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Ways To Make Retirement Income With Affiliate Marketing

Ways To Make Retirement Income With Affiliate Marketing


In today’s world so many retirees that have worked their tails off just to find out that in retirement their disposable income has decreased, in most cases affected by the cost of living spiralling out of control and income staying put.

If you are here now looking at affiliate marketing as a way to generate retirement income, I have some info that may just address your income short falls.  

How I got my start as an Affiliate Marketer

Years ago (2010) I was with a friend that was much younger than myself and at the time I knew he worked and made his living online, being a blue collar hands on labourer my whole life,  the thought of making income online was as foreign as any idea I had ever imagined. I had a hard time wrapping my head around the thought that you could make more money than my wife spends online. 

We talked to my friend about my upcoming retirement and I stated that there was no way we would be able to really live a full life when I retired with our health and household expenses on the rise and my non indexed pension income stagnant. We were resigned to the reality that Kraft dinner and hot dogs were going to become a staple on the menu in our home.  

By the time my friend left my home that weekend I was persuaded to give Affiliate Marketing a try. As skeptical as I was in my ability to learn a new discipline I was never one to shy away from a challenge or hard work. I was only afraid of a few things, the cost to generate income online, nothing is free and I didn’t have much too waste. There was one other issue I had, I could not type and did not even know how to send an email at the time I started online, not a joke, that’s the truth.  

It took about a year, and to be honest, a few more grey hairs, for my Affiliate Marketing business to start generating any significant income, definitely not an overnight success gig. When I first was starting out I needed to process a lot of new areas of expertise that were foreign to me. One thing my young friend told me that stuck with me was to keep at it, it will pay off in time.

I just knew that if I made a dollar I could make two, make two I could make four.  There was no turning back, it was full steam ahead and let the chips fall where they may. 

Years of plugging away, we now have affiliate income which allows my wife and I the luxury of traveling to exotic destinations and work on our home or anywhere in the world without the financial burden we were so used to.  We live a fulfilling lifestyle which would not be possible without Affiliate Marketing.  If you are not afraid of a bit of hard work I completely recommend you give Affiliate Marketing a try. Don’t focus on the things that will hold you back there’s ways to work through any defects in your short comings, I still type with two fingers and I still forget stuff faster than I learn it, but I still make income online and it’s really not that hard once you get the hang of it.

The Benefits Of Affiliate Marketing Offer More Than Monetary Gains

Let’s face it — aging is inevitable.

More and more scientific research is shaping how people think about aging and exploring how to stave off biological decline, especially when it comes to the brain. 

 Writing and interacting with the online public helps keep my brain sharp. I am 60 and still feel quite sharp when it comes to putting my thoughts down for my audience. Research shows that keeping your brain active by writing helps your brain fight off some of the more insideous diseases that can creep in with age.

You can afford to live where you want. Got arthritis, need a warm climate? Affiliate marketing can allow you to follow the heat. You can live wherever you choose that offers internet access and still make a good income while soothing those stiff joints and sipping that tropical drink.

Can An Old Dog Learn New Tricks?

Image by Claire Diaz from Pixabay

I started Affiliate Marketing in 2010, in my late 40’s at that time.  I have worked my whole life in hands on jobs, meat cutter, landscaping, excavation & log salvage.  I felt I had the cards really stacked against me when I started my new endeavour. I felt this was something really outside of my learning curve, which it was! 

What I discovered was, “YOU DO NOT” need a degree in Online Marketing or be a literary scholar  to do this and make money.  Yes, there is training out there that I would definitely recommend and there is a little bit of a learning curve that you will need to adjust too.  First and foremost I feel it is important to build a strong foundation and a solid understanding of Affiliate Marketing techniques and principles while expending the least amount of your hard earned cash as possible. The goal is to increase your disposable income, not decrease it by buying into costly training options.

I started out in Affiliate Marketing using a step by step platform that offered amazing support mechanisms, this was critical to my success online and wouldn’t suggest anyone get going online unless they have good support and a step by step business building platform, it’s just too much to go at it all willy nilly. I started out with a free training option and gradually added more cost to my training as I felt comfortable. So many people lay out the big bucks right out of the gates on a platform that doesn’t offer great support and doesn’t offer step by step training setting you up for failure from being crushed under the outflow of cash with very little coming in. Income is in short supply when you first get going in affiliate marketing that’s why it’s a must to keep your operating costs as low as possible.

There are many “make money online” offers that will only deliver results if you have a Phd in computer programming. There are a few good platforms that take you by the hand and offer simple step by step training that will allow you to set up and run an affiliate business.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Kind of put the cart before the horse by leaving this until later in my article but here it goes any ways…

Affiliate Marketing is a way to promote products or services for online merchants for a pre-determined commission.

We now live in a world that everyday more & more people shop on line, especially now that we are more house bound with the Covid 19 virus running wild.  This means more and more retailers need Affiliates to market their products and are willing to pay “YOU” a healthy commission every time there is a sale. 

I personally am an affiliate for many online merchants and generate numerous affiliate incomes.  You do not sign contracts, you do not have to package and ship products, your job is to just create content and ads that will direct consumers to the products you have an affiliation with. Note – Don’t put all your eggs in one basket, spread the love around and affiliate yourself with merchants that offer your readers value, this way if a merchant goes down you simply find a new one and don’t need to recreate the wheel in the process.

Depending on the product, commissions usually are paid out every month and range from 4% up to 75%.

The best way to do this I have found is to build a website (yes a website, if I can do it so can YOU) I used a step by step training platform to create this site. You can create anything you would like in a very short timeline and gradually keep adding content and affiliate offers to your site as time goes on.

A good example could be a gardening blog that links to Chapters or Amazon for books and supplies. Your options are really endless on what you can create in a very short period of time.  You just need to take the time and commit to your new income endeavour, but heh, your retired right,  you have nothing but time. Question is, are you willing to commit to giving yourself a lifestyle you deserve.  

Can I Participate With Zero Risk?

Photo by Simon Berger on Unsplash

Nope! There is always a risk of losing money, the trick is to limit your risk while you try and make money online.

There are a few different methods you will use when you participate in affiliate marketing.  My focus when I started and to be honest still is, was to keep my costs as low as I could.   I am definitely not a risk taker and am definitely not spontaneous as my wife always tells me. 

  • PPC-Google Adwords – this really can be a costly way to participate in Affiliate Marketing unless you come with a lot of experience and knowledge in your niche. How PPC advertising works is, you place ads on Google  that cost you a certain amount per click. Every time someone sees your ad on google and decides to take a peek you get charged for those clicks. If these ads don’t convert to sales you still get charged, this technique can become very costly which offers a significant risk, not something I would recommend for newcomers to affiliate marketers. In saying this PPC is becoming the best way to get traffic to your offers and the cost can be controlled if you know how to convert your traffic. There are a few good training options out there that can help you achieve positive results using PPC.


  • Pay for Ads –  Facebook, Twitter and many other social platforms allow you to post ads, but again comes at a cost.  You must be very confident in you technique and your niche and know what makes your target audience buy.  Again I would not recommend this to newcomers/


  • Content marketing – Through this type of Affiliate Marketing I got my Start.  I still use this today to make income online. Content marketing offers a very low cost way to participate in Affiliate Marketing and really does offers some of the best income to cost ratios. Content marketing can cost as little as $49 a month (which is what I pay) to get everything I need, this is a great investment considering the income you can earn really is unlimited. I personally know an Affiliate Marketer that uses the same platform that I use that made over $41,000 last month.  I am not saying that this is the norm, and you will go out tomorrow and make that, but what I am saying is your earning potential is truly unlimited. A fair amount of people that I have worked with over the years have made some decent money online.


  • How Content Marketing Works – With Content Marketing the process is simple, lol yes it really is simple once you get the hang of it.  You build a website and start creating content that will drive traffic to your website and any Affiliate offers you link too. Many programs out there that lead you to believe you must spend thousand to learn content marketing, this simply isn’t true from my experiences online.

 On line merchants will pay you for any traffic that converts to a sale.  You do not have to keep inventory, issue refunds or complete any sales transactions.  You just need to bring them to the merchants offer and hope that you have given your visitors all the information that will help them make their decision.   Your job is simply to direct traffic.  Your costs are a bit of training,  website hosting cost and that’s pretty well it.  Your website hosting is free with certain training platforms.  Oh yes you need a computer and internet access lol. I prefer using a lap top as I can work anywhere I want, NO ONE is the boss of me now.  Ok ok, except my wife. ☺ 

Once you make the commitment to give this a try, you build your website, find your niche, give it some time and effort and it will fall into place.  Build it and they really will come. 

Feel free to ask me any questions

My last words of advice are….

Remember to keep costs low, join a platform that offers you EVERTYHING you need under one roof at a competitive price.   Roll up those sleeves poor yourself a cup of coffee or drink of choice and get to work. 

