Beachbody – What You Need To Know About Selling Beachbody

Beachbody – What You Need To Know About Selling Beachbody

Cost: $49.95 + $17.95/m OR $156.00 – $186.00 + $17.95/m

Founders: Carl Daikeler, Jon Congdon

Established: 1998


About 5 years back I remember there being a Beachbody craze happening, one minute it was there and the next it was gone. Recently, social media has been really active with Beachbody ads and promotions, looking for both customers and “coaches”.

If you’re interested in losing weight, getting healthy, as well as helping others transform their life, then this may be the opportunity for you! Let’s take a look into the Beachbody as a business opportunity before you make your final decision.

In my Beachbody review I’ll touch base on what Beachbody’s business model is and what kind of products and services they offer, in addition, I’ll let you know how much you’ll pay to get started. I’ll talk about what kind of compensation you can expect to receive while working with Beachbody. I will also touch on what kind of tools and support you can expect to receive  if you decide to join Beachbody.

Last but not least, I always like to take a look at what actual distributors are saying. To wrap things up,  I’ll tell you what I thought was great about Beachbody, and what I felt could be improved.

Let’s take a look at this “coaching” opportunity!

What Is Beachbody?

Beachbody is a California based company that started back in 1998. The company offers and runs both Beachbody, and team Beachbody through-out Canada, USA, and the United Kingdom, and if you’ve heard of them before, you’ll know that they created some of the nations most popular fitness and weight loss solutions. Beachbody delivers its weight loss programs through instructional workout DVD’s, as well as offering nutritional supplements, and cleanses.

Bringing on thousands of independent “coaches”, as well as upwards of 23 million customers, Beachbody’s corporate mission statement is to “help people achieve their goals and to enjoy healthy and fulfilling lives”. They make it very clear that they are in it to help people, and seem genuinely honest about it.

Beachbody embraces 4 core values that it tries to pass onto its customers:

  1. Commit to and deliver promises;
  2. Treat people with respect, be courageously forthright;
  3. Have the initiative to improve everything;
  4. Work with passion, enthusiasm, and common sense.

Beachbody Products

Beachbody offers roughly 30 different types of rebuilt instructional workout DVD’s, specialty shakes, cleanses, individual meal plans as well as packs including all 4 of these products.

Beachbody is most commonly known for some of its flagship products including:

  • Shakeology;
  • P90X Workout
  • The 21-Day Fix.

They also sell “work out gear” to compliment your workout, including clothing, water bottles, exercise mats etc.

The price point for Beachbody products are fairly reasonable, although the workout packs seem a little pricey.

Cost To Join Beachbody’s Team

When joining Beachbody, there will be a few costs associated with being an independent “coach”. You have a few different options on how to start your membership.

  1. You can pay $49.95 for a Business Kit that includes a welcome book, 30 days of coach’s office, as well as key support tools that will help you get your business off to the right foot. OR
  2. You can purchase a Challenge pack or Performance pack for anywhere between $156.00 – $186.00. If you do this, they will still include the Businerss Kit but they will waive the $49.95 fee associated with it.

Regardless of what you choose, there will still be a monthly fee of $17.95 to continue as a coach and reaping the benefits of commissions and bonuses.

The Compensation Plan

There are four different ways you can earn commission or bonuses with Beachbody. As with most networking or direct style selling opportunities, they put a lot of emphasis on growing your team. In this case you are creating a team of “Coaches”.

Product Commission

Even without growing your team, you can earn a certain percentage on products sold. Most Challenge packs yield up to a 36% commission. Any other products you can expect to receive upwards of 25%. However, if they are a subscriber to Beachbody on Demand you only yield a 15% commission as they are already receiving discounts.

Team Cycle Bonus
This is where you can earn commission on building your team of coaches. 1 “bonus point” roughly equates to 1 USD dollar.

As your team begins to grow, you hit a bonus “cycle” every time your down line achieves 300 bonus points. Each product sold comes with its own amount of bonus points. Every cycle you go through you accumulate 14 – 18 bonus points on top of that.

