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CB Passive Income 4.0 Review – Scam Or Legit?

CB Passive Income 4.0 Review – Scam Or Legit?

Cost: $47/month or $497 one-time

Founder: Patric Chan

Established: 2013


Have you ever imagined having a turn key system that would make you money automatically? Something that has been used in the internet marketing scene for 5 years now?

Patric Chen is a best-selling author of Wake up Millionaire and several other books, Chen has spoken to audiences in 12 countries as an internet marketing authority since 2005. He seems like a genuine guy, but what about his product CB Passive Income 4.0? Does it pass the income sniff test? Enjoy my CB Passive Income review and get my opinion on whether I feel this is a legit income generating offer. I welcome any questions, comments or experiences with the CB Passive Income program.

Patric Chen claims to provide CB Passive Income 4.0 as an income generating system, Patric also claims his program will make you money on “autopilot”, a term that that quite frankly concerns me.

In this CB passive income 4.0 review, I’m going to show you what this autopilot system is all about. I’ll highlight some of the tools and resources you’ll receive by signing up as a member, as well as taking a quick look at the training you’ll have access to.

I will also look at the support mechanisms that are in place to help you get the most out of this product.

What Is Patric Chen’s CB Passive Income?

If we think about it in the most simplistic terms possible, Patric has created a bunch of squeeze pages for users to clone, and push traffic to your offer. Your traffic is then funneled through to another page where visitors emails are capture through the offering of free products. In theory this sounds quite plausible, but we will see if theory or realism prevail a little later in this CB Passive Income 4.o review.

Patric and his team then use these captured email subscriptions to push profitable products through to their new email subscribers, and any commissions made are instantly yours. Sounds fairly simple!

Patric has allowed members to clone web pages that he claims to be “exclusive” to members only, that includes all product promotions, and email marketing.

Patric utilizes Clickbank, and pushes all promotions from Clickbank as he firmly believes this is the best way to go. After all, Clickbank offers on average 40 – 50% commission paid from sales related to digital products online.

Your first step after signing up would be to create a Click Bank affiliate account which is free to do, I actually have one and have sold quite a few Click Bank products over the years. Once you have a click Bank affiliate id you then enter your Clickbank information into the CB Passive Income dashboard.

You then get to choose which page of Patrics that you would like to clone. From there you would jump into the training on how to properly promote and generate traffic through to the cloned web page.

As traffic starts flowing, Patric and his team with capture those email addresses and start sending promotional emails. Any commissions made are yours for life!

**You’ll notice that there are different versions of CB Passive Income, and Patric is currently releasing his 5.0 model. All versions are somewhat similar as the previous, they just update a few things each time. **

Who Is CB Passive Income For?

Because Patric claims to give ideal training, and promises an almost complete autopilot system, I might add,  I have never come across a complete auto pilot system after years of reviewing programs that claim income on autopilot, but you never know this may be the first. The program was created for intermediate to experienced marketers.

What Tools And Resources Are Available After Signing Up?

It’s a fairly straight forward process to get your membership with CB Passive Income 4.0. You’ll get your choice of a clone capture page, all ready to go with unique links, and all other tools, including domain costs and hosting fees, so far sounds like a decent deal.

Patric will constantly keep your web page updated, and show you the valuable products they are promoting to your subscribers. From this, the idea is that once you generate traffic, you should start to see a steady stream of income.

Patric creates the content, and does all the research for new products, creates the new marketing campaigns and promotes these offers for you through your cloned site.

Your given Patric’s training that is delivered through video and PDF manuals which is designed to help you generate traffic.

All tools and services such as autoresponders, hosting, domain names are all included. You shouldn’t have to invest anything more than the membership fee for CB Passive Income.

Your only job is to generate traffic.

What Is The Training Like?

As I mentioned above, Patric’s training is step-by-step and shows you numerous ways to generate traffic to his cloned web page.

The training focuses on generating traffic using techniques like:

  • Guest posting;
  • Blog comments;
  • Article directories;
  • Social Media;
  • Paid Ads;
  • YouTube;
  • SEO

All the training is shared between videos and PDF manuals and is designed to be very easy to follow. All the training techniques mentioned are valid affiliate marketing techniques.

What Kind Of Support Do You Get With CB Passive Income 4.0?

I do like that Patric hosts monthly Q&A training calls live. These calls are meant to help members ask questions and look for direction when they are having difficulties.

Other than his monthly calls, support is very generic through email and support tickets. I feel that this is one important area that this offer could improve. Anyone trying to learn how to make money online can attest that support is the key to finding any type of success online. This offer would benefit from having its own in house forum or even Facebook group.

If I Wanted To Join, How Much Would It Cost?

Once you hop through the usual up sell down sell gig  you’ll eventually get a discounted rate from what would have been “originally” offered.

At the moment, Patric offers 2 types of memberships. The first is $47 a month, down from originally $67 a month with no setup fees associated.

You can also pay a one-time payment of $497, which used to be yearly, but has recently switched to a lifetime membership and one-time payment. With this option you get the bonus of having the Inbox Pro feature, which enables you to automatically add your leads to your own autoresponder.

What I Liked About The Program!

I do like that Patric offers a 100% guaranteed 30-day money back offer, this actually comes with any Click Bank product. This makes it easy for those who may want to give this product a try without losing their shirt in the process. Just remember, if you do want a refund, make sure you get it in well before the 30 day cutoff.

I did like the idea of a monthly live Q&A session with Patric himself. You could also get Patric’s Q&A session prerecorded if you missing it. This is a great opportunity to ask personal questions about the struggles you’re having if you are live and Patric is able to help right then and there. It makes his program seem a lot less scam like when you’re talking one-on-one with him. It also takes a lot of time from his schedule to do so, and shows some commitment to the product on his part.

What CB Passive Income Could Do Better…

On the surface CB Passive income sound very legitimate, but there are a few things that make my spidey senses tingle. There is so much emphasis put on the content that Patric builds for you which makes an experienced marketer like myself start to ask some questions. If everyone has access to the same content which is getting posted on search engines such as Google, then at some point that content would become duplicate content. Duplicate content is an absolute  no, no in Googles eyes, and they routinely penalize these clone sites with basement rankings where no one would ever see these sites and their offers. When you look at this one aspect it makes me question the actual success of an offer like CB Passive Income.

Support – This is where this program really loses me, I can tell you from experience that support is critical to your success and I don’t see an investment in support when it comes to the CB Passive Income 4.0 offer. You need an in house support mechanism, not an out sourced support system. Having access to Patric is nice, but only once a month isn’t going to cut it. If you miss the once a month opportunity, you miss out on the help you need! Yes, you can get access to a taped version, but that might not answer your questions.

Lastly, If you ask any affiliate marketer out there what the hardest part of internet marketing is, they will respond 90% of the time with ” traffic generation” which is the part you are left to handle on your own. It’s great that Patric is able to do everything else for you, but he leaves the hardest part up to you. It is pitched as fairly simple to get people to your site, which isn’t the case at all.

Systems that focus on cold emailing have extremely low conversion rates. Unfortunately, this is exactly what Patric is doing and teaching his team. If you choose to join Patric and his team, don’t expect a lot of income in my opinion. if any at all. Click Bank, the market place that Patric uses is notorious for giving refunds, great if you’re the buyer, shitty if you are the affiliate! As an affiliate you will find what looks like a good month in sales is quickly clawed back through refunds.

My Final Thoughts…

Although Patric really looks like the real deal, and somewhat successful in his ventures, I am hesitant to put my endorsement on the CB Passive Income system.

I don’t think Patric is trying to scam anyone by any means, I just don’t feel for the reasons I stated in this review that his system will produce the results you are looking for, especially when you are in charge of the traffic generation component.

The system plays on the concept of taking the “hard” work out of it, and creating a system that even the newest affiliate marketer can get behind and be successful with. I just don’t believe this system has the ability to do that when you are in charge of traffic generation.

Having a web page that potentially hundreds of others may have isn’t a new concept, there are many programs with this trait, I can tell you they don’t have a high success rate.

I hope this CB Passive Income 4.0 review answered a few of your questions and gave you the information to make an informed decision. If you have any comments or experiences with this offer please leave your comments and questions below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.















5 Figure Day Review

5 Figure Day Review


Cost: 7-day trial then $97 monthly

Founder: Brain Winters

Established: 2012


Generating traffic for a website and affiliate products is always the toughest thing about running an affiliate marketing business or campaign. Brian Winters and his 5 Figure Day hopes to solve that problem for you by offering a done for you system. Brian’s system comes with a pretty hefty monthly fee of $97 a month which does concern me a bit, given the fact that you can run an affiliate business website, hosting, keyword tool all included for less than $50 all in, and promote any product that pays you, not the reverse.

In my 5 figure day review I will break the offer down and see if there really is value in paying Brian $97 a month for the right to promote the 5 Figure Day program.

Email marketing has been an effective way to drive traffic to affiliate offers for a long time now, this is a proven marketing technique which the 5 Figure Day program hangs its hat on as its main traffic generation technique.

The 5 Figure Day offer states that it can help you drive 500% more traffic by utilizing their system that revolves around email campaigns which we will be taking a hard look at in my 5 Figure Day review.

If you have any questions or comments please leave them at the bottom of this page. Enjoy the review and have a great day Mike.

What Is The Premise Behind 5 Figure Day?

5 Figure Day claims to provide potential income/visitors up to 500% faster than other websites. They run on a traffic forwarding technology that operates behind the scenes and helps you build a large email list, claiming to be much faster than ordinary methods.

