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Millionaire Biz Pro System – Just Another Scam Program?

Millionaire Biz Pro System – Just Another Scam Program?

Is Millionaire Biz Pro the way to get-rich-quick online, or just another scam? Can you actually learn and benefit from this system, or is it just a way to take your money?

For the longest time everyone thought that working online, or working from home, resulted in instant riches. Someone, somewhere apparently found out how to get-rich-quick online, but more and more credible sources came along and proved that the real long term success plan was to work hard and dedicate the time to your online business.

However, some systems are still trying to sell the “get-rich-quick” method. Are people really getting rich quick or still getting scammed?

In my Millionaire Biz Pro review, I’ll dig deep into the Millionaire Biz Pro system and give you my fact based opinion on whether this is a good offer or a scam. I’ll talk about the training, tools and support, and how much it costs to be successful with Millionaire Biz Pro.

I’ll also make sure to let you know what my final verdict is at the end of this review, so join me in reviewing the Millionaire Biz Pro system!

What Is The Millionaire Biz Pro System?

Essentially, the Millionaire Biz Pro system is pitched as a way for you to make money automatically, on autopilot.

When you pay for the Millionaire Biz Pro, you’re set up with your own automated affiliate marketing system, that generates websites that you can integrate email autoresponders, and generate commission based affiliate sales.

The Millionaire Biz Pro system offers its clients done for you websites already set up for selling random products or systems for commissions, this is referred to as (affiliate marketing). The Millionaire Biz pro System utilizes various traffic generating techniques to maximum profit.

Who Is The Millionaire Biz Pro System For?

Derek, the founder, states that this system is great for anyone looking to start or expand their internet business. Whether you are a beginner or expert, the Millionaire Biz Pro system is meant to set you up for success.

The training provided within the Millionaire Biz Pro offer I found wasn’t that detailed or comprehensive enough for a beginner. I didn’t see the training as newbie friendly, my opinion is this program is more suited for the advanced marketer that has a solid foundation in affiliate marketing concepts.

What Do You Get For Your Monthly Fee?

Once you have made your first monthly installment, you’re supposed to be entirely set up and ready to go, websites and all. In the videos on the website, you’re shown the speed in which your websites go from dormant to live for your use.

Although not mentioned within the videos, the disclaimer at the bottom of the page indicates you receive once you have paid:

  • 15 predesignated websites that you can customize;
  • A traffic generator through Web fire (additional cost);
  • Training Videos;
  • GVO email auto responded.

From there, the training videos are meant to show you how to monetize that data and earn income by selling other peoples products that you earn a commission from, once again this is called affiliate marketing.

All in all the goal with the Millionaire Biz Pro system is to utilize the data from your affiliate website complete with opt-in forms, and then to market your affiliate products to your subscribers collected from the opt in page.

Unfortunately the majority of what the Millionaire Biz Pro system does for you is the easiest part, and the rest requires some work and affiliate marketing experience.

The Cost Of The Millionaire Biz Pro System

The costs with the Millionaire Biz Pro System is a little misleading, and change frequently depending on if you go straight through the links to purchase, or if you hesitate.

The cost begins at $47 and when you click through to purchase finally sums up to $49 (with tax?). From there if you go ahead and purchase right away, it will go through a few up sells.

If you don’t click through right away, and go to close the screen, a pop up comes through giving you a bigger discount. You now only pay $39 for the Millionaire Biz Pro System.

Unfortunately these types of situations really make me come to question the quality of the product. Some sites like this make you wonder if they truly stand behind their price, or if they just want to make a sale.

Up sells

When you do purchase the Millionaire Biz Pro System the first page you’re brought to is an up sell of the system you’ve already purchased. Derek offers you an upgrade to their Platinum club for $97, or if you don’t click that one their Delta club membership, which would cost you $24.95/month.

Once pushing past this barrage of confusing options, you’re told you need to purchase a traffic generating system through Web fire. This is a purchase that is required in order to actually utilize the Millionaire Biz Pro System. Again, very misleading, as my original thoughts were that I only had to pay $47 to get myself making ” upwards of $1000/day!!”

Derek offers a discount of Web fire through his up sell, where instead of paying the membership prices below.

You’d only have to pay the discounted membership that is offered with the Millionaire Biz Pro system.

At the end of the day you’re looking at paying at least $39 for the Millionaire Biz Pro system, and at least $85/month for your traffic generating software.

Training And Support

The training offered through the Millionaire Biz Pro system is referred to as the “21-step system” and provides you’re 21 steps to getting your sites online and promoting products for commission.

The 21-steps actually pertain to 21 videos that you’re provided to watch through.

Although the information provided is a great start, they don’t answer all the questions or challenges you’ll most likely face as a new affiliate marketer.

You are provided a “personal coach”, however, they do not reach out to you. You’re actually encouraged to contact a phone number (for a website called or to start a support ticket if you’re having trouble.

There’s no support in the form of a Facebook group, or forum, blog or any such network.

A lot of the support and technical difficulties are directed to a site called “” which is a totally different business opportunity standing for “My Own Business Education” (MOBE). It’s a training site catering to small business owners and entrepreneurs, can be expensive.

What Millionaire Biz Pro Does Well…

  • Makes it easy to create websites;
  • Have the training for a basic understanding of developing a site.

What Millionaire Biz Pro Could Improve…

  • Little to no support;
  • In order to be successful, you have to purchase some of their up sells;
  • The videos they provide are lacking and very vague;
  • When you go to purchase the Millionaire Biz Pro system, you’re pushed through to several websites;
  • The support number and ticket support offered come from a totally different program, a very costly program if you follow all the steps;
  • The website isn’t clear on the exact expense required to be successful;
  • Disclaimer in small print at the bottom indicates that the “typical purchaser does not make any money using this system”.

Some Red Flags And Final Thoughts…

Unfortunately the Millionaire Biz Pro system is riddled with red flags, from beginning to end.

The Millionaire Biz Pro system offers an affiliate program, where users can make $55 commission for everyone that signs up and another $25 for any up sells they purchased.

I find it very misleading to encourage people to purchase something that you tell them will make me ” a $1000/day” instantly, and then turn around and say, oh wait, you need to buy this also, this seems like a never ending story line for this offer.

Although that should be enough to make an informed decision, the Web fire program they insist you purchase to generate traffic has been under scrutiny. It defines its free traffic and leads as actually spamming people with random affiliate links for work-at-home forms and groups. You have zero control on what is being promoted while webfire is representing your website.

The initial Millionaire Biz Pro system web page offers little to no information about the actual program/system. Even listening straight through the ten-minute introduction video, by the end of it you still have no clue as on what the Millionaire Biz Pro system really offers you.

The training doesn’t explain what to put in your emails to your subscribers, so although you’re getting all these emails of people potentially interested, the way in which you contact them and approach them is not made clear.

The more you click through to with Millionaire Biz Pro, the more money it asks of you, and the more differently named websites you get pushed through to.

Unfortunately, the Millionaire Biz Pro system on its own doesn’t offer a concrete, and valuable system that would be of much benefit to anyone. Derek has attempted to make a product to help make people money, but instead constantly asks for more money. Personally I can’t recommend a program that has hidden cost or all these unknown add-ons, who knows what your end cost will be!


Auto Affiliate Program Review – Does It Really Work?

Auto Affiliate Program Review – Does It Really Work?

The Auto affiliate program claims that you can make commissions on autopilot, even while you sleep. I’ve been an affiliate marketer for quite a few years now and although I do agree that you can make commissions while you sleep affiliate marketing is definitely not an auto pilot type of business as much as the video above states it is.

Hopefully by the end of my Auto affiliate program review you will be equipped with the knowledge to make an informed decision on whether the auto affiliate program actually delivers on its lofty claims. Here’a a quick video that Steven uses to explain his Auto Affiliate program.

Like always I welcome any feedback, comments or questions you may have on my Auto affiliate program review. Hope you enjoy my review, have a great day Mike.

What Is The Auto Affiliate Program

In theory the Auto affiliate program really sounds like a cool program and it may be just that if you have experience in affiliate marketing. The program utilizes Click Bank’s affiliate marketplace, in other words, it runs on the premise of promoting Digital products. Click Bank is a great marketplace for affiliates, I have personally promoted many products on Click Bank over the years.

The creator of the Auto Affiliate Program is a gentleman that goes by the name Steven Hall. The auto affiliate program is a done for you type of offer, you get a pre built website and the content to go on that website with built-in affiliate links for $47 a month, which is a pretty good deal. The content comes in the form of e-books with your built-in affiliate links. There are a few issues with this type of offer which I will discuss as I move further into this Auto Affiliate Program review.

Your prebuilt website is automatically updated every week with a new ebook, once again your affiliate links are integrated into that content. If someone downloads an e-book off your website which is full of your affiliate links and makes a purchase this will generate a commission for you.

