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Advocare – How To Make Money Selling Advocare

Advocare – How To Make Money Selling Advocare

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Cost: $59/ one time fee

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Make Money Selling Advocare

Establishment: 1993 (24)

Founder: Charles E. Ragus


Finding out that supplements are a $37 billion dollar industry makes me want to get into the industry right away! More than 2/3’s of American adults take supplements. Advocare is one of those Network Marketing companies that have taken the Leap of faith and hoping it will pay off in the lucrative supplement industry. Not only did Advocare take the leap but did it almost 24 years ago while the supplement industry as in its early years of development.

It is unfortunate that supplements a regulated industry, and so it becomes increasingly important to understand and realize what is going into your supplementation and who is doing their best to make sure that your supplements are of the highest quality.

In my Advocare review I’ll talk a little about the company itself, as well as the products and the systems around the production and product testing. I’ll then let you know how to get started and explain the costs associated with getting started with Advocare. Finally, I’ll touch base on the compensation plan, support/tools, and what I feel Advocare does really well, and what they could improve upon.

Let’s take a look at Advocare…

The Company; Advocare

Trying to live up to their motto “We Build Champions”, Advocare works out of its headquarters in Plano, Texas, where they help and support over 600,000 distributors build a business selling Advocare products. Advocare employees 247 employees and brings in approximately $400 million a year, not to shabby!

Advocare is known for selling products that help consumers in areas such as weight loss, nutritional supplements, sports’ nutrition and personal care. With that being said, it makes sense that the meaning behind their “Advocare” name really stands for “Advocates that care”.

Advocare Products

Advocare has several lines of products that it and its 600 000 distributors sell. The products lines are:

  • Trim;
  • Active;
  • Well;
  • Performance Elite;
  • Fit;
  • 24 Day Challenge.

On average, the products sold by Advocare and its distributors range around the $20 – $80 mark, positioning themselves squarely in the middle of very competitive supplements industry. In the supplement industry, products are under fire due to the lack of regulations placed on testing and processing. Advocare had this same struggle in 2008 when one of their products tested positive for containing what was considered to be a harmful and illegal product for consumption.

Since that dark moment in Advocare’s history they have worked diligently to keep their name and products clean, which I might say they seem to have done an excellent job so far. Advocare has established a “Standard of Excellence” that many popular suppliers now used to ensure that all vitamins and minerals are approved pharmaceuticals or USP Grade products.

In addition to this, Advocare also ensures that their products are manufactured within facilities that follow “Good Manufacturing Practices” and are compliant with all safety regulations. Since 2008 and that potential business ruining tainted product scare, Advocare has affiliated itself with an outfit called “Informed Choice”.

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InformedChoice is a quality assurance program for suppliers to the sports’ nutrition industry, and supplement manufacturing facilities. The program certifies that all nutritional supplements and/or ingredients that carry their InformedChoice logo have been tested for banned substances by the world and guarantee that any products carrying the Informed Choice logo are 100% banned substance free.

From what I have seen while doing my research on Advocare it looks like they have done a great job of informing their customers of the safety and care that goes into each one of their products.

How to get started With Advocare

Advocare is extremely transparent with how to become a distributor, encouraging you to start whether you’ve tried the products or not.

There is a big “Get Started” button in the top left of their main website, pushing you straight through to the application page to get stated.

The cost to get started is a $59 flat fee (+shipping), which includes a distributor starter package.

As with most MLM or network Marketing companies, you’ll be required to either sign up under a distributor, or you will have one assigned to you.

Compensation Plan With Advocare

There are 5 different ways to earn with Advocare, whether it be conventional or over and above incentives and bonuses. As you build your team, you’ll move through the ranking system. The ranks are as follows:

  • Silver
    How To Make Money Selling Advocare

  • Gold
  • Gold 3 Star
  • Ruby
  • Ruby 6 Star
  • Emerald
  • Emerald 9 Star
  • Diamond
  • Platinum
  • Double diamond
  • Triple Diamond

Different ways you can earn are:

1. Retail Profits

This is the most common way to earn money through being a distributor. You have the potential to earn up to 40% on retail products sold to customers.

2. Wholesale commissions

As you build your team, you’ll make money off of the people you recruit onto your team. You’ll earn from their distributor fee (up to 20%), or just simply preferred customers (returning customers) that are purchasing wholesale from you.

3. Overrides

This means earning money fr4om products your team successfully sells to customers. You’ll earn 7% of the business value.

4. Leadership Bonus

As you move through the ranks, you’ll be able to make more and more income through your team that you build. You’ll earn between 3-9% on the complete organization.

5. Incentives, Paid Trips, and Paid Period Bonuses.

These are opportunities and bonuses are given out at the top performing members at almost every level, which gets everyone regardless of their position an opportunity to earn more or earn trips.

Becoming Active With Advocare

In order to earn the bonuses over and above selling at retail pricing, you must remain an active distributor. This is known as an active adviser.

In order to stay active you have to earn and sell a certain amount of products every pay period (monthly).

Pay period #1 – Must sell $500

Pay Period #2 – Maintain that $500 minimum

Pay Period #3 – Have made $2500 on top of the $500 to be considered active.

Of course, if you continue to maintain the $500, you’ll still be eligible to become active as soon as you hit the $2500, as long as you’ve already hit your third $5000 profitable month.

Support and Tools Advocare Supplies

As with most direct selling companies, your success will be directly linked to the support you receive from your sponsor.

In addition to support from your sponsor, your membership fee will include some online Training, a generic website, Nationwide training event access, Distributor Kit.

Your distributor kit will include:

  • Welcome, Guide;
  • Advocare Blender Bottle;
  • Product starter pack;
  • Subscription to their magazine;
  • Retail sales receipts;
  • Policies, procedures, compensation plan.

What People Are Saying At Advocare

People get frustrated quite easily when they join Network Marketing companies such as Advocare, expectations are always high and everyone thinks they are going to knock it out of the park, but the reality is that only a small percentage will make a few bucks and most none.

Less than 5% of all members make any significant income and that’s being generous with 5%! So it stands to reason there will be some negative press on Advocare. I will be honest I was surprised to see quite a few negative comments from past members claiming Advocare was a pyramid scheme, personally I don’t see Advocare as a Pyramid Scheme. In my mind to qualify as a pyramid scheme the company needs to rely solely on recruitment and usually in the case of pyramid schemes they don’t have a product that sells to the public, Advocare has a good product and has done a lot to develop their product line so I am not getting the pyramid scheme vibe.

From the resources I have used during my review, Advocare seems to have a very positive standing with both current advisers and previous advisers, only coming across a few mentions on the excessive amount of time it takes to build and run an Advocare distribution business.

As always, you get the odd adviser who has zero customer service skills and only cares about making a sale that makes people believe that Advocare is untrustworthy.

Advocare is not Better Business Bureau Accredited which seems odd given their longstanding in business, however they are given an A+ rating. Having only 16 complaints over the last 3 years, all of which have been resolved which demonstrates Advocares commitment to their customers and distributors.

What Advocare Does Well

  • Get product 20-40% off and have a choice of how much to sell it for. (Decide your own profit);
  • Products got through rigorous testing to ensure quality and safety;
  • Membership fee is inexpensive and includes training, website, and much more;
  • Distributor pack gives you free samples to try;
  • Products competitive with products on the market.

How I feel Advocare Could Improve

  • Targets mainly women ( cuts your selling demographic in half);
  • Extremely hard to maintain “active” status.


Overall I do not believe Advocare is a scam. As it’s a direct selling company, skills within selling and marketing are crucial to success. On average in 2016 Advisers only made an income of $1429 that year. Not a lot, and definitely not enough to support a family.

Advocare has an inexpensive start up fee for the amount of products, marketing tools, and training that comes along with it, making it very appealing for people on a tight budget that want to try on a new business venture. My only real turn off with Advocare is the ability to remain active, which is extremely difficult to achieve. Although you can still sell and profit off retail commissions, any over and above bonuses or opportunities are off the table until you become and remain active.

As remaining active is difficult to do on your own, your encouraged to build out your team immediately.

If you have the commitment and determination to grow your business, this could be the right opportunity for you but there is one thing that I feel you need to avoid being the next statistic on the failure side of things and that’s training that will allow you to sell Advocare to the massive online public. Yes,  Advocare does allocate you a website but this website is really just a generic sales page that all distributors get and won’t have any ranking ability whatsoever, just look at the first two pages when you search Advocare, you won’t see one of these sites anywhere on the first two pages and that’s where you need to be to get any traffic to your site and products.

I welcome any questions or feedback that you may have regarding this review or any questions in general, have a great day and please leave a comment, cheers Mike.



Empowr – Make Money With Empower

Empowr – Make Money With Empower

Rating: [yasr_overall_rating size=”medium”]

Cost: Free to join – hidden advertising fees.

Founders: Brandie Williams and Michael Pousti
Established: 2002

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Empowr, make money with Empowr

Everyone at this point has heard of Facebook and the influence it has on it’s users. In fact, Facebook has become one of the most important and most used social networks for marketers and the general public.

Empowr is one of those companies that has taken advantage of Facebook’s popularity and powerful reach into the online world. 90% of marketers said that social media was vitally important to their business and 55% of marketers chose Facebook over any other site, followed by LinkedIn at 18%.

Facebook is by far the number one most used social media platform out there today, and is the main reason I chose to review Empowr today.

Within my Empowr review I’ll be discussing what Empowr really is, how you can earn money with Empowr, and a quick look at their compensation plan. I’ll touch on the support and tools offered within an Empowr membership, as well as what I feel Empowr does a good job at, and what I feel they could do better.

Let’s take a closer look at Empowr…

What/Who Is Empowr?

Empowr is pitched as a social networking site that pays its members to perform specific tasks through social media. The tasks could include liking pictures or posts, sharing posts, commenting etc. Most of what you already do on social media you could get paid for on Empowr.

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Michael Pousti, Founder of Empowr

The company Empowr has gone through quite a few name changes over the years, and technically was established in 2002. Empowr was most recently known as Fan Box in 2007 and at one point referred to as Project Uplift.