Matching Bonus`

As your team grows, your coaches will begin creating and building their own teams. As they do this, they will start “cycling” and getting the team cycle bonus. Everytime a personally sponsored coach gets a cycle, you earn 5-10% of that bonus.

Star Bonus

This bonus is only paid out to those individuals who have reached the ranking on 2 Star or more and is paid quarterly. The bonus is paid out based on the volume of all the coaches in the company and divided by all qualified coaches per pool/rank.

Training And Support

Distributors are actually considered to be “coaches”, so as with many MLM’s they are expected to be your number one support tool and inspiration.

Beachbody also offers good online support through a fitness community called “team Beachbody” Through team Beachbody you can take advantage of trainers, coaches, and experts that are available to enhance your experience with Beachbody.

As a team Beachbody coach, you’ll also have access to software called “super gym” that will help track and monitor the progress of your business.

What Coaches Are Saying!

The overall consensus is really positive from both previous and current independent coaches. The ones who don’t quite make it as a coach only highlight the struggle of networking marketing, and the time and effort it can take to build a team, this isn’t just a Beachbody issue but systemic with most network marketing opportunities.

One of the negative issues that came to the surface as I did my research was that in the (last 5 years) Beachbody has scaled back their commitment to helping members and are more focused on building teams and making money. As the weight loss industry continues to become more and more competitive, Beachbody from what I have read appears to be straying from their original founding mission statement.

The Better Business Bureau’s Take On Beachbody

Beachbody has a good rating of A-, however, recently some things have come to light that could be concerning if you are considering beach body as a biz op.

In the last three years, the BBB has received 823 complaints against Beachbody. This is significantly higher than I’ve seen with most MLM offers I have reviewed lately. Most of the complaints are centered around customers unknowingly being charged for products they didn’t receive and having a hard time getting reimbursed.

The most concerning thing I noticed was a recent government action that has been filed against Beachbody. Beachbody was accused and found guilty of charging and setting up recurring payments on consumer credit cards without proper consent.

They were also called out on what are considered to be false claims made by their independent coaches. Unfortunately some coaches have been claiming unsubstantiated scientific benefits of their products. Coaches were promising results such as detoxifying, anti-aging, inflammation reducing, balancing hormones, and preventing mental decline which could not be proven at that time.

Because accusations of misleading consumers by independent Beachbody coaches was found to be accurate Beachbody was instructed and has agreed to change their policies and sales practices to better protect their consumers. They were are also required to pay a fine of $3.6 Million!

What I Like About Beachbody

  • You get a 30-day money back guarantee;
  • Products are reasonably priced for todays market;
  • The commissions made are decent, actually fairly healthy;
  • Company is long-standing with a good business rating;
  • Industry is growing (large demographic to sell to).

What Could Use Improvement

  • Beachbody is only available in the USA, Canada, and United Kingdom;
  • Charges a monthly cost to be an active coach;
  • Appear to have lost focus on “helping people”, and push you to build teams of coaches;
  • Have gotten in trouble for misleading statements (could hurt reputation and make it harder to sell);
  • 823 complaints filed with BBB within a 3-year period!


There are a lot of things I do like about Beachbody, and being a long-standing company, they understand what it takes to run a business. However, with that being said, as of recently, they seem to have lost their way a bit.

I am not a big fan of the monthly fees associated with being a coach, however, some may like it more than having to qualify monthly to be an active distributor. Usually with direct selling models, you have to purchase and sell a certain amount of products to continue to be “active” and qualify to earn commission. With Beachbody, you only pay the monthly fee to stay qualified.

Although they have faced some difficulties, those who are able to succeed within a MLM company enjoy working with Beachbody and have lots of great things to say about the company.

Please leave me your thoughts or any questions regarding this article. My readers would greatly benefit from any experiences you may have had good or bad with Beachbody, cheers Mike.

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