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Affiliate Marketing Mastery ( My 2019 Critique)

Affiliate Marketing Mastery ( My 2019 Critique)

Finding success as an Affiliate Marketer can be tough nut to crack. Finding the right affiliate marketing training can be even more of a challenge given the vast inventory of affiliate marketing training options. Courses like Affiliate Marketing Mastery by Stephan Pylarinos populate the affiliate marketing training landscape like Iguanas do on the Galapagos Islands, it’s hard to know what program will suit your budget, learning preferences, time restraints and still produce the results you expect out of your affiliate marketing training program.

I hope you find all the answers to your questions on Stephan’s course in my 2019 critique of Affiliate Marketing Mastery. If I missed anything you can ask me any questions or leave a comment on this review at the bottom of this page.

Topics I will cover, but not limited to, in this Affiliate Marketing Mastery critique are…

  • Who Is Stephan Pylarinos?
  • What Is Affiliate Marketing Mastery?
  • Is Affiliate Marketing Mastery a credible program?
  • What is covered in the Affiliate Marketing Mastery course?
  • What does the cost to value look like for this course?
  • Is Affiliate Marketing Mastery course content still relevant?
  • Is Affiliate Marketing mastery suited for beginners?

The Face Of Affiliate Marketing Mastery

Stephan Pylarinos is a pretty credible guy who has a few products such as K Money Mastery and Life mastery accelerator. Stephan also has a few product successful launches to his name. On his Affiliate Marketing Mastery site, Stephan highlights how he worked on a launch for one of Tony Robbins products and knocked it out of the park. There’s no denying that Stephan knows his stuff when it comes to affiliate marketing, he’s a pretty successful affiliate marketer. Will that success translate into providing a good training option for you, lets find out!

What Is Affiliate Marketing Mastery?

Affiliate Marketing Mastery opened it’s doors in 2016. The only way you can get into the program now is through your participation in one of Stephans webinars. Affiliate Marketing Mastery focuses on all aspects of affiliate marketing starting with building the right work ethic to making your first affiliate sale.

What Kind Of Training Does Affiliate Marketing Mastery Offer?

Affiliate Marketing Mastery offers some really good training that includes training in the following areas…

This is a youtube video that Stephan created explaining what affiliate marketing is. This is a great way to get people to join one of his free webinars that lead you to his Affiliate marketing Mastery course. This is a great live example of how Youtube can work for you in your affiliate promotions.

All these topics and more (70+) are delivered via video format. Video format training can be a good training vehicle for many but it can be a slower vehicle for training. I personally like a combination of text and video instructional training options. I find this the most efficient method of training. The jury is out on which is the easiest to update when it comes to keeping your training platform as current as possible. Current training is of the utmost importance given the ever-changing landscape that affiliate marketing experiences every time a social platform or search engine such as google make updates.

Is Affiliate Marketing Mastery A Credible offer?

I don’t think theres any denying that fact that Stephans Affiliate marketing course is credible. The program does offer much of what you would need to learn affiliate marketing the right way. The program focuses on using proven affiliate marketing disciplines that do work, I use these same techniques to run my “profitable” affiliate marketing business. Given the fact that this offer was launched in 2016 which is like dog years when looking at  the changes that social media platforms and search engines have made in that time I would say that most of the training appears to have kept pace with the fast moving environment of the internet.

Is Affiliate Marketing Mastery Well Suited For Beginners?

I would say by looking at the course content and method of delivery and flow of the course that this product is well suited for beginners. I would say that I only have two legitimate reservations with the Affiliate Marketing Mastery course, one of which is the cost and the effects that this would have on newcomers to affiliate marketing which I will get into as I cover the next topic and the other the support mechanism.

Support in any online training program is the most critical aspect to finding success with your chosen platform for learning. I will be honest I am not a fan of facebook groups as a support mechanism. Over the years I have tested many Facebook groups to see how they compare to forum or community based support options, none to date have lived up to my expectations. This was mostly due to the lack of membership. Activity is great but shear numbers make all the difference to how fast and thorough the answers you get will be.

When I first started my training in affiliate marketing I needed support that was there when I needed it. I worked full time and needed support when I was working on my affiliate marketing training program that was there when I was there, I didn’t have time to come back looking for answers, I needed answers on the spot.

The Facebook group in this case really isn’t that large but they are fairly active which is good. You do get some support from administration which you should expect from a course charging close to $2,000. I would give this support model a “B” rating, there are better models of support out there that offer live chat options for example where you can get timely answers to your questions. There are also support options where members are given incentives to help other members which really speeds up the response time to questions.

