Best Online Website Builder- My Top 3 Picks

Best Online Website Builder- My Top 3 Picks

This is a comprehensive review of what I consider to be the best online website builders. What you must keep in mind is what is the end use for your website? Is your website going to be used to run an online business or is it as simple as starting up a travel blog to keep friends and family informed as to your whereabouts and experiences on the road.

Most people start out building a website as a hobby and later decide to monetize it,( make money from it). Choosing the best website builder for your application is critical, it’s best to pick an online website builder that will allow for future options and growth. Website builders vary in price from FREE upwards of $50 depending on the application.

The problem most people have is underestimating their needs when choosing a website builder, they will usually go with the FREE offer because they are new at building websites and feel free is the best way to start, the problem with this philosophy is you limit your options for future growth. Look at it this way, say you start a travel website and it’s something that you feel you might want to build out and generate some income, with a free model you are very limited on features that will allow you to monetize your blog, so keep this in the back of your mind when choosing the best online website builder.

Here are my top 3 picks for best online website builder

 wa_logo_open_graph_default Wealthy Affiliate: Rank #1

check markCost: Free or a $47 monthly option for premium unlimited online marketing training included.
check mark  Wealthy Affiliate hosts WordPress themes for every application. WordPress is recognized by industry as the premier platform for website building.
check markOver 2600 themes are available to choose from.  User friendly applications are built in while maintaining a professional appearance.
check markOver 30,000 Plugins and widgets are consistently updated to give the user the best available tools and options in creating, designing, and managing business and hobbyist websites.
check mark Fully customizable themes with little technical skills required  are enhanced with superior graphics.
check markA fully functioning wordpress site can be installed and set up in as little as 10 minutes making it  a favorite amongst first time website users
. check markWordPress is the worlds largest blogging tool. The WordPress network welcomes more than 409 million people viewing more than 15.5 billion pages each month.
check markWordPress is what is known as an open source project,  which means you benefit from hundreds of volunteers all over the world working on it at any given time, resources for research and development costs are not a factor for wordpress like so many commercial platforms enabling wordpress to have continuous development and growth. WordPress currently provides for well over 20% of all website usage.
check markYou are not required to pay a license as is with most commercial platforms.  WordPress was established in 2003 with approximately 60 million users.combination of WordPress superiority and functionality with Wealthy Affiliates hosting, support and training is unparalleled in the online website building market.

Why Wealthy Affiliate?  Users not only get the best online website builder in WordPress for FREE,  but you are supported by the most reliable hosting and industry leading Internet Marketing training. Whether you are looking to create a FREE website or wanting to start a profitable online business, Wealthy Affiliate has all the bases covered. Wealthy Affiliate offers what no other Website builder and hosting provider can deliver, not only do they provide FREE websites and hosting you get step by step instruction on how to turn your website into a money making venture.

Cost: Wealthy Affiliate offers a FREE  website building and hosting option like many other top website providers. What makes Wealthy Affiliate my #1 pick is their Free access to online marketing training as long as you like. Wealthy Affiliate also offers a $47 monthly premium member option, this option allows you to easily create multiple professional websites combined with the most current and versatile online training methods available . You will not only have access to thousands of WordPress themes but all the support and training needed to turn your website into a thriving online business. Visit My Full Review Of Wealthy Affiliate

Wix.com_LogoWix: Rank #2

check markCost: 4 different price points, FREE/ and plans ranging from $4.08 to $19.90 monthly/ No FREE trial.
check markWix offers 100’s of user friendly templates and designs
check markGood customer service, Wix has a general help section, tips and advice can be found on the Wix forum.
check markEasy to manipulate designs can be personalized for all kinds of business applications
. check markWix websites come with over 80 apps, Ecommerce, social, live chat are just a few that can be easily added to your site. ( Not all are FREE)
check markStrong and reliable built in editor. Wix provides what is called HTML5 websites, these websites are known for their customizable ease. Wix website templates are great for hobbyist with very little design skill  needed by the website owner. A few down points of using Wix as a website builder is appearance can vary widely depending on the template used.

Wix still has a few bugs to work out when it comes to their HTML5 websites, these particular sites can be unresponsive and for most parts appearance is not consistent when viewed on various devices such as tablets and Iphones. Price point is great at the Free level for the novice but what website purchasers must be aware of is that the FREE model is very limited to it’s applications, ( not recommended for business applications) You do have the option of changing your plan at any given time to meet your requirements but this could result in some issues with current website template capabilities. The $19.90 premium plan is designed for business applications but unlike my #1 rated website builder there is no actual online marketing training provided in this monthly fee. VISIT SITE HERE

Weebly_logo_2013Weebly: Rank #3

check markCost: FREE basic/ plans ranging from $4 to $25 business applications grade website.
check markSimple drag and drop HTML5 editor.
check markEasy to add video, audio, and images to site.
check markVery little technical experience needed to create a basic blog.
check markFREE hosting and domain name.
check markEasy to navigate websites from mobile devices.
check markReliable and rapid response editor.
check markAdequate customer support.

Weebly is a great website builder for the beginner, but limited for people wanting a professional grade site for online business use. Weebly sites are simple and easy to use for personal and hobbyist style blogs. A wide range of website building support is offered at Weebly ranging from video tutorials, text and images. Weebly like Wix offers HTML5 websites which allows website builders the ability to add website elements  quickly, without technical skill. Weebly websites allow the website builder optional apps that for example to blog on the go from mobile devices.

A few critical points that separate my #1 best online website builder from Weebly websites are… Weebly sites are limited in their appearance in comparison to WordPress designed sites. Another notable shortfall is Weeblies lack of plugins and widget options, less than a 100 in comparison to WordPress’s 1000’s of plugin and widget combinations. The lack of  selection makes Weebly a less versatile website option for online business applications. A quick note on customer support, although adequate you may have to wait up to 24 hours to get help with your website building issues. Price, the FREE model for your basic hobbyist style website where design and professional appearance is not required is of good value. Weebly offers a pro and business plan topping out at $25. The top premium plan will allow users the ability to integrate available features such as e-commerce and provide a more professional looking site.


When choosing the best online website builder it’s imperative that you think of your immediate and future needs. Whether you are just looking to start a travel blog or wanting to start an online business there are many website designs and options available. My #1 best online website builder combines all your immediate needs FREE while taken in any possible future requirements such as,  building a website that generates a revenue stream with step by step Internet marketing training all under the same roof at a very competitive price.

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  1. I liked your comparisons and I also feel that after using WordPress website builders that they are the premier website builder on the net today.

  2. Mike, I like what I’ve seen and read so far. You appear to be an honest man and went through a great length to obtain the information provided. It is very refreshing to get in contact with such an individual. I believe I have found my base for Marketing info. Thanks for your time and help.

    1. Thanks for visiting my site and leaving a comment Loane. I will make sure I blend in some current marketing techniques. I have a few techniques that I find effective for generating sales and traffic and will gladly pass them on, cheers Mike.

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