Empowr has a very optimistic mission statement, and that’s to help half the planet earn $25 a day by 2025. This is an extremely aggressive goal, and Empowr plans on doing it by providing an efficient way for people to earn a little money on everyday tasks that they do anyway.

The founders have spent a lot of time within internet businesses, specifically Pousti, who founded and was CEO of college back in the 90s. Pousti was also a computer engineering student who started a company called Higher Educational Resources Inc while he was in college. Having lots of experience within start up businesses, both founders are known for helping build multiple companies.

Empowr describes its platform as a democracy, where their citizens elect the company leadership. The more value the citizens create within the Empowr community, the more profits can be earned.

How Can You Profit With Empowr?

As I mentioned above, Empowr is a social media platform that connects through Facebook and Google Plus to create a system where engagement between members creates profit for members. However, let me explain a little more about how this works.

Signing up and connecting is completely free, and is literally as easy as pressing a button to connect and get started. After joining, you’ll be shown different members within you geographical region who you can share with, like posts, comment and engage. It’s as simple as liking someones post, or commenting on different comments and creating engagement within the posts. You can also share you own posts and members can share, like, and comment themselves as well. The engagement part is huge for earning profit.

Empowr is what I would consider a third party program, so its not actually Facebook your directly involved with. Because of that you can actually share almost anything and everything, Facebook on the other hand has specific rules and terms of use that affect sharing content as well as certain things like dropping affiliate links for profit.

Once joining, you’re considered a ‘citizen’, part of the community. You pay no immediate fees or membership fees, however, this is as long as you don’t give them you credit card/banking information.

Empowr, What Are These Hidden Fees?

As I like to maintain as objective as possible within my reviews, I would be irresponsible by not telling you about the hidden fees associated with Empowr.

The company does charge you advertising credits. At first these credits are free, and your given a certain amount of these credits. As you post, these credits get eaten up, and eventually you run out of credits. Once you run out, you’re unable to do anything on Empowr until you gain more credits, and of course surprise, surprise this will cost you money.

Unfortunately, there is no where at all that you can find how much these credits cost, and in what way these credits are
used in your account.

How Else Does Empowr Earn Money?

Empowr also earns money through things such as their ‘Marketplace’ advertising and subscriptions. People have the option of selling items within the community at either

Image result for hidden fees

a fixed price that they themselves set the price for, or through an online auction. Empowr earns 10% off items sold on their marketplace.

Empowr also runs ads, as Facebook does, and earns a profit through the click rates. By actually purchasing a membership or ‘subscription’ you can have success to front of the line products, features, as well as increase you network value within the community. This means you get more engagement on you posts, which equates to potentially more money for you.

The ‘Compensation Plan’

I wouldn’t really call it a compensation plan, however, I cannot really think of what else it would be called.

You’re probably wondering how the calculations work in regard to engagement on you posts turning into profit. Empowr claims to use an algorithm that calculates your earnings based on posts and interaction levels within your content etc. Empowr says that their users can expect to see anywhere from $0.60 to $2 per post in earnings.

In order to receive your payout, you must wait for your balance to mature over a 90-day period. As you post, you use advertising credits, once those credits get used up you will need to pay for more credits (or they charge you for more from you balance) and the profit made after credits plus earnings is what you actually get paid out on after the 90 days is over.

There are four different roles you can play within the community to earn money.

Content Role:

This role is the role I have been referencing throughout the post, and is the most common role practiced throughout the community. This is just simply liking, sharing and engaging within the community to earn profits.

Marketplace Role:

This role I spoke to once before, which is selling you own programs, software, or products OR helping others promote their products (such as affiliate links) and earning money off of what is sold.

Educator Role:

This is basically someone who understands the community and how to earn money, and wants to take it upon themselves to recruit and support others within the community. As they take people under their wing, they earn a small amount of profit from what their ‘students’ earn.

Developer Role:

This role helps Empowr come up with new and creative ways for members to earn through the community.

Overall, there are no real calculations, algorithms, or equations to show how much in advertising credits is coming off compared to what you earn. Empowr is unclear as to how exactly calculations are done between members which I find a little concerning.

Support And Tools

Support is very minimal, I suppose assuming that the concept is fairly straight forward. However, there is an educator role that people play within the community to support and mentor those who may be struggling.

There is no 1-800 number or contact information for the actual Empowr company.

Tools are minimal as well, all you really require is just internet access and a computer to get started.

What Members Are Saying About Empowr

Unfortunately ( a word I have used far too many times in this post) Empowr is surrounded by an overwhelming amount of negative criticism.

Members are fed up with earning large sums of money, but having no access to it as it must mature for 90 days. The catch? You have to pay them their advertising credits NOW, no waiting period for that, but you don’t get paid until you give them a PayPal or bank account information so they can charge you, and wait the 90 days for any review.

Seems unfair to me as well :/

Even as recently as October of this year complaints are pilling onto Empowr from hundreds of different members.

Having a look at, you will notice article after article claiming lost profits, money taken without consent etc.

Many community members are drawn in by the easy profits, and large cash sums sitting in their account. Until they try to withdrawal these sums, and the many hidden fees become show up.

There are a few members who claim to have received money, and been able to profit with Empowr. Although these members are few, they claim that many community members do not understand Empowr enough to profit and earn from it, which is why they end up in the negative. Although these members are few, and I don’t believe there is much to ‘understand’ from such a simple concept, its important to take all relevant facts into considerations.

What I Like About Empowr

  • Easy to sign up
  • Easy to earn

What Empowr Could Do Better

  • Advertising credits are not clearly laid out or even mentioned;
  • Empowr only has as much of a social reach as their community offers. Substantially smaller than actual Facebook;
  • No real equation or algorithm showing how much money is taken off of earnings;
  • A lot of negative criticism from past websites that were created by owners;
  • Very little if any proof of payout to community members;
  • Compensation plan very unclear and nonexistent.


All in all I really wouldn’t suggest utilizing or trying Empowr. There’s just too much bad press from fellow members. The majority of comments I have read come from people saying they feel swindled by this company, and the small amount of people who claim to have earned with Empowr show no legitimate proof.

Empowr changes names for no apparent reason that I can see which leads me to believe that they do so to avoid the negativity that surrounds their offer, this is just my opinion and may not be the reason for the multiple name changes.

Although its fun to see you account racking up this “profit”, you have to wonder exactly how these profits are accumulating, which Empowr doesn’t tell you. In addition, there is no indication of advertising credits until you run out, or are charged. On top of that, all expenses are due now, but payout doesn’t happen until 3 moths later. Who would be satisfied with that?

I don’t feel Empowr operates a completely transparent platform which in itself makes me give their platform a low  rating [yasr_overall_rating size=”small”]  as a business opportunity.



Juice Plus – How To Make Money Selling Supplements

Juice Plus – How To Make Money Selling Supplements

Established: 1970 (40 years)

Founder: Jay Martin

Website: www.juiceplusvirtualfranchise….

Juice Plus Products

If an MLM business is what your’re looking to invest in, your’ll have no trouble finding copious amounts of direct selling companies to work for. Luckily for the health and wellness enthusiasts, almost 40 – 50% of those companies focus on some sort of health, wellness, or supplemental products that boosts healthy living. Juice Plus is one of these companies.

Of course, this makes total sense, since Forbes magazine claims the health and wellness industry will be worth well over 60 Billion dollars come 2021 so now is the time to get in before this market is totally saturated.

Juice Plus takes on a new and creative approach to selling vitamins to consumers, using actual dried fruits and veggies pumped into a capsule. Within my juice plus review I will go into more detail on juice plus products and their attributes and how to get started with juice plus.

Let’s take look at Juice Plus…

Juice Plus; The Company

Located out of Collierville, Tennessee, Juice Plus carries a line of supplemental dietary products that contain fruit and vegetable extracts. The capsules are then fortified with added vitamins and nutrients. Juice plus offers a one of a kind product not found anywhere else that I could find offered in the industry.

Jay Martin’s mission statement was to create a company that would “inspire healthy living around the world”. Jay Martin was a school teacher turned entrepreneur who originally created the National Safety Association (NSA) in 1970. They started with selling home emergency equipment door-to-door, and soon moved into water filtration. Although NSA still sells home emergency equipment among other products such as their Juice Plus line, they stopped selling their water filtration products in 2007.

The company did an about face when it went from being called National Safety Associates (NSA), to branching off and morphing into what is now known as Juice Plus which was created in 1993.

In 2012 the company took another small shift when they branched off with the “Tower Garden Food Growing System”, never a dull moment with Jay at the helm. This is a product that looks like a long tube and is designed to grow and produce better and faster food anytime of the year, anywhere under some less than optimum conditions.

Currently, Juice Plus operates in over 20 different countries and stands behind their 6 core beliefs:

  • Longevity
  • Authenticity
  • Quality
  • Community
  • Simplicity, and
  • Being approachable.

Getting Started With Juice Plus

Of course with any company, they hope that your’ll try their products first as a customer. It’s hard to sell and promote a product that your haven’t tried yourself and are truly passionate about.

When first sign up your will have a rep assigned to your, at this stage your have the option of letting your rep know that your are interested in becoming a distributor once your’ve tried the products.

If your do decide to join, it’s a straight up $50 dollar fee to get started.

What’s great about Juice Plus is your’re not expected to carry any inventory. Juice Plus doesn’t follow the standard brick and mortar concept. Instead, Juice Plus handles all the background operations such as producing, packaging, shipping, billing, collecting and customer service. Your job is to simply sell, sell, sell.

I like this because it doesn’t require your to purchase and hold onto product. Most MLM offers require a purchase of some sort.

Juice Plus Products

The Juice Plus products come in several forms; complete, capsule, and chew able. As I mentioned above, Juice Plus packs tons of concentrated fruits, vegetables, and nutrients into different forms for easy, on-the-go supplementation.

The “complete” product line is a whole-food based beverage mix that is meant to provide balanced nutrition in every scoop. It can be used as a pre-workout, a breakfast drink, or late night snack. It also comes in bars.