Facebook group support is the cheapest support option that any company can provide, other than no support at all. For the price, I would have liked to have seen a few more support options available such as live chat for people who are on a strict time line and need responsive support.

The Question You’ve Been Waiting For, Is There Value In This Offer?

To be quite honest I don’t think there is any affiliate marketing training option that is worth close to $2,000 bucks in my opinion. I think that the creator of Affiliate Marketing Mastery is a credible guy. I think he is a talented affiliate marketer. I think his course is well put together, but the price is too high in my opinion for what you get, there I said it!

Look at what you don’t get!

To practice what Affiliate Marketing Mastery teaches you will need the following tools ad services that aren’t supplied…

Keyword tool: A keyword tool is necessary to write the content that is required in the Affiliate Marketing Mastery training. You shouldn’t write any content unless you first go through the process of doing some keyword research. A few keyword tool providers to look at…

Website Hosting: You will need to get hosting for your website that you will be building as part of your training in Affiliate Marketing Mastery. The cost for hosting varies. Usually hosting providers give you a deal the first year but sock it to you in the second year. A few hosting platforms that you might want to consider are…

  • Bluehost
  • GoDaddy
  • HostGator
  • SiteGround
  • Wealthy Affiliate

Autoresponder: You will need the use of an autoresponder service if you are going to take advantage of the email marketing component of this course.

Costs may vary on the above services and tools, it really depends on what packages and functions you want your services and tools to provide. You should expect that your additional monthly costs would be in the $75-$100 range, depending on what packages you decide on. This adds considerably to your overall cost for this training offer.

My Final Thoughts

I like the training option that Stephan Pylarinos has dished up with Affiliate Marketing Mastery, its first class in many ways. I like the fact that the program isn’t fraught with up selling offers. The program is a pure training offer that doesn’t look to get into your pockets at every turn. The training offered is relevant to affiliate marketing in this day and age.

On the other end of the spectrum I have some reservations. I struggle with the price point that Stephan has put on Affiliate Marketing Mastery. I have work with a lot of new people to affiliate marketing over the years and I feel that putting yourself under financial pressure with the high training cost with tools and services extra is in my opinion a death blow for many new affiliate marketers.

Months go by quite quickly when you are first building your affiliate business. Before you know it you are a year into the building of your business where the costs can really get high if you haven’t started to make any significant income yet. From my experience you should count on a year before your affiliate business gets any traction. It takes time to build a presence online and generate traffic to your affiliate offers.

The training that is offered in this program is good, but can you withstand the financial pressure? Could you handle at least another $1,000 added to the cost of the course for your tools and services. There are some really good affiliate marketing training platforms that offer everything under the same roof for a fraction of the cost, something you should at least look at before you saddle yourself with higher training costs. The program I used to get my affiliate marketing training offered an annual membership ($29 month that gave me everything) I needed under one roof, current training, great forum support, live chat, keyword tool, everything except an autoresponder which you can find for free (up to 2500 subscribers) if you are just starting out.






Elite Marketing Pro- An Honest Review

Elite Marketing Pro- An Honest Review

I am doing a quick review of an Internet Marketing training program called “Elite Marketing Pro”. This is an Elite Marketing Pro review with a twist from a someone who actually signed up. I am Not going to push elite Marketing pro on you, wow that’s a novel idea Mike. Take the info I provide here and you make your own decision whether to participate or not, enjoy the read, cheers Mike.

In this review I will touch on topics such as….

  • What Is Elite Marketing Pro
  • What kind of Tools and services do you get with an Elite Marketing Pro membership?
  • Who will benefit from an Elite Marketing Pro membership?
  • What does Elite Marketing Pro cost?

I mentioned just a few of many topics that I will touch on in this review. I know that this Elite Marketing pro review will help you get the information you need to make an informed decision.

General Over View Of Elite Marketing Pro

Elite Marketing Pro offers 3 different membership levels

membership $47 (  $27 with a bonus) – This standard option gives basic access and training, definitely has it’s limitations, here’s what you have access to with this membership option

  • 177 page ebook on attraction marketing
  • How to attract and recruit people into your Network Marketing business without picking up the phone.
  • How to use the internet to put an end to rejection and frustration, and sponsor people with ease.
  • How to use email to automatically grow my prospect list, build relationships, and fatten your bank account… all in one fell swoop.
  • The BEST way to filter out tire kickers and lookie-loo’s and get serious people to look at and join your business.
  • How to add brand new streams of income to my existing Network Marketing business… even from people who don’t join you.

