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Pennies 4 Profits – Is This Another Lead Generation Scam?

Pennies 4 Profits – Is This Another Lead Generation Scam?

One of the toughest aspects of building a business online is generating traffic or leads. Pennies 4 Profits is a lead generation system that was designed to help you get a head start on building your customer base, at least that’s what they are claiming.

A lot of energy and time goes into generating leads, building your presence, and in turn making sales. So much so, that a lot of people just give up do to struggling to get traffic to their offer.

Pennies 4 Profits claims that they can help you generate leads for your business or products much faster and easier than ever before. Within my Pennies 4 Profits review I will break down the Pennies 4 Profits offer and give you my thoughts on whether this is a scam lead generation offer or an effective way to generate quality leads for your online business.

Like always I welcome your thoughts and opinions and any questions you may have on this Pennies 4 Profits review, have a great day Mike.

What Is Pennies 4 Profits?

Pennies 4 Profits works with 300 joint ventures and top internet marketing leaders to generate leads for you and your business. Once you, have captured your leads you will be able to incorporate these leads in a targeted email campaign driving them to your offer.

The leads sent to you through Pennies 4 Profits are hopefully people in some way interested in your product. Keep in mind that leads need to be very specific to what you are pitching or you are wasting your time and money.

What Does Pennies 4 Profits Cost?

When you first sign up, you’re asked to pay a $30 flat fee up front, and a $30 fee for that month. You’re intitial “start up” costs will be $60.

From there on you’ll pay $30 a month for leads every 24 hours.

If you decide you do not want the subscription anymore, you have 24 hours after paying your start up fee to cancel, and if you miss that cut off, you have anywhere outside of 24 hours before your next recurring payment of $30 to cancel.

What Does Pennies 4 Profits Offer Me?

When payment is complete for the initial $60, you’ll receive 100 leads within 5 minutes of signing up.

The leads will come with a first name, last name, email address, IP address, and a “fresh factor” date indicating when the lead was generated.

Every 24 hours you’ll receive another 100 leads to do what you wish with. You have the option of in putting the leads into a CAN-SPAM compliant mailer to contact your leads every 24 hours which hypothetically will help you avoid hitting your leads spam folder.

You’ll also be given open rates for your email leads. This rate will indicate a percentage outlining how effectively you’re targeting your leads. The percentage is based on the number of people who actually open the emails sent to them.

Who is Pennies 4 Profits Geared Towards?

Ideally, Pennies 4 Profits can be utilized by anyone with a product or service. Whether you’re a beginner or experienced in affiliate marketing, Pennies for Profits is designed to deliver leads, and is pretty straight forward. Anyone could easily learn to utilize the system, the hard part will be converting these leads to sales.

Specifically if your someone who struggles to find leads, or who is looking to target and build an audience, Pennies for Profits could be useful to you.

Is This Form Of Generating Leads effective?

Opinions are mixed and personally I haven’t had a lot of luck using lead generation gimmicks. I have always found that leads generated through lead generation system’s have a very low conversion rate and I am pretty good at converting traffic.

This kind of “generic” lead capturing could be good for websites looking to get sponsored ads put on their site by merchants paying a monthly advertising fee. Merchants that sponsor ads primarily base their sponsorship on website traffic and the popularity of the blog so even if traffic doesn’t convert it will still look good in the sponsoring merchants eyes.

If you use Google Adsense on your website traffic from lead generation may put some money in your jeans if this traffic clicks on some your sponsored ads.

Affiliate marketing on the other hand, which is the promotion of products for commissions, requires very targeted leads that have a specific interest in the type of products or services you are promoting. Usually leads generated using services like Pennies 4 Profits don’t have a very good conversion rate when it comes to affiliate marketing.

The leads that are generated for you really have no idea of what products you are promoting and in turn you really won’t know what products or services these leads will be interested in either. Chances are, the leads you will be given are people who signed up with their information to receive something else, something free or informative is usually how leads are captured. Will these leads have any interest in what you have to offer? Really it’s a stretch to say the least, it’s a crap shoot that you are buying into in my opinion.

Most people disregard your advances as junk mail, especially since they won’t remember opting in to receive info from you and your business, like I said, they probably signed up for a free offer at one time or another.

There are a few risks associated with using this type of lead generation system. There is a possibility that you could be labeled as a spammer and just end up in someones spam folder, Just look at what’s in your spam folder, I know I have multiple emails from people who have gotten my email form signing up for free offers. Remember that for every lead that ends up in someones spam folder you have forked out for.

Personally I feel there is no substitute for targeted and relative content that will engage your potential website visitors. Not only will content created specifically for an audience that is interested in products or services convert but it will also be the basis for website engagement and further up sell opportunities.

What Are The Risks To Using Lead Generation?

Many risks are associated with using Lead generation system in general not just Pennies 4 Profits. Quality of leads is always a concern and really this can change every batch of leads you get access to. Putting your faith in lead generation as your main traffic generation is a really poor idea and really should be an additional traffic generation tool not your standalone traffic generation source.

