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Expert Secrets Review – Free Expert Advice

Expert Secrets Review – Free Expert Advice

Experts Secrets Review

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Published:  April 2016

Author: Russell Brunson


Russell Brunson has come out with another book to join the ranks of some of his previous books notabaly dotcomsecrets. Russel’s newest rendition is  called Experts Secrets, Within Russel’s latest book Expert Secrets you will learn Russell’s system to turning any idea or hobby into an online money making venture. Russell lets you in on the system that he developed and today uses to drive millions of prospective buyers to his offers. In Russell’s Expert secrets Russell lays out for you step by step how you can draw thousands of targeted people to your service or offer.

Do you feel like you have an idea or a talent or just plain good at something? Through Russell’s  Expert Secrets you will learn how to turn that talent or interest into a great living. 

In my Experts Secrets Review I will touch on the man behind the book and I will also explain in detail what I liked about the Experts Secrets book, and what I feel could be improved within the book ending with whether I feel this is a book you need to have.

Read ahead to find out more!

A Little Overview Of The Experts Secrets Book

 Russel is a very high energy guy and very passionate about what he does and from what I see is very good at it. Russel has been known to collaborate with prominent motivational speakers such as the likes of Tony Robbins.

Russell has been actively coaching aspiring online entrepreneurs for well over 12 years on how to implement the system that he has developed. Russell has created a system that allows people to take an interest or a skill and turn it into a huge following. Instead of teaching people how to become masters of online marketing which Russell is , he has decided to make a book revealing the art of turning a skill or knowledge into an opportunity to teach people your skill and get paid quite well for doing so!

Russell’s FREE Experts Secrets book is for anyone who has information they want to share, anyone that uses ClickFunnels, or anyone looking to influence and create a following will benefit from reading Russell’s book. Expert Secrets focuses on going from learning to teaching, and will walk you through that process from start to finish, take any talent and turn it into a money making business.

What Russell Say’s About Experts Secrets

Russell refers to his new book Experts Secrets as the second half of your journey, where you’ve learned everything you can within a certain niche, and now want to turn that knowledge into a powerful following which has the ability to make you a handsome income online.

Expert Secrets will help you along in different ways such as:

  • Building you up as a leader;
  • Building a mass movement; and
  • Showing you how to share your knowledge and make money from it.

Over the past 12 years Russell has successfully helped many new online entrepreneurs market and share products with the growing number of internet users . In Expert Secrets Russell explains how to build a complete marketing strategy and position your product in the marketplace to make money, a good example of what Russell teaches in Expert Secrets is how  a very simplistic idea such as creating  “a guide to building a potato gun” can translate into a very nice income by using the techniques laid out for you in Expert Secrets.

If you think you may have a simple idea I think you will benefit from reading Russell’s FREE book!

Get your free copy by clicking on the image below

What’s Inside The Experts Secrets Book?

The first 4 sections of the book (63 pages) really set the foundation, and I’ll go into detail about them below! However, the entire book consists of 5 different sections with a total of 22 experts secrets. Each one of these sections talks about different ways to become sought after as an expert in your niche.

Section #1 Creating Your Mass Movement

Secret #1: The Charismatic Leader/Attractive Character

Secret #2: The Cause

Secret #3: The New Opportunity

Secret #4: The Opportunity Switch

This section includes a lot of topics on personal growth and development. Russell will touch on wealth, health, and relationships, as well as figuring out where you fit into the grand scheme of things and what niche you’ll want to start teaching.

Section #2 Creating Belief

Secret #5: The Big Domino

Secret #6: The Epiphany Bridge

Secret #7: The Hero’s Two Journeys

Secret #8: The Epiphany Bridge Script

Secret #9: False Belief Patterns

Secret #10: The 3 Secrets

This section is all about creating a “culture” behind your product. You learn to take your own message and have people understand and buy into your message. 