If you have questions or concerns with relation to getting your affiliate business going, don’t hesitate to send me a message through this site. I will always get back to you as soon as I can. 

Let me know if you felt this post was helpful!!

Best of luck, Mike


Best Affiliate Marketing Training Course

Best Affiliate Marketing Training Course

It’s a pretty daunting task when you decide to turn to the internet as a way to make some passive income,  put yourself through university, supplement your retirement income or seek that lifestyle that you have always wanted.

When I first looked to the internet with a goal of making enough money to buy a new truck, I was faced with a multitude of income generating opportunities, some legitimate and many outright scams. The one money making technique that stood out to me as legit was Affiliate Marketing. I had looked at everything from drop shipping to Network Marketing,  but I always found myself back looking at Affiliate Marketing.

I liked the fact that the success rate and investment to income ratio was much better with Affiliate Marketing compared to Network Marketing. I also liked Affiliate Marketing over Drop Shipping because I wouldn’t have to deal with handling product delivery, returns and refunds.

When I finally hammered out that Affiliate Marketing was the right fit for me, the real work started. I quickly found out that making the decision to go with Affiliate Marketing was actually the easy part of getting my Start online. What I realized over the following months was that, finding the best Affiliate Marketing training course that would allow me to reach my goals was going to be a lot more difficult than I could have ever imagined.

Affiliate Marketing Training Platforms – Wolves In Sheep Clothing?

Here’s the problem, it’s not easy to find an Affiliate Marketing training course that will actually deliver positive results, they all claim they will, but my experiences show that they don’t!
Prior to my breakthrough online in 2009 I like many experienced broken promises by Affiliate Marketing training platforms claiming that their training courses would be the gateway to success. I do admit, many of the Affiliate Marketing training courses had elements that I did benefit from, but most that I tried, fell short of putting it all together to ensure my success.

The biggest issue I experienced besides lack of support was investing in tools and services that really weren’t needed to make money online. The only one making money from tools and services that were pitched as a “must have” were the Affiliate Marketing platforms themselves. I literally threw away thousands of dollars on tools and services that I realized over time were not necessary to make money as an Affiliate Marketer, I could have bought my truck outright with the tools and services I wasted money on.

Resist The Urge To Buy Affiliate Marketing Tools And Services

There were many obstacles I faced when I was new to Affiliate Marketing, but a few that stand out were platforms pushing paid traffic sources that cost me close to $2,000, when I hadn’t yet built the infrastructure to convert any paid traffic that I did get.

I was also told that I needed an autoresponder when my website was new and wasn’t generating any significant traffic yet. I could have saved at least 4 months of autoresponder fees if I new what I know now. I bought into one program that offered one on one support from a mentor which proved to be a joke, this experience cost me close to $1900.

I was a real go getter which these platforms used against me. I bought expensive memberships, over $100 a month, thinking that the more I paid the better my chances of success were which isn’t the case at all. Next I swung to the other end of the spectrum and went cheap, $27 one time fee to see how that would work for me, hey, I couldn’t lose. Well, I did! Low cost Affiliate Marketing training providers are low cost for a reason, they don’t offer the basics, they don’t offer quality support, this is why they are so cheap.

Over the years I have worked with many new Affiliate Marketers and the main thing that I stress to newcomers is, keep your costs down, keep it simple. Some listen to my advice and some don’t, the ones that succeed are usually the ones that don’t pile on the monthly fees. The Newbies that load themselves up with costs are usually the ones that fold from the financial pressure.

What Should You Be Looking At For Affiliate Marketing Training Course Costs

When you are looking at what you actually need to make money as an Affiliate Marketer I think you would be surprised to know that you need very little in the line of tools and services that you will need to fork out money for. Here is a list of tools and services that you will need when you first start out, this list will change a bit as you expand your affiliate business, but that’s a ways down the road.

WordPress Website builder – Get everything down to the autoresponder for as low as $29 a month in one package.

[icon type=”glyphicon glyphicon-ok” color=”#81d742″] Training


 Keyword tool


 Content creation tool

 Autoresponder (Free under 2,000 subscribers)

 Image providers (Free if you know where to look)

 Graphics Tool ( Free at Canva and Design Wizard)

 Button generator (Free at Da Button Factory)

There are many Affiliate Marketing training course options that will include all the above as perks in your membership, what you need to know is, most of this stuff you can source out for free, yet some outfits make this sound like these are costly perks they are throwing in with your membership. The problem arises when they want you to pay for these perks in the way of higher membership fees.

Support Is Key To Your Success

I can’t overstate how important quality support is to your success in Affiliate Marketing is. I know for me, if I didn’t have the support I did I can honestly say I wouldn’t be here writing this post. I am not talking Facebook groups that are so common these days with Affiliate Marketing training providers. You know why Facebook group support is so popular, it has no cost to the Affiliate Marketing training provider. For the most part, these Facebook support groups leave inexperienced people asking questions of each other with just one experienced staff member popping in now and again. This is not a great support mechanism.

Community support can be good if the training platform has a large membership, if they don’t, you will have a hard time once again of getting any experienced members to help you with your questions. The platform that I ended up using had a huge community of close to 2 million members with varying levels of experience and capabilities. This platform also offered incentives to members to help other members and had staff to help also, quite a unique and highly efficient support system.

My Parting Advice

It took me longer than I would have liked to break through and find success online, it also cost me a lot more than was necessary. If you keep what I mentioned in this post in the back of your head you will get your breakthrough a lot sooner and with less cost than I did. Here’s a recap that you can use to find the right Affiliate Marketing Training course for you.

 Cheaper onetime fee offers are cheap for a reason. The way that onetime fee courses are cheap is the lack of support offered. If you think of it this way, support is the most expensive component to offering the training.

Don’t saddle yourself with costly monthly fees for tools and services, you will crush under the financial pressure before you have given it your best effort.

Look at the actual training and techniques offered, not the tools!

Support is the number one thing you need to look at in any Affiliate Marketing training course. One on one training doesn’t exist. Think about it, if someone spends all their time with you that’s not a very profitable venture is it? This is why there is no such thing even when people say there is!

Understand that your effort, commitment and perseverance are the main ingredients to your success.

I hope this post helps you find the right Affiliate Marketing program that will lead to your success online. If you want to ask me any questions don’t hesitate to contact me directly or leave a comment below, have a great day Mike.






Affiliate Marketing vs Network Marketing – The Winner Is

Affiliate Marketing vs Network Marketing – The Winner Is

If you are on the fence and can’t decide what work from home business model is right for you, Affiliate marketing or Network marketing this post will identify the pro’s and con’s of both work from home opportunities so that you can make an informed decision that may result in you making some income from the comfort of your own home.

I am going to start this post off with describing what Network Marketing and Affiliate Marketing are,  from their I will give you the advantages and disadvantages of both work from home business opportunities. I will end with what discipline offers the best chance of you creating an income.

I hope you find this post of value. Please leave your questions or comments at the bottom of this post, your feedback helps me write even better posts moving forward, cheers Mike.

What Is Network Marketing?

Typical Network Marketing Structure

Network Marketing is a billion dollar industry encompassing a multitude of products and services. Network Marketing products that you may be familiar with are brands like Mary Kay, Amway, Melaleuca, Dream Life Rewards, Paycation Travel and MWR Life just to name a few of the thousands of Network Marketing offers at your beckoning call.

Network Marketing is also referred to as Multi Level Marketing or in some cases referral marketing.

When you participate in Network Marketing you are usually asked to pay a fee to belong to that organization or in many cases you are asked to purchase a product or service that is intended for you to resell. Products and services that you sell can be literally anything from cosmetics with Mary Kay or global travel with MWR Life . The focus in Network Marketing is to increase your income opportunities by recruiting other members into what is referred to as your “downline” so that you can benefit from their sales as well as your own.

There are many different membership options and commission structures that MLM opportunities offer their participants, it really depends on the individual Network Marketing opportunity. The main basis behind Multi Level Marketing is to generate Multiple Levels of recruits under you so that you may benefit from any success they may have, your success is directly related to your ability to recruit and your downlines ability to recruit new members.

This was a very brief description of what a Network Marketing opportunity may look like.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is a completely different work from home opportunity. In rare cases you may be asked to buy a product to promote it for income, but this isn’t the norm. In most cases as an Affiliate Marketer you are not required to buy or sell products, nor do you need to recruit people to increase your income potential.

Simply put, as an Affiliate Marketer you are a director of traffic. In Affiliate Marketing you enter into an agreement with an online merchant to promote their products or services for a pre determined commission, commissions range from 4%-75% of a retail sale. Physical products offer less Affiliate commission opportunities than do digital products. Commissions from digital products can reach as high as 75% payout if a sale is made from your traffic. Affiliate links or affiliate cookies are used by online retailers to identify what customers have been directed to their products by you.