To keep it simple the 5 figure Day System is basically a system that teaches you how to build a fast-tracked email list, and from there they set you up with a squeeze page, landing page and email content to send through to your email list. The idea is to draw attention to the 5 Figure Day system, and draw others into becoming paying members for the same system. Every month you get a new pre loaded website, really just a landing page and squeeze page, to use for your marketing campaign. If people pass on the free membership which the 5 Figure Day program does offer and opts for the $97 membership,  you will be eligible for a 50% commission ($45) for every month that the member is active.

In many cases products or programs that you get sucked into promoting drop the ball on converting after you have gone through all the hard work and paid out quite a few bucks to get people to their door step. Over the years I have promoted a variety of products just to find out that I wasted a lot of my time directing a lot of traffic to a product where the merchant lacked the ability to convert my traffic. Not sure how the 5 Figure Day offer converts, Brian says it converts great, but I am always a little reluctant to take anyone at their word when it comes to promotions on the internet, trust me, everyone says their product or system converts!

How Does The 5 Figure Day Offer Work??

For your $97 membership fee you get monthly websites that are pre loaded and come with hosting. On top of this you are given an option for an autoresponder of your choice, Aweber or Getaresponse to integrate with your email campaign.

All the information and training offered to you is on a few web pages.

You are given a few training videos, resources, links and templates to start an email list. 5 Figure Day utilizes a digital marketplace called Click Bank. You will be required to have a click bank account if you choose to stay on as a monthly member, Click Bank accounts are free. One thing as an affiliate I don’t like about Click Bank is their refund rates, they are very high, so what looks like a good month usually gets clawed back through refunds.

Your given links to a main website with your own unique affiliate link, as well as 3 different “reloaded” websites. Every month your given new websites.

From there you’re presented with the “Bootcamp” called the ‘Instant Traffic Bootcamp’. The boot camp teaches you how to effectively promote and push your 5 Figure Day product.

The Training and Resources…

The videos offered at the beginning of the web page are fairly simple. A lot of the information you have access to can be found for free on the internet. Brain goes into a lot of detail about himself and the 5 Figure System.

The instant traffic boot camp has 4 main sections, showing you how to effectively promote the product.

Email Swipes: These are pre-made inserts for emails, used for your autoresponders.

Banner Ads: your given upwards of 20 pre-made banner ads to use in your paid and free ad campaigns.

  • Text Ads: These are Ads that Brian suggested you use in all other campaigns that don’t use an email component. They are geared more towards social media and classified ads.
  • Instant Traffic – The secret to paid vs free advertisement: This section outlines the positive effects that paid advertisement has on your success. Brain begins to pitch the benefits investing money and time to help ensure success.

The last section of Brian’s sales page outlines topics such as:

  • Brains proven ad swap strategy;
  • Superfast traffic with ‘solo ads’;
  • Cheap, autopilot traffic with ‘banner ads’;
  • Free traffic with ‘ad swaps’;
  • Cheap and free video traffic;
  • Free traffic from article submission, and starting your own blog;
  • Cheap Traffic using;
  • Free traffic from internet marketing forums;
  • Cheap, autopilot traffic with Facebook ads;
  • Free traffic from Facebook pages and groups;
  • Free Twitter traffic;
  • Cheap traffic with classifieds;
  • 5FigureDay traffic, leads and commissions.

All of these titles are followed by quick paragraphs explaining the various topics and how they will benefit you in your long term success. Unfortunately there are no videos or good educational explanations on how to actually implement these various techniques and disciplines. I don’t feel Brian goes into enough detail for someone new to actually learn.

In addition, if you did want to promote and be an affiliate for 5 Figure Day, you have to pay the $97 in order to receive any kind of commission. If you stay with the free version, and decide to promote, you only get to build your email list. Any commissions earned go to the person that recruited you or Brian himself.

The second biggest thing that frustrated me was Brian actually points out a lot of legit methods for making money online, but doesn’t go into enough detail for someone to actually understand and utilize these methods. Which in turn, makes me feel he’s more focused on pushing his own product rather than teaching people to legitimately make money online.

What I  5 Figure Day Does Well!

  • Brian does offer Legitimate money making techniques like email marketing and using banner ads for example;
  • 60 day money back guarantee is one of the better refund policies on the market for. product like this
  • Does offer a 7-day trial

What I Feel 5 Figure Day Could Do Better…

  • Price is high considering Brian also pitches using paid traffic methods which you really need to consider as an added cost. Paid advertising can really get out of control cost wise quickly, if you don’t know what you are doing!
  • Quality of training was disappointing in relation to the cost of the program. No high quality video training, just a few paragraphs here and there, some of which you could source out for free on the internet.
  • Lots of up selling in this program which is concerning, you really need to know your total costs when you embark on an internet marketing campaign. At $97 a month you should get everything you need plus. I use a program that hosts all my websites, hosting, keyword tool, and lots of training on every topic you can think of in text and video format.

  • This program is geared to selling the 5-Day Figure offer which puts all your eggs into one basket, so your basically paying for the right to promote Brian’s product which goes against everything affiliate marketing stands for. I don’t advise paying to promote anyones product, online merchants should be paying you!
  • Your future income is tied to the success of the 5 figure Day program and if the program goes down so does your hope of making your money back.
  • You actually own very little with this program, you don’t own your website, all you own are a few tools, all of which Brian will be making a commission off of as an affiliate. You see where I am going here, why not be an affiliate yourself for products like hosting and autoresponders like Brian is,  and make a nice income yourself. You will always be in control of your own destiny instead of being tied to the fate of someone else.
  • Conflicting messages – At the start of the program its all about doing things “FREE” but as you move towards the end of the training its really all about paying for stuff.
  • When you add up what you get for your $97 a month it really doesn’t make for a good investment in my opinion, I could see if the training was really good and new training was added every day, but it isn’t. Any affiliate program that is any good will give you free banners and promotional videos to use in your campaigns to promote their products. Affiliate programs will also give you email swipes to send out to your email list for free as well. So really what are you paying for? From what I can see a pre loaded sales page, that’s really it!

My Final Verdict Of My 5 Figure Day System.

As I mentioned above, Brian’s program is based on using legitimate marketing techniques. The program is legit for sure. I guess where my review is critical of the 5 Figure Day program is the cost in comparison to the value you get. Some of the training you can find free on various websites and the items like banners and email swipes are free anytime you promote a program or product if that online merchant has their act together.

I am a firm believer in being in control of your own destiny and I don’t feel its a wise business decision to tie yourself to one product like the 5 Figure Day offer. Learning how to promote any product online in my opinion is the way to go. Keep all your options open and costs as low as you can. For this reason I wouldn’t recommend the 5 figure Day program, good concept, good marketing techniques promoted, legitimate owner, just to costly and limited to selling the 5 Figure Day program.







Home Biz Advisors – Scam Or Legitimate Offer?

Home Biz Advisors – Scam Or Legitimate Offer?

Cost: Free

Founder: Unknown – GB Lead Systems

Establishment: 2009


When you’re looking for a home based business opportunity it’s a literal mind field when you turn to the internet. Yes, the internet does offer a lot of opportunity to make some real money, but you need to proceed with caution and have a basic understanding of how internet marketing works and whether you are falling into an internet marketing trap.

Home Biz Advisors claims to offer 100% legitimate and proven opportunities to make money from the comfort of your own home. After reading that, I knew I had to take a closer look into what Home Biz Advisors offers and whether they are a scam or legitimate business opportunity.

I hope you enjoy my Home Biz Advisors review, please leave me your thoughts or any questions at the bottom of the page and I will get back to you as soon as possible. You can also contact me in person through the “contact me page” here on this site.

What Is Home Biz Advisors?

When you first land on the Home Biz Advisors site you’re presented with some pretty large guarantees and claims of income potential. Home Biz Advisors claim that there are no special skills needed to make money through their offers, there’s no set hours, you start earning in just days, there will be no more commuting to work, you can choose to work part-time or full-time, and you always set your own income level.

I can tell from years of working online as an internet marketer there is no such animal. Any outfit that makes these claims of almost instant income and setting your own income level is what I would call a red herring. What Home Biz Advisors are playing on are your emotions. Is it true that if you are successful online you could work from home, set your own hours or choose to work full or part-time, absolutely it is, but this does take training and a certain level of skill.

The scary thing about Home Biz Advisors is your giving out your phone number which I never advise unless you like to get spam phone calls from everyone and their dogs. Once your phone number is out their it is basically an in for any outfit to contact you with, good or bad companies.

Here’s some of the info Home Biz Advisors ask for

  • First name;
  • Last name;
  • Email address; and
  • Phone number.

They even provide a disclosure at the bottom indicating that:

What You Get After Signing up.

Once you have signed up with Home Biz Advisors you’re directed through to a landing page with 3 potential money making opportunities that you can choose from.

The three different money-making opportunities you have to choose from are:

  • Turn-key paydays: These are opportunities that claim to help you earn money, while you learn to master internet marketing, problem is, where are you learning to master internet marketing, not here! There are legitimate programs that help you earn and learn internet marketing such as Wealthy Affiliate for example that offer a huge platform with no up selling and great support.
  • Facebook on fire: This is an opportunity to make money using Facebook as your primary medium. Facebook requires content to stay relevant, and they will pay to have you help them do it. Couldn’t find any positive reviews on this offer!
  • Internet Newbies: this is an outfit that pitches a “guaranteed” system that helped 3 internet newbies make almost $1000 in one day. This opportunity will share this secret system with you. Just a heads up, there is no such thing as a guarantee on the internet when it comes to making money!

What’s The Real Offer Here?

Simply put, Home Biz Advisors is simply an affiliate marketing site where they make commissions by driving you, the traffic, to a merchants site and if you buy, receiving a commission. You know what this should be telling you? Affiliate marketing is the true online money making opportunity, not these other offers. Affiliate marketing is what makes the internet such as profitable place for online merchants.

