro membership your sell and refer to another member.

Regardless of whether you are pro or basic membership, if you refer someone to the basic membership and they sign up, you get $10 commission.

They’ve actually approached it in a more “rotator’ type of fashion, where even numbered referrals (2,4,6,8…) goes to your sponsor/the company if you don’t have one. Every uneven numbered referral goes to you (1,3,5,7…).

This is the same when you refer members, their even numbered referrals come up to you, they their uneven numbered referrals get paid to them.

They do this because of that very sensitive line between what would be considered a “multi-level marketing” operation and what wouldn’t. By utilizing this rotator method, by definition they cannot be considered a MLM. A MLM company or program is considered as such if they contain a matrix, binary or pyramid type of compensation plan.

Instead of building your team out on multiple levels, where one level is constantly paying into another, they build out their teams width wise.

Support/Tools/Training; All In One Profits

The tools to become successful are all included within the memberships. This is a nice change from a lot of other programs I have reviewed.

The training is complete self engaged and motivated, and most of the library e-books as things you can find for free online. You’re expected to teach yourself through these e-books and articles.

Again, All In One Profits goal is to create the one-stop-shop, but that’s about it.

Their support is supplied through a support ticket system.

All support requested is assigned a unique ticket number which you can use to track the progress and responses online.

There is a customer service number for technical service and support that this based out of the Netherlands. The number is hidden in very small print towards the bottom of the page so it looks as if they may discourage the use of it.

What Others Are saying; All In One Profits

All in all, this is a very weak membership/system and it looks as if many others agree.

Even though it seems like All In One Profits offer a lot for the money spent, they really do not offer a lot of resources and tools for people to utilize.

They focus hard on getting you to recruit new members rather than actually building a website for your own business potential.

Many members comments I read feel as if All In One Profits has things backwards as to why you would upgrade from basic that pays100% commission while pro which is the more expensive membership only pays a 75% commission.

What All In One Profits Does Well

  • Great idea for a marketing one-stop-shop;
  • Inexpensive start-up cost;
  • 100% commission pay back on basic membership.

What All In One Profits Could Do Better

  • No refund policy;
  • No real support, all on your own;
  • Most tools available via membership can be found for equal or lower price online;
  • Pro membership has lower compensation compared to basic membership;
  • Membership payment is monthly;
  • Not great for beginners;
  • Trying hard not to fall under the network marketing umbrella, but still are.

My Final Thoughts On All In One Profits

With All In One Profits, your only option to make money is to ensure you are recruiting people in your down line. Although they emphasize the ability to create your own business online, they are really only prepping you to sell their products to other people.

Again, your claim to fame relies on whether the people in your down line are paying their monthly membership fee.

The ugly truth behind structures such as this one are that once someone 4 levels down from you decides to stop paying their membership, the person 3 levels down from you will most likely begin to stop paying their membership fee.

The structure has the ability to implode at the smallest change in structure, which isn’t very strong.

There are no other products to sell besides the membership, and even with some affiliate knowledge, it would be extremely difficult to take the tools provided and simply build your own successful affiliate business.

The success of All In One Profits depends entirely on the internal structure continuing to build from the top down. If someone on the bottom gives up, or falls short, the whole structure will quickly begin to fall apart as well.

Is Global Affiliate Zone A Scam?

Is Global Affiliate Zone A Scam?

Cost: $99/month


Founder: Julian Sherman and Mathieu Jang


The main goal within today’s Global Affiliate Zone review was to figure out, “Is Global Affiliate Zone a scam?”. As I worked through the systems, tools and compensation pertaining to Global Affiliate Zone, I began to understand the answer to my question.

In today’s affiliate marketing arena, there’re millions of dollars out there looking to be claimed, but how do we tap into that resource, and how do we master the art of affiliate marketing? Everyone believes their way is the best, but sometimes your have to look deep into the offer to ensure that your’re investing in something legit and not another dud, which there are many of.

My goal today, besides answering the question “Is Global Affiliate Zone a scam?”, is to provide your with 100% accurate information about the GAZ membership. From there, I anticipate your’ll begin to make your own conclusions about the membership program at Global Affiliate Zone.

So is Global Affiliate Zone a scam? You’ll have to finish the review to find out!

What Is Global Affiliate Zone?

In order to answer the question, “Is Global Affiliate Zone a scam?”, we first need to look into what Global Affiliate Zone truly is as a website, and what they offer.

From what I’ve pulled from the Global Affiliate Zone website it’s easy to see that it’s a network marketing company, that is geared towards coaching and training. Upon completion of your membership, your’re provided training and mentor ship to learn how to make money online.

Global Affiliate Zone currently maintains memberships with over 4000 members thus far, and is originally based out of Las Vegas, Nevada. They claim to offer the most comprehensive, up-to-date training, coaching and resources to online entrepreneurs. The idea is to teach your proven marketing strategies that work, so that your can implement these strategies into any affiliate program online.

Global Affiliate Zone state that they offer “in demand products” and services that your can market as an affiliate, and they focus a good majority of their attention and effort on teaching your to sell their own affiliate products.

As an affiliate for Global Affiliate Zone, your’re given the ability to sell their products as an affiliate, and they handle the customer experience and marketing processes such as email sequences, marketing materials, coaching processes, as well as sales and follow up.

Products And Services Offered Through Global Affiliate Zone

Although their website indicates all throughout that they offer different “products and services”, they are really only selling the Global Affiliate Zone monthly membership. This is somewhat misleading, and although the membership does offer some services, it leads someone to believe that the Global Affiliate Zone offers some over and above products and services. This is not the case, and the only product available to promote and sell is their membership.

The membership, which will cost your a $99 monthly fee, offers access to the Global Affiliate Zone community, and it’s training resources.

After joining, your’re given access to private automated sales funnels, including done for your marketing materials, custom capture pages, pre-made follow up emails and live sales presentations.

The private Global Affiliate Zone community offers support and coaching from some top performers within the GAZ community, available at the click of a button.

Let’s take a look at what your really get…

What You Get For $99/month

Private Community Access: Insider access to the community and resources.

Mentorship and Coaching: You’re given specific game plans custom tailors to your that will coach your along the way and ensure your hit your goals.

Live Events: You have the ability to connect with the community and masterminds within the leadership teams to get advice and coaching.

Sales Team/ Sales Funnels: You can run the same funnels that run on six and seven figure campaigns that plug into the top sales team in our sale that will help close sales for your.

Live Workshops and Webinars: Live team workshops every week s that your can come and ask questions as well as submit work to have it reviewed by the top leaders within the Global Affiliate Zone.

Courses and Training: Offers click-by-click training that is specifically engineered to allow the newest person with no experience to follow along and get results.

Video Tutorials: The videos are set up as over-the-shoulder type videos that walk your through exactly how to set up your campaigns.

The Compensation Plan With Global Affiliate Zone

The compensation plan is fairly simple, and their primary focus is just their GAZ pro membership, the same one your would have signed up for.

In order to be eligible for their affiliate program, your would have to be a Global Affiliate Zone member, paying the same $99 a month cost as the members your’re trying to recruit.

As an affiliate, your’ll be directed to push the GAZ Pro membership, which is $99/month. Your commission from that is 30% for every month your recruit renews their subscription.

This 30% equates to $29.70 a month payout for your, which would be paid bi-monthly after your recruits finish their 14-day refund policy probationary period.

Commissions are paid out via ACH transfer in the United States, and for Canada, UK, Australia or any other country, your commissions would be paid out by check until they develop a more secure global payment solution.

GAZ Pro Support

The most important part for a beginner to have is support, and without it really doesn’t matter what program, course or company your go with, your’ll be fairly lost.

Global Affiliate Zone does have a general number and email address that your can connect with, however, they encourage your to utilize the private GAZ community for the majority of the support needed. In addition, your have the live webinars and meet up to ask questions, share ideas, and gain feedback.