The Pro’s And Con’s Of Affiliate Marketing

More Affiliate Marketing Benefits

When you create an Affiliate Marketing business you are in control, you own your business and can promote any product or service for income. When you participate in a Network Marketing opportunity you are not in control of your business, even though you can consider yourself an independent business your success of your business is directly linked to the success of the MLM you have associated yourself with.

As Affiliate Marketer you are in control of what products and services you promote. Your business is completely fluid allowing you to change promotions on any given day to emerging products or services that have market appeal.

With a 9-5 job in many cases, it doesn’t matter how hard you work, you get paid according to the job. In Affiliate Marketing your effort is directly related to your affiliate income, work harder usually amounts to getting paid more affiliate commissions. Once you have your affiliate business up and rolling your income will flow in even when you sleep!

As an Affiliate Marketer you can work from literally any location that has the internet. Your costs to participate in Affiliate Marketing are very limited compared to your income generated. There is no need to recruit people to increase your income. There are many ways to make affiliate income such as….

  • sponsored online merchants ads on your site
  • Google Adsense income from your website
  • Income generated from affiliate sales
  • Brand endorsement agreements

What You Will Need To Participate In Affiliate Marketing

You need very little to participate in Affiliate Marketing. These are the items that you need to run an Affiliate Marketing business….

Website – People get freaked out when they here that they will need a website. Many of the affiliate Marketing training platforms teach you how to build a website in minutes. The website building platforms like WordPress have improved drastically over the years, now offering a paint by numbers approach to building a website. Most website building platforms offer a free version.

Hosting for your website – Hosting is pretty inexpensive, $4.99 a year for hosting. This is where your website is hosted, in other words, where search engines such as Google find your site so that they can index it on their search engine.

Initial Affiliate Marketing Training – This comes in an “earn as you learn” format that teaches you the techniques to market products online and build your affiliate business from the ground up. I mentioned earlier that getting to the point where your affiliate business generates income runs in the range of 2-4 months. Usually if you join an affiliate marketing training platform like Wealthy Affiliate offer everything you need to Start and run an affiliate marketing business for roughly $29 a month, this includes absolutely everything mentioned above and more.

No Investment to start – Wealthy Affiliate offers a free membership that allows you to start building an affiliate business with no payments or commitments.

No Experience required – As I mentioned earlier, Affiliate Marketing is a earn as you learn type of venture. You need no marketing or computer experience to start generating income as an affiliate marketer. As your knowledge grows, so does your income potential. Once you have the Affiliate Marketing basics down, it really is a rinse and repeat type of process moving forward.

The Pro’s And Con’s Of Network Marketing

The Hidden Costs Of Network Marketing

There are two hidden costs that people entering Network Marketing don’t see.

Network Marketing companies are notorious for not equipping their participants with the appropriate tools and training that will allow these participates to drive the traffic to their products. The training and help that you can find for your Network Marketing opportunity can be very expensive. Training providers such as Elite Marketing Pro can be very costly, running in the thousands of dollars for training designed to help you promote your MLM products. The reason there are training platforms designed to help people in Network Marketing opportunities is because there is a need.

Other than promoting to family and friends you need to know how to get your MLM products in front of as many eyes as possible to grow your business and attract leads. The only way you are going to do this is adopt social media marketing techniques and search engine marketing, all of which you can get with a good affiliate marketing training platform.

Without the investment in training for your MLM promotions you are stuck pitching your MLM products to your family and friends to grow your downline with the hope of increasing your overall income. Pitching your products to friends and family usually backfires on MLM participants, ending in the alienation of friends and family. When your social network Starts to shrivel, so does your chance of making any income with your Network Marketing offer.

The few that do find success with Network Marketing ( the 1%) are usually people who have some Affiliate Marketing training which allows them to break rank and promote to the masses online, rather than ruin relationships with Family and friends.

The Winner Is

After reading this post the winner should be quite obvious. If you have affiliate marketing training you can do either affiliate marketing or promote a Network Marketing offer with success not relying on family and friends to grow your downline and your business.

Affiliate marketing offers a lot of opportunity to anyone looking to make passive income , supplement retirement income or create a new lifestyle altogether. Affiliate marketing has a proven track record,  legitimate evidence of people making great incomes can easily be found if you look. Here are a few affiliates that I have personally talked to about there success…


You can also reach out to these people in person, they belong to the Affiliate Marketing platform that I have mentioned in this post. You can get a free starter membership with Wealthy Affiliate and ask any members about their success they have had with Affiliate Marketing, members are very open on how they have found success or even on how they may be struggling to make income. It’s important to really educate yourself with any make money from home opportunity, there’s always the good, but more importantly, there’s always the bad stuff you need to prepare yourself for.

I have been Affiliate Marketing for over 10 years now. Affiliate Marketing has been very good for my family and I, giving us a lifestyle we could only of dreamed of. I highly recommend you at least give it a good look. Hope this post helps you decide on the direction you want to take in life, have a great day Mike.

Start A Blog Make Money : This Is How You Do It

Start A Blog Make Money : This Is How You Do It

The title for this post sounds a lot like it could have been created by a caveman, ugh, start a blog make money, ugh. I actually chose this title to re-enforce the need to keep it simple when starting a blog to make money. You don’t need to be a scholar or have any special skill set, nor do you need to be an expert on your blogs topic. What you do need is the ability to follow instructions, demonstrate determination and perseverance.

Creating a popular blog that has the potential to make some significant income, really boils down to effort, a little time management, dedication and commitment, but very little technical skill is required. Knowledge of your blogs topic will increase as will your authority as your blog develops over time, very few bloggers start out as experts in their niche. As you research topics for your blog, your experience and authority in your niche will grow.

In this post I will touch on everything you will need to do if you want to start a money making blog. You will also get some incite into how I created multiple money making blogs over the years, leveraging free tools, services and simple low cost step by step training.

If you have any questions or comments please leave them at the bottom of this post and I will get right back to you, I value your feedback. Lets get started!

This Is All You Need To Start A Money Making Blog

Contrary to what some blogging or Affiliate marketing platforms will lead you to believe, you need very little to build a money making blog. For years now I have paid $29 to run multiple blogs and make thousands in blog related income. Here are the items and services I use to make money with my blogs….

That’s literally all you need to make money with a blog, I have done it for years, anyone who tells you that you need to buy expensive tools or services, obviously has a vested interest in selling these tools and services. I am a big believer in keeping it simple while keeping your costs as low as possible. The largest contributor to failure of new blogs is financial and lack of commitment. If you want to blog for profit it won’t be without some cost, but that cost should be as minimal as possible and doesn’t need to start right out of the gates.

Over the years I have worked with numerous  bloggers that were interested in creating a blog capable of generating income, many of which have gone on to realize their dreams of running a blog that generates revenue. To but to be quite honest, about half have failed because they lost sight of what was really important. The common factors between the new bloggers that found success and the bloggers that failed were consistent in Both cases. Here are the common disciplines that the new bloggers who found success adhered to ….

 Created a written set of goals for their blogs development and stuck to it

 Worked on their blog everyday for at least 2 hours while in the early building stage

 Created new content on a set schedule

 Put the effort into really understanding who their blogs audience was, and what their audience was looking to learn

 Created content that was engaging and SEO friendly that had a chance of ranking high

 Early in the development of their blog they focused on low competition keywords with less focus on high traffic keywords to help establish their blog and get any available traffic

 Utilized a training platform that had step by step training on developing an authoritative blog

 Looked for every opportunity to engage with their website visitors by welcoming visitors feedback, good or bad!

 Joined social platforms like Quora and Medium to demonstrate their knowledge and promote their websites

 Put the time and effort into researching topics they wanted to discuss on their site

 Understood that they didn’t need to be an expert to write an informative blog post on a topic. All they were required to do was, thoroughly research their topic so that they could create content that was accurate and informative.

 Never put emphasis on selling. The focus was always placed on educating their audience

 Maintained authenticity and genuine caring for their blogs visitors

 Worked on building a brand by building credibility through honesty and demonstrating integrity.

 Used the right metrics to choose a niche that offered profitability

The above disciplines were consistent with the new bloggers that created blogs that thrived and eventually ended up making money with their blogs. As you can see there isn’t any reference to buying any services or tools, it’s all about effort, discipline and dedication that are the key ingredients to building a blog that makes money.

It All Starts With A Professional Grade Website Building Platform

Many will say find a topic and build a website. I feel choosing a website building platform should be the first thing you consider. Below are the characteristics and reason you need to put the focus on finding the right website building platform.

Search engine optimization: The reason you want to put a lot of emphasis into finding the right website building platform is, website building platforms have different functions and capabilities. If your intent is to create a money making blog then your needs are considerably different from someone who is creating a blog for their own personal enjoyment. In my opinion WordPress I the best website building platform for people looking to generate income from a blog as it grows over the years.

WordPress offers functionality, capability, portability and expandability for your blog as its development grows. The SEO (search engine optimization) features are also significantly enhanced using a website created using WordPress.