There are a few risks associated with using this type of lead generation system. There exists the possibility that you could be labeled as a spammer and just end up in someones spam folder, Just look at what’s in your spam folder today, I know I have multiple emails in my spam folder from people who have gotten my email form signing up for free offers. Remember that for every lead that ends up in someones spam folder you have forked out money for and it doesn’t take long to get into a deep financial hole if your emails aren’t reaching the intended target.

Personally I feel there is no substitute for targeted and relative content that will engage your potential website visitors. Not only will content created specifically for an audience that is interested in products or services convert, but it will also be the basis for website engagement and further up sell opportunities. Content has a long shelf life and is a cost effective way to reach your intended audience.

If you pay the $60, you only have 24 hours to decide if you even like the system which isn’t enough time to actually asses what the quality of leads are like,  and if they have any chance of converting. From here on, you’re stuck paying the $60 bucks, and only have the option to cancel before the $30 recurring payment happens, it takes time to convert leads and you really need to have a good sales funnel in place to take advantage of any leads you do get from Pennies 4 Profits.

If you want to cancel or unsubscribe, you have to do it through a support ticket, so make sure to give yourself lots of time. You won’t be able to call anyone via phone, so you’ll want to give the email time to reach their support team before the $30 monthly payment goes through.


Few Red Flags

Information on the creator, founder, or owner is not readily available, and really makes me question why it wouldn’t be. Names such as TimTech, who are a company specializing in lead generation, and Prospect Flow USA who are the copyright holders are flung around the web as possible owners. Both companies specialize in lead generations.

There is little to no information about the company itself and how it came to be, and the homepage consists of only a few words urging you to take advantage of the opportunity.

Image result for red flagWithout any real information, the homepage for Pennies 4 Profits really pressures you into signing up by indicating there is only a small amount of memberships left, and that the price will sky rocket to $1299 if you don’t get the last $1 spots. High pressure sales tactics seem to be the way these days but it still makes my spidey senses tingle a bit when I hear an outfit say there are only a few spots left which is obviously a stretch on the truth. So what else are they stretching the truth on?

The homepage is very basic, and between the homepage, support page, and copyright and policy pages the same message just gets recycled over and over again.

In addition, Pennies 4 Profits gives you zero Intel as to how they generate their leads, just that it’s a “trade secret”.


Any help needed, you’ll have to generate a ticket. There are no phone numbers to contact if immediate help is needed.

What People Are Saying About Pennies 4 Profits?

There’s very little to find on Pennies 4 Profits, especially regarding feedback on the quality of results people get.

From what little I did find, it seems that most people love that the open rates are above average for affiliate marketing, however, the click through on those emails are slim to none. Very little of those who have shared their experience with Pennies 4 Profits actually claimed they got any real leads from their participation in Pennies 4 Profits.

On average, people stated seeing about a 10-12% open rate, but no clicks or follow through on any of the links within the emails.


  • Generates 100 leads every 24 hours;
  • Can input your leads into a CAN-SPAM e mailer to generate auto emails every 24 hours;
  • Open rates higher than average lead generation system’s.


  • Only have 24 hours after start up fee to figure out if you like this system or not;
  • 100 random leads from people possibly not interested in your business offerings;
  • Little to no information on the company behind Pennies for Profits;
  • Doesn’t indicate where the leads come from, claims it’s a “trade secret”;
  • Almost no actual click through on links within emails which isn’t a great sign of the system’s effectiveness.

What Is My Opinion On Using Pennies 4 Profits

If you’re interested in Pennies 4 Profits, it’s probably because you are struggling to gain traffic and engagement on your website. You probably have little to no sales even though you are working your butt off. I am sad to say in my opinion buying leads from Pennies 4 Profits or any lead generation outfit isn’t going to change your dismal situation.

Getting leads and converting those leads into sales takes some work and a really solid sales funnel and there is no one shoe fits all when it comes to garnering sales.

My advice is start at the beginning and learn how to create targeted content and compliment that content with a robust social media campaign and build a relevant sales funnel to your end product. Only then would I look at buying some traffic and sending that traffic through a sales funnel you know works, this way you will know if your leads are not targeted enough and know when to cut your losses.


Is Power Lead System A Scam? A Revealing Review

Is Power Lead System A Scam? A Revealing Review

Power Lead System is pitched as another” business in a box”. By the end of this revealing Power Lead System review you will have a good idea whether this program is for you, hey, maybe this will be the one program that will make your online money making aspirations a reality! Sit back,  get out that bag of potato chips and enjoy the read.

A Little Background On The Power Lead System

michael-price-cofounder-power-lead-systemWho’s the owner of Power Lead System?

If you read some of the reviews out there they will tell you Rob Fore is the PLS frontman, ummmm, No! Rob Fore is a big time marketer who promotes PLS  but he is not the creator of this program. The actual creators are Neil Guess and Michael Price.

Michael Price – From what I have dug up Michael Price is a former trainer in the Anthony Robbins company and the founder/CEO of Priceless Possibilities so I guess I would say he has some very nice credentials and credibility.

Neil Guess –  Couldn’t find a whole lot on Neil Guess only that he is an Internet Marketer based in Tacoma Washington.

How Long Has The Power Lead System been in Operation?