What I really Liked About The Global Affiliate Zone

  • Offer a 14-day refund period. If you are not happy after 14 days of testing the resources and courses on the GAZ pro membership, your’ll get the opportunity to have a full money back guarantee.
  • They offer quite a few different sources for support. Whether it be access the community for support, or joining in on live webinars, events, or meet-ups to gain insight to your troubles or to gain valuable feedback.
  • The commissions are reasonable. If your look at a few other offers for recruitment type opportunities, 30% is a large return on commissions.

What I Feel Global Affiliate Zone Could Do Better.

  • Cost of membership is fairly high, and will cost up to $1200 a year to be a member. This is quite high for what is offered, even if your include the support and help they give.
  • Essentially a network marketing company geared towards training your to sell for them. If your want to learn true internet marketing, companies that are geared towards MLM aren’t always the best. They usually will only teach your want they want your to know in order to sell their products, the way they want your to sell them.
  • Training is very simple, and doesn’t show your much regarding building your own website, targeting a niche, building an audience and growing your traffic. Through-out all the training, your’re not once taught what traffic is, how to achieve it, and how to build and capture it.
  • Still, a new company with some bugs to work out. They have done an excellent job of developing their appearance and website, but have some work to do on capturing members, and developing their training and coaching resources.

So, Is Global Affiliate Zone A Scam?

As I mentioned at the beginning, my focus was ensuring I provided your with the information your need to answer the question, ” Is Global Affiliate Zone a scam?”.

At this point I don’t believe Global Affiliate Zone is a scam, but I do believe it is a network marketing company geared around training your to pay, to help them sell their memberships. Although your may make money during your membership, your won’t learn what it takes to be a true affiliate marketer on the web.

That being said as well, the chance of your making back what your invest into the membership I feel would be tough on a monthly basis, selling a 100 a month membership is a little steep for most, your really have to be good at affiliate marketing to convince people to fork out that kind of doe!

There are memberships out there that will teach your from start on how to be a good affiliate marketer, selling the things that your want to sell at literally half the cost for your training. I don’t feel your need to tie yourself with any one product line, leave your options open and learn how to promote any product online.

Like always I welcome any comments, questions or experiences your may have regarding Global Affiliate Zone, have a great day Mike.

A Look Inside Affiliate Profits Club

A Look Inside Affiliate Profits Club

When looking for online for affiliate marketing training the internet has become a plethora of courses looking to teach about virtually every related marketing technique. Affiliate Profits Club is a hub that offers online video training centered around affiliate marketing. The questions I am going to answer for you today in this Affiliate Profits Club review are, is the training, and cost associated with the training offer any value?

Today in my review I’ll take a look at Affiliate Profits Club and what its really all about. After becoming a member I was able to dive into the training to really see what it entailed, as well I am able to provide some information about the up sells offered after enrolling, which there are a few.

I’ll also touch on whether I feel the training would be sufficient for a beginner, and some upsides to Affiliate Profits Club, and what I feel they could improve on so you can make an informed decision.

What Is Affiliate Profits Club?

Affiliate Profits Club was created in 2014 and one of many of  Promotelabs affiliate training hubs created to corner the affiliate marketing training arena. Affiliate Profits Club runs a very simplistic style of platform. It consists of multiple online video training courses, that are designed to take someone who already has a level of understanding of affiliate marketing and take their business to the next level.

Affiliate Profits Club offers training in three different levels, with silver being the first. Once a member, you have access to that specific level of training via the videos provided, as well as access to a list of pre-screened premium tools and resources from pre made landing pages, subscription list management tools and much more. You’ll also get the option of investing in some up sells that you’re presented with during sign up.

I ended up only going with the silver level to get a better understanding of their most basic course. Within the silver level, you will find instruction on topics such as:

  • How to find the most profitable niches;
  • How to attract subscribers and build a subscription list;
  • You’ll look at what the ‘perfect’ product to promote would be; and
  • You’ll learn to build traffic with three different but simple ways to create a foundation for your super affiliate business.

The Sign Up Process With Affiliate Profits Club

The sign up process to begin with is very simple. Enter your first and last name, email address and pay the associated cost for silver, $27 one time.

The instant you’ve paid you’re membership fee you are hit with an up sell offer.

The first up sell your asked to read through is for affiliate Profits Club “Gold membership package”, which would cost you an additional one time payment of $9.95. The gold membership is set up to unlock the advanced marketing strategies used by two of the Internets top affiliate marketers. Unfortunately no names as to who these top affiliate marketers were given.

The gold membership is similar to the silver, but has its own nine educational videos. A few of the things you’ll learn through the gold package are:

  • Five surprising traffic generating strategies for yourself;
  • How to negotiate to get super affiliate perks with different product vendors; ( this is something most affiliates don’t do)
  • How to position yourself in a certain way that creates tons of fans and followers who engage with your information on your website;
  • What’s considered to be a $94 bonus value of two more video training courses called Commission Miner, and List Monster.

What If I Don’t Want The Gold Affiliate Profits Club Membership?

In order to decline the offer of the gold membership, you’ll want to scroll straight to the bottom of the sales page and select “No Thanks” that is displayed in very small print.

You are pitched a second up sell. This up sell offer has a price tag of $297, but your given the special pricing of only $97 if you buy it then and there and there, this is called an up sell, down sell which is quite common in cheap introductory offers. This up sell provides you with monthly new lead magnet kits. These kits sent monthly come with 10 to 30 page marketing/web business/ social media-related reports, already made landing pages and a professionally written seven-part autoresponder follow up email series.

You’re also given an bonus which is a ‘top secret guide’ to opt-in lists. From reading these guides, you’ll maximize your subscription list and it’ll help you use three strategies to turn profit from your list without being overly pushy.

The Platinum ‘freemium’ Up sell.

The last offer is given away for a hefty price of $497.

This is the last of the three up sells you’re faced with, which offers the option to be an affiliate with 10 different associated websites.

They are membership sites already set up and all you have to do is market them. Once you get somebody to set up for one of the membership sites, the website operators take it from there and you earn money on any upgrades or up sells that your recruit bites on.

This is kind of a cool process, as literally you’re only job is to up sell these 10 different websites (below), and if anyone signs up you get that commission, plus all other commissions associated as your affiliate link sticks to that recruit.

The Affiliate Profits Club Training

The training included in the silver membership consists of ten different videos, averaging roughly 6 minutes. The training is only in video format, and no other resources over and above are offered with the one time payment of $27 silver membership.

Video 1 – The surprising truth about affiliate marketing:

In the first one your given the low down on what your role is as an affiliate marketer, and what type of niche you should look at investing into.

Video 2 – How to uncover the hottest markets around:

This video will teach you how to research your niche, and whether that niche will work for you.

Video 3 – Finding a golden needle in an affiliate marketing haystack:

This video teaches you how to identify the “red flags’ of an engaged and popular topic within your niche. It will help you identify what you should be promoting within your chosen niche.

Video 4 – Hooking the hungry fish with juicy bait:

Once you’ve identified and are promoting those high ticket products within your niche, this video will help you capture the sales from the growing traffic your website has.

Video 5 – The nuts and bolts of assembling your lead magnet page:

This video explains what you want to focus on once you’ve got your traffic to your main lead or sales page.

Video 6 – What top affiliates do differently with their blogs:

Just as it says, what affiliate markets focus on to engage and capture those sales.

Video 7 – How will the super affiliate sell more than everyone else:

This topic focuses on something I truly believe in, and that’s building relationships and engaging with your audiences.

Video 8 – The secrets of the ugly guys who date supermodels:

This video focuses on the importance of your working, and how to capture the attention of your audience through work choices, and what would be considered as “action” words that increase peoples instinct to click on a sale.

Video 9 – An astonishing way to get vendors to send traffic to you:

This breaks down the benefits of a sales funnel, and subscription list, and the benefit behind promoting more than one affiliate product at a time.

Video 10 – Getting more eyeballs in front of your affiliate offers:

This video, the last of ten, explains what other avenues you can take to get more people seeing your sales funnel. It includes things such as having other bloggers share your content, or linking your content with other high ranking web pages.

Is The Training Sufficent For Beginners?

Unfortunately the answer is a simple No.