Website add-ons: WordPress has thousands of plugins that allow you to add features and functionality to your website with a click of a button. There are literally thousands of plugin developers working on new and updating current plugin capabilities.

Themes: WordPress offers thousands of themes that you can choose from. These themes offer a variety of styles and capabilities. It’s easy to find a theme that will best suit the look and capabilities that you want for your blog.

Ease of use: WordPress’s website building platform is extremely easy to use, you don’t need to be a computer programmer, actually you don’t need any prior experience to build a professional looking blog using the WordPress website building platform.

Control of your site: Unlike many website building platforms, WordPress offers you complete control over your site and it’s portability. With some notable website building platforms like Weebly and Wix, your website isn’t portable, your site is locked into these platforms due to the unique website building tools that they offer.

Use your own domain: Using your own domain name (website address) is critical for your blogs ranking ability with search engines. What this means is, when you create content or want your site to rank high in search engines such as Google,  you need to have your own domain. Some website building platforms host their customers websites under what are called sub domains, this makes it more difficult to rank high in search results.

Invest In Earn As You Learn Training

As much as I am a staunch believer in not spending money on what I would consider to be unnecessary blogging tools and services, I do believe firmly in new bloggers, especially when they are looking at making an income from your blog, acquiring the appropriate training.  Contrary to what many people think, you don’t just jump on your laptop and create a blog, especially when you want that blog to make money for you. Creating an income generating blog takes not only time, but also requires that you have a plan of what you want your site to look like years down the road. Using an effective blueprint for your sites development, will guarantee that your blog has the potential to earn revenue while at the same time offers your audience a nice user experience.

Here’s what I suggest you look for in a good training platform for bloggers that doesn’t break the bank!

  • Offers a WordPress website building platform
  • Secure hosting
  • Step by step training on how to build a well thought out blog with monetization opportunities
  • Large community with like minded goals
  • Access to a keyword tool and content creation platform
  • Training on how and where to find income opportunities for your website
  • Current training on the latest SEO and keyword research techniques
  • 24/7 support that comes in a variety of forms, live chat, administrative support as well as community support.
  • 24/7 support for website technical issues

A Few Parting Words

I can’t emphasize enough, keep it simple, work hard and keep your costs as low as possible. If you follow what I laid out for you in this post you will be a lot closer to realizing your dream of creating a blog that makes money. Building a money making blog isn’t an overnight success story. If you keep a set schedule and work diligently on your blogs development, you could potentially see income rolling in within 3-4 months. If you need anymore information or even help, I am here for you. I wish you all the luck in your endeavours, cheers Mike.


Is Affiliate Marketing Saturated? (For Some It Is)

Is Affiliate Marketing Saturated? (For Some It Is)

I get asked all the time by people looking to enter affiliate marketing if you can still make money with affiliate marketing or is it too saturated? I will say that there are areas where participating as an affiliate marketer would be difficult to make any significant income due to the fact that the niche they are looking to work in is over populated with affiliates. In saying that, there are many areas where an affiliate marketer could still make a lot of money, you just need to know where to look!

I am currently helping a few new affiliate marketers get their feet wet in the affiliate marketing game, from what I am seeing through some niche research I am helping them with, there are still many areas where affiliate marketing isn’t saturated that offers new and existing affiliates a good chance of generating a very lucrative income stream.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

In the event that you are just investigating whether affiliate marketing is something you want to get into, here is a brief description of what affiliate marketing is.

As an Affiliate marketing you would be, for lack of better words, a salesman for online merchants products. You don’t handle, ship or have any responsibility for these online merchants products or services, other than to direct internet traffic to these products or services. If a sales transaction occurs from the traffic you send online merchants you will receive an agreed upon  commission for your efforts.

Over the years I have made thousands of dollars in commissions directing traffic to online merchants products using proven affiliate marketing techniques.

 The Numbers Don’t Support Saturation Claims

There are literally hundreds of thousands of online merchants and more and more are clambering to get online every year. With the allure of skyrocketing online sales for merchants, comes opportunity for affiliate marketers.

Online retail sales continue to rise year over year. The US Commerce Department data supports what retailers already know, online merchants are flocking to the internet to increase their sales opportunities.

According to recent US Commerce Department data, online shoppers spent $517.36 billion through US online merchants in 2018, up 15.0% from 2017. The online shopping trend continues to increase at an incredible rate and doesn’t show any signs of slowing down anytime soon. More online sales, more online merchants translates to more affiliate commission opportunities for affiliates, doesn’t sound like affiliate marketing is saturated to me!

There are more and more people purchasing products online with merchants trying to capitalize on these sales opportunities by opening online storefronts. The problem for online merchants is still the same as it was years ago when I got my start online as an affiliate marketer, how to get their products in front of the  internet consumer. The majority of online retailers are realizing very quickly that the answer to getting exposure for their products and services lies in the hands of affiliate marketers.

Where The Real Opportunity For Affiliates Hides

Online merchants have a big challenge trying to get exposure for their products or services online, I guess if there is something that is saturated or competitive, it’s the first two pages of search engine results where all the internet traffic is. It’s hard for online merchants to get their products and services in front of internet users when you have online giants like Amazon that have thousands of affiliates promoting their marketplace products, taking up those valuable spots on the first two pages of search engine results. Maybe the question worth exploring should be, is participating as an Amazon affiliate becoming too saturated?

 Only 7% of all internet users search past the first two pages of search engine results. This demonstrates the importance of occupying a spot on the first two pages if you want exposure for your products or services.

Roughly 40% of all online sales in the US are made by Amazon alone. With Amazon’s dominance online and other retail giants vying for their piece of the online sales pie, using affiliate marketers is the only way that smaller online merchants have any chance of levelling the playing field that is dominated by online giants.

My experience has shown me that the real opportunity for affiliate marketing lies with smaller higher commission paying online retailers. Many that enter affiliate marketing have this preconceived notion that becoming an Amazon affiliate is the only way to make it in affiliate marketing. Even affiliate marketing training platforms lure newbies in by using Amazon as their main example for making money online. Amazon is such an identifiable brand that it’s hard not to use their marketplace as an example of the success that the online world offers.

Unfortunately, what falls through the cracks are some very good affiliate opportunities that offer more specialized products and services. These speciality retailers offer more income potential through a higher commission structure. Although Amazon offers a huge market for affiliates,  their commission structure is quite low, set at 4-10%. With some smaller online retailers, commissions can reach as high as 75% with much less affiliate competition.

Practicality And Profitabilty supports Using Affiliates

Affiliate market places like ShareAsale, Commission Junction, Market Health, Rakuten, Amazon Affiliate Program, Clickbank, ImpactRadius, Partnerstack, Refersion Makretplace, Awin and Avangate offer online retailers affiliate management services for online merchants.

Another option for online retailers is to contract out their affiliate needs to an affiliate management group. Many of these affiliate management groups hire affiliate managers that have come from the ranks of top affiliate marketers, some of which I have known through my years participating as an affiliate marketer. Using affiliate marketers is the preferred method to drive sales for online retailers because it is efficient and profitable. Affiliates don’t get paid unless a sale is made. For this reason alone,  it makes no sense why some are saying that affiliate marketing has seen its day?

What’s Really Happening With Affiliate Marketing?

Over the years I have witnessed many changes to how affiliate marketers have made money online. Gone are the days of throwing up simple capture pages or one page niche websites that ranked high in search engines and captured valuable traffic. In this era of the internet, search engines such as Google, are putting their emphasis on authoritative content, giving their users a better experience. This has virtually eliminated the effectiveness of cheap traffic generating tactics that over the years have routinely produced good results for affiliates.

I can tell you from my experiences, affiliate marketers who think they can throw up crappy sales funnels, cheesy one page sites,  or offer completely bias product reviews,  and still make a killing like they used to, are just fooling themselves. The reality is,  these affiliates are the people who are saying that affiliate marketing is saturated because their traffic generation techniques aren’t productive anymore.

 The Key To Success For Affiliates Is The Right Training

If you want to stick around and play in with the big boys, or get started off on the right foot in affiliate marketing, then you had better equip yourself with the most relevant and current affiliate marketing training. There are still affiliate marketing training platforms out there that equip new affiliate marketers with outdated affiliate marketing techniques, something you need to be aware of.

 What you need to look for in an affiliate marketing training platform is training that teaches you how to create engaging SEO friendly content, content that will rank high in search engines.

 Training that shows you how to write informative and product reviews

 Training that emphasis the importance of using social platforms to leverage content creation

 A training platform that can teach you how to create free giveaways such as ebooks for your website visitors that will help to build your email list

 Training that shows you how to build a blog that fosters visitor engagement, looks professional with a good flow and converts your traffic

 Training that shows you how to create a brand for your affiliate business

 Training that re-enforces the need to build trust, be ethical and demonstrate expertise

These are just a few core features you should be looking for in an affiliate marketing training platform that will prepare you for success in todays affiliate marketing environment.