To be honest what you will find with a standard membership option is pretty frustrating for the user.  You are shown all the products that are available in EMP, most of which you can’t access under a standard EMP membership. You will also find that you are constantly pitched higher priced packages, its like a pop up nightmare you experience over and over. I personally felt the private coaching calls that you were asked to sign up for were more like sales calls than a training call!

You get very little under the “standard membership” other than the 177 page guide on the basics of attracting customers to your offer and EMP. Can’t give you any pictures of the training because they state you will get a call from a lawyer if you share the content lol.

  Annual membership $297-This membership offer gives you a lot more access. The annual membership will give you access to all the insider membership level training and tools available under this level.

  • Truth about Facebook advertising
  • How to use Facebook groups to recruit
  • How to republish content from EMP
  • Consultation mastery
  • Turning Facebook traffic into profits
  • Automated sales blue print
  • Perfect content marketing strategy
  • Power prospecting
  • How to create a social media plan
  • Personal website hosted with EMP
  • Lead generation builder

There’s quite a bit more to this annual membership, you can go in and look if you want under the $27 Attraction Marketing offer. Have a good look around, but keep in mind, you will face multiple up sells. Don’t bite, take your time, if you want,  come back and ask me my opinion on the packages and how they may help you or milk you, I am here to answer any questions!

Note – You will be asked to join a free 10 day bootcamp to get that $27 price for the Attraction marketing course/guide. The 10 day bootcamp I felt was a waste of time. Once again it seems more like an up selling opportunity for EMP,  but each to their own.

VIP Membership $2997 and $97 a month-This is the membership that offers the most training and in my opinion probably the most meat of all the memberships. Here’s some of  what you find inside this offer….

  • Attraction marketing formula
  • Ultimate sales funnel
  • Copywriters guild
  • Blog Academy access
  • Information blueprint
  • 90 minute profit machine
  • Video sales letter workshop
  • Branded traffic formula
  • Email profit machine
  • Authority Blog checklist
  • Ultimate List building system
  • Ultimate sales conversion system
  • Lead Thief
  • Youtube Traffic blueprint
  • Youtube Traffic Code
  • Social Media Traffic Machine
  • 10-minute Traffic Machine
  • Elite Marketing Pro Insider
  • Whats Working Now Vault

As you can see there is quite a bit of training. This package also gives you a great opportunity to make some nice commissions.

I will be straight up with you, I am an affiliate marketer, that’s why I joined Elite Marketing Pro, not so much for the training, but to make some commissions from EMP, might as well give your money to me lol. There’s a lot to this top tier package but in  my opinion it offers a lot of filler and training I feel you don’t need to drive traffic to a product or generate income online. The platform I use costs me roughly a dollar a day to run my online business that generates thousands in income, not a bad investment wouldn’t you say. With the business building platform I belong to up sells are a strictly prohibited and everything you need to generate traffic and income are supplied, no extras are needed! There are only two levels FREE and PREMIUM which is that $1 a day thing I mentioned earlier.

In all seriousness, if you are joining EMP to get the tools and experience to promote your own product, in my opinion there are less expensive offers out there. One thing you also need to consider is your time. There is a lot of filler in the training, hoops and levels to jump through. Do you have that type of time? Something you really need to consider.

If you are joining with the thought of buying the different memberships so you can make some good commissions like me, then I feel it might be a good idea to you get some  affiliate marketing training first, it will save you a lot of time any money.

Would I Use EMP Training?

Elite Marketing Pro has some decent training and to perfectly honest I have used some of the techniques it offers in it’s training. I have much of the training that EMP offers already under my belt from other less expensive training platforms. I did find quite a few good tidbits in the social marketing segments of the training.

Marketing online, whether it is on Facebook, twitter or Google changes like the wind. Social platforms are under pressure from governments and are constantly changing their rules for advertising or promoting offers on their platform. It’s best to get the basic training and then pick up current specialized training as the rules for promoting change. If you belong to a platform like I do, you will be aware of these changes and where to get the appropriate training. If you think you will get the most current training through a platform that has core training modules you are mistaken.

I was lucky, I got my start with some low cost basic training and slowly over time sourced out current free training in areas that were evolving quickly like social media promotions.  I found this to be the most cost effective and efficient way to learn how to drive traffic to products.