Although the training has some good information for beginners, the silver level membership doesn’t actually show you how to set up a website which I found surprising.

If you haven’t already established a website with some small amount of traffic, by the end of this training a beginner would be entirely lost.

The tools and resources to complete the suggested tasks and steps within the videos come at an additional cost, over and above the $27 one time fee. As a beginner not understanding what type of website you want to set up, what type of theme would work best and just general knowledge of user flow you are at a handicap right out of the gates while trying to implement any training you receive in the Affiliate Profits Club training.

In Many parts of the training material you are told what needs to happen, but the training doesn’t show you how to do it. I feel this is a critical chink in the Affiliate Profit Clubs training and could be the biggest reason one wouldn’t find success with this program.

For myself, I need more than just videos and links to other resources and tools. It’s nice to have text to reference as you move through the training.

What Affiliate Profits Club Does Well.

  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. If you’re not happy they’ll refund your money;
  • Inexpensive for the membership itself;
  • Very simple and easy to follow training and sign up process.

What Affiliate Profits Club Could Do Better…

  • All tools and resources come with additional costs which can really ramp up your costs quite fast;
  • Training is minimal and consists of only 10 short videos;
  • Potential consumer is barraged with up sells before getting to the actual membership page;
  • Not suited for beginners;
  • Training videos only explain what to do, not how to do it.

The Final Thoughts On Affiliate Profits Club

All in all, I wouldn’t suggest this course for beginners. There isn’t a lot to learn under in a $27 membership that you couldn’t find on the internet for free.

Affiliate Profits Club makes their real income not from the membership fees but all the affiliate links to tools and internet marketing services they recommend, I see this all the time with cheap introductory costs and then offer affiliate links to products and services.

As I mentioned above, the training talks about a lot of great things when it comes to affiliate marketing, some better than others. However, it doesn’t explain the “How’s”. For example, it teaches you about sales funnels, and promoting the right products for your niche, but lacks detailed instruction on how to actually create your sales funnel.

There is a real void in the training on Affiliate Profits Club and I don’t feel that many people, especially beginners, would benefit from the training.


Affiliate Millionaire Club Review – Millionaire Sized Scam?

Affiliate Millionaire Club Review – Millionaire Sized Scam?

Welcome to my millionaire club review, during this Affiliate Millionaire Club review I’m going to dig into what the Affiliate Millionaire Club offers, what kind of support you can expect, what training is involved, and what income potential the Affiliate Millionaire Club offers.

Many say that the Affiliate Millionaire Club it Is just an elaborate scam which we are going to get to the bottom of in this Affiliate Millionaire Club review.

I hope you enjoy my Affiliate Millionaire Club review and like always I welcome any questions or feedback that you may have on this review. Have a great day and I hope to hear any of your comments, cheers Mike.

What Is The Affiliate Millionaire Club?

Affiliate millionaire club offers software that will create (done for you) websites while adding Computer generated content that hypothetically Will create and nice income stream for you.

The program is supposedly created, or run buy , what I see to be a fictional character called Mo. This isn’t the first program that mo has created. Let’s stop with the games shall we, Mo is just a fictional figurehead that a company called “my mobile empire” uses for a face to one of many programs they have created to make a quick buck.

The Affiliate Millionaire Club is being sold through an affiliate marketplace called “Clickbetter”. This is a marketplace where affiliates such as myself can go to find products to promote, this particular product will fetch affiliates a commission of $30 per sale on average. I would never promote a product like this because I feel it uses unethical marketing tactics and to be honest I feel it won’t work, just read the disclaimer at the bottom of their sales page to see the real story

How Does The Affiliate Millionaires Club Work?

For arguments sake I will say that My Mobile Empire aka Affiliate Millionaire Club has created this blow your mind software that can make you affiliate commissions by manufacturing done for you affiliate websites that basically run on auto pilot, or as their sales video states, requires less than 5 minutes a day of your time lol.

These sites are supposedly built with computer generated content that is SEO optimized and is used to sell the exact same program that is providing this service for you, in other words you will just turn around and sell the Affiliate Millionaire Club offer.

The kicker with this offer is that the concept is authentic. The whole concept that the Affiliate Millionaire Club is built around is a real legitimate marketing technique where you can build niche specific websites that if you do your homework and choose the right niche you can make some pretty good money if you produce enough sites.

I have personally helped people make niche specif sites that make well over $2000 a month using the niche specific website model. These are typically 3-4 page websites that focus in on one specific product and if you manage to get the top search result ranking in google you can get quite a bit of traffic with some good earning potential. Build multiple sites and you can do the math, it adds up to a nice monthly income with very little time or money invested.

Will Afiliate Millionaires Club Work For You?

To get right to the point I feel quite safe in saying the only way you are going to make money with the Affiliate Millionaires Club offer is if you are on the selling end of things, not the buying end. If you have the knowledge on how to sell this offer you could make a few bucks quite easily and not worry about refunds eating up your commissions.

The problem with this offer is, pre done websites that are computer generated don’t work period! These are not like the sites I mentioned earlier that can generate quite a bit of income if you have enough of them and have the training to know what specific products to target.

Clone products like the ones that Affiliate Millionaire club offers won’t rank with search engines such as Google so therefore won’t get any traffic or sales so your $47 is out the window as far as I am concerned. Google catches on very quickly to anything that might game their system even if I wrote to many posts that had scam in the title I would be flagged by Google’s bots as spam and lose my ranking authority very quickly.

It’s easy for me to see a scammy product that won’t work because I am an affiliate marketer that knows how it all works, programs like the Affiliate Millionaire Club are programs that have been created to emulate proven marketing techniques but lack all the components to actually make them work. If these sites were actually manually built to be one of a kind which these sites aren’t and had unique content which these sites don’t they would have a legitimate chance of making some good income.

Traits That Point Towards A Scam

As I mentioned earlier the Affiliate Millionaires Club is sold through Clickbetter. When doing my research I thought I would check and see what marketplace this offer was sold through and what I found is this offer has a $30 payout for affiliates. So off of a $47 sale price an affiliate gets $30 so that demonstrates that these guys are going for volume not quality, if they expect to make it rich off a net $17 sale.

You need to think that if these guys are only netting $17 per sale the chances you will see a refund is probably nil to none.

Here is a screenshot of what happened when I clicked on “refund policy” on the Affiliate Millionaire Club website…

This shows there is no page that states the refund policy! Actually no page except billing information actually worked when clicked on, not a good sign.


Testimonials Are Fake!

You will see a few testimonials used on the Affiliate millionaire Club sales video that when researched for authenticity turned out to be fake. Two of the testimonials are done by a Fiver stars Banjoman and his sidekick the real star, Oldmansteve. I did some digging and found these guys on Fiver. Wow they broke the bank hiring these guys, one for $5 and the old guy for $10 lol.


Looking at these “testimonial stars” I think it’s safe to say that these are fake income and product claims which should be enough to make you turn and run!

Sketchy Sales Tactics

Only 8 spots left, when I was on the site earlier that day there were only 4 spots left for the day lol. The other thing that bothers me about this promotion is the fact that if say you did buy in and got a few of these bogus websites you would lose everything in a blink of an eye when this outfit pulled up stakes because your sites are hosted as a sub domain controlled by them, they fold so does your business. I really don’think you would be losing much because I really don’t think these sites have any income potential.

The old up sell down sell, this is so common among scammy sales pitches. This is where a price is shown slashed to give you the impression you are getting one hell of a deal and you had better act now….

Here’s another bogus sales pitch, this page isn’t going to be around much longer. In actuality this scam has been around for a few years now. Here’s a screen shot showing what I mean…

My Final Say On Affiliate Millionaire Club

Like I said in this Affiliate Millionaire Club review, this program is based on a very effective marketing technique that is becoming very popular and I have personally helped people create niche specific sites that earn good income but this offer is missing so much and what it does offer won’t work in my opinion so don’t waste your time and money on this program. I don’t even have to mention the scammy marketing techniques this offer uses, that in itself should be a huge “stop sign” for you.

Coffee Shop Lifestyle Secret – Coffee Shop Scam?