A Few Final Thoughts

Over the years working as an affiliate marketer, I have seen my share of changes to how affiliate marketing is done. The latest trend is affiliate marketing service providers offering high priced tools and SEO services that are hypothetically designed to give you the leg up on your affiliate marketing competition, don’t be fooled into thinking you need all these gadgets and services.  The one method that has consistently produced affiliate commissions is the investment of time where the time is really needed, which is in producing quality content.

Invest your time in creating an engaging and informative blog. You an easily turn the traffic that your blog garners into affiliate commissions with the right training. Google’s focus on giving their users access to informative information makes the creation of an authoritative blog that allows for affiliate opportunities is a no brainer!

I hope you enjoyed this post and encourage you to leave me your questions and comments below, have a good one Mike.


My #1 Work From Home Business Opportunity

My #1 Work From Home Business Opportunity

Over the years I have reviewed numerous new platforms preaching that they have the latest and greatest opportunity for your work from home business aspirations. With all this new competition one work from home business building platform stands out.

Wealthy Affiliate, originally launched in 2005, has not only managed to keep its head above water, but has found a way to stay on top as the #1 premier work from home business building platform.

If you read this post to the end you will see why I put Wealthy Affiliate at the top of the heap when it comes to generating income from home. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave them at the bottom of this page and I will get right back to you, have a great day Mike.

 What Is Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate is a low cost work from home business building platform that offers tools and training that allows you to create an income through the promotion of products. You don’t hold or handle products using WA’s income generation techniques. You don’t sell or facilitate refunds using WA’s business model. Your job is to drive traffic to a product in exchange for commissions or a set fee. There is “zero risk”with unlimited income potential using WA’s platform.

If you already have a product like a network marketing product or service Wealthy Affiliate’s platform will work great for driving tons of potential customers to your network marketing products doorstep.

Although the promotion of WA has been demonstrated to be a good way for some to make a nice affiliate income in its own right, it’s not what the platform is all about. It does seem like everywhere you look on the internet you see someone pitching Wealthy Affiliate, all this shows is the effectiveness of WA’s product promotion techniques. Armed with the right training and tools that WA offers it’s easy for members to get maximum exposure in relevant areas of the internet for their products or services.

Where Wealthy Affiliate shows its real value is with the tools, traffic generation techniques and support it offers its members. WA is a place you go to when you need someone to hold your hand and show you how to drive traffic and generate income from Start to finish. WA does this by using a step by step business building format. Wealthy Affiliate offers everything you need under one roof. Trying to make money online comes with a cost, trying to calculate that cost in most cases can be a crap shoot. With WA, your cost to earn is your membership, there are no extra costs, your income potential is truly unlimited. Wealthy Affiliate offers the opportunity to earn while you learn, as your business grows so does your income. Below is an example of how simple the approach to making money online is using Wealthy Affiliates platform…

The above screen shot shows you the basic business building flow, what is missing is the extensive training and support that this work from home business building platform offers. You will learn the latest and most effective ways on  to use social media and forums to promote your product. You will learn all the latest techniques on marketing products using Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and such more, this is just one small segment of product promotion training using Wealthy Affiliates platform. WA focuses on low cost and free methods for generating traffic and marketing your products. This is in huge contrast to other business building platforms that focus on costly paid advertising techniques that can run you in the thousands by the time the dust settles with no guarantee of results.

My Experience With Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate is the platform that I used to generate my first paycheque online.  I have gone onto make a nice career online with the training I received in my early years at Wealthy Affiliate.

With WA’s help I originally started out promoting weight loss products and after a few years I moved into the fishing equipment niche, Board games were next and eventually ending up where I am now, in the internet marketing tools and services niche. WA gave me the training that now allows me to promote and earn income from any product online with confidence. Looking back on my early years with WA I will say there was one aspect of being a WA member that was instrumental to my success online, you get access to the tools and services included in your membership that you actually need to make money. To this day I only use a handful of tools and services to run my online business, which for the most part are sourced free.

 Wealthy Affiliate’s Community Is Their Best Asset!

What you will find once inside Wealthy Affiliate is that you are never alone when building your online business. With a community of roughly 2 million members and growing, there never seems to be a time where you can’t find a member willing to lend a hand. WA’s community is very active and fosters a “help your fellow member” type of vibe, Quite frankly I haven’t seen this type of engagement in any other platform that I have reviewed over the years. You can ask questions of the community and get multiple answers or feedback within seconds, unparalleled in the home business building niche.

It’s not A Fluke That Wealthy Affiliate Has Lasting Power

As I mentioned earlier, Wealthy Affiliate has managed to not only keep pace in the work from home business building industry, but has risen to the top by investing in new and emerging technology that gives its membership an advantage when working in an ever changing environment such as the internet offers.

What’s The Cost To build Your Work From Home Business With WA?

Year after year I watch as Wealthy Affiliate introduces new strategies, services and tools that makes earning income online relevant. In 2015 Wealthy Affiliate went from a premium membership model where you needed to pay to take advantage of what WA offered to a freemium membership.

WA’s  change to the freemium membership now offers people looking to join Wealthy Affiliate two options, a free starter membership and a premium membership. The free starter membership allows you to start building your work from home business for free with a few restrictions. The premium membership offered at Wealthy Affiliate offers everything you need to create a thriving online business from the comfort of your own home.

The premium membership gives you access to everything Wealthy Affiliate has to offer, which is quite extensive. Premium memberships are offered monthly or annually. I find the annual membership to be the best value, which works out to roughly $29 a month and gives you everything you need to run a business with unlimited earning potential.

 Visit WA for Proof Of Income Potential

I am not going to post a whole pile of income claims, to be quite honest income claims can be falsified. I will post a screenshot from a discussion in WA on some members success. If you want to know for yourself you could see for yourself through a free starter membership and see for yourself.

You can also ask any questions from members yourself through a free starter membership. Here’s a small sample that I snapped a screen shot of….

Like I said this is just a small sample of members sharing their success with other members. You can check these claims out by creating a free starter membership. Once inside you just scroll down on the main WA page and you will see “WA success”. You can simply click on anyones profile and ask them any questions you like. Wealthy Affiliate is very transparent and the people are genuine.

I hope this post showed you why I feel Wealthy Affiliate is a legitimate opportunity to make money from the comfort of your own home. Any questions or comments please leave them below, have a good one Mike.






Attraction Marketing Formula By Ferny Ceballos

Attraction Marketing Formula By Ferny Ceballos

I recently purchased the 177  page ebook and access to the 10 day training boot camp offered by Ferny Ceballos through an attraction marketing training platform called Elite Marketing Pro. Ferny Ceballos is actually the CEO of marketing for Elite Marketing Pro so you will find a lot of reference to joining Elite Marketing Pro or using the services of their in house coaches, called ignition coaches. Essentially Attraction Marketing Formula is a tool to eventually get you to join or at least get you to take a look at Elite Marketing Pro.

Putting aside the fact that this offer may just be the bait that the more expensive training platform Elite Marketing Pro uses to get you into their program, lets see if there is any real value in buying the Attraction Marketing Formula ebook and 10 day boot camp course.

I hope you find what you need in my Attraction Marketing Formula review. Please leave me your comments and questions at the bottom of this page. Your feedback will help me write better reviews in the future, have a good one Mike.

What Is Attraction Marketing Formula?

As I stated in my opening remarks, Attraction Marketing Formula is offered up in a 177 page downloadable ebook and access to a 10 day boot camp style course. The attraction marketing formula was designed to help you promote your MLM product by utilizing the power of the internet.  Traditional downline building techniques like parties, reaching out to family and friends are the main reason why only a small percentage (1%) of MLM participants find any real success.

What Will You Find Inside The 177 Page Guide?

The Attraction Marketing Formula pdf has 10 chapters two of which are the introduction and conclusion. Here are the chapter topics that you will find inside…

  1. Introduction
  2. How to use the Internet to Automate Lead Generation & grow your Downline
  3. Building a brand for your business and building trust
  4. Building your downline Pipeline
  5. Learn how to get something from your prospects even if they don’t buy
  6. How to do market research
  7. Cyber Realestate
  8. How to create your online business and start generating Leads
  9. How to use Email opt-in to build an email list and relationships
  10. Conclusion

A Little Insight Into The Various Chapters

Chapter 1 – This is an introduction to why you need attraction marketing for your success in MLM.

Chapter 2 –  is mostly made up from Ferny’s accounts of is training at MIT and USC where he received a degree in Electrical Engineering but still wasn’t full-filled. Ferny moves on to tell you about how he used his experiences to create a MLM business that generated 7 figures in one month. It isn’t until the end of page 22 that ferny Starts talking about something other than his own endeavours. You start to get a sniff when Ferny Starts to talk about the power of marketing your MLM on the internet.