Section #3 Your Moral Obligation

Secret #11: The Stack Slide

Secret #12: The Perfect Webinar

Secret #13: The One Thing

Secret #14: Breaking and Rebuilding Belief Patterns

Secret #15: The Stack

Secret #16: Trial Closes

This section talks about offering new opportunities to your followers and learning to build new rather than fix the old. Russell explains how to communicate with your readers break down barriers and have them welcome you into their world so that you may teach them what you know.

Section #4 The Funnels

Secret #17: The Perfect Webinar Model

Secret #18: The 4-Question Close (For High-Ticket Offers)

Secret #19: The Perfect Webinar Hack

Secret #20: Email Epiphany Funnels

Secret #21: Epiphany Product Launch Funnels

In this section Russell explains in this section how to create opportunities for your followers. You’ll learn how to make money by helping others make money!

Section #5 What’s Next

Secret #22: Fill Your Funnel

This is a wrap up section explaining how to maximize your funnels and earning potential once you’ve established your followings.

What Makes Experts Secrets Stand Out?

So, what makes Russell’s Experts Secrets book stand for me and rate it so high?

Russell owns several online businesses, including a software company (ClickFunnels), and a supplement company, as well as multiple best selling books and websites. Russell has done it all online, he’s found success and failure and he passes this knowledge onto you in his latest book Expert Secrets.

What Are People Saying About Experts Secrets?

On amazon where you will have to purchase Expert Secrets 85% of the people who purchased the book gave Expert Secrets 5/5 stars. Comments referring to the value that Expert Secrets offers such as

” tens of thousands of dollars worth of information”  

“it’s a good book to continuously reference back to”.

What I Liked About Experts Secrets

  • Teaches you how to communicate to larger crowds as well as how to share advice;
  • The book will help build and develop relationship skills;
  • Not only will the book give you confidence, it will help you become a self-starter;
  • Russell is a great writer, and you’re never bored when reading his books;
  • Everything within the book is laid out as a step-by-step, and is easy to follow;
  • A book worth referencing as it has tons of small pieces of valuable information;
  • The book comes with a 100% money back guarantee, and you get to keep the book.

How Could Experts Secrets Be Better!

There are always a few aspects that even a good product can improve on as is the case with Russell’s latest book.  Although Expert Secrets lays things out for you in a step by step format I feel it still lacks a little in the thoroughness department, I found myself at times reading between the lines so to speak, trying to fill in the blanks where I thought more info was needed.

Of course, you may have noticed, the experts secrets book isn’t actually Free so I am not going to get to picky. You get the physical book for free, but the shipping and handling comes at your own expense, and if you live international you are starting to get up there in price but still well worth the investment I feel.

Really there’s not much more that I don’t like about this book I think its well worth the read and offers some really good information that can be applied in some manner in your life even if you decide not to follow through with this endeavour.


Overall, Russell is someone who has been around the block and I feel confident that his work is honest and real. Russell is a great writer, and really has a knack for putting his thoughts down on paper and he is no slouch at making videos either.

In my Experts Secrets Review, I gave the book a 4/5 stars because I believe there’s  something valuable in this book that everyone can utilize.

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Dotcomsecrets Review

Dotcomsecrets Review

Dotcomsecrets Review

Rating: [yasr_overall_rating size=”medium”]
Cost: Free (plus shipping and handling $7.95)
Published: 2015
Author: Russell Brunson

Hope you enjoy my Dotcomsecrets review. Russel’s first book offers a wealth of valuable information for any budding online marketer. Enjoy my Dotcomsecrets review and by all means leave me your thoughts and any questions you may have, cheers Mike.

Mastering the art of online marketing/affiliate marketing takes time and a certain level of creative skill and imagination. In the dotcomsecrets book Russell Brunson takes you step by step through the world of online marketing and some tricks of the trade and techniques he used to create his online empire . Russel has done it all and is quick to admit to making many mistakes and missed out on many opportunities during his rise to internet stardom, Russell has decided to share his online marketing secrets with you through his first book called Dotcomsecrets.