Here’s what you get for your $47 a month

  • A prebuilt website
  • Weekly content in the form of e-books downloaded to your site every week
  • Professional e-book cover
  • Free website hosting
  • No work on your part
  • A small amount of social marketing training through video format
  • Access to a members area

Above you will see what an Auto Affiliate site looks like, really this isn’t what I would consider a website more of a single landing page.

Websites traditionally have original content with multiple pages and posts, whereas landing pages such as you see above are single pages usually used in conjunction with email capture forms linked to autoresponders, which you can see on this particular landing page created by the Auto Affiliate program.

Few Issues I see With Auto Affiliate Websites

Auto Affiliate websites from what I see are not SEO optimized sites, you will have very hard time ranking in search engines with these particular websites, so write off traffic from search engines right out of the gates.

When your site isn’t optimized it won’t get favorable ranking status with search engines such as Google, you need to build authority with search engines such as Google to get favorable rankings. When your site has low ranking power you won’t get any traffic, which means, it doesn’t matter how automated this whole deal is, no traffic, no commissions, no sleeping and making money!

A critical flaw that really shows how ineffective an offer like the Auto Affiliate Program is going to be is the concept it was created on. Automation not only makes it easy for you, but also easy for Steven and his crew, this is where the wheels come off the Auto Affiliate Program in my opinion.

Duplicate Content, Bad Idea!

When the Auto Affiliate program offer was designed, it was designed so that a new ebook could be downloaded to multiple sites with a click of a button. The problem with this is, all the content downloaded to all the sites is generic content or duplicate content.
People that have no experience publishing content won’t see an issue with the same content downloaded to all the sites in the Auto Affiliate Program. Duplicate content is a definite no no that breaks the rules as far as search engines like Google are concerned, duplicate content will get your site penalized and dropped into obscurity by google.

What does it matter if you get put in Google’s basement, everything! When you are in Google’s basement you won’t see any traffic, no traffic, no ebook downloads, no commissions, but the monthly membership fees will still be there.

How about that email list form on your site?

It’s a great idea to have an email list component to your offer, “the money is in the list”. The problem with this particular set up is, any emails that will be captured on your site aren’t actually yours, Steven owns these emails which you don’t have access to. If you decide to terminate your membership your list is lost and so is your site, no transferring this baby!

Auto Affiliate Training

You will have access to a few videos on social marketing but that’s really all you are going to be relying on to drive traffic to your offer. I don’t see content marketing generating much traffic for your site unless you have internet marketing experience which this program says you don’t need.

If you were to have internet marketing experience and knowledge on different traffic generation techniques that could drive traffic to your landing page then this really could be a good deal with ebooks being created for you and hosting supplied.

I feel to really make this offer work though you will need some affiliate marketing training which is going to be on top of the $47 monthly fee. There are affiliate marketing programs out there where you can build a complete affiliate business that supplies all the training you could possibly need, website, hosting that you maintain complete control of. Your businesses are totally transferable, so you keep control of your business at all times.

Most websites providers these days offer a very simple website set up process using click and drag technology that makes the creation of a website a breeze. You can participate in any niche you choose, even participate in the Click Bank marketplace if that’s your desire.

Personally the way I see it, building a website that you have complete control over makes more sense than investing your time and money into something that in the end you don’t actually own.

Free hosting, woo hoo!

Sounds great to have free hosting but your site is hosted on Steven Halls private server so he owns your site and you are at his mercy. If you decide you can’t afford the membership you lose everything. If you had your site parked on a hosting platform like blue host for example you could just pay the hosting fee which is pretty affordable and just store it there and still have something for a time when you felt like you wanted to take another shot at it.

My final Thoughts On The Auto Affiliate Program

I think the Auto Affiliate Program is a pretty cool concept and if you have any internet marketing skill you could make this offer work in your favor. On the flip side if you think that you can go into this venture with no affiliate marketing knowledge I feel you will be sadly disappointed and probably down a considerable amount of money by the time you figure out that this isn’y going to work for you.

Duplicate content is the deal breaker for me when it comes to making money with this offer. If this program offered unique content I would say jump all over it. I hope this review gave you some food for thought and equipped you with some knowledge to make an educated decision.






8 Figure Dream Lifestyle A Scam? – Find Out Here!

8 Figure Dream Lifestyle A Scam? – Find Out Here!

Today I’m reviewing a Program Called 8 figure Dreamlife style which is creating a bit of a stir online these days. I will be digging into this program trying to separate fact from fiction and let you know the answer to “is 8 figure Dream lifestyle a Scam”.

I have seen many programs over the years offer the same business opportunity as 8 Figure Dream Life is offering today, many of which have ended with member’s suffering some huge financial losses. The 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle operates under the same principle as programs like the“$2 money train scam”, just on a much higher scale.

Keep that in the back of your mind as we get deeper into this 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle review, you will see the similarities and risk associated with these types of business opportunities, I hope you enjoy my 8 figure Dream life style review and like always I welcome any questions and comments you may have.

What Is 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle?

8 Figure Dream Lifestyle is a business opportunity that takes on the structure of an MLM. Some would argue almost a pyramid style scam. What I’m referring to when I say MLM is that, this is a Network marketing business that primary focus is on recruitment of affiliates.

8 Figure Dream Lifestyle brings MLM to a whole new level, it really doesn’t offer any products of its own to the public. Most MLM have products that are offered to the public, when you don’t have an actual product you are running the fine line of being categorized as a pyramid scheme which is actually illegal. The lack of a bonefied product line should be very worrisome for participating member’s, the whole survival of this MLM opportunity is based on member’s ability to promote the concept that 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle embodies, you pay and hypothetically someone recruited in the program will pay you! This is what is referred to as “Cash gifting”.

There are many of these outfits on the internet, one that comes to mind is Crowd Rising .net where the entry fee is $20. From there you can move up levels. The whole scheme is based on you gifting your $20 and you get gifted back, people claim they have made money and I am sure some have but what is real or “Fake news” who really knows, get your confidence up and bam! You invest even more seeing this thing is working and that’s when the sting happens!

How Does 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle Work?

8 Figure Dream Lifestyle operates on the premise of 100% commissions. All this means is you have paid up front for your right to promote this offer to others. In most affiliate endevours you will earn commissions ranging from 4-10% with outfits like Amazon right up to 75% commissions off digital affiliated products. With these types of affiliate relationships there is in most cases no need to purchase and products, you are simply getting paid to promote products with zero financial risk. Your fee for promoting products comes in the form of a commission, simply put.

With programs like 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle you are required to make a purchase to be qualified for any commissions, this stands true for any 100% commission offer.

8 figure Dream Lifestyle is all about recruiting people so that you can “hopefully” get your investment back and more, unfortunately this only works if people are being recruited under you. If the enrollment numbers start to decrease there is no way to fund the program and it slowly dies and so does your opportunity to get your investment back seeing there is no real product that you can sell to the public for commissions. You just need to hope that you can suck someone into joining under you to get your original investment back.

You only have one way to earn with 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle network and that is to recruit member’s. When these member’s pay it funds the program and people start to share the pot according to what level you bought into.

The people behind eight figured dream lifestyle

It was really hard to track down the creator of this program, had to follow a trail of breadcrumbs, or should I say disappointed MLM investors!

I did manage to track down who I believe to be the mastermind behind the 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle program, his name is Scott Miller. Other MLM opportunities that I found Miller had an association with were MLM opportunities such as 22k Collective, TelexFree, and MyNyloxin.

22k Collective was Scott Millers baby which had a fairly short-lived existence, lasting less than two years, which is a really short time for the lifespan of an MLM. This is a significant peice of info that should be considered a “huge red flag” if you are looking at investing in the 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle program.

Another bit of info you will need to consider before you fork out your hard-earned cash to buy into the 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle scheme is the other two MLM’s that Scott Miller was participated in, TelexFree and MynLoxin which turned out to be part of a big ponzi scheme that ended up financially hurting many participants, another thing you should keep in the back of your mind if you are thinking of investing in one of Scott Millers biz ops.

How Much To Join 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle?

There are 5 membership levels you can join 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle under. On the right is an old screen shot of 22k collectives cash gifting scam compensation plan that scott Miller was the mastermind behind….

  • 22k collective compensation plan


  • $3,500
  • $6,500
  • $12,500
  • $22,000

How this all works is, when you join you choose a membership level that you can afford and the way you get your investment back is by recruiting someone under you who pays your investment and then they recruit someone to pay their investment and so it goes.

This gifting program sounds all fine and dandy but the problem arises if you can’t suck someone into buying a membership. There are many ways that you can get into difficulties with a donation program like 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle.

You stick your neck out to far and buy into a level that is too rich for people. Instead of buying into the 2,000 which is the most realistic and appealing level to recruit under you think big and go for a higher entry level and can’t find a recruit, you are done like dinner!

