Auto Affiliate Program Review – Does It Really Work?

Auto Affiliate Program Review – Does It Really Work?

The Auto affiliate program claims that you can make commissions on autopilot, even while you sleep. I’ve been an affiliate marketer for quite a few years now and although I do agree that you can make commissions while you sleep affiliate marketing is definitely not an auto pilot type of business as much as the video above states it is.

Hopefully by the end of my Auto affiliate program review you will be equipped with the knowledge to make an informed decision on whether the auto affiliate program actually delivers on its lofty claims. Here’a a quick video that Steven uses to explain his Auto Affiliate program.

Like always I welcome any feedback, comments or questions you may have on my Auto affiliate program review. Hope you enjoy my review, have a great day Mike.

What Is The Auto Affiliate Program

In theory the Auto affiliate program really sounds like a cool program and it may be just that if you have experience in affiliate marketing. The program utilizes Click Bank’s affiliate marketplace, in other words, it runs on the premise of promoting Digital products. Click Bank is a great marketplace for affiliates, I have personally promoted many products on Click Bank over the years.

The creator of the Auto Affiliate Program is a gentleman that goes by the name Steven Hall. The auto affiliate program is a done for you type of offer, you get a pre built website and the content to go on that website with built-in affiliate links for $47 a month, which is a pretty good deal. The content comes in the form of e-books with your built-in affiliate links. There are a few issues with this type of offer which I will discuss as I move further into this Auto Affiliate Program review.

Your prebuilt website is automatically updated every week with a new ebook, once again your affiliate links are integrated into that content. If someone downloads an e-book off your website which is full of your affiliate links and makes a purchase this will generate a commission for you.

Here’s what you get for your $47 a month

  • A prebuilt website
  • Weekly content in the form of e-books downloaded to your site every week
  • Professional e-book cover
  • Free website hosting
  • No work on your part
  • A small amount of social marketing training through video format
  • Access to a members area

Above you will see what an Auto Affiliate site looks like, really this isn’t what I would consider a website more of a single landing page.

Websites traditionally have original content with multiple pages and posts, whereas landing pages such as you see above are single pages usually used in conjunction with email capture forms linked to autoresponders, which you can see on this particular landing page created by the Auto Affiliate program.

Few Issues I see With Auto Affiliate Websites

Auto Affiliate websites from what I see are not SEO optimized sites, you will have very hard time ranking in search engines with these particular websites, so write off traffic from search engines right out of the gates.

When your site isn’t optimized it won’t get favorable ranking status with search engines such as Google, you need to build authority with search engines such as Google to get favorable rankings. When your site has low ranking power you won’t get any traffic, which means, it doesn’t matter how automated this whole deal is, no traffic, no commissions, no sleeping and making money!

A critical flaw that really shows how ineffective an offer like the Auto Affiliate Program is going to be is the concept it was created on. Automation not only makes it easy for you, but also easy for Steven and his crew, this is where the wheels come off the Auto Affiliate Program in my opinion.

Duplicate Content, Bad Idea!

When the Auto Affiliate program offer was designed, it was designed so that a new ebook could be downloaded to multiple sites with a click of a button. The problem with this is, all the content downloaded to all the sites is generic content or duplicate content.
People that have no experience publishing content won’t see an issue with the same content downloaded to all the sites in the Auto Affiliate Program. Duplicate content is a definite no no that breaks the rules as far as search engines like Google are concerned, duplicate content will get your site penalized and dropped into obscurity by google.

What does it matter if you get put in Google’s basement, everything! When you are in Google’s basement you won’t see any traffic, no traffic, no ebook downloads, no commissions, but the monthly membership fees will still be there.

How about that email list form on your site?

It’s a great idea to have an email list component to your offer, “the money is in the list”. The problem with this particular set up is, any emails that will be captured on your site aren’t actually yours, Steven owns these emails which you don’t have access to. If you decide to terminate your membership your list is lost and so is your site, no transferring this baby!