PLS has been in operation for roughly 2 years , pre launched in 2013, not very long when you compare it to more established programs. Longevity is something you need to look at when you consider joining a program like PLS, if they have stood the test of time then there’s a chance that it could be the real deal, with PLS it’s a little too soon to use the “test of time theory” as an indicator for success.

What Exactly Is The Power Lead System?

This program is pitched as a business in a box. The Power Lead System  is a marketing system that provides access to what they say are the” most powerful marketing tools available”. The key here is they provide access to marketing tools,  they haven’t actually created these marketing tools that I am aware of but have put this group of tools together giving you access to purchase the right to use them or resell this package to others.

What’s The Benefit To Joining The Power Lead System?

If you buy into the PLS sales pitch then you are joining the Power Lead System to enjoy the benefits of having access to this suite of premium marketing tools conveniently packaged all at your fingertips, no need to run around looking for marketing tools to run your online business.  For a monthly fee of roughly $24 bucks a month you can have the right to sell this suite of marketing tools to the public,  I personally have never been one to buy the right to sell I prefer it the other way round where people pay me to sell products, personal preference, either way you can make money!

What’s The Cost Of A Membership In The Power Lead System?multi-level-marketing-levels

To be a member in PLS it will cost you $30 a month, if you don’t want to be a member and just sell the PLS tool package this privilege will cost you $24 bucks a month and you will still get commissions. When you actually do the math,  a membership in the PLS program is worth $6 and after that really you are paying for the right to sell marketing tools.

What I Did Like About PLS

I would say they do have an interesting commission structure if you have the experience to recruit and promote their product line. Their tool suite is what I would consider to be of good value.

PowerLeadSystem3The Power Lead System Is An MLM Offering

The Power Lead System has all the traits of an MLM.  People that don’t know what an MLM is,  here is a quick overview. An MLM is a program that promotes the sale of products  but puts an emphasis on recruitment for a large part of their revenue structure , I believe this is the case with the Power Lead System. For every person you can coax into PLS you will receive $20 putting the focus squarely on the benefit of getting recruitment commissions, this is what qualifies PLS as a MLM in my opinion.

A Few Things To Consider!

If you are joining the Power Lead System join it for the right reasons, join because they have a sound recruitment system in place that brings people through the door so you can make your referral commissions not relying solely on the sale of internet marketing tools to make revenue. PLS has stiff competition in the marketing tool niche with established programs such as Pure Leverage and My Lead Systems Pro, Elite Marketing Pro and many others offering very similar and frankly,  better product lines.

The Power Lead System is just one of thousands of MLM opportunities. Unfortunately  most MLM participants fail at making any significant income for the simple reason they lack the knowledge to reach a broad market. I feel more people would find success with MLM’s if they invested a little time, not much, learning affiliate marketing.

Bottom line is,  you need a website and the knowledge on how to market your MLM to a broad audience, if you don’t have a website you might as well be a door to door salesman selling to friends and family which limits your earning potential. When people run out of relatives and acquaintances they are out of options.




Human Proof Designs’ Done For You Niche Affiliate Websites : Full Review

Human Proof Designs’ Done For You Niche Affiliate Websites : Full Review

I have been reviewing make money from home programs for quite a few years now and it seems like I have been giving quite a few programs my stamp of approval lately. After an in depth Human Proof Designs review I have to say this program is one of the coolest programs I have reviewed in some time. As an affiliate marketer I found myself salivating over some of the features that Dom Wells ( owner of HDS) and his crew have incorporated into his Human Proof Designs offer, from pre built niche WordPress websites to custom written content for your website, the list goes on!

Enjoy my Human Proof Designs review and like always I welcome your opinions, comments and any questions you may have, cheers Mike.

Having A Hard Time Getting Into The Affiliate Marketing Game?

Let’s face it, life is busy for the majority of us, and affiliate marketing takes time and expertise to be successful. Human Proof designs is a brilliant concept that I wish I would have thought of myself. HDS is looking to appeal to time strapped or struggling affiliates looking to excel in a lucrative affiliate marketing industry. If you have the money, a lot of money, HDS offers everything you will need to get an affiliate business off the ground, actually, you will be more than just off the ground with what HDS has to offer, you will be instantly in the game and ready to start making money!

What Does Human Proof Designs Offer An Aspiring Or Struggling Affiliate?

HDS offers a host of services and tools that will help any affiliate needing that leg up on their competitors. Here are a few “done for you” services that will make an affiliates life easier and possibly their bank account bigger, that is after you have paid your HDS bill!

Done For You Fully Optimized Affiliate Niche Websites, starter or premium packages ranging from $998-$1298

  • profitable niche sites built for you
  • Extensive Keyword Research goes into every site
  • Guaranteed 100% Original Content
  • On-Page SEO
  • Unique content and design and never re-produced
  • Done for you websites, choose from Starter or premium packages

Have a closer look at Human Proof Designs Websites here!