Affiliate marketers litter the internet, I am one myself and have been making money, good money for many years now as an affiliate marketer. Every year more and more merchants pile online and look for affiliate to promote their products. Merchants don’t pay out a single penny unless a sale is made, so they get free advertising and exposure for free, it’s a guaranteed sale for them, not like buying ad space somewhere.

On the Home Biz Advisors site it’s quite obvious they are just an affiliate marketing outfit that has found a creative way to make some easy commissions.

There is no training, or videos that come with Home Biz Advisors because they are simply redirecting traffic to their affiliate offers. This is really easy to do, anyone can become an affiliate marketer, all you need is a little training, a website and hosting and you are off and running. It costs about $50 a month for your site, hosting and training. The cool thing or enticing aspect of affiliate marketing is the ability to make unlimited amounts of income, it’s real and does work, I can attest to that!

Who Should Use Home Biz Advisors?

Obviously no one should use Home Biz Advisors, the offers they refer you to are just programs that litter the internet that really have very little if any chance of making you any significant amounts of income, not saying you couldn’t make something but all you need to do is look at what Home Biz Advisors is doing to see what online gig you should get into, this is where the real money is made.

One of the offers is dubious to say the least, Click Cash System when visited redirects you to the 700 club. Income claims made by this outfit are very suspect especially if you have any experience online you will see right through their loft claims. $1000 a day by doing nothing really, not a chance! Even as an affiliate marketer it’s hard to make a $1000 a day unless you really put in the time, and you can’t let your foot off the gas, but it is doable with a lot of work.

Facebook On Fire is another product promoted by HBA and once again it is another highly suspect offer. This outfits sales page is littered with exaggerations and fake testimonials that were bought from fiver for probably less than $10. All this with the intent to create a glossy environment so you will be sucked into paying their $47 membership fee. I have seen many offers like these that I would characterize as scams because they deliver very little to no value in comparison to what they actually claim.

My Honest Opinion Of Home Biz Advisors

Unfortunately, Home Biz Advisors is not a real work-from-home opportunity. It’s a gateway for other businesses to grab interest and gain more traffic through to their opportunities, which will lead to more commissions for the owners of the Home Biz Advisors website.

Reviews and the Better Business bureau don’t seem to be fans of the products offered on the Home Biz Advisors website so that might be the best reason to stay clear of this site and it’s offers.

Read My Review Of The Program That Gave Me My Start Online HERE!

Learn More About How You Can Get Started In Affiliate Marketing For FREE Here!


My Home Job Search – Another Job Finding Scam Site?

My Home Job Search – Another Job Finding Scam Site?

You’re here to take a look at my Home Job Search review trying to figure out if the My Home Job is a scam or will deliver on their promise to find you a great paying work from home job. Will you find that $56 per hour paying job like advertised with no experience required? These and many other questions will be answered in My Home Job Search review. Enjoy the read and like always I welcome any questions, experiences or feedback on My Home Job Search review. You can leave your questions or experiences at the bottom of this review, have a great day Mike.

Working from home for many is a dream in the making, shedding that 9-5 office job has been an obsession for many, I myself work from home as an affiliate marketer which has provided an unbelievable income and lifestyle for my family and I for many years now. I started with zero online experience and created an online business that produces thousands of dollars in income a month.

My Job is a website that claims to provide over 1,000 home job opportunities which if true would be quite the find for people like yourself who are looking to work from the comfort of your own home.

Within my review, I’ll take a look at what My Home Job Search is, what is included in a free membership and what you can expect if you upgrade to a platinum membership valued at $29. My Home Job Search in the big scheme of things hasn’t been around for that long, established in 2016, it’s really a pretty new offer.

Lets get started!

What Is My Home Job Search?

My Home Job Search throws around a bunch of numbers to tries to make the case why you would use their service right out of the starting gates. When you land on the My Home Job Search you will find an exercise in high pressure marketing which is designed to have you bypass the free membership in favor of the paid membership option. My Home Job Search uses what I would consider “scam” marketing tactics which are designed to build a sense of trust and urgency such as testimonials, limited space, unrealistic job opportunities for many, and large media outlet coverage.

I found the My Home Job Search site to be a mix of exaggerations and truth. For example on the truth side, one in four Americans work from home and that number is expected to rise over 63% in the next 5 years. This is probably a realistic statement, and I wouldn’t be surprised if working from home increases as daycare becomes more expensive and overall commuter costs increase also, not to mention it’s just nice and convenient to be able to work from home on a flexible schedule.

On their website, My Home Job Search states they are the #1 trusted mediator between home job seekers and employers interested in hiring home based workings, and say they are trusted by over 19834 job seekers and nearly 300 employers worldwide, claims that I am sure are overstated!

My Home Job search makes reference to employers such as Amazon, Apple, Netflix and more yet their disclaimer at the bottom of their site states that their service has no association, reviewed tested or certified by any of these companies. My Home Job Search makes quite a few claims, but many are contradicted by their disclaimer at the bottom of their website which is always a big red flag for me.

For the facts, always read the disclaimers at the bottom of offers such as My Home Job Search, they legally need to declare the truth, which in most cases is the opposite of what is claimed on websites that offers services such as job placement.

The website is run by a Michael Anderson, of which you only hear about in the introductory video displayed after you sign up. Besides that there is little no information regarding Michael Anderson and his background that I could dig up.

Bottom line My Home Job search claims to be a work from home job placement venue that hooks you up with a well paying job, don’t get to excited yet, I will explain in more detail how this offer works as you move through My Home Job Search Review.

What Happens After Signing Up?

Initially, to sign up is free. When you sign up you’ll go through the process of entering your zip code, and then answering some questions pertaining to what you’d be looking for in a work from home job.

Here are a few options you will have to choose from:

  • Customer Service;
  • Writing;
  • Personal Assistant;
  • Sales;
  • Graphic Design;
  • Data Entry;
  • Tutoring;
  • Social Media;
  • Research; and
  • Accounting.

You are also asked how many hours you want to invest into your new job per week, how much pay you’re anticipating to make per week, and when you’d be ready to start.

Once you’ve selected your options it’ll push you through to a welcome video, indicating that your account is being created as it plays. This is simply a stalling tactic that pitches you the platinum paid option that they suggest you take for more employment options.

During the video is where you hear a presentation from the creator of My Home Job Search Michael Anderson, even though there isn’t an actual picture of Michael, which I find a little shady.

The VIP membership comes with one-on-one coaching, access to a work at home video training library, as well as being protected by a 60-day no-questions asked money-back guarantee.

If you watch the 4-minute long video and choose not to select the paid membership, they push you through to a dashboard as a new free member, and give you four steps to follow. Your choices are limited to say the least and the jobs that My Home Job Search make reference to can be resourced easily on your own such as survey companies for example.

The My Home Job Search Steps To ‘Success’…

The 4 steps they give you are in my opinion quite lame, for lack of a better words. It becomes clear at this point that if you don’t upgrade to the paid membership, you won’t get a lot of options for actual work from home opportunities, don’t upgrade, it still isn’t worth it, I will explain why as we move along!

Step 1 – Instructed to sign up for 3 different survey companies. Survey companies will usually target a specific demographic that they would use to complete surveys. The surveys are used to send to other companies selling product, marketing new products and so on. Once a survey is complete, you’re actually paid a very small sum. The unfortunate part about doing surveys for money is that although its easy to qualify for surveys, the demographics they are looking for are very specific. A lot of the time you’ll do a survey to see if you match with any of these demographics, and 8 times out of 10 they won’t have surveys for you. When they do, you’re only getting .25 cents or maybe a dollar for time-consuming surveys.

Step 2 – Instructed to sign up for a “desktop commission” system which claims to deposit up to three checks a month into your accounts! Total scam in my opinion, as well as an affiliate of My Home Job Search….

Step 3 – Instructed to download “The Ultimate Guide To Working From Home” e book. What a waste in my opinion, I downloaded this book to have a look and it is just full of general info you can find anywhere online with very little effort.

In Step 4 – Instructed to watch a video on how to find work from home jobs on venues such as Upwork and Fiver. Yes you could find a job with these outfits, but it is all commission work, and the work place is saturated with people that actually have a high level of skill in their area of expertise, people with degrees trying to make a few bucks on the side contracting their writing services, programming, coding services and such. I actually have hired Fiver members to create some graphics and logos for various websites that I own and looked into Upwork to contract out a specific writing job. Your average Joe who has limited skills wouldn’t find very little to no opportunity with these outfits.

For My Home job search to say they have special relationships with companies like Fiver, Upwork or survey companies is laughable to say the least.

I have tried the survey scene to give my readers my thoughts on using survey companies as a means to make some decent income online which is highly unlikely given my experience filling out surveys. I gave it my best shot and made less than $20 and put in a hell of a lot of time over a span of a month.

What Else Is Offered On The Dashboard?

For the free membership, the dashboard looks like this. You don’t have access to the potential ‘companies’ or the job board with all the stay at home jobs that My Home Job Search Claims they have access to.

In addition, any training is blocked off. Although, if you’re being hired under other companies, why would My Home Job Search be offering training?

You do get access to quite a few different opportunities with companies that are legitimate such as Swagbucks and flex jobs. These may be online opportunities, but they are not offered from My Home Job Search, nor are they a reasonable way to make a good amount of extra income within your month. You don’t need My Home Job Search to access these companies platforms.

So, what does My Home Job Search really offer?

Under job listings, you’ll get exactly that Job listings. It seems under that tab they’ve simply made themselves a hub for legitimate websites such as indeed and monster, who are both job finding websites, offering actual real life Monday to Friday 9-5p job opportunities. I found jobs such as Assitant Store Manager at Pier 1 Imports, or a customer service representative from Western Financial Group. However, none of these are stay at home opportunities.

