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Affiliate Marketing vs Network Marketing – The Winner Is

Affiliate Marketing vs Network Marketing – The Winner Is

If you are on the fence and can’t decide what work from home business model is right for you, Affiliate marketing or Network marketing this post will identify the pro’s and con’s of both work from home opportunities so that you can make an informed decision that may result in you making some income from the comfort of your own home.

I am going to start this post off with describing what Network Marketing and Affiliate Marketing are,  from their I will give you the advantages and disadvantages of both work from home business opportunities. I will end with what discipline offers the best chance of you creating an income.

I hope you find this post of value. Please leave your questions or comments at the bottom of this post, your feedback helps me write even better posts moving forward, cheers Mike.

What Is Network Marketing?

Typical Network Marketing Structure

Network Marketing is a billion dollar industry encompassing a multitude of products and services. Network Marketing products that you may be familiar with are brands like Mary Kay, Amway, Melaleuca, Dream Life Rewards, Paycation Travel and MWR Life just to name a few of the thousands of Network Marketing offers at your beckoning call.

Network Marketing is also referred to as Multi Level Marketing or in some cases referral marketing.

When you participate in Network Marketing you are usually asked to pay a fee to belong to that organization or in many cases you are asked to purchase a product or service that is intended for you to resell. Products and services that you sell can be literally anything from cosmetics with Mary Kay or global travel with MWR Life . The focus in Network Marketing is to increase your income opportunities by recruiting other members into what is referred to as your “downline” so that you can benefit from their sales as well as your own.

There are many different membership options and commission structures that MLM opportunities offer their participants, it really depends on the individual Network Marketing opportunity. The main basis behind Multi Level Marketing is to generate Multiple Levels of recruits under you so that you may benefit from any success they may have, your success is directly related to your ability to recruit and your downlines ability to recruit new members.

This was a very brief description of what a Network Marketing opportunity may look like.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is a completely different work from home opportunity. In rare cases you may be asked to buy a product to promote it for income, but this isn’t the norm. In most cases as an Affiliate Marketer you are not required to buy or sell products, nor do you need to recruit people to increase your income potential.

Simply put, as an Affiliate Marketer you are a director of traffic. In Affiliate Marketing you enter into an agreement with an online merchant to promote their products or services for a pre determined commission, commissions range from 4%-75% of a retail sale. Physical products offer less Affiliate commission opportunities than do digital products. Commissions from digital products can reach as high as 75% payout if a sale is made from your traffic. Affiliate links or affiliate cookies are used by online retailers to identify what customers have been directed to their products by you.

The Pro’s And Con’s Of Affiliate Marketing

More Affiliate Marketing Benefits

When you create an Affiliate Marketing business you are in control, you own your business and can promote any product or service for income. When you participate in a Network Marketing opportunity you are not in control of your business, even though you can consider yourself an independent business your success of your business is directly linked to the success of the MLM you have associated yourself with.

As Affiliate Marketer you are in control of what products and services you promote. Your business is completely fluid allowing you to change promotions on any given day to emerging products or services that have market appeal.

With a 9-5 job in many cases, it doesn’t matter how hard you work, you get paid according to the job. In Affiliate Marketing your effort is directly related to your affiliate income, work harder usually amounts to getting paid more affiliate commissions. Once you have your affiliate business up and rolling your income will flow in even when you sleep!

As an Affiliate Marketer you can work from literally any location that has the internet. Your costs to participate in Affiliate Marketing are very limited compared to your income generated. There is no need to recruit people to increase your income. There are many ways to make affiliate income such as….

  • sponsored online merchants ads on your site
  • Google Adsense income from your website
  • Income generated from affiliate sales
  • Brand endorsement agreements

What You Will Need To Participate In Affiliate Marketing

You need very little to participate in Affiliate Marketing. These are the items that you need to run an Affiliate Marketing business….

Website – People get freaked out when they here that they will need a website. Many of the affiliate Marketing training platforms teach you how to build a website in minutes. The website building platforms like WordPress have improved drastically over the years, now offering a paint by numbers approach to building a website. Most website building platforms offer a free version.

Hosting for your website – Hosting is pretty inexpensive, $4.99 a year for hosting. This is where your website is hosted, in other words, where search engines such as Google find your site so that they can index it on their search engine.

Initial Affiliate Marketing Training – This comes in an “earn as you learn” format that teaches you the techniques to market products online and build your affiliate business from the ground up. I mentioned earlier that getting to the point where your affiliate business generates income runs in the range of 2-4 months. Usually if you join an affiliate marketing training platform like Wealthy Affiliate offer everything you need to Start and run an affiliate marketing business for roughly $29 a month, this includes absolutely everything mentioned above and more.

No Investment to start – Wealthy Affiliate offers a free membership that allows you to start building an affiliate business with no payments or commitments.

No Experience required – As I mentioned earlier, Affiliate Marketing is a earn as you learn type of venture. You need no marketing or computer experience to start generating income as an affiliate marketer. As your knowledge grows, so does your income potential. Once you have the Affiliate Marketing basics down, it really is a rinse and repeat type of process moving forward.

The Pro’s And Con’s Of Network Marketing

The Hidden Costs Of Network Marketing

There are two hidden costs that people entering Network Marketing don’t see.

Network Marketing companies are notorious for not equipping their participants with the appropriate tools and training that will allow these participates to drive the traffic to their products. The training and help that you can find for your Network Marketing opportunity can be very expensive. Training providers such as Elite Marketing Pro can be very costly, running in the thousands of dollars for training designed to help you promote your MLM products. The reason there are training platforms designed to help people in Network Marketing opportunities is because there is a need.

Other than promoting to family and friends you need to know how to get your MLM products in front of as many eyes as possible to grow your business and attract leads. The only way you are going to do this is adopt social media marketing techniques and search engine marketing, all of which you can get with a good affiliate marketing training platform.

Without the investment in training for your MLM promotions you are stuck pitching your MLM products to your family and friends to grow your downline with the hope of increasing your overall income. Pitching your products to friends and family usually backfires on MLM participants, ending in the alienation of friends and family. When your social network Starts to shrivel, so does your chance of making any income with your Network Marketing offer.

The few that do find success with Network Marketing ( the 1%) are usually people who have some Affiliate Marketing training which allows them to break rank and promote to the masses online, rather than ruin relationships with Family and friends.

The Winner Is

After reading this post the winner should be quite obvious. If you have affiliate marketing training you can do either affiliate marketing or promote a Network Marketing offer with success not relying on family and friends to grow your downline and your business.

Affiliate marketing offers a lot of opportunity to anyone looking to make passive income , supplement retirement income or create a new lifestyle altogether. Affiliate marketing has a proven track record,  legitimate evidence of people making great incomes can easily be found if you look. Here are a few affiliates that I have personally talked to about there success…


You can also reach out to these people in person, they belong to the Affiliate Marketing platform that I have mentioned in this post. You can get a free starter membership with Wealthy Affiliate and ask any members about their success they have had with Affiliate Marketing, members are very open on how they have found success or even on how they may be struggling to make income. It’s important to really educate yourself with any make money from home opportunity, there’s always the good, but more importantly, there’s always the bad stuff you need to prepare yourself for.

I have been Affiliate Marketing for over 10 years now. Affiliate Marketing has been very good for my family and I, giving us a lifestyle we could only of dreamed of. I highly recommend you at least give it a good look. Hope this post helps you decide on the direction you want to take in life, have a great day Mike.

The Guaranteed Profit System – High Priced Trap?

The Guaranteed Profit System – High Priced Trap?

Cost: Free/well not really free

Founder: Multiplex System Inc

Established: 2006


Today I’ll be reviewing the Guaranteed Profit System, better known as the Guaranteed Profit System Funnel. I’ll give you my usual unbiased, and unfiltered perspective on GPS and determine if the Guaranteed Profit System Funnel is something that is worth your investment in time and money.

In this Guaranteed Profit System review I will dig into how this offer technically works and how you may benefit or maybe lose by investing your hard-earned cash.

GPS has a parent company called the National Wealth Center which I reviewed some time ago so you can check it out through that link I just dropped or stay here and I will give you a quick recap on what that program is all about.

I hope you enjoy my Guaranteed Profit System Funnel Review. Like always I welcome any questions or comments that you have which you can leave me at the bottom of this review. If you have a private question you can always contact me one on one through my “contact me page”, have a great day and I hope you enjoy my Guaranteed Profit System review, cheers Mike.

What Is The Guaranteed Profit System.

The Guaranteed Profit System is actually a crafty marketing system, or what we affiliate marketers call a funnel, for a company called National Weath Center.

National Wealth Center promotes and sells a robust library of digital products on disciplines such as self development aids, digital fitness products, and the digital products for the entrepreneur. Ideally, they sell audio and video educational products that are designed to equip you with the tools and skills to run a home business.

Multiplex System incorporated is a different company owned by the same CEO as National Wealth Center, Peter Wolfing. Multiplex System Inc focuses on developing products for people involved in multi-level marketing or Network Marketing opportunities.

Long story short, Multiplex Systems created Guaranteed Profit System funnel to help capture or funnel traffic into the National Wealth Center program. It’s a RCA system designed to drive prospects to join National Wealth Center. The company calls it a rotator funnel which is a common term used in the MLM industry, really just a techy name for sales funnel.

When you buy into into the Guaranteed Profit System, you’re really just buying into the National Wealth Center, so I figured you’d want to know a little about where your eventually going to wind up when the smoke clears.

Who Is National Wealth Center?

National Wealth Center has over 300,000 registered students, and they sell membership packages for self development starting at $25 a month.

As I mentioned earlier NWC offer products such as the Fitness Advantage for $50 a month and Digital Entrepreneur which comes with a steep price tag of $100 a month.

NWC also offers a few products for people who like to live in the fast lane and don’t mind throwing out some hard-earned cash, here are a few more products that NWC offers:

  • Relationship Edge for $250;
  • Wealth Advantage for $1000;
  • Network Marketing for $3500; or
  • The Vault for $7500.