You go in at the entry level, find a recruit, get over confident and invest more to earn more.

You can only earn commissions off of the level you buy into!

Buy in at the $2,000 level that is the only level you can earn commissions off of. If you buy in at the $22,000 level you will earn commissions off all levels.

This is unfortunately where people get caught. You want to make more money you need to buy into a higher level which for many is a very poor decision. I personally know people who have invested $5,000 in other similar scams just to get over confident and go all in, either the scam goes belly up or people struggle to recruit and commissions start to dry up.

Usually the creator of the program hit the road running with a nice income in their pocket while investors are left holding the bag.

Would I invest in 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle?

Not on your life!

As tempting as this offer looks I think I have enough sense to realize the significant dangers that face investors, or should I say gamblers. Offers like 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle rely on participants membership fees to pay the recruiters back their investment, this seems like a very simple process, really how hard could it be to get a friend to invest and get your money back but like I said people get greedy and this is where they get burnt, its human nature to want more especially if that initial recruit was a close friend. Try it with a stranger, you will find its not that easy!

I don’t condone gambling, but you are better off throwing $20 in a slot machine and seeing where that will take you rather than betting thousands on the chance that you might just get your money back, its really all or nothing, you don’t get part of your investment back!




What Is Now Lifestyle – MLM scam Or A Money Maker?

What Is Now Lifestyle – MLM scam Or A Money Maker?

Are you look looking to make some money in the MLM Industry, Now lifestyle may be the opportunity for you or it maybe just another MLM scam, but you are going to find out for certain by reading my Now Lifestyle review. I joined Now lifestyle today to get an inside look at what this new MLM opportunity looks like and has to offer in the way of income opportunity.

In my Now lifestyle review I will determine whether this is a real opportunity as well as touch on the  Now lifestyle compensation package and the products that they offer.

Enjoy my Now Lifestyle review and like all my reviews please leave your thoughts, your opinions, and any questions you may have and I will get back to you as soon as possible, have a great day Mike.

What Is Now Lifestyle?

Like I mentioned in my introduction, now lifestyle takes on a MLM structure. What I mean by MLM structure is that it is a referral based Business opportunity, in other words you will make money not just off the products but off your referrals sales and membership fees.

Now lifestyle offers a limited selection of products,  it really is just a referral based program. From what I could see Now lifestyle only actually has 3 supplements as their product line and a fitness program called the 7 minute workout. Their platform does offer some informational videos with regard to bodybuilding and weight loss which I might add you really can find anywhere for free on the internet these days.

From what I could see Now lifestyle is actually in the business of selling Internet marketing tools to their members, I will tell you in the next paragraph why this is an interesting component.

The Man Behind Now Lifestyle

Now Lifestyle was created by a guy named Joel Therien, Joel is not new to the MLM game. Joel has experience launching a MLM called Pure Leverage, which I reviewed sometime ago, you can read my review on pure leverage here. I am actually still on Joel’s email list from joining his previous MLM offer.

When I look at Now lifestyle and Pure Leverage side-by-side the similarities are starling. The compensation packages are almost identical, the emphasis on Internet marketing tools is obvious in both offers, right down to the methods used to promote these perspective MLM offers.

More On The Products Now Lifestyle Offers

Here’s a list of products that now lifestyle offers….

  • Weight protein
  • Eliminate natural fibre
  • Elevate energy booster

Okay were you waiting for more, sorry to disappoint you but that’s really it in a nutshell. Now lifestyle hangs its hat on three products and a 7-minute workout, the rest of the program is all about recruiting and getting people to buy Internet marketing tools such as lead capture pages and auto responders.

Here’s the screen shot of the products offered through Now lifestyle…


To compliment the supplements Now Lifestyle offers what they call the 7-minute workout. You can buy the 7-minute workout for $47 by going to, if you sign up to be a re-seller you will get 50% commissions off the exercise program and also benefit from your referral sales as well. The 7-minute workout is in my opinion a bust, it offers a few little features like a recipe builder, food tracker, and a library of fitness videos. Not sure why you would buy the 7-minute workout when you can get it for free when you sign up as a free member and fill out your fitness profile as I did with Now Lifestyle…

What’s The Cost to Join Now Lifestyle?

It’s absolutely free to join Now lifestyle, with a free membership you get access to the 7-minute workout and you can buy supplements for a discount, other than a few videos that’s about it. You aren’t eligible for any commissions with the free membership. If you want to make money with Now lifestyle then you need to buy into Now Lifestyle’s re-sellers membership which has various buy in levels with the usual 100% commissions teaser. Here is a list of possible buy-ins below…

Now Lifestyle Digital Services Pro Re seller

  • Auto responder – 10,000 subscribers
  • Lead capture system – 10,000 subscribers
  • Full nutrition and workouts for 6 people
  • Elegibilty for 50% – 90% commissions

Cost: $50 monthly membership

Now Lifestyle Professional Education Re seller Package

  • Email Marketing Mastery
  • Nowbody Full Certification Course
  • Facebook Marketing Mastery
  • Weekly coaching calls
  • Earn up to 1,000 in commissions

Cost: $1997 one time fee

As you can see Now Lifestyle is more about recruiting and selling your recruits on these two packages than really selling supplements. It’s hard to find any info on selling the actual products, most of the videos and info I read revolved around promoting these packages, getting your recruits to step up to a re-sellers membership. I literally had 6 emails in less than 2 hours on upgrading to a re-sellers package, little over the top in my opinion.

The Meat Of The Offer – The compensation Plan!

If you’re thinking of joining Now lifestyle the only reason that could possibly make any sense would be to recruit people and benefit from the compensation plan. There is no limit to your earnings or levels that you can benefit from as long as you are willing to pay your fees and advertising costs, which you should count on.

The products themselves are not going to have people rushing through the doors. there are so many weight lifting supplements and Weight loss supplements on the market these days that these products won’t look appealing at all. I work out daily and take supplements and Now Lifestyle supplements wouldn’t get a second look from me. Almost identical weight training programs are littered all over the internet for free,  so that definitely isn’t going to be a draw.

Here’s a look at the compensation structure….

As you can see the compensation plan is based solely on members who are paying a monthly fee so that just shows that Now Lifestyle is primarily focused on recruitment. Commissions off the sale of the actual Now Lifestyle products run around the 25% threshold, don’t imagine you will make a living selling these products!

Just a note, to qualify for commissions you need to be an active monthly paying member or you lose all right to your referral commissions, plus you need to meet the following requirements or you don’t qualify for commissions.

Few Things I Like About Now Lifestyle

  • One of the first MLM offers that really focuses on selling online, using legitimate marketing techniques
  • If you are good at recruiting you could make some decent money with this MLM offer
  • Joel Therien is a good internet marketer and he brings a lot of knowledge to the table
  • Has a proven marketing system in place for people with internet marketing experience to utilize

What I Didn’t Like About Now Lifestyle

  • Now Lifestyle product line offers no real value or appeal, hard sell!
  • Recruitment orientated offer
  • Membership fee is high for what you get
  • You need to pay a monthly fee to make any money
  • Really get pushed to upgrade to re-seller

My Final Thoughts On Joining Now Lifestyle

Personally I feel if you don’t have experience as an internet marketer you will see that $50 membership start piling up with very little to show for it. It’s my opinion that this offer has no real product that is going to bring people through the door. The focus will be on recruitment and selling Now Lifestyle as a business opportunity, not on the products themselves. Just look at other MLM’s like Melaleuca for example that offers hundreds of products. What I find ironic is that Joel actually mentions Melaleuca in his introduction video, this offer doesn’t even come close to programs like Melaleuca.

The only bright side to the Now Lifestyle offer in my opinion is it does have an internet marketing component to it which I feel an MLM needs as well as a really good product line. You need to know how to promote any MLM online to find true success in the MLM field.


Pennies 4 Profits – Is This Another Lead Generation Scam?

Pennies 4 Profits – Is This Another Lead Generation Scam?

One of the toughest aspects of building a business online is generating traffic or leads. Pennies 4 Profits is a lead generation system that was designed to help you get a head start on building your customer base, at least that’s what they are claiming.

A lot of energy and time goes into generating leads, building your presence, and in turn making sales. So much so, that a lot of people just give up do to struggling to get traffic to their offer.

Pennies 4 Profits claims that they can help you generate leads for your business or products much faster and easier than ever before. Within my Pennies 4 Profits review I will break down the Pennies 4 Profits offer and give you my thoughts on whether this is a scam lead generation offer or an effective way to generate quality leads for your online business.

Like always I welcome your thoughts and opinions and any questions you may have on this Pennies 4 Profits review, have a great day Mike.

What Is Pennies 4 Profits?