Coffee Shop Lifestyle Secret – Coffee Shop Scam?

Cost: $49 plus multiple up sells

Founder: Jeff Lerner


Everyone dreams of the “Coffee Shop Lifestyle”, wake up no responsibilities, no worries, no where to be and no financial worries, just sit around and work on your laptop in your local Starbucks and drink your latte. Well this is actually a realistic dream that many affiliate marketers like myself live. I guess the question is, will Coffee Shop Lifestyle Secret be the catalyst that will make that dream come true for you, or is it simply another scam product playing on your aspirations of living a dream lifestyle.

In my Coffee Shop Lifestyle Secrets review I will dig into the training, material and support offered within the Coffee Shop Lifestyle Secrets offer. I hope you enjoy my Coffee Shop Lifestyle Secrets review and I welcome any feedback and questions you may have, have a great day Mike.

What Is The Coffee Shop Lifestyle Secret?

Looking at the Coffee Shop Lifestyle Secret offer it kind of reminds me of the old “shell game” where the object of the game is to find the pea under the shell when they are being moved around quickly. Finding the true offer when working your way through the Coffee Shop Lifestyle Secret program leaves you wondering where the pea is, or in this case, where the real offer is. It really looks like to me that Coffee Shop Lifestyle Secret is just a re branded version of the original Coffee Shop Millionaire that I reviewed a while back. To me this is just another smoke screen created to funnel you into Jeff’s main “high ticket” offer called the 6 Figure Business System.

Jeff uses quite a few marketing tactics that I would consider to be less then ethical to funnel you into the 6 Figure Business System, pretty deceptive marketing but unfortunately a general practice for many affiliate marketers. You may have come across a few similar offers that Jeff created to funnel you into his main offer 6 Figure Business System, the ultimate laptop lifestyle and 16 Steps to 6 Figures are two offers that really serve no purpose other than to siphon you into the 6 Figure Business System.

On his website, Jeff claims to be able to make you $5000 a week from little to no work, sitting in his local coffee shop all day. Looking at all the up sells and the fees he is charging for products inside the 6 Figure Business System I would say Jeff is probably making $5000 a week. Looking at the income disclaimer at the bottom of Jeff’s site I would guess that Jeff is one of the few to make $5000 a week.

After you work your way through all the hype the bottom line is, the Coffee Shop Lifestyle Secret offer or should I say the 6 Figure Business System is designed to help you succeed at affiliate marketing while encouraging you promote Jeff’s offer. While affiliate marketing is a real legitimate way to make money online, I feel that you are more at risk of losing money with Jeff’s offer then you are at making any substantial income.

How Does The Coffee Shop Lifestyle Secret Work?

The 6-figure business system/Coffee Shop Lifestyle Secret is a network marketing type opportunity. It is supposed to teach you how to become an affiliate marketer, while attempting to recruit people into Jeff’s program as well. The 6 Figure Business System offers different training options for premium prices right down to paying premium prices for one on one coaching.

There are significant costs associated with participating in the 6 Figure Business System program, if you want to earn an income promoting Jeff’s 6 Figure Business System, which is suggested as your first step, you will have to buy the right to sell or buy what they refer to as the re sell rights to earn commissions off these products. What this means is in order to receive a commission from recruiting someone that makes a purchase of a particular training package you will need to have purchased that same package yourself. There are many programs that have this same type of structure, one that comes to mind is Elite Marketing pro that can end up costing you $3000 for the right to sell their top tier package and earn commissions.

In order to follow along with the training, you are basically forced into purchasing the products that Jeff is teaching you use and promote. If you decide to buy into Jeff’s program you are in for a roller coaster ride that will have your credit card popping into your hands on a regular basis. Multiple purchases are necessary if you follow Jeff’s instructions and follow all the links and buy the tools Jeff prompts you to buy. If you don’t follow along and buy in you forfeit your right to receive affiliate commissions, it will take some self-restraint to keep from spending a load of money hoping you will get some commissions in return. Just keep in mind the income disclaimer, you can’t lie in disclaimers so you need to look at the numbers.

Many of the up sells that Jeff pushes after you’ve signed up and paid your initial $49 are things required to build a site such as:

  • Auto responders;
  • Purchasing a domain;
  • Hosting;
  • PPC (traffic);
  • Page builders.

These tools and services are quite normal for affiliate marketers, I personally only use a website, domain, autoresponder and a keyword tool. The most expensive aspect of being part of the 6 Figure Business System is buying the re sell rights to make potential commissions. This could cost you well over $10,000 if you buy into everything that Jeff would like you to buy. I guess you can see where Jeff makes his $5000 a week!

The Coffee Shop Lifestyle Secret Training And Materials

At the beginning, once you’ve paid for the initial $49, your given a coach who is supposed to help guide you through to success.

They will emphasis the fact that you have to purchase certain products (website building materials, affiliate access to Jeff’s products) before you can continue on with the training.

The sales material your given teaches you to generate leads, and push people through to Jeff’s products.

As I mentioned earlier, you’re not given all the tools needed to build your own website. You must first purchase products and services such as:

  • Domains;
  • Auto responders;
  • Hosting…etc

As much as Jeff emphasizes that they do all the heavy lifting for you, this is slightly untrue, as generating leads and building traffic through a site is one of the hardest aspects of affiliate marketing.

***Although you’re taught about everything above, much of it is at an additional cost to you.

What Does The Coffee Shop Lifestyle Secret Cost?

The initial cost to get access to the training material is $49 which is very respectable, programs like Wealthy Affiliate charge $49 a month for affiliate marketing training also, but WA offers everything you need, websites, training, keyword tool, one on one help and much more for “no additional costs”, whereas $49 is just the start of your costs when you join the Coffee Shop Lifestyle Secret offer. Once you’re pushed through, you’re confronted with some up sells.

The first up sell you’re asked to consider is the human support component and training options. In order to have continuous access to human support and training, you are required to pay an additional $37/month which makes this offer start to look quite pricey and we haven’t even touched the tip of the iceberg yet.

Once you’ve purchased the monthly support and training, you’re asked to join Jeff’s 21k system, with access to the 6-figure success club, which will cost you another $300.

The Coffee Shop Lifestyle Secret will also try to get you to purchase some of Jeff’s affiliate products such as auto responders, domains, hosting and more which I am sure they are affiliates for and getting a nice commission cheque off your purchase.

All in all, you’re looking at upwards of a $500 commitment before you’re able to actually get started.

The Statistics.

As I mentioned earlier in this review you really need to look at the income disclaimer that is required by law. You can’t make crap up, this is a legal document for consumers protection, the numbers don’t lie.

Within Jeff’s income disclaimer, he very honestly states that many people make little to no money during their time with his opportunity. In many cases, people usually leave the program with less money then they first started (roughly 69%).

What The Coffee Shop Lifestyle Secret Does Well.

  • First initial cost is low;
  • Some very basic, yet useful training on lead generation.

What The Coffee Shop Lifestyle Secret Could Improve On…

  • The initial investment won’t get you the success promised at the beginning. Jeff could be a lot more transparent on what costs are really associated with the program;
  • Jeff indicates in his disclosure that “we are not promising, predicting, implying, or even hinting that you’ll make a dime” so I think a little less aggressive sales pitch to reflect his statements would be more realistic.
  • Only 30.4% of people make between 1 and 100 dollars. This is less then what is to be invested;
  • Jeff is very unclear on exactly what you’ll be learning.
  • Lots of up sells
  • Training doesn’t teach you to generate honest, raw traffic;
  • Membership doesn’t come with tools to build your own website (additional cost).

My Final Say On The Coffee Shop Lifestyle Secrets Program…

Although I try to keep each and every review as objective as possible, some programs have more glaring red flags then others.

Unfortunately the Coffee Shop Lifestyle Secret is one of those training programs that screams “scam”, without really having to dig too deep into it. When I say Scam I don’t mean Jeff is giving you nothing for your fees which would be an outright scam, but in my opinion you are paying absorbanent fees for a service which you could get elsewhere for a fraction of the cost.