National Wealth Center also offers an affiliate program, which is really their end game and what you would use the Gaurenteed Profit System funnel for, people wanting to make money by referring people to NWC with the hopes that they will make purchases of NWC courses and recruit more people into the NWC program.

In order to be an affiliate, you do have to purchase the associated product that you’re want to sell. And in order to utilize the funnel, you have to buy into at least the $25 package. This is quite typical of offers like what NWC promotes. Usually you get what they call 100% commissions off products you purchase, basically you are buying the licensing rights to these products and will get a full commission.

In my opinion this is the worst type of affiliate offer. People get sucked into buying these products that they really wouldn’t use themselves but buy in just for the right to earn commissions. The problem with this type of offer is, affiliates for companies that offer these types of higher cost products don’t discriminate on who they suck into thinking they are going to make huge commissions by buying into these high priced products. If you aren’t a very skilled affiliate marketer going into a program like NWC and buy these pricey products with the hopes of reselling them you are going to lose your shirt and maybe even your pants!

NWC affiliates make it sound so easy but trust me it’s not, to sell high ticket items like NWC offers you need to be very convincing and really know how to market online, if that isn’t you then I would advise to get some affiliate marketing training first, I actually advise you acquire some marketing training if you are looking to make any money online, it’s the best investment you will ever make.

Get Your Free Affiliate Marketing Training Here!

National Wealth Center Courses

Self Development

This course is all about pursuing personal development and understand what a small amount of your own time, money, and energy into yourself will give you in return in terms of more courage, self-discipline and a better life.

Fitness Advantage

You’ll receive life essentials and complete fitness and lifestyle healthy meal plan, workout plans, fitness empowerment and motivation to help you in your health journey.

Digital Entrepreneur

This course comes with e books, audios, videos, affiliate programs, membership sites and more to learn how to leverage the power of the internet and generate the income necessary to create a better life.

Relationship Edge

You’ll learn how to shift your operation system and get the training you need to reinvent and elevate your understanding and performance today.

Wealth Advantage

This comes with e book library, ability to browse topics such as house flipping basics, home business taxes, the best investment ideas and so much more. You’ll gain access to advanced trading strategies and learn how you can benefit from market trends and fluctuations as well as 15 traffic generation video training modules.

Network Marketing Edge

This course will teach you the A-Z of how to achieve massive success on and offline in the network marketing industry.

The Vault

This course contains a muscular library full of e books, software, hundreds of hours of audio and video training modules. There is 2 decades of wisdom and knowledge in several billion dollar niches, including self development, fiances, network marketing, health and fitness, building your credit, the stock market, investing, real estate and so much more.

These products are decent but like I said earlier, if your intention is to sell these products you need affiliate marketing experience, if you are buying these for your own personal development then there is some good info and value in the NWC products.

Back To The Guaranteed Profit System.

As I mentioned above, The Guaranteed Profit System is what is referred to as a rotator funnel.

A rotator is when a sale / sign up occurs within the system and it’ll constantly rotates to another member within the system instead of sign under a specific person.

Everyone that buys into the rotator system gets a fair share of the sales/sign ups.

The Guaranteed Profit System is exclusive to a specific group within the National Wealth Center program and is not for just any NWC members benefit.

The Guaranteed Profit System rotator funnel has no cost itself, but in order to utilize it within the National Wealth Center program you do have to purchase a course with National Wealth Center.

National Wealth Center Compensation Plan

Remembering that NWC uses a rotator style sign up process which affects how their compensation plan works this is how it all plays out for its members.

To put it simply, once you have bought in, for every odd numbered person you recruit (1,3,5,7…), you get commission from these referrals. For every even person you recruit (2,4,6,8….) it gets passed up to the company or your sponsor.

You have to have purchased a course to gain access to commissions. If one or your recruits purchases a course that you have yet to “unlock” the commissions pass by you until they hit either the company or a person in your down line who has “unlocked” that particular course. This is where NWC sets the hook, who wants to pass up a possible commission? Most will get bitten by the greedy bug and buy in with the hopes of not missing out and this is where you stand to really lose money. Instead of being patient and seeing how it all works people feel they need to go all in when they are only holding a pair of 2’s, see where I am going? People new to NWC should just collect commissions and build up their war chest first and once they see how it all works and gain knowledge first then expand your offer, remember you need to sell these products.

Of course NWC highly encourages you to unlock most if not all courses where possible to avoid missing out on commissions, go figure!

What Can You Expect For Support

When you sign up, if you don’t already have a sponsor, they will provide one for you, typical of MLM’s. You can find their name and email address on your dashboard.

They also have a free Facebook Group where you can ask questions, get support, and get updates on events and other Member benefits. Facebook groups aren’t the best form of support, not even close to be honest.

NWC also offers training calls, where you can join a weekly call to find support with regard to questions or concerns, as well as updates within the company itself.

In addition, National Wealth Center has Freedom League Events, and a calendar to display when they take place. It includes some affiliate training, team calls, live events, and business opportunity presentations. As I mentioned earlier you are best to go into offers like NWC with affiliate marketing experience before you start paying out large sums of money for the right to resell.

What I Like About The Guaranteed Profit System

  • 100% commissions if you have the knowledge and experience to move sell these products online;
  • Support is decent;
  • Income potential is good if you have affiliate marketing background;

What I feel Could Be Improved

  • Have to sign up with National Wealth Center to utilize the Guaranteed Profit System;
  • Focus is predominantly on recruitment, and doesn’t really focus on selling their products;

  • Have to purchase courses with NWC to even be eligible to make commissions.
  • Misleading to think that the funnel is free, but you cannot use the funnel without purchasing courses with NWC.
  • Most courses with the pricing structure are going to be a tough sell.

My Guaranteed Profit System Review Wrap Up

All in all, what I really see is a funnel that looks good on the surface but in the end hooks you into trying to flog high ticket products that have limited appeal and will be a hard sell. I have promoted and sold countless products in my affiliate marketing career over the years and I know how hard it is to sell a $7 product never mind a product that is going to cost people hundreds of dollars. Ask yourself this question, what does it take to make you open your wallet for someone you don’t know?

By using a rotator formula, they are able to disguise what would originally be a network marketing system with a somewhat lineal system. Instead of recruits stacking directly below, they stack to the side and then below. I don’t see how this can really be helpful in the end, regardless of how large the system grows, when one person stops paying the monthly dues, the down line quickly begins to deteriorate.

Compared to building your own online business organically, The Guaranteed Profit System doesn’t really match up or offer long term financial security in my opinion.

I welcome your thoughts, comments or any questions you may have. You can leave a comment or question at the bottom of this page or contact me in private through the “contact me page” on this site, have a great day Mike.

Is Global Affiliate Zone A Scam?

Is Global Affiliate Zone A Scam?

Cost: $99/month


Founder: Julian Sherman and Mathieu Jang


The main goal within today’s Global Affiliate Zone review was to figure out, “Is Global Affiliate Zone a scam?”. As I worked through the systems, tools and compensation pertaining to Global Affiliate Zone, I began to understand the answer to my question.

In today’s affiliate marketing arena, there’re millions of dollars out there looking to be claimed, but how do we tap into that resource, and how do we master the art of affiliate marketing? Everyone believes their way is the best, but sometimes your have to look deep into the offer to ensure that your’re investing in something legit and not another dud, which there are many of.

My goal today, besides answering the question “Is Global Affiliate Zone a scam?”, is to provide your with 100% accurate information about the GAZ membership. From there, I anticipate your’ll begin to make your own conclusions about the membership program at Global Affiliate Zone.

So is Global Affiliate Zone a scam? You’ll have to finish the review to find out!

What Is Global Affiliate Zone?

In order to answer the question, “Is Global Affiliate Zone a scam?”, we first need to look into what Global Affiliate Zone truly is as a website, and what they offer.

From what I’ve pulled from the Global Affiliate Zone website it’s easy to see that it’s a network marketing company, that is geared towards coaching and training. Upon completion of your membership, your’re provided training and mentor ship to learn how to make money online.

Global Affiliate Zone currently maintains memberships with over 4000 members thus far, and is originally based out of Las Vegas, Nevada. They claim to offer the most comprehensive, up-to-date training, coaching and resources to online entrepreneurs. The idea is to teach your proven marketing strategies that work, so that your can implement these strategies into any affiliate program online.

Global Affiliate Zone state that they offer “in demand products” and services that your can market as an affiliate, and they focus a good majority of their attention and effort on teaching your to sell their own affiliate products.

As an affiliate for Global Affiliate Zone, your’re given the ability to sell their products as an affiliate, and they handle the customer experience and marketing processes such as email sequences, marketing materials, coaching processes, as well as sales and follow up.

Products And Services Offered Through Global Affiliate Zone

Although their website indicates all throughout that they offer different “products and services”, they are really only selling the Global Affiliate Zone monthly membership. This is somewhat misleading, and although the membership does offer some services, it leads someone to believe that the Global Affiliate Zone offers some over and above products and services. This is not the case, and the only product available to promote and sell is their membership.

The membership, which will cost your a $99 monthly fee, offers access to the Global Affiliate Zone community, and it’s training resources.

After joining, your’re given access to private automated sales funnels, including done for your marketing materials, custom capture pages, pre-made follow up emails and live sales presentations.

The private Global Affiliate Zone community offers support and coaching from some top performers within the GAZ community, available at the click of a button.

Let’s take a look at what your really get…

What You Get For $99/month

Private Community Access: Insider access to the community and resources.

Mentorship and Coaching: You’re given specific game plans custom tailors to your that will coach your along the way and ensure your hit your goals.

Live Events: You have the ability to connect with the community and masterminds within the leadership teams to get advice and coaching.

Sales Team/ Sales Funnels: You can run the same funnels that run on six and seven figure campaigns that plug into the top sales team in our sale that will help close sales for your.

Live Workshops and Webinars: Live team workshops every week s that your can come and ask questions as well as submit work to have it reviewed by the top leaders within the Global Affiliate Zone.