What you need to be careful of is putting all your eggs in one basket. If you focus strictly on Facebook strategies you may end up with nothing in the end. Facebook is facing a lot of heat lately from American law makers and I have talked to quite a few people who are saying its really easy to get your account suspended these days by making a few missteps promoting products on Facebook using outdated techniques, something to keep in the back of your head.

I have affiliate marketing training, which in my opinion is better overall, you touch on all the components of attraction marketing, plus you concentrate a lot on content marketing which has a long shelf life as far as traffic generation goes. You drive more and more traffic to your offer as your affiliate marketing training progresses and your experience grows. Every day you are putting more techniques into your tool box, so to speak. Affiliate marketing training allows you to earn as you learn and is less of the face to face promotion you find with attraction marketing techniques. Personally the thought of doing live Facebook groups and putting on a show for friends and acquaintances just isn’t worth the humiliation it brings. Oh god, what’s she or he pushing today, do they need money that bad? I like promoting to the world, not relying on convincing friends to spread the word.

You could get into affiliate marketing for example and promote any product very quickly. EMP or any network marketing product, really any product you want to promote can be effectively promoted using affiliate marketing techniques. There are high quality platforms that cost as little as $29 a month and are absolutely free to look around before you grab for your wallet. You get everything you need to start promoting and “no up sells”. You can have a website up and traffic rolling to your offer in a few months if you work at it.

Do the math on the top level EMP package that will cost you close to $3,000 plus $97 a month to join. Take that $3,000 for the top EMP membership and divide that number by $300, which is the cost for your average affiliate marketing business building platform  per year on average. You could get 10 years of building a lucrative affiliate marketing business or use your training to drive traffic to your own product or business, you only need a one year membership to build traffic that you can send to an existing business or one you affiliate yourself with to earn commissions. It’s really a no brainer when you look at it that way!

Where Does Elite Marketing Pro Rank for Value 

The price point for the Elite Marketing Pro VIP membership that offers the real meat and opportunity in this program in my opinion is very high. The notion that you need to pay high monthly fees as well as an up front fee seems quite extreme to me. Like I mentioned earlier, I pay roughly a $1 a day to make thousands a month in affiliate commissions, heck I might make a commission off you buying into Elite Marketing Pro today!

Anyone can do affiliate marketing, all you do is direct traffic to merchants products like EMP using a website. If you are into network marketing or have your own product, direct that traffic to your offer.

Affiliate marketing, Attraction Marketing, potato, potatoe, tomatoe, tomato, both the same where I come from.

Are you blessed with an abundance of time?

I don’t know about you, but I don’t have extra time to piss away. I made the mistake of doing the old ruler test to see where I was at in longevity, it’s an understatement today it really freaked me lol.

There is a ton of info and hoops you need to jump through inside Elite Marketing Pro, this takes a lot of time and possibly money on your part. Don’t take my word for it, have a look!

As a product promoter I could easily make EMP sound really good and take my money and run, but I do have a little guy on one shoulder with wings and another on the other shoulder with a pitch fork, as I get older the guy with wings usually gets my ear. So, here’s your choice, buy into EMP if you want through me or check out less expensive options here!

A Little More About Affiliate marketing?

There are hundreds of thousands of online merchants desperate for affiliates (people like me and maybe you, to promote their products). These online merchants are willing to pay great commissions for your services, You shouldn’t be paying for the right to promote products, the fact is people are scrambling to pay you! Yes, I did pay in this case, people are searching for Elite Marketing Pro and I saw an opportunity as an affiliate marketer to make some money if people want to buy after they have all the info.

As an affiliate marketer I could promote any MLM/Network marketing offer with success. I promote products because I can make more money, plain and simple! I would go through the same process to market my own product if I were in a network marketing opportunity.

All you need is a website and the knowledge on how to drive traffic to your product using a website. Throw in the tools which I might add are very minimal. I use a handful of tools to make some good income online, and most of the tools I use you can find free online.

My Advice To You

Elite Marketing Pro is a credible program that has stood the test of time so I do need to give it credit where credit is due.


It makes no sense to me to pay $47 and get access to very little of value. It really blows my mind that people would pay upwards of $3000 and $97 a month to get traffic or make an online income.

Have any questions or comments leave them below, look forward to chatting, good luck Mike.

