AWOL Academy Review – AWOL Academy Scam Or Worth The Premium Price?

AWOL Academy Review – AWOL Academy Scam Or Worth The Premium Price?

AWOL Academy is a pitched as high end internet marketing training program which asks for some pretty high membership fees.  I will give you my insight into AWOL based on my many years of experience working online.

Read my AWOL Academy review and see if AWOL is justified in asking a premium price for their offer or, if they are simply another scam trying to sell people on the idea that a high ticket price means you are getting a premium product.

What Is AWOL Academy? 

AWOL Academy was created by two former Empower Network members  Keala Kanae and Kameron George. Empower Network was another high ticket item that made a few members rich off of recruiting wannabe internet marketers.

AWOL Academy was established in 2015 to help aspiring internet marketers gain a presence online and ultimately an income through the AWOL training platform. According to Keala and Kameron the AWOL Academy was designed to be the most comprehensive Internet Marketing Education & Mentorship platform on the market.

AWOL stands for “another way of life”,  kind of catchy, I guess that does sum up what participating as an internet marketer gives you, another way of living life to its fullest, it sure has had that impact on my life!

 AWOL Academy Review

AWOL Academy has 6 different program components that relate to affiliate marketing  and utilizing paid sources of traffic generation. It’s really up to you how far you want to proceed with your training at the Academy,  of course how much moola you have at your disposal is a big factor in how far you proceed also,  the training doesn’t look cheap!

 What Are The 6 components That Make Up AWOL Academy’s Training?

  1. AWOL Pro Academy – $99
  2. Inbox Academy – $297
  3. Conversion Academy – $997
  4. Traffic Academy – $997
  5. Masters Academy – $3497
  6. AWOL Elite – $9997

Training costs (without tools and additional services required) if you enrolled in all the training – $15884.

You can get all the training by buying the AWOL Elite package for $9997 which saves you a few grand off the top!

Here are a few basic services and tools that you will need to implement the training that you receive at the AWOL Academy…

  • LeadPages $48 – $79 per month, this is a landing page creation service
  • GetResponse $15 per month and up, this is your email responder service
  • ClickMagick  $12 – $17 per month, this offers a tracking service for your ad campaigns

I received all the training and tools I needed to make literally thousands of dollars in income every month for less than $30 a month! Check out the program I used here!

A Glance At What You Get With Each Component

AWOL Pro Academy – $99

  • Brief orientation video
  • Fill out your profile and contact information
  • Finish the ‘AWOL Coaching’ steps
  • Sign up for a coaching call

This component basically gives you an introduction into affiliate marketing, which is what you will be learning at the AWOL Academy. You will watch a total of 25 videos covering basic topics such as….

  • Introduction to affiliate marketing
  • Choosing a domain
  • Setting up web hosting
  • Installing WordPress
  • Creating a custom email address for your domain

Inbox Academy – $297

This is an emailing course that provides…

  • Introduction to emailing prospects
  • Delivering emails
  • Discussion on “Open rates”
  • Click through rates

This course will take you through all the steps, from set up to the following up on captured emails.

Conversion Academy $997

This course is all about increasing the effectiveness and conversion rate of your sales funnel. This course covers topics such as…

  •  Story Telling
  •  Mind Control Hacks
  •  Live Sales Formula
  • Evergreen Sales Formula
  •  High Ticket Sales
  •  Affiliate Tracking

Traffic Academy $997

This course contains considerable amount of decent material in relation to getting targeted traffic through social media platforms such as Facebook. Might want to rethink the Facebook component of this course for the simple reason at the time that I published this review Facebook was in the process of completely overhauling the way it shows ads which could make the Facebook portion of this training obsolete. All in all I felt this component was the best overall value offered by AWOL Academy.

  •  FB Traffic Academy
  •  YouTube Traffic Formula
  •  Instagram Traffic Formula
  • Bing/ Yahoo Traffic
  •  CPA Traffic Formula

Masters Academy $3497

This course is based on the psychology of internet marketing and basically preparing your mind to take you to the next level. Here are a few topics that are covered…

  •  Mindset Hacks
  •  Wealth Strategies
  •  Solopreneur to CEO

AWOL Elite $9997

This is the pinnacle to your training with the AWOL Academy. This particular course offers everything that AWOL Academy has to offer including reviews of your sales funnels, weekly webinars and access to AWOL Academy’s private FB group.

Is There Any Guarantee That I will Make Money With AWOL Academy?

If you believe everything that Kameron and Keala is saying to you, then the answer would be yes. Unfortunately being the skeptic that the internet has made me I caution you to read the fine print if you think you are going to be eligible for AWOL Academy’s $10,000 money back guarantee.

AWOL Academy has set criteria that must be followed to be eligible for a refund which is as follows….

You need to have bought into the AWOL Elite package which cost $9997.

Complete the 5 pillars of success daily which are as follows…

  • Listen to audio for 20-30 minutes on relevant topics
  • Read 20-30 minutes on relevant topics
  • Generate traffic and leads daily
  • Email your list daily
  • Ask and answer questions within the AWOL community forum

Unless you follow these guidelines to the tee your chances of seeing your $10,000 guarantee are slim to none. My advice is, never go into a program thinking of getting your money back, focus on success not failure!

Is AWOL Academy A Scam?

AWOL Academy actually made my approved category so that should give you an indication of what I think of their program and no I am not an affiliate!

Many would not agree with my giving AWOL approved status but here are my thoughts….

The AWOL Academy feels their training is deserving of a premium price tag and only the market will dictate whether this is reasonable or not. AWOL Academy isn’t a scam because it offers some really good training albeit expensive in my opinion, this doesn’t make it a scam!

Speaking from personal experiences and helping literally thousands of new internet marketers get a start online. Knowing the financial pressures of building an online presence even at the bottom end of the cost scale for training can be an overwhelming experience. If I can give you any advice at all,  keep your costs as low as you can to start and source as much training as you can for FREE!

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