Courses and Training: Offers click-by-click training that is specifically engineered to allow the newest person with no experience to follow along and get results.

Video Tutorials: The videos are set up as over-the-shoulder type videos that walk your through exactly how to set up your campaigns.

The Compensation Plan With Global Affiliate Zone

The compensation plan is fairly simple, and their primary focus is just their GAZ pro membership, the same one your would have signed up for.

In order to be eligible for their affiliate program, your would have to be a Global Affiliate Zone member, paying the same $99 a month cost as the members your’re trying to recruit.

As an affiliate, your’ll be directed to push the GAZ Pro membership, which is $99/month. Your commission from that is 30% for every month your recruit renews their subscription.

This 30% equates to $29.70 a month payout for your, which would be paid bi-monthly after your recruits finish their 14-day refund policy probationary period.

Commissions are paid out via ACH transfer in the United States, and for Canada, UK, Australia or any other country, your commissions would be paid out by check until they develop a more secure global payment solution.

GAZ Pro Support

The most important part for a beginner to have is support, and without it really doesn’t matter what program, course or company your go with, your’ll be fairly lost.

Global Affiliate Zone does have a general number and email address that your can connect with, however, they encourage your to utilize the private GAZ community for the majority of the support needed. In addition, your have the live webinars and meet up to ask questions, share ideas, and gain feedback.

What I really Liked About The Global Affiliate Zone

  • Offer a 14-day refund period. If you are not happy after 14 days of testing the resources and courses on the GAZ pro membership, your’ll get the opportunity to have a full money back guarantee.
  • They offer quite a few different sources for support. Whether it be access the community for support, or joining in on live webinars, events, or meet-ups to gain insight to your troubles or to gain valuable feedback.
  • The commissions are reasonable. If your look at a few other offers for recruitment type opportunities, 30% is a large return on commissions.

What I Feel Global Affiliate Zone Could Do Better.

  • Cost of membership is fairly high, and will cost up to $1200 a year to be a member. This is quite high for what is offered, even if your include the support and help they give.
  • Essentially a network marketing company geared towards training your to sell for them. If your want to learn true internet marketing, companies that are geared towards MLM aren’t always the best. They usually will only teach your want they want your to know in order to sell their products, the way they want your to sell them.
  • Training is very simple, and doesn’t show your much regarding building your own website, targeting a niche, building an audience and growing your traffic. Through-out all the training, your’re not once taught what traffic is, how to achieve it, and how to build and capture it.
  • Still, a new company with some bugs to work out. They have done an excellent job of developing their appearance and website, but have some work to do on capturing members, and developing their training and coaching resources.

So, Is Global Affiliate Zone A Scam?

As I mentioned at the beginning, my focus was ensuring I provided your with the information your need to answer the question, ” Is Global Affiliate Zone a scam?”.

At this point I don’t believe Global Affiliate Zone is a scam, but I do believe it is a network marketing company geared around training your to pay, to help them sell their memberships. Although your may make money during your membership, your won’t learn what it takes to be a true affiliate marketer on the web.

That being said as well, the chance of your making back what your invest into the membership I feel would be tough on a monthly basis, selling a 100 a month membership is a little steep for most, your really have to be good at affiliate marketing to convince people to fork out that kind of doe!

There are memberships out there that will teach your from start on how to be a good affiliate marketer, selling the things that your want to sell at literally half the cost for your training. I don’t feel your need to tie yourself with any one product line, leave your options open and learn how to promote any product online.

Like always I welcome any comments, questions or experiences your may have regarding Global Affiliate Zone, have a great day Mike.

What Is Now Lifestyle – MLM scam Or A Money Maker?

What Is Now Lifestyle – MLM scam Or A Money Maker?

Are you look looking to make some money in the MLM Industry, Now lifestyle may be the opportunity for you or it maybe just another MLM scam, but you are going to find out for certain by reading my Now Lifestyle review. I joined Now lifestyle today to get an inside look at what this new MLM opportunity looks like and has to offer in the way of income opportunity.

In my Now lifestyle review I will determine whether this is a real opportunity as well as touch on the  Now lifestyle compensation package and the products that they offer.

Enjoy my Now Lifestyle review and like all my reviews please leave your thoughts, your opinions, and any questions you may have and I will get back to you as soon as possible, have a great day Mike.

What Is Now Lifestyle?

Like I mentioned in my introduction, now lifestyle takes on a MLM structure. What I mean by MLM structure is that it is a referral based Business opportunity, in other words you will make money not just off the products but off your referrals sales and membership fees.

Now lifestyle offers a limited selection of products,  it really is just a referral based program. From what I could see Now lifestyle only actually has 3 supplements as their product line and a fitness program called the 7 minute workout. Their platform does offer some informational videos with regard to bodybuilding and weight loss which I might add you really can find anywhere for free on the internet these days.

From what I could see Now lifestyle is actually in the business of selling Internet marketing tools to their members, I will tell you in the next paragraph why this is an interesting component.

The Man Behind Now Lifestyle

Now Lifestyle was created by a guy named Joel Therien, Joel is not new to the MLM game. Joel has experience launching a MLM called Pure Leverage, which I reviewed sometime ago, you can read my review on pure leverage here. I am actually still on Joel’s email list from joining his previous MLM offer.

When I look at Now lifestyle and Pure Leverage side-by-side the similarities are starling. The compensation packages are almost identical, the emphasis on Internet marketing tools is obvious in both offers, right down to the methods used to promote these perspective MLM offers.

More On The Products Now Lifestyle Offers

Here’s a list of products that now lifestyle offers….

  • Weight protein
  • Eliminate natural fibre
  • Elevate energy booster

Okay were you waiting for more, sorry to disappoint you but that’s really it in a nutshell. Now lifestyle hangs its hat on three products and a 7-minute workout, the rest of the program is all about recruiting and getting people to buy Internet marketing tools such as lead capture pages and auto responders.

Here’s the screen shot of the products offered through Now lifestyle…


To compliment the supplements Now Lifestyle offers what they call the 7-minute workout. You can buy the 7-minute workout for $47 by going to, if you sign up to be a re-seller you will get 50% commissions off the exercise program and also benefit from your referral sales as well. The 7-minute workout is in my opinion a bust, it offers a few little features like a recipe builder, food tracker, and a library of fitness videos. Not sure why you would buy the 7-minute workout when you can get it for free when you sign up as a free member and fill out your fitness profile as I did with Now Lifestyle…

What’s The Cost to Join Now Lifestyle?

It’s absolutely free to join Now lifestyle, with a free membership you get access to the 7-minute workout and you can buy supplements for a discount, other than a few videos that’s about it. You aren’t eligible for any commissions with the free membership. If you want to make money with Now lifestyle then you need to buy into Now Lifestyle’s re-sellers membership which has various buy in levels with the usual 100% commissions teaser. Here is a list of possible buy-ins below…

Now Lifestyle Digital Services Pro Re seller

  • Auto responder – 10,000 subscribers
  • Lead capture system – 10,000 subscribers
  • Full nutrition and workouts for 6 people
  • Elegibilty for 50% – 90% commissions

Cost: $50 monthly membership

Now Lifestyle Professional Education Re seller Package

  • Email Marketing Mastery
  • Nowbody Full Certification Course
  • Facebook Marketing Mastery
  • Weekly coaching calls
  • Earn up to 1,000 in commissions

Cost: $1997 one time fee

As you can see Now Lifestyle is more about recruiting and selling your recruits on these two packages than really selling supplements. It’s hard to find any info on selling the actual products, most of the videos and info I read revolved around promoting these packages, getting your recruits to step up to a re-sellers membership. I literally had 6 emails in less than 2 hours on upgrading to a re-sellers package, little over the top in my opinion.

The Meat Of The Offer – The compensation Plan!

If you’re thinking of joining Now lifestyle the only reason that could possibly make any sense would be to recruit people and benefit from the compensation plan. There is no limit to your earnings or levels that you can benefit from as long as you are willing to pay your fees and advertising costs, which you should count on.

The products themselves are not going to have people rushing through the doors. there are so many weight lifting supplements and Weight loss supplements on the market these days that these products won’t look appealing at all. I work out daily and take supplements and Now Lifestyle supplements wouldn’t get a second look from me. Almost identical weight training programs are littered all over the internet for free,  so that definitely isn’t going to be a draw.

Here’s a look at the compensation structure….

As you can see the compensation plan is based solely on members who are paying a monthly fee so that just shows that Now Lifestyle is primarily focused on recruitment. Commissions off the sale of the actual Now Lifestyle products run around the 25% threshold, don’t imagine you will make a living selling these products!

Just a note, to qualify for commissions you need to be an active monthly paying member or you lose all right to your referral commissions, plus you need to meet the following requirements or you don’t qualify for commissions.

Few Things I Like About Now Lifestyle

  • One of the first MLM offers that really focuses on selling online, using legitimate marketing techniques
  • If you are good at recruiting you could make some decent money with this MLM offer
  • Joel Therien is a good internet marketer and he brings a lot of knowledge to the table
  • Has a proven marketing system in place for people with internet marketing experience to utilize

What I Didn’t Like About Now Lifestyle

  • Now Lifestyle product line offers no real value or appeal, hard sell!
  • Recruitment orientated offer
  • Membership fee is high for what you get
  • You need to pay a monthly fee to make any money
  • Really get pushed to upgrade to re-seller

My Final Thoughts On Joining Now Lifestyle

Personally I feel if you don’t have experience as an internet marketer you will see that $50 membership start piling up with very little to show for it. It’s my opinion that this offer has no real product that is going to bring people through the door. The focus will be on recruitment and selling Now Lifestyle as a business opportunity, not on the products themselves. Just look at other MLM’s like Melaleuca for example that offers hundreds of products. What I find ironic is that Joel actually mentions Melaleuca in his introduction video, this offer doesn’t even come close to programs like Melaleuca.

The only bright side to the Now Lifestyle offer in my opinion is it does have an internet marketing component to it which I feel an MLM needs as well as a really good product line. You need to know how to promote any MLM online to find true success in the MLM field.