You start to get into areas that have some benefit. One topic that I believe in to be true is, don’t try and sell a product, instead provide an answer to your audiences problem. Ferny highlights a quote about people that are looking for a drill are really not looking for a drill but want to make a hole, this is how he explains recruiting your downline. This is really good insight into attraction or affiliate marketing success. Don’t try and sell, try and educate and people will follow!

More  talk about becoming an expert in your field is the best way to get people to follow you. You will also get an insight into why attraction marketing is the new technique that you will want to use for your MLM promotion. Once again there is a lot of filler in this chapter, lots on how attraction marketing got its start.

Once again a lot of discussion about using google, Facebook and other social platforms but no real info on how you are to actually use these media platforms.

Chapter 3 – This chapter is on building your brand. This chapter expands a bit on building your brand by solving peoples problems, building relationships and offering value. Ferny makes reference to how DR Phil and Donald Trump created their brand. Lots of talk on building your brand through self promotion and helping people solve their problems.

Chapter 4 – This chapter speaks to building your pipeline which essentially is just learning how to multitask and don’t waste time on waiting for a reply from one prospect when you could be recruiting others. Ferny makes reference to making phone calls in relation to using automation to recruit and follow up on prospects in this chapter. Once again, nothing really concrete for you to use, just general info.

Chapter 5 – This chapter starts to show a little more promise, a little more meat and less feathers so to speak. Here you get an actual look at how a marketing strategy should look like and why. Ferny refers to this marketing strategy as the “magic slot machine”. In this chapter you will also learn a little about opt-in capture pages, paid advertising and how to use email to reach out to your prospects. This is the first chapter where you Start to see a reference made to joining Elite Marketing Pro.

Chapter 6 – Discusses topics related to market research, establishing who your target market is and what they are interested in. This chapter make reference to using a keyword tool to define your audience and what they are looking for. I am a big proponent of using a keyword tool online.

As you get into this chapter there is more on using the info you get from a keyword tool and also they show you what you get from doing Google search that will help you do a PPC (pay per click) campaign.

Chapter 7 – Talks about creating your own website and picking the right domain name for your business. There’s more discussion on domain names and directing your email to your website. This chapter actually has some good info for a change, less fluff.

Chapter 8 – Well, it took eight chapters to get to something I feel offers some value and that is the intricacies of building a good capture page for your business is laid out for you. There is a pitch for you to join either the EMP VIP membership or the EMP annual membership.

Chapter 9 –  This chapter starts out talking about the importance of your email campaign and what to look for in a good autoresponder sequence, doesn’t actually show you how to do it, just tell you what it should include. The chapter goes on to speak about creating newsletters and using video to reach your prospects.

Chapter 10 –  Discusses a few traffic generation techniques and the wrap up for this ebook. This chapter is also used to pitch the ignition coach program which in my opinion is an avenue to steer you towards joining Elite Marketing Pro and higher priced packages and ad ons.

Is There Value In Paying $47 For Attraction Marketing Formula?

Yes, Ferny has put a value on the information in his Attraction Marketing Formula ebook offer. You ready for this, $10,000 if you were to source this info out on your own. Not sure if I can really digest that number given the fact that an annual membership in the Elite Marketing Pro program is roughly $400 and it “ACTUALLY” teaches attraction marketing.  What Ferny is saying by putting a value of $10,000 on the attraction marketing formula content is,  you could spend roughly 20 years in Elite marketing pro and get the same value. Not sure if Ferny really gave that one a lot of thought!

Straight to the point, there is very little for value in the Attraction Marketing Formula ebook. I found it more of a really good sales pitch offering Elite Marketing Pro services that can run you into the thousands of dollars in ad ons or up sells.

Support For What You Are Learning In This Ebook

There really isn’t any need for support or asking questions because there really isn’t that much for learning in this 177 page ebook. The content I found is based on experiences and examples of why you need to do certain things when you participate in attraction marketing, very little if anything in relation to learning or implementing disciplines is absent from this ebook.

How About The 10 Day Course?

I am not going to waste a lot of your time on this component of the $47 offer,  it is just more of the same in my opinion. A lot on the what and why you should do stuff but very little if anything on the how! What you will find in everyday is a video supported with some text. Lots of motivational jargon in these 10 days with pitches for you to join Elite Marketing Pro. This is also the bait to get you to buy the Attraction Marketing formula. I did a 10 day course on affiliate marketing which is in my opinion is the same as attraction marketing but less costly. This course was free and offered real training with little if any fluff, guess I was lucky. If your interested in comparing, you can check the course I did here for free!

 I am finished this Review!

You can get into this offer at a discounted price if you haven’t clicked on the offer before, somewhere in the range of $27. Personally I would say save your money. If you still won’t take my word for it at least buy it through my affiliate link and we can chat about it once you have checked it out. Click here to join under me!

CB Passive Income 4.0 Review – Scam Or Legit?

CB Passive Income 4.0 Review – Scam Or Legit?

Cost: $47/month or $497 one-time

Founder: Patric Chan

Established: 2013


Have you ever imagined having a turn key system that would make you money automatically? Something that has been used in the internet marketing scene for 5 years now?

Patric Chen is a best-selling author of Wake up Millionaire and several other books, Chen has spoken to audiences in 12 countries as an internet marketing authority since 2005. He seems like a genuine guy, but what about his product CB Passive Income 4.0? Does it pass the income sniff test? Enjoy my CB Passive Income review and get my opinion on whether I feel this is a legit income generating offer. I welcome any questions, comments or experiences with the CB Passive Income program.

Patric Chen claims to provide CB Passive Income 4.0 as an income generating system, Patric also claims his program will make you money on “autopilot”, a term that that quite frankly concerns me.

In this CB passive income 4.0 review, I’m going to show you what this autopilot system is all about. I’ll highlight some of the tools and resources you’ll receive by signing up as a member, as well as taking a quick look at the training you’ll have access to.

I will also look at the support mechanisms that are in place to help you get the most out of this product.

What Is Patric Chen’s CB Passive Income?

If we think about it in the most simplistic terms possible, Patric has created a bunch of squeeze pages for users to clone, and push traffic to your offer. Your traffic is then funneled through to another page where visitors emails are capture through the offering of free products. In theory this sounds quite plausible, but we will see if theory or realism prevail a little later in this CB Passive Income 4.o review.

Patric and his team then use these captured email subscriptions to push profitable products through to their new email subscribers, and any commissions made are instantly yours. Sounds fairly simple!

Patric has allowed members to clone web pages that he claims to be “exclusive” to members only, that includes all product promotions, and email marketing.

Patric utilizes Clickbank, and pushes all promotions from Clickbank as he firmly believes this is the best way to go. After all, Clickbank offers on average 40 – 50% commission paid from sales related to digital products online.

Your first step after signing up would be to create a Click Bank affiliate account which is free to do, I actually have one and have sold quite a few Click Bank products over the years. Once you have a click Bank affiliate id you then enter your Clickbank information into the CB Passive Income dashboard.

You then get to choose which page of Patrics that you would like to clone. From there you would jump into the training on how to properly promote and generate traffic through to the cloned web page.

As traffic starts flowing, Patric and his team with capture those email addresses and start sending promotional emails. Any commissions made are yours for life!

**You’ll notice that there are different versions of CB Passive Income, and Patric is currently releasing his 5.0 model. All versions are somewhat similar as the previous, they just update a few things each time. **

Who Is CB Passive Income For?

Because Patric claims to give ideal training, and promises an almost complete autopilot system, I might add,  I have never come across a complete auto pilot system after years of reviewing programs that claim income on autopilot, but you never know this may be the first. The program was created for intermediate to experienced marketers.

What Tools And Resources Are Available After Signing Up?

It’s a fairly straight forward process to get your membership with CB Passive Income 4.0. You’ll get your choice of a clone capture page, all ready to go with unique links, and all other tools, including domain costs and hosting fees, so far sounds like a decent deal.

Patric will constantly keep your web page updated, and show you the valuable products they are promoting to your subscribers. From this, the idea is that once you generate traffic, you should start to see a steady stream of income.

Patric creates the content, and does all the research for new products, creates the new marketing campaigns and promotes these offers for you through your cloned site.

Your given Patric’s training that is delivered through video and PDF manuals which is designed to help you generate traffic.

All tools and services such as autoresponders, hosting, domain names are all included. You shouldn’t have to invest anything more than the membership fee for CB Passive Income.

Your only job is to generate traffic.

What Is The Training Like?

As I mentioned above, Patric’s training is step-by-step and shows you numerous ways to generate traffic to his cloned web page.

The training focuses on generating traffic using techniques like:

  • Guest posting;
  • Blog comments;
  • Article directories;
  • Social Media;
  • Paid Ads;
  • YouTube;
  • SEO

All the training is shared between videos and PDF manuals and is designed to be very easy to follow. All the training techniques mentioned are valid affiliate marketing techniques.

