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Affiliate Millionaire Club Review – Millionaire Sized Scam?

Affiliate Millionaire Club Review – Millionaire Sized Scam?

Welcome to my millionaire club review, during this Affiliate Millionaire Club review I’m going to dig into what the Affiliate Millionaire Club offers, what kind of support you can expect, what training is involved, and what income potential the Affiliate Millionaire Club offers.

Many say that the Affiliate Millionaire Club it Is just an elaborate scam which we are going to get to the bottom of in this Affiliate Millionaire Club review.

I hope you enjoy my Affiliate Millionaire Club review and like always I welcome any questions or feedback that you may have on this review. Have a great day and I hope to hear any of your comments, cheers Mike.

What Is The Affiliate Millionaire Club?

Affiliate millionaire club offers software that will create (done for you) websites while adding Computer generated content that hypothetically Will create and nice income stream for you.

The program is supposedly created, or run buy , what I see to be a fictional character called Mo. This isn’t the first program that mo has created. Let’s stop with the games shall we, Mo is just a fictional figurehead that a company called “my mobile empire” uses for a face to one of many programs they have created to make a quick buck.

The Affiliate Millionaire Club is being sold through an affiliate marketplace called “Clickbetter”. This is a marketplace where affiliates such as myself can go to find products to promote, this particular product will fetch affiliates a commission of $30 per sale on average. I would never promote a product like this because I feel it uses unethical marketing tactics and to be honest I feel it won’t work, just read the disclaimer at the bottom of their sales page to see the real story

How Does The Affiliate Millionaires Club Work?

For arguments sake I will say that My Mobile Empire aka Affiliate Millionaire Club has created this blow your mind software that can make you affiliate commissions by manufacturing done for you affiliate websites that basically run on auto pilot, or as their sales video states, requires less than 5 minutes a day of your time lol.

These sites are supposedly built with computer generated content that is SEO optimized and is used to sell the exact same program that is providing this service for you, in other words you will just turn around and sell the Affiliate Millionaire Club offer.

The kicker with this offer is that the concept is authentic. The whole concept that the Affiliate Millionaire Club is built around is a real legitimate marketing technique where you can build niche specific websites that if you do your homework and choose the right niche you can make some pretty good money if you produce enough sites.

I have personally helped people make niche specif sites that make well over $2000 a month using the niche specific website model. These are typically 3-4 page websites that focus in on one specific product and if you manage to get the top search result ranking in google you can get quite a bit of traffic with some good earning potential. Build multiple sites and you can do the math, it adds up to a nice monthly income with very little time or money invested.

Will Afiliate Millionaires Club Work For You?

To get right to the point I feel quite safe in saying the only way you are going to make money with the Affiliate Millionaires Club offer is if you are on the selling end of things, not the buying end. If you have the knowledge on how to sell this offer you could make a few bucks quite easily and not worry about refunds eating up your commissions.

The problem with this offer is, pre done websites that are computer generated don’t work period! These are not like the sites I mentioned earlier that can generate quite a bit of income if you have enough of them and have the training to know what specific products to target.

Clone products like the ones that Affiliate Millionaire club offers won’t rank with search engines such as Google so therefore won’t get any traffic or sales so your $47 is out the window as far as I am concerned. Google catches on very quickly to anything that might game their system even if I wrote to many posts that had scam in the title I would be flagged by Google’s bots as spam and lose my ranking authority very quickly.

It’s easy for me to see a scammy product that won’t work because I am an affiliate marketer that knows how it all works, programs like the Affiliate Millionaire Club are programs that have been created to emulate proven marketing techniques but lack all the components to actually make them work. If these sites were actually manually built to be one of a kind which these sites aren’t and had unique content which these sites don’t they would have a legitimate chance of making some good income.

Traits That Point Towards A Scam

As I mentioned earlier the Affiliate Millionaires Club is sold through Clickbetter. When doing my research I thought I would check and see what marketplace this offer was sold through and what I found is this offer has a $30 payout for affiliates. So off of a $47 sale price an affiliate gets $30 so that demonstrates that these guys are going for volume not quality, if they expect to make it rich off a net $17 sale.

You need to think that if these guys are only netting $17 per sale the chances you will see a refund is probably nil to none.

Here is a screenshot of what happened when I clicked on “refund policy” on the Affiliate Millionaire Club website…

This shows there is no page that states the refund policy! Actually no page except billing information actually worked when clicked on, not a good sign.


Testimonials Are Fake!

You will see a few testimonials used on the Affiliate millionaire Club sales video that when researched for authenticity turned out to be fake. Two of the testimonials are done by a Fiver stars Banjoman and his sidekick the real star, Oldmansteve. I did some digging and found these guys on Fiver. Wow they broke the bank hiring these guys, one for $5 and the old guy for $10 lol.


Looking at these “testimonial stars” I think it’s safe to say that these are fake income and product claims which should be enough to make you turn and run!

Sketchy Sales Tactics

Only 8 spots left, when I was on the site earlier that day there were only 4 spots left for the day lol. The other thing that bothers me about this promotion is the fact that if say you did buy in and got a few of these bogus websites you would lose everything in a blink of an eye when this outfit pulled up stakes because your sites are hosted as a sub domain controlled by them, they fold so does your business. I really don’think you would be losing much because I really don’t think these sites have any income potential.

The old up sell down sell, this is so common among scammy sales pitches. This is where a price is shown slashed to give you the impression you are getting one hell of a deal and you had better act now….

Here’s another bogus sales pitch, this page isn’t going to be around much longer. In actuality this scam has been around for a few years now. Here’s a screen shot showing what I mean…

My Final Say On Affiliate Millionaire Club

Like I said in this Affiliate Millionaire Club review, this program is based on a very effective marketing technique that is becoming very popular and I have personally helped people create niche specific sites that earn good income but this offer is missing so much and what it does offer won’t work in my opinion so don’t waste your time and money on this program. I don’t even have to mention the scammy marketing techniques this offer uses, that in itself should be a huge “stop sign” for you.

Coffee Shop Lifestyle Secret – Coffee Shop Scam?

Coffee Shop Lifestyle Secret – Coffee Shop Scam?

Cost: $49 plus multiple up sells

Founder: Jeff Lerner


Everyone dreams of the “Coffee Shop Lifestyle”, wake up no responsibilities, no worries, no where to be and no financial worries, just sit around and work on your laptop in your local Starbucks and drink your latte. Well this is actually a realistic dream that many affiliate marketers like myself live. I guess the question is, will Coffee Shop Lifestyle Secret be the catalyst that will make that dream come true for you, or is it simply another scam product playing on your aspirations of living a dream lifestyle.

In my Coffee Shop Lifestyle Secrets review I will dig into the training, material and support offered within the Coffee Shop Lifestyle Secrets offer. I hope you enjoy my Coffee Shop Lifestyle Secrets review and I welcome any feedback and questions you may have, have a great day Mike.

What Is The Coffee Shop Lifestyle Secret?

Looking at the Coffee Shop Lifestyle Secret offer it kind of reminds me of the old “shell game” where the object of the game is to find the pea under the shell when they are being moved around quickly. Finding the true offer when working your way through the Coffee Shop Lifestyle Secret program leaves you wondering where the pea is, or in this case, where the real offer is. It really looks like to me that Coffee Shop Lifestyle Secret is just a re branded version of the original Coffee Shop Millionaire that I reviewed a while back. To me this is just another smoke screen created to funnel you into Jeff’s main “high ticket” offer called the 6 Figure Business System.

Jeff uses quite a few marketing tactics that I would consider to be less then ethical to funnel you into the 6 Figure Business System, pretty deceptive marketing but unfortunately a general practice for many affiliate marketers. You may have come across a few similar offers that Jeff created to funnel you into his main offer 6 Figure Business System, the ultimate laptop lifestyle and 16 Steps to 6 Figures are two offers that really serve no purpose other than to siphon you into the 6 Figure Business System.

On his website, Jeff claims to be able to make you $5000 a week from little to no work, sitting in his local coffee shop all day. Looking at all the up sells and the fees he is charging for products inside the 6 Figure Business System I would say Jeff is probably making $5000 a week. Looking at the income disclaimer at the bottom of Jeff’s site I would guess that Jeff is one of the few to make $5000 a week.

After you work your way through all the hype the bottom line is, the Coffee Shop Lifestyle Secret offer or should I say the 6 Figure Business System is designed to help you succeed at affiliate marketing while encouraging you promote Jeff’s offer. While affiliate marketing is a real legitimate way to make money online, I feel that you are more at risk of losing money with Jeff’s offer then you are at making any substantial income.

How Does The Coffee Shop Lifestyle Secret Work?