The capsules and chewables are packed with 20 different fruit and veggies to get your the most nutrition in the smallest form.

Their most popular, and flagship item is their Orchard and Garden Blend in capsule form.

Juice Plus Compensation Plan

There are basically 4 different ways in which your can earn money as an independent distributor with Juice Plus. As your grow, your’ll move through the ranks and have the potential to earn even more money. The video below will give your an in depth understanding of how to be profitable with Juice Plus, I have also provided your with a short run down on the compensation plan following the video.

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”” frameborder=”0″ gesture=”media” allow=”encrypted-media” allowfullscreen></iframe>

Here’s what the various ranks look like:

  • Distributor;
  • Direct Distributor;
  • Virtual Franchise;
  • Sales Coordinator;
  • Senior Sales Coordinator;
  • Qualifying National Marketing Director;
  • National Marketing Director.

Retail Sales

You get a certain percentage for retail sales from Jucie Plus products. You max out your earning potential on retail sales when your hit the rank of Sales Coordinator, but have the potential of making anywhere between 6% and 22% commission.

In order to move yourself through the ranks, it would depend on the amount of customer sales and people your recruit into your team.

Performance Bonus

You receive this bonus as a Virtual Franchise, and it is added up each month up to 5 different generations. You would see this bonus depending on the amount of Independent distributors your have added to your organization.

Promote-Out Bonus

This bonus is active once your become a Sales Coordinator. When someone your’ve recruited moves through the ranks and hits the Sales Coordinator as well, your’ll receive 4% of their down line in sales.

Business Incentive Bonus

When your achieve Senior Sales Coordinator your’ll be able to earn a bonus off of your entire organization, usually equal to 5-20% of the monthly earnings. This is subject to team structure, earning requirements, and has a max payout allow

Support, Tools and Training

Juice Plus has done a pretty good job at making their distributors feel supported. Between not having to sit on inventory or deal with payments, to having your own (limited capability) website, Juice Plus tries to make it easy for their distributors to be successful selling their products.

Juice Plus leaves their communication lines open for calls or emails to their business support teams, as well as regularly hosting leadership conferences and training sessions. You’ll be assigned a business partner, who can help your grow and manage your team. In addition to that, there are regular local Prevention Plus health education meetings with doctors and health professionals from all around.

As a Juice Plus distributor, your gain access to your own personalized website, social media pages to share and engage with, and IPad apps to better sell and promote products.

Your given some brochures, and access to a virtual mobile and desktop office to manage business and sales.

If you have basic knowledge on how to build a website your promotional options and your audience is unlimited. You can add promotional videos to your website just like I did below quite easily. I strongly suggest getting some internet marketing training that will teach quite quickly how to market Juice Plus to the masses online using a simple website.

Click Here To Check out The Program I personally used to create a successful online business promoting products online.

What Distributors Are Saying

One thing is obvious, Juice Plus customers are extremely defensive of their product. Either that or 90% of the people on any review site, job review etc are only distributors. Regardless, your won’t find many negative reviews on the product itself, except for the few people that claim it’s not any better than any off the shelf product.

Those who are successful at sales and marketing seem to really enjoy the atmosphere at Juice Plus, but mention it is very top-heavy. Distributors mention that if your someone who gets distracted easily, this may not be the job for your. It’s still a full time job trying to sell these products to customers (as with any product).

The Better Business Bureau

Juice Plus has a “A+” rating and is accredited by the BBB. They have only had 12 complaints over a 3-year span, and the issues are very minimal. All complaints have been reconciled by the company.

What I Like About Juice Plus

  • Not required to carry inventory
  • Support and tools are easily accessible
  • Simple product line (easy to focus your selling)
  • Product is priced well for what your get (normally approx $30 – $40 for 60 servings)
  • Inexpensive start up.

What Could Be Better About Juice Plus

  • Better chance of success with previous sales experience
  • Not a well-rounded vitamin such as a multi-vitamin would be
  • Small product list can also lead to difficulty selling
  • Compensation plan doesn’t offer many opportunities to make good money until your move up a few ranks


Overall if your’re looking to get into multi-level marketing within the health and wellness industry, this could be the opportunity for your.

Juice Plus has done a good job of keeping themselves out of trouble, and despite being slightly top-heavy (as are many MLM companies) operates a well run company.

The one aspect of Juice Plus that I really enjoyed was not having to carry any inventory. This makes it substantially easier to sell products quickly and efficiently as your’re not waiting for an order to arrive to claim sales.

The compensation plan was difficult to find, and is lacking in depth. It would be difficult to make a good income until your move a few ranks up. In addition, I’ve never seen a retail profit commission cap at a certain rank before. This forces your to focus more on recruitment than selling in my opinion.



Dream Team Visionaries – Your Facebook Account May Be At Risk!

Dream Team Visionaries – Your Facebook Account May Be At Risk!

Cost: Free to participate 

Established: 2015

Founder: Zachary KlineImage result for dream team visionaries


I have many forms of making money online offers, everything from network marketing programs to affiliate marketing offers, but after digging into Dream Team Visionaries (DTV) they have taken MLM to a level I haven’t seen yet. Read my Dream Team Visionaries review and see if this is a good thing or not. Usually I start a review with my rating but in this case your are going to have to read the review to find out, enjoy my Dream Team Visionaries review, like always I welcome any questions or feed back your may have, have a great day Mike.

I am sure your have seen all the Facebook ads while communicating with family and friends, and I am sure your have been tempted to click on the odd one. Running Facebook ads from your account is worth money to DreamTeam Visionaries and the ad agency they work with. Using your account to place Facebook ads on is the sole premise that Dream Visionaries works on and says will earn your potentially an extra $300-$600 bucks a week.

Dream Visionaries works under a MLM style platform ( referral based format) as well as patterning up with an advertising agency. Dream Visionaries has created a referral based program that utilizes your Facebook account for advertising purposes. I will explain in more depth as we get deeper into my DreamVisionaries review.

What Is Dream Team Visionaries?

Dream Team Visionaries is actually just a group of young people who have partnered up with a company called Mass Media. Mass media has been in business for roughly 20 years so they are a credible outfit which is a good sign. Mass Media offers a collection of diversified media technologies that target a large audience via mass communication.

Dream Team Visionaries itself consists of Zachary Kline who originally created the company, along with Maddie, Samantha, and Robert. Not much to report on these individuals other than Zachary Kline who displays his Facebook account on Dream Visionaries website. The other main members who also advertise their Facebook accounts on Dream Visionaries website are a bit of a mystery, Why? Well for some mysterious reason their Facebook accounts are not active! Bit of a red flag for me.
Dream Visionaries is a company that revolves around Facebook, so it strikes me as odd that their Facebook accounts are not active, here’s a thought, maybe Facebook has shut their accounts down for breaching Facebook rules, happens all the time, not a good thing if your whole business concept is dependent on utilizing Facebook accounts!

Dream Team Visionaries teams up with Mass Media to “rent” out your Facebook page so that Mass Media can run Facebook ads on it. They run a week-long campaign, and after that your’re eligible to refer others to do the same for a commission. You even get a start up bonus of $20!

Image result for facebook
Sound too good to be true? Maybe!


Mass Media will require access to your Facebook account, so that they can access the ad section of an individual Facebook account. They do this through a software that your may have heard of before, TeamViewer. TeamViewer is a free computer software that allows a computer to open for remote access from somewhere else. It provides access for things such as:

  • Desktop Sharing;
  • Online Meetings;
  • Wed Conferencing;
  • File Transfer.

In order for your to be instantly eligible to take advantage of the Dream Team Visionaries opportunity, your must:

  • Have a Laptop or Desktop computer openly available;
  • Must live within the USA;
  • Must be 18+ years old;
  • Must have had a Facebook account for at least a year;
  • Must have a minimum of 100 Facebook friends already.

The Steps (8 Days)

The steps are very simple, but I feel very intrusive. As I mentioned, your have to give access to your Facebook account to Mass Media. This makes people feel uncomfortable, however, Dream Team Visionaries assures your that nothing will come of it.

After accessing your Facebook account, a new password is created for TeamViewer which allows access to your account for the TeamViewer software. This means that even when your give your password, it will instantly reset daily and require your to reset the password so that Mass media can once again access your account. this gives the Facebook account holder some sense of peace of mind.

Before your can actually start making your potential $300 – $600 a week your must complete the week-long, 3 step ad placement process. The good news is, your will get a small taste of money from a $20 start up bonus your get for completing the 3 steps.

Step One

In step one your have to download TemaViewer 11 and give them the password and access to your Facebook account.

Step Two

Step two happens on day 5, which your must be available for, due to the ever-changing password requirement. You grant Mass Media access once again to do the ad placement and creation. Mass media will create a fan page, create an ad manager, and place the ads.

Step Three

On the 8th and final day, Mass media will need access again to verify the ads are approved, placed, and officially working. From here your’ll receive your $20 start up bonus and be eligible to start referring others to go through that same process.

Dream Team Visionaries assures your that your friends will not even notice that your are running ads. The ads placed using your Facebook account actually operate from your account not through your account if that makes any sense. Facebook ads are not placed on your feed or sent to friends, family or Facebook contacts your may have.

Image result for facebook ads

How To Start Earning With Dream Visionaries!

Once your have completed the 3 steps and everything is running as it should your can now start to refer friends, family, and contacts to Dream Team Visionaries. The goal is to get as many referrals as your can to do the same three step process that your have just gone through and have ads placed on their Facebook accounts as well.

When your get someone to start going through the three step process and they complete the process, your get $80.

If your have someone going through the process but they never end up completing it the 3 steps, your still get $45.

This is how your are potentially earning between $300 and $600 a week. You only need 4 people to complete the process for your to earn just over $300 a week.

What Support Is Offered?

With many MLM styled opportunities most of your support lies with the person who recruited your. As this is such a simple process, not a lot of support would be required. However, its good to know where your can ask questions if your had them.

The Dream Team Visionaries claims there is a messager app they use for support called “telegram” mobile app. Dream Visionaries states that support is available 24/7 for any questions your may have. The Telegram app offers chat options for all of Dream Team Visionaries staff and members. There is also a Facebook page that offers chat capabilities.

