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Best Affiliate Marketing Training Course

Best Affiliate Marketing Training Course

It’s a pretty daunting task when you decide to turn to the internet as a way to make some passive income,  put yourself through university, supplement your retirement income or seek that lifestyle that you have always wanted.

When I first looked to the internet with a goal of making enough money to buy a new truck, I was faced with a multitude of income generating opportunities, some legitimate and many outright scams. The one money making technique that stood out to me as legit was Affiliate Marketing. I had looked at everything from drop shipping to Network Marketing,  but I always found myself back looking at Affiliate Marketing.

I liked the fact that the success rate and investment to income ratio was much better with Affiliate Marketing compared to Network Marketing. I also liked Affiliate Marketing over Drop Shipping because I wouldn’t have to deal with handling product delivery, returns and refunds.

When I finally hammered out that Affiliate Marketing was the right fit for me, the real work started. I quickly found out that making the decision to go with Affiliate Marketing was actually the easy part of getting my Start online. What I realized over the following months was that, finding the best Affiliate Marketing training course that would allow me to reach my goals was going to be a lot more difficult than I could have ever imagined.

Affiliate Marketing Training Platforms – Wolves In Sheep Clothing?

Here’s the problem, it’s not easy to find an Affiliate Marketing training course that will actually deliver positive results, they all claim they will, but my experiences show that they don’t!
Prior to my breakthrough online in 2009 I like many experienced broken promises by Affiliate Marketing training platforms claiming that their training courses would be the gateway to success. I do admit, many of the Affiliate Marketing training courses had elements that I did benefit from, but most that I tried, fell short of putting it all together to ensure my success.

The biggest issue I experienced besides lack of support was investing in tools and services that really weren’t needed to make money online. The only one making money from tools and services that were pitched as a “must have” were the Affiliate Marketing platforms themselves. I literally threw away thousands of dollars on tools and services that I realized over time were not necessary to make money as an Affiliate Marketer, I could have bought my truck outright with the tools and services I wasted money on.

Resist The Urge To Buy Affiliate Marketing Tools And Services

There were many obstacles I faced when I was new to Affiliate Marketing, but a few that stand out were platforms pushing paid traffic sources that cost me close to $2,000, when I hadn’t yet built the infrastructure to convert any paid traffic that I did get.

I was also told that I needed an autoresponder when my website was new and wasn’t generating any significant traffic yet. I could have saved at least 4 months of autoresponder fees if I new what I know now. I bought into one program that offered one on one support from a mentor which proved to be a joke, this experience cost me close to $1900.

I was a real go getter which these platforms used against me. I bought expensive memberships, over $100 a month, thinking that the more I paid the better my chances of success were which isn’t the case at all. Next I swung to the other end of the spectrum and went cheap, $27 one time fee to see how that would work for me, hey, I couldn’t lose. Well, I did! Low cost Affiliate Marketing training providers are low cost for a reason, they don’t offer the basics, they don’t offer quality support, this is why they are so cheap.

Over the years I have worked with many new Affiliate Marketers and the main thing that I stress to newcomers is, keep your costs down, keep it simple. Some listen to my advice and some don’t, the ones that succeed are usually the ones that don’t pile on the monthly fees. The Newbies that load themselves up with costs are usually the ones that fold from the financial pressure.

What Should You Be Looking At For Affiliate Marketing Training Course Costs

When you are looking at what you actually need to make money as an Affiliate Marketer I think you would be surprised to know that you need very little in the line of tools and services that you will need to fork out money for. Here is a list of tools and services that you will need when you first start out, this list will change a bit as you expand your affiliate business, but that’s a ways down the road.

WordPress Website builder – Get everything down to the autoresponder for as low as $29 a month in one package.

[icon type=”glyphicon glyphicon-ok” color=”#81d742″] Training


 Keyword tool


 Content creation tool

 Autoresponder (Free under 2,000 subscribers)

 Image providers (Free if you know where to look)

 Graphics Tool ( Free at Canva and Design Wizard)

 Button generator (Free at Da Button Factory)

There are many Affiliate Marketing training course options that will include all the above as perks in your membership, what you need to know is, most of this stuff you can source out for free, yet some outfits make this sound like these are costly perks they are throwing in with your membership. The problem arises when they want you to pay for these perks in the way of higher membership fees.