How To Promote Your Business Online – Save Money Using This Method!

How To Promote Your Business Online – Save Money Using This Method!

I have decided to weigh in on “how to promote your business online” after reviewing so many training platforms that are asking  an arm and a leg for their training services. When you’re looking for ways on “how to promote your business online” there’s absolutely no reason to pay a fortune to accomplish this. There are many ways that you can promote your business online using free traffic methods that I will get into in this post.

I hope you enjoy this post on how to promote your business online and save money using free traffic methods. If you have any questions or comments, if you want one on one advice,  you can contact me through my “contact me page” and I will get back to you immediately, I don’t charge for any help or advice!

Enjoy my article and Have a great day.

How To Promote Your Business Online –  Where To Start?

As you search for ways to promote your business online effectively, You’ll find that there’re so many programs training platforms out there that want to charge you an arm and a leg for their services. There is absolutely no reason whatsoever to pay high training or support costs, this is a trap that so many fall into. To be more specific there is no reason to pay thousands of dollars for what is really simple step-by-step training that will allow you to promote any business or product online with effectiveness and best of all,  at a very low cost.

There are many of free methods and techniques that can be used to promote your business online, whether this business is a product you personally have created, or a MLM opportunity that you are struggling to get traffic to!

In this post I will show you the simple process that I personally use and teach others to utilize when they want to promote their business online. Learn how to drive thousands of visitors to your business/products with cost effectiveness. What business owner doesn’t want to cut costs and add that profit to their bottom line or add it back into growing your business.

 It All Starts With A Website

We’re going to start at the beginning which all starts with creating a website, gone are the days where this took considerable skill and was a very time consuming process. Technology has made building a website a streamlined step by step process that takes no skill set and very little time.  The website you are on right now was created using the same step by step format that you have access to for free. You can check out the program I used to create this website  for free here!  Better yet you can watch a video on how I created the main structure for this website in less than a minute.


Build A Website To Promote Your Business Online In Minutes

What Do You really Need To Promote Your Business Online?

If you spend any time searching the Internet for ways to effectively promote your business online you’re going to see so many  varying techniques pitched as the “ultimate way to drive traffic to your business online”. It’s really hard to discern what is real and what has been conjured up by some online entrepreneur looking to get rich off your needs.

Having a website to promote your business online is essential, there’s no debating this fact, it’s not short-term, it’s not a fad, it’s been around since the creation of the Internet,  it keeps working for the life of your business.

Many will tell you that Attraction Marketing is the way to go. Many will tell you that social marketing is the way to go. Many will tell you that email marketing is the way to go, and many will tell you that YouTube marketing is the way to go. How about if I told you this is all true, there is a but!!!

Each marketing technique has it’s advantages, but “not” when used on an individual basis. All of these marketing techniques produce optimum results when they are used in concert to make a very powerful marketing campaign for promoting your business or products online.

If you have done your homework you will see that the marketing techniques I mentioned previously can cost you a small fortune to learn and apply to the promotion of your business or products online. Don’t buy into the” pay more and you will get more” sales con. I am going to lay out for you how I learned and use all these techniques with very little or no cost at all to my business.  Check out this low cost training that will help you totally market your business online, it’s free to get started!

  What’s The Cost To Promote Your Business Online?

I am not going to B.S you and say it’s totally free to run an effective marketing campaign for your business online,  it will cost you something,  but definitely not the premium prices I have see thrown around by certain training platforms, plain and simple you are getting ripped off.  If you buy into the dark sides notion that you need to spend hundreds and even “thousands” of dollars to promote your business online, well then,  see you in a few months so I can say I told you so!

Honestly, at the most you should expect to pay $50 dollars a month or less to direct thousands of potential customers to your businesses door step . This includes all your training, as many websites as you need, hosting for your website,  any tools you need to market your products or business online, absolutely everything you need to promote your business online should cost you no more than $50 a month, even less.

 Small Details That Have A Huge Impact

Little things that have a huge impact on the branding of your business and give you that professional look can be found for free if you know where to look. For example,  you can create professional looking logos for your business or website using free services like Canva. Any logo that you see on this website I have created free at Canva. This is just one of many free services that you will learn to utilize through the training we are discussing today. Simple little things like this and will help complement the promotion of your business online.

Look at the call to action I created in under 5 minutes using Canvas platform. This stuff is easy to create and it’s free and can be used in Social media Campaigns such as on Facebook. You will learn how to promote your business sourcing out free tools and services that give your campaign a professional look without the high price tag, what are you waiting for click on the image below and check it out, it’s free to start!

Facebook ads, Twitter Ads, Pinterest ads,  Call to action buttons, these can all be made at Canva for free! ( I am not an affiliate for Canva). There are no up sells in the training I am recommending.

 Back To The Website Thing…

Once you have a functional website up and running your options to promote your business are unlimited. I am not talking about the websites like you will get when you join a MLM, those websites have very limited capabilities and to be honest are given to you to make you think you have something of value to make it easier to promote your business online. MLM offered websites serve very little purpose when it comes to getting traffic to your business, they are simply a landing page that will accommodate sales transactions or orders in most cases.

Here’s what you can do with a real website….

With a fully functional, optimized website,  you have a powerful tool at your disposal. You have the ability to create newsletters on your website that you can send out to potential clients that subscribe.  You can create email campaigns by capturing visitors emails that visit your website. You can engage in social marketing campaigns via your website.  You can Guest post on forums that are relative to your business and link back to your website and your offer, and you can create targeted content that will be indexed high in search engines such as Google,  bringing thousands of targeted visitors to your business. These are just a few examples of what you can do with a website,  but it all starts with a functional website. I like WordPress for its user friendly applications. WordPress websites also have thousands of plugins that can be installed with a click of a button adding graphics, charts, ratings, surveys and so much more.

 Using Your Website To Promote Your Business Online

Like I mentioned earlier, it all starts with a website, this is your home-base, this is where everything originates. All of our promotional and marketing will originate from your website. In the following paragraphs I am going to give you some quick examples on how  you can use your website to conduct a very effective marketing campaign that will draw thousands and thousands of visitors to your product/business quite easily and with a very low investment on your part.

Establishing A Brand Using Content Marketing

We’ve established that you need a website as your home base, a place where you can start marketing  your business to the internet public. Content marketing is a technique that is used to build the foundation for your website and the starting point for the marketing of your business online.

Creating content for your website is a very simple process and shouldn’t be something to back away from. Many newcomers to marketing online get a little freaked out with the prospect of writing content for their website, truth be known this is a very simple process that I have personally helped thousands of people with over the years. The platform I use to write content is called “site content” I wrote this very post using this simple writing platform. This platform guides you through every step of producing a high ranking post, oh, did I mention it’s free also!

Site content has pre done templates that allow you to add your paragraph titles, word counts, spell check, offers writing tips and so much more, all you do is fill in some of the subject matter.  As your business starts generating sales you can hire this work out and concentrate on other aspects of your business, I have two writers that work for me on various websites I own, this is me right now, lol! Content that you create on these templates is directly published on your website with a click of that green button.

This is an example of a basic template that I use everyday, just one of many you will have free access to…


Basic writing template


Keep this under your hat but, I actually use the enhanced dictation feature on my Mac, I am a two fingered bandit but with dictation I can write a post in minutes using dictation. I just speak into my computer and presto, it appears on my template. Do a little editing and I am done. Spell check and grammar check takes care of the rest, I suck at grammar and spelling! Note, don’t try and drink or eat while dictating, lots of editing if you do, trust me I know, lol.

 What Kind Of Content Should You Create?

No business is the same but you are still going to sell a product or a service. To promote your products or business in your content you need to come up with ideas to engage potential customers. For example, if you’re promoting Health and beauty products offered by a MLM like Forever Living, you might want to create a post on ‘repairing sun damage skin’ and link to your recommended product line for this. In many cases the MLM products that you are promoting will come with a lot of promotional literature, benefits, attributes such as no animal by products or testing results that you can leverage and simply spin it into your own words. I can think of quite a few topics that you could post and drive quite a bit of traffic your way.

  •  How to repair damaged hair
  • How to treat athletes foot
  • Get rid of wrinkles with this natural cream
  • Best lotion for a sunburn
  • How to treat an itchy scalp using this premium shampoo
  • Best multi vitamin for kids
  • Natural products for your skin – Forever Living Has you covered!

These are just a few topics but you get the drift. You will learn how to use a keyword tool the will spit out topics that have lots of traffic and very little competition that you can discuss in a post that will bring lots of traffic to your website.

Here’s a quick screen shot of a few searches I did when I was helping someone with their Health and beauty distributor business. Look at the traffic numbers for 1 month in the first column. These keyword phrases (topics) could be quickly discussed in a post and you could capture much of this traffic and even more! Over 1100 searches just for these 3 topics and you haven’t used all the marketing techniques that my #1 business promoting platform offers, your just scratching the surface when it comes to potential traffic to your business.   This keyword tool is also free with your membership!



I am using forever living as an example because I’m currently working with a lady that is a distributor for Forever Living products. Mercedes ( the ladies name, not a car) creates knowledge based posts, with my help,  around topics like the ones I mentioned earlier in this post.  Her goal is to write posts on a variety of Products Forever Living carries and how they will help you. Mercedes will also do product reviews which are great posts for converting traffic.

Product reviews target consumers at the right stage in the “buying cycle”. Your time is valuable and you need to focus on the segment of the internet that is ready to make a purchase,  there is no one more ready to buy than a person reading product reviews, all they need is a little nudge and some helpful information.

 Now That We Have Content What’s Next?

Don’t be content with creating a website and content, although content alone will generate lots of targeted traffic  you’re leaving thousands of visitors and potential sales on the table by not expanding your reach by implementing more marketing strategies.

Once you have started to developed content for your website the next thing you want to do is start to leverage that content. Once again this is all part of an easy step-by-step process that doesn’t take that long. So now that you have content on your website and you have people coming to your site following this content, you can now start engaging your visitors.