The 6-figure business system/Coffee Shop Lifestyle Secret is a network marketing type opportunity. It is supposed to teach you how to become an affiliate marketer, while attempting to recruit people into Jeff’s program as well. The 6 Figure Business System offers different training options for premium prices right down to paying premium prices for one on one coaching.

There are significant costs associated with participating in the 6 Figure Business System program, if you want to earn an income promoting Jeff’s 6 Figure Business System, which is suggested as your first step, you will have to buy the right to sell or buy what they refer to as the re sell rights to earn commissions off these products. What this means is in order to receive a commission from recruiting someone that makes a purchase of a particular training package you will need to have purchased that same package yourself. There are many programs that have this same type of structure, one that comes to mind is Elite Marketing pro that can end up costing you $3000 for the right to sell their top tier package and earn commissions.

In order to follow along with the training, you are basically forced into purchasing the products that Jeff is teaching you use and promote. If you decide to buy into Jeff’s program you are in for a roller coaster ride that will have your credit card popping into your hands on a regular basis. Multiple purchases are necessary if you follow Jeff’s instructions and follow all the links and buy the tools Jeff prompts you to buy. If you don’t follow along and buy in you forfeit your right to receive affiliate commissions, it will take some self-restraint to keep from spending a load of money hoping you will get some commissions in return. Just keep in mind the income disclaimer, you can’t lie in disclaimers so you need to look at the numbers.

Many of the up sells that Jeff pushes after you’ve signed up and paid your initial $49 are things required to build a site such as:

  • Auto responders;
  • Purchasing a domain;
  • Hosting;
  • PPC (traffic);
  • Page builders.

These tools and services are quite normal for affiliate marketers, I personally only use a website, domain, autoresponder and a keyword tool. The most expensive aspect of being part of the 6 Figure Business System is buying the re sell rights to make potential commissions. This could cost you well over $10,000 if you buy into everything that Jeff would like you to buy. I guess you can see where Jeff makes his $5000 a week!

The Coffee Shop Lifestyle Secret Training And Materials

At the beginning, once you’ve paid for the initial $49, your given a coach who is supposed to help guide you through to success.

They will emphasis the fact that you have to purchase certain products (website building materials, affiliate access to Jeff’s products) before you can continue on with the training.

The sales material your given teaches you to generate leads, and push people through to Jeff’s products.

As I mentioned earlier, you’re not given all the tools needed to build your own website. You must first purchase products and services such as:

  • Domains;
  • Auto responders;
  • Hosting…etc

As much as Jeff emphasizes that they do all the heavy lifting for you, this is slightly untrue, as generating leads and building traffic through a site is one of the hardest aspects of affiliate marketing.

***Although you’re taught about everything above, much of it is at an additional cost to you.

What Does The Coffee Shop Lifestyle Secret Cost?

The initial cost to get access to the training material is $49 which is very respectable, programs like Wealthy Affiliate charge $49 a month for affiliate marketing training also, but WA offers everything you need, websites, training, keyword tool, one on one help and much more for “no additional costs”, whereas $49 is just the start of your costs when you join the Coffee Shop Lifestyle Secret offer. Once you’re pushed through, you’re confronted with some up sells.

The first up sell you’re asked to consider is the human support component and training options. In order to have continuous access to human support and training, you are required to pay an additional $37/month which makes this offer start to look quite pricey and we haven’t even touched the tip of the iceberg yet.

Once you’ve purchased the monthly support and training, you’re asked to join Jeff’s 21k system, with access to the 6-figure success club, which will cost you another $300.

The Coffee Shop Lifestyle Secret will also try to get you to purchase some of Jeff’s affiliate products such as auto responders, domains, hosting and more which I am sure they are affiliates for and getting a nice commission cheque off your purchase.

All in all, you’re looking at upwards of a $500 commitment before you’re able to actually get started.

The Statistics.

As I mentioned earlier in this review you really need to look at the income disclaimer that is required by law. You can’t make crap up, this is a legal document for consumers protection, the numbers don’t lie.

Within Jeff’s income disclaimer, he very honestly states that many people make little to no money during their time with his opportunity. In many cases, people usually leave the program with less money then they first started (roughly 69%).

What The Coffee Shop Lifestyle Secret Does Well.

  • First initial cost is low;
  • Some very basic, yet useful training on lead generation.

What The Coffee Shop Lifestyle Secret Could Improve On…

  • The initial investment won’t get you the success promised at the beginning. Jeff could be a lot more transparent on what costs are really associated with the program;
  • Jeff indicates in his disclosure that “we are not promising, predicting, implying, or even hinting that you’ll make a dime” so I think a little less aggressive sales pitch to reflect his statements would be more realistic.
  • Only 30.4% of people make between 1 and 100 dollars. This is less then what is to be invested;
  • Jeff is very unclear on exactly what you’ll be learning.
  • Lots of up sells
  • Training doesn’t teach you to generate honest, raw traffic;
  • Membership doesn’t come with tools to build your own website (additional cost).

My Final Say On The Coffee Shop Lifestyle Secrets Program…

Although I try to keep each and every review as objective as possible, some programs have more glaring red flags then others.

Unfortunately the Coffee Shop Lifestyle Secret is one of those training programs that screams “scam”, without really having to dig too deep into it. When I say Scam I don’t mean Jeff is giving you nothing for your fees which would be an outright scam, but in my opinion you are paying absorbanent fees for a service which you could get elsewhere for a fraction of the cost.

To start from the top, having multiple sales funnels with different names all leading to the same product is a clear indication that there’s no real value behind the product. If the product held value, people would be proud to promote, and join it. With a product that holds value, Jeff shouldn’t have to go to the lengths that he has to catch the attention of his visitors with fancy new names and sales pitches.

In addition, the tactic of presenting a low initial start up cost, and then bombarding the new member with several other promotions, just to get them started is very scam like. Tell me the cost upfront, and if the program speaks for itself, people will buy it.

Affiliate marketing is a proven way to make money online, but you don’t need to break the bank to participate as an affiliate marketer.



Digital Experts Academy – High Priced Membership Scam?

Digital Experts Academy – High Priced Membership Scam?

Cost: $2500 – $20,000

Founders: Jay Kubassek and Stuart Ross

Established: 2012


Learning how to create your own website, build a brand, market products and build a presence online isn’t as hard as you may think.

Programs like the Digital Experts Academy are filling the role of educational providers and helping you brand yourself online. Some questions I will attempt to answer for you in my Digital Experts Academy review are….

  • Is Digital Experts Academy just a high ticket scam?
  • Is Digital Experts Academy worth the high membership fees?
  • Is the training offered in Digital Experts Academy worth $20,000?
  • Can you make money with Digital Experts Academy?
  • What’s the commission structure look like inside Digital Experts Academy?

Enjoy my Digital Experts Academy review and like always I welcome any feedback or questions you may have regarding this review, have a great day Mike.

What Is Digital Experts Academy?

The Digital Experts Academy is a global organization that’s structure closely resembles that of a MLM opportunity.

Digital Experts platform focuses on Digital marketing training as well as many aspects of self-improvement. This program is pitched as a place to learn affiliate marketing, something that I have been participating in for many years now. I have a pretty good understanding on what you actually need and don’t need to succeed as an affiliate marketer, which will come in handy for this Digital Experts Academy review.

Digital Marketing experts is really the back end offer that leads from a cheaper offer called the Six Figure Mentors program. To join the Digital Experts offer you first need to have paid for a membership in the Six Figure Mentor program which will cost you a $297 one time fee plus $97 a month on top of what you need to fork out for your chosen level in the Digital Experts Academy offer, so I hope you have a nice bank account that you can afford to lose.

The Founders Of Digital Experts Academy

Both founders first created the Six Figure Mentor program, which is like I mentioned earlier is a prerequisite for joining Digital Experts Academy.

Stuart Ross uses his own business accomplishments as a template to create passion and share his knowledge. He provides marketing platforms that are designed to give students the opportunity to be as successful as he is.

Jay Kubassek is an author, producer, and professional speaker as well as digital entrepreneur.

Together the two men head a team of 31 people filling positions such as sales, customer loyalty, content and design, operations, tech, and coaches.

How Does Digital Experts Academy Work?

As I mentioned above, Digital Experts Academy is an upgrade to the Six Figure Mentors program.

Besides Affiliate marketing training, DEA provides management training, leadership, and professional/entrepreneurship development training.

Once you have paid for your Six Figure Mentors membership the first thing you will learn is how to promote Six Figure Mentor, upgrade to the Digital Experts Academy and you will also learn how to promote DEA.

The training you will receive inside DEA will teach you how to promote any product online although the emphasis is squarely put on promoting the Digital Experts Academy products and recruiting new members.

They have four different memberships to choose from, each more advanced than the previous.

What Happens When You Sign Up.