Pennies 4 Profits works with 300 joint ventures and top internet marketing leaders to generate leads for you and your business. Once you, have captured your leads you will be able to incorporate these leads in a targeted email campaign driving them to your offer.

The leads sent to you through Pennies 4 Profits are hopefully people in some way interested in your product. Keep in mind that leads need to be very specific to what you are pitching or you are wasting your time and money.

What Does Pennies 4 Profits Cost?

When you first sign up, you’re asked to pay a $30 flat fee up front, and a $30 fee for that month. You’re intitial “start up” costs will be $60.

From there on you’ll pay $30 a month for leads every 24 hours.

If you decide you do not want the subscription anymore, you have 24 hours after paying your start up fee to cancel, and if you miss that cut off, you have anywhere outside of 24 hours before your next recurring payment of $30 to cancel.

What Does Pennies 4 Profits Offer Me?

When payment is complete for the initial $60, you’ll receive 100 leads within 5 minutes of signing up.

The leads will come with a first name, last name, email address, IP address, and a “fresh factor” date indicating when the lead was generated.

Every 24 hours you’ll receive another 100 leads to do what you wish with. You have the option of in putting the leads into a CAN-SPAM compliant mailer to contact your leads every 24 hours which hypothetically will help you avoid hitting your leads spam folder.

You’ll also be given open rates for your email leads. This rate will indicate a percentage outlining how effectively you’re targeting your leads. The percentage is based on the number of people who actually open the emails sent to them.

Who is Pennies 4 Profits Geared Towards?

Ideally, Pennies 4 Profits can be utilized by anyone with a product or service. Whether you’re a beginner or experienced in affiliate marketing, Pennies for Profits is designed to deliver leads, and is pretty straight forward. Anyone could easily learn to utilize the system, the hard part will be converting these leads to sales.

Specifically if your someone who struggles to find leads, or who is looking to target and build an audience, Pennies for Profits could be useful to you.

Is This Form Of Generating Leads effective?

Opinions are mixed and personally I haven’t had a lot of luck using lead generation gimmicks. I have always found that leads generated through lead generation system’s have a very low conversion rate and I am pretty good at converting traffic.

This kind of “generic” lead capturing could be good for websites looking to get sponsored ads put on their site by merchants paying a monthly advertising fee. Merchants that sponsor ads primarily base their sponsorship on website traffic and the popularity of the blog so even if traffic doesn’t convert it will still look good in the sponsoring merchants eyes.

If you use Google Adsense on your website traffic from lead generation may put some money in your jeans if this traffic clicks on some your sponsored ads.

Affiliate marketing on the other hand, which is the promotion of products for commissions, requires very targeted leads that have a specific interest in the type of products or services you are promoting. Usually leads generated using services like Pennies 4 Profits don’t have a very good conversion rate when it comes to affiliate marketing.

The leads that are generated for you really have no idea of what products you are promoting and in turn you really won’t know what products or services these leads will be interested in either. Chances are, the leads you will be given are people who signed up with their information to receive something else, something free or informative is usually how leads are captured. Will these leads have any interest in what you have to offer? Really it’s a stretch to say the least, it’s a crap shoot that you are buying into in my opinion.

Most people disregard your advances as junk mail, especially since they won’t remember opting in to receive info from you and your business, like I said, they probably signed up for a free offer at one time or another.

There are a few risks associated with using this type of lead generation system. There is a possibility that you could be labeled as a spammer and just end up in someones spam folder, Just look at what’s in your spam folder, I know I have multiple emails from people who have gotten my email form signing up for free offers. Remember that for every lead that ends up in someones spam folder you have forked out for.

Personally I feel there is no substitute for targeted and relative content that will engage your potential website visitors. Not only will content created specifically for an audience that is interested in products or services convert but it will also be the basis for website engagement and further up sell opportunities.

What Are The Risks To Using Lead Generation?

Many risks are associated with using Lead generation system in general not just Pennies 4 Profits. Quality of leads is always a concern and really this can change every batch of leads you get access to. Putting your faith in lead generation as your main traffic generation is a really poor idea and really should be an additional traffic generation tool not your standalone traffic generation source.

There are a few risks associated with using this type of lead generation system. There exists the possibility that you could be labeled as a spammer and just end up in someones spam folder, Just look at what’s in your spam folder today, I know I have multiple emails in my spam folder from people who have gotten my email form signing up for free offers. Remember that for every lead that ends up in someones spam folder you have forked out money for and it doesn’t take long to get into a deep financial hole if your emails aren’t reaching the intended target.

Personally I feel there is no substitute for targeted and relative content that will engage your potential website visitors. Not only will content created specifically for an audience that is interested in products or services convert, but it will also be the basis for website engagement and further up sell opportunities. Content has a long shelf life and is a cost effective way to reach your intended audience.

If you pay the $60, you only have 24 hours to decide if you even like the system which isn’t enough time to actually asses what the quality of leads are like,  and if they have any chance of converting. From here on, you’re stuck paying the $60 bucks, and only have the option to cancel before the $30 recurring payment happens, it takes time to convert leads and you really need to have a good sales funnel in place to take advantage of any leads you do get from Pennies 4 Profits.

If you want to cancel or unsubscribe, you have to do it through a support ticket, so make sure to give yourself lots of time. You won’t be able to call anyone via phone, so you’ll want to give the email time to reach their support team before the $30 monthly payment goes through.


Few Red Flags

Information on the creator, founder, or owner is not readily available, and really makes me question why it wouldn’t be. Names such as TimTech, who are a company specializing in lead generation, and Prospect Flow USA who are the copyright holders are flung around the web as possible owners. Both companies specialize in lead generations.

There is little to no information about the company itself and how it came to be, and the homepage consists of only a few words urging you to take advantage of the opportunity.

Image result for red flagWithout any real information, the homepage for Pennies 4 Profits really pressures you into signing up by indicating there is only a small amount of memberships left, and that the price will sky rocket to $1299 if you don’t get the last $1 spots. High pressure sales tactics seem to be the way these days but it still makes my spidey senses tingle a bit when I hear an outfit say there are only a few spots left which is obviously a stretch on the truth. So what else are they stretching the truth on?

The homepage is very basic, and between the homepage, support page, and copyright and policy pages the same message just gets recycled over and over again.

In addition, Pennies 4 Profits gives you zero Intel as to how they generate their leads, just that it’s a “trade secret”.


Any help needed, you’ll have to generate a ticket. There are no phone numbers to contact if immediate help is needed.

What People Are Saying About Pennies 4 Profits?

There’s very little to find on Pennies 4 Profits, especially regarding feedback on the quality of results people get.

From what little I did find, it seems that most people love that the open rates are above average for affiliate marketing, however, the click through on those emails are slim to none. Very little of those who have shared their experience with Pennies 4 Profits actually claimed they got any real leads from their participation in Pennies 4 Profits.

On average, people stated seeing about a 10-12% open rate, but no clicks or follow through on any of the links within the emails.


  • Generates 100 leads every 24 hours;
  • Can input your leads into a CAN-SPAM e mailer to generate auto emails every 24 hours;
  • Open rates higher than average lead generation system’s.


  • Only have 24 hours after start up fee to figure out if you like this system or not;
  • 100 random leads from people possibly not interested in your business offerings;
  • Little to no information on the company behind Pennies for Profits;
  • Doesn’t indicate where the leads come from, claims it’s a “trade secret”;
  • Almost no actual click through on links within emails which isn’t a great sign of the system’s effectiveness.

What Is My Opinion On Using Pennies 4 Profits

If you’re interested in Pennies 4 Profits, it’s probably because you are struggling to gain traffic and engagement on your website. You probably have little to no sales even though you are working your butt off. I am sad to say in my opinion buying leads from Pennies 4 Profits or any lead generation outfit isn’t going to change your dismal situation.

Getting leads and converting those leads into sales takes some work and a really solid sales funnel and there is no one shoe fits all when it comes to garnering sales.

My advice is start at the beginning and learn how to create targeted content and compliment that content with a robust social media campaign and build a relevant sales funnel to your end product. Only then would I look at buying some traffic and sending that traffic through a sales funnel you know works, this way you will know if your leads are not targeted enough and know when to cut your losses.


Super Affiliate System Review – Is This Internet Jetset Up sell Worth $297

Super Affiliate System Review – Is This Internet Jetset Up sell Worth $297

Super Affiliate System


Looking to build a successful affiliate marketing business? The Super Affiliate System designed by John Crestani may just be the system that could help you achieve your aspirations of becoming a full time affiliate marketer. There’s a super affiliate system offer what it takes to train you to become a successful affiliate marketer. Read my super affiliate system review and find out if this program was designed for you.

In my super affiliate system review I will touch on the super affiliate System’s attributes and drawbacks.

Don’t hesitate to let me know your thoughts/opinions on my super affiliate system review and like always I welcome any comments, questions or previous experiences you may have had with the John Crestani’s Super Affiliate System.