To start from the top, having multiple sales funnels with different names all leading to the same product is a clear indication that there’s no real value behind the product. If the product held value, people would be proud to promote, and join it. With a product that holds value, Jeff shouldn’t have to go to the lengths that he has to catch the attention of his visitors with fancy new names and sales pitches.

In addition, the tactic of presenting a low initial start up cost, and then bombarding the new member with several other promotions, just to get them started is very scam like. Tell me the cost upfront, and if the program speaks for itself, people will buy it.

Affiliate marketing is a proven way to make money online, but you don’t need to break the bank to participate as an affiliate marketer.



Big Spot – Can You Spot A Scam?

Big Spot – Can You Spot A Scam?

Cost: Free

Establishment: 2010

Founder: Varsityplaza L.L.C.


Making money from home always sounds like a great idea, something that this Big Spot Scam claims to offer. Who wouldn’t want to get up in the morning, wear pajamas to work all day, or maybe not even get out of bed to work at all!

I came across Big Spot when a friend asked me to look into it a bit more, as it sounded way too good to be true. I see so many of these work from home offers turn out to be scams so I wasn’t to surprised in my findings as I started digging.

In my Big Spot review I will tell you what you can expect from joining the Big Spot program, what the process is to get started with Big Spot as well as my thoughts on paid online surveys for generating income from home.

I’ll let you know in my Big Spot review whether I really believe it is a scam, legitimate offer, or something that will just waste your time.

Enjoy my Big Spot review and like always I welcome any feedback or past experiences you may have had with this program. Leaving your thoughts or comment for others isn’t a waste of time, it could help someone avoid a costly mistake.

Big Spot; What Is It?

Keeping this review simple, Big Spot is basically a portal for other survey companies. They act as a middle man for other survey companies looking to obtain information through surveys from people such as you and I, sounding a little Facebookish like?

Once information is obtained through surveys, the survey companies pay you out for your time and personal information.

A lot of people view the Big Spot as a bogus offer because they don’t actually provide the surveys or money, they only act as a large database for companies that are looking for specific information about specific demographics.

What Does The Sign Up Process Look Like?

When you sign up for the Big Spot it requires only a few pieces of information to start. You’ll only have to provide a valid email address, date of birth, gender, and country that you reside in and blood sample, just joking, you don’t need to supply your gender lol!

Seems easy at first, and once that form goes through, you’re sent to a very simple page called “My Panels”.

Once you hit the page of “My Panels” you’ll be presented with various survey companies web pages that are relevant to the country you live in.

When I signed up I was presented with only 3 different survey options.

When I followed the links, I was asked to then fill out a longer form asking for similar, yet more in depth personal details about myself.

Things such as phone numbers, postal codes, addresses, and number of people in household were just a few of the details asked of me from these third party survey websites.

The Inside Scoop On Survey Companies…

Survey’s always seem like a really great idea to make some spending cash on the side, and even myself about 5 years ago found myself in the survey “game” thinking I was going to strike it rich, not!

Although I am sure I still have accounts out there with a few bucks here and there, I soon realized some issues that came along with filling out surveys.

Before the survey company will let you complete a survey, you have to fill out the personal information they require to ensure you’re part of the demographic they are looking to hear from. You could view it as a “pre-screening” before they decide to let you take the survey and be paid.

Once the form is complete, you’re told whether you are eligible for the survey or not. Unfortunately, for every 3 survey forms you attempt to complete, you are usually only “accepted” into one, if any at all. This really encourages you to lie so you will be eligible for specific surveys.

If it was the case in which you were not eligible for any of that companies surveys, you’d be sent back to Big Spot, and you’d select another survey company to hopefully make it through the approval process which takes some considerable time.

Although all of this is free from Big Spot and the survey companies, these companies are benefiting from our personal information. Big Spot has it in their privacy policy that they do not give out our information, however, they get a cut of the money we get from completing surveys.

Big Spot makes their income as a middleman, off your efforts which does seem like a bit of a scam if I do say so.

What Are Big Spot Members Saying?

Looking through a bunch of review sites, and forums, Big Spot members are loud and clear about how they feel:

Unfortunately negative comments were a common theme, I struggled to find many positive comments regarding the Big Spot offer.

What Big Spot Does Well.

  • Only cost spent is with your personal time;
  • Very simple sign up process and quick access to survey company links.

What Big Spot Could Do Better…

  • When a survey is completed, you will sometimes have to wait for the survey company to complete that advertising campaign before you can get paid. This, at times, can take weeks or months before you see any payout;
  • Each survey company has its own way of paying you out, which could not be straight cash;
  • Most people are rejected up to three times before they are accepted to complete a survey;
  • You have to complete a pre-screening process before actually filling out any surveys;
  • Expect your junk mailbox to increase in volume as your personal information is distributed by the survey companies for profit.
  • Almost impossible to fill out enough surveys to make any type of significant income never mind a little spending cash doing surveys.

Is It Worthwhile To Try The Big Spot Scam?

Many people spend upwards of an hour to two hours filling out personal information to participate in surveys, just to get rejected time and time again because their personal information doesn’t match up with what survey providers are looking for. This seems like a lot of time spent for very little in return.

Even when you do get accepted and have the opportunity to fill out a survey, many survey sites don’t offer just straight cash and if they do offer cash its peanuts.

Some companies offer rewards points, or gift cards to places like Amazon, which isn’t always what people want. So even after all that time, you don’t actually get paid out with money.

To make matters even less appealing, many survey companies have a threshold on how much you must earn before you can withdrawal anything. This can take days, weeks or even months to reach before you’re able to see any type of payout.

I don’t entirely believe that Big Spot is a Scam, more of an opportunist.

I believe that surveys are legit, but from my experience is a complete waste of time. The effort exerted for the profit received doesn’t make any sense.



Digital Experts Academy – High Priced Membership Scam?

Digital Experts Academy – High Priced Membership Scam?

Cost: $2500 – $20,000

Founders: Jay Kubassek and Stuart Ross

Established: 2012


Learning how to create your own website, build a brand, market products and build a presence online isn’t as hard as you may think.

Programs like the Digital Experts Academy are filling the role of educational providers and helping you brand yourself online. Some questions I will attempt to answer for you in my Digital Experts Academy review are….

  • Is Digital Experts Academy just a high ticket scam?
  • Is Digital Experts Academy worth the high membership fees?
  • Is the training offered in Digital Experts Academy worth $20,000?
  • Can you make money with Digital Experts Academy?
  • What’s the commission structure look like inside Digital Experts Academy?

Enjoy my Digital Experts Academy review and like always I welcome any feedback or questions you may have regarding this review, have a great day Mike.

What Is Digital Experts Academy?

The Digital Experts Academy is a global organization that’s structure closely resembles that of a MLM opportunity.

Digital Experts platform focuses on Digital marketing training as well as many aspects of self-improvement. This program is pitched as a place to learn affiliate marketing, something that I have been participating in for many years now. I have a pretty good understanding on what you actually need and don’t need to succeed as an affiliate marketer, which will come in handy for this Digital Experts Academy review.

Digital Marketing experts is really the back end offer that leads from a cheaper offer called the Six Figure Mentors program. To join the Digital Experts offer you first need to have paid for a membership in the Six Figure Mentor program which will cost you a $297 one time fee plus $97 a month on top of what you need to fork out for your chosen level in the Digital Experts Academy offer, so I hope you have a nice bank account that you can afford to lose.

The Founders Of Digital Experts Academy

Both founders first created the Six Figure Mentor program, which is like I mentioned earlier is a prerequisite for joining Digital Experts Academy.

Stuart Ross uses his own business accomplishments as a template to create passion and share his knowledge. He provides marketing platforms that are designed to give students the opportunity to be as successful as he is.

Jay Kubassek is an author, producer, and professional speaker as well as digital entrepreneur.

Together the two men head a team of 31 people filling positions such as sales, customer loyalty, content and design, operations, tech, and coaches.

How Does Digital Experts Academy Work?

As I mentioned above, Digital Experts Academy is an upgrade to the Six Figure Mentors program.

