Big Spot – Can You Spot A Scam?

Big Spot – Can You Spot A Scam?

Cost: Free

Establishment: 2010

Founder: Varsityplaza L.L.C.


Making money from home always sounds like a great idea, something that this Big Spot Scam claims to offer. Who wouldn’t want to get up in the morning, wear pajamas to work all day, or maybe not even get out of bed to work at all!

I came across Big Spot when a friend asked me to look into it a bit more, as it sounded way too good to be true. I see so many of these work from home offers turn out to be scams so I wasn’t to surprised in my findings as I started digging.

In my Big Spot review I will tell you what you can expect from joining the Big Spot program, what the process is to get started with Big Spot as well as my thoughts on paid online surveys for generating income from home.

I’ll let you know in my Big Spot review whether I really believe it is a scam, legitimate offer, or something that will just waste your time.

Enjoy my Big Spot review and like always I welcome any feedback or past experiences you may have had with this program. Leaving your thoughts or comment for others isn’t a waste of time, it could help someone avoid a costly mistake.

Big Spot; What Is It?

Keeping this review simple, Big Spot is basically a portal for other survey companies. They act as a middle man for other survey companies looking to obtain information through surveys from people such as you and I, sounding a little Facebookish like?

Once information is obtained through surveys, the survey companies pay you out for your time and personal information.

A lot of people view the Big Spot as a bogus offer because they don’t actually provide the surveys or money, they only act as a large database for companies that are looking for specific information about specific demographics.

What Does The Sign Up Process Look Like?

When you sign up for the Big Spot it requires only a few pieces of information to start. You’ll only have to provide a valid email address, date of birth, gender, and country that you reside in and blood sample, just joking, you don’t need to supply your gender lol!

Seems easy at first, and once that form goes through, you’re sent to a very simple page called “My Panels”.

Once you hit the page of “My Panels” you’ll be presented with various survey companies web pages that are relevant to the country you live in.

When I signed up I was presented with only 3 different survey options.

When I followed the links, I was asked to then fill out a longer form asking for similar, yet more in depth personal details about myself.

Things such as phone numbers, postal codes, addresses, and number of people in household were just a few of the details asked of me from these third party survey websites.

The Inside Scoop On Survey Companies…

Survey’s always seem like a really great idea to make some spending cash on the side, and even myself about 5 years ago found myself in the survey “game” thinking I was going to strike it rich, not!

Although I am sure I still have accounts out there with a few bucks here and there, I soon realized some issues that came along with filling out surveys.

Before the survey company will let you complete a survey, you have to fill out the personal information they require to ensure you’re part of the demographic they are looking to hear from. You could view it as a “pre-screening” before they decide to let you take the survey and be paid.

Once the form is complete, you’re told whether you are eligible for the survey or not. Unfortunately, for every 3 survey forms you attempt to complete, you are usually only “accepted” into one, if any at all. This really encourages you to lie so you will be eligible for specific surveys.

If it was the case in which you were not eligible for any of that companies surveys, you’d be sent back to Big Spot, and you’d select another survey company to hopefully make it through the approval process which takes some considerable time.

Although all of this is free from Big Spot and the survey companies, these companies are benefiting from our personal information. Big Spot has it in their privacy policy that they do not give out our information, however, they get a cut of the money we get from completing surveys.

Big Spot makes their income as a middleman, off your efforts which does seem like a bit of a scam if I do say so.

What Are Big Spot Members Saying?

Looking through a bunch of review sites, and forums, Big Spot members are loud and clear about how they feel:

Unfortunately negative comments were a common theme, I struggled to find many positive comments regarding the Big Spot offer.

What Big Spot Does Well.

  • Only cost spent is with your personal time;
  • Very simple sign up process and quick access to survey company links.

What Big Spot Could Do Better…

  • When a survey is completed, you will sometimes have to wait for the survey company to complete that advertising campaign before you can get paid. This, at times, can take weeks or months before you see any payout;
  • Each survey company has its own way of paying you out, which could not be straight cash;
  • Most people are rejected up to three times before they are accepted to complete a survey;
  • You have to complete a pre-screening process before actually filling out any surveys;
  • Expect your junk mailbox to increase in volume as your personal information is distributed by the survey companies for profit.
  • Almost impossible to fill out enough surveys to make any type of significant income never mind a little spending cash doing surveys.

Is It Worthwhile To Try The Big Spot Scam?

Many people spend upwards of an hour to two hours filling out personal information to participate in surveys, just to get rejected time and time again because their personal information doesn’t match up with what survey providers are looking for. This seems like a lot of time spent for very little in return.

Even when you do get accepted and have the opportunity to fill out a survey, many survey sites don’t offer just straight cash and if they do offer cash its peanuts.

Some companies offer rewards points, or gift cards to places like Amazon, which isn’t always what people want. So even after all that time, you don’t actually get paid out with money.

To make matters even less appealing, many survey companies have a threshold on how much you must earn before you can withdrawal anything. This can take days, weeks or even months to reach before you’re able to see any type of payout.

I don’t entirely believe that Big Spot is a Scam, more of an opportunist.

I believe that surveys are legit, but from my experience is a complete waste of time. The effort exerted for the profit received doesn’t make any sense.



6 Replies to “Big Spot – Can You Spot A Scam?”

  1. Man, I really don’t like that each survey has its own way to pay since I had a lot of problems even though I have a lot of different bank and payment options. I will not give the name here but one of them was the biggest survey paying sites.
    Anyway, after I read that I understand this program will be no good for me.

    1. Yes, there are some merits to any offer, but you always get a few problems with the offer that will stop you from making any real income.

  2. Hey Mike,

    It really seems that surveys may make you some money, but I believe that it is not worth it. Especially if one does not line in the US/Canada/the UK/France/Germany etc.
    If you want to make money off surveys, I’d prefer participating in focus groups from local survey companies. The money is still not that much, but you may as well spend that time trying to qualify for surveys and still get nothing.

    Thanks for a great review!


    1. Surveys will make you some money for you but so little for the time you invest that it doesn’t make any sense. We are talking on average people make less than $20 a month and put in a ton of time. In comparison you could do something like affiliate marketing and make thousands a month and invest the same amount of time. Thanks for taking the time to comment, cheers Mike.

  3. Hey Mike, I really enjoyed reading your post about big spot. It really sounds like a business opportunity NOT 🙂 I don’t understand how a survey is supposed to get you a lot of money since nobody pays a lot for that unless you have to donate an organ for it. 🙂 But I really appreciate that you invest some of your time in telling people about scams like that so they don’t get caught up in them. Keep up the good work.

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