Authority Hacker-Build A Money Making Authority Website

Authority Hacker-Build A Money Making Authority Website

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Authority Hacker is a premium authority website training provider.

Cost: One time $997 ( they do offer discounts from time to time)

Founders: Gael Breton and Mark Webster

Established: 2014


As we know, there are hundreds if not thousands of ways pitched on the internet on how you can make passive or even a living. However building an authority website is one of the most popular methods of building a profitable long term online business. Building an authority website through programs like Authority Hacker and Wealthy Affiliate just to name one other popular program, are one of the least expensive ways to make a really good income while maintaining a low cost to income ratio, in other words it’s fairly inexpensive to create and maintain an authority website.

After the owners of Authority Hacker Gael Breton and Mark Webster determined there appeared to be a desperate need for newcomers searching for easy to follow, but yet in depth training on how to create a profitable authority website, they decided to fill the void with a program that would help people build authority websites using a simple and user-friendly system.

On a trial and error basis, the Authority Hacker crew set out to find the perfect method of building a long term online business that would survive any Google algorithm updates. As an experienced affiliate marketer and authority blogger I understand the importance of staying ahead of any Google algorithm updates that could potential ruin your hard work overnight.

Today I am reviewing the system that authority hacker has created, and talking a little about what Authority Hacker is and how they attempt to fill the authority website training niche.

Enjoy my Authority Hacker and like always I welcome any feed back or comments!

Authority Hacker; The Company

Authority Hackers was created by Gael Breton and Mark Webster after the success of their first business they built together in 2011 called HigherClick. HigherClick was a marketing agency that provided a wide range of services to suit all marketing needs.

A year or so in, Mark and Gael were confronted with an ever-changing Google, who after doing an update to their SEO algorithms, put Mark and Gael almost out of business. Because of this, the two became dedicated to coming up with real sustainable online properties that could survive any Google update.

Gael and Mark began putting together a system that if followed, would create a website that contained the diversification to maintain longevity despite any Google updates.

After picking up some new major clients such as 99designs, Macy’s, TripAdvisor, Atari, and Evite, the “Authority Model” was quickly born. After utilizing this Authority Model on their own sites, Mark and Gael began to realize the power behind long-term web properties.

Mark and Gael knew that they had something special, and wanted to ensure that anyone out there who was struggling could utilize this model efficiently to turn any basic site into an authority site. This is when they created Authority Hacker, a website/program dedicated to teaching online entrepreneurs their system.

Authority Hacker lives by the core beliefs that ” the stuff we share is based on our own experiences actually practicing internet marketing everyday on our own sites”.

Everyday more “Blogging Gurus” come out with more sites claiming to have the answers for everyone with little to no results. Authority Hacker becomes more relevant to those looking to get away from what doesn’t work, and to utilize only the tools and methods that will work.

By using only systems and tools that have been tested on their own sites for authenticity, Authority Hacker remains one of the premier systems that will help you establish a profitable “Authority” website.

 The Authority Site System (free webinar)click here to view

Authority Hacker Offers Everything You Will Need!

Anyone out there looking to build an online business using a website will eventually come to understand the importance of building a site with authority. An authority website offers stability and long term income generating capabilities.

In order to maintain an authority site, you have to have diversification built into the site. The internet business is changing frequently and drastically, which means you need to build a site that can withstand these changes.

Authority Hacker provides tools and a proven system that they personally have used to maintain and build a profitable long-term authority site.

Authority Hackers refers to this system as the “Authority Site Model”, that helps you build your business from the ground up based on generating traffic and income from multiple sources.

There are three main revenue streams:

  • Affiliate Revenue;
  • Ad Revenue; and
  • Creating, promoting, and selling products.

The Authority Hacker system uses a term called “stacking” which means that they teach you to diversify by mastering and adding one thing at a time to the training. You’ll learn each revenue stream separately, and slowly build upon and add all 3 levels to create a long-term revenue building website.

Within the Authority Site Model, you will have access to 5 different modules where you’ll learn about:

  • The basics of online marketing;
  • Niche and Keyword research;
  • building the site and optimizing it;
  • commercial content creation and optimization; and
  • info content and link building.

The Authority Site Model is intended for those looking to build their site from scratch.

The Authority Hacker Pro

Authority Hacker also has a system for people who have already begun to build their business online.

It contains a collection of processes that help existing sites get more traffic and more revenue. This Authority Site system is considered a prequel to Authority Hacker Pro.

Within Authority Hacker Pro you’ll find:

  • 220+ Video Tutorials;
  • A beginners guide to Authority Sites;
  • 16 advanced blueprints;
  • tons of webinars;
  • Plug and play templates; and
  • A community of 700+ Authority Site Builders.

How Much Will It Cost To Get Started?