Besides Affiliate marketing training, DEA provides management training, leadership, and professional/entrepreneurship development training.

Once you have paid for your Six Figure Mentors membership the first thing you will learn is how to promote Six Figure Mentor, upgrade to the Digital Experts Academy and you will also learn how to promote DEA.

The training you will receive inside DEA will teach you how to promote any product online although the emphasis is squarely put on promoting the Digital Experts Academy products and recruiting new members.

They have four different memberships to choose from, each more advanced than the previous.

What Happens When You Sign Up.

After registering with Digital Experts Academy, you are actually pushed towards the Six Figure Mentor site, where you are required to buy a membership, you don’t have to take any of the Six Figures Mentors training before moving onto the Digital Experts Academy training.

Below is a flow chart of what you will experience. Starting with a free affiliate membership if you want to promote the Six Figure Mentor program ending with the Elite membership which is the entry level membership into the DEA program.

By joining the Six Figure Mentors, and than selecting the “add on” membership for the Digital Experts Academy the lowest fee of $2500 per year, you’ll get access to a membership for the Digital Experts Academy.

Each Digital Experts Academy package offers digital education courses in video and written formats that focus on your personal achievements, success and business development.

The Digital Experts Academy Memberships

DEA Silver $2,500: This membership is an e-learning program. It allows you to position yourself as a marketing consultant and enables you to transition to self employment. You learn advanced marketing strategies and leadership skills. You’ll’ll learn to own your own e-commerce business, promote physical products and push your own brands to retail.

DEA Gold $8,000: This is a 12-month digital marketing coaching program, plus a 2-day workshop. You’ll get one-on-one marketing with some top coaches within the company. You’ll also get to attend a Digital Experts Academy gold convention, which is a 2-day live workshop held in an exotic location. There will be access to the co-founders of the company as well as leading industry guest speakers.

DEA Platinum $11,000: This package comes with a 3-day workshop plus a website with social media profiles and branding training. The platinum membership is a program to help you create your own professional brand identity. In this package you’ll get to work with the founders, and have access to the brand incubator portal. You’ll learn to develop your own professional website that concentrates on logos, fonts, colors and how to create your own website. A project manager will be assigned to help ensure that your branding process flows smoothly, as well as 5 separate coaching sessions.

DEA Black $20,000: This provides a ticket to the annual Mastermind retreat which includes meeting with Stewart and Jay the founders. This is a one-on-one mentoring type program that helps you dive deep into your goals and set targets for yourself for your own online business.

Who Is Digital Experts Academy For?

The Six Figure Mentors is more so for beginners just starting out. I wouldn’t suggest if you are new to affiliate marketing that you saddle yourself with the costs associated with being a member in Digital Experts Academy. The cost of the Six Figure Mentor program is at the top end of affiliate marketing training and the Digital Experts Academy program is in a league with a few other high ticket affiliate marketing offers.

Digital Experts Academy I feel is designed for people who have experience and feel they can sell a high priced product like DEA. It’s really hard to make a sale online at any level, move into the premium training space and tray and sell a $2500 offer never mind a $8,000 and $11000 offer and you really need to know affiliate marketing inside and out.

What Digital Experts Academy Does Well.

  • The training is good and it is honest, real training and resources to learn from;
  • The support offered through each membership level is sufficient, and you won’t feel left behind or not helped through-out;
  • Not only does it teach affiliate marketing, but DEA will help you in the area of personal development.

What Digital Experts Academy Could Do Better.

  • DEA is just plain expensive, no skirting around that topic;
  • Borderline MLM program, focus is on getting referrals and selling memberships in DEA
  • You have to join Six Figure Mentors and pay their membership fee in order to even start your Digital Experts Academy education. This results in a huge financial pressure on members.
  • Each membership level encourages you to advance to the next membership and an increased expenditure. In order to learn internet marketing from start to finish,
  • Much of the training you will get with DEA can be found elsewhere for a fraction of the cost so really you are buying in for the right to sell their product which is never a good idea in my opinion. Most Affiliated products have no fee to earn from so paying for the right to sell really goes against affiliate marketings core concept.

My Final Thoughts On Digital Experts Academy

If your goal is to become an affiliate marketer and sell and promote any goods you wish to then I don’t believe Digital Experts Academy is worth the high ticket price, you can learn affiliate marketing for a fraction of the cost on very good platforms that offer all the training, support and tools you will need to find success in affiliate marketing.

Unfortunately, as much as I respect the Digital Experts Academy for teaching things like personal development, and leadership skills, the crux of this offer is earning money online promoting DEA’s high ticket levels. If you think it will be easy to sell a $20,000 product to people think again. I personally can’t think of any affiliate marketing training that would cost $20,000.

My advice is, buy yourslef a good book on self help or read a few free articles on self help and get yourslef some inexpensive affiliate marketing training and you will have a great affiliate business at a fraction of the cost as you would getting your training through the Digital Experts Academy platform.

Do you know how much trust you need to build with a customer just to get them to break out their wallet period? It takes a lot of knowledge and commitment to sell anything online never mind a high priced ticket item.

Do you think you could be in the top 5% of Digital Experts Academy because that’s what it’s going to take for you to make any money promoting the DEA offer.

If you have any comments or questions please leave them below and I will get right back to you, cheers Mike.


Millionaire Biz Pro System – Just Another Scam Program?

Millionaire Biz Pro System – Just Another Scam Program?

Is Millionaire Biz Pro the way to get-rich-quick online, or just another scam? Can you actually learn and benefit from this system, or is it just a way to take your money?

For the longest time everyone thought that working online, or working from home, resulted in instant riches. Someone, somewhere apparently found out how to get-rich-quick online, but more and more credible sources came along and proved that the real long term success plan was to work hard and dedicate the time to your online business.

However, some systems are still trying to sell the “get-rich-quick” method. Are people really getting rich quick or still getting scammed?

In my Millionaire Biz Pro review, I’ll dig deep into the Millionaire Biz Pro system and give you my fact based opinion on whether this is a good offer or a scam. I’ll talk about the training, tools and support, and how much it costs to be successful with Millionaire Biz Pro.

I’ll also make sure to let you know what my final verdict is at the end of this review, so join me in reviewing the Millionaire Biz Pro system!

What Is The Millionaire Biz Pro System?

Essentially, the Millionaire Biz Pro system is pitched as a way for you to make money automatically, on autopilot.

When you pay for the Millionaire Biz Pro, you’re set up with your own automated affiliate marketing system, that generates websites that you can integrate email autoresponders, and generate commission based affiliate sales.

The Millionaire Biz Pro system offers its clients done for you websites already set up for selling random products or systems for commissions, this is referred to as (affiliate marketing). The Millionaire Biz pro System utilizes various traffic generating techniques to maximum profit.

Who Is The Millionaire Biz Pro System For?

Derek, the founder, states that this system is great for anyone looking to start or expand their internet business. Whether you are a beginner or expert, the Millionaire Biz Pro system is meant to set you up for success.

The training provided within the Millionaire Biz Pro offer I found wasn’t that detailed or comprehensive enough for a beginner. I didn’t see the training as newbie friendly, my opinion is this program is more suited for the advanced marketer that has a solid foundation in affiliate marketing concepts.

What Do You Get For Your Monthly Fee?

Once you have made your first monthly installment, you’re supposed to be entirely set up and ready to go, websites and all. In the videos on the website, you’re shown the speed in which your websites go from dormant to live for your use.

Although not mentioned within the videos, the disclaimer at the bottom of the page indicates you receive once you have paid:

  • 15 predesignated websites that you can customize;
  • A traffic generator through Web fire (additional cost);
  • Training Videos;
  • GVO email auto responded.

From there, the training videos are meant to show you how to monetize that data and earn income by selling other peoples products that you earn a commission from, once again this is called affiliate marketing.

All in all the goal with the Millionaire Biz Pro system is to utilize the data from your affiliate website complete with opt-in forms, and then to market your affiliate products to your subscribers collected from the opt in page.

Unfortunately the majority of what the Millionaire Biz Pro system does for you is the easiest part, and the rest requires some work and affiliate marketing experience.