After registering with Digital Experts Academy, you are actually pushed towards the Six Figure Mentor site, where you are required to buy a membership, you don’t have to take any of the Six Figures Mentors training before moving onto the Digital Experts Academy training.

Below is a flow chart of what you will experience. Starting with a free affiliate membership if you want to promote the Six Figure Mentor program ending with the Elite membership which is the entry level membership into the DEA program.

By joining the Six Figure Mentors, and than selecting the “add on” membership for the Digital Experts Academy the lowest fee of $2500 per year, you’ll get access to a membership for the Digital Experts Academy.

Each Digital Experts Academy package offers digital education courses in video and written formats that focus on your personal achievements, success and business development.

The Digital Experts Academy Memberships

DEA Silver $2,500: This membership is an e-learning program. It allows you to position yourself as a marketing consultant and enables you to transition to self employment. You learn advanced marketing strategies and leadership skills. You’ll’ll learn to own your own e-commerce business, promote physical products and push your own brands to retail.

DEA Gold $8,000: This is a 12-month digital marketing coaching program, plus a 2-day workshop. You’ll get one-on-one marketing with some top coaches within the company. You’ll also get to attend a Digital Experts Academy gold convention, which is a 2-day live workshop held in an exotic location. There will be access to the co-founders of the company as well as leading industry guest speakers.

DEA Platinum $11,000: This package comes with a 3-day workshop plus a website with social media profiles and branding training. The platinum membership is a program to help you create your own professional brand identity. In this package you’ll get to work with the founders, and have access to the brand incubator portal. You’ll learn to develop your own professional website that concentrates on logos, fonts, colors and how to create your own website. A project manager will be assigned to help ensure that your branding process flows smoothly, as well as 5 separate coaching sessions.

DEA Black $20,000: This provides a ticket to the annual Mastermind retreat which includes meeting with Stewart and Jay the founders. This is a one-on-one mentoring type program that helps you dive deep into your goals and set targets for yourself for your own online business.

Who Is Digital Experts Academy For?

The Six Figure Mentors is more so for beginners just starting out. I wouldn’t suggest if you are new to affiliate marketing that you saddle yourself with the costs associated with being a member in Digital Experts Academy. The cost of the Six Figure Mentor program is at the top end of affiliate marketing training and the Digital Experts Academy program is in a league with a few other high ticket affiliate marketing offers.

Digital Experts Academy I feel is designed for people who have experience and feel they can sell a high priced product like DEA. It’s really hard to make a sale online at any level, move into the premium training space and tray and sell a $2500 offer never mind a $8,000 and $11000 offer and you really need to know affiliate marketing inside and out.

What Digital Experts Academy Does Well.

  • The training is good and it is honest, real training and resources to learn from;
  • The support offered through each membership level is sufficient, and you won’t feel left behind or not helped through-out;
  • Not only does it teach affiliate marketing, but DEA will help you in the area of personal development.

What Digital Experts Academy Could Do Better.

  • DEA is just plain expensive, no skirting around that topic;
  • Borderline MLM program, focus is on getting referrals and selling memberships in DEA
  • You have to join Six Figure Mentors and pay their membership fee in order to even start your Digital Experts Academy education. This results in a huge financial pressure on members.
  • Each membership level encourages you to advance to the next membership and an increased expenditure. In order to learn internet marketing from start to finish,
  • Much of the training you will get with DEA can be found elsewhere for a fraction of the cost so really you are buying in for the right to sell their product which is never a good idea in my opinion. Most Affiliated products have no fee to earn from so paying for the right to sell really goes against affiliate marketings core concept.

My Final Thoughts On Digital Experts Academy

If your goal is to become an affiliate marketer and sell and promote any goods you wish to then I don’t believe Digital Experts Academy is worth the high ticket price, you can learn affiliate marketing for a fraction of the cost on very good platforms that offer all the training, support and tools you will need to find success in affiliate marketing.

Unfortunately, as much as I respect the Digital Experts Academy for teaching things like personal development, and leadership skills, the crux of this offer is earning money online promoting DEA’s high ticket levels. If you think it will be easy to sell a $20,000 product to people think again. I personally can’t think of any affiliate marketing training that would cost $20,000.

My advice is, buy yourslef a good book on self help or read a few free articles on self help and get yourslef some inexpensive affiliate marketing training and you will have a great affiliate business at a fraction of the cost as you would getting your training through the Digital Experts Academy platform.

Do you know how much trust you need to build with a customer just to get them to break out their wallet period? It takes a lot of knowledge and commitment to sell anything online never mind a high priced ticket item.

Do you think you could be in the top 5% of Digital Experts Academy because that’s what it’s going to take for you to make any money promoting the DEA offer.

If you have any comments or questions please leave them below and I will get right back to you, cheers Mike.


Millionaire Biz Pro System – Just Another Scam Program?

Millionaire Biz Pro System – Just Another Scam Program?

Is Millionaire Biz Pro the way to get-rich-quick online, or just another scam? Can you actually learn and benefit from this system, or is it just a way to take your money?

For the longest time everyone thought that working online, or working from home, resulted in instant riches. Someone, somewhere apparently found out how to get-rich-quick online, but more and more credible sources came along and proved that the real long term success plan was to work hard and dedicate the time to your online business.

However, some systems are still trying to sell the “get-rich-quick” method. Are people really getting rich quick or still getting scammed?

In my Millionaire Biz Pro review, I’ll dig deep into the Millionaire Biz Pro system and give you my fact based opinion on whether this is a good offer or a scam. I’ll talk about the training, tools and support, and how much it costs to be successful with Millionaire Biz Pro.

I’ll also make sure to let you know what my final verdict is at the end of this review, so join me in reviewing the Millionaire Biz Pro system!

What Is The Millionaire Biz Pro System?

Essentially, the Millionaire Biz Pro system is pitched as a way for you to make money automatically, on autopilot.

When you pay for the Millionaire Biz Pro, you’re set up with your own automated affiliate marketing system, that generates websites that you can integrate email autoresponders, and generate commission based affiliate sales.

The Millionaire Biz Pro system offers its clients done for you websites already set up for selling random products or systems for commissions, this is referred to as (affiliate marketing). The Millionaire Biz pro System utilizes various traffic generating techniques to maximum profit.

Who Is The Millionaire Biz Pro System For?

Derek, the founder, states that this system is great for anyone looking to start or expand their internet business. Whether you are a beginner or expert, the Millionaire Biz Pro system is meant to set you up for success.

The training provided within the Millionaire Biz Pro offer I found wasn’t that detailed or comprehensive enough for a beginner. I didn’t see the training as newbie friendly, my opinion is this program is more suited for the advanced marketer that has a solid foundation in affiliate marketing concepts.

What Do You Get For Your Monthly Fee?

Once you have made your first monthly installment, you’re supposed to be entirely set up and ready to go, websites and all. In the videos on the website, you’re shown the speed in which your websites go from dormant to live for your use.

Although not mentioned within the videos, the disclaimer at the bottom of the page indicates you receive once you have paid:

  • 15 predesignated websites that you can customize;
  • A traffic generator through Web fire (additional cost);
  • Training Videos;
  • GVO email auto responded.

From there, the training videos are meant to show you how to monetize that data and earn income by selling other peoples products that you earn a commission from, once again this is called affiliate marketing.

All in all the goal with the Millionaire Biz Pro system is to utilize the data from your affiliate website complete with opt-in forms, and then to market your affiliate products to your subscribers collected from the opt in page.

Unfortunately the majority of what the Millionaire Biz Pro system does for you is the easiest part, and the rest requires some work and affiliate marketing experience.

The Cost Of The Millionaire Biz Pro System

The costs with the Millionaire Biz Pro System is a little misleading, and change frequently depending on if you go straight through the links to purchase, or if you hesitate.

The cost begins at $47 and when you click through to purchase finally sums up to $49 (with tax?). From there if you go ahead and purchase right away, it will go through a few up sells.

If you don’t click through right away, and go to close the screen, a pop up comes through giving you a bigger discount. You now only pay $39 for the Millionaire Biz Pro System.

Unfortunately these types of situations really make me come to question the quality of the product. Some sites like this make you wonder if they truly stand behind their price, or if they just want to make a sale.

Up sells

When you do purchase the Millionaire Biz Pro System the first page you’re brought to is an up sell of the system you’ve already purchased. Derek offers you an upgrade to their Platinum club for $97, or if you don’t click that one their Delta club membership, which would cost you $24.95/month.

Once pushing past this barrage of confusing options, you’re told you need to purchase a traffic generating system through Web fire. This is a purchase that is required in order to actually utilize the Millionaire Biz Pro System. Again, very misleading, as my original thoughts were that I only had to pay $47 to get myself making ” upwards of $1000/day!!”

Derek offers a discount of Web fire through his up sell, where instead of paying the membership prices below.