Along with tons of ready made quality niche websites like you see to your right, Human Proof Designs also offers ebook writing services where they can produce an ebook to your liking within 14 days. You can choose a topic or they will pick a topic related to your niche.

writing services, Only $199

  • Convincing, straightforward content
  • Well-researched and accurate information
  • 8 professional photos relevant to your topic
  • 100% Original
  • Correct grammar and no spelling mistakes
  • Unlimited revisions until you are satisfied with their product
  • 3000 word minimum

Content Writing Services

Human Proof Designs offers a few content creation services…

Monthly Article Subscription Service, $89-$464 month

  • Premium quality articles.
  • Fully optimized, every article is search engine ready.
  • Proofread, edited, no filler.
  • Unique, no article is the same
  • Completely automated service, includes researching topic, editing and links built in delivered to you and published on your site.
  • 2000-8000 keyword researched posts

Have A Closer Look At Content Packages Here!

Article Packs,from $89-$279 per month

  • You choose from 8,000,16,000 and 20,000 word packs
  • Posted directly to your site on a schedule that is search engine friendly
  • Keyword researched
  • professional stock photos
  • Edited, uploaded, and formatted
  • 1000 word articles
  • Less than $50 an article which is a great price for quality SEO friendly content
  • Native English

Are you like me and have the time to learn yourself and want to save a pile of money, all you need is a platform to provide the tools and training all in one convenient place with lots of support?

Check out the program that gave Dom and myself the tools and knowledge to build money making websites and create content that ranks, click here!

Pbn link building services $159-$399 month

Scratching your head on how and where to put your links to drive targeted traffic to your site, this service does all that for you.

  • Private Network links
  • quality articles with relevant links built in
  • Anchor text advice

Amazon Affiliate Training Course $7

This is by far the best thing I liked about the Human Proof Designs program because it’s the least expensive thing you will find, an Amazon affiliate training course. If you don’t do anything with HDS I would strongly suggest if you are looking at flipping products on amazon you can’t beat the value and the priceless training you will get with this course. I had a quick peek at this Amazon affiliate training course and from an experienced affiliate marketers standpoint all I can say is you got to try it out, lots of great training, great tips and valuable information that will help you succeed with Amazon!

Is Human Proof Designs The Right Program For You?

Let’s be honest, not everyone has the kind of doe to throw around for HDS services,  but everything I looked at that Human Proof Designs offers is of pretty good quality but their sites don’t come with Guarantees,  so you could see yourself throwing away a considerable amount of cash in a heartbeat if you don’t know how you utilize your new site. There’s lot to finding success as an affiliate marketer and thinking you can buy yourself into affiliate marketing is a huge mistake. You need to have a really good understanding of affiliate marketing to make use of any built for you services.







What Is A PLR Article- PLR Articles To Build An Online Presence

What Is A PLR Article- PLR Articles To Build An Online Presence

I have to come clean and say upfront that I am not  a fan of using PLR articles but for some they may be the only way that they can play in the Internet marketing game.  I will endeavour to answers questions regarding the purchase and  use of PLR articles as a tool to build an online presence.

article packWhat Is A PLR Article?

Private label rights content commonly known as PLR comes in many different forms. Articles, ebooks, autoresponder pre programmed content fall under the umbrella of private label rights or PLR. Simply put, written or scripted material which you haven’t produced yourself but would like to purchase the rights to use is PLR content. Once you purchase PLR content you can claim authorship of that material.

What Rights Do You Have When You Purchase A PLR Article?

Basically when you purchase any PLR article you can strip it down and reconfigure it any way you would like, it’s yours, you own it and therefor you can do with it what you may. Many Internet marketers purchase PLR articles and make subtle changes and put their name on it as if it were their idea and content, for some marketers this is a very attractive option to producing an original article.

Where Can You Purchase An PLR Article?




These are just a few places where you can buy PLR articles at reasonable prices, obviously Fiver for $5 bucks is one. There are multiple places where you can purchase PLR content you just need to do a search and you will see it’s a big marketplace with tons of competition. My advice if you are thinking of making a PLR purchase stick to the big players in the PLR game for reliability and quality reasons and by all means, shop around.

How Do I Purchase A PLR Article?

Typically you don’t have many options for making single PLR article purchases, PLR articles and content are usually offered in packages or bundles. Take for example “dog training”, what you would typically find would be a series of articles related to the training of dogs bundled in one specific niche package. You will be looking for articles that preferably has a minimum of 500 words which you might find is a daunting task.

Problems With Using PLR Articles

It’s really hard to find PLR articles that are consistently of good quality. When suppliers sell Bundles of articles the bundles can be very inconsistent in their standards of composition, here are a few problems that I found with PLR articles that I viewed…

– Quality is never consistent within a package deal you may find a few good articles lumped in with many substandard ones.

– Length of articles can be too short, typically an article needs to be 1000-1500 words to achieve a high ranking in Google, finding an PLR article over 1000 words  is like winning the lottery in most cases.

– Grammar at times is terrible

– Although the provider states that a PLR article is of English origin in many cases the article appears to have broken English spread throughout the article.

– Aukward wording and phrases accompanied with numerous spelling errors are prevalent.

google-penalizes-duplicate-contentPLR Articles And Their Duplicate Content Issues

When you purchase PLR articles with the intent on using them to help your websites Search Engine Optimization you run the risk of breaching Google’s duplicate content regulations. Many PLR articles are purchased many times over and their content will be used extensively throughout Google’s search results. The problem lies in the fact that people that buy PLR material are usually buying this form of material because they struggle writing articles of their own, either lack the imagination to write an article or have a hard time with the language that they are building their website or online business around. PLR articles are taken in their original form and  posted  causing a big problem when someone else does the same thing, bingo, you now have duplicate content.