Resources And Training

Reviewing other members comments on the training offered, it seems to be very simple and straight forward. Some videos explaining how to sign up for other programs to which, of course, My Home Job Search is affiliated with and makes a commission off your enrollment.

It appears the only resources My Home Job Search supplies is as a hub for other websites to promote their jobs, which raises the question, why would you pay for a membership with My Home Job Search?

The Red Flags.

So now that I’ve given you a break down of what is offered through My Home Job Search, I’d like to point out a few key points that prevent me from feeling that My Home Job Search is worth investing in.

First Red Flag:

My Home Job Search sales introductory video and site content are quite different from what their site disclaimer states. I feel the My Home Job Search other than the disclaimer isn’t very transparent when it comes to your chances of making a work from home income using their service.

Second Red Flag:

They throw in the fact that ‘Stay-at-home opportunities have been talked about on the news” and then they show all these great and popular media stations featuring work from home success stories, which can be misconstrued as an endorsement of Job search venues such as My Job Search, which is not the case at all .

This is a very common “marketing” tactic that sites use to grab the attention of potential customers. Although they aren’t lying, they are using a marketing strategy that has a tendency to distort the media releases true intention.

Third Red Flag:

Testimonials really can’t be trusted, Fiver for instance, a company that My Job Search lists as a work from home job opportunity has members that hire out fake testimonials for as little as $5.

A website called offers quality photos of people who can be added to websites to make it appear that they are real users of the program with little to no way to verify this is the case.

Fourth Red Flag – Limited spots available is a classic scam marketing tactic that makes you take action when in reality their are no limits to the program acceptance.

Income Scrolling Counters

I visited the My Home Job Search website sales page two days in a row just to see if the income scrolling feature had changed and I wasn’t surprised to see it hadn’t. This income feature can be added to a website using a simple free plugin that will use a rolling scroll with people and their income earned. Here is a shot of what I am talking about right down to the claim when the income was actually being earned…

This one as well as many others were running two days in a row which raises the question are they even authentic income claims?

What Others are saying about My Home Job Search…

Although My Home Job Search offers a money back guaranteed, are people having success getting their money back?

This person from was having a really difficult time, as with most other comments I found online about My Home Job Search refunds:

She called the customer service line offered, and was given a really weird message. As much as I was hoping to find some better comments relating to My Home Job Search, they were far and few between.

Would I Use My Home Job Search?

Straight up, NO!

The website emphasizes 3 key points as to why you should trust them as your job search partner, one being that all jobs offered are approved. They mention that all the work from home jobs that they have been reviewed and verified as legitimate before being allowed into their database.

They also mention Guaranteed pay which is a play on words because of the fact that they contradict this in their income disclaimer and have no affiliation with the potential employers.

The My Home Job Search program simply refers you to programs that do provide job opportunities, unfortunately, much of these programs don’t offer much in the way of work from home opportunities unless you posses a high degree of proficiency in certain ares such as writing or computer skills. Upwork, Fiver for example offer very little work from home opportunity unless you have very specific skills that you can leverage, not for people who are looking to work online because they lack skills. On the other end of the work from home spectrum, survey outfits that are referred to below offer very little income potential, pennies for your time in most cases…

My Final Say…

My Home Job Search offers a lot of information that could be considered as misleading in my opinion. Basically all they offer is a hub for other opportunities, that won’t get you the full time income from home that you’re looking for.

My Home Job Search really builds itself up on the home page, making it seem like with a few clicks of a button you’ll have access to all these great work from home opportunities. In reality, most of these opportunities are available to you without having to pay to use My Home Job Search.

Avoid getting caught up in all the up selling done through My Home Job Search, and search for the same opportunities online doing a simple Google search.

700 Profit Club – Is It Really Free!

700 Profit Club – Is It Really Free!

Instant money!? Very little work?! $725 a day with no effort! From researching money making schemes over the years the 700 Profit Club has all the common characteristics of a full-blown scam. I hope by reviewing the 700 Profit Club I can shed a little light on whether this money making offer is a legitimate way to make a good income online or simply another scam that uses shady marketing tactics which I will discuss as we get into my 700 Profit Club Review, like always I welcome any questions or experiences you have had with this offer, have a great day Mike.

What Is The 700 Profit Club?!

When you click on the 700 Profit Club website, you’re presented with a sales video which actually explains very little about what you will be doing to make your millions online. If you take the time to listen to the video, it claims to offer potential sign-ups the opportunity to make $700 a day with only 10 minutes of work required, OK, I am going to tell you right here there is no online money making opportunity that takes little effort, everything I have done or researched online to make money takes considerable effort to make money, convincing people to part with their money isn’t easy, it takes skill and lots of targeted training.

The video goes on for about 4 – 6 minutes hammering home 2 points that the creators obviously want you to get.

Unless you act now you’re going to miss out on a $700 cheque being deposited into your bank account every day a day. The emphasis on this point should be enough for you to take cover and run, this is the oldest pressure and scam tactic in the book so if you see this the offer is bogus. No credible offer relies on outrageous income claims combined with limited time offers.

For the last 30 days, the owner has been taking on 15 different people to coach and mentor, and that today is the last day and there’s only ONE spot left. The site shows only one spot left on a consistent basis. These types of limited quantity claims are a scam artist go to tool, don’t bite!

Although the video is upwards of 6 minutes long, these are the only true points made within the video.

It is indicated that by signing up for this opportunity, you pay nothing. At the end of the day, the 700 Profit Club home page is really just a sales funnel into a different opportunity.

This isn’t a bad thing though, as many legit opportunities have a sales funnel to fast track people into legit opportunities.

But is the 700 Profit Club a legit opportunity?

So, What Happens If I sign up?

If you watch the video, and end up supplying your email, you’re pushed into another video sales page. This one is very similar to the first.

While the video plays, there’s indication that your account is being created at that time, and that you have to watch the video in order to move to the next step.

There is a counter at the bottom of the screen, letting you know how much longer you need to watch the video before you can access your account and start making that ” $700 a day” the 700 Profit Club claims you will make.

In the sales video, it explains that you need to create your “free” website through a domain hosting platform that 700 Profit Club is affiliated with. The sales video states that if you grab your free website that the 700 Profit Club has already done the work for you and hand-picked a done for you website (claiming the niche websites have been selected because they are the most profitable niche websites). The 700 Profit Club goes on to mention that you will qualify for a 40% discount off your hosting.

This is as far as I needed to go with this offer, These guys are simply affiliates for a hosting outfit, they offer simple landing pages claiming they are fully functioning websites when in reality these websites are cookie cutter templates that every scammer and their dog try to pass off as unique niche websites. Where the income starts to roll in is from commissions made from affiliating themselves with the hosting platform, you buy they get a commission.

What’s The Catch 700 Profit Club?

You can source out merchants that sell resell rights for products like pre done niche websites, these sites are extremely inexpensive to buy and you can turn around and either sell these templates for a profit or do what this outfit is doing and combine them with a hosting an offer and make a commission off the back end, it’s actually a really smart idea for the peddlers but not very good for the buyer.

The pre done website templates as I mentioned earlier are low quality, have very little SEO properties so they won’t get a high ranking with search engines such as Google which means they won’t get seen by the internet public and ultimately get no traffic. You can find website template offers in marketplaces like JV Zoo which is known for these resell offers, probably where these schemers got their idea to make money off unsuspecting buyers. On the right is a shot of what the hosting will cost you, typically an affiliate for a hosting platform will make anywhere upwards of 40% commission, so you can see this is a pretty lucrative deal for the 700 Profit Club owners.

The 700 Profit Club are affiliated with a web hosting company called Cool Handle. I have been in the Internet marketing biz for quite some time but have never heard of Cool Handle.

The cost to host through Cool Handle could be upwards of $100 – $200. The picture here represents the cheapest option.

Cool Handle Hosting, Who Are You?

Cool Handle hosting from what I found out has been around for sometime. However, it wasn’t until recently (March 2018) that they were accredited by the Better Business Bureau with a rating of A+.

Unfortunately, Cool Handle hosting offers very expensive hosting options compared to a lot of other hosting companies. Because of this, and the fact that they offer affiliate options, Cool Handle has obtained a very poor reputation in the online community from what I have read.

Compare what you see at Cool Handle to what you would get with a popular hosting platform like Blue Host which you can see below offers everything for under $6 a month or $72 a year all in.

Take a look at where Cool Handle rates on

What Happens If I Do Buy Hosting?

Say you do invest Cool Handle hosting to get your site up and going. What happens next?

700 Profit Club provides you with a personal adviser, however, it seems this personal adviser is more of a telemarketer. A master at selling!

Unfortunately there is no training or direction as to how you’ll make $700 a day. And surprise, you have a website but you haven’t made a dime yet.

Your personal adviser will attempt to sell you on a lot of different money making opportunities such as email auto responders, ad optimizer, e books and more, this is one big lesson in up selling and scamming all in one. Next thing you know your free offer is costing you literally hundreds of dollars a month

They don’t actually show you how to use these items, how to set up your website, or how to make $700 a day.

So Many Red Flags!

These types of fast money making schemes come with a lot of red flags to the trained eye, people they are not targeting. People they are targeting are the vulnerable, people with very limited to no knowledge of how the money making gig works online.

The First Red Flag: Exaggerated income claims.

You can almost always bank on it, if someone is pitching hundreds of dollars a day in guaranteed income with little effort, something is rotten.

Making money online is possible, but you don’t start by earning $700 a day, just doesn’t happen.