You’d only have to pay the discounted membership that is offered with the Millionaire Biz Pro system.

At the end of the day you’re looking at paying at least $39 for the Millionaire Biz Pro system, and at least $85/month for your traffic generating software.

Training And Support

The training offered through the Millionaire Biz Pro system is referred to as the “21-step system” and provides you’re 21 steps to getting your sites online and promoting products for commission.

The 21-steps actually pertain to 21 videos that you’re provided to watch through.

Although the information provided is a great start, they don’t answer all the questions or challenges you’ll most likely face as a new affiliate marketer.

You are provided a “personal coach”, however, they do not reach out to you. You’re actually encouraged to contact a phone number (for a website called or to start a support ticket if you’re having trouble.

There’s no support in the form of a Facebook group, or forum, blog or any such network.

A lot of the support and technical difficulties are directed to a site called “” which is a totally different business opportunity standing for “My Own Business Education” (MOBE). It’s a training site catering to small business owners and entrepreneurs, can be expensive.

What Millionaire Biz Pro Does Well…

  • Makes it easy to create websites;
  • Have the training for a basic understanding of developing a site.

What Millionaire Biz Pro Could Improve…

  • Little to no support;
  • In order to be successful, you have to purchase some of their up sells;
  • The videos they provide are lacking and very vague;
  • When you go to purchase the Millionaire Biz Pro system, you’re pushed through to several websites;
  • The support number and ticket support offered come from a totally different program, a very costly program if you follow all the steps;
  • The website isn’t clear on the exact expense required to be successful;
  • Disclaimer in small print at the bottom indicates that the “typical purchaser does not make any money using this system”.

Some Red Flags And Final Thoughts…

Unfortunately the Millionaire Biz Pro system is riddled with red flags, from beginning to end.

The Millionaire Biz Pro system offers an affiliate program, where users can make $55 commission for everyone that signs up and another $25 for any up sells they purchased.

I find it very misleading to encourage people to purchase something that you tell them will make me ” a $1000/day” instantly, and then turn around and say, oh wait, you need to buy this also, this seems like a never ending story line for this offer.

Although that should be enough to make an informed decision, the Web fire program they insist you purchase to generate traffic has been under scrutiny. It defines its free traffic and leads as actually spamming people with random affiliate links for work-at-home forms and groups. You have zero control on what is being promoted while webfire is representing your website.

The initial Millionaire Biz Pro system web page offers little to no information about the actual program/system. Even listening straight through the ten-minute introduction video, by the end of it you still have no clue as on what the Millionaire Biz Pro system really offers you.

The training doesn’t explain what to put in your emails to your subscribers, so although you’re getting all these emails of people potentially interested, the way in which you contact them and approach them is not made clear.

The more you click through to with Millionaire Biz Pro, the more money it asks of you, and the more differently named websites you get pushed through to.

Unfortunately, the Millionaire Biz Pro system on its own doesn’t offer a concrete, and valuable system that would be of much benefit to anyone. Derek has attempted to make a product to help make people money, but instead constantly asks for more money. Personally I can’t recommend a program that has hidden cost or all these unknown add-ons, who knows what your end cost will be!


freelance marketing secrets – Affiliate marketing guide Or AWOL Academy funnel?

freelance marketing secrets – Affiliate marketing guide Or AWOL Academy funnel?

While I was surfing the Internet the other day I found a link for a free PDF guide on affiliate marketing called Freelance Marketing Secrets put out by the AWOL Academy. I am an affiliate marketer, have been for quite a few years now, so this naturally caught my eye and had to have a closer look.

Usually with anything totally free I am a little guarded, as an affiliate marketer I know all to well what free means in the affiliate marketing world, free is bait!

I’m going to give you a quick rundown on what I found out about this free PDF guide called freelance marketing secrets and if it really offers any value or it is just like I though,  bait for something with a price tag.

I will give you my thoughts on whether this product actually offers valuable insight into affiliate marketing, or if this is just a tool used by AWOL Academy’s marketing team to get you into their program.

Enjoy my freelance marketing secrets review, and like always I welcome any questions or comments you may have regarding this freelance marketing secrets review or any affiliate marketing related questions. Enjoy the article and have a great day, cheers Mike.

What Is Freelance Marketing Secrets?

Like I touched on earlier, freelance marketing secrets is a free downloadable PDF guide introducing an affiliate marketing technique that Keala Kanae the owner of the AWOL Academy says that he personally uses.

Freelance marketing secrets was created as a promotional tool for the AWOL Academy. You will find very little useful information inside this free PDF guide. What you will find is your standard sales hype, income claims, lofty guarantees, and fancy cars. Anytime anyone involved in the “make money online game” is giving something away free you have to wonder what’s the catch?

In the case of Freelance Marketing Secrets the catch is your enrollment into the AWOL Academy.

Who Will Benefit From Reading Freelance Marketing Secrets?

Freelance marketing secrets is primarily geared towards someone who may be sitting on the fence when it comes to jumping into an affiliate marketing career or someone who knows absolutely nothing about affiliate marketing, this PDF guide is really and introduction to the basic concept of affiliate marketing from what I saw.

Freelance Marketing Secrets was designed to give you just enough info to get you interested in what you could achieve participating as an affiliate marketer which also transitions into how joining AWOL could lead you down the road to becoming the next Keala Kanae.

What’s Of Value Inside Freelance Marketing Secrets

To be honest everything inside Freelance Marketing Secrets can be found for free elsewhere on the internet. An example is Wealthy Affiliates free starter course. This is an absolutely free course that offers in depth affiliate marketing training and all the tools you will need to actually build an affiliate marketing business. Included in this free training you will get two free websites, a 5 level, 10 unit step by step course that will allow you to build an affiliate business free. This course has zero up sells. Here’s a snapshot of WA’s free course with zero up sells!

Back to what is inside the freelance Marketing Secrets free ebook.

Freelance Secrets is laid out into 3 simple sections that briefly describe how affiliate marketing works, well, actually it doesn’t really explain how affiliate marketing works, but it does give you one way to promote products and gain traffic through affiliate marketing. FMS gives you the absolute basic outline on how affiliate marketing works, it really leaves a lot out, so don’t go into AWOL Academy thinking that this is all there is to affiliate marketing,  because it is far from what you will need to know to make money as an affiliate marketer.

Once you, get through all the hype you actually get to the reason you have downloaded the free PDF,  which is to learn something about affiliate marketing.

Here are the three sections touched on in Freelance Marketing Secrets….

Section 1) The first sign of substance begins in this first section. Section one is a basic introduction to affiliate marketing and goes into some brief detail on finding a market or a niche that you could participate in.

This section describes how you can utilize a keyword tool to find a profitable niche. Kaena demonstrates how you can use a keyword tool to find a niche to promote, he uses “Lose weight” as his example and how to decipher the data which you get from a keyword search.

Keala explains how the keyword tool works and how to use the information you get from the keyword tool to dial in on a niche that has some potential. Keala touches on what type of traffic you should expect and how much competition is acceptable when looking for a potential niche idea.

What I liked about this free e-book is, it does offer some value in the sense that they do recommend the proper affiliate marketing tools. A keyword tool for example is a critical component of Affiliate marketing. So many programs discount the effectiveness that using a keyword tool brings to an affiliate marketing business, in my opinion you shouldn’t participate in affiliate marketing unless you have access to one. I use Jaaxy for all my keyword research.

Section 2) This section is all about identifying or finding an affiliate marketplace. The example that Keana uses in this section for an affiliate marketplace is a digital marketplace called Clickbank. I have personally promoted products from Clickbank for many years now, the only issue I have ever had with Click banks platform are their high refund rates which go hand in hand with the market places lower end products. I have experienced many days where I might see a $400 day just dwindle away form refunds by the month’s end and payday. There are much better affiliate marketplaces that refund rates and quality of product are much better.

Keala goes into more detail on what an affiliate marketplace is and how it will serve your needs. Keala shows you how to take the results of your keyword research and find a product that corresponds with your search for a relevant product in Clickbank, or any other affiliate marketplace for that matter.

Section 3) This section touches on what comes after you have identified your product and have affiliated yourself with a online merchant. In this section keala lays out the basic chain of events or sales funnel that needs to be in place for an affiliate marketer to actually receive a sales commission.

The following illustration shows the sequence of events that are needed. It all starts off with the placement of an ad on Google or any social media platform such as Facebook. This leads to your capture page/squeeze page which branches off to your autoresponder, your offer,  and then hopefully to your bank account.

Like I said, this is a very generalized overview of what takes place to get customer in your niche/market to actually look at buying your product. It’s not as simple as Freelance Marketing Secrets makes it look, but it is a general overview on how the whole system works. Just keep in mind that this is only one marketing technique, there are many at the disposal of an affiliate marketer with the right training.