Google has strict guidelines in regards to duplicate content and if you are found to be in violation of their duplicate content rules you will be penalized. When Google deems your article to be to similar to another relevant search your article could face a blacklisting which would see your article stripped of any ranking power,  in other words, no one will ever see your article in the Google dungeon.

How Can You Make A PLR Article Your Own And Not Break Google’s Rules

First I would recommend that you rewrite at least 40-50% of you PLR article in your own words, that’s not saying rewrite the first half and leave the second half untouched! You must essentially interject throughout the entire article changing the arrangement and some phrasing. What I have just described is when you intend to use this content on your website or hope to have this content ranked. There are some great Internet Marketing programs that can show you how to effectively restructure PLR articles so that your new articles are keyword rich and rank high in Google. The trick to using PLR articles is to mold the article to relate to your intended audience, only then can a PLR article can be a useful tool.

What Do PLR Providers Offer Besides PLR Content?

PLR providers offer varying services and selling platforms. Membership sites are popular models used by PLR providers. Membership sites usually provide the purchaser with the best option to make a purchase, pay a monthly membership fee and gain access to a variety of article packages. An example of a membership site is where they offer 440 articles for one set monthly fee of $97, do the math and you will find you pay roughly 22 cents per article. Usually these packs have a relevant theme and are keyword specific.

Some membership sites offer marketing tools, training tools and forum style communities. I find that most of the sideline tools and training are just to entice you to buy PLR content packages and are not the best options for training or offer the best quality tools. If you want to really utilize and get the most benefit out of your newly purchased PLR material I would suggest outsourcing your training to an Internet Training provider such as Wealthy Affiliate,  an industry leader when it comes to crafting website content that achieves high Google rankings on a consistent basis, check out my review of Wealthy Affiliate and what they have to offer.

The Downside To PLR Article Content

One of the obvious drawbacks is the variety of content inside the PLR article packages. In most cases the amount of work it takes to rewrite a PLR article makes me question their functionality and usability. Key factors to keep in mind when purchasing your PLR article content are what is the volume of distribution of your intended purchase? Is the market saturated with the articles that you are intending to buy, this will make it extremely hard for your purchased PLR article material to get top page rankings. If you are set on posting your article as is you could face the wrath of Google’s duplicate content penalties.

On the membership site topic, PLR content can and is dictated by the majority of members voting on what types of PLR article material they want to see offered so it is possible that you may have trouble finding the PLR content on your membership site that you want.


Although I stated earlier that I am not a fan of private label rights content I do admit it has some allure for a certain segment of Internet marketing practitioners. Marketers that are working in an environment where English is the dominant language,  yet English isn’t their first language of choice may benefit from private label rights material. People wanting to bombard a specific niche with a barrage of material in the hopes that it might give their website a search engine optimizing advantage could very well take advantage of PLR material.

I feel the best quality private label rights content alone will do nothing for you, but having the proper Internet marketing training in conjunction with great PLR material in my opinion is the winning ticket for those who want a career in the Internet marketing game but lack the literacy skills to make it happen. The cons definitely outnumber the pros when it comes to using PLR material to build an online business, a focus on acquiring the proper Internet marketing  training before you purchase your PLR products will help you tip the scales in your favour.


Mark Ling’s Affilorama- review

Mark Ling’s Affilorama- review

affiloramaName: Affilorama
Website Url:
Price: $1 Thirty day trial, $67 per month $497 for Three Years
Owner: Mark Ling
[yasr_overall_rating size=”medium”]

Read my full review of Affilorama. Is Mark Ling’s program a golden opportunity to earn a living online, or just another piece of Internet Marketings fools gold?
View Affilorama’s Website Here

Who Is Mark Ling?

Mark Ling is known for his success with products such as “Rocket Piano” and “Jamorama”. Mark is an accomplished marketer in his own right. Ling went on to create Affilorama in 2005 to fill a void with a much needed community minded affiliate training program.

Will You find Value In A Affilorama Membership? 

I like the idea that there is a trial period available, it is unfortunate that Affilorama feels the need to get credit card info by requesting a $1 trial period charge but in all fairness to Affilorama this does seem to be the new industry norm . When you are in the preliminary stages of signing up with Affilorama this is where it can get a little confusing with some of the upsell options mixed in with their premium membership offer. I must admit these upsells are very good additions to the premium membership offer and have value. If you have read any of my reviews I detest upsells but in the case of Affilorama they are very good additions that complement the premium membership offer.

  Affilorama Premium Membership- What Tools Are Included? 

A basic premium membership for $67 monthly includes:
♠ Affiliate Training
♠ Software
♠  Hosting
♠ Forum Access
♠ Blog Bootcamp
As you can see Affilorama offers quite a few tools that you will need to start an online business.

Love-UpsellingAffilorama Up selling

Remember at the beginning I said the signup process could be somewhat confusing, this is where confusion gets a little clearer! There are three different upsells that will come your way.