Have a look at the following headlines to get an idea of how you can maximize your engagement with the customers you have and create even more opportunities to draw more people to your website and business.

 How To promote Your Business online Using Social Marketing

Once you’ve created some informative content it really becomes a push button operation from here on.  To share your content with thousands of potential customers on various venues it’s a mere click of a button.

Take this post for example, when I finished creating this post all I did to share it with thousands of followers and potential followers is effortlessly achieved by simply clicking on the various social sharing icons at the bottom of this page.  I can click on any social icon that I’ve opened an account with, it’s that easy and takes no time at all!

You will want to open as many social sharing accounts as you possibly can, you want your content and business to be seen everywhere, on Facebook, on Twitter, On Pinterest, on Reddit, G+, LinkedIn. Sharing is as simple as clicking a button, and the nice part about sharing is it’s free! Actually this whole process of creating content and sharing the content is all free,  there’s  absolutely no reason to pay to have thousands And thousands of the visitors come to your business.

The nice part about sharing content that offers value is you won’t get banned from social platforms for sharing relevant and informative content.

 Using Email marketing To Promote Your Offers

Using email marketing to promote your product or service online is actually a very simple technique to use. Many think that you can just use email marketing on its own and see results, well you’re sadly mistaken.

Its pretty hard to “cold sell” someone into buying, it’s one thing to send someone an email promoting a product but when they go to your site they want to see credibility, they want to see your an authority, and they want to see informative content.

People just don’t open their wallet for anything, they need to feel a connection, they need to feel they’re in safe hands, and they need to feel that you’re an expert on the product that you’re selling. This is where using your content to leverage an email marketing campaign is critical.

Content is what brings people to your website, and from there we can put into play many techniques such as email marketing. To capture someone’s email address off your website you need to offer something of value that in most cases is free. You can offer any ebook that you have access to, you can offer your own newsletter that you created which is very simple to do with a WordPress website, or you can offer an automated alert that they subscribe to when you have new information or a new product or new service to offer.

Once you capture someone’s email address your options are endless. This becomes your direct link with your visitor.

Email marketing is promoted by many online as a discipline that requires a vast array of tools and gadgets such as landing page creators,  lead the page creators, tracking devices and so on. You really don’t need all this when you have a website. Many that promote email marketing services are affiliated with the tools and services they are pithing, they are getting a nice commission from promoting email marketing services that will end up adding to your monthly cost to operate your online business promotions, this is an unnecessary cost. There are inexpensive ways to engage in an email campaign by sourcing out email providers such as “Mail chimp” ( not an affiliate) which actually offers a free service for subscriptions under 2000 and allows you to send 12,ooo emails a month, feel it’s working for you and want to grow your list, simply upgrade when you can afford it, but yet again another free service saving you money!

 Using Forums To Promote Your business online

Using forums to promote you’re business online can be a very effective way to target people that have an interest in what you have to offer. I guest post in many forms, Quora is one particular forum that I use quite often. I literally get thousands and thousands of people viewing questions I have answered for other members and it’s all free press. I always make sure that I drop a link to what ever offer or website I am promoting at that time, this is absolutely free traffic!

There are many forums online you can participate in, reddit, stumbleUpon, LinkedIn, Quora, and many more. There’re forums on home renovations,  automotive forums, health related forms, book forums, sewing forums, really the list is endless.

Here are some of my numbers just from answering a few questions on Quora’s forum. All my answers have links to my products or online business, this is all free traffic. To be honest

 Lastly,  There Are Paid Traffic Sources

I know many outfits out there will pitch using paid traffic sources as a way to get targeted traffic to your business. If your new to the online game this isn’t something I would advise getting involved in until you have a really good understanding of where your traffic is coming from. Not only can this be an expensive endeavour but if not done properly you won’t see the optimum results you should see. You really need to understand your market as well as keyword usage if you are going to advertise on venues such as Facebook, Google, Bing, Yahoo or Twitter. I do recommend using paid traffic sources but not until you have a good foundation and have created a solid base and know exactly who your customers are and where your traffic is coming from.

Once you see the analytics from your content you will know where to focus your paid traffic resources. Did I mention Google Analytics is a free and valuable tool!

 I am Finally Done!

Yup, I have finally stopped blabbering. From reading the process I laid out for you in this post you might get the impression that there’s a lot to creating website and promoting a business, but it really is a simple step-by-step process and by the time you’re done you will have implemented an awesome and effective marketing strategy that will bring thousands of potential customers to your products doorstep on auto pilot for many years to come. The nice thing about this process is it allows you to focus on what’s important and that is growing your business not worrying about how you are drowning under all the financial pressure that needless gadgets and training will end up costing you!

It’s not hard, it’s not overly time-consuming, and it definitely doesn’t need to cost you an arm and a leg to promote your business online. If you have any questions at all regarding this post or promoting your business online,  feel free to contact me at anytime,  I’m more than happy to help you, free of charge of course.

Have a great day and thank you for stopping by.



Is Power Lead System A Scam? A Revealing Review

Is Power Lead System A Scam? A Revealing Review

Power Lead System is pitched as another” business in a box”. By the end of this revealing Power Lead System review you will have a good idea whether this program is for you, hey, maybe this will be the one program that will make your online money making aspirations a reality! Sit back,  get out that bag of potato chips and enjoy the read.

A Little Background On The Power Lead System

michael-price-cofounder-power-lead-systemWho’s the owner of Power Lead System?

If you read some of the reviews out there they will tell you Rob Fore is the PLS frontman, ummmm, No! Rob Fore is a big time marketer who promotes PLS  but he is not the creator of this program. The actual creators are Neil Guess and Michael Price.

Michael Price – From what I have dug up Michael Price is a former trainer in the Anthony Robbins company and the founder/CEO of Priceless Possibilities so I guess I would say he has some very nice credentials and credibility.

Neil Guess –  Couldn’t find a whole lot on Neil Guess only that he is an Internet Marketer based in Tacoma Washington.

How Long Has The Power Lead System been in Operation?

PLS has been in operation for roughly 2 years , pre launched in 2013, not very long when you compare it to more established programs. Longevity is something you need to look at when you consider joining a program like PLS, if they have stood the test of time then there’s a chance that it could be the real deal, with PLS it’s a little too soon to use the “test of time theory” as an indicator for success.

What Exactly Is The Power Lead System?

This program is pitched as a business in a box. The Power Lead System  is a marketing system that provides access to what they say are the” most powerful marketing tools available”. The key here is they provide access to marketing tools,  they haven’t actually created these marketing tools that I am aware of but have put this group of tools together giving you access to purchase the right to use them or resell this package to others.

What’s The Benefit To Joining The Power Lead System?

If you buy into the PLS sales pitch then you are joining the Power Lead System to enjoy the benefits of having access to this suite of premium marketing tools conveniently packaged all at your fingertips, no need to run around looking for marketing tools to run your online business.  For a monthly fee of roughly $24 bucks a month you can have the right to sell this suite of marketing tools to the public,  I personally have never been one to buy the right to sell I prefer it the other way round where people pay me to sell products, personal preference, either way you can make money!

What’s The Cost Of A Membership In The Power Lead System?multi-level-marketing-levels

To be a member in PLS it will cost you $30 a month, if you don’t want to be a member and just sell the PLS tool package this privilege will cost you $24 bucks a month and you will still get commissions. When you actually do the math,  a membership in the PLS program is worth $6 and after that really you are paying for the right to sell marketing tools.

What I Did Like About PLS

I would say they do have an interesting commission structure if you have the experience to recruit and promote their product line. Their tool suite is what I would consider to be of good value.

PowerLeadSystem3The Power Lead System Is An MLM Offering

The Power Lead System has all the traits of an MLM.  People that don’t know what an MLM is,  here is a quick overview. An MLM is a program that promotes the sale of products  but puts an emphasis on recruitment for a large part of their revenue structure , I believe this is the case with the Power Lead System. For every person you can coax into PLS you will receive $20 putting the focus squarely on the benefit of getting recruitment commissions, this is what qualifies PLS as a MLM in my opinion.

A Few Things To Consider!

If you are joining the Power Lead System join it for the right reasons, join because they have a sound recruitment system in place that brings people through the door so you can make your referral commissions not relying solely on the sale of internet marketing tools to make revenue. PLS has stiff competition in the marketing tool niche with established programs such as Pure Leverage and My Lead Systems Pro, Elite Marketing Pro and many others offering very similar and frankly,  better product lines.

The Power Lead System is just one of thousands of MLM opportunities. Unfortunately  most MLM participants fail at making any significant income for the simple reason they lack the knowledge to reach a broad market. I feel more people would find success with MLM’s if they invested a little time, not much, learning affiliate marketing.

Bottom line is,  you need a website and the knowledge on how to market your MLM to a broad audience, if you don’t have a website you might as well be a door to door salesman selling to friends and family which limits your earning potential. When people run out of relatives and acquaintances they are out of options.




Paycation Travel Is Now Traverus – Good Business Opportunity Or A Scam

Paycation Travel Is Now Traverus – Good Business Opportunity Or A Scam

When I started this Paycation Travel review I really thought it would be a standard type of review that wouldn’t take me long to research and pump out, boy was I wrong! Paycation Travel has recently been replaced by Traverus Travel or should I say Traverus Go. I set out on what I thought was going to be an easy task, just find out if you can make a home business off of people travelling. In the end I do answer this question and many more so enjoy the post and by all means leave me your thoughts and past experiences you may have had with Paycation Travel, cheers Mike.

Lets Start With The Owner David Manning

David Manning has been around the block, has a bit of experience recycling MLM business models, which he has recently demonstrated by morphing Paycation Travel into traverus Go.

Past MLM style ventures that Mr Manning has been involved in were offers like Hi5 and travel works international and recently Paycation which seems to have been replaced, or as my research leads me to believe is in transition. A screenshot of Paycations facebook page which clearly shows that Paycation Travels Facebook page is changing over to Traveruscorperate.

David Manning has operated his current business for over 12 years and running, which is a really good sign when it comes to MLM shelf life.

What Is Paycation /Traverus Go?