Dotcomsecrets is a “underground playbook for growing your company or offer online”, Russel’s techniques work for any scale business whether you are just breaking into the online marketing scene or operate a large scale operation you will find that all the techniques in Dotcomsecrets apply to all sizes and shapes of online opportunities.

Russel will show you the magic behind growing your business and generating more profits. Russell has tried and tested every single type of online marketing technique provided in Dotcomsecrets, Russel reveals it all!

In this Dotcomsecrets review I’ll talk about who Russell is, what the book is all about, some of the attributes of Dotcomsecerts as well as what I liked, and maybe a few areas the book could have been improved in my opinion.

Get Your Free Copy Of Dotcomsecrets Here!

Read ahead to find out more…

Who’s Is Russell Brunson?

Russell is a best selling author and internet phenom, as well Russell owns his own supplement company not to mention one of his most popular business entities a software company called (ClickFunnels) created to help online marketers.

Russell has been mentoring people in online marketing for well over 12 years now and still going strong .When Russell first started his career selling online, he sold anything to anyone, but what he really wanted to do was help people build real businesses online as well as helping existing businesses take there operations to the next level by harnessing the power of the internet.

As time went on Russel saw there was a void that needed to be filled and that he had the expertise to fill that void. Helping people bring their online business aspirations to life big or small became Russell’s passion.

Russel has created a series of books geared to helping online marketers and businesses reach their full potential online starting with his first book in the series called Dotcomsecrets.

What Is Dotcomsecrets?

Dotcomsecrets is available in paper or offered as a online ebook. Dotcomsecrets provides tips and suggestions on taking your online company or affiliate offer to the next level. Russell has tried it all and through trial and error Russel has perfected a system to convert sales like no one has ever done before, and he’s decided to share his secrets with you within Dotcomsecrets,

Dotcomsecrets is a USA today and Amazon best-selling book that has sold a whopping 92,298 copies and counting (but you can have access to it FREE by simply clicking here!)

Although Russell originally started attracting larger scale companies that needed to unlock the power of the internet, the techniques and strategies provided within the book are meant to help any size of company or individual wanting to create traffic for their product, from a newbie, to a mega company looking to grow their platforms exposure online Dotcomsecrets has it all.

In Dotcomsecrets Russell talks a lot about attracting the right kind of audience and identifying who your audience is. Russell learned quickly that the key to success is identifying who your target audience is and what kind of people he needed to attract and then developed his strategies on how he was going to go about reaching and attracting that audience.

Russell will teach you how to create “bait” that will attract the right audience and weed out the ones that are just kicking tires. Dotcomsecrets will show you multiple methods on getting  traffic to your doorstep and ultimately what to do with that traffic once it is there. Converting traffic to sales is a key component to achieving success online and Dotcomsecrets will walk you through proven methods to convert that traffic to money in your pocket.

Dotcomsecrets will show you how to change a small amount of traffic into a mega highway of traffic to your offer, who doesn’t need more traffic especially when it’s targeted traffic that will convert.

The method within dotcomsecrets is geared towards building high converting sales funnels, which will take your customers through a series of steps, engaging and culminating in an eventual sale.

Some techniques touched on in Dotcomsecrets are running effective email campaigns, the use of landing pages, videos creation and webinars to keep customers coming back for more.

What I really enjoyed about the Dotcomsecrets book is that Russell really focuses on targeting an audience, delivering value, and creating engagement with your customers all critical components I personally have used to build my successful online business. The components I just mentioned are a huge part of finding online marketing success, and it seems Russell has really dialled into this aspect of online marketing in Dotcomsecrets.

A little More Of What’s Inside Dotcomsecrets

Dotcomsecrets comes with a ton of helpful marketing strategies and the theory behind using these strategies. Russell supplies templates that he personally uses to attract more paying customers to his offers. The book is approx. 255 pages short, but is jam packed with all the essential knowledge of an experienced and successful online marketer.

Russell states that his dotcomsecrets book is NOT just about getting more traffic and conversions, however, he does go to say that if you utilize all of his techniques that it will only help to improve those metrics within your online business. Dotcomsecrets comes with 5 different sections, which are broken down into 13 different secrets in relation to making your online business successful, as well as 7 different funnels you can use to improve conversions and traffic to your site.