#1)  Affiloblueprint 3.0 membership– one time fee of $197 on top of your $67 monthly fee Affiloblueprint offers 13 lessons and 85 videos examining topics such as:
♠  Affiliate marketing
♠  PPC via Google’s content network.
♠ 6 WordPress themes

This is a very good package with some very good content that I personally found useful.

#2) Affilojetpack membership One time fee of $497 on top of your $67 monthly fee Some valuable information included in this upsell. For starters you will receive: 1) Your pick of 5 out of 10 of Mark’s top promotional Niche packages. 2) 15 Newsletter email series, one per niche. 3) Graphics for each niche. 4) 3 e-books, 3 per niche 5) Access to Affilotheme 6) 20 PLR articles. Looks a little pricey from the outside but once you get in it offers some very detailed information.

#3) Affilotheme at $97 one time fee on top of your $67 monthly this is one of the cheapest upsells offered. This is what you will get with the Affilotheme package:
1)  Affilotheme WordPress theme
2)  Private members forum
3)  Graphics creation tool
4)  One year hosting
As you can see the three upsells do offer a wealth of information and do have good value, you don’t need to purchase any of these items they are optional and you can decide at anytime if or when you might need them.

How is Affilorama At Support? 

Affilorama offers forum support, their community is very active and from what I saw very helpful. I received timely responses to my questions. I feel I Would have benefited with a little more participation from Mark ling that’s probably the only negative I could dig up.

report_cardIs It A Pass Or Fail For Affilorama?

I would give Affilorama a PASSING grade! I think Affilorama offers a wealth of material that you don’t regularly see offered in affiliate training programs. Some of their material such as backlinking, use of  article spinning tools is out of date, but all that aside it is a great program that offers some real value.




Deadbeat Super Affiliate – Deadbeat program?

Deadbeat Super Affiliate – Deadbeat program?

I thought I would dig into “Deadbeat Super Affiliate” an affiliate marketing training program that has been around  since 2010 and has recently been revamped, or as they put it “reloaded”. Enjoy my Deadbeat Super Affiliate review and hopefully you will have a clear idea on whether this product is legit or simply another product that hit the scam list.

Website: Deadbeat super

Owner: Dan Brock

Product: Affiliate/video marketing training

Cost: $17, up sells / $47/ 67/ $97

Rating: Good

Deadbeat Super Affiliate Offers A Nice Surprise!

To be honest I was a little hesitant when I forked out the $17 bucks for the Deadbeat Super affiliate training. Really, what do you expect to get these days for $17, not much I was guessing, well,  I am happy to say I was wrong! First time this year lol.

What’s Behind The trademark Look Of Dan Brock?

Dan has created an image for himself of a guy laying around in his housecoat watching the cash roll in. Dan’s image is eerily similar to another internet marketer named Jay who goes by the handle “the lazy ass stoner” Jay runs a program called screw95. and claims to work from an altered state.

Dan on the other hand works from his housecoat and sweatpants. When you join the Deadbeat Super Affiliate program you will find out quite quickly that there is more to the guy in the housecoat than meets the eye!

What Will You Learn In Deadbeat Super Affiliate?

Dan Brock’s Deadbeat Super Affiliate was created to teach a (newbie) new person to affiliate marketing on the art of making money online using a step by step format. Deadbeat Super Affiliate I feel is a great resource if one is comfortable getting in front of a video recording equipment.

The video marketing training offered through the Deadbeat Super Affiliate offer does provide beginners to online marketing scene the skills neccessary to sell physical products for literally thousands of online merchants for commissions. Some noteworthy merchants that you will learn to work with but not limited to,  are online giants  such as Amazon and Market health, both of which I myself promote products for but I am not that comfortable in front of a camera I prefer promotion using a website, the program I recommend for this is Wealthy Affiliate.

Deadbeat Super Affiliate – What Does $17 Bucks Get You?

You actually get quite a bit of video marketing training delivered in 23 videos supported by text that you can read on your own if you have any issues with hearing.

The videos are laid out in a step by step format. What I found surprising for $17 was that the quality of training videos, they looked very professional looking.

How Can A Program Like Deadbeat Super Affiliate Be So Cheap?

The first thing that comes to my mind when I see a cheap offer is it is either crap or there is some catch, well the program isn’t crap so where is Dan making his money?

Deadbeat Super Affiliate is craftily put together with many opportunities for Dan to make some pretty good affiliate commissions just from your participation in his program.

Dan mentions some products that you may want to consider using while putting his video marketing techniques in play. Dan signs up as an affiliate for these products and therefor will get a commission if you bite on his affiliate offers. Dan doesn’t come off pushy while mentioning these affiliate products or make suggestions that these products are required which in my mind keeps Dan’s credibility in tact .

Up sells

There a few up sells that Dan pitches such as his one on one coaching through his inner circle group. Dan also mentions his Deadbeat University quite often, these products range in cost from $47-$67.

 Is There Value In The Deadbeat Super Affiliate Offer?

If your new to the world of video marketing I feel this an inexpensive way to get some valuable training and make some money at the same time. The videos are decent, video marketing techniques are solid. Dan shows you everything you need to know about Youtube video creation and how to drive traffic to your Youtube video and ultimately your offer.  You don’t need a lot of costly tools to market products on Youtube and if you are not comfortable with content blogging then video marketing may be your answer to making money online.