Paycation/Traverus Go is a MLM type of business model where participants will earn potential income by promoting and recruiting people to use Traverus Go services. People book travel, you get a cut if they are your recruits. You can also receive commissions off of your recruits commissions, typical MLM style offer.

There’s no debating that travel is a HUGE industry, with people spending upwards of 18 trillion dollars on getting away and exploring the world. That’s a lot of money that you could potentially share in if this offer really delivers.

I am going to keep referring to both Paycation and Traverus even though it looks like Paycation is gone and Traverus is the new name. Below you will see what I got when I clicked on an actual” book travel” icon on the traverus website. It still mentions Paycation but this is what I got when I clicked on the book travel button.

As you can see in the image above Paycation is still mentioned in this advertisement along with Xstream.

Paycation was created in 2014,  replacing another one of Mannings businesses which was reported to have experienced some legal issues.

Paycation/Traverus focus is on selling wholesale priced vacation packages through associates who join the team. Most vacation sites on the internet are actually run by two different companies, “Expedia” and “Priceline”. When looking for cheap vacation and hotel packages, you’re getting the upsale price (or retail) on websites such as hotwire, redtag, and because Expedia and Priceline are taking the cut from your vacation package.

What Paycation says makes it different is, they work through a website called “Booking Ninja” who claims to cut out the middleman, like Expedia and Priceline, and offers choices on wholesale vacation packages that qualifies you for upwards of 50% off of retail prices you see on other travel websites.

Paycation was integrated with another one of Mr Mannings companies called “XStream” who facilitates the training of associates in becoming certified travel experts. When you join Paycation, you have the opportunity to not only sell cheap vacation packages, but also recruit other members to join and sell packages under you. Not only will you qualify for discounted travel, but every time one of your recruits travels, you also make money off their travel costs! Seems like a great deal, don’t get excited yet!  I’ll get more into the compensation plan later.

 Support And Training Offered By Paycation

Xstream Travel provides all of Paycation/traverus travel agent training, which you pay for with your initial investment in Paycation.  Their website states “Our online travel consultant course concentrates on resort vacations, cruise vacations plus car, hotel, rail and custom tour packages” deeming that the amount of time you put into the training is what you’ll get out of it. Looking at some reviews on the training, it seems very cheap and inexpensive for what you pay to Paycation (which I’ll talk about soon). Members who have joined say it’s only a quick manual you read through and a short quiz to get you up and running as a “Certified Travel Consultant” .

Ideally, Paycation/Traverus wants you to be supported by the person who recruited you which is typical MLM, they don’t appear to invest much into support, which could account for associates making minimal income. Once you complete the course you’re left to your own accord to figure things out. If you don’t have a good recruiter, you may be left to fight this battle on your own.

**At the time of this post training was not available unless you pay the full price for the most expensive package available**

How Much Does It Cost To Join Paycation?

From looking older reviews, there used to be a more reasonable membership cost when Paycation first came to be. It was called the “Independant Affiliate” plan and it started at only $29.95 a month with no flat “buy -in” fee. From joining and trying out Paycation now, there’s no indication of that membership anywhere! The following two options are available to purchase and “buy-in” to Paycation/Traverus.

 Learn How To Make money Legitimate income for Travel Here!

Referral Travel Consultant

Purchasing the “Referring Travel Consultant Package” for $199.95, which includes the $119.95 RTC Signup fee, $20 annual Associate fee, and $59.95 1st month Website fee.

What you get with this package….

“Referring Travel Consultant Package”:
You earn – $50.00 commission.

“Certified Travel Agent Package”:
You earn – $70.00

  • 65% commissions off travel;
  • Travel club membership;
  • Access to booking website to refer people to;
  • Commission tracking system;
  • Virtual back office.

Certified Travel Consultant

$319.95 one time sign up fee + $20 Associate fee + 59.95 monthly service fee = $399.90

  • 75% in travel commission;
  • Ability to book larger groups for travel;
  • Ability to earn top industry credentials through Xstream Travel;
  • Xstream certified training;
  • Access to reduced rate travel.

** Again I will mention, the travel training is only available under the $399.90 package**

 Paycation/Traverus compensation Plan Reviewed

Paycation  compensation plans is based on your ability to recruit.

There’s actually little to no explanation of how you make money by selling vacation packages, except for an approximate percentage you could potentially expect to make.

This percentage depends on what style of member you are and how much money you paid. You can make anywhere between 65% and 75% on vacation packages you sell.

Make big commissions From Your Own Travel Blog, more info here!

First and foremost, every “Certified Travel Consultant” you bring on board, you make a flat $50.00. After the third recruit you bring on who passes their training, you make $70.00.

Once you hit your third recruit, and that third recruit then starts a downstream of recruits, you’ll make $20.00 additional on each of their recruits, starting with their first one. They call these coded bonuses, as those recruits are infinitely “coded” to you, but only after your third recruit.

**Notice that you make no commission on “Referral Travel Consultants”, you basically have to get your recruits to pay for the bigger, more expensive package in order to make money**

Obviously the more people you recruit,  the more money you make. This compensation plan does appear to be focused on recruitment and does start to look like a pyramid style offer where commissions based on recruitment takes centre stage, sales commissions from the actual product are almost non existent.

Things Start To Get Confusing!

Here’s where it starts to get confusing for me, follow along the best you can! Once your third recruit gets their third recruit, you start making more money. They will be earning $2 on their recruits, while you’ll be earning $30. See the chart below.

Overall, there’s 6 different ways you’ll be earning off of your recruits, as well as their recruits. It goes as follows:

Residual On Coded: You earn 8% for each person coded to you who pays their monthly subscription of $59.95.

100% Match on Personals Coded Residual: You earn 100% match on all the residual coded bonuses your personally enrolled CTC’s earn.

Business Builder Bonus: You can earn over and above 5% starting with your seventh person, on top of what you’re already earning from your recruits. For the first 6 people that seventh person recruits, you’ll earn 5% over and above as well. This continues on indefinitely.

3×7 Matrix: Pays 3 levels wide and 7 levels deep monthly.

10% Match on Personals Matrix: Earn 10% match on Matrix commissions earned by personal enrolments.

8% Match On Coded Matrix: Earn 8% matrix match on all earnings from those coded to you.

The Different Ranks

As you recruit more and more members, and they continue to recruit, you’ll start to jump up the Matrix Levels (1 – 7) and hit certain ranks as a Paycation Affiliate. They call this

    • RTC/CTC;
    • Executive (min 300 recruits enrolled);
    • Regional (min 500);
    • National (min 1500);
    • International (min 4000)
  • (1 – 4 star) Presidential ( min 10000 – 250000)

Once you begin to hit upwards of 300 recruits, you’ll start to make even more additional bonuses as you hit each rank. At 300 recruits you’ll receive a bonus of $1000. If, in your lifetime, you reach 250,000 recruits, you could see bonuses of $250,000!

What I Like About Paycation/Traverus

    • Involved in a Booming industry;
    • Partnered with a 12 year company, XStream Travel;
  • Potential To Earn lots of money within the compensation plan.

What I Don’t Like About Paycation/Traverus

    • There’s both an initial starting fee, and recurring monthly fee (double whammy to your pocket book) especially if you’re not making anything;
    • Yet another recruitment style company – long hours spent recruiting and coaching/mentoring recruits, small percentage make any significant income.
    • Chances of success with this program are typical for MLM offers
    • Compensation plan focuses on recruitment, not travel (not selling an actual product)
    • Once you’ve been recruited and are through the training, you’re left to your own devices if your recruiter isn’t proactive;
    • Training only offered through “Premium”/most expensive membership;

Is Paycation/Traverus A Scam?

Paycation is not a scam, it’s a legitimate opportunity, just like most MLM offers. Unfortunately this offer, more than likely, has the same success rate as other MLM offers, which is roughly 1%. This is the percentage of participants in MLM that make any “significant income”.

If you join Taverus, join it for the right reasons, join because you enjoy traveling and want get a discount off your travel. If you are thinking that this is going to make you an income and build a new lifestyle for you, then I would think long and hard about joining for that reason, MLM structures don’t have a great track record when it comes to making a good income. 

There are lots of comments floating around from past Paycation members who say it’s a complete ripoff ,but once again this could be just a smear campaign by rivals, who knows, take it for what it’s worth and do your homework!

I hope this review gave you a little more info to base your decision on whether to join Paycation. Seems like an ok MLM offer, just don’t go into it thinking you will get rich. I welcome any comments or questions you may have on this article or making money online in general, have a great day Mike.

Zukul Review – Does Zukul Deliver?

Zukul Review – Does Zukul Deliver?


Owners: Jeremy Rush

Type Of Business: MLM/ Online Marketing Training Tools Provider

Established: 2014

Cost:  $50/month, $250/month

zukul logo

Zukul Review, Does Zukul Deliver?

I will be honest and say right out of the gate to be fair to Zukul it still may be a little early to give a definitive answer to the question “does Zukul deliver” but I will outline for you what some of the highlights and downsides of being a Zukul member are.

My hesitation on singing the praises or tearing down Zukul’s offer is it’s obvious status as a “work in progress”. One quick example is one of Zukul’s membership information venues known in Zukul land as “hangouts”.  These hangouts are put on roughly 1-2 times a week which contain some interesting subject matter but came off as very unorganized affairs, members do routinely use Skype chat rooms to help fellow members but from what I saw this is like the blind leading the blind.

Something I did like about Zukul was the owner’s friendliness,  Jeremy who I frequently watched putting on various hangouts came across as a very likable fellow who really did appear to take a genuine interest helping members, he made an honest effort to engage and inform his audience, more than I can say for many of the programs that I have reviewed in the past.