The Cost Of The Millionaire Biz Pro System

The costs with the Millionaire Biz Pro System is a little misleading, and change frequently depending on if you go straight through the links to purchase, or if you hesitate.

The cost begins at $47 and when you click through to purchase finally sums up to $49 (with tax?). From there if you go ahead and purchase right away, it will go through a few up sells.

If you don’t click through right away, and go to close the screen, a pop up comes through giving you a bigger discount. You now only pay $39 for the Millionaire Biz Pro System.

Unfortunately these types of situations really make me come to question the quality of the product. Some sites like this make you wonder if they truly stand behind their price, or if they just want to make a sale.

Up sells

When you do purchase the Millionaire Biz Pro System the first page you’re brought to is an up sell of the system you’ve already purchased. Derek offers you an upgrade to their Platinum club for $97, or if you don’t click that one their Delta club membership, which would cost you $24.95/month.

Once pushing past this barrage of confusing options, you’re told you need to purchase a traffic generating system through Web fire. This is a purchase that is required in order to actually utilize the Millionaire Biz Pro System. Again, very misleading, as my original thoughts were that I only had to pay $47 to get myself making ” upwards of $1000/day!!”

Derek offers a discount of Web fire through his up sell, where instead of paying the membership prices below.

You’d only have to pay the discounted membership that is offered with the Millionaire Biz Pro system.

At the end of the day you’re looking at paying at least $39 for the Millionaire Biz Pro system, and at least $85/month for your traffic generating software.

Training And Support

The training offered through the Millionaire Biz Pro system is referred to as the “21-step system” and provides you’re 21 steps to getting your sites online and promoting products for commission.

The 21-steps actually pertain to 21 videos that you’re provided to watch through.

Although the information provided is a great start, they don’t answer all the questions or challenges you’ll most likely face as a new affiliate marketer.

You are provided a “personal coach”, however, they do not reach out to you. You’re actually encouraged to contact a phone number (for a website called or to start a support ticket if you’re having trouble.

There’s no support in the form of a Facebook group, or forum, blog or any such network.

A lot of the support and technical difficulties are directed to a site called “” which is a totally different business opportunity standing for “My Own Business Education” (MOBE). It’s a training site catering to small business owners and entrepreneurs, can be expensive.

What Millionaire Biz Pro Does Well…

  • Makes it easy to create websites;
  • Have the training for a basic understanding of developing a site.

What Millionaire Biz Pro Could Improve…

  • Little to no support;
  • In order to be successful, you have to purchase some of their up sells;
  • The videos they provide are lacking and very vague;
  • When you go to purchase the Millionaire Biz Pro system, you’re pushed through to several websites;
  • The support number and ticket support offered come from a totally different program, a very costly program if you follow all the steps;
  • The website isn’t clear on the exact expense required to be successful;
  • Disclaimer in small print at the bottom indicates that the “typical purchaser does not make any money using this system”.

Some Red Flags And Final Thoughts…

Unfortunately the Millionaire Biz Pro system is riddled with red flags, from beginning to end.

The Millionaire Biz Pro system offers an affiliate program, where users can make $55 commission for everyone that signs up and another $25 for any up sells they purchased.

I find it very misleading to encourage people to purchase something that you tell them will make me ” a $1000/day” instantly, and then turn around and say, oh wait, you need to buy this also, this seems like a never ending story line for this offer.

Although that should be enough to make an informed decision, the Web fire program they insist you purchase to generate traffic has been under scrutiny. It defines its free traffic and leads as actually spamming people with random affiliate links for work-at-home forms and groups. You have zero control on what is being promoted while webfire is representing your website.

The initial Millionaire Biz Pro system web page offers little to no information about the actual program/system. Even listening straight through the ten-minute introduction video, by the end of it you still have no clue as on what the Millionaire Biz Pro system really offers you.

The training doesn’t explain what to put in your emails to your subscribers, so although you’re getting all these emails of people potentially interested, the way in which you contact them and approach them is not made clear.

The more you click through to with Millionaire Biz Pro, the more money it asks of you, and the more differently named websites you get pushed through to.

Unfortunately, the Millionaire Biz Pro system on its own doesn’t offer a concrete, and valuable system that would be of much benefit to anyone. Derek has attempted to make a product to help make people money, but instead constantly asks for more money. Personally I can’t recommend a program that has hidden cost or all these unknown add-ons, who knows what your end cost will be!


Auto Affiliate Program Review – Does It Really Work?

Auto Affiliate Program Review – Does It Really Work?

The Auto affiliate program claims that you can make commissions on autopilot, even while you sleep. I’ve been an affiliate marketer for quite a few years now and although I do agree that you can make commissions while you sleep affiliate marketing is definitely not an auto pilot type of business as much as the video above states it is.

Hopefully by the end of my Auto affiliate program review you will be equipped with the knowledge to make an informed decision on whether the auto affiliate program actually delivers on its lofty claims. Here’a a quick video that Steven uses to explain his Auto Affiliate program.

Like always I welcome any feedback, comments or questions you may have on my Auto affiliate program review. Hope you enjoy my review, have a great day Mike.

What Is The Auto Affiliate Program

In theory the Auto affiliate program really sounds like a cool program and it may be just that if you have experience in affiliate marketing. The program utilizes Click Bank’s affiliate marketplace, in other words, it runs on the premise of promoting Digital products. Click Bank is a great marketplace for affiliates, I have personally promoted many products on Click Bank over the years.

The creator of the Auto Affiliate Program is a gentleman that goes by the name Steven Hall. The auto affiliate program is a done for you type of offer, you get a pre built website and the content to go on that website with built-in affiliate links for $47 a month, which is a pretty good deal. The content comes in the form of e-books with your built-in affiliate links. There are a few issues with this type of offer which I will discuss as I move further into this Auto Affiliate Program review.

Your prebuilt website is automatically updated every week with a new ebook, once again your affiliate links are integrated into that content. If someone downloads an e-book off your website which is full of your affiliate links and makes a purchase this will generate a commission for you.

Here’s what you get for your $47 a month

  • A prebuilt website
  • Weekly content in the form of e-books downloaded to your site every week
  • Professional e-book cover
  • Free website hosting
  • No work on your part
  • A small amount of social marketing training through video format
  • Access to a members area

Above you will see what an Auto Affiliate site looks like, really this isn’t what I would consider a website more of a single landing page.

Websites traditionally have original content with multiple pages and posts, whereas landing pages such as you see above are single pages usually used in conjunction with email capture forms linked to autoresponders, which you can see on this particular landing page created by the Auto Affiliate program.

Few Issues I see With Auto Affiliate Websites

Auto Affiliate websites from what I see are not SEO optimized sites, you will have very hard time ranking in search engines with these particular websites, so write off traffic from search engines right out of the gates.

When your site isn’t optimized it won’t get favorable ranking status with search engines such as Google, you need to build authority with search engines such as Google to get favorable rankings. When your site has low ranking power you won’t get any traffic, which means, it doesn’t matter how automated this whole deal is, no traffic, no commissions, no sleeping and making money!

A critical flaw that really shows how ineffective an offer like the Auto Affiliate Program is going to be is the concept it was created on. Automation not only makes it easy for you, but also easy for Steven and his crew, this is where the wheels come off the Auto Affiliate Program in my opinion.

Duplicate Content, Bad Idea!

When the Auto Affiliate program offer was designed, it was designed so that a new ebook could be downloaded to multiple sites with a click of a button. The problem with this is, all the content downloaded to all the sites is generic content or duplicate content.
People that have no experience publishing content won’t see an issue with the same content downloaded to all the sites in the Auto Affiliate Program. Duplicate content is a definite no no that breaks the rules as far as search engines like Google are concerned, duplicate content will get your site penalized and dropped into obscurity by google.

What does it matter if you get put in Google’s basement, everything! When you are in Google’s basement you won’t see any traffic, no traffic, no ebook downloads, no commissions, but the monthly membership fees will still be there.

How about that email list form on your site?