Affiliate marketing is an ever-changing industry, to be successful at affiliate marketing it is imperative that you have access to the most current training options as well as a responsive and supportive framework to help you through your training.

Over $5.3 billion was spent by online companies on affiliate marketing in 2017. Well over 81% of all online businesses use affiliate marketers to drive traffic to their products and services, whatever niche you may be looking to immerse yourself into, you’ll have no problem finding products and businesses to promote as an affiliate marketer.

In my Super Affiliate System review, I’ll Cover a little of John Crestani background. I will also describe the inner workings of the super affiliate system and the training that is provided within the system. Enjoy my super affiliate system review have a great day Mike.

John Crestani

Who Is John Crestani?

John in his own right is a very accomplished affiliate marketer and quite the popular guy,  featured on popular business platforms such as ( you can read this editorial here) and business John is known as the 28-year old who got fired from his job and turned that into an opportunity to build a 500k a month business.

John’s first attempt at entrepreneurship was selling products on eBay, however, it was very short-lived as PayPal soon shut him down. Apparently the products he promoted were not approved by PayPal.

John then went back to school, and with the internet knowledge he had, was able to hack and retrieve test answers, which he sold to friends for a profit. Obviously this was short-lived, because John was soon caught, and kicked out of school.

Following the knowledge he obtained from the book The 4-Hour Workweek, Expanded and Updated: Expanded and Updated, With Over 100 New Pages of Cutting-Edge Content.“>”The 4-hour work week” by Timothy Ferris which I have personally read myself and have found this particular book to be full valuable and inspiring info and well worth the read. John landed a job at a marketing firm in Los Angeles that specialized in pay-per-click marketing on the internet. Finally, John had found his passion and was soon managing over 20 client accounts.

After working his butt off, John approached his boss for a raise, but was quickly shut down. From there, John lost his drive and his work faltered leading to once again John’s termination.

It was at this point that John decided to promote other peoples products as an affiliate marketer, rather then spending massive amounts of time and money creating and promoting his own products.

His true income potential lied in his own skill and knowledge. John started creating ad campaigns that he created step by step on his laptop. He would then send these ads off to a following he had created for himself where they to could duplicate the results John was achieving. This is how John got his start working with others to build their affiliate marketing businesses.

 What Is The Super Affiliate System

The Super Affiliate System is actually an offspring or an up sell from a different course that john promotes called the Internet JetSet. Both courses are designed to appeal to affiliate marketers ranging from experienced to beginners.

For the most part, Internet JetSet teaches you free ways to get traffic with affiliate marketing, and the Super Affiliate System focuses on paid advertising utilizing larger forums such as Google and Facebook.

Within John’s website that promotes both systems, there are other up sells such as Case Study Archives, Monthly student coaching and weekly workshops.

Focusing back on the Super Affiliate System, it is a 12-week comprehensive course in affiliate marketing that contains material for beginners all the way up to extremely advanced material for more advanced affiliate marketers.

The Super Affiliate System contains one to two hours of material a day, delivered Monday through to Friday for 12 weeks.

Each day there is roughly an hour of videos and an hour of tasks to be completed. The course includes information such as:

  • Basic affiliate marketing knowledge;
  • Affiliate marketing setup;
  • Media buyers tools and work space setup;
  • Copyrighting;
  • Research;
  • Optimization;
  • Creating the right mindset;
  • Networking and coding;
  • Google Adwords;
  • Facebook ads;
  • Native ad networks; and
  • Scaling your business.

The Super Affiliate System has weekly workshops that are recorded webinars with incredible Intel, knowledge and budgets of wisdom.

You can also find ready to launch campaigns that provide you with everything you need to launch your affiliate campaign. This makes it really easy for beginners to utilize. These campaigns also include targeting and landing pages for your affiliate campaign, all for a fee I might add. Everything seems to come with an additional price tag in this program.

The JetSet System….

The original course promoted, Internet JetSet, is pitched as the ultimate introductory course to affiliate marketing.



In addition to the Super Affiliate System and Internet JetSet courses, there are also live monthly student coaching options for a fee of course, offering webinars and online workshops where you are assisted and your work is analyzed for its effectiveness.

The JetSet extreme case study archive is another option offered, which is a collection of case studies, interviews, and webinars with affiliate marketing top minds which also comes with an additional price tag, starting to see a trend?

 Training Offered Inside Jetset And SAS

Internet JetSet

The Internet JetSet training is more geared towards the beginner who has very little knowledge of affiliate marketing. It consists of 11 different modules:

1. Online business blueprint; teaches you about becoming a successful online business entrepreneur.

2. Introduction to JetSet; this will help put your mindset into making money online.

3. Choosing your niche;

4. Google; teaches you how to obtain free traffic from Google.

5. YouTube; teaches you everything you need to know about YouTube traffic.

6. Facebook; learn to get free traffic from Facebook.

7. Setting up your website; this shows you everything you need to know about setting up your website from creating a WordPress theme, setting up posts, actually writing posts and pages, and utilizing plugins as well as social icons.

8. Copy writing basics.

9. Launch Jerking; a technique teaching people to utilize the launch of a product for marketing purposes.

10. Authority review sites.

11. Facebook ads for affiliates.

Super Affiliate System

As I mentioned, the Super Affiliate System is somewhat more advanced, and focuses on paid traffic which you do need some relatively good understanding of affiliate marketing to implement and be successful with this training.



The up sells Are Rampant And Their Costs Considerable!

As I mentioned above, the Super Affiliate System is a add on or what is called an up sell to the original course/offer which is the Internet JetSet. Most anything you come across on John’s Super Affiliate System site is accompanied by some sort of up sell promotion and can end up costing you a small fortune if you take advantage of all the up sell training options.

By signing up for the Internet JetSet ($47/month), you’re instantly pushed towards the Xtreme Case Study Archive. This will cost you a one time fee of $187  if you decide to purchase it on top of the Internet JetSet course.



You’ll also find an up sell for John’s JetSet live webinars, which would cost you a one time fee of $97.

 Your membership in the Super Affiliate System doesn’t actually come with any tools or services you need to implement the training offered in the SAS program.

Many of the tools and software that are linked to throughout the either course would be additional charges that you will need to consider. In addition to these extra costs from tools and services that John recommends,  you are helping to pad John’s bank account even more by clicking on his affiliate links. John is making a nice commission off your purchase of tools and services that he recommends.

The question that comes to my mind is, how many of these tools and services do you really need to find success as an affiliate marketer?

I can tell you from experience that you really only need a few tools and services to find success in affiliate marketing, personally I have an all-inclusive membership to run my affiliate business that costs $49 a month,  this includes all of my go to services and tools such as hosting, unlimited WordPress website templates, keyword tool and the most current training covering all aspect and techniques needed for your affiliate marketing business. The only thing I pay for over and above is an autoresponder, that’s it!


Support is what I would consider to be minimal with this program, you have access to the Jetset forum and their Facebook Community but this type of support I feel lacks any real one on one support from experienced marketers which I feel is needed when you are trying to utilize some of the training included in the Internet Jetset and Super Affiliate System offers .

What People who have Tried SAS Are saying…

After scouring the internet and reading various comments and sifting through what appear to be affiliate sponsored comments the main consensus was that many felt that the Internet JetSet offer was the way to go. As a Jetset member you only pay $47 a month but you need to consider that this cost only gives you access to the training, everything you need to actually implement that training is an additional cost which then makes this monthly membership in my opinion look rather expensive as far as affiliate marketing training goes. Add on all the up sells like the Super Affiliate System at $297, Live webinar option at $97 and you are looking at a costly learning experience, one of which I personally don’t see the value in although there is some decent training offered.

Others comments take issue with what many consider “John’s unrealistic income claims”, Noting that John promises you’ll make money within a very short period, sometimes even saying within 2 hours! Which all affiliate marketers know and understand is extremely unrealistic.

What Is Done Well

  • Step-by-step training within the 12 weeks is easy to follow;
  • Pre-built templates of ads, landing pages and campaigns makes it easy for beginners to get started;
  • 100% money-back Guarantee.
  • Only 1 complaint that I could see with the BBB.

What Could Use Improvement

  • No additional, essential tools provided, all at additional costs;
  • Support is minimal;
  • Bombarded with up sells;
  • The Super Affiliate System is an up sell to the actual course “Internet JetSet”. This is slightly misleading as the price different is huge!
  • Additional costs required are not made clear from the beginning. Really have to purchase one to see the rest of the potential costs.

 My Super Affiliate Recap…

After reviewing the Super Affiliate System, I would actually be more inclined to utilize the Internet JetSet course. Even at what I would consider expensive for affiliate marketing training the Jetset course offers a much more cost-efficient training option geared more to the beginner in affiliate marketing.