Yes, Zukul does deliver a variety of tools that do appear to offer some value.  Here’s a breakdown of what you will get in each membership option….

zukul tools

Intermediate Package – Cost/ $ 50 month

Facebook Ninja Pro
Autoresponder Lite
Capture Pages
Landing Page Creator
Banner Creator
Solo Ad Creator
Jukebox Training
Blogging Platform

Advanced Package – Cost/ $250 month

Capture Pages
Banner Creator
Video Submission Tool
Social Submission Tool
Link Shortener & Tracker
Jukebox Training
Solo Ad Tool
Blogging Platform
Youtube Buddy
Videoscribe Suite
Banner Creator

Is There Value In A Zukul Membership?

If you’re interested in learning how to build a high quality website then Zukul’s blogging platform won’t meet your needs.   If you are looking at marketing training that doesn’t revolve around the world of social networks and you have your sights set on learning all aspects of Internet marketing such as SEO optimization,  keyword research, drilling down on a profitable niche or analyzing market data to best optimize your chances of reaching your targeted audience then you won’t find this level of training with Zukul. If you would like to learn how to write quality engaging content and have that content rank on the first page of Google then once again Zukul won’t meet your needs.

What’s The Deal With Guaranteed Signups

Zukul has had a shift in their delivery model since conception and are now guaranteeing new members who sign up 3 referrals on the house that will help start your own 10x matrix, this isn’t free,  it will cost you a one time fee of $49.95 to pay for the traffic and the cost of hiring people to market Zukul. With this offer you must purchase one of Zukuls tool suite options starting at $50 a month, Zukul just says $50 they actually don’t mention this is a recurring monthly bill that I could see in their promotional video!

Looking at the guaranteed offer  I have to say I am very skeptical, pitch in extra money and get more signups under you. Where are these extra signups coming from? How can Zukul keep up to the demand for signups?  If you take the hype out of the equation there are many questions that at this point don’t have answers.

 The potential Downside to Zukul

 Zukuls blogging platform has very limited capabilities basically all it is good for is to promote a 1 page Zukul promotion, nothing like a WordPress website builder.

 Zukul puts a lot of emphasis on it’s new Guaranteed sign up offer which is highly dependant on the hired marketers effectiveness to reach their intended audience. What if they are not successful? Who are these marketers and do you actually know they have hired any with your money?

Is the training inside Zukul adequate for new members to recruit more members on their own? From what I saw it isn’t! Will their training actually give you the skill set to use Zukuls tool suite to sell products other than Zukul?

There are 3 recruits promised for every new member that’s a lot of referrals that need to be recruited to keep things rolling,  will the marketing campaign be able to keep up to that demand? If not where will the 3 new recruits come from? Many recruitment based programs can’t deliver recruits which leads to their demise, what makes Zukul any different?

 My Final Thoughts

Posting hypothetical numbers is one thing,  actually delivering on those numbers is another. I feel Zukul is up against some stiff competition in the online marketing tool category if that is their true mission,  I think this component of their business will be a bit of a grind. I haven’t seen anything in Zukul that hasn’t been offered before just in a slightly different delivery model, some make you pay for e books, some various products all with the opportunity to buy referrals to add to your matrix.  I have witnessed too many referral based platforms fail over the years because they lacked the ability to recruit fast enough to keep up with their referral income promise.

Zukul has switched directions midstream and is putting all their eggs into a recruitment based model and that can be a scary proposition for it’s members. Zukuls survival is now dependant on recruitment and the effectiveness of Zukul members to recruit using their “one link” with the training they are provided. Ultimately you will have to be the judge, will a one link marketing campaign cut it in the competitive MLM market?  I have watched MLM’s such as Wake Up Now fold that offered its members a superior marketing campaign.

I hope you found this article helpful I welcome any feedback, Cheers Mike.






Unicity – Make Money With Unicity If You Know This!

Unicity – Make Money With Unicity If You Know This!


Everyone wants a better life but Unicity has taken it one step further and made it their motto! While aiming to help people live better lives, Unicity supports all kinds of supplemental health and wellness products to purchase. As this is a very saturated industry with other prominent MLM offers such as, Advocare, and JuicePlus and many more biting and pulling hair to get their share of a multi billion dollar supplement industry.

Unicity is lucky to be the offspring of two very popular and large drug store companies, Rexall and Enrich, which have been in operation for roughly 30 years and have built a solid reputation as leaders in their respective industries which offers more opportunity if you are set on making money as an Unicity distributor.

With that being said, Unicity has created quite the name for itself within the MLM (multi – level marketing) community. Unicity now actively sells over 400 products in more then 50 countries worldwide!

Within my review of Unicity I will talk about how Unicity came to be, what products than carry, and how to become an Unicity distributor and how I feel you can find success selling Unicity. I’ll also touch base on the compensation you can expect to receive working as an Unicity distributor, as well as training that you will receive. I will also touch on what tools and support are offered by Unicity.

Here’s some more info on Unicity…

The Creation Of Unicity

As I mentioned above, there were two major companies that came together to create Unicity. Rexall, in 1990 had been pushing a new product of theirs called Bios Life off their shelf in store, this was not as successful as than had hoped it would be. Being a revolutionary product for cholesterol management, Rexall was determined to make it work, and began selling the product through a network of independent distributors.

Que Enrich, a herbal supplement and natural product company with a very high revenue stream. By 2001 Enrich and Rexall had merged together to build Unicity; a science-based natural product company out to “make life better” for its customers and of course turn a profit. As Unicity grew into a sizable company, and the Bios Life product line grew to envelop many product lines, not just cholesterol. As Unicity expanded their offer than needed someone to guide their expanding venture so Stewart Hughes was named as CEO of Unicity in 2006.

To this day Unicity has a very diverse and experienced team of doctors and scientists that continue to develop and improve products that are sold by a network of independent Unicity distributors.

Unicity Products

Image result for unicity products

Starting with a few basic products from their Bios Life line, Unicity grew quickly to envelop a wide range of health and wellness related supplemental products. Unicity offers a core line of products that “Complete”, “Cleanse” and “Balance”.

They also carry product lines such as:

  • anti aging;
  • bone and joint health;
  • daily health;
  • digestive health;
  • fitness;
  • heart health;
  • immune health;
  • Men’s health;
  • personal care;
  • weight management; and,
  • women health.

The ABC’s Of Becoming A Unicity Distributor

Unicity has implemented a very simple sign up process, one of the easiest that I have seen in some time. When you visit their website you will find a simple 4 step process that allows you to sign up as an Unicity distributor.

Unicity has a presence in over 50 countries, so you will need to start by selecting your country of origin or the country you wish to participate in, and then your preferred language. You can either sign up as a distributor, or preferred customer, the choice is yours.

Although there is no membership fee, you are required to purchase a package of some sort. The minimum package cost is $40 for the “start up package” that will give you access to:

  • Introduction to Unicity and its products;
  • A guide on starting your business and becoming successful;
  • A few samples.

You can expand the starter kit by choosing additional products which will be added to the $40 cost.

You also have the option of investing a little more money into your business start up and upgrade to the following packages:

  • Prime Health Package – $273;
  • Transformation Package – $1795.

The most cost effective option in my opinion is to get the starter package of $40, and add on anything you may be interested in trying or selling.

Another bonus to Unicity is that you are not required to generate an auto shipment like many other MLM companies.

Unicity offers a 30-day money back guarantee on the $40 starter kit if you change your mind. In addition, than offer a 90% money back offer on any products purchased within the first 30 days of signing up (10% restocking fee).

Not Sure If Unicity Is For You?

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Compensation Plan With Unicity

There are 8 different steps broken down into convenient slides for viewing. Unicity makes it easy to understand what and how to make money with them. As always, there is an income disclosure indicating the struggles some people have to earn with any MLM style company.

The average yearly income of distributors was $3300, however, only 1% of Distributors made over 40k in 2015. In addition, 10% made $2300 and over half made just over $125. It isn’t huge, but such as any MLM company, than emphasis that your success is dependent on yourself and how hard you push.

Unicity puts an equal focus on selling, and recruiting.

The ranks are split into categories of Managers, Directors, Presidents Club, and Chairmans Club.

Step One: Retail Profit

As a distributor, one of your main tasks (and sometimes only task) is to sell wholesale priced items at retail for a commission. On regular off the street customers, you can make anywhere between 30 – 100% profit. With preferred customers who are already getting a discount on their products, you can make up to 15% commissions.

Step Two: Personal Rebate
At the end of the month, the personal volume of sales made determines if you get a rebate. If you have sold/purchased $125 in personal product volume, you can expect to see a 5% rebate back to you. Once you hit $5000, you’ll see that rebate jump to 30%.

Step Three: Fast Start Bonus

This bonus is paid only within your first month, and is based on how quickly you’ve started to rank based on people recruited and product sold.

Step Four: Director Lifestyle Bonus

Once you’ve hit the ranks within the Director category, you’ll be required to stay within that ranking for 2 consecutive months to earn a lump sum. You’ll then see a monthly bonus paid after those 2 months for up to 12 additional months. It will be determined depending on rank, but starts at $200/month.

Step Five: Infinity Share Bonus

Depending on your rank and how far on a down line you have, this will entitle you to a share of the company profits.

Step Six: Presidents Club Bonus

These are one time payments when you qualify for the Presidents Club for 3 consecutive months.

Step Seven: Addition Distributor

When you hit the Presidential positions, you’ll be eligible to create a second distributor account that starts at the same rank you are in. This will allow you double the income.

Step Eight: Chairman Club Bonus and Recognition

At this point you are awarded with a lifestyle bonus. It won’t be cash, but it will be something based on a cash value tailored to suite the recipient.


What I personally liked about Unicity thus far is their training. Unicity’s training program has enlisted the help of a well-known figure named Dale Carnegie. Stewart Hughes actually worked for the Dale Carnegie foundation where he studied directly under Dale. I am actually a bit of a fan of Dale Carnegie, well-known for his success in developing courses on self-improvement, salesmanship, corporate training, public speaking, and interpersonal skills.

Stewart actually purchased part of the Dale Carnegie foundation and has leveraged several day courses for Unicity distributors to learn from.