I like the fact that Deadbeat Super Affiliate promotes the use of WordPress as a website builder that is linked to your videos. I also like the fact that the program promotes a well balanced approach to marketing products which include the use of a website in conjunction with video marketing,  social marketing is also used by Dan as well. The Deadbeat Super Affiliate offer also encourages the use of a keyword tool which I also feel is essential to successfully marketing products online. Dan supplies a pre programmed website theme so that set up of your website is done in a few simple steps, trust me this is a huge plus.

My Final Thoughts

Deadbeat Super Affiliate delivers a decent amount of training at an affordable price point. The training is very well laid out and easy to follow.

For $17 I feel Deadbeat Super Affiliate Its Worth A Look

Click Here To Check Out Deadbeat Super Affiliate!

Not everyone feels comfortable standing in front of a camera and not many can really come off authentic which will not bode well for your chances of connecting with your audience and ultimately making money using the Deadbeat Super Affiliate video marketing system.




Super Affiliate Network – Super Or Not So Super?

Super Affiliate Network – Super Or Not So Super?

Welcome to my super affiliate network review. Hopefully by the time that you have finished reading this review you will be equipped with the knowledge to make an informed decision on whether the super affiliate network offers any opportunities for your online money making aspirations or if it’s just another one of those super hyped up offers.

 Some Background On The Founder Of The Super Affiliate Network

The creator of the Super Affiliate Network is an affiliate marketer that goes by the name Misha Wilson. Misha got his start in affiliate marketing in his early twenties and by the time he hit his mid twenties was reportedly making a nice 6 figure income from his affiliate marketing endeavours. Through Misha’s Super Affiliate Network training platform Misha hopes to pass on the knowledge that he has acquired en route to a healthy annual income.


The Cost To Participate In The Super Affiliate Network?

The cost to participate in the Super Affiliate Network offer varies considerably.

  • Basic: entry without a trial will cost you $37 a month
  • Basic monthly with a $1-30 day trial: monthly membership plus trial is $47 .
  • Premium membership: $97 one time fee plus monthly basic membership fee. 
  • Yearly membership $297: This membership option can be made in 2 payments of $175 or 3 payments of $133.
  • Lifetime membership $497: Pretty self explanatory.

I will be honest the whole sign up process was a lengthy exercise in up selling. You will need a lot of patience to get through the sign up process and be vigilant to click on the “I am not interested in making millions” prompts at the end of every lengthy sales video and text.

What Do You Get With The Various Membership Offers?

Basic monthly membership $37 month:  includes a few little goodies such as access to the Profit Boosting Bootcamp, Done For You sales funnels designed to help you promote SFN  and monthly immersion coaching, one on one mentoring and the option to join the inner circle calls.

Basic monthly membership $47 a month: This is the same basic membership as the $37 membership they just tack on $10 a month if you take advantage of the trial offer.

Yearly membership $297: Super Affiliate Network also offers a yearly membership that includes all the previous components that a basic membership offers but works out to be a little cheaper, saves you roughly $100.

Lifetime membership is just that, lifetime access to SAN. With your lifetime membership you will receive a free pass into Super Affiliate Networks conference which takes place at SAN’s headquarters in Hawaii.

There are many more membership upgrades that you can tack onto your monthly membership option with varying price tags, not sure if these change but when I signed up there were quite a few.

Could You Make Money Using the super affiliate network?

The Super Affiliate Networks money generation technique uses a proven marketing technique called “email marketing”, SAN has primarily utilized a lead generating outfit called Solo ads to create the traffic you will need for you email campaigns. The programs primary focus is to give you the skill set to sell the various  Super Affiliate Network offers in the form of “rights to sell”,  in saying this the training that you receive at SAN  will work to sell any offer you decide to get involved in. In a nutshell yes you could make money using the training that the Super Affiliate Network offers.

How Does It All Work?

This is going to be a very simplistic explanation. Simply put SAN teaches you how to send out emails to prospective buyers which are given to you in the form of leads by an outfit called “Solo ads”. If a prospective buyer clicks on your email they are directed to a sales page which is created for you by the Super Affiliate Network. Sounds simple, well it’s not quite that simple but if you are new to affiliate marketing this gives you a very basic description of what you will be doing in the pursuit of an online paycheck with SAN.

Some of the Things I Did Like About SAN

  • Email marketing is a proven marketing technique commonly used by affiliate marketers.
  • One on one support usually via skype with a mentor.
  • Training could be used to sell any product not just the Super Affiliate Network.
  • SAN offers a pretty decent commission structure if you are willing to make a healthy investment to promote their program.
  • Very professional Training Videos offering some decent training in the area of Email Marketing.
  • Liked SAN’s Bootcamp

Some Of The Things I Didn’t Like About SAN

  • Too many upsells during the signup process
  • Lessons are locked until your mentor deems you are ready to advance, if you work fast you will more than likely find yourself waiting to start the next lesson until you can hook up with your mentor.
  • Relatively small facebook group used for support, less than 2000
  • Program focuses on a singular marketing technique not utilizing other valid and productive marketing strategies such as content marketing and social marketing.
  •  The SAN program can become costly if you want the opportunity to maximize your profits, you must use caution when deciding what licensing package you are going to buy into.
  • If you want the support of your mentor this will come in the form of skype sessions which can be difficult to coordinate in different time zones, I have heard from some past members that this was an obstacle and a reason why they quit.
  • There are many layers to the SAN offer, can be very confusing with an opportunity to get yourself into some financial difficulties if you don’t have a complete understanding of what you are doing.