The Second Red Flag: Fake Testimonies

Buyers are getting very skeptical of online offers and with good reason, websites like the 700 Profit Club use testimonials to try to persuade their visitors that their offer is tries and true. Unfortunately what I see are not authentic testimonials but fake stock photos and testimonials that can be bought from vendors such as fiver. A high quality testimonial can cost as little as $5 on Fiver.

9 times out of ten, if there are multiple people on a website with perfect profile pictures earning thousands of dollars a week, it;s more than likely fake! You’ll probably find these same profile pictures on a different website as well.

The Last Red Flag: There’s a limited availability

The volume of internet users is massive, and anyone and everyone is perfectly capable of making money online with the right training. If an opportunity claims there is only a certain amount of spots or limited amount of time to claim those spots, there only trying to prey on your primary instincts which is to panic buy.

When people feel there’s a limited amount of time to decide something, they usually make decisions without fully investigating or thinking it through.

What 700 Profit Club Does Well…

  • There is only one thing I agree with in the 700 Profit Club offer and that is you need a website to make any really significant income online.

What 700 Profit Club Could Do Better…

  • Don’t use misleading sales tactics, advertising a “free” opportunity which isn’t free and unrealistic money making income opportunities;
  • Offer real training on how to make money online;
  • Don’t up sell products you don’t offer training for;
  • Train people on real affiliate marketing opportunities;
  • Provide a real personal adviser who focuses on helping their customers, not a sales person.

The Final Verdict!

All in all, the 700 Profit Club I feel is a web hosting scam in the way that they intentionately mislead you into thinking you can make $700 a day free. This offer can cost you upwards of $200 plus a month if you buy into all the up sell offers.

There’s literally no value in joining the 700 Profit Club, all they really provide do a website template which you can find almost anywhere with the hosting for your site at an additional cost. If you follow the 700 Profit Clubs instructions step by step, and don’t buy into the up sells, you’re left with very little to no opportunity to make an income online, that’s unfortunately is just the hard truth.

The 700 Profit Club is one of these opportunities that screams unethical marketing practices!






The Guaranteed Profit System – High Priced Trap?

The Guaranteed Profit System – High Priced Trap?

Cost: Free/well not really free

Founder: Multiplex System Inc

Established: 2006


Today I’ll be reviewing the Guaranteed Profit System, better known as the Guaranteed Profit System Funnel. I’ll give you my usual unbiased, and unfiltered perspective on GPS and determine if the Guaranteed Profit System Funnel is something that is worth your investment in time and money.

In this Guaranteed Profit System review I will dig into how this offer technically works and how you may benefit or maybe lose by investing your hard-earned cash.

GPS has a parent company called the National Wealth Center which I reviewed some time ago so you can check it out through that link I just dropped or stay here and I will give you a quick recap on what that program is all about.

I hope you enjoy my Guaranteed Profit System Funnel Review. Like always I welcome any questions or comments that you have which you can leave me at the bottom of this review. If you have a private question you can always contact me one on one through my “contact me page”, have a great day and I hope you enjoy my Guaranteed Profit System review, cheers Mike.

What Is The Guaranteed Profit System.

The Guaranteed Profit System is actually a crafty marketing system, or what we affiliate marketers call a funnel, for a company called National Weath Center.

National Wealth Center promotes and sells a robust library of digital products on disciplines such as self development aids, digital fitness products, and the digital products for the entrepreneur. Ideally, they sell audio and video educational products that are designed to equip you with the tools and skills to run a home business.

Multiplex System incorporated is a different company owned by the same CEO as National Wealth Center, Peter Wolfing. Multiplex System Inc focuses on developing products for people involved in multi-level marketing or Network Marketing opportunities.

Long story short, Multiplex Systems created Guaranteed Profit System funnel to help capture or funnel traffic into the National Wealth Center program. It’s a RCA system designed to drive prospects to join National Wealth Center. The company calls it a rotator funnel which is a common term used in the MLM industry, really just a techy name for sales funnel.

When you buy into into the Guaranteed Profit System, you’re really just buying into the National Wealth Center, so I figured you’d want to know a little about where your eventually going to wind up when the smoke clears.

Who Is National Wealth Center?

National Wealth Center has over 300,000 registered students, and they sell membership packages for self development starting at $25 a month.

As I mentioned earlier NWC offer products such as the Fitness Advantage for $50 a month and Digital Entrepreneur which comes with a steep price tag of $100 a month.

NWC also offers a few products for people who like to live in the fast lane and don’t mind throwing out some hard-earned cash, here are a few more products that NWC offers:

  • Relationship Edge for $250;
  • Wealth Advantage for $1000;
  • Network Marketing for $3500; or
  • The Vault for $7500.

National Wealth Center also offers an affiliate program, which is really their end game and what you would use the Gaurenteed Profit System funnel for, people wanting to make money by referring people to NWC with the hopes that they will make purchases of NWC courses and recruit more people into the NWC program.

In order to be an affiliate, you do have to purchase the associated product that you’re want to sell. And in order to utilize the funnel, you have to buy into at least the $25 package. This is quite typical of offers like what NWC promotes. Usually you get what they call 100% commissions off products you purchase, basically you are buying the licensing rights to these products and will get a full commission.

In my opinion this is the worst type of affiliate offer. People get sucked into buying these products that they really wouldn’t use themselves but buy in just for the right to earn commissions. The problem with this type of offer is, affiliates for companies that offer these types of higher cost products don’t discriminate on who they suck into thinking they are going to make huge commissions by buying into these high priced products. If you aren’t a very skilled affiliate marketer going into a program like NWC and buy these pricey products with the hopes of reselling them you are going to lose your shirt and maybe even your pants!

NWC affiliates make it sound so easy but trust me it’s not, to sell high ticket items like NWC offers you need to be very convincing and really know how to market online, if that isn’t you then I would advise to get some affiliate marketing training first, I actually advise you acquire some marketing training if you are looking to make any money online, it’s the best investment you will ever make.

Get Your Free Affiliate Marketing Training Here!

National Wealth Center Courses

Self Development

This course is all about pursuing personal development and understand what a small amount of your own time, money, and energy into yourself will give you in return in terms of more courage, self-discipline and a better life.

Fitness Advantage

You’ll receive life essentials and complete fitness and lifestyle healthy meal plan, workout plans, fitness empowerment and motivation to help you in your health journey.

Digital Entrepreneur

This course comes with e books, audios, videos, affiliate programs, membership sites and more to learn how to leverage the power of the internet and generate the income necessary to create a better life.

Relationship Edge

You’ll learn how to shift your operation system and get the training you need to reinvent and elevate your understanding and performance today.

Wealth Advantage

This comes with e book library, ability to browse topics such as house flipping basics, home business taxes, the best investment ideas and so much more. You’ll gain access to advanced trading strategies and learn how you can benefit from market trends and fluctuations as well as 15 traffic generation video training modules.

Network Marketing Edge

This course will teach you the A-Z of how to achieve massive success on and offline in the network marketing industry.

The Vault

This course contains a muscular library full of e books, software, hundreds of hours of audio and video training modules. There is 2 decades of wisdom and knowledge in several billion dollar niches, including self development, fiances, network marketing, health and fitness, building your credit, the stock market, investing, real estate and so much more.

These products are decent but like I said earlier, if your intention is to sell these products you need affiliate marketing experience, if you are buying these for your own personal development then there is some good info and value in the NWC products.

Back To The Guaranteed Profit System.

As I mentioned above, The Guaranteed Profit System is what is referred to as a rotator funnel.

A rotator is when a sale / sign up occurs within the system and it’ll constantly rotates to another member within the system instead of sign under a specific person.

Everyone that buys into the rotator system gets a fair share of the sales/sign ups.

The Guaranteed Profit System is exclusive to a specific group within the National Wealth Center program and is not for just any NWC members benefit.

The Guaranteed Profit System rotator funnel has no cost itself, but in order to utilize it within the National Wealth Center program you do have to purchase a course with National Wealth Center.

National Wealth Center Compensation Plan

Remembering that NWC uses a rotator style sign up process which affects how their compensation plan works this is how it all plays out for its members.

To put it simply, once you have bought in, for every odd numbered person you recruit (1,3,5,7…), you get commission from these referrals. For every even person you recruit (2,4,6,8….) it gets passed up to the company or your sponsor.

You have to have purchased a course to gain access to commissions. If one or your recruits purchases a course that you have yet to “unlock” the commissions pass by you until they hit either the company or a person in your down line who has “unlocked” that particular course. This is where NWC sets the hook, who wants to pass up a possible commission? Most will get bitten by the greedy bug and buy in with the hopes of not missing out and this is where you stand to really lose money. Instead of being patient and seeing how it all works people feel they need to go all in when they are only holding a pair of 2’s, see where I am going? People new to NWC should just collect commissions and build up their war chest first and once they see how it all works and gain knowledge first then expand your offer, remember you need to sell these products.

Of course NWC highly encourages you to unlock most if not all courses where possible to avoid missing out on commissions, go figure!

What Can You Expect For Support

When you sign up, if you don’t already have a sponsor, they will provide one for you, typical of MLM’s. You can find their name and email address on your dashboard.

They also have a free Facebook Group where you can ask questions, get support, and get updates on events and other Member benefits. Facebook groups aren’t the best form of support, not even close to be honest.

NWC also offers training calls, where you can join a weekly call to find support with regard to questions or concerns, as well as updates within the company itself.

In addition, National Wealth Center has Freedom League Events, and a calendar to display when they take place. It includes some affiliate training, team calls, live events, and business opportunity presentations. As I mentioned earlier you are best to go into offers like NWC with affiliate marketing experience before you start paying out large sums of money for the right to resell.