My opinion after looking at the Super Affiliate System is it is just too expensive for what you are getting for your money. I feel that The Internet Jetset offer also is too pricey for what you receive given the fact that everything you need to apply John’s training requires more cash outlay. There are frankly better and less expensive affiliate training platforms out there that offer current and up to date training and all the tools included.


$2 Money Train – Has The train Left The station?

$2 Money Train – Has The train Left The station?


$2 Money Train

Website owners, affiliate marketers, even YouTube video creators, all have one major hope above all others. That hope is that eventually they will create something, anything, that will ultimately go viral. This is definitely the case with the $2 Money Train. It seems like you can’t go onto any social network without seeing some post about it. In this $2 Money Train Review, we’re going to take a look at whether or not this is a legitimate way to make money online and if it is a program that is worth pursuing.

What Is the $2 Money Train?

Essentially, the $2 Money Train comprises of  a website, training, social media tools and some relevant media literature and downloads all lumped together which in internet marketing terminology  is known as PLR ( private label rights).

How do you get access to this PLR material? Simply pay your 2 bucks and you get the exact same package that everyone else who paid 2 bucks got.

All you do with this system is sell this same system to as many people as you can and earn $2 per sale. These people turn around and sell this system to as many people as they can. Theoretically this will happen over and over again, leading to multiple $2 sales.

Because of the way that this system works, it is actually very difficult to track down the original $2 Money Train website, and in fact, I can’t tell whether or not the original site is even still in existence. If I had to categorize the $2 Money Train concept I would have to say it resembles that of a simple chain letter with some props.

The problem with a scheme like this is you can’t really say how effective this promotion has been,  you do see the sites around in social media platforms,  but remember,  every time you see a site that represents only $2, so you should be seeing a ton of sites out there if this promotion is successful. 100 sites is only $200, how many $2 money train sites have you seen?  

What do you get when you join the $2 Money Train?

Once you have paid your $2 to a $2 money train PLR owner, you are granted access into a member’s area where you can download all of the files allowing you to activate your own clone website and start selling the $2 money train to others.

Included in your $2 money train PLR package you also get to download over 600 different PLR ebooks which you have the option to give away for free. The snag with the ebook offer is,  they revolve around internet marketing and are very old in internet years,  some go back as far as the 90s. Internet marketing techniques evolve very quickly to keep pace with the changes that Google implements, these ebooks you receive are basically obsolete,  pretty well just fire starter.

If you or your customers actually put some of the tactics mentioned in some of these ebooks into play on your websites, you will risk being penalized by Google and other search engines as they are tactics that are frowned upon by search engines such as Google.


What about the $2 Money Train training?

If you’ve seen any of the various sales pages for this product, then you know that there is also a training area in place for the system. The training that is included teaches you how to use several different incentive to click advertising platforms.

Many of these pay users a very small amount, normally less than 5 cents, to click on ads on their sites. While this is normally a very bad tactic for affiliate marketing, I could potentially see it being effective for this type of system.

The problem with this type of advertising when it comes to this system lies in the fact that the offer has went so viral over the last couple of years. Now, it’s something that the majority of people who are users of the paid to click sites have seen so many times, that they simply click the ads and leave rather than paying out the $2 to join up.

Is $2 Money Train a scam?

I actually have to say that while the business practices of this system are shady, it is in no means a scam. Users receive a PLR website and e-book package as well as basic training for this form of advertising network.

So, you actually get quite a bit of value for your $2 investment.

noDoes this mean I recommend the system?

Absolutely not, and for a few different reasons.

First, when I initially stumbled across this program I tried for quite a while to track down the original site. Unfortunately, I was unable to do so.

Since the system has been purchased so many times now, there are literally thousands of copies of the site and accompanying Facebook pages all over the internet, some real and some fake knockoffs. Facebook is actively trying to get rid of these ads on their network, which won’t bode well for your late arrival.

It’s next to impossible to find out if you are giving your paypal info to a legitimate site or not, if you are happy risking giving your paypal info to the dark side of the internet, then fly at it, but I personally wouldn’t risk it. There are a ton of copycats out there who have bought the $2 Money Train with the intent of  rebranding the system to get a little  more life out of a dead horse, so to speak!

This scheme has been going on for quite some time now and I do feel “the train has left the station” on this deal. With so many resorting to recreating the $2 money train offer into a completely new refurbished knock off tells me that this deal is on the way out and has lost it’s momentum. 

Not knowing who you are dealing with aside I feel the main reason I would steer clear of this offer is that the $2 money train is the scourge of social networks, these networks are now actively trying to cleanse their platforms of what has become a big nuisance for them.  

While I was digging up intel on this offer I noticed that there were several shortened URLs from both tinyurl and Google’s own URL shortening service that had been deleted due to terms of service violations. I’ve also heard a lot of people complaining that Facebook has deleted their pages as well as their ads and some have even stated that they have now been banned from using the Facebook ads platform.

Finally, the last reason that I would stay away from this system is, it’s just not worth the time! They talk about multiple $2 sales but realistically I don’t see that happening now, maybe if you got in on the ground floor, but not now! 

My Final Thoughts


There are no push button programs or methods on the internet to make easy money without facing a ton of risk, and the $2 Money Train is one of these offers.

There are ways to make some pretty good money online but they take a little work but well worth the effort in the long run, hope you enjoyed my review. I welcome your feed back, please leave a comment or your experiences with the $2 money train if you have any they would be much appreciated by my readers I am sure, have a good one, cheers Mike.





Clickbank Pirate Review – How To Make Money On Clickbank

Clickbank Pirate Review – How To Make Money On Clickbank

My Clickbank Pirate review will put to rest all the hype and get down to the facts behind Clickbank Pirate and whether it is a good tool to use to make money on Clickbank or just another hyped up sales pitch. Sit back, enjoy the read, this isn’t another sales page review trying to sell you Clickbank Pirate.

clickbank pirate

Product Name: Clickbank Pirate
Owner: David Blaze
Cost: $67 up front and $37/month/ a few upsells for good measure!
Rank: [yasr_overall_rating size=”medium”]

Lets get this party started!

piratebox1What is Clickbank Pirate?

Clickbank Pirate is promoted as a turnkey affiliate marketing business. Clickbank Pirate provides WordPress websites that are pre loaded with material that you can use to promote Clickbank Pirate, WordPress is a great website platform, I use it myself.

This is a system that comes with hosting for your site, free downloads for your visitors to encourage them to leave an email, basically everything you will supposedly need to make money selling Clickbank Pirate is included in your package. Clickbank Pirate is a product sold on Clickbank, a reputable marketplace for affiliate sales with a good refund policy.

What’s Included In Your Clickbank Pirate Business In A Box

Here’s a shopping list of what you can expect to get with your $67 one time fee and your $37 a month membership fee.

♦ Pre- loaded WordPress website
♦ Access to video tutorials
♦ Free reports and newsletters for your readers
♦ PLR material ( private label rights) or pre written, computer generated articles.
♦ Banners and links
♦ Images for your site

How Does Clickbank Pirate Work?

The Clickbank Pirate program is a system that was developed with one purpose in mind, give you the tools and teach you how to promote and sell Clickbank Pirate.

How this program works is quite simple, you are provided a pre loaded website with pre written material which links to the Clickbank Pirate’s home page where hypothetically the sale for their business in a box will be finalized. Your job in this program is to get the traffic to your site and funnel this traffic to Clickbank pirates website. In theory this turnkey business sounds like a no brainer opportunity. Clickbank Pirate uses marketing techniques that in their day were somewhat effective but  have lost some of their effectiveness over the years.

question-mark-faceDoes Clickbank Pirate Actually Work?

Possibly to a certain extent it could produce some results but there are some issues with this offer…

Preloaded websites: These sites are basic sites that are supposed to compete with very sophisticated websites that will be using authentic well written engaging content utilizing SEO techniques. Clickbank Pirate websites on the other hand will be using pre written,  auto generated material which put these CB Pirate sites at a disadvantage.

– You are paying $37 a month to promote their products. This system isn’t setup to promote any other products.

– You are at the mercy of Clickbank pirate, if they are terrible at converting your traffic into sales this could be a problem.

– Clickbank Pirate pre builds 3 links on your site, one of which you get credit for a sale if someone clicks through and purchases Clickbank Pirate the other two are Clickbank Pirates! You are paying Clickbank Pirate so they can get FREE traffic from your site.

– The use of PLR material in my opinion isn’t an effective way to engage your audience. PLR material commonly has poor grammar, spelling mistakes and in many cases reads like broken English.

– Support: This is a component that you hear very little of in the Clickbank Pirate propaganda which could be a weak link in this program.