Lead Lightning Review

Lead Lightning Review

I am going give you my thoughts on Lead Lightning a program developed by Neil Guess. I will give you my unbiased opinion on whether this product is worth the advertised price of $7 one time fee, enjoy my Lead Lightning Review. 

I do want to mention I actually purchased Lead Lightning and gave it a try,  so I know what I am talking about in this Lead Lightning review, you can count on an accurate and honest review.

Any questions or comments please leave them below and I will get right back to you.

What is Lead Lightning?

Lead Lightning sells an automated lead capturing system designed to generate automated leads for your product or to make commissions promoting Lead Lightning. If you have heard the term leads, this is another word for traffic, traffic that Lead Lightnings Marketing funnel will hopefully convert for you. There are a multitude of lead generating programs selling their wares to prospective buyers, Lead Lightning is one of the cheapest offers I have seen to date.  Lead Lightning has been around for quite a few years now so it does have a proven track record and obviously its longevity speaks to its ability to attract new members, but will their success work for you . Here’s what your first decision looks like when you enter Lead Lightning doors….

As you can see from the screen shot you have two choices, promote Lead Lightning or Lead Lightning and your product.

If you choose the link to promote Lead Lightning and your own product you will enter your website address  (URL) to your offer. This will add your offer to the banners and campaigns you run inside Lead Lightning. For example, if I wanted to promote this website I would enter https:/ and it would be built into any Lead Lightning promotions. The problem that I have found so far is that, all the advertising is based on Lead Lightning, not your product. You only get a small “visit site here” blurb in the advertising, this is great if your promoting Lead Lightning, but obviously not that great if you are using Lead Lightning to promote your own product.

Who Really Benefits From Joining Lead Lightning?

– People Wanting To Make Money Selling Lead Lightning

Anyone who has basic Affiliate Marketing training under their belt could make a few bucks promoting Lead Lightning, not a lot, but a little. The key with this program is to get people to lead Lightning and then let their marketing funnel do the rest. They have a pretty decent funnel in place that pitches up sells that you could make more than your $7 per head if you know how to get people to Lead Lightning. I feel  you will be disappointed if you think you will get the training inside Lead Lightning that will allow you to generate the traffic you need. It takes a lot of traffic to make money with a $7 offer. Over the years I have promoted a multitude of low entry fee programs, sending a lot of traffic to these products with little to show for my efforts. Even with my experience, trying to make money from a low entry fee product is a tough go unless you can get people to go for the higher priced packages which you also have to buy into to get the higher commissions.

– If You Have Your Own Product

Lead Lightning is pitched as a program to generate leads for any product, people who want to find prospective buyers for their products or services, to be honest your product will come second to the promotion of Lead Lightning. You will notice this once you start to stumble around inside the program and see that all the prompts are pushing you towards upgrading.

Lead Lightning is a sales funnel all on its own,  you will get an idea how it all works by just following the prompts inside the Lead Lightning offer. When you enter Lead Lightning you are funnelled through steps that hit you with offers right off the get go. You are given choices which entail making greater commissions promoting Lead Lightning. Its pretty tempting to want to upgrade so that you qualify for the higher commission, especially if it’s off a $497 sale.

My advice here is don’t bite!

You’re going to be enticed to buy into these higher commission packages but I suggest if you are thinking of joining Lead Lightning, try and make as many $7 sales as you can before you dig into your pockets for more money, see how much traffic you can generate using the Lead Lightning training, I think you will find that you generate very little traffic using their traffic generation techniques.

If you are buying in under the $7 membership to promote your own offer, it’s not worth it in my opinion. If you buy the upgrades, then do it for the right reason, to make commissions off of Lead Lightning. In my opinion they’re only good for reselling purposes, I don’t see the value in the upgrades for promoting your own product, you don’t need all the time wasting initiatives that will in my opinion not produce the results you are looking for.

I will be straight up with you, I feel you’re going to lose your shirt if you go in and buy into the higher packages without basic skills in online product promotion.

I am not trying to sway you one way or another. Have a look at Lead Lightning and you will see what I am talking about.

  Here’s What Your $7 Membership In Lead Lightning Gets You

I am a pretty critical reviewer and I can say that for $7 there’s quite a list of services, not much in the line of tools, a traffic generation tool for online use and a traffic generation tool for offline use that I do have some reservations about their effectiveness, that’s about it.

Lead Lightning offers a few services, some of the stuff is just filler in my opinion, but a few services none the less. Here is a quick overview of services under the $7 buy in.