What Kind Of Support Do You Get With CB Passive Income 4.0?

I do like that Patric hosts monthly Q&A training calls live. These calls are meant to help members ask questions and look for direction when they are having difficulties.

Other than his monthly calls, support is very generic through email and support tickets. I feel that this is one important area that this offer could improve. Anyone trying to learn how to make money online can attest that support is the key to finding any type of success online. This offer would benefit from having its own in house forum or even Facebook group.

If I Wanted To Join, How Much Would It Cost?

Once you hop through the usual up sell down sell gig  you’ll eventually get a discounted rate from what would have been “originally” offered.

At the moment, Patric offers 2 types of memberships. The first is $47 a month, down from originally $67 a month with no setup fees associated.

You can also pay a one-time payment of $497, which used to be yearly, but has recently switched to a lifetime membership and one-time payment. With this option you get the bonus of having the Inbox Pro feature, which enables you to automatically add your leads to your own autoresponder.

What I Liked About The Program!

I do like that Patric offers a 100% guaranteed 30-day money back offer, this actually comes with any Click Bank product. This makes it easy for those who may want to give this product a try without losing their shirt in the process. Just remember, if you do want a refund, make sure you get it in well before the 30 day cutoff.

I did like the idea of a monthly live Q&A session with Patric himself. You could also get Patric’s Q&A session prerecorded if you missing it. This is a great opportunity to ask personal questions about the struggles you’re having if you are live and Patric is able to help right then and there. It makes his program seem a lot less scam like when you’re talking one-on-one with him. It also takes a lot of time from his schedule to do so, and shows some commitment to the product on his part.

What CB Passive Income Could Do Better…

On the surface CB Passive income sound very legitimate, but there are a few things that make my spidey senses tingle. There is so much emphasis put on the content that Patric builds for you which makes an experienced marketer like myself start to ask some questions. If everyone has access to the same content which is getting posted on search engines such as Google, then at some point that content would become duplicate content. Duplicate content is an absolute  no, no in Googles eyes, and they routinely penalize these clone sites with basement rankings where no one would ever see these sites and their offers. When you look at this one aspect it makes me question the actual success of an offer like CB Passive Income.

Support – This is where this program really loses me, I can tell you from experience that support is critical to your success and I don’t see an investment in support when it comes to the CB Passive Income 4.0 offer. You need an in house support mechanism, not an out sourced support system. Having access to Patric is nice, but only once a month isn’t going to cut it. If you miss the once a month opportunity, you miss out on the help you need! Yes, you can get access to a taped version, but that might not answer your questions.

Lastly, If you ask any affiliate marketer out there what the hardest part of internet marketing is, they will respond 90% of the time with ” traffic generation” which is the part you are left to handle on your own. It’s great that Patric is able to do everything else for you, but he leaves the hardest part up to you. It is pitched as fairly simple to get people to your site, which isn’t the case at all.

Systems that focus on cold emailing have extremely low conversion rates. Unfortunately, this is exactly what Patric is doing and teaching his team. If you choose to join Patric and his team, don’t expect a lot of income in my opinion. if any at all. Click Bank, the market place that Patric uses is notorious for giving refunds, great if you’re the buyer, shitty if you are the affiliate! As an affiliate you will find what looks like a good month in sales is quickly clawed back through refunds.

My Final Thoughts…

Although Patric really looks like the real deal, and somewhat successful in his ventures, I am hesitant to put my endorsement on the CB Passive Income system.

I don’t think Patric is trying to scam anyone by any means, I just don’t feel for the reasons I stated in this review that his system will produce the results you are looking for, especially when you are in charge of the traffic generation component.

The system plays on the concept of taking the “hard” work out of it, and creating a system that even the newest affiliate marketer can get behind and be successful with. I just don’t believe this system has the ability to do that when you are in charge of traffic generation.

Having a web page that potentially hundreds of others may have isn’t a new concept, there are many programs with this trait, I can tell you they don’t have a high success rate.

I hope this CB Passive Income 4.0 review answered a few of your questions and gave you the information to make an informed decision. If you have any comments or experiences with this offer please leave your comments and questions below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.















5 Figure Day Review

5 Figure Day Review


Cost: 7-day trial then $97 monthly

Founder: Brain Winters

Established: 2012


Generating traffic for a website and affiliate products is always the toughest thing about running an affiliate marketing business or campaign. Brian Winters and his 5 Figure Day hopes to solve that problem for you by offering a done for you system. Brian’s system comes with a pretty hefty monthly fee of $97 a month which does concern me a bit, given the fact that you can run an affiliate business website, hosting, keyword tool all included for less than $50 all in, and promote any product that pays you, not the reverse.

In my 5 figure day review I will break the offer down and see if there really is value in paying Brian $97 a month for the right to promote the 5 Figure Day program.

Email marketing has been an effective way to drive traffic to affiliate offers for a long time now, this is a proven marketing technique which the 5 Figure Day program hangs its hat on as its main traffic generation technique.

The 5 Figure Day offer states that it can help you drive 500% more traffic by utilizing their system that revolves around email campaigns which we will be taking a hard look at in my 5 Figure Day review.

If you have any questions or comments please leave them at the bottom of this page. Enjoy the review and have a great day Mike.

What Is The Premise Behind 5 Figure Day?

5 Figure Day claims to provide potential income/visitors up to 500% faster than other websites. They run on a traffic forwarding technology that operates behind the scenes and helps you build a large email list, claiming to be much faster than ordinary methods.

To keep it simple the 5 figure Day System is basically a system that teaches you how to build a fast-tracked email list, and from there they set you up with a squeeze page, landing page and email content to send through to your email list. The idea is to draw attention to the 5 Figure Day system, and draw others into becoming paying members for the same system. Every month you get a new pre loaded website, really just a landing page and squeeze page, to use for your marketing campaign. If people pass on the free membership which the 5 Figure Day program does offer and opts for the $97 membership,  you will be eligible for a 50% commission ($45) for every month that the member is active.

In many cases products or programs that you get sucked into promoting drop the ball on converting after you have gone through all the hard work and paid out quite a few bucks to get people to their door step. Over the years I have promoted a variety of products just to find out that I wasted a lot of my time directing a lot of traffic to a product where the merchant lacked the ability to convert my traffic. Not sure how the 5 Figure Day offer converts, Brian says it converts great, but I am always a little reluctant to take anyone at their word when it comes to promotions on the internet, trust me, everyone says their product or system converts!

How Does The 5 Figure Day Offer Work??

For your $97 membership fee you get monthly websites that are pre loaded and come with hosting. On top of this you are given an option for an autoresponder of your choice, Aweber or Getaresponse to integrate with your email campaign.

All the information and training offered to you is on a few web pages.

You are given a few training videos, resources, links and templates to start an email list. 5 Figure Day utilizes a digital marketplace called Click Bank. You will be required to have a click bank account if you choose to stay on as a monthly member, Click Bank accounts are free. One thing as an affiliate I don’t like about Click Bank is their refund rates, they are very high, so what looks like a good month usually gets clawed back through refunds.

Your given links to a main website with your own unique affiliate link, as well as 3 different “reloaded” websites. Every month your given new websites.

From there you’re presented with the “Bootcamp” called the ‘Instant Traffic Bootcamp’. The boot camp teaches you how to effectively promote and push your 5 Figure Day product.

The Training and Resources…

The videos offered at the beginning of the web page are fairly simple. A lot of the information you have access to can be found for free on the internet. Brain goes into a lot of detail about himself and the 5 Figure System.

The instant traffic boot camp has 4 main sections, showing you how to effectively promote the product.

Email Swipes: These are pre-made inserts for emails, used for your autoresponders.

Banner Ads: your given upwards of 20 pre-made banner ads to use in your paid and free ad campaigns.

  • Text Ads: These are Ads that Brian suggested you use in all other campaigns that don’t use an email component. They are geared more towards social media and classified ads.
  • Instant Traffic – The secret to paid vs free advertisement: This section outlines the positive effects that paid advertisement has on your success. Brain begins to pitch the benefits investing money and time to help ensure success.

The last section of Brian’s sales page outlines topics such as:

  • Brains proven ad swap strategy;
  • Superfast traffic with ‘solo ads’;
  • Cheap, autopilot traffic with ‘banner ads’;
  • Free traffic with ‘ad swaps’;
  • Cheap and free video traffic;
  • Free traffic from article submission, and starting your own blog;
  • Cheap Traffic using;
  • Free traffic from internet marketing forums;
  • Cheap, autopilot traffic with Facebook ads;
  • Free traffic from Facebook pages and groups;
  • Free Twitter traffic;
  • Cheap traffic with classifieds;
  • 5FigureDay traffic, leads and commissions.