Lastly, the content inside freelance marketing secrets finishes off with a brief description on Basic terminology used in affiliate marketing. As you can see, there really isn’t a lot of valuable information inside freelance marketing secrets. I guess if anything this free e-book is good for the basic beginner that has absolutely no idea of what affiliate marketing is all about.

My Parting Words

If you have affiliate marketing experience don’t waste your time,  there’s no value to someone who has the basic concept of affiliate marketing, this is simply a sales funnel for the AWOL Academy. Like I mentioned earlier there’re tons of free information on Internet,  but it all will lead to an offer that you will be asked to pay for, so just keep that in mind.

You’ll also see within Freelance Marketing Secrets that there is a constant reference to signing up for a free masters class, once again this is simply another opportunity for Keala to warm you up to the idea of joining the AWOL Academy.

There’s nothing wrong with Keana pitching his product (AWOL Academy) inside a free offer, this is classic affiliate marketing at work. If you have some moral objection of using free stuff to gather emails or to get someone to look at your product then affiliate marketing may not be the business for you.

I am not for one minute saying you should park your morals at the affiliate marketing gates, that’s the furthest thing from what I am saying, but you do need to know how to make someone take action or you will never succeed at affiliate marketing.

While I am on the topic of ethics I want to touch on the $10,000 guarantee! This guarantee requires you to put out a lot of money and follow every step to the letter or you won’t see a dime, so take it for what it’s worth, there is no guarantee for someone looking to make money online!

My Inbox Pro – Where’s The Value In A My Inbox Pro Membership?

My Inbox Pro – Where’s The Value In A My Inbox Pro Membership?

My Inbox Pro - Money waster or worthwhile investment

If you are participating in internet marketing you know all to well the importance of incorporating email marketing into your arsenal of marketing techniques. My Inbox Pro is a program/tool that was designed to simplify the most advanced email marketing campaigns.

Read my Inbox Pro review and see if My Inbox pro will help you create email campaigns with limited technical ability. I will also look at the cost of the program compared with similar offers. Enjoy my Inbox Pro review and like always I welcome any experiences you may have had with this product as well as any thoughts or questions you may have on this Inbox Pro review, have a great day Mike.

What Is My Inbox Pro?

As you’ve probably already noticed, My Inbox Pro is an email marketing service, providing email and autoresponder services. My Inbox Pro was designed to help you capture subscribers as well as fully automate your email campaigns once your subscribers emails have been captured.

My Inbox Pro unfortunately has been associated or used by a few very suspect email delivery offers that have been proven to be outright scams. From what I can see My Inbox Pro is just an innocent bystander that has been involuntarily caught up in these particular scams that have used my Inbox Pro’s Inbox Services as a front for their scams, it’s my opinion that this tarnishes the reputation of My Inbox Pro in the process.

These scams recommend using My Inbox Pro’s platform and they will supply the unlimited leads that you can then input into the My Inbox Pro system to create email campaigns, turns out that these leads are just fake leads that go nowhere which you have forked out money for.

What Makes My Inbox Pro Special?

Honestly, nothing makes My Inbox Pro different from other like providers. Getaresponse, Aweber, Mailchimp all offer similar services as My Inbox Pro and in many cases, even better services when it comes to providing email services.

Collect Subscribers:

My Inbox Pro will help collect and organize emails from your subscribers. There are numerous ways to collect email subscribers. You can offer free material in the form of e-books, newsletters, free trials, website pop ups, really there are multiple ways to capture emails, only limitation is your imagination.

Unfortunately, the emails will not upload automatically, and must be done manually.

Email Automation:

My Inbox Pro will help create email campaigns and forever send out emails to new subscribers from the list you upload, whether your near a computer or not.

Pre-made Templates:

My Inbox Pro has a catalog of templates you can choose from to promote your services to your subscribers. This will help give a professional feel to your emails.

You still have the option of uploading your own templates.

This is something that will save you some time.

Tracking and Statistics:

This is a great feature that all email marketing systems should have. This will provide details such as delivery rate or your emails, open rate and much more.

How Much Does My Inbox Pro Cost?

There are six different pricing options, all on a subscription type basis. This mean’s you’ll be charged monthly for the services.

All the subscription options are basically the same, except each one limits the amount of subscribers you can have at any one time.

Who Runs/Owns My Inbox Pro?

Unfortunately there is little to no information on who the owners or founders are if My Inbox Pro.

There is an address given at the bottom of the screen on My Inbox Pro website, indicating a location 14090 FM 2920 Suite 300 Tomball, Texas.

When you search this site, the address on Google Maps takes you to a town center mall with Tomball Texas.

Another site pops up on my Google search called “ClickTactix”. This site has obviously been shut down or expired as each page I tried indicated “page is not found”.

The ClickTactixs website description is word for word identical to My Inbox Pro, including the “11,000 satisfied customers worldwide” speech given at the start of My Inbox Pro web page.

My thoughts wander to why they had to change to My Inbox Pro? And why they won’t indicate who the founders are, and who their parent company is?

Few Chinks In My Inbox Pro’s Armour!

Although I prefer my reviews to be as objective as I can, some services and programs have some really obvious red flags that ethically, I could not tell you about.

When looking through all the policy’s and legal information, it’s obvious the privacy policy is a copy and paste form. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, as a lot of popular websites have the same thing.

The flag I see there is that where they should be putting “company name” in some areas, they have just left it as [company_name]. I am not sure if it’s an over sight on their part, or if they are purposely avoiding telling their audience who the parent company is.

There are no refunds’ given, you must simply cancel your monthly subscription before the next billing cycle. However, the “contact” page indicates to “contact customer service for any questions [or for a] refund” on the form they provide. Kind of confusing?

They also have a blog on their site. I thought this was really cool until I noticed a few abnormalities.

The blog hasn’t been updated since August 2015, and every single blog post on their was updated on the same day, Aug 29th/2015.

When it comes to internet marketing, everything is constantly changing and evolving. There would be SOME updates needed to the system and software.

What I Like About My Inbox Pro

  • Multiple payment options;
  • Very simple and straight forward.

What My Inbox Pro Could Do Better

  • No refunds’;
  • Have to manually upload subscription email list to My Inbox Pro;
  • need more background information about themselves, transparency;
  • Update their site to today’s standard email marketing practices.

My Final Impression Of My Inbox Pro

Overall, if you’re only looking for basic functionality from an email marketing system, My Inbox Pro would cover those basics.

My Inbox Pro will help create email campaigns, generate subscription lists, and provides pre-made templates for emails for your marketing needs.

As mentioned above, you would have to manually input your subscribers emails for My Inbox Pro to generate campaigns and such. This is a feature most other email marketing systems provide automatically.

There’s also a lot I was unable to find about this company and it’s history, which always stops me from recommending a product or a program, transparency is a critical trust component for me and not knowing the origin of a program or product makes me feel uneasy to say the least.

Pricing and what you get for your dollar is a question marke for me also. I look at mailchimp which offers free email services for under 2000 subscribers and 12000 emails delivered per month. Then you have Getaresponse who offers a basic entry email package of $15 a month compared to My Inbox Pro’s basic package at $27 a month. There is also an outfit called Zoho which offers a free email maketing service similar to Mailchimp but a little more extensive. Aweber offers a basic package which includes unlimited emails but only 500 subscribers for $19.



Stack That Money Review 2018 – Is The STM Forum Worth $99?

Stack That Money Review 2018 – Is The STM Forum Worth $99?

I hope my Stack That Money review will equip you with the knowledge you need to make an informed decision before you decide to fork out $99 of your hard earned money. I am not an affiliate for Stack That Money, to be honest I never found enough value in the forum to stick around and become an affiliate. Stack That Money requires that you spend at least 6 months in their forum or $594 to qualify as an affiliate, mind you,  this still doesn’t guarantee your acceptance into their affiliate program.

To be honest, Stack That Money’s affiliation requirements kind of got me thinking that they were consumed with the almighty dollar which is never a good sign when I start looking into a program. This really made me dig down and write an in-depth Stack That Money review. Is this forum all about the money or does it really offer members value? Read on and find out!

What is Stack That Money?

Simply put, Stack That money is a forum design to help affiliate marketers network and learn from fellow affiliate marketers. STM offers discounted access to affiliate marketing tools such as tracking services and spy ware that can check on competitors affiliate campaigns.

Unlike most affiliate marketing forums,  Stack That Money offers more than a space to just shoot the shit with other affiliate marketers. STM offers tutorials on how to get started in affiliate marketing and actual case studies from high profile affiliate marketers such as Charles NGO. Charles is a very accomplished affiliate marketer whom I had the privilege of collaborating with as part of a free ebook on finding success with affiliate marketing. So STM does have its upside if you get to rub elbows with people like Charles NGO.