You get access to a variety of links and banners that you can use in your ad campaigns and on social media platforms. Here’s one that has my affiliate link embedded in it.You can post a banner like this on your website, social platforms or any place that they will allow it. Facebook is getting pretty sticky on this type of stuff, so you will be looking at using paid advertising that opens up another can of worms.

Clicking on the image below would take you into Lead Lightning under me where I could help you get the most out of Lead Lightning rather than Lead Lightning getting the most out of you!

Lead Management: if you click on the leads tab you will see everything that is available to you under manage your contacts. You have the ability to send up to 30,000 emails with this system as well as the following…

Training: under the training tab you are directed to The Power Lead System which is free, but you will need to create another user name and password to access the training. I found the training decent but a little outdated. One thing that stuck out right away was that they mentioned G+ in the training which isn’t available anymore. They also mentioned a few traffic generation techniques using facebook that could get your Facebook account suspended under Facebooks new rules. Here’s is what the training area looks like. All the headings have drop downs that offer a few sub headings and even more options.

You will find a lot on Youtube marketing in the training area (10 modules), Facebook marketing, little bit on email marketing and lots of phycological babble or filler on motivating your team.

You get some training on buying “paid advertising”. In my opinion this is a “dangerous area” to venture into unless you really know who your audience is and how to target them. Basically you really should good understanding on how paid traffic works which I feel isn’t adequately explained in the current training.

In the training Lead Lightning routinely uses terminology such as keyword phrases, Keywords, buying cycles, paid traffic, email swipes, short codes, embedded links, domains and sub domains, and lots of affiliate marketing specific terminology that I feel is great if you already have some basic Affiliate Marketing training.

Lead Lightning Compensation Plan

Here is a look at what commissions look like with the various memberships.

Starter membership: This is the $7 membership that got you through the door, you will receive $6 for anyone that signs up under you.

Silver Membership: This is a $29.97 monthly membership that will earn you commissions of $15 a month for any recruit that pays the monthly $29.97  fee.

Gold Membership: $53.97 is the monthly membership which allows you to receive a recurring monthly commission of $20 as long as the recruit purchases this package and stays enrolled. If someone buys gold they get silver free so they might as well buy the gold membership.

Diamond Membership: This is a one time payment option on top of one of the previous membership options. You will receive a one time commission of $100 on the sale of this membership.

Platinum Membership: This is a one time payment option that will cost you $497, your commission from a sale of this membership is a one time commission of $400

Keep in mind, these are the up sells you will face when you walk through the virtual doors of Lead Lightning. This kind of puts into perspective what you get for your $7. If the $7 membership gets results, why all the other packages? Different levels of membership are things I look at to evaluate an offer, is it set up to make money for you or for them?


When people look at offers or platforms like Lead Lightning they look at the shiny stuff and low cost, they don’t consider the fact that they may need some help, which you will. Help in this offer is lacking to say the least. To keep costs down outfits like Lead Lightning offer support through a Facebook group. The strength of a Facebook group is the experience of the participants and shear numbers of attendees. The numbers and experience level just aren’t great for this group.

When you are looking at any offer, look at their support first and product last. Platforms that have communities with large active memberships and good experience levels are the best for support, bar none.

Need A Lead Lightning Guide – Click Here

Taking The Plunge!

If you decide to take the plunge with Lead Lightning you will find the sign up process a little distracting. When you first go to sign up they have all the up sells on the right side of the offer with a check mark saying, “yes” I want access to these products. Prices for these packages go right up to that $497 upgrade, so I was kinda having a bird thinking I might be inadvertently be buying all of these packages. I had to look at it hard to make sure I wasn’t buying all these packages when I gave my credit card number lol. Checked my receipt and I only got billed for the $7, thank god! So it’s all good, your safe.

My Parting words!

Lead Lightning isn’t a scam, it’s a legitimate offer, but not one that I would proceed with caution unless you have some affiliate marketing training going into it, to get the training you really need to promote this offer with success means up grading to the higher priced packages which is pretty costly for affiliate marketing training. Lead Lightning’s $7 entry fee is what I would consider a lost leader, it is designed to lead you to higher priced offers within the sales funnel they have created. Lead Lightning will work, just keep in mind there are up sells and that $7 entry level is purely that. If you have the right training you could do quite well with the Lead Lightning offer.

Hope this review shed a little “light” on the Lead Lightning offer, leave me your comments or questions below and I will get right back to you, have a good one Mike.