What I Like About The Guaranteed Profit System

  • 100% commissions if you have the knowledge and experience to move sell these products online;
  • Support is decent;
  • Income potential is good if you have affiliate marketing background;

What I feel Could Be Improved

  • Have to sign up with National Wealth Center to utilize the Guaranteed Profit System;
  • Focus is predominantly on recruitment, and doesn’t really focus on selling their products;

  • Have to purchase courses with NWC to even be eligible to make commissions.
  • Misleading to think that the funnel is free, but you cannot use the funnel without purchasing courses with NWC.
  • Most courses with the pricing structure are going to be a tough sell.

My Guaranteed Profit System Review Wrap Up

All in all, what I really see is a funnel that looks good on the surface but in the end hooks you into trying to flog high ticket products that have limited appeal and will be a hard sell. I have promoted and sold countless products in my affiliate marketing career over the years and I know how hard it is to sell a $7 product never mind a product that is going to cost people hundreds of dollars. Ask yourself this question, what does it take to make you open your wallet for someone you don’t know?

By using a rotator formula, they are able to disguise what would originally be a network marketing system with a somewhat lineal system. Instead of recruits stacking directly below, they stack to the side and then below. I don’t see how this can really be helpful in the end, regardless of how large the system grows, when one person stops paying the monthly dues, the down line quickly begins to deteriorate.

Compared to building your own online business organically, The Guaranteed Profit System doesn’t really match up or offer long term financial security in my opinion.

I welcome your thoughts, comments or any questions you may have. You can leave a comment or question at the bottom of this page or contact me in private through the “contact me page” on this site, have a great day Mike.

A Look Inside Affiliate Profits Club

A Look Inside Affiliate Profits Club

When looking for online for affiliate marketing training the internet has become a plethora of courses looking to teach about virtually every related marketing technique. Affiliate Profits Club is a hub that offers online video training centered around affiliate marketing. The questions I am going to answer for you today in this Affiliate Profits Club review are, is the training, and cost associated with the training offer any value?

Today in my review I’ll take a look at Affiliate Profits Club and what its really all about. After becoming a member I was able to dive into the training to really see what it entailed, as well I am able to provide some information about the up sells offered after enrolling, which there are a few.

I’ll also touch on whether I feel the training would be sufficient for a beginner, and some upsides to Affiliate Profits Club, and what I feel they could improve on so you can make an informed decision.

What Is Affiliate Profits Club?

Affiliate Profits Club was created in 2014 and one of many of  Promotelabs affiliate training hubs created to corner the affiliate marketing training arena. Affiliate Profits Club runs a very simplistic style of platform. It consists of multiple online video training courses, that are designed to take someone who already has a level of understanding of affiliate marketing and take their business to the next level.

Affiliate Profits Club offers training in three different levels, with silver being the first. Once a member, you have access to that specific level of training via the videos provided, as well as access to a list of pre-screened premium tools and resources from pre made landing pages, subscription list management tools and much more. You’ll also get the option of investing in some up sells that you’re presented with during sign up.

I ended up only going with the silver level to get a better understanding of their most basic course. Within the silver level, you will find instruction on topics such as:

  • How to find the most profitable niches;
  • How to attract subscribers and build a subscription list;
  • You’ll look at what the ‘perfect’ product to promote would be; and
  • You’ll learn to build traffic with three different but simple ways to create a foundation for your super affiliate business.

The Sign Up Process With Affiliate Profits Club

The sign up process to begin with is very simple. Enter your first and last name, email address and pay the associated cost for silver, $27 one time.

The instant you’ve paid you’re membership fee you are hit with an up sell offer.

The first up sell your asked to read through is for affiliate Profits Club “Gold membership package”, which would cost you an additional one time payment of $9.95. The gold membership is set up to unlock the advanced marketing strategies used by two of the Internets top affiliate marketers. Unfortunately no names as to who these top affiliate marketers were given.

The gold membership is similar to the silver, but has its own nine educational videos. A few of the things you’ll learn through the gold package are:

  • Five surprising traffic generating strategies for yourself;
  • How to negotiate to get super affiliate perks with different product vendors; ( this is something most affiliates don’t do)
  • How to position yourself in a certain way that creates tons of fans and followers who engage with your information on your website;
  • What’s considered to be a $94 bonus value of two more video training courses called Commission Miner, and List Monster.

What If I Don’t Want The Gold Affiliate Profits Club Membership?

In order to decline the offer of the gold membership, you’ll want to scroll straight to the bottom of the sales page and select “No Thanks” that is displayed in very small print.

You are pitched a second up sell. This up sell offer has a price tag of $297, but your given the special pricing of only $97 if you buy it then and there and there, this is called an up sell, down sell which is quite common in cheap introductory offers. This up sell provides you with monthly new lead magnet kits. These kits sent monthly come with 10 to 30 page marketing/web business/ social media-related reports, already made landing pages and a professionally written seven-part autoresponder follow up email series.

You’re also given an bonus which is a ‘top secret guide’ to opt-in lists. From reading these guides, you’ll maximize your subscription list and it’ll help you use three strategies to turn profit from your list without being overly pushy.

The Platinum ‘freemium’ Up sell.

The last offer is given away for a hefty price of $497.

This is the last of the three up sells you’re faced with, which offers the option to be an affiliate with 10 different associated websites.

They are membership sites already set up and all you have to do is market them. Once you get somebody to set up for one of the membership sites, the website operators take it from there and you earn money on any upgrades or up sells that your recruit bites on.

This is kind of a cool process, as literally you’re only job is to up sell these 10 different websites (below), and if anyone signs up you get that commission, plus all other commissions associated as your affiliate link sticks to that recruit.

The Affiliate Profits Club Training

The training included in the silver membership consists of ten different videos, averaging roughly 6 minutes. The training is only in video format, and no other resources over and above are offered with the one time payment of $27 silver membership.

Video 1 – The surprising truth about affiliate marketing:

In the first one your given the low down on what your role is as an affiliate marketer, and what type of niche you should look at investing into.

Video 2 – How to uncover the hottest markets around:

This video will teach you how to research your niche, and whether that niche will work for you.

Video 3 – Finding a golden needle in an affiliate marketing haystack:

This video teaches you how to identify the “red flags’ of an engaged and popular topic within your niche. It will help you identify what you should be promoting within your chosen niche.

Video 4 – Hooking the hungry fish with juicy bait:

Once you’ve identified and are promoting those high ticket products within your niche, this video will help you capture the sales from the growing traffic your website has.

Video 5 – The nuts and bolts of assembling your lead magnet page:

This video explains what you want to focus on once you’ve got your traffic to your main lead or sales page.

Video 6 – What top affiliates do differently with their blogs:

Just as it says, what affiliate markets focus on to engage and capture those sales.

Video 7 – How will the super affiliate sell more than everyone else:

This topic focuses on something I truly believe in, and that’s building relationships and engaging with your audiences.

Video 8 – The secrets of the ugly guys who date supermodels:

This video focuses on the importance of your working, and how to capture the attention of your audience through work choices, and what would be considered as “action” words that increase peoples instinct to click on a sale.

Video 9 – An astonishing way to get vendors to send traffic to you:

This breaks down the benefits of a sales funnel, and subscription list, and the benefit behind promoting more than one affiliate product at a time.

Video 10 – Getting more eyeballs in front of your affiliate offers:

This video, the last of ten, explains what other avenues you can take to get more people seeing your sales funnel. It includes things such as having other bloggers share your content, or linking your content with other high ranking web pages.

Is The Training Sufficent For Beginners?

Unfortunately the answer is a simple No.

Although the training has some good information for beginners, the silver level membership doesn’t actually show you how to set up a website which I found surprising.

If you haven’t already established a website with some small amount of traffic, by the end of this training a beginner would be entirely lost.

The tools and resources to complete the suggested tasks and steps within the videos come at an additional cost, over and above the $27 one time fee. As a beginner not understanding what type of website you want to set up, what type of theme would work best and just general knowledge of user flow you are at a handicap right out of the gates while trying to implement any training you receive in the Affiliate Profits Club training.

In Many parts of the training material you are told what needs to happen, but the training doesn’t show you how to do it. I feel this is a critical chink in the Affiliate Profit Clubs training and could be the biggest reason one wouldn’t find success with this program.

For myself, I need more than just videos and links to other resources and tools. It’s nice to have text to reference as you move through the training.

What Affiliate Profits Club Does Well.

  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. If you’re not happy they’ll refund your money;
  • Inexpensive for the membership itself;
  • Very simple and easy to follow training and sign up process.

What Affiliate Profits Club Could Do Better…

  • All tools and resources come with additional costs which can really ramp up your costs quite fast;
  • Training is minimal and consists of only 10 short videos;
  • Potential consumer is barraged with up sells before getting to the actual membership page;
  • Not suited for beginners;
  • Training videos only explain what to do, not how to do it.

The Final Thoughts On Affiliate Profits Club

All in all, I wouldn’t suggest this course for beginners. There isn’t a lot to learn under in a $27 membership that you couldn’t find on the internet for free.

Affiliate Profits Club makes their real income not from the membership fees but all the affiliate links to tools and internet marketing services they recommend, I see this all the time with cheap introductory costs and then offer affiliate links to products and services.

As I mentioned above, the training talks about a lot of great things when it comes to affiliate marketing, some better than others. However, it doesn’t explain the “How’s”. For example, it teaches you about sales funnels, and promoting the right products for your niche, but lacks detailed instruction on how to actually create your sales funnel.

There is a real void in the training on Affiliate Profits Club and I don’t feel that many people, especially beginners, would benefit from the training.


Affiliate Millionaire Club Review – Millionaire Sized Scam?

Affiliate Millionaire Club Review – Millionaire Sized Scam?

Welcome to my millionaire club review, during this Affiliate Millionaire Club review I’m going to dig into what the Affiliate Millionaire Club offers, what kind of support you can expect, what training is involved, and what income potential the Affiliate Millionaire Club offers.