Here’s a quick video that will help you understand what STM is all about….

 Stack That Money,  Is It A Forum For Beginners?

If you watched that video above you get the message loud and clear from STM that their platform is great for beginners. I totally disagree with STM’s claim that their platform is beginner friendly. Yes,  STM does offer a  “40 – day newbie guide” but really that’s the only thing I saw that was truly beginner friendly. I would say if anything the Stack That Money forum is best suited towards the intermediate marketer.

What Kind Of Info Will You Find Inside STM?

Stack That Money is a forum that focuses on many aspects of affiliate marketing, not all. What I found with STM was the community is primarily focused on paid sources of traffic generation which if you are a beginner is not something I would recommend until you really understand who your traffic is and how to convert that traffic. Here are a few benefits of joining Stack That Money…

  • Opportunity to connect with traffic source and network reps
  • Hook up with affiliate network managers
  • Affiliate lawyers and tax consultants are present to answer questions
  • Access to tracking experts and vendor sponsored discounts on their tools and services
  • STM helps organize global hangouts where you can network with other affiliate marketers
  • Opportunity to view traffic source case studies ( I found important details were left out of most case studies I viewed)
  • Access to guides that help you with outsourcing certain aspects of your affiliate business. Once again this wouldn’t be something I would recommend for a new affiliate marketer. Sourcing out is for affiliates that have their business rolling and want to scale up their business.

What I do find of value are discussions relating to the “changing environment” that all affiliate marketers face on a daily basis. For example current Facebook changes to their news feed and advertising guidelines are discussed as they happen which could potentially save you some coin if you are looking at Facebook as a paid source of traffic. I still don’t feel this info is worth hanging around and paying $99 a month for when you can get current affiliate marketing related info and rub elbows with seasoned affiliate marketers on a  multitude of FREE affiliate marketing platforms.

 Would I Pay $99 A Month For A STM Membership?

Nope! Here’s putting the Stack The Money forum membership cost into perspective. I have been participating as an affiliate marketer for several years now, since 2010. I have had quite a lucrative career online to date with many offers to contribute my thoughts and tips to various promotions and ebooks offered to the public. I am considered an expert author on many writing and marketing platforms so I can say from experience that,  although STM does offer some great opportunities to network and gain some valuable insight into traffic generation techniques for example you can find much of what they offer fro free elsewhere online.

I feel STM is still a forum where you need to be vigilant on who you are linking up with and what their ulterior motives may be. Many affiliate marketers look at the $99 monthly STM membership as a cost of doing business with the opportunity to make that $99 back ten fold by selling you their services and affiliated tools.  Some affiliate marketers can predatory in nature and no fee is going to stop certain members from gaining access to a captive audience eager to make it rich online. I feel forums in general are bad places for newbies to source information do to the opportunity forums offer less than ethical affiliate marketers.

I hope there was something you could take away from my Stack That Money review, if nothing else just be cautious if you join and don’t believe everything you hear. You need very little tools to create a great living online, I personally only use two tools that I pay for and they are a keyword tool and an auto responder.





Wealthy Affiliate – My #1 Recommendation

Wealthy Affiliate – My #1 Recommendation

I have reviewed hundreds of online money making programs and Wealthy Affiliate Continues To Rank As My All-Time Highest Rated Program since 2010!

Now You Can Try It Absolutely FREE!

Follow the exact path I used to create an insane online income and you too can enjoy making thousands $$$$$ a month in online income from the comfort of your own home on your own schedule. Build your own online business at Wealthy Affiliate with my help and you to can….

  • Spend more time with the kids
  • Travel as much as you like
  • Have a retirement income like no other
  • Quit your job
  • Live a lifestyle you could only dream of
  • Spend More time doing what you want to not what you have to, such as fishing!I 

I am thrilled that you have taken the time to check out my website. I have been operating my online business for over 7 years now and have gained a ton of knowledge in the process that I would like to pass onto you!

Here’s just a little snap shot of some random commissions I have made over the years off one single affiliate item. I have multiple commissions every month from a variety of affiliate products just like the ones shown above. These commissions are all  generated working from home or anywhere in the world I want to work from. I don’t have a schedule and I work when I want!

I love to fish and golf, this last photo was just taken July 22/2018. Fished in the morning, home by 10:30 and had a tee off time at 12, that’s my life now that I work online. It’s really not that hard to enjoy the things you want to do in life, all you need to do is get started!

In Lisbon sept/2018

I am going to give you the “EXACT BLUEPRINT” I used to create these commissions and many more in less than 3 months. This isn’t a push button system it will take work on your part to get things up and running but once you are set up you will find that online income just keeps rolling in with very little effort.

This is by far the most powerful and effective method I have ever come across for making an awesome online income.

Take your time and read this page thoroughly, you don’t want to miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime! Today I am going to cover the following topics:

  • Who I am & why I am qualified to give you advice
  • How I learned to make money online
  • How to get started and work hand in hand with me today while keeping every penny in your pocket

Who’s Mike?

At the time of this post I am just hitting 55. I have owned offline businesses in areas such as helicopter logging, landscape and excavation businesses and I am also a journeyman meat cutter. All my business interests were fairly successful but didn’t offer a great pension and to be honest took a hell of a lot of my time generating just enough money to raise my family with very few extras. I put much of my income into giving my children a life that I felt they deserved which ultimately didn’t leave much in the way of savings for my wife and I to eventually retire on. I have always been somewhat creative so I set out to find a way to generate some income that I could supplement our retirement income with. This led me to the internet and eventually to Wealthy Affiliate. I make it sound pretty matter of fact and non eventful finding Wealthy Affiliate but it was not without some set backs which included my being relieved of my hard earned money on more than one occasion by people claiming to have the ultimate push button money making system which I unfortunately discovered didn’t have the slightest possibility of paying off.

Some of my interests are:

I love playing sports, hiking, fishing, traveling, craft beer and wine. I have a lovely wife and 3 grown children and two grandchildren I love spending time with. Since the creation of my online business I have had the luxury of  traveling extensively, fishing in some beautiful and remote regions of the world.

My wife and I frequently go on wine tours and love spending time just wandering the globe finding quaint little places to have a cocktail or a bite to eat. Traveling and camping with our kids and grandchildren is one of our favourite past times . My wife and I are off to Portugal this year for a month and last year we were in Malaysia for 3 months, all the time my online business is running leaving us with zero financial pressure. Sound like a life you might enjoy? Trust Me It’s Not That Hard To Achieve All This And More!

Here’s How I Built A Thriving Online Business From The Ground Up

When I started building my online business I had literally zero experience online. I didn’t have the foggiest idea on how I was going to make money online all I knew was there seemed to be a lot of potential given the fact that the internet was growing in popularity and people were getting more comfortable shopping online, something I knew I wanted to find a way to tap into. To make a long story short this is what I do to make money online….

I create content that makes a connection with people searching the internet for products/services and I get paid to do it.

With absolutely no skill to start with I have been able to create websites that I use to promote merchants products. People search Google looking for these products/services on Google, Bing and Yahoo and come across my websites and read my posts eventually they click on my links I place in these posts which direct them to the merchants that provide these products and services, a sale is made and I get paid, its that simple and something that you will see you can also learn how to do quite  easily.

Here’s a look at the process….

You can follow this simple process and make boat loads of income or you can use it to earn a nice part time income it really depends on how much time and effort you want to put into it. You can make $50 a day or $1000 a day and up there really are no limits if you are willing to work hard at it. There are literally hundreds of thousands of online merchants that are “DESPERATE” for people just like you that will agree to promote their products and services. Online merchants such as Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy, Lowes, Home Depot, Wayfarer and thousands of other online merchants have created programs that make it very easy for you to promote their products and services with ease, these programs are called affiliate programs. When you agree to promote products/services for these companies you become their affiliate. This isn’t a complicated process.

You are not responsible for the products, shipping or returns and you don’t have to sell anything.

As an affiliate you simply direct internet traffic and if that results in a sale you get a commission. In some cases you will get commissions just from people clicking on your links. Think of how many billions and billions of dollars are spent online, you only need a small fraction of those sales to make a huge difference in your life!

Are You Starting To See The Potential Of Creating Your Own Affiliate Business? 

There are affiliate programs for almost anything you can imagine. Almost every online merchant offers affiliate programs, like I said they are desperate for people just like you. Wealthy Affiliate teaches you ow to find products to promote and affiliate programs to join. You will also learn step by step how to create simple websites just like this one that can be optimized for promoting online merchants products. I will actually work side by side with you to create an online affiliate business from the ground up. Here’s a screen shot of a member (Jesse) I worked side by side with and helped create a thriving affiliate business promoting a variety of fitness products

When I first started working with Jesse he had zero experience working online just like I had when I started my online affiliate business. Jesse was in college and at the time had his hands full with his studies but he set a very modest time frame to build his online business and just plugged away at it when he had time as you can see for yourself in his post. Jesse is a member at WA who started by taking action and clicking on a link like the one you see here FREE starter Membership which gave Jessie an absolutely free starter membership with no strings attached. Jesse isn’t the only success story at WA there are many members who have created unbelievable incomes through the businesses they have built at WA.