My Final Thoughts

Obviously Clickbank Pirate isn’t a scam because it does offer some value for your investment,  but I don’t like the use of PLR material and question it’s effectiveness to engage and persuade your audience to act. I also don’t like the idea that you are tied to selling/promoting Clickbank products which tend to have a very high refund rate. I have lost hundreds of dollars a month in commissions from refunds on the Clickbank products I have promoted in the past.



Is Online Sales Pro A Scam – Or Does It Deliver Traffic As Promised

Is Online Sales Pro A Scam – Or Does It Deliver Traffic As Promised

I will start by saying I am not a Online Sales Pro affiliate so this is a real Online Sales Pro review. If you Google OSP you will find that the first two pages are all positive reviews done by affiliates, personally I don’t recommend anyone pay to promote a product, that’s a scam in my mind. There are thousands and thousands of free products to promote online without paying someone to promote their product, so that’s the first strike against OSP for me.

Traffic generation is one of the biggest hurdles a internet marketer faces when trying to get potential customers to their offers. There are many companies that have indentified the need or the opportunity that exists when it comes to traffic generation services. Online Sales Pro is one of those outfits.

OSP was developed to help internet marketers with limited to advanced skill levels drive targeted traffic to their websites or offers. I am going to dive into this traffic software offer and see if Online Sales Pro is just another scam software product that falls short of it’s claims and hype or actually delivers traffic as promised.

I hope you get some valuable info out of my Online Sales Pro review and like always I welcome your thoughts, opinions and your experiences with this product, cheers Mike.

A Little Online Sales Pro Background?

Online Sales Pro is owned and operated by LeadLine, LLC, a company based out of Tucson, AZ. Leadline also has under their umbrella products such as LeadOwl and White Label Systems. Its rather difficult digging up info on Leadline ,  they like to keep a low profile.

Online Sales Pro was created in 2013 as a web-based lead generation system which also enables the software purchaser to create customized landing pages, implement optimized sales funnels and offers list building features while offering integration of autoresponders . The idea behind the software was to help individuals capture online traffic and turn that traffic into leads for their business.

Online Sales Pro created an easy-to-use system, which could be managed either through an App on your phone, or from your desktop. From there you can manage your leads, have sales and lead generation notifications and access other stats.

An Online Sales Pro membership includes a large variety of landing page templates which are compatible for most languages, they say all languages but a few are only available in English. OSP makes reference to over 500 templates so we will have to take their word on that one!


How Does Online Sales Pro Actually Get Leads?

As i mentioned earlier Online Sales Pro is a web based software program that is supported by a training platform. What you will hypothetically learn to do with this software is create a complete and effective sales funnel which uses landing pages or lead pages with built in opt in features that will allow you to capture leads and visitors emails for future sales opportunities. You can also use these sales pages as a tool to send people directly to your offer or website. OSP also offers training on traffic generation from social media platforms such as, Facebook, Twitter, G+ and Reddit just to name a few.

Online Sales Pro states that you need zero tech skills which to be honest I find a bit of a stretch, I personally haven’t found anything to do with internet marketing that you don’t have to have some tech abilities unless you have access to really good step by step training platform which I don’t feel OSP is quite there with yet.

Along with the creation of a complete sales funnel OSP offers “real time Tracking”  through their mobile App,  you will be notified as your sales funnel captures leads and have the ability to reach out to your leads right away. OSP does have the ability to capture quite a bit of data that will help you optimize your funnel for maximum effect.

Here’s a little intro to OSP, pretty crappy Youtube video, doesn’t really go into much detail on the OSP offer but gives you a little insight into their product.

You will notice OSP mentions in this promotional video that you can create your own website,  but really this is only a simple one page website type of application, more of a glorified sales page than anything.

What You Can Expect To Get With OSP

If you have minimal experience online, OSP does offer some training in the form of video tutorials and text tutorials but I don’t feel this is a beginners offer at all,  even though OSP does push it as one. The training primarily focuses on getting traffic from social platforms. Here’s a breakdown of what you get with your

Basic Online Sales Pro membership…

  • 500 Landing Pages
  • Social marketing training
  • Sales and marketing training
  • Access to domain services
  • Mobile freindly App
  • Community and OSP support desk
  • Sales funnel
  • built in autoresponder or integrate your own autoresponder
  • Training to manage your leads
  • Lead management system

Online Sales Pro MVP Membership ( yes there is an up sell )

  • MVP affiliate commission;
  • Exclusive training on list building;
  • Private MVP Facebook group;
  • Priority when it comes to getting support or help;
  • Early access to new templates and features

What’s This all Going To Cost You?

The basic Online Sales Pro membership will cost you $37 a month or $297 annually. This doesn’t include if you need a website or hosting for your own domain. One thing that I feel is critical to online succes is a keyword tool which is nowhere to be seen in this offer.

The Online Sales Pro MVP membership will cost you a whopping $97 a month or $997 a year (ouch) Definitely not worth it in my opinion!

How’s The Training With OSP?

Here’s a snapshot of the training that is offered some of which is actually sourced from elsewhere. You could find a lot of this training absolutely free if you know where to look!

Check out the program I recommend for free training here!

Just to explain what is offered, training within Online Sales Pro includes basic training in areas such as social media training, sales and marketing training, and team training. The training is delivered through articles, videos and community forums. The core of the training is split into modules comprising of approx 8 videos each. As I think i mentioned previously the bulk of the training revolves around social media marketing and managing your leads.

The push on social media is prevalent, as right next to the modules are marketing guides in PDF form to teach you how to use different social media sites to generate traffic and leads.

There’s also a tiny bit of training on how to create a sales funnel. After that the training is relevant to using the software and creating your landing pages.

Support Offered Through Online Sales Pro

Whether you are MVP or a regular subscriber, you’ll have access to an online Facebook community for support, motivation or questions. Last time I checked there were roughly 27,000 members.

Online Sales Pro also offered help via email chat, or phone depending on your plan.

Why Are There So Many Positive Reviews?

As a business opportunity or from an affiliates perspective some may view Online Sales Pro as a good opportunity to make some money, not me! If you look at the image below you will see what you will make if you promote OSP off every membership you can manage to sell. You want to know the funny part in all this, every affiliate I saw reviewing and promoting OSP were using websites that weren’t created using OSP’s platform,  nor were they using landing pages to get perspective buyers to their OSP offer, they were using what is most effective for converting traffic and that is “targeted content marketing” , something that really isn’t covered to any extent in OSP’s training.

Affiliates of OSP are paying $25 a month to promote tools they don’t even use themselves, that’s a hmmmm! Moment for me and should be for you also. You have the option of becoming an Online Sales Pro affiliate. However, you have to be a Online Sales Pro subscriber before you can promote Online Sales Pro for commission.

Who Is Online Sales Pro For?

Ideally I’d say this software is for people who are somewhat familiar with online marketing, not for newbies and even then from an experienced affiliate marketer point of view I don’t see a lot of value in buying this stuff. You can get a free autoresponder from outfits like Mialchimp (who I am not an affiliate for). Mailchimp is just one of many free autoresponder providers.

On the sales page end of things you can create free sales pages with the likes of wix ( not an affiliate for Wix either). You could also build your own landing pages with Leadpages (not an affiliate) who offer step by step landing page creation for very reasonable rates plus  they offer a free 14 day trial.

Would I Use Online Sales Pro?


I have been in the internet marketing game for roughly 9 years now and I have never used landing pages or paid for autoresponding services. I always recommend to people who are fairly new to online marketing to keep their costs as low as possible when they first start out and that basically means just using every free method or tool they can get their hands on. The last thing you need to do is weigh yourself down with high overhead costs do to buying tool suites and services that really aren’t necessary for getting traffic to your offer.

My opinion, which obviously varies from many of the other reviews I have read is, you don’t need to incur costs like Online Sales pro will add to your monthly overhead , especially given the fact that results aren’t by any means guaranteed. OSP used to offer a free 7 dat trial but have recently pullled the trial which raises questions for me. My experience reviewing products is, programs and products that offer “true” free trials usually have confidence in their product.

Hope you got something out of this Online Sales pro review, please leave me any questions or your experience with this product that may help to better inform my readers, have a great day Mike.


Paycation Travel Is Now Traverus – Good Business Opportunity Or A Scam

Paycation Travel Is Now Traverus – Good Business Opportunity Or A Scam

When I started this Paycation Travel review I really thought it would be a standard type of review that wouldn’t take me long to research and pump out, boy was I wrong! Paycation Travel has recently been replaced by Traverus Travel or should I say Traverus Go. I set out on what I thought was going to be an easy task, just find out if you can make a home business off of people travelling. In the end I do answer this question and many more so enjoy the post and by all means leave me your thoughts and past experiences you may have had with Paycation Travel, cheers Mike.

Lets Start With The Owner David Manning

David Manning has been around the block, has a bit of experience recycling MLM business models, which he has recently demonstrated by morphing Paycation Travel into traverus Go.