 My final thoughts on the Super affiliate network

The Super Affiliate Network is a credible program that utilizes a proven marketing technique in the form of email marketing. Misha Wilson is a real life affiliate marketer with a proven track record,  not some fictional person behind an offer. Although I do feel this is a credible program and does offer some opportunity I would be hesitant to fully commit to a singular approach to marketing online. Not utilizing the power of Google and reach of social platforms I feel puts all your money making aspirations into one marketing basket and is something I wouldn’t feel comfortable relying on as my sole source of income.

Lastly I don’t feel this is really a program that I would recommend to beginners. It’s my opinion after joining SAN that you should have a solid background in Internet marketing and traffic generation in particular to optimize your full potential with this program.

It would be nice if SAN provided more of a balanced approach to making money online, one that incorporates email marketing with content marketing and social marketing, culminating in an effective marketing campaign that you could rely on and benefit from for many years to come.









Clickbank University Review- Read This Before You Join!

Clickbank University Review- Read This Before You Join!

cbuName: Clickbank University
Owners: Adam Horwitz/Justin Atlan
Cost: 7 day trial $1/$97 month
Rank: 7/10
Approved Program

What Is Clickbank University?

Clickbank University is an extension of a platform for selling digital products. What is a digital product? A digital product is simply software that can be downloaded for a fee by the purchaser. Clickbank University is actually a great idea that Adam and Justin came up with, it goes hand in hand with their main goal of continual growth for clickbank. What better way to ensure the growth of Clickbank than to tie in a training platform for selling and creating digital products that will be sold through their venue.

CB-University-ReviewsWho Is Clickbank University For?

Clickbank University was created as a training platform by the Clickbank owners to teach you how to create and sell products through their company clickbank. If you are new to Internet marketing, affiliate marketing in particular,  there is no better place to start off your affiliate marketing career than selling Clickbank products.

What’s The Cost To Join Clickbank University?

Everything so far has been pretty straightforward until now! Clickbank University offers a 7 day full access trial for $1, an industry standard.  You get in for $1 and have a look around and when your 7 day trial expires your credit card automatically gets dinged for a regular monthly membership fee. A regular monthly membership fee will cost you $97 a month for their standard offering. This is just a heads up, this is the Norm for Internet marketing training programs.

????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Is There Value For Your $97 Monthly Membership Fee?

If you are looking at creating a product to sell on Clickbank I would have to say yes there is value.
The training in regards to product creation for selling through Clickbank is very detailed and extensive. Clickbank University offers step by step instruction leading you through the various stages of product development, marketing, promotion, and sales.

Clickbank University  also offers their own hosting and Website builder which is of good quality. The thing I liked about their website builder is it had the ability to interact directly with Clickbank,  selling your product on Clickbank with this integration component is that much easier. One note of caution with a website builder unique to Clickbank, once you build your site with their website builder you will more than likely lose the ability to move your site if you decide to use a different venue to market your product. Clickbank isn’t the only way to sell your products online and rebuilding your whole online business will be costly and time consuming, something to keep in the back of your mind!

If you are looking to learn how to sell Clickbank products through Clickbank University then I would have to say the membership fee is on the high end of the scale. $97 a month for learning how to sell Clickbank products is an expensive venue for training. Clickbank products are probably the easiest products to sell online. Starting out as an affiliate marketer selling Clickbank products should be your first consideration do to the fact that they have tons of digital products all in one convenient location. Clickbank has made it so easy to promote and sell products and for that reason I would consider less expensive training options.

I started my affiliate marketing career selling Clickbank products but my training only cost half of what Clickbank University is asking for a monthly membership fee.

up and downWhat I Like About Clickbank University

I like the fact that Clickbank has a vested interest in teaching you how to create and sell products through their venue, they want and need you to succeed. Their training platform is very good. Clickbank University offers free hosting and a website builder. They offer current traffic generating techniques relevant to selling your own product. CBU offers step by step training modules and the video quality was good.

What I didn’t Like About Clickbank University

Obviously I am not a fan of their price point for training provided and they do push a few upsells which sucks and can escalate the cost of training dramatically. CBU really focuses their training on product creation and promotion so if you join just to learn how to sell Clickbank products their cost for training i feel is overvalued. I found that CBU really understates what it takes to create and sell your own product online, if you don’t have a background in affiliate marketing I feel you are potentially setting yourself up for a costly adventure into the online world of marketing.

The training is set at Clickbank University’s pace not yours, they say it is for information retention purposes, your benefit, but at $97 plus upsells per month I am not sold on that one.

Support is simply ok,  not the best I have experienced,  but I think you need to take some of the good with the bad in the case of Clickbank University, I mean, if you want to dive in headfirst and throw caution to the wind,  create and sell a digital product online, I feel CBU is a great training option for you.