Many say that the Affiliate Millionaire Club it Is just an elaborate scam which we are going to get to the bottom of in this Affiliate Millionaire Club review.

I hope you enjoy my Affiliate Millionaire Club review and like always I welcome any questions or feedback that you may have on this review. Have a great day and I hope to hear any of your comments, cheers Mike.

What Is The Affiliate Millionaire Club?

Affiliate millionaire club offers software that will create (done for you) websites while adding Computer generated content that hypothetically Will create and nice income stream for you.

The program is supposedly created, or run buy , what I see to be a fictional character called Mo. This isn’t the first program that mo has created. Let’s stop with the games shall we, Mo is just a fictional figurehead that a company called “my mobile empire” uses for a face to one of many programs they have created to make a quick buck.

The Affiliate Millionaire Club is being sold through an affiliate marketplace called “Clickbetter”. This is a marketplace where affiliates such as myself can go to find products to promote, this particular product will fetch affiliates a commission of $30 per sale on average. I would never promote a product like this because I feel it uses unethical marketing tactics and to be honest I feel it won’t work, just read the disclaimer at the bottom of their sales page to see the real story

How Does The Affiliate Millionaires Club Work?

For arguments sake I will say that My Mobile Empire aka Affiliate Millionaire Club has created this blow your mind software that can make you affiliate commissions by manufacturing done for you affiliate websites that basically run on auto pilot, or as their sales video states, requires less than 5 minutes a day of your time lol.

These sites are supposedly built with computer generated content that is SEO optimized and is used to sell the exact same program that is providing this service for you, in other words you will just turn around and sell the Affiliate Millionaire Club offer.

The kicker with this offer is that the concept is authentic. The whole concept that the Affiliate Millionaire Club is built around is a real legitimate marketing technique where you can build niche specific websites that if you do your homework and choose the right niche you can make some pretty good money if you produce enough sites.

I have personally helped people make niche specif sites that make well over $2000 a month using the niche specific website model. These are typically 3-4 page websites that focus in on one specific product and if you manage to get the top search result ranking in google you can get quite a bit of traffic with some good earning potential. Build multiple sites and you can do the math, it adds up to a nice monthly income with very little time or money invested.

Will Afiliate Millionaires Club Work For You?

To get right to the point I feel quite safe in saying the only way you are going to make money with the Affiliate Millionaires Club offer is if you are on the selling end of things, not the buying end. If you have the knowledge on how to sell this offer you could make a few bucks quite easily and not worry about refunds eating up your commissions.

The problem with this offer is, pre done websites that are computer generated don’t work period! These are not like the sites I mentioned earlier that can generate quite a bit of income if you have enough of them and have the training to know what specific products to target.

Clone products like the ones that Affiliate Millionaire club offers won’t rank with search engines such as Google so therefore won’t get any traffic or sales so your $47 is out the window as far as I am concerned. Google catches on very quickly to anything that might game their system even if I wrote to many posts that had scam in the title I would be flagged by Google’s bots as spam and lose my ranking authority very quickly.

It’s easy for me to see a scammy product that won’t work because I am an affiliate marketer that knows how it all works, programs like the Affiliate Millionaire Club are programs that have been created to emulate proven marketing techniques but lack all the components to actually make them work. If these sites were actually manually built to be one of a kind which these sites aren’t and had unique content which these sites don’t they would have a legitimate chance of making some good income.

Traits That Point Towards A Scam

As I mentioned earlier the Affiliate Millionaires Club is sold through Clickbetter. When doing my research I thought I would check and see what marketplace this offer was sold through and what I found is this offer has a $30 payout for affiliates. So off of a $47 sale price an affiliate gets $30 so that demonstrates that these guys are going for volume not quality, if they expect to make it rich off a net $17 sale.

You need to think that if these guys are only netting $17 per sale the chances you will see a refund is probably nil to none.

Here is a screenshot of what happened when I clicked on “refund policy” on the Affiliate Millionaire Club website…

This shows there is no page that states the refund policy! Actually no page except billing information actually worked when clicked on, not a good sign.


Testimonials Are Fake!

You will see a few testimonials used on the Affiliate millionaire Club sales video that when researched for authenticity turned out to be fake. Two of the testimonials are done by a Fiver stars Banjoman and his sidekick the real star, Oldmansteve. I did some digging and found these guys on Fiver. Wow they broke the bank hiring these guys, one for $5 and the old guy for $10 lol.


Looking at these “testimonial stars” I think it’s safe to say that these are fake income and product claims which should be enough to make you turn and run!

Sketchy Sales Tactics

Only 8 spots left, when I was on the site earlier that day there were only 4 spots left for the day lol. The other thing that bothers me about this promotion is the fact that if say you did buy in and got a few of these bogus websites you would lose everything in a blink of an eye when this outfit pulled up stakes because your sites are hosted as a sub domain controlled by them, they fold so does your business. I really don’think you would be losing much because I really don’t think these sites have any income potential.

The old up sell down sell, this is so common among scammy sales pitches. This is where a price is shown slashed to give you the impression you are getting one hell of a deal and you had better act now….

Here’s another bogus sales pitch, this page isn’t going to be around much longer. In actuality this scam has been around for a few years now. Here’s a screen shot showing what I mean…

My Final Say On Affiliate Millionaire Club

Like I said in this Affiliate Millionaire Club review, this program is based on a very effective marketing technique that is becoming very popular and I have personally helped people create niche specific sites that earn good income but this offer is missing so much and what it does offer won’t work in my opinion so don’t waste your time and money on this program. I don’t even have to mention the scammy marketing techniques this offer uses, that in itself should be a huge “stop sign” for you.

Coffee Shop Lifestyle Secret – Coffee Shop Scam?

Coffee Shop Lifestyle Secret – Coffee Shop Scam?

Cost: $49 plus multiple up sells

Founder: Jeff Lerner


Everyone dreams of the “Coffee Shop Lifestyle”, wake up no responsibilities, no worries, no where to be and no financial worries, just sit around and work on your laptop in your local Starbucks and drink your latte. Well this is actually a realistic dream that many affiliate marketers like myself live. I guess the question is, will Coffee Shop Lifestyle Secret be the catalyst that will make that dream come true for you, or is it simply another scam product playing on your aspirations of living a dream lifestyle.

In my Coffee Shop Lifestyle Secrets review I will dig into the training, material and support offered within the Coffee Shop Lifestyle Secrets offer. I hope you enjoy my Coffee Shop Lifestyle Secrets review and I welcome any feedback and questions you may have, have a great day Mike.

What Is The Coffee Shop Lifestyle Secret?

Looking at the Coffee Shop Lifestyle Secret offer it kind of reminds me of the old “shell game” where the object of the game is to find the pea under the shell when they are being moved around quickly. Finding the true offer when working your way through the Coffee Shop Lifestyle Secret program leaves you wondering where the pea is, or in this case, where the real offer is. It really looks like to me that Coffee Shop Lifestyle Secret is just a re branded version of the original Coffee Shop Millionaire that I reviewed a while back. To me this is just another smoke screen created to funnel you into Jeff’s main “high ticket” offer called the 6 Figure Business System.

Jeff uses quite a few marketing tactics that I would consider to be less then ethical to funnel you into the 6 Figure Business System, pretty deceptive marketing but unfortunately a general practice for many affiliate marketers. You may have come across a few similar offers that Jeff created to funnel you into his main offer 6 Figure Business System, the ultimate laptop lifestyle and 16 Steps to 6 Figures are two offers that really serve no purpose other than to siphon you into the 6 Figure Business System.

On his website, Jeff claims to be able to make you $5000 a week from little to no work, sitting in his local coffee shop all day. Looking at all the up sells and the fees he is charging for products inside the 6 Figure Business System I would say Jeff is probably making $5000 a week. Looking at the income disclaimer at the bottom of Jeff’s site I would guess that Jeff is one of the few to make $5000 a week.

After you work your way through all the hype the bottom line is, the Coffee Shop Lifestyle Secret offer or should I say the 6 Figure Business System is designed to help you succeed at affiliate marketing while encouraging you promote Jeff’s offer. While affiliate marketing is a real legitimate way to make money online, I feel that you are more at risk of losing money with Jeff’s offer then you are at making any substantial income.

How Does The Coffee Shop Lifestyle Secret Work?

The 6-figure business system/Coffee Shop Lifestyle Secret is a network marketing type opportunity. It is supposed to teach you how to become an affiliate marketer, while attempting to recruit people into Jeff’s program as well. The 6 Figure Business System offers different training options for premium prices right down to paying premium prices for one on one coaching.

There are significant costs associated with participating in the 6 Figure Business System program, if you want to earn an income promoting Jeff’s 6 Figure Business System, which is suggested as your first step, you will have to buy the right to sell or buy what they refer to as the re sell rights to earn commissions off these products. What this means is in order to receive a commission from recruiting someone that makes a purchase of a particular training package you will need to have purchased that same package yourself. There are many programs that have this same type of structure, one that comes to mind is Elite Marketing pro that can end up costing you $3000 for the right to sell their top tier package and earn commissions.

In order to follow along with the training, you are basically forced into purchasing the products that Jeff is teaching you use and promote. If you decide to buy into Jeff’s program you are in for a roller coaster ride that will have your credit card popping into your hands on a regular basis. Multiple purchases are necessary if you follow Jeff’s instructions and follow all the links and buy the tools Jeff prompts you to buy. If you don’t follow along and buy in you forfeit your right to receive affiliate commissions, it will take some self-restraint to keep from spending a load of money hoping you will get some commissions in return. Just keep in mind the income disclaimer, you can’t lie in disclaimers so you need to look at the numbers.