From all the MLM offers I have reviewed to date, I feel Unicity offers its distributors some of the most comprehensive training I have seen. In saying this it pales in comparison to affiliate marketing training platforms such as WealthyAffiliate that teaches you how to promote any product/products, even MLM products online for some pretty nice commissions. The training component that I feel is missing is training that will equip you with the skills to sell to the internet public. This training is sadly missed and I feel you really need affiliate marketing training to help you reach the internet consumer and reach your maximum income potential as an Unicity distributor.

Tools and Support

Support is where Unicity follows the status quo in the MLM industry, it’s just not adequate in my opinion! Support for Unicity distributors is reliant on your sponsor and one general telephone number, you will also have access to the Unicity’s Office. The “office” platform helps manage sales and your business, helps keep track of qualifications, order history, and keeps you updated on company news and events.

What I Like About Unicity

  • You’re not required to apply for auto shipments;
  • Low start-up costs;
  • Dale Carnegie inspired training;
  • Wide product selection;
  • 30-day money back guarantee;
  • Appeals to multiple demographics.

What Could Improve With in Unicity

  • Expensive products;
  • Participates in a saturated industry;
  • Very little one on one support offered;
  • Only 90% money back on products purchased in first 30 days;

What Distributors Are Saying About Unicity

I will be honest it’s hard to find much that is negative about Unicity, distributors aren’t saying anything negative which I find odd considering the bulk of distributors, over half made less then $125. You could make $125 just selling to a family member so that’s not encouraging.

If there was one comment that stuck out it was, it’s an extremely effort based program and you need to be good at selling if you are going to make money as an Unicity distributor. This is a pretty standard comment if you want success with any MLM company, that’s why roughly only 1% of all MLM participants actually make any significant income.

Unicity has been in business for just over 16 years, and are not BBB accredited yet. However, than do have a “A” rating as there have only been 5 complaints within the last 3 years, all of which has been successfully resolved.

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Unicity is not at all a scam, just a regular direct selling company. Your success is always dependent on yourself.

The feature that sells me on Unicity is their training. I am a big believer in Dale Carnegie’s approach to selling, having worked in retail management I understand the challenges of dealing with potential customers. Dale Carnegie’s training can be applied to any sales related jobs, including MLM offers.

The biggest downside to Unicity and one that is common in the MLM industry is their reluctance to train participants to promote their products to the masses online. I know that the cost to offer affiliate marketing training (promotion of products online) can be steep but I feel it is necessary to allow you to break out of that 1% group and actually make some money with Unicity.


Beachbody – What You Need To Know About Selling Beachbody

Beachbody – What You Need To Know About Selling Beachbody

Cost: $49.95 + $17.95/m OR $156.00 – $186.00 + $17.95/m

Founders: Carl Daikeler, Jon Congdon

Established: 1998


About 5 years back I remember there being a Beachbody craze happening, one minute it was there and the next it was gone. Recently, social media has been really active with Beachbody ads and promotions, looking for both customers and “coaches”.

If you’re interested in losing weight, getting healthy, as well as helping others transform their life, then this may be the opportunity for you! Let’s take a look into the Beachbody as a business opportunity before you make your final decision.

In my Beachbody review I’ll touch base on what Beachbody’s business model is and what kind of products and services they offer, in addition, I’ll let you know how much you’ll pay to get started. I’ll talk about what kind of compensation you can expect to receive while working with Beachbody. I will also touch on what kind of tools and support you can expect to receive  if you decide to join Beachbody.

Last but not least, I always like to take a look at what actual distributors are saying. To wrap things up,  I’ll tell you what I thought was great about Beachbody, and what I felt could be improved.

Let’s take a look at this “coaching” opportunity!

What Is Beachbody?

Beachbody is a California based company that started back in 1998. The company offers and runs both Beachbody, and team Beachbody through-out Canada, USA, and the United Kingdom, and if you’ve heard of them before, you’ll know that they created some of the nations most popular fitness and weight loss solutions. Beachbody delivers its weight loss programs through instructional workout DVD’s, as well as offering nutritional supplements, and cleanses.

Bringing on thousands of independent “coaches”, as well as upwards of 23 million customers, Beachbody’s corporate mission statement is to “help people achieve their goals and to enjoy healthy and fulfilling lives”. They make it very clear that they are in it to help people, and seem genuinely honest about it.

Beachbody embraces 4 core values that it tries to pass onto its customers:

  1. Commit to and deliver promises;
  2. Treat people with respect, be courageously forthright;
  3. Have the initiative to improve everything;
  4. Work with passion, enthusiasm, and common sense.

Beachbody Products

Beachbody offers roughly 30 different types of rebuilt instructional workout DVD’s, specialty shakes, cleanses, individual meal plans as well as packs including all 4 of these products.

Beachbody is most commonly known for some of its flagship products including:

  • Shakeology;
  • P90X Workout
  • The 21-Day Fix.

They also sell “work out gear” to compliment your workout, including clothing, water bottles, exercise mats etc.

The price point for Beachbody products are fairly reasonable, although the workout packs seem a little pricey.

Cost To Join Beachbody’s Team

When joining Beachbody, there will be a few costs associated with being an independent “coach”. You have a few different options on how to start your membership.

  1. You can pay $49.95 for a Business Kit that includes a welcome book, 30 days of coach’s office, as well as key support tools that will help you get your business off to the right foot. OR
  2. You can purchase a Challenge pack or Performance pack for anywhere between $156.00 – $186.00. If you do this, they will still include the Businerss Kit but they will waive the $49.95 fee associated with it.

Regardless of what you choose, there will still be a monthly fee of $17.95 to continue as a coach and reaping the benefits of commissions and bonuses.

The Compensation Plan

There are four different ways you can earn commission or bonuses with Beachbody. As with most networking or direct style selling opportunities, they put a lot of emphasis on growing your team. In this case you are creating a team of “Coaches”.

Product Commission

Even without growing your team, you can earn a certain percentage on products sold. Most Challenge packs yield up to a 36% commission. Any other products you can expect to receive upwards of 25%. However, if they are a subscriber to Beachbody on Demand you only yield a 15% commission as they are already receiving discounts.

Team Cycle Bonus
This is where you can earn commission on building your team of coaches. 1 “bonus point” roughly equates to 1 USD dollar.

As your team begins to grow, you hit a bonus “cycle” every time your down line achieves 300 bonus points. Each product sold comes with its own amount of bonus points. Every cycle you go through you accumulate 14 – 18 bonus points on top of that.

Matching Bonus`

As your team grows, your coaches will begin creating and building their own teams. As they do this, they will start “cycling” and getting the team cycle bonus. Everytime a personally sponsored coach gets a cycle, you earn 5-10% of that bonus.

Star Bonus

This bonus is only paid out to those individuals who have reached the ranking on 2 Star or more and is paid quarterly. The bonus is paid out based on the volume of all the coaches in the company and divided by all qualified coaches per pool/rank.

Training And Support

Distributors are actually considered to be “coaches”, so as with many MLM’s they are expected to be your number one support tool and inspiration.

Beachbody also offers good online support through a fitness community called “team Beachbody” Through team Beachbody you can take advantage of trainers, coaches, and experts that are available to enhance your experience with Beachbody.

As a team Beachbody coach, you’ll also have access to software called “super gym” that will help track and monitor the progress of your business.

What Coaches Are Saying!

The overall consensus is really positive from both previous and current independent coaches. The ones who don’t quite make it as a coach only highlight the struggle of networking marketing, and the time and effort it can take to build a team, this isn’t just a Beachbody issue but systemic with most network marketing opportunities.

One of the negative issues that came to the surface as I did my research was that in the (last 5 years) Beachbody has scaled back their commitment to helping members and are more focused on building teams and making money. As the weight loss industry continues to become more and more competitive, Beachbody from what I have read appears to be straying from their original founding mission statement.

The Better Business Bureau’s Take On Beachbody

Beachbody has a good rating of A-, however, recently some things have come to light that could be concerning if you are considering beach body as a biz op.

In the last three years, the BBB has received 823 complaints against Beachbody. This is significantly higher than I’ve seen with most MLM offers I have reviewed lately. Most of the complaints are centered around customers unknowingly being charged for products they didn’t receive and having a hard time getting reimbursed.

The most concerning thing I noticed was a recent government action that has been filed against Beachbody. Beachbody was accused and found guilty of charging and setting up recurring payments on consumer credit cards without proper consent.

They were also called out on what are considered to be false claims made by their independent coaches. Unfortunately some coaches have been claiming unsubstantiated scientific benefits of their products. Coaches were promising results such as detoxifying, anti-aging, inflammation reducing, balancing hormones, and preventing mental decline which could not be proven at that time.

Because accusations of misleading consumers by independent Beachbody coaches was found to be accurate Beachbody was instructed and has agreed to change their policies and sales practices to better protect their consumers. They were are also required to pay a fine of $3.6 Million!

What I Like About Beachbody

  • You get a 30-day money back guarantee;
  • Products are reasonably priced for todays market;
  • The commissions made are decent, actually fairly healthy;
  • Company is long-standing with a good business rating;
  • Industry is growing (large demographic to sell to).

What Could Use Improvement

  • Beachbody is only available in the USA, Canada, and United Kingdom;
  • Charges a monthly cost to be an active coach;
  • Appear to have lost focus on “helping people”, and push you to build teams of coaches;
  • Have gotten in trouble for misleading statements (could hurt reputation and make it harder to sell);
  • 823 complaints filed with BBB within a 3-year period!


There are a lot of things I do like about Beachbody, and being a long-standing company, they understand what it takes to run a business. However, with that being said, as of recently, they seem to have lost their way a bit.

I am not a big fan of the monthly fees associated with being a coach, however, some may like it more than having to qualify monthly to be an active distributor. Usually with direct selling models, you have to purchase and sell a certain amount of products to continue to be “active” and qualify to earn commission. With Beachbody, you only pay the monthly fee to stay qualified.

Although they have faced some difficulties, those who are able to succeed within a MLM company enjoy working with Beachbody and have lots of great things to say about the company.

Please leave me your thoughts or any questions regarding this article. My readers would greatly benefit from any experiences you may have had good or bad with Beachbody, cheers Mike.