Auto Affiliate Training

You will have access to a few videos on social marketing but that’s really all you are going to be relying on to drive traffic to your offer. I don’t see content marketing generating much traffic for your site unless you have internet marketing experience which this program says you don’t need.

If you were to have internet marketing experience and knowledge on different traffic generation techniques that could drive traffic to your landing page then this really could be a good deal with ebooks being created for you and hosting supplied.

I feel to really make this offer work though you will need some affiliate marketing training which is going to be on top of the $47 monthly fee. There are affiliate marketing programs out there where you can build a complete affiliate business that supplies all the training you could possibly need, website, hosting that you maintain complete control of. Your businesses are totally transferable, so you keep control of your business at all times.

Most websites providers these days offer a very simple website set up process using click and drag technology that makes the creation of a website a breeze. You can participate in any niche you choose, even participate in the Click Bank marketplace if that’s your desire.

Personally the way I see it, building a website that you have complete control over makes more sense than investing your time and money into something that in the end you don’t actually own.

Free hosting, woo hoo!

Sounds great to have free hosting but your site is hosted on Steven Halls private server so he owns your site and you are at his mercy. If you decide you can’t afford the membership you lose everything. If you had your site parked on a hosting platform like blue host for example you could just pay the hosting fee which is pretty affordable and just store it there and still have something for a time when you felt like you wanted to take another shot at it.

My final Thoughts On The Auto Affiliate Program

I think the Auto Affiliate Program is a pretty cool concept and if you have any internet marketing skill you could make this offer work in your favor. On the flip side if you think that you can go into this venture with no affiliate marketing knowledge I feel you will be sadly disappointed and probably down a considerable amount of money by the time you figure out that this isn’y going to work for you.

Duplicate content is the deal breaker for me when it comes to making money with this offer. If this program offered unique content I would say jump all over it. I hope this review gave you some food for thought and equipped you with some knowledge to make an educated decision.






7 Replies to “Auto Affiliate Program Review – Does It Really Work?”

  1. This is really aimed at newbies who are looking to make money online quickly. They will have no prior knowledge of the things that make a site successful and so on the surface it will seem like a good idea.
    I’m afraid this one falls into the scam list for me because it preys on those who have no online training.
    I have to admit that they have pitched it perfectly but the only winner is going to be Steven Hall.

    1. Hi Karen thanks for leaving your thoughts for others, much appreciated, cheers Mike.

  2. Hi Mike,

    Really good article

    The program sounds quite good, but the duplicate content as you say is definitely a bad idea.

    But apart from the duplicate content idea, the rest of the program sounds like something I could do as it’s not too pricey either.

    Thanks for sharing and all the best,


  3. I have to agree with you Mike. There are just too many scams out there today.
    I always think to myself, can’t anybody make an honest living by working anymore?
    I’ve read zillions of reviews on programs that never seemed to make sense.
    Then I found Wealthy Affiliate. I always wanted to do affiliate marketing and wasn’t afraid of hard work to succeed.
    This program works and gives you every tool you need to make it work.
    I found a niche that I am passionate about, am building my website, getting traffic and starting to make money.
    Mike, do you ever turn to support or the member’s community for help?

  4. Hey really good review, i have never heard of this program but i do have a big problem with automated programs that are basically done for you. For basically all the reasons you listed, everytime i see automated i always have to leave my comment on what i think about them! There are so many misleading programs out there thst makes it harder to succeed.

  5. Hi Mike,
    Thanks for sharing this. I’m always very wary when there is a program that claims to automate everything as you need a little creatively to make the magic happen! As I read further down I realized that ‘yes’ you do actually need some marketing skills already to make this kind of program work so it’s not true automation in that sense. The duplicate content is also a massive red flag for me and Google knows!


    1. Hi James thanks for stopping by. Yes the duplicate content component of this offer makes it a no go for me. Google has many things it will slap you for but duplicate content is a big no, no! Have a good one Mike.

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