Many of the up sells that Jeff pushes after you’ve signed up and paid your initial $49 are things required to build a site such as:

  • Auto responders;
  • Purchasing a domain;
  • Hosting;
  • PPC (traffic);
  • Page builders.

These tools and services are quite normal for affiliate marketers, I personally only use a website, domain, autoresponder and a keyword tool. The most expensive aspect of being part of the 6 Figure Business System is buying the re sell rights to make potential commissions. This could cost you well over $10,000 if you buy into everything that Jeff would like you to buy. I guess you can see where Jeff makes his $5000 a week!

The Coffee Shop Lifestyle Secret Training And Materials

At the beginning, once you’ve paid for the initial $49, your given a coach who is supposed to help guide you through to success.

They will emphasis the fact that you have to purchase certain products (website building materials, affiliate access to Jeff’s products) before you can continue on with the training.

The sales material your given teaches you to generate leads, and push people through to Jeff’s products.

As I mentioned earlier, you’re not given all the tools needed to build your own website. You must first purchase products and services such as:

  • Domains;
  • Auto responders;
  • Hosting…etc

As much as Jeff emphasizes that they do all the heavy lifting for you, this is slightly untrue, as generating leads and building traffic through a site is one of the hardest aspects of affiliate marketing.

***Although you’re taught about everything above, much of it is at an additional cost to you.

What Does The Coffee Shop Lifestyle Secret Cost?

The initial cost to get access to the training material is $49 which is very respectable, programs like Wealthy Affiliate charge $49 a month for affiliate marketing training also, but WA offers everything you need, websites, training, keyword tool, one on one help and much more for “no additional costs”, whereas $49 is just the start of your costs when you join the Coffee Shop Lifestyle Secret offer. Once you’re pushed through, you’re confronted with some up sells.

The first up sell you’re asked to consider is the human support component and training options. In order to have continuous access to human support and training, you are required to pay an additional $37/month which makes this offer start to look quite pricey and we haven’t even touched the tip of the iceberg yet.

Once you’ve purchased the monthly support and training, you’re asked to join Jeff’s 21k system, with access to the 6-figure success club, which will cost you another $300.

The Coffee Shop Lifestyle Secret will also try to get you to purchase some of Jeff’s affiliate products such as auto responders, domains, hosting and more which I am sure they are affiliates for and getting a nice commission cheque off your purchase.

All in all, you’re looking at upwards of a $500 commitment before you’re able to actually get started.

The Statistics.

As I mentioned earlier in this review you really need to look at the income disclaimer that is required by law. You can’t make crap up, this is a legal document for consumers protection, the numbers don’t lie.

Within Jeff’s income disclaimer, he very honestly states that many people make little to no money during their time with his opportunity. In many cases, people usually leave the program with less money then they first started (roughly 69%).

What The Coffee Shop Lifestyle Secret Does Well.

  • First initial cost is low;
  • Some very basic, yet useful training on lead generation.

What The Coffee Shop Lifestyle Secret Could Improve On…

  • The initial investment won’t get you the success promised at the beginning. Jeff could be a lot more transparent on what costs are really associated with the program;
  • Jeff indicates in his disclosure that “we are not promising, predicting, implying, or even hinting that you’ll make a dime” so I think a little less aggressive sales pitch to reflect his statements would be more realistic.
  • Only 30.4% of people make between 1 and 100 dollars. This is less then what is to be invested;
  • Jeff is very unclear on exactly what you’ll be learning.
  • Lots of up sells
  • Training doesn’t teach you to generate honest, raw traffic;
  • Membership doesn’t come with tools to build your own website (additional cost).

My Final Say On The Coffee Shop Lifestyle Secrets Program…

Although I try to keep each and every review as objective as possible, some programs have more glaring red flags then others.

Unfortunately the Coffee Shop Lifestyle Secret is one of those training programs that screams “scam”, without really having to dig too deep into it. When I say Scam I don’t mean Jeff is giving you nothing for your fees which would be an outright scam, but in my opinion you are paying absorbanent fees for a service which you could get elsewhere for a fraction of the cost.

To start from the top, having multiple sales funnels with different names all leading to the same product is a clear indication that there’s no real value behind the product. If the product held value, people would be proud to promote, and join it. With a product that holds value, Jeff shouldn’t have to go to the lengths that he has to catch the attention of his visitors with fancy new names and sales pitches.

In addition, the tactic of presenting a low initial start up cost, and then bombarding the new member with several other promotions, just to get them started is very scam like. Tell me the cost upfront, and if the program speaks for itself, people will buy it.

Affiliate marketing is a proven way to make money online, but you don’t need to break the bank to participate as an affiliate marketer.



Big Spot – Can You Spot A Scam?

Big Spot – Can You Spot A Scam?

Cost: Free

Establishment: 2010

Founder: Varsityplaza L.L.C.


Making money from home always sounds like a great idea, something that this Big Spot Scam claims to offer. Who wouldn’t want to get up in the morning, wear pajamas to work all day, or maybe not even get out of bed to work at all!

I came across Big Spot when a friend asked me to look into it a bit more, as it sounded way too good to be true. I see so many of these work from home offers turn out to be scams so I wasn’t to surprised in my findings as I started digging.

In my Big Spot review I will tell you what you can expect from joining the Big Spot program, what the process is to get started with Big Spot as well as my thoughts on paid online surveys for generating income from home.

I’ll let you know in my Big Spot review whether I really believe it is a scam, legitimate offer, or something that will just waste your time.

Enjoy my Big Spot review and like always I welcome any feedback or past experiences you may have had with this program. Leaving your thoughts or comment for others isn’t a waste of time, it could help someone avoid a costly mistake.

Big Spot; What Is It?

Keeping this review simple, Big Spot is basically a portal for other survey companies. They act as a middle man for other survey companies looking to obtain information through surveys from people such as you and I, sounding a little Facebookish like?

Once information is obtained through surveys, the survey companies pay you out for your time and personal information.

A lot of people view the Big Spot as a bogus offer because they don’t actually provide the surveys or money, they only act as a large database for companies that are looking for specific information about specific demographics.

What Does The Sign Up Process Look Like?

When you sign up for the Big Spot it requires only a few pieces of information to start. You’ll only have to provide a valid email address, date of birth, gender, and country that you reside in and blood sample, just joking, you don’t need to supply your gender lol!

Seems easy at first, and once that form goes through, you’re sent to a very simple page called “My Panels”.

Once you hit the page of “My Panels” you’ll be presented with various survey companies web pages that are relevant to the country you live in.

When I signed up I was presented with only 3 different survey options.

When I followed the links, I was asked to then fill out a longer form asking for similar, yet more in depth personal details about myself.

Things such as phone numbers, postal codes, addresses, and number of people in household were just a few of the details asked of me from these third party survey websites.

The Inside Scoop On Survey Companies…

Survey’s always seem like a really great idea to make some spending cash on the side, and even myself about 5 years ago found myself in the survey “game” thinking I was going to strike it rich, not!

Although I am sure I still have accounts out there with a few bucks here and there, I soon realized some issues that came along with filling out surveys.

Before the survey company will let you complete a survey, you have to fill out the personal information they require to ensure you’re part of the demographic they are looking to hear from. You could view it as a “pre-screening” before they decide to let you take the survey and be paid.

Once the form is complete, you’re told whether you are eligible for the survey or not. Unfortunately, for every 3 survey forms you attempt to complete, you are usually only “accepted” into one, if any at all. This really encourages you to lie so you will be eligible for specific surveys.

If it was the case in which you were not eligible for any of that companies surveys, you’d be sent back to Big Spot, and you’d select another survey company to hopefully make it through the approval process which takes some considerable time.

Although all of this is free from Big Spot and the survey companies, these companies are benefiting from our personal information. Big Spot has it in their privacy policy that they do not give out our information, however, they get a cut of the money we get from completing surveys.

Big Spot makes their income as a middleman, off your efforts which does seem like a bit of a scam if I do say so.

What Are Big Spot Members Saying?

Looking through a bunch of review sites, and forums, Big Spot members are loud and clear about how they feel:

Unfortunately negative comments were a common theme, I struggled to find many positive comments regarding the Big Spot offer.

What Big Spot Does Well.

  • Only cost spent is with your personal time;
  • Very simple sign up process and quick access to survey company links.

What Big Spot Could Do Better…

  • When a survey is completed, you will sometimes have to wait for the survey company to complete that advertising campaign before you can get paid. This, at times, can take weeks or months before you see any payout;
  • Each survey company has its own way of paying you out, which could not be straight cash;
  • Most people are rejected up to three times before they are accepted to complete a survey;
  • You have to complete a pre-screening process before actually filling out any surveys;
  • Expect your junk mailbox to increase in volume as your personal information is distributed by the survey companies for profit.
  • Almost impossible to fill out enough surveys to make any type of significant income never mind a little spending cash doing surveys.

Is It Worthwhile To Try The Big Spot Scam?

Many people spend upwards of an hour to two hours filling out personal information to participate in surveys, just to get rejected time and time again because their personal information doesn’t match up with what survey providers are looking for. This seems like a lot of time spent for very little in return.

Even when you do get accepted and have the opportunity to fill out a survey, many survey sites don’t offer just straight cash and if they do offer cash its peanuts.

Some companies offer rewards points, or gift cards to places like Amazon, which isn’t always what people want. So even after all that time, you don’t actually get paid out with money.

To make matters even less appealing, many survey companies have a threshold on how much you must earn before you can withdrawal anything. This can take days, weeks or even months to reach before you’re able to see any type of payout.

I don’t entirely believe that Big Spot is a Scam, more of an opportunist.

I believe that surveys are legit, but from my experience is a complete waste of time. The effort exerted for the profit received doesn’t make any sense.