You will also have access to 2 phone numbers, one of which is only open between 12pm and 10pm EST for step one, and another one open 5pm – 10pm EST for only step 2 and 3. Seems weird to break them up, however, at least there is a number your can call if your get stuck.

Few Red Flags!

Dream Team Visionaries was one of the more difficult business opportunities to research as they are extremely non-transparent about their processes and opportunities. Their website was “either join or don’t join” and very vague on the processes. I really had to dig and eventually sign up myself to truly understand what was being offered which seemed odd.

Their website did not display the earning potential, or the proper steps required. I had to take a leap of faith and sign up to really find out what the process and earning potential was. Although this wasn’t a big deal for me as it was free, they are probably pushing customers away because of how vague they come off.

Another thing I noticed that got my spidey senses tingling was the fact that there was literally nothing out there in relation to Dream Visionaries except two websites and a few reviews. I scoured the web and found literally crumbs about the company. Nothing that spoke to the credibility of Dream Visionaries and their founding members, odd for an outfit that has been around for two years. The only success stories I found looked fake and extremely generic on their website.

For a company that has been around since 2015 ( a fact I had to dig deep to even find out) your’d think there would either be more complaints or more success stories. Dream Visionaries isn’t registered with the Better Business Bureau. No one was commenting on their program, Dream Visionaries Facebook page has only 27 people on it.

Mass Media seems to have a good standing with the BBB even though it’s not accredited through the BBB. They have zero complaints filed which a good sign.

The admins themselves are even hard to look into. The 4 admins all have their Facebook accounts attached to their Image result for dream team visionariesnames within their website. This is the only means of communication between these people, however, 3 of the 4 admins no longer have an active account under the links provided. Either they have changed their accounts and have not updated the website, or they have had their accounts suspended or deleted. * ding ding* goes the red flag in my head!

Zachary Kline is the only admin with an active Facebook account, and it has zero information regarding Dream Team Visionaries.

One issue that slaps me upside the head with Dream Team Visionaries is a pretty big one, and that’s the Facebook policy your break by following their ad placement steps.

Facebook has some strict policies on “renting” or “loaning” your Facebook account to others.

By following the 3 steps that Dream Visionaries wants your to follow your are technically breaking one of Facebook Terms Of Service (TOS), and even by promoting and referring others, your are encouraging others to break this same policy and risk the suspension of their Facebook accounts, not sure how popular your will be with family and friends if your get them into a scheme that gets their Facebook account shut down.

Maybe this is why 3 of the 4 admins no longer have accounts?

Although Dream Team Visionaries says that Mass Media takes all responsibility for ad placement and payment is set up through their corporate account, your still have the potential to have your Facebook account suspended or deleted due to misconduct on your Facebook ad account.
This seems small, but for myself personally I’ve had my account for 11 or 12 years, and I have a lot of memories stored on it. I wouldn’t want to lose all of that over what I would consider a less than transparent business opportunity. It seems like too much of a risk for me.

My Final Thoughts On Dream Team visionaries

Rating: [yasr_overall_rating size=”medium”]

I feel the combination of lack of transparency and the granting of access to an outside source to my Facebook account and info a little too much of a risk, not to mention your are exposing all of your contacts to this scheme by promoting Dream Visionaries to them. I can’t say for certain Dream Visionaries is a scam or maybe just a suspect offer but there just isn’t enough positive reviews or feedback online to really give this offer my approval at this time.

Hope your got something out of my Dream Visionaries review, if your have any questions or experiences with Dream Visionaries please leave your thoughts and experiences for others, have a great day Mike.







DoTerra – Profit From The Popularity Of Essential Oils

DoTerra – Profit From The Popularity Of Essential Oils

DoTerra – Is This A Good Business Opportunity For You?

Rating: [yasr_overall_rating size=”medium”]

A Little DoTerra Background

After being asked to do a DoTerra review by a visitor to my site I started right from the beginning. The first question that I wanted answered was, “what the heck does ‘DoTerra’ mean?”.  Well it means “Gift of the Earth”,  which is explained on their website. The founders wanted to create a therapeutic-grade essential oil for consumers in a world where there was a need for a product like what Do Terra was looking to create.

DoTerra was created in 2008 by David Stirling and a few associates. Obviously the essential oils landscape has changed significantly with companies like “Young Living Essential Oils” entering the market but 9 years ago DoTerra was one of the only major players.

Enjoy My Young Living Essential Oil Review

Within this Do terra review I will look at Doterra’s compensation package as well as the product itself and the companies corperate structure, basically everything you will need to know if you are serious about joing DoTerra as a distributor.

 A Quick Look At DoTerra’s Corperate Structure

DoTerra has what is referred to as a MLM style structure, it has a product but is heavily reliant on recruitment to drive sales for the company. Recruits ( yourself included) sell DoTerra products for commissions. Your goal as a DoTerra distributor is to recruit more people to sell Do terra products which in turn give you more commissions off your recruits sales. Your recruits enlist more Do terra distributors and your wealth keeps growing, i think you get the picture.

Do Terra refers to recruits/distributors as “wellness advocates”.

DoTerra’s headquarters are based within Pleasant Grove, Utah, where they employ almost 1300 employees. Within the entire DoTerra company, there are over 3 million distributors selling and promoting the DoTerra essential oil product line.

Under the leadership of David Stirling, Emily Wright, Corey B. Lindley, Mark A. Wolfert, Gregory Cook, David Hill, and Robert J. Young, DoTerra made a billion dollars within the first seven years of starting their business. Being in competition with Young Living Essential Oils, DoTerra has benefited greatly from the help of David Stirling who actually used to be a previous Young Living corporate member.

Products DoTerra Offers

Although essential oils are DoTerra’s go to products they still offer a variety of other products which you will see listed below. Each product contains some sort of essential oil.

  • Single oils;
  • Proprietary blends;
  • DoTerra OnGuard;
  • DoTerra Breathe;
  • Deep Blue;
  • Digest Zen;
  • Personal care;
  • Supplements;
  • Weight Management;
  • Kits and accessories (storage, topical, diffuses.

What is unique about DoTerra is that each product you purchase yourself accumulates points towards free products, which is a great way to test out new products for your customers. My wife and I as well as many personal friends use DoTerra products on a regular basis, can’t think of a day that goes by that I don’t smell some inviting smell coming from our DoTerra infuser.

All of DoTerra’s products are “Certified Pure Theraputic Grade”, which is a style of quality testing that DoTerra came up with themselves. Unfortunately, because DoTerra created the testing process themselves, the certification holds no real merit within the industry.

DoTerra claims to have a 79-85% retention within customers and distributors, which does appear to be true.

Cost To Participate As A Wellness Advocate

When you sign up as a DoTerra “wellness advocate”, it is your responsibility to educate, promote, and sell. The cost to get started is $35 and an anual fee of $25.

After becoming a distributor, or wellness advocate, you are entitled to 25% off of retail products. The great thing is you are not required to purchase a minimum amount of products a month to be entitled to wholesale pricing. However, in order to actually earn commissions off of the products, you need a $100 personal volume of products a month, this is a common theme played out with MLM offers.

Compensation Plan

The DoTerra compensation plan is set up in a simple format, as they have broken it down into only 3 slides. One thing I noticed about DoTerra is that they really push fast recruitment. Their compensation plan is focused on building your down line team fast and efficiently.

The first bit of the compensation plan outlines the retail profit side of things. As I mentioned earlier, a wellness advocate can earn 25% on customer purchases.

The next step of the plan outlines the “Fast Start”, where you can receive bonuses based on how quickly you enroll customers and down line team members within 60 days of your own enrollment. This is paid on your 1st, 2nd, and 3rd level en rollers.

You also get a ‘Power of 3″ Bonus, which is a sponsor based bonus. This is paid monthly and is based on the amount of team sales and down line distributors you’ve recruited. The bonuses come in $50, $250, and $1500 dollars increments.

A uni-level bonus is applies based on the amount of group volumes you have within your down line ( the amount you and your team are selling).

You then begin to move up ranks based on the amount your “organization” is making and recruiting.

The ranks are as follows:

  • Consultant;
  • Manager;
  • Director;
  • Executive;
  • Elite;
  • Premier;
  • Silver;
  • Gold,
  • Platinum;
  • Diamond;
  • Blue Diamond;
  • Presidential Diamond.


Last but not least, when you hit the Premier ranking, you’ll start earning shares of the company that you can get paid out for.

Support And Tools Through DoTerra

DoTerra actually offers a pretty decent training program, designed to equip their wellness advocates with all the knowledge they will need to sell Do Terra products. You get a run down on the products, how their products are made, how they are held to a “Therapeutic Grade” standard, what the company is all about and much more. All this information comes to you in a 6-week course. It even includes short tests to ensure that the information is being absorbed so that their wellness advocates are armed with the information they need to effectively sell the DoTerra products.

As with most MLM companies, a lot of your over and above marketing materials are to be paid for out of your pocket,  However, your membership does include:

  • Presentable power point about company and products;
  • Sales Scripts;
  • Email template to send out;
  • Newsletter template.

What DoTerra Wellness Advocates Are Saying

It’s always good to take a quick look through and ensure their aren’t any red flags with a company before investing your time and money into it,

From what I saw looking into DoTerra there doesn’t appear to be any skeletons in the closet so to speak. The wellness advocates/distributors seem to be happy. 95% of distributors try the product out first before diving into it, and seem to have satisfactory results. The only complaints you get are that it is a MLM company, and because of that you need to be skilled in the art of marketing and selling, which not everyone is.

What I Like About DoTerra

  • They created their own measure of high standard testing for their products;
  • They invest a lot of time into training their distributors;
  • They have a point accumulation that will allow for free products;
  • Have a 30-day money back guarantee;
  • They have good retention rates among customers and advocates.

What Could Be Better At DoTerra

  • Their “Therapeutic Grade Standard” testing process was created by them ( no real industry standard);
  • Products can be extremely expensive;
  • Annual Fee and Start up fee – why both?
  • Focus heavily on recruitment.