Here are a few recent notables….

 Take note of JohnMiguels commission, that’s just one nights income from one product while he was sleeping. The cool thing is you can follow these guys and many more successful business owners and learn from their experiences all you have to do is click follow on their profile and you have their ear!

 Start Making Money Online Today!

All The Tools And Help You Will Need To Build Your Online Business In One Convenient Place completely FREE.

This page was created to give you a little insight into how I make my money online and How Wealthy Affiliate helped me build my online business. Here’s a peek at what WA has to offer in the way of tools, training and support.

Building A Website To Promote Products

To many this may sound like a complicated endeavour but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Building a website with WA is hands down one of the easiest things you will do. Here’s a snapshot of what is required on your part…

This is the whole website building exercise allows you to simply follow the prompts and all that is left is adding some content on you’re newly created website which I and WA will help you do and you are up and ready for business it’s really that simple.

How To Build Your Online Business With WA Is As Simple As Following Step By Step Training

Here is the training that will help you to create your online business with Wealthy Affiliate.

Finish this simple 5 level course and you are well on your way to creating a longterm income from your online business. You won’t need any complicated or costly tools you will have everything you need inside WA.

Katie, my latest protege at Wealthy Affiliate

Every week I get new members to work with and last week Katie joined WA under a FREE starter membership. Katie is a teacher and a mother of a young one so her time is very limited. What Katie has going for her is the desire to build a better life for her new family. Katie picks a way at her step by step training and in a short 4 days Katie has created a site to drive traffic to her network marketing venture called Pampered Chef.

Just think in 4 short days with a few hours here and there Katie has built her website structure following simple step by step instructions supported by a community of over 1 million members. Katie is now ready to create relevant content that will drive traffic to her new site which will then be directed to her Pampered Chef supplied website. Websites that are supplied by MLM offers are usually not good for anything other than to make sales transactions and learn a little about the products. As I mentioned to Katie the real money in MLM’s such as Pampered Chef is made by recruiting new members, so Katie and I have developed a strategy to focus on recruiting members for her downline, we are looking at promoting Pampered Chef as a Biz Op.

Katie will now start to create relevant content with “my help” that will rank high in search engines and drive traffic to her site. Content creation is so simple that anyone can do it, you don’t need any writing skills to create engaging content with the help of Wealthy Affiliates content creation training. Here’s a screen shot of just one single page that Katie has created in such a short time with Wealthy Affiliates step by step training. By the end of the month Katie will have multiple posts that rank high in search engines such as Google that are relevant to what Pampered Chef offers. This will drive traffic to Katies new site and ultimately to Katies biz op!

The next screenshot is of how I have an ongoing working relationship with  Katie and how we will get to the point in a very short period of time that we are driving lots of traffic to her offer. You can do this with any affiliate product you choose doesn’t have to be a network marketing product, Wealthy Affiliate helps you find affiliate products and online merchants to work with to create a nice online income.

As you can see by the screen shot of Katies site she hasn’t had time to follow my suggestions yet but that’s life, you work on your promotions when you can! I am sure by next week Katies site will be well on it’s way to driving traffic to her offer. You don’t need to spend countless hours or income driving people to a product, few hours here and there and before long you will have good traffic looking at your product!

You have nothing to lose and so much to gain by trying out a free starter membership at Wealthy Affiliate today. WA has a Black Friday sale coming up for only $299 for the year which is a steal, you get everything you need, no extra costs! So get in and have a look, it’s free, they don’t ask for any credit info, if you don’t like what you see simply walk away, no questions asked.

Get Your FREE Membership Here!

You Will Have Plenty Of Support From Wealthy Affiliate And Myself

Wealthy Affiliate offers a multitude of support options that work in concert to make sure you never find yourself without answers or help.

  • One on one help from myself
  • One on one help from the owners of WA Kyle & Carson
  • 24/7 support desk, in house not contracted out so they know their stuff
  • Live chat where you can get live help from expert affiliate marketers such as my self
  • Support from a community of over 400,000 members

 Here’s a screen shot of my profile and a small sample of how I work hand in hand step by step with members that Join WA to work with me!

Dillon signed up through this website and is now well on his way to creating a profitable online business that will provide him and his family with a great income form many years to come. Here’s another member I work with one on one which doesn’t cost you one single dime extra. Terrance likes sports so he wondered if he could get into promoting some sports related items. Not all sports related items make for good money making products, some products if too broad will have a ton of competition so I work with members to find products that are profitable to promote in areas that they can dominate. Terrance ended up building a site on kids soccer equipment which turned out to be a very nice niche where Terrance in time will be the go to guy for Kids soccer equipment. Here’s how we got to that stage very quickly, within minutes actually…

This is just a snippet of our correspondence which is actually quite lengthly but this gives you an idea of how hands on my support is and will be for you if you decide to join me. For many finding a profitable “niche” ( products to promote) can be time consuming and to be honest a little stressful but this is my area of expertise and I work hand in hand with you to get you through this process very quickly so you can start creating your online business. My goal is to get you up and running as fast as possible. You can also ask any question of the community  by simply typing in your question at the top of your WA screen. Not only will you find immediate training resources but your question goes out to the WA community and it is not uncommon to get an answer within minutes if not seconds.

Are You Involved In Network Marketing And Stuck With No Customers, WA Can Help!

I work with many Network Marketers on a daily basis looking to grow their Network Marketing business. Unfortunately with many MLM’s they don’t offer the support and the training needed to reach the vast and lucrative Internet Market. I work one on one with you to bring your Network Marketing to the next level helping you reach your full potential all you need is to bring the effort. I think you can see why Wealthy Affiliate remains my top rated work from home program for the last 7 years. WA keeps adding more and more training and services at the same low price which leads me to the next topic….

What Will A Wealthy Affiliate Membership Cost You?

This is the sweet part, you don’t have to spend a single dime for  WA’s free starter membership,  its absolutely free to get started building your online business at WA. Wealthy Affiliate has 100% confidence in their program. WA feels they offer the best opportunity for people who want to create a profitable online business from the comfort of their own home and I have to agree.  WA’s FREE starter membership signup requires no payment info or anything like that, you don’t think after doing it for a while building an online income is for you then simply walk away no questions asked. Wealthy Affiliate offers one other membership level which is their premium membership which is completely optional. I feel the premium membership “should only” be  utilized if you want to have access to absolutely everything WA has to offer. A premium membership will give you access to

  • Thousands of custom WordPress website themes
  • Unlimited access to both owners Kyle & Carson
  • Unlimited websites and state of the art hosting
  • Hundreds and hundreds of specialized training module
  • Live weekly webinars
  • Unlimited access to live ask an expert sessions

This is just a fraction of what you get access to as a premium member. You can get your first month premium membership for $19 and $49 a month for following months. There are no up sells inside WA, you will not be asked to pay for anything other than a premium membership if that is your choice.

I Look Forward To Helping You Create A Great Income Online!

I have reviewed hundreds of work from home programs and Wealthy Affiliate still holds my designation as my #1 recommended program for building a work from home business. I make an income from a variety of affiliate products and my success is directly attributed to Wealthy Affiliates program. I now live life on my terms and you can to by taking the first step. Look forward to working with you!

AWOL Academy Review – AWOL Academy Scam Or Worth The Premium Price?

AWOL Academy Review – AWOL Academy Scam Or Worth The Premium Price?

AWOL Academy is a pitched as high end internet marketing training program which asks for some pretty high membership fees.  I will give you my insight into AWOL based on my many years of experience working online.

Read my AWOL Academy review and see if AWOL is justified in asking a premium price for their offer or, if they are simply another scam trying to sell people on the idea that a high ticket price means you are getting a premium product.

What Is AWOL Academy? 

AWOL Academy was created by two former Empower Network members  Keala Kanae and Kameron George. Empower Network was another high ticket item that made a few members rich off of recruiting wannabe internet marketers.

AWOL Academy was established in 2015 to help aspiring internet marketers gain a presence online and ultimately an income through the AWOL training platform. According to Keala and Kameron the AWOL Academy was designed to be the most comprehensive Internet Marketing Education & Mentorship platform on the market.

AWOL stands for “another way of life”,  kind of catchy, I guess that does sum up what participating as an internet marketer gives you, another way of living life to its fullest, it sure has had that impact on my life!