  Section One: Ladders and Funnels

Secret #1 The Secret Formula
Secret #2 The Value Ladder
Secret #3 From Ladder To Funnel
Secret #4 How To Find Your Dream Customer
Secret #5 The Three Types of Traffic

Section one is all about why you may be losing money with your current funnels ( or maybe you don’t use funnels and this is why you aren’t converting as well as you should be). This section also focuses on targeting more traffic and conversions.

  Section Two: Your Communication Funnel

Secret #6 The Attractive Customer
Secret #7 The Soap Opera Sequence
Secret #8 Daily Seinfeld Sequence

This section is where you’ll learn to communicate with your customers about what you’re selling, and why they have to have it!

  Section Three: Funnelology Leading Your Customers 99 to the Sale (Over and Over Again)

Secret #9 Reverse Engineering a Successful Funnel
Secret #10 Seven Phases of a Funnel
Secret #11 The 23 Building Blocks of a Funnel
Secret #12 Frontend VS Backend Funnels
Secret #13 The Best Bait

This section will talk about and breaks down the phases of a funnel, and how to effectively utilize them in your online business.

  Section Four: Funnels and Scripts

Frontend Funnels
Funnel #1: Two-step, Free-Plus-Shipping
Funnel #2: Self-Liquidating Offer
Funnel #3: Continuity
Funnels for the Middle of the Value Ladder
Funnel #4: The Perfect Webinar
Funnel #5: Invisible Funnel Webinar
Funnel #6: Product Launch
Backend Funnel
Funnel #7: High-Ticket, Three-Step

Russell shares all of the most effective funnels that he uses on a daily basis within Section Four. You can choose to copy these funnels, or tweak them to reflect what you want to get out of them.

  Section Five: Introduction to ClickFunnels


This is a wrap up section (where Russell talks a little about ClickFunnels). Of course you don’t have to use ClickFunnels, but it is an important platform that Russell has developed to support some of the techniques described in dotcomsecrets.

Throughout Dotcomsecrets, Russell walks you step-by-step through the process of identifying  the audience you want to target, and how to create sales funnels that your audience will fall in love with.

What Kind Of Support Can You Expect To Get With Dotcomsecrets?

When you purchase the book, you do have the option of joining a private Facebook group which is full of people just like yourself,  people who are reading the Dotcomsecrets book and have questions or just want to bounce ideas off like minded people.

In addition to the private Facebook group, if you end up signing up with ClickFunnels, you have access to ClickFunnels support via 3 different options,  their help line Monday – Friday 9am – 9pm, email support, and even live chat with a specialist!

What I liked About Dotcomsecrets

  • Teaches proven techniques used to make money online.
  • Strategies mentioned and taught are ones actually used by Russell himself;
  • Teaches you how to identify your audience;
  • Teaches you how to target whatever audience you want, and get conversions from that traffic;
  • Book is free on the website (plus shipping and handling $7.95);
  • Russell is a very entertaining writer, the book is easy to read and the techniques provided are easy to implement;
  • Great book to keep as a reference guide ;
  • The book teaches you how to engage your customers!

What I didn’t like about Dotcomsecrets

  • Have to pay for shipping and handling (not really free)
  • Little bit of upselling in the book for ClickFunnels;
  • Book encourages the use of ClickFunnels, but you can only get a 14 day free trial after that you have a monthly payment.

My Conclusion

All in all I feel this is a great read if nothing else and will give you some valuable insight into what it takes to bring a customer to your virtual doorstep and how motivate that customer to purchase your product. As an affiliate marketer myself I know how hard it is to get traffic and convert that traffic to sales. Every technique that Russell reveals in his Dotcomsecrets book are techniques I use everyday in my online business with success I might add so I see the value in what Russell is promoting within his first book.

Watch The Video Below and See If Dotcomsecrets Is A Book You May Benefit From Owning.