My Final Thoughts

All in all I feel DoTerra is a sound company that offer line of quality products that customers enjoy. They do a great job of training their Wellness Advocates, and they offer some neat and creative ways to earn income and collect free products.

DoTerra does place a big emphasis which may not seem like a bad thing but sometimes if you focus so much on recruitment you lose the real focus and that should be on your products. on recruitment.

DoTerra holds themselves to a very high self-set standard unlike other companies in their industry.

If you’re good at selling, promotion, recruiting, building customer relationships, and have a passion for essential oils, DoTerra may be the company for you. I would suggest trying the products first before joining to get a feel for what your next business opportunity will offer.

MLM offers tarditionally don’t invest in training to equip their distributors with the knowledge on how to promote their products successfully online, this leaves their distributors struggling to find ways to compete in a limited and saturated local market. The inability to promote products online goes hand in hand with why the failure rate is so high for distributors involved in the MLM industry.

Do Terra doesn’t offer internet marketing training which I feel you will need to have good success selling their product. My advice is to go into selling Do Terra with some internet marketing training under your belt, you don’t need much, just enough so that you understand how to get people to your offer.

Do you have the training to sell poducts online?

I welcome your feedback and any questions you may have with this review or any questions in general. Have a great day, Mike.






Young Living Essential Oils – Want To Be A Distributor Read This!

Young Living Essential Oils – Want To Be A Distributor Read This!

Young Living Essential Oils


Rating:[yasr_overall_rating size=”medium”]

Everyone knows someone who loves their essential oils, funny enough, I am one of those people. I think there’s enough said to assume that people spend millions of dollars on these essential oils and diffusers looking for a more natural way to fight the common cold, or relieve that pesky headache. Young Living Essential Oils has positioned itself squarely in the middle of this growing industry for the last 24 years. The infused oil industry is reported to be a $11.67 billion dollar industry by 2022.

As an MLM company, Young Living Essential Oils is a business opportunity that many people have tried, and that many people are interested in trying that does rely on your ability to recruit members to sell under you. Today I am here to look into the business side of Young Living Essential Oils and determine if this is a viable business opportunity for you.

I will also take a look at Young Living’s product line and compensation plan to see if these key components will make for a profitable business venture.

The Beginning Of Young Living Essential Oils

Gary Young first came up with the idea to create Young Living Essential Oils in 1993 when he built his very own organic herb farm. Young knew that the industry was growing, and demand was there. Gary says he saw a need for a safe line of products in an unregulated industry. Gary began mastering the process of extracting essential oils and eventually ended up building the largest, and most technologically advanced distillery in North America.

Young Living Essential Oils has their headquarters in Lehi, Utah, as well as offices in Australia, Europe, Japan, Singapore, and Canada (referred to as Young Living Canada). These offices help distribute and maintain products that are considered the be the purest in the industry.


Every year Young Living Essential Oils comes out with a new product catalog, keeping up with customer demand, you can have a peek at Young Living Essential Oil’s 2017’s catalog here.

Young Living has multiple categories when it comes the their products, as there is a number of ways you can utilize essential oils.

Essential Oils and Blends

Oils containing products such as lavender and eucalyptus are meant to soothe the mind and soul. You’ll discover sensory joy from all the natural oils and blends.

Natural Health Products

These oils are designed to help relieve common health related issues such as, cough, colds, headaches etc.

Natural Home cleaning products: Young Living has put together a line of all natural cleaning products that help you clean around the home instead of using harsh chemicals.

Oral Care: toothpaste

Wellness; Healthy and Fit

Young Living Essential Oils offers a variety of products such as drinks infused with vitamins and minerals as well as essential oils. In addition, a variety of food based products and supplements are also available.

Learn How To Promote any product online to the world here!

How Much Will It Cost You To Become A Young Living Essential Oil Distributor?

With most MLM offers there is a cost associated with your membership. Young Living Essential Oils follows suit with other MLM offers and requires its new distributors to purchase a starter kit. These starter kits vary depending on the geographical area you participate in.

Where you are located will affect what you’re paying for your starter package. In Canada, where Young Living Canada is becoming a lot more popular, you’ll have access to only one single starter package of $199.75.

If you’re located within the US, you’ll have the option of picking from a selection of starter packages, including those in different languages. The cost will range from $45.00 up to $260.00, although it seems cheaper than the Canadian starter membership, you still have to meet the minimum personal volume per month to be eligible for the compensation plan.

How To Get Started As A Distributor

After choosing your starter package, you will be offered a few up sells that are pitched as “suggested tools” that will help you generate more profit and benefit from being a Young Living Essential Oils distributor. You are encouraged to sign up for a loyalty program that charges a monthly fee. From your participation in this loyalty program you’ll have access to:

  • Points that accumulate and generate cash back options;
  • Gifts allocated each quarter for the first year of your membership;
  • Allows Access to exclusive income opportunities;

Depending on the package you choose, you will be charged a recurring payment between $40 – $195.95.

After biting on the loyalty program membership or not, you’ll be prompted to proceed with the enrolment process, you will be required to fill out the remaining personal and bank information. Once finished, you’ll be sent your product, and if you don’t already have a sponsor, a sponsor will be assigned to you so that you have every opportunity to start off on the right foot.

It’s a fairly straight forward and easy process to start your distribution business with Young Living essential oils.

Breaking Down The Compensation Plan

To continue with their straightforward approach, Young Living Essential Oils offers a single photo that explains their compensation plan details. They keep the focus simple by indicating the steps to success:

  1. Create a Foundation – build your customer base, earn more money with a bigger customer base and larger volumes being shipped. Earn up the 8% of product sales. Move through the levels; distributor, Star, Senior Star, Executive.
  2. Build Your Business – Start the recruit process, recruit as many new distributors as you can. Move through the ranks,  the more people you recruit, the faster you move up; Silver, Gold Platinum. Earn up the 3% of your recruits sales.
  3. Develop Leaders – encourage your recruits to move up the ranks, higher rankings and levels achieve greater income. Earning even more money further down your line as you move through higher rankings; Diamond, Crown Diamond, Royal Crown Diamond.

Click the picture below the get full compensation plan.

Support and Tools available for Young Living Essential Oil Distributors

As with most MLM companies, your main support system is your sponsor. They are the one’s responsible for your day the day support.

Young Living Essential Oils offer yearly conventions for each rank you achieve. These conventions give you the chance to interact with leaders and mentors covering issues that are important to your distribution business.

Besides conventions, local seminars and newsletters offer  education in product knowledge and distributor promotions.

Despite being a long-standing company, Young Living doesn’t offer as much support or free tools for distributors as I thought it would. Many tools used to promote your Young Living Essential Oils business come with a price tag such as basic tools like flyers. You are basically on your own with your starter kit which has most everything you will need to start promoting.

Unfortunately Young Living Essential Oils doesn’t put much emphasis on marketing online which is a huge downfall of most MLM offers. Not tapping into the large internet audience not only limits sales opportunities but may spell the demise of your business operations if you don’t have a large social following.

Learn how to promote Young Living Essential Oils Online here!

What Distributors And Employees Are Saying About Young Living

It’s always important, when looking at a new investment/business opportunity the read what other current and past distributors are saying about your prospective business opportunity.

Overall, there isn’t a lot of “bad” being said about being a distributor for Young Living Essential Oils. A few people say that it takes a lot of time and effort to get your business going, as with any venture. Especially MLM type opportunities, you know you’ll need to have good networking skills and salesmen type experience to be truly get the most out of your distribution business.

One comment I read stated that a gentleman had been with Young Living for over ten years, and his profits manage to cover his personal use and a little more. Although this isn’t a huge profit for some, this guy seemed to be happy with that, and had nothing but great things to say.

On the other hand,  the corporate side of things didn’t fair as well. I have heard nothing but negative comments pertaining to poor management. Many folks who work for Young Living either at head office or at a distribution plant say that management is extremely negative, and pompous, really as a distributor this information shouldn’t be of concern the you, just thought I would mention it.

What Young Living Does Well

  • Products offer great quality (besides being under scrutiny, they have now solved any issues);Very transparent in the way products are produced and handled;
  • Provide a very honest income disclosure;
  • Booming industry to invest in;
  • Offers a reward/loyalty program that many other MLM companies do not.

What Young Living Needs To Improve

  • Commissions are small compared with other MLM offers;
  • Corporate employees treated poorly;
  • Poor organization within upper management;
  • Previous sales and networking experience would be beneficial, training options are limited.
  • Start up costs are high within Canada, and can be expensive within the US.
  • Canada doesn’t have starter package options like the US does.
  • Very little emphasis on selling online or training on how to promote essential oils online.

My Final Thoughts

I gave Young Living a [yasr_overall_rating size=”small”] rating, I do believe that if you’re interested in a MLM type company, this would be a good one to start with. Although the start up costs can be expensive, if you possess the ability to market this product to the massive internet public I feel the product is good enough that it will do the rest for you.

With any MLM offer I feel success hinges on your ability to reach the masses with your products and that can only happen if you know how to market online. There is a huge failure rate with MLM offers, (something like 1% success rate). The reason for such a  low success rate is due to the fact that distributors are limited to selling to friends and family and don’t posses the skills to sell online, do you have the skills needed to sell online?

Hope you found some value in this Young Living Essential Oils review, I welcome any feedback or questions you may have, cheers Mike.



Melaleuca – Could You Make Money Selling Melaleuca?

Melaleuca – Could You Make Money Selling Melaleuca?

Melaleuca, Is It An Opportunity Or A Flopportunity ?

More than likely at some point in time you’ve probably heard someone talking about how great of an opportunity Melaleuca provides. In this Melaleuca review, we’re going to give you my thoughts on whether or not any real opportunity exists for making a profitable business through Melaleuca , and exactly how it all works.

melaleucaWhat Is Melaleuca?

Melaleuca was created in 1985 by Mike Vandersloot and is currently marketed and known as “the wellness company.”

Melaleuca sells and distributes a wide variety of what I would considered to be “responsible”  products,“green” and “organic”something the world needs more of.