It’s a great idea to have an email list component to your offer, “the money is in the list”. The problem with this particular set up is, any emails that will be captured on your site aren’t actually yours, Steven owns these emails which you don’t have access to. If you decide to terminate your membership your list is lost and so is your site, no transferring this baby!

Auto Affiliate Training

You will have access to a few videos on social marketing but that’s really all you are going to be relying on to drive traffic to your offer. I don’t see content marketing generating much traffic for your site unless you have internet marketing experience which this program says you don’t need.

If you were to have internet marketing experience and knowledge on different traffic generation techniques that could drive traffic to your landing page then this really could be a good deal with ebooks being created for you and hosting supplied.

I feel to really make this offer work though you will need some affiliate marketing training which is going to be on top of the $47 monthly fee. There are affiliate marketing programs out there where you can build a complete affiliate business that supplies all the training you could possibly need, website, hosting that you maintain complete control of. Your businesses are totally transferable, so you keep control of your business at all times.

Most websites providers these days offer a very simple website set up process using click and drag technology that makes the creation of a website a breeze. You can participate in any niche you choose, even participate in the Click Bank marketplace if that’s your desire.

Personally the way I see it, building a website that you have complete control over makes more sense than investing your time and money into something that in the end you don’t actually own.

Free hosting, woo hoo!

Sounds great to have free hosting but your site is hosted on Steven Halls private server so he owns your site and you are at his mercy. If you decide you can’t afford the membership you lose everything. If you had your site parked on a hosting platform like blue host for example you could just pay the hosting fee which is pretty affordable and just store it there and still have something for a time when you felt like you wanted to take another shot at it.

My final Thoughts On The Auto Affiliate Program

I think the Auto Affiliate Program is a pretty cool concept and if you have any internet marketing skill you could make this offer work in your favor. On the flip side if you think that you can go into this venture with no affiliate marketing knowledge I feel you will be sadly disappointed and probably down a considerable amount of money by the time you figure out that this isn’y going to work for you.

Duplicate content is the deal breaker for me when it comes to making money with this offer. If this program offered unique content I would say jump all over it. I hope this review gave you some food for thought and equipped you with some knowledge to make an educated decision.






8 Figure Dream Lifestyle A Scam? – Find Out Here!

8 Figure Dream Lifestyle A Scam? – Find Out Here!

Today I’m reviewing a Program Called 8 figure Dreamlife style which is creating a bit of a stir online these days. I will be digging into this program trying to separate fact from fiction and let you know the answer to “is 8 figure Dream lifestyle a Scam”.

I have seen many programs over the years offer the same business opportunity as 8 Figure Dream Life is offering today, many of which have ended with member’s suffering some huge financial losses. The 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle operates under the same principle as programs like the“$2 money train scam”, just on a much higher scale.

Keep that in the back of your mind as we get deeper into this 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle review, you will see the similarities and risk associated with these types of business opportunities, I hope you enjoy my 8 figure Dream life style review and like always I welcome any questions and comments you may have.

What Is 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle?

8 Figure Dream Lifestyle is a business opportunity that takes on the structure of an MLM. Some would argue almost a pyramid style scam. What I’m referring to when I say MLM is that, this is a Network marketing business that primary focus is on recruitment of affiliates.

8 Figure Dream Lifestyle brings MLM to a whole new level, it really doesn’t offer any products of its own to the public. Most MLM have products that are offered to the public, when you don’t have an actual product you are running the fine line of being categorized as a pyramid scheme which is actually illegal. The lack of a bonefied product line should be very worrisome for participating member’s, the whole survival of this MLM opportunity is based on member’s ability to promote the concept that 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle embodies, you pay and hypothetically someone recruited in the program will pay you! This is what is referred to as “Cash gifting”.

There are many of these outfits on the internet, one that comes to mind is Crowd Rising .net where the entry fee is $20. From there you can move up levels. The whole scheme is based on you gifting your $20 and you get gifted back, people claim they have made money and I am sure some have but what is real or “Fake news” who really knows, get your confidence up and bam! You invest even more seeing this thing is working and that’s when the sting happens!

How Does 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle Work?

8 Figure Dream Lifestyle operates on the premise of 100% commissions. All this means is you have paid up front for your right to promote this offer to others. In most affiliate endevours you will earn commissions ranging from 4-10% with outfits like Amazon right up to 75% commissions off digital affiliated products. With these types of affiliate relationships there is in most cases no need to purchase and products, you are simply getting paid to promote products with zero financial risk. Your fee for promoting products comes in the form of a commission, simply put.

With programs like 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle you are required to make a purchase to be qualified for any commissions, this stands true for any 100% commission offer.

8 figure Dream Lifestyle is all about recruiting people so that you can “hopefully” get your investment back and more, unfortunately this only works if people are being recruited under you. If the enrollment numbers start to decrease there is no way to fund the program and it slowly dies and so does your opportunity to get your investment back seeing there is no real product that you can sell to the public for commissions. You just need to hope that you can suck someone into joining under you to get your original investment back.

You only have one way to earn with 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle network and that is to recruit member’s. When these member’s pay it funds the program and people start to share the pot according to what level you bought into.

The people behind eight figured dream lifestyle

It was really hard to track down the creator of this program, had to follow a trail of breadcrumbs, or should I say disappointed MLM investors!

I did manage to track down who I believe to be the mastermind behind the 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle program, his name is Scott Miller. Other MLM opportunities that I found Miller had an association with were MLM opportunities such as 22k Collective, TelexFree, and MyNyloxin.

22k Collective was Scott Millers baby which had a fairly short-lived existence, lasting less than two years, which is a really short time for the lifespan of an MLM. This is a significant peice of info that should be considered a “huge red flag” if you are looking at investing in the 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle program.

Another bit of info you will need to consider before you fork out your hard-earned cash to buy into the 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle scheme is the other two MLM’s that Scott Miller was participated in, TelexFree and MynLoxin which turned out to be part of a big ponzi scheme that ended up financially hurting many participants, another thing you should keep in the back of your mind if you are thinking of investing in one of Scott Millers biz ops.

How Much To Join 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle?

There are 5 membership levels you can join 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle under. On the right is an old screen shot of 22k collectives cash gifting scam compensation plan that scott Miller was the mastermind behind….

  • 22k collective compensation plan


  • $3,500
  • $6,500
  • $12,500
  • $22,000

How this all works is, when you join you choose a membership level that you can afford and the way you get your investment back is by recruiting someone under you who pays your investment and then they recruit someone to pay their investment and so it goes.

This gifting program sounds all fine and dandy but the problem arises if you can’t suck someone into buying a membership. There are many ways that you can get into difficulties with a donation program like 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle.

You stick your neck out to far and buy into a level that is too rich for people. Instead of buying into the 2,000 which is the most realistic and appealing level to recruit under you think big and go for a higher entry level and can’t find a recruit, you are done like dinner!

You go in at the entry level, find a recruit, get over confident and invest more to earn more.

You can only earn commissions off of the level you buy into!

Buy in at the $2,000 level that is the only level you can earn commissions off of. If you buy in at the $22,000 level you will earn commissions off all levels.

This is unfortunately where people get caught. You want to make more money you need to buy into a higher level which for many is a very poor decision. I personally know people who have invested $5,000 in other similar scams just to get over confident and go all in, either the scam goes belly up or people struggle to recruit and commissions start to dry up.

Usually the creator of the program hit the road running with a nice income in their pocket while investors are left holding the bag.

Would I invest in 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle?

Not on your life!

As tempting as this offer looks I think I have enough sense to realize the significant dangers that face investors, or should I say gamblers. Offers like 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle rely on participants membership fees to pay the recruiters back their investment, this seems like a very simple process, really how hard could it be to get a friend to invest and get your money back but like I said people get greedy and this is where they get burnt, its human nature to want more especially if that initial recruit was a close friend. Try it with a stranger, you will find its not that easy!

I don’t condone gambling, but you are better off throwing $20 in a slot machine and seeing where that will take you rather than betting thousands on the chance that you might just get your money back, its really all or nothing, you don’t get part of your investment back!