All of these titles are followed by quick paragraphs explaining the various topics and how they will benefit you in your long term success. Unfortunately there are no videos or good educational explanations on how to actually implement these various techniques and disciplines. I don’t feel Brian goes into enough detail for someone new to actually learn.

In addition, if you did want to promote and be an affiliate for 5 Figure Day, you have to pay the $97 in order to receive any kind of commission. If you stay with the free version, and decide to promote, you only get to build your email list. Any commissions earned go to the person that recruited you or Brian himself.

The second biggest thing that frustrated me was Brian actually points out a lot of legit methods for making money online, but doesn’t go into enough detail for someone to actually understand and utilize these methods. Which in turn, makes me feel he’s more focused on pushing his own product rather than teaching people to legitimately make money online.

What I  5 Figure Day Does Well!

  • Brian does offer Legitimate money making techniques like email marketing and using banner ads for example;
  • 60 day money back guarantee is one of the better refund policies on the market for. product like this
  • Does offer a 7-day trial

What I Feel 5 Figure Day Could Do Better…

  • Price is high considering Brian also pitches using paid traffic methods which you really need to consider as an added cost. Paid advertising can really get out of control cost wise quickly, if you don’t know what you are doing!
  • Quality of training was disappointing in relation to the cost of the program. No high quality video training, just a few paragraphs here and there, some of which you could source out for free on the internet.
  • Lots of up selling in this program which is concerning, you really need to know your total costs when you embark on an internet marketing campaign. At $97 a month you should get everything you need plus. I use a program that hosts all my websites, hosting, keyword tool, and lots of training on every topic you can think of in text and video format.

  • This program is geared to selling the 5-Day Figure offer which puts all your eggs into one basket, so your basically paying for the right to promote Brian’s product which goes against everything affiliate marketing stands for. I don’t advise paying to promote anyones product, online merchants should be paying you!
  • Your future income is tied to the success of the 5 figure Day program and if the program goes down so does your hope of making your money back.
  • You actually own very little with this program, you don’t own your website, all you own are a few tools, all of which Brian will be making a commission off of as an affiliate. You see where I am going here, why not be an affiliate yourself for products like hosting and autoresponders like Brian is,  and make a nice income yourself. You will always be in control of your own destiny instead of being tied to the fate of someone else.
  • Conflicting messages – At the start of the program its all about doing things “FREE” but as you move towards the end of the training its really all about paying for stuff.
  • When you add up what you get for your $97 a month it really doesn’t make for a good investment in my opinion, I could see if the training was really good and new training was added every day, but it isn’t. Any affiliate program that is any good will give you free banners and promotional videos to use in your campaigns to promote their products. Affiliate programs will also give you email swipes to send out to your email list for free as well. So really what are you paying for? From what I can see a pre loaded sales page, that’s really it!

My Final Verdict Of My 5 Figure Day System.

As I mentioned above, Brian’s program is based on using legitimate marketing techniques. The program is legit for sure. I guess where my review is critical of the 5 Figure Day program is the cost in comparison to the value you get. Some of the training you can find free on various websites and the items like banners and email swipes are free anytime you promote a program or product if that online merchant has their act together.

I am a firm believer in being in control of your own destiny and I don’t feel its a wise business decision to tie yourself to one product like the 5 Figure Day offer. Learning how to promote any product online in my opinion is the way to go. Keep all your options open and costs as low as you can. For this reason I wouldn’t recommend the 5 figure Day program, good concept, good marketing techniques promoted, legitimate owner, just to costly and limited to selling the 5 Figure Day program.







Home Biz Advisors – Scam Or Legitimate Offer?

Home Biz Advisors – Scam Or Legitimate Offer?

Cost: Free

Founder: Unknown – GB Lead Systems

Establishment: 2009


When you’re looking for a home based business opportunity it’s a literal mind field when you turn to the internet. Yes, the internet does offer a lot of opportunity to make some real money, but you need to proceed with caution and have a basic understanding of how internet marketing works and whether you are falling into an internet marketing trap.

Home Biz Advisors claims to offer 100% legitimate and proven opportunities to make money from the comfort of your own home. After reading that, I knew I had to take a closer look into what Home Biz Advisors offers and whether they are a scam or legitimate business opportunity.

I hope you enjoy my Home Biz Advisors review, please leave me your thoughts or any questions at the bottom of the page and I will get back to you as soon as possible. You can also contact me in person through the “contact me page” here on this site.

What Is Home Biz Advisors?

When you first land on the Home Biz Advisors site you’re presented with some pretty large guarantees and claims of income potential. Home Biz Advisors claim that there are no special skills needed to make money through their offers, there’s no set hours, you start earning in just days, there will be no more commuting to work, you can choose to work part-time or full-time, and you always set your own income level.

I can tell from years of working online as an internet marketer there is no such animal. Any outfit that makes these claims of almost instant income and setting your own income level is what I would call a red herring. What Home Biz Advisors are playing on are your emotions. Is it true that if you are successful online you could work from home, set your own hours or choose to work full or part-time, absolutely it is, but this does take training and a certain level of skill.

The scary thing about Home Biz Advisors is your giving out your phone number which I never advise unless you like to get spam phone calls from everyone and their dogs. Once your phone number is out their it is basically an in for any outfit to contact you with, good or bad companies.

Here’s some of the info Home Biz Advisors ask for

  • First name;
  • Last name;
  • Email address; and
  • Phone number.

They even provide a disclosure at the bottom indicating that:

What You Get After Signing up.

Once you have signed up with Home Biz Advisors you’re directed through to a landing page with 3 potential money making opportunities that you can choose from.

The three different money-making opportunities you have to choose from are:

  • Turn-key paydays: These are opportunities that claim to help you earn money, while you learn to master internet marketing, problem is, where are you learning to master internet marketing, not here! There are legitimate programs that help you earn and learn internet marketing such as Wealthy Affiliate for example that offer a huge platform with no up selling and great support.
  • Facebook on fire: This is an opportunity to make money using Facebook as your primary medium. Facebook requires content to stay relevant, and they will pay to have you help them do it. Couldn’t find any positive reviews on this offer!
  • Internet Newbies: this is an outfit that pitches a “guaranteed” system that helped 3 internet newbies make almost $1000 in one day. This opportunity will share this secret system with you. Just a heads up, there is no such thing as a guarantee on the internet when it comes to making money!

What’s The Real Offer Here?

Simply put, Home Biz Advisors is simply an affiliate marketing site where they make commissions by driving you, the traffic, to a merchants site and if you buy, receiving a commission. You know what this should be telling you? Affiliate marketing is the true online money making opportunity, not these other offers. Affiliate marketing is what makes the internet such as profitable place for online merchants.

Affiliate marketers litter the internet, I am one myself and have been making money, good money for many years now as an affiliate marketer. Every year more and more merchants pile online and look for affiliate to promote their products. Merchants don’t pay out a single penny unless a sale is made, so they get free advertising and exposure for free, it’s a guaranteed sale for them, not like buying ad space somewhere.

On the Home Biz Advisors site it’s quite obvious they are just an affiliate marketing outfit that has found a creative way to make some easy commissions.

There is no training, or videos that come with Home Biz Advisors because they are simply redirecting traffic to their affiliate offers. This is really easy to do, anyone can become an affiliate marketer, all you need is a little training, a website and hosting and you are off and running. It costs about $50 a month for your site, hosting and training. The cool thing or enticing aspect of affiliate marketing is the ability to make unlimited amounts of income, it’s real and does work, I can attest to that!

Who Should Use Home Biz Advisors?

Obviously no one should use Home Biz Advisors, the offers they refer you to are just programs that litter the internet that really have very little if any chance of making you any significant amounts of income, not saying you couldn’t make something but all you need to do is look at what Home Biz Advisors is doing to see what online gig you should get into, this is where the real money is made.

One of the offers is dubious to say the least, Click Cash System when visited redirects you to the 700 club. Income claims made by this outfit are very suspect especially if you have any experience online you will see right through their loft claims. $1000 a day by doing nothing really, not a chance! Even as an affiliate marketer it’s hard to make a $1000 a day unless you really put in the time, and you can’t let your foot off the gas, but it is doable with a lot of work.

Facebook On Fire is another product promoted by HBA and once again it is another highly suspect offer. This outfits sales page is littered with exaggerations and fake testimonials that were bought from fiver for probably less than $10. All this with the intent to create a glossy environment so you will be sucked into paying their $47 membership fee. I have seen many offers like these that I would characterize as scams because they deliver very little to no value in comparison to what they actually claim.

My Honest Opinion Of Home Biz Advisors

Unfortunately, Home Biz Advisors is not a real work-from-home opportunity. It’s a gateway for other businesses to grab interest and gain more traffic through to their opportunities, which will lead to more commissions for the owners of the Home Biz Advisors website.

Reviews and the Better Business bureau don’t seem to be fans of the products offered on the Home Biz Advisors website so that might be the best reason to stay clear of this site and it’s offers.

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