There is a one time payment with no hidden or recurring fees associated that gets you the entire system. After purchasing the Authority Site System you’ll have access to:

  • Instant access to 85 video lessons;
  • Access to all pre-built templates;
  • The new site “To-Do List” system;
  • All future updates to the program free of charge;
  • Member only Facebook community; and
  • Regular Q&A webinars with course makers.

The total cost for everything you get with authority hacker is $997.00 – one time payment. Keep in mind this program offers great value and everything you need to make money with their system. 

Take a closer look at Authority Hacker here!

Although the cost is more significant than programs like Wealthy Affiliate who teach you how to build authority websites, and a program that I have personally used to create my online business since 2010, as you look deeper into the program, you begin to see the value that has been added to this system.

Authority Hacker offers a tested and proven system that will take you step by step through the process of creating a successful online authority business.

Tools available Through Authority Hacker

As I mentioned above, everything that Authority Hacker promotes has been tested by both Mark and Gael on their own sites and have WORKED.

Authority Hacker has tons of online marketing tools to utilize within your site, some of which you have to pay for and some of which Authority Hacker is an affiliate for. However, these are tried and true methods for promoting your authority site but will add to your overall cost.

Each tool falls under different subsections such as:

  • Basics;
  • Traffic tools;
  • Sales and Marketing;
  • Essential Tools;
  • Hosting and Registrars.

Every tool has its own benefit, and depending on how you plan to build out your site and what type of audience you’re trying to attract, you could utilize tools such as:

  • Different WordPress themes and Plugins;
  • Different email marketing tools;
  • Landing Page creation;
  • SEO tools;
  • Content marketing tools; or
  • Social Media tools.

Who Is Authority Hacker For?

Basically Authority Hacker will have tools and systems proven for anyone on any track of success. However, specifically if you are someone who:

  • Are a beginner to internet marketing;
  • Is frustrated with false reviews, and UN proven methods;
  • Have a site but want to increase traffic and sales;
  • Is overwhelmed at the thought of building their own site; and
  • Is willing to put in the hard work to build their own site and make it successful.

If any of those above types of people sound a little or a lot like you, this may be the system for you to try out!

What Authority Hacker Does Well!

  • 30 day money back guarantee;
  • All tools and systems personally tested and are proven to be effective;
  • Systems in place to successfully build a website that can withstand the test of time;
  • Lessons and courses easy for all skill types;
  • All future updates free;
  • Systems in place to diversify your website between three different revenue streams;
  • Large Facebook community of support;
  • Lessons built upon stacking (learning and mastering one level at a time).
  • Everything you really need to make money online with a website is included in this program.
  • A very comprehensive offering that covers all the bases when it comes to affiliate marketing/blogging.

What Authority Hacker Could Do Better.

  • Ticket price may seem on the high end but does offer great value.
  • Still a fairly new company.

My Final Opinion

Although not everyone has close to a thousand bucks to spend on a training program, I am confident after looking at authority hacker that this system will pay off over time and does offer great value for your money, no fluff in this program. Learning how to build a diversified 3 stream revenue sites is an investment in your pursuit of long-term success.

I found Authority Hackers training to be very easy to follow and I feel just about anyone can utilize Gael’s and Mark’s program to generate a nice income online.

Honestly I don’t feel that any one other than Google can anticipate Google algorithm changes and what they are going to be, but building an authority website I feel is the best way for you to protect your future revenue streams online.

Between the amount of training included, the tight-knit support from the community, and the step by step, easy to learn training, this Authority Hacker system I feel is well worth the initial investment.

I do have to mention that the price point may seem high for some and when you look at some of the added costs for tools, from what I saw you could potentially end up with another hundred bucks that you need to keep in mind, but if you put the cost into perspective many that I have helped build authority sites that make anywhere from $5000 – $20,000 a month and a one time fee of $997 is a drop in the bucket!

Hope you enjoyed my take on the Authority Hacker offer, I value your thoughts and opinions or any experiences you have had with the Authority Hacker program, cheers Mike.



2 Replies to “Authority Hacker-Build A Money Making Authority Website”

  1. From what I can tell, Authority Hacker and Wealthy Affiliate basically teach you how to build an authority website. I like the sounds of Wealthy Affiliate and you can get 3 Years Membership for just under a Thousand Dollars. This includes all the usages of tools and training with no other extra fees added.
    I noticed that Authority Hacker has included extra fees for the use of some tools. Can you give me some more details about these upsells?
    Authority Hacker looks like a sound proposition and in your opinion, which would serve an online business better?
    Regards, Jeff.

    1. Hi Jeff, wealthy Affiliate offers everything you need under one roof for $29 a month under a yearly plan. Authority Hacker is a great platform but tools like keyword tools for example would be extra on their platform. Then you need to take into consideration the extra cost to access their training. I have found that WA is quite adequate to run an a profitable affiliate business.

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