By appealing to a market that wants to get away from harmful chemicals while offering members the opportunity to make money selling products they believe in. This Melaleuca review isn’t to critique the products or the pricing, but a critique of Melaleuca as a business opportunity. The appeal of Melaleuca products obviously will play a part in whether you find success with Melaleuca, so the products and service will be a focus of this posts content.  So lets get into whether  becoming a Melaleuca distributor makes good financial sense.

How Much Does It Cost To Participate In Melaleuca?

When you sign up to promote Melaleuca, you are required to purchase Melaleuca products yourself to qualify for revenue. The requirement to pay for products upfront is pretty typical of MLM offers in general, so that’s not a shocker, it’s just part of the business structure. 

In order to be an active member, you’re looking at a recurring cost of roughly $80 – $85 a month, these fees will be automatically charged to your account. This is probably the biggest hurdle for distributors when it comes to the Melaleuca offer, yes the products are of high quality and they do have market appeal, but you need to go into your Melaleuca business knowing that you will have that large recurring payment that will add up over the course of a year, $960 annually when you do the math. You had better be on your game to make that money back and still make a profit. 

What Do You Get For Your $80 Investment?


You actually get a generous amount of products for your $80 monthly subscription fee. 

You can expect to receive a variety of products for your monthly subscription fee, lotions, laundry detergents, cleaning supplies, vitamins, energy drinks, bath and beauty products, personal hygiene products, basically a wide assortment of Melaleuca products, so there is value for your $80, the question is, can you turn around and sell these products and recoup your investment every month as fees keep rolling in on schedule. I feel you can easily cover your costs if you know how to market Melaleuca to the internet public. If you don’t know how to market Melaleuca online I feel you would be hard pressed to make a go of Melaleuca. Stats show that 99% of all MLM participants fail to make any income or lose money. 

The main reason people fail at selling MLM products isn’t because their products are of poor quality or not popular,  it’s because they don’t have the tools or training to sell their MLM to the masses, which is online. Participants in MLM’s like Melaleuca rely on recruiting and selling to family and friends, that’s why less than 1% of all MLM participants find any significant success, most fail short into their endeavour.

melaleuka-compensationHow Do You Make Money With Melaleuca?

 MLM income incentives or the way you make income while participating in a MLM is essentially the same no matter what MLM you are looking at joining. With Melaleuca you make money from the people who sign up under you, your downline. When your referrals pay their monthly dues, you get a share. When your signups make additional purchases, you also get a share of your referrals purchases. To make money selling Melaleuca, good money, you need to be able to recruit.

Melaleuca’s business model is set up as such that you need to be referred to get a membership, which it states on its home page.

While there are certainly some people who are making a great income with Melaleuca, you are going to have to be very proactive in socializing and door to door marketing if you have no online marketing training, even at that your market is limited. You will need to rely on family and friends to spread the word to reach more potential recruits and buyers.

Having no internet marketing experience selling an offer such as Melaleuca will eventually put you in that 99% fail rate. You can read the definition and failure rates associated with MLM’s here. 

Do you really want to be a door to door salesman? Truthfully this is all you will be if you can’t reach the massive online market. This isn’t just a Melaleuca problem, this is an MLM issue in general and why the failure rate is so high. I see this scenario play out over and over again, this is preventable with the proper training before hand! In Melaleucas case you have an $80 membership fee piling up which is a lot of financial pressure if you can’t grow your client base.

What Is The Support At Melaleuca Like?

While there is quite a bit of training available within Melaleuca itself, the majority of help and support that you receive will be given to you from your “up-line.” These are the people that you signed up under, and the people who are above them in the MLM structure.

There Is A Better Way To Make A Great Living Without Ruining Relationships

Affiliate Marketing is in my opinion the best way to make money from the comfort of your own home, all you need is internet access and a computer and you can be making money in no time flat.

Affiliate Marketing sounds technical, but the reality of it is, it is a pretty simple gig. As an affiliate you simply direct traffic to an online merchants product and in return you get a predetermined commission if a sale is made from that traffic. I have been an participating in Affiliate Marketing for about 10 years now making thousands a month in income from the comfort of my own home.

Try Affiliate Marketing Out With My Help Today, It’s Free!

The Last Word On Melaleuca

Melaleuca is by no means a scam or a flakey program, it offers great products at competitive prices for the product lines it offers. When I look at Melaleuca I see a very good product line that does have mass appeal.

The people that do find success with a program like Melaleuca are seasoned marketers or people who have large social networks or the drive to build large social networks, if you don’t fall into one of these categories I would advise you to think twice about MLM’s in general.

If you decide to give this Melaleuca a try I would highly recommend getting some FREE affiliate marketing training before hand. Affiliate marketing training will allow you to promote Melaleuca to a hungry online market which will help you become the exception, the 1% that make a good income selling MLM products.

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave them below or if you have any work from home opportunities you want me to look at or simply need help , just ask me, my help is completely FREE! Have a good one Mike.


It Works! Review – Will It Work To Build Your Bank Account?

It Works! Review – Will It Work To Build Your Bank Account?


It Works! Review

Rating: [yasr_overall_rating size=”medium”]

“Have you seen that crazy wrap thing?”. How can a company with such a simplistic name “It Works” create such a buzz? You may be here today because someone asked you this exact question. It Works is a MLM style company that has launched onto to the direct selling scene by offering a unique line of products. Having created their flagship product, ” It Works” quickly made its way up the ranks to take over the 15th spot on the Direct Selling News Magazines list as one of the most profitable companies in North America.

Do to the excitement behind this MLM offer, I’ve decided to take a look and see if this really is a good business opportunity for someone looking to make some extra cash or even make a great living from participating in “It Works”. Over the last year, It Works has managed to generate over $538 Million in sales, and continues to grow to this day. They are definitely in a great position in their industry.

Within my “It Works review”, I will go into depth on what It Works really is for those of us who are not as familiar with multi-level marketing offers, who runs the show behind the scenes, and what it will cost for you to join It Works today. After joining as a distributor, I’ll let you know what your compensation plan will look like as well as what I loved about It Works, and what I felt could be improved.

What Is It Works, And What Do They Sell?

It Works, as I mentioned above, is a MLM, short for “multi-level marketing company”. It Works generates sales through distributors and people they manage to recruit to sell It Works products as part of their down line or team. The opportunity for you as an “It Works distributor” would be to sell it works products, recruit others to sell It Works products generating sales which would lead to commissions for you and your team.

What is great about participating in a MLM is that you don’t have to worry about the product itself, you don’t have to worry about the shipping, handling, refunds, your job is to simply sell! In addition to selling the product yourself, you can also make money from recruiting other distributors and benefit from their success.

Most Distributors for It Works predominantly promote their product through social media, as well as hosting “wrap parties”, where you can promote and sell the products directly from home. Personally I feel there are better ways to promote It Works. If, create a website to promote It Works you will have access to the massive internet public.

Learn How To Create A Free website To Promote It Works Here!

It Works products are positioned in the nutrition and personal care industry, Here is a list of products you will have access to as a Works distributor:

  • Supplements;
  • Greens;
  • Skin care;
  • Body care ( flagship body wrap);
  • Essential Oils;
  • Weight Management.

It Works claims that each of their products are formulated by leading scientists, researchers, and herbalists, who together are focused on helping hundreds of women (and men) achieve their health and wellness goals.

Who’s Behind It Works?

It Works was created almost 17 years ago by President and CEO Mark Pentecost, who had actually started his career as a high school teacher. Pentecost enjoyed what he did, but knew that his salary was not giving him and his family the life that they wanted and deserved. The thought of having some financial breathing room was a great motivator for mark.

After venturing through a few different direct selling companies, and being actually quite successful, Mark wanted to have his own company. In the early 2000’s, Mark stumbled across the body wrap, and after getting his wife and a few close friends to try it, he began receiving calls from all sorts of people asking, “does it work?”.

Although it was a struggle at first, Mark finally started to realize his dream of financial stability and saw his new business achieve profitability and was in full swing by 2005.

What’s It Going To Cost You To Join It Works?

Unfortunately the cost to Join It Works I discovered is the biggest draw back to participating in this opportunity, there are a number of costs associated with being a Works distributor. One of the costs that stuck out like a sore thumb was the initial start up fee of $99. This $99 payment is a one time payment, however, you also pay an annual fee of $35.

As a distributor with It Works you will be provided with your own website to sell your products from ( This is a standard issue MLM website which has very limited capabilities, not intended for the promotion of It Works products). This site isn’t free, the site will cost you $20 a month which I feel personally is a bit of a rip off, It Works will cover the first month but after that you are on your own. Here’s a It Works standard website which is the same for everyone and has almost no ranking power, in other words it isn’t SEO optimized and has very little chance of being seen on the internet, especially search engines like Google.

This site won’t serve your needs and your paying $20 a month for it!

Get A Fully Functional Website And All The Training You Need To Successfully Promote It Works Products Here!

In order to sell It Works products, and to be able to call yourself a distributor, you must remain ”active”. This is fairly common requirement within MLM companies, and is usually based on the amount of recurring product you have on order. The requirement to remain active with It Works is to have a recurring payment of at least $80 a month. Now this can be done through an order you place, or your team or “group” accumulated volume of Sales, As long as you have a minimum $80 coming through your line.

In total, to join It Works today, you would pay $234 for the first month, and on average, $100 a month until your next annual fee. Pretty pricey in my opinion and a lot of financial pressure if you are new to selling products such as It Works!

The Compensation Plan At It Works?

Most MLM type companies have very similar compensation plans that are based on commission and recruitment thresholds. However, some companies focus more on one than the other.

It Works puts much of their focus on your ability to recruit, and not as much on sales, which seems a little backward, but it is what it is.

In order to recruit and sell, you have to remain an active distributor. This means as stated earlier in my It Works review, you need to maintain a certain level of purchases to remain “commission qualified”. When signing up, if you bought the Business Starter Kit, and are still in your first month you will be eligible to receive commissions.