 AWOL Academy Review

AWOL Academy has 6 different program components that relate to affiliate marketing  and utilizing paid sources of traffic generation. It’s really up to you how far you want to proceed with your training at the Academy,  of course how much moola you have at your disposal is a big factor in how far you proceed also,  the training doesn’t look cheap!

 What Are The 6 components That Make Up AWOL Academy’s Training?

  1. AWOL Pro Academy – $99
  2. Inbox Academy – $297
  3. Conversion Academy – $997
  4. Traffic Academy – $997
  5. Masters Academy – $3497
  6. AWOL Elite – $9997

Training costs (without tools and additional services required) if you enrolled in all the training – $15884.

You can get all the training by buying the AWOL Elite package for $9997 which saves you a few grand off the top!

Here are a few basic services and tools that you will need to implement the training that you receive at the AWOL Academy…

  • LeadPages $48 – $79 per month, this is a landing page creation service
  • GetResponse $15 per month and up, this is your email responder service
  • ClickMagick  $12 – $17 per month, this offers a tracking service for your ad campaigns

I received all the training and tools I needed to make literally thousands of dollars in income every month for less than $30 a month! Check out the program I used here!

A Glance At What You Get With Each Component

AWOL Pro Academy – $99

  • Brief orientation video
  • Fill out your profile and contact information
  • Finish the ‘AWOL Coaching’ steps
  • Sign up for a coaching call

This component basically gives you an introduction into affiliate marketing, which is what you will be learning at the AWOL Academy. You will watch a total of 25 videos covering basic topics such as….

  • Introduction to affiliate marketing
  • Choosing a domain
  • Setting up web hosting
  • Installing WordPress
  • Creating a custom email address for your domain

Inbox Academy – $297

This is an emailing course that provides…

  • Introduction to emailing prospects
  • Delivering emails
  • Discussion on “Open rates”
  • Click through rates

This course will take you through all the steps, from set up to the following up on captured emails.

Conversion Academy $997

This course is all about increasing the effectiveness and conversion rate of your sales funnel. This course covers topics such as…

  •  Story Telling
  •  Mind Control Hacks
  •  Live Sales Formula
  • Evergreen Sales Formula
  •  High Ticket Sales
  •  Affiliate Tracking

Traffic Academy $997

This course contains considerable amount of decent material in relation to getting targeted traffic through social media platforms such as Facebook. Might want to rethink the Facebook component of this course for the simple reason at the time that I published this review Facebook was in the process of completely overhauling the way it shows ads which could make the Facebook portion of this training obsolete. All in all I felt this component was the best overall value offered by AWOL Academy.

  •  FB Traffic Academy
  •  YouTube Traffic Formula
  •  Instagram Traffic Formula
  • Bing/ Yahoo Traffic
  •  CPA Traffic Formula

Masters Academy $3497

This course is based on the psychology of internet marketing and basically preparing your mind to take you to the next level. Here are a few topics that are covered…

  •  Mindset Hacks
  •  Wealth Strategies
  •  Solopreneur to CEO

AWOL Elite $9997

This is the pinnacle to your training with the AWOL Academy. This particular course offers everything that AWOL Academy has to offer including reviews of your sales funnels, weekly webinars and access to AWOL Academy’s private FB group.

Is There Any Guarantee That I will Make Money With AWOL Academy?

If you believe everything that Kameron and Keala is saying to you, then the answer would be yes. Unfortunately being the skeptic that the internet has made me I caution you to read the fine print if you think you are going to be eligible for AWOL Academy’s $10,000 money back guarantee.

AWOL Academy has set criteria that must be followed to be eligible for a refund which is as follows….

You need to have bought into the AWOL Elite package which cost $9997.

Complete the 5 pillars of success daily which are as follows…

  • Listen to audio for 20-30 minutes on relevant topics
  • Read 20-30 minutes on relevant topics
  • Generate traffic and leads daily
  • Email your list daily
  • Ask and answer questions within the AWOL community forum

Unless you follow these guidelines to the tee your chances of seeing your $10,000 guarantee are slim to none. My advice is, never go into a program thinking of getting your money back, focus on success not failure!

Is AWOL Academy A Scam?

AWOL Academy actually made my approved category so that should give you an indication of what I think of their program and no I am not an affiliate!

Many would not agree with my giving AWOL approved status but here are my thoughts….

The AWOL Academy feels their training is deserving of a premium price tag and only the market will dictate whether this is reasonable or not. AWOL Academy isn’t a scam because it offers some really good training albeit expensive in my opinion, this doesn’t make it a scam!

Speaking from personal experiences and helping literally thousands of new internet marketers get a start online. Knowing the financial pressures of building an online presence even at the bottom end of the cost scale for training can be an overwhelming experience. If I can give you any advice at all,  keep your costs as low as you can to start and source as much training as you can for FREE!

Is Power Lead System A Scam? A Revealing Review

Is Power Lead System A Scam? A Revealing Review

Power Lead System is pitched as another” business in a box”. By the end of this revealing Power Lead System review you will have a good idea whether this program is for you, hey, maybe this will be the one program that will make your online money making aspirations a reality! Sit back,  get out that bag of potato chips and enjoy the read.

A Little Background On The Power Lead System

michael-price-cofounder-power-lead-systemWho’s the owner of Power Lead System?

If you read some of the reviews out there they will tell you Rob Fore is the PLS frontman, ummmm, No! Rob Fore is a big time marketer who promotes PLS  but he is not the creator of this program. The actual creators are Neil Guess and Michael Price.

Michael Price – From what I have dug up Michael Price is a former trainer in the Anthony Robbins company and the founder/CEO of Priceless Possibilities so I guess I would say he has some very nice credentials and credibility.

Neil Guess –  Couldn’t find a whole lot on Neil Guess only that he is an Internet Marketer based in Tacoma Washington.

How Long Has The Power Lead System been in Operation?

PLS has been in operation for roughly 2 years , pre launched in 2013, not very long when you compare it to more established programs. Longevity is something you need to look at when you consider joining a program like PLS, if they have stood the test of time then there’s a chance that it could be the real deal, with PLS it’s a little too soon to use the “test of time theory” as an indicator for success.

What Exactly Is The Power Lead System?

This program is pitched as a business in a box. The Power Lead System  is a marketing system that provides access to what they say are the” most powerful marketing tools available”. The key here is they provide access to marketing tools,  they haven’t actually created these marketing tools that I am aware of but have put this group of tools together giving you access to purchase the right to use them or resell this package to others.

What’s The Benefit To Joining The Power Lead System?

If you buy into the PLS sales pitch then you are joining the Power Lead System to enjoy the benefits of having access to this suite of premium marketing tools conveniently packaged all at your fingertips, no need to run around looking for marketing tools to run your online business.  For a monthly fee of roughly $24 bucks a month you can have the right to sell this suite of marketing tools to the public,  I personally have never been one to buy the right to sell I prefer it the other way round where people pay me to sell products, personal preference, either way you can make money!

What’s The Cost Of A Membership In The Power Lead System?multi-level-marketing-levels

To be a member in PLS it will cost you $30 a month, if you don’t want to be a member and just sell the PLS tool package this privilege will cost you $24 bucks a month and you will still get commissions. When you actually do the math,  a membership in the PLS program is worth $6 and after that really you are paying for the right to sell marketing tools.

What I Did Like About PLS

I would say they do have an interesting commission structure if you have the experience to recruit and promote their product line. Their tool suite is what I would consider to be of good value.

PowerLeadSystem3The Power Lead System Is An MLM Offering

The Power Lead System has all the traits of an MLM.  People that don’t know what an MLM is,  here is a quick overview. An MLM is a program that promotes the sale of products  but puts an emphasis on recruitment for a large part of their revenue structure , I believe this is the case with the Power Lead System. For every person you can coax into PLS you will receive $20 putting the focus squarely on the benefit of getting recruitment commissions, this is what qualifies PLS as a MLM in my opinion.

A Few Things To Consider!

If you are joining the Power Lead System join it for the right reasons, join because they have a sound recruitment system in place that brings people through the door so you can make your referral commissions not relying solely on the sale of internet marketing tools to make revenue. PLS has stiff competition in the marketing tool niche with established programs such as Pure Leverage and My Lead Systems Pro, Elite Marketing Pro and many others offering very similar and frankly,  better product lines.

The Power Lead System is just one of thousands of MLM opportunities. Unfortunately  most MLM participants fail at making any significant income for the simple reason they lack the knowledge to reach a broad market. I feel more people would find success with MLM’s if they invested a little time, not much, learning affiliate marketing.

Bottom line is,  you need a website and the knowledge on how to market your MLM to a broad audience, if you don’t have a website you might as well be a door to door salesman selling to friends and family which limits your earning potential. When people run out of relatives and acquaintances they are out of options.