Past MLM style ventures that Mr Manning has been involved in were offers like Hi5 and travel works international and recently Paycation which seems to have been replaced, or as my research leads me to believe is in transition. A screenshot of Paycations facebook page which clearly shows that Paycation Travels Facebook page is changing over to Traveruscorperate.

David Manning has operated his current business for over 12 years and running, which is a really good sign when it comes to MLM shelf life.

What Is Paycation /Traverus Go?

Paycation/Traverus Go is a MLM type of business model where participants will earn potential income by promoting and recruiting people to use Traverus Go services. People book travel, you get a cut if they are your recruits. You can also receive commissions off of your recruits commissions, typical MLM style offer.

There’s no debating that travel is a HUGE industry, with people spending upwards of 18 trillion dollars on getting away and exploring the world. That’s a lot of money that you could potentially share in if this offer really delivers.

I am going to keep referring to both Paycation and Traverus even though it looks like Paycation is gone and Traverus is the new name. Below you will see what I got when I clicked on an actual” book travel” icon on the traverus website. It still mentions Paycation but this is what I got when I clicked on the book travel button.

As you can see in the image above Paycation is still mentioned in this advertisement along with Xstream.

Paycation was created in 2014,  replacing another one of Mannings businesses which was reported to have experienced some legal issues.

Paycation/Traverus focus is on selling wholesale priced vacation packages through associates who join the team. Most vacation sites on the internet are actually run by two different companies, “Expedia” and “Priceline”. When looking for cheap vacation and hotel packages, you’re getting the upsale price (or retail) on websites such as hotwire, redtag, and because Expedia and Priceline are taking the cut from your vacation package.

What Paycation says makes it different is, they work through a website called “Booking Ninja” who claims to cut out the middleman, like Expedia and Priceline, and offers choices on wholesale vacation packages that qualifies you for upwards of 50% off of retail prices you see on other travel websites.

Paycation was integrated with another one of Mr Mannings companies called “XStream” who facilitates the training of associates in becoming certified travel experts. When you join Paycation, you have the opportunity to not only sell cheap vacation packages, but also recruit other members to join and sell packages under you. Not only will you qualify for discounted travel, but every time one of your recruits travels, you also make money off their travel costs! Seems like a great deal, don’t get excited yet!  I’ll get more into the compensation plan later.

 Support And Training Offered By Paycation

Xstream Travel provides all of Paycation/traverus travel agent training, which you pay for with your initial investment in Paycation.  Their website states “Our online travel consultant course concentrates on resort vacations, cruise vacations plus car, hotel, rail and custom tour packages” deeming that the amount of time you put into the training is what you’ll get out of it. Looking at some reviews on the training, it seems very cheap and inexpensive for what you pay to Paycation (which I’ll talk about soon). Members who have joined say it’s only a quick manual you read through and a short quiz to get you up and running as a “Certified Travel Consultant” .

Ideally, Paycation/Traverus wants you to be supported by the person who recruited you which is typical MLM, they don’t appear to invest much into support, which could account for associates making minimal income. Once you complete the course you’re left to your own accord to figure things out. If you don’t have a good recruiter, you may be left to fight this battle on your own.

**At the time of this post training was not available unless you pay the full price for the most expensive package available**

How Much Does It Cost To Join Paycation?

From looking older reviews, there used to be a more reasonable membership cost when Paycation first came to be. It was called the “Independant Affiliate” plan and it started at only $29.95 a month with no flat “buy -in” fee. From joining and trying out Paycation now, there’s no indication of that membership anywhere! The following two options are available to purchase and “buy-in” to Paycation/Traverus.

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Referral Travel Consultant

Purchasing the “Referring Travel Consultant Package” for $199.95, which includes the $119.95 RTC Signup fee, $20 annual Associate fee, and $59.95 1st month Website fee.

What you get with this package….

“Referring Travel Consultant Package”:
You earn – $50.00 commission.

“Certified Travel Agent Package”:
You earn – $70.00

  • 65% commissions off travel;
  • Travel club membership;
  • Access to booking website to refer people to;
  • Commission tracking system;
  • Virtual back office.

Certified Travel Consultant

$319.95 one time sign up fee + $20 Associate fee + 59.95 monthly service fee = $399.90

  • 75% in travel commission;
  • Ability to book larger groups for travel;
  • Ability to earn top industry credentials through Xstream Travel;
  • Xstream certified training;
  • Access to reduced rate travel.

** Again I will mention, the travel training is only available under the $399.90 package**

 Paycation/Traverus compensation Plan Reviewed

Paycation  compensation plans is based on your ability to recruit.

There’s actually little to no explanation of how you make money by selling vacation packages, except for an approximate percentage you could potentially expect to make.

This percentage depends on what style of member you are and how much money you paid. You can make anywhere between 65% and 75% on vacation packages you sell.

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First and foremost, every “Certified Travel Consultant” you bring on board, you make a flat $50.00. After the third recruit you bring on who passes their training, you make $70.00.

Once you hit your third recruit, and that third recruit then starts a downstream of recruits, you’ll make $20.00 additional on each of their recruits, starting with their first one. They call these coded bonuses, as those recruits are infinitely “coded” to you, but only after your third recruit.

**Notice that you make no commission on “Referral Travel Consultants”, you basically have to get your recruits to pay for the bigger, more expensive package in order to make money**

Obviously the more people you recruit,  the more money you make. This compensation plan does appear to be focused on recruitment and does start to look like a pyramid style offer where commissions based on recruitment takes centre stage, sales commissions from the actual product are almost non existent.

Things Start To Get Confusing!

Here’s where it starts to get confusing for me, follow along the best you can! Once your third recruit gets their third recruit, you start making more money. They will be earning $2 on their recruits, while you’ll be earning $30. See the chart below.

Overall, there’s 6 different ways you’ll be earning off of your recruits, as well as their recruits. It goes as follows:

Residual On Coded: You earn 8% for each person coded to you who pays their monthly subscription of $59.95.

100% Match on Personals Coded Residual: You earn 100% match on all the residual coded bonuses your personally enrolled CTC’s earn.

Business Builder Bonus: You can earn over and above 5% starting with your seventh person, on top of what you’re already earning from your recruits. For the first 6 people that seventh person recruits, you’ll earn 5% over and above as well. This continues on indefinitely.

3×7 Matrix: Pays 3 levels wide and 7 levels deep monthly.

10% Match on Personals Matrix: Earn 10% match on Matrix commissions earned by personal enrolments.

8% Match On Coded Matrix: Earn 8% matrix match on all earnings from those coded to you.

The Different Ranks

As you recruit more and more members, and they continue to recruit, you’ll start to jump up the Matrix Levels (1 – 7) and hit certain ranks as a Paycation Affiliate. They call this

    • RTC/CTC;
    • Executive (min 300 recruits enrolled);
    • Regional (min 500);
    • National (min 1500);
    • International (min 4000)
  • (1 – 4 star) Presidential ( min 10000 – 250000)

Once you begin to hit upwards of 300 recruits, you’ll start to make even more additional bonuses as you hit each rank. At 300 recruits you’ll receive a bonus of $1000. If, in your lifetime, you reach 250,000 recruits, you could see bonuses of $250,000!

What I Like About Paycation/Traverus

    • Involved in a Booming industry;
    • Partnered with a 12 year company, XStream Travel;
  • Potential To Earn lots of money within the compensation plan.

What I Don’t Like About Paycation/Traverus

    • There’s both an initial starting fee, and recurring monthly fee (double whammy to your pocket book) especially if you’re not making anything;
    • Yet another recruitment style company – long hours spent recruiting and coaching/mentoring recruits, small percentage make any significant income.
    • Chances of success with this program are typical for MLM offers
    • Compensation plan focuses on recruitment, not travel (not selling an actual product)
    • Once you’ve been recruited and are through the training, you’re left to your own devices if your recruiter isn’t proactive;
    • Training only offered through “Premium”/most expensive membership;

Is Paycation/Traverus A Scam?

Paycation is not a scam, it’s a legitimate opportunity, just like most MLM offers. Unfortunately this offer, more than likely, has the same success rate as other MLM offers, which is roughly 1%. This is the percentage of participants in MLM that make any “significant income”.

If you join Taverus, join it for the right reasons, join because you enjoy traveling and want get a discount off your travel. If you are thinking that this is going to make you an income and build a new lifestyle for you, then I would think long and hard about joining for that reason, MLM structures don’t have a great track record when it comes to making a good income. 

There are lots of comments floating around from past Paycation members who say it’s a complete ripoff ,but once again this could be just a smear campaign by rivals, who knows, take it for what it’s worth and do your homework!

I hope this review gave you a little more info to base your decision on whether to join Paycation. Seems like an ok MLM offer, just don’t go into it thinking you will get rich. I welcome any comments or questions you may have on this article or making money online in general, have a great day Mike.