Going forward, in order to remain active, you have to spend at least $150 in personal bonus volume within a month, or have a $80 bonus volume value on an auto-shipment monthly. This gets easier as you grow your team/ down line and they start contributing to your overall sales.

Besides the regular commissions you receive from building your team and selling products, you’ll also get a bonus product for every 2 loyal customers you enroll within a recurring payment program.

As well, a “Fast Start Bonus” is awarded in the form of $100 for every new distributor you bring onto your team who has:

  • Has purchased a business starter kit;
  • Have enrolled 2 loyal customers;
  • Have generated $150 in purchases.

My Earnings

When you build up your team, you get a commission off their membership because you were the one who brought them on board. You are essentially getting an incentive for future efforts, why? The main support that new recruits/distributors get when they join It Works will be through you the recruiter, you will be expected to offer whatever support your team needs so you are being compensated for your efforts. You as the recruiter will receive a 10% commission on the first 2 levels of recruits. You will also receive 5% commissions on your personal and distributor Sales, If, want to earn commissions further down your “line” or chain of recruits, you must level up.

Here are the ranks you can achieve.

  • Executive
  • Ruby
  • Emerald

It works also offers an over and above ranking system if you successfully achieve the top-level of Emerald.

The “Diamond” ranking allow you to earn commissions as your recruits begin to build their own teams. The people you recruit will begin to build out their down line of recruits, and within the Diamond ranking, you’ll earn a commission on their entire “Generation.

What Kind Of Support Will You Get With It Works?

I mentioned it quickly above, however, as a recruiter it is your responsibility to train and support the people in your down line.

It Works also has a Facebook page that has over 600,000 followers, most of which are distributors themselves, so finding support here would be a good resource for a new distributor.

What People And The BBB Have To Say About It Works

Most of the complaints that I saw were about distributors not being very clear with new customers and potential distributors, enticing customers to join for a quick buck, and then not letting them know about recurring payments. Most customers with complaints to the BBB indicated that distributors were only out for the money, and not concerned with building relationships with customers (which by the way, is the best and only way to earn in this type of company).

It Works is highly saturated with distributors, and so many people trying to get their piece of their Works pie that it’s extremely hard to find people to recruit and purchase from you. Looking at many comments online saturation appears to be one of the biggest reasons distributors fail to find success selling It Works products.

After 16 years in business, It Works is not BBB accredited which seems odd. They have had over 300 complaints within the last 3 years which does seem very high.

The top complaint was about products/services, with 156 complaints.


  • If successful, good compensation plan to earn commissions. Good payouts.
  • Well established company (16 years).
  • It Works is available around the world. 15 different countries.
  • Family business.
  • Have a popular “flagship” product (body wraps) that has been marketed well and looks to be a popular product.


  • Must remain an “active” distributor ($80 recurring payment from you).
  • Mainly targets women (cuts your customer base in half).
  • Website only free for first month (pay $20 after). With it’s limited capabilities I feel this is a waste of money.
  • Annual membership fee and starter fees.
  • Not BBB accredited.
  • Highly saturated with distributors.


Overall, I didn’t give It Works the best of ratings due mostly to their level of support, cost to participate and their requirement to maintain a certain level of sales to stay active in the company. I would like to say that It Works is not a scam, and that there are people out there making money with their company.

Probably the main factor for a low star rating [yasr_overall_rating size=”small”] is the fact that the company is saturated with distributors and combine that with participating in a competitive industry I feel the odds of finding success are stacked against you with this offer, not saying it can’t be done but it will be a hard sell.

Hope you enjoyed my It Works review, Like always please leave me your thoughts or any questions you may have regarding this review, Have a great day Mike.



Isagenix Scam Review

Isagenix Scam Review

Isagenix Scam Review

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Cost: Customer Memberships $0 – $39

Owner: Kim and Kathy Coover/ John Anderson

Establishment: 2002


Opportunities to make money online seem to be popping up everywhere these days, which ones are realistic money making opportunities and which ones are scams, this is really hard to determine unless you know the structure of your intended business will stand the test of time and whether you have the product and support that will lead to your success. 

Within my Isagenix Review I will tale a hard look at how Isagenix operates its day to day business as well as what opportunities there are for you as a Isagenix business representative. 

Let’s take a look at what type of business opportunities Isagenix is offering….

What is Isagenix?

First and foremost, what is Isagenix? It’s an interesting name that without some investigating or prior knowledge you would have zero understanding of what this company and its products are all about. Isagenix is a company that focuses on weight loss and healthy living. They sell multiple products online for:

  • Weight loss;
  • Energy;
  • Performance, and;
  • Healthy Living.

Isagenix is very passionate about ensuring they mention that all of their products are created through science-backed research.

“Ingredient Policy: Healthy, Safe, Transformative”

This statement is within bold letters on their site, and I have no doubt that it is true. They have gone to great lengths to ensure their products are” real products” that support and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

The company sells all of it’s products through associates, who are compensated to sell Isagenix products and build teams. Here’s where your business opportunity lies with Isagenix.

The company isagenix has over 200,000 associates working for them that on average are accumulating about $330 million a year for the company. As you can see, Isagenix is most definitely a network marketing style company also referred to as a MLM.

Isagenix was originally created for US citizens, but has since expanded and now offered internationally.

There are a couple ways you can earn with Isagenix, one being the associate who sells Isagenix products to their customer base, or you can create a downline of “recruits” (even though Iseganix never refers to the downline as recruits) who will then also sell products. They encourage everyone to start as customers and work their way up. They have a point in mentioning that it’s hard to sell a product you’ve never tried before.

So far, .45% of business builders have managed to achieve “Isagenix Millionaire” status, averaging 6 years with the company.

This looks like a low number and it is but the whole MLM industry as a whole only has a 1% success rate where people make any money participating in MLM’s. You heard me right, that leaves a staggering (99% failure rate). I am to be honest a little bewildered at this poor number, many MLM offers such as Isagenix have a very appealing product line, but where they fall short like many other MLM’s is the lack of training when it comes to promoting their products online.

You “Won’t” find success with any MLM if you don’t know how to promote your products to the hungry internet public, doesn’t matter how good the product is.

My advice is, get yourself some affiliate marketing training before you start forking out money to promote Isagenix and your chances of hitting that top 1% will have increased 100%.Simply put, affiliate marketing is the art of promoting products online. You can apply affiliate marketing techniques to any product and bring thousands of potential customers right to your products doorstep.

What’s The Cost To Join Isagenix?

It doesn’t cost you anything to be a Isagenix Associate, however, you’d have to find another Isagenix Consultant to bring you onto their team. As I mentioned above, Isagenix does encourage you to start as a customer first and use their product. You can choose to become a member for free, and get a 10% discount on products. You can also choose to pay to be a member and get even more discounts on products purchased by paying an annual fee. Preferred Customers ($29 – $39) get 25% off plus some other features:



Is The Compensation Plan At Isagenix Any Good?

Read any review online about Isagenix, and they will talk endlessly about how frustrating the compensation plan is. Isagenix has some good products, with a compensation plan that will pay out well. However, it is confusing as ever, and there are a lot of different aspects to it. Again, if you know what you’re doing and can sell products, especially online, you’ll do great through the compensation plan because there’s several different ways of making money as an Associate or higher.

You can earn commissions With Isagenix by:

  • Selling products at a discounted prices and resell in person;
  • Associates can direct customers to purchase from their own site ( made by Isagenix for this purpose);
  • Share product purchases with new customers and make extra commissions;
  • Get your team of Associates to a certain selling point (you make a bonus);
  • Generate more sales and receive many over and above incentives and bonuses.

The more people you bring onto your team,  the more your team recruits, the higher you rank within the company goes. Each time you get promoted, you earn a “salary” bonus. The ranking and bonuses are as follows:

  • Associate;
  • Consultant ($50 bonus);
  • Manager ($200 bonus);
  • Director ($600 bonus);
  • Executive ($1000 bonus).

There are even more incentives if you get promoted within a certain time period!! If you reach Manager status within 30 days of becoming a member, you get an extra $250 on top of your bonus. If you achieve Director’s status within 90 days you receive $750 in incentives, and if you reach Executive status within 6 months you get an extra $1000 added to your bonus! Obviously, the more successful your team, the more successful you’ll be. To top it off, for every Associate you bring onto your team, you’ll get $100 for each recruit.

Like I said, lots of money to be made if you know how to promote Isagenix online where the masses are.

What I like About Isagenix

I’ll be honest, Isagenix put a lot of money and time into their website. It is very easy to navigate and very well done in regards to looking for information or viewing and purchasing products. They are very informative and transparent with their information. There are a few other things I like about the company as well.

When you become an Associate, Isagenix will create your very own website to sell products off of. This is the typical limited function website that MLM’s offer that really only serves as a sales transaction venue, not as a tool to attract potential online customers. 

You need to understand this site will have no ranking power and won’t be easily found on the internet, more of a site that you refer offline customers to.

When you get paid by Isagenix, you’ll actually receive your own Isagenix branded type of “paypal” account. They will deposit your compensation payments directly into this account and you can decide where to put the money after that. Whether it be to a credit card or bank account, you’ll have full control of what happens to your money beyond that point.

You get paid out every Monday of every week that you qualify for commissions.

Isagenix has a nice track record and have established themselves as a business.

What I don’t Like About Isagenix

You need to be good at recruitment to make any significant income with Isagenix. You need the cumulative effect of sales from your downline, it’s very unlikely that just hard work on your part will create a significant income from selling Isagenix products.

I  personally know a few Isagenix consultants one of which is in Vegas right now at the Isagenix conference. My friend makes some spending cash selling to friends and sets up at the odd local home show and does a little Facebook stuff,  but I wish I could just get her to realize that if she promoted Isagenix online using a few proven techniques,  she could potentially create an amazing lifestyle for herself and family.

Here are a few other details that I saw as minor negatives:

Compensation plan is confusing and has lots of moving parts. Took a couple read overs to fully understand and comprehend the information as it has many Isagenix slang words. (There is a “glossary” at the end of the plan package)

 Although I do feel Isagenix products are good value and have quite a bit of consumer appeal, they are positioned in a very competitive industry which can make it a hard sell if you don’t know how to market their products.

Have to become a member to purchase anything. They want to track your purchases and try and encourage you to become an Associate.

 Is Isagenix A Good Business Opportunity?

Taking everything into consideration I do believe Isagenix offers a legitimate business opportunity, they offer real products that seem to be very popular.  When you look at what the Better Business Bureau’s site, you’ll see that they have Insagenix with an A+ rating, which is great. All 37 complaints filed against Isagenix have been responded to and rectified, so by no means is Isagenix trying to scam , they stand behind their products.  

I feel with the right training before hand you could do really well selling Isagenix if you you know how to reach a broad market and which includes the online market.

I welcome any feedback or questions you may have regarding my Isagenix as a business opportunity review. Need any help getting people to your product, I offer free help! Have a great day Mike.







Nu Skin Distributor Review

Nu Skin Distributor Review

Rating:[yasr_overall_rating size=”medium”]

Cost: Free to join – suggested introductory packs but not required

Founder: Sandra Tillotson & Blake Roney

Establishment: 1984


I would be surprised if you haven’t heard of the company Nu Skin by now. An anti aging company that has been around for 33 years, which competes in a billion dollar industry is usually a company that people have heard about, or are actually involved in. If you haven’t, that’s okay! By the end of this Nu Skin review, you should have a well-rounded understanding of what Nu Skin is, and whether it can offer you the business opportunity you have been looking for.

Nu Skin started as an anti aging company, and quickly expanded its product line to cover a wide range of health care and personal care products. In the next 5 years the health and beauty industry is expected to show growth of roughly 7.5%.

In this Nu Skin review, I will give you a run down on the various Nu Skin products, the cost to get started with Nu Skin if you are looking at them as a business opportunity, as well as what the Nu Skin compensation plan looks like. In addition, I’ve looked into some tools and support offered by Nu Skin, which I’ll quickly touch on. I will also talk about some customer and distributor experiences, what I liked about Nu Skin, and what I felt could be better. Like all my reviews I welcome any feedback or questions you may have, enjoy the read, Mike.

Let’s take a look at what is involved in being a Nu Skin distributor…

What Is Nu Skin?

As I mentioned above, Nu Skin was originally an anti-aging product company, but quickly grew to cover many other personal care and wellness lines. Having started back in 1984, Nu Skin quickly expanded to become one of the largest direct selling company’s in their industry, with products being sold throughout the America’s, Europe and Asia Pacific countries.

Nu Skin was founded within Provo, Utah, US and started its legacy by committing itself to creating more income for sales leaders than any other direct selling company.

Being a networking/ multi-level marketing type company, Nu Skin is reliant on individual distributors to promote and sell its line of anti-aging and personal care products.

What Products Does Nu Skin Sell?

Honestly, Nu Skin has one of the largest inventories, and broadest selection of wellness and personal care products I have seen so far within a MLM company.

Some of these products include:

  • Essential Oils;
  • Anti-Aging;
  • Small spa equipment;
  • Skin treatments;
  • Moisturizers;
  • Men Care;
  • Acne reducers;
  • Peels, Masks, Scrubs;
  • Oral care;
  • Weight Management;
  • Hair care;
  • Sun protection;
  • Cosmetics;
  • Supplements;
  • Multiple mixed packs and introductory packs.

Nu Skin offers a distributor the advantage of mass appeal with its vast variety of products available to their distributors.

Cost And How To Get Started With Nu Skin

Following suit with their extensive product line, the forms to fill out in order to become a distributor are equally thorough.

Nu Skin’s distributor sign up requires more information than the government when doing your taxes. Although, this could simply mean that Nu Skin, after 33 years, knows their stuff and simply wants to cover every possible scenario that may arise. What I mean by this is, Nu Skin requires information within the sign up such as your Social Insurance Number, Phone numbers, Addresses, and any other names that may be involved within your Distributor accounts.

The great thing about Nu Skin is that you’re not required to purchase any kind of recurring introductory packages or have any minimum purchases in order to purchase at whole sale and sell at retail for commissions. Most MLM companies require a minimum purchase in order to be eligible for sales commissions.

Another great thing about starting a career as a Nu Skin distributor is it is free to join.

They did for a while have a business portfolio for an additional $25 fee, however, it looks like they have discontinued this to recreate and re-launch a new one soon. The business portfolio would include the essentials to get you started as a new distributor, including brochures, some sample products, and some additional marketing materials.

You’re also encourages, but not required, to purchase an introductory pack which can include packs of the most popular products, a pack of sample products from a specific line, or a mix of randoms for you to get started with.

Part of being a distributor with Nu Skin, is the expectation (or hope) that you will have the opportunity to recruit and promote other distributors as part of your team. Recruiting is the way to make the most out of any MLM, this will unlock the full potential of any MLM including Nu Skin and qualify you to earn commissions on their sales when they hit a various levels of achievement. Unfortunately, you cannot do this by simply being a distributor. You must have a minimum recurring purchase of $200 as well as at least 5 loyal customers a month to earn commissions on your teams sales rather than just your own sales.

Before building your team, I suggest you establish yourself as a strong distributor in order to meet the criteria or else you’re spending valuable time on something that isn’t beneficial for you.

Nu Skin Compensation Plan

Nu Skin has made it very easy for you to comprehend and benefit from their compensation plan. Nu Skin has put in place 4 simple steps that allow for some generous commissions on both products and your team down line.

Step One

After enrolling as a distributor, enjoy purchasing products at wholesale pricing.

In order to sell products, you have to build yourself a customer base. How you do this relies on how well and confident of a sales person you are. You can sell through social media platforms by contacting friends and family and showing them the benefits of the products, or by hosting selling party’s within your own home or event centers. To be truly successful I feel you need to have experience marketing online to reach the masses when you run out of family and friends.

You can earn up to 25% on customer purchases, which is a decent amount of commissions.

Step Two

Share your success.

Encourage your happy customers, friends, family, and acquaintances to join as distributors within your team. There is no personal purchase requirements to be a distributor, just the annual fee. It is extremely easy to join and earn up to 25% off of sales commissions. This is where you would begin to build your team.

In order to start earning commissions off of your first level team of distributors, you must have a total monthly purchase of $200. At that point you can earn up to 5% on your teams sales. As your team grows this becomes great, as you won’t have to focus as much on your sales, as you should focus on growing and support your team sales.

Step Three

Build your team/customers.

Continue to build your monthly sales and team sales to move up in rankings. You move from distributor to Executive, and once you’ve reached the third level of Executive, you’ll be eligible for Executive bonuses. In order to receive Executive bonuses, you should be maintaining $2000 as a group sales volume within your team. This will make you eligible to receive up to 15% on your entire down line. For most MLM companies, this is huge! Although, it is an uphill battle getting to that spot.

Step Four

Continue to build and maintain your teams success.

Maintain $3000 + within your total Group Volume Sales to maximize your earnings. As your team grows, so does your title as an Executive. You go through Gold, Lapis, Ruby, Emerald, Diamond, and Blue Diamond.

Success Trips

Between the Ruby and Blue Diamond levels, you are eligible to win a free trip! Within these levels you’ll accumulate success points that will decide yearly whether you qualify or not depending on the amount of group sales you have.

Support And Tools Offered Through Nu Skin

Nu Skin offers a fair amount of support options, unlike most MLM’s Nu Skin doesn’t make you rely solely on the help you receive from your sponsor alone.

There are multiple phone numbers to call for help with topics such as sales issues, shipping, sign up, tech support, product support, billing issues, as well as distributor support. Each phone number comes with a separate email if you prefer to use that option over calling.

Nu Skin also encourages you contact them via Facebook messaging, or their online live chat is available Monday – Friday 7 am to 10pm.

Other than the above resources, your sponsor is supposed to be available to offer support when needed.


As a distributor, you’ll have access to the “Me commerce” platform that allows for:

  • managing ALL social media interactions;
  • access to marketing content;
  • ability to send personalized offers to your customers;
  • in-depth analytics

Any over and above marketing materials such as brochures and/or catalogs will be at the distributors expense.

What Customers And Distributors Are Saying

I did read disproportionate amount of customer comments that claimed they had bought a Nu Skin product that was offered on a “Free” trial for 14 days plus shipping and handling. Customers were complaining that they weren’t notified that the “free” part was only for 14 days, and after that 14 day period expired they were unaware that they had been charged the full fee. After looking into it more, it appears that there was a knock off brand called “Skin Nu” that was scamming people, not Nu Skin.

Overall, many people had great things to say about the effectiveness of the products. A lot of distributors pulled out of being a distributor but continued purchasing the products because the products were that good. The reason for them pulling out in the first place? It’s difficult to make a living wage with MLM companies unless you’re an experienced sales person and have a background selling products online. This is not just a Nu Skin Issue it’s a regular complaint I hear with many MLM offers.

Nu Skin is BBB accredited, with an A+ rating and has been a member since 1986.

What I Like About Nu Skin

  • 100% money back guaranteed;
  • No monthly purchase requirement to be a distributor and sell commission based products;
  • Decent commissions on both products and down line;
  • Long standing company – BBB accredited with A+ since 1986;
  • Good, reliable products;
  • HUGE product list – allows for large demographic to sell to.

What I felt Could Be Better With Nu Skin

  • Products very expensive;
  • Large purchase requirements to earn commission off your down line;
  • Many marketing tools come with additional cost;
  • Not transparent with disclosing how much people really make.


As for a direct selling company, Nu Skin is one of the better ones. I rated Nu Skin a 3/5 based on the healthy commission percentages, the long-standing reputation of the company, and the quality products they carry.

Unfortunately I couldn’t rate this company higher based on the fact that I wouldn’t suggest direct selling/ Network marketing companies to just anyone. Not everyone can be successful within MLM companies, unless they have sales experience, are outgoing, extremely self-motivated, and have internet marketing training under their belt.

If you join as a Nu Skin distributor, you have the perks of a large inventory line, high commission rates, and a well-known and long-standing company to help boost your potential as a distributor.