Support Is Key To Your Success

I can’t overstate how important quality support is to your success in Affiliate Marketing is. I know for me, if I didn’t have the support I did I can honestly say I wouldn’t be here writing this post. I am not talking Facebook groups that are so common these days with Affiliate Marketing training providers. You know why Facebook group support is so popular, it has no cost to the Affiliate Marketing training provider. For the most part, these Facebook support groups leave inexperienced people asking questions of each other with just one experienced staff member popping in now and again. This is not a great support mechanism.

Community support can be good if the training platform has a large membership, if they don’t, you will have a hard time once again of getting any experienced members to help you with your questions. The platform that I ended up using had a huge community of close to 2 million members with varying levels of experience and capabilities. This platform also offered incentives to members to help other members and had staff to help also, quite a unique and highly efficient support system.

My Parting Advice

It took me longer than I would have liked to break through and find success online, it also cost me a lot more than was necessary. If you keep what I mentioned in this post in the back of your head you will get your breakthrough a lot sooner and with less cost than I did. Here’s a recap that you can use to find the right Affiliate Marketing Training course for you.

 Cheaper onetime fee offers are cheap for a reason. The way that onetime fee courses are cheap is the lack of support offered. If you think of it this way, support is the most expensive component to offering the training.

Don’t saddle yourself with costly monthly fees for tools and services, you will crush under the financial pressure before you have given it your best effort.

Look at the actual training and techniques offered, not the tools!

Support is the number one thing you need to look at in any Affiliate Marketing training course. One on one training doesn’t exist. Think about it, if someone spends all their time with you that’s not a very profitable venture is it? This is why there is no such thing even when people say there is!

Understand that your effort, commitment and perseverance are the main ingredients to your success.

I hope this post helps you find the right Affiliate Marketing program that will lead to your success online. If you want to ask me any questions don’t hesitate to contact me directly or leave a comment below, have a great day Mike.






Start A Blog Make Money : This Is How You Do It

Start A Blog Make Money : This Is How You Do It

The title for this post sounds a lot like it could have been created by a caveman, ugh, start a blog make money, ugh. I actually chose this title to re-enforce the need to keep it simple when starting a blog to make money. You don’t need to be a scholar or have any special skill set, nor do you need to be an expert on your blogs topic. What you do need is the ability to follow instructions, demonstrate determination and perseverance.

Creating a popular blog that has the potential to make some significant income, really boils down to effort, a little time management, dedication and commitment, but very little technical skill is required. Knowledge of your blogs topic will increase as will your authority as your blog develops over time, very few bloggers start out as experts in their niche. As you research topics for your blog, your experience and authority in your niche will grow.

In this post I will touch on everything you will need to do if you want to start a money making blog. You will also get some incite into how I created multiple money making blogs over the years, leveraging free tools, services and simple low cost step by step training.

If you have any questions or comments please leave them at the bottom of this post and I will get right back to you, I value your feedback. Lets get started!

This Is All You Need To Start A Money Making Blog

Contrary to what some blogging or Affiliate marketing platforms will lead you to believe, you need very little to build a money making blog. For years now I have paid $29 to run multiple blogs and make thousands in blog related income. Here are the items and services I use to make money with my blogs….

That’s literally all you need to make money with a blog, I have done it for years, anyone who tells you that you need to buy expensive tools or services, obviously has a vested interest in selling these tools and services. I am a big believer in keeping it simple while keeping your costs as low as possible. The largest contributor to failure of new blogs is financial and lack of commitment. If you want to blog for profit it won’t be without some cost, but that cost should be as minimal as possible and doesn’t need to start right out of the gates.

Over the years I have worked with numerous  bloggers that were interested in creating a blog capable of generating income, many of which have gone on to realize their dreams of running a blog that generates revenue. To but to be quite honest, about half have failed because they lost sight of what was really important. The common factors between the new bloggers that found success and the bloggers that failed were consistent in Both cases. Here are the common disciplines that the new bloggers who found success adhered to ….

 Created a written set of goals for their blogs development and stuck to it

 Worked on their blog everyday for at least 2 hours while in the early building stage

 Created new content on a set schedule

 Put the effort into really understanding who their blogs audience was, and what their audience was looking to learn

 Created content that was engaging and SEO friendly that had a chance of ranking high

 Early in the development of their blog they focused on low competition keywords with less focus on high traffic keywords to help establish their blog and get any available traffic

 Utilized a training platform that had step by step training on developing an authoritative blog

 Looked for every opportunity to engage with their website visitors by welcoming visitors feedback, good or bad!

 Joined social platforms like Quora and Medium to demonstrate their knowledge and promote their websites

 Put the time and effort into researching topics they wanted to discuss on their site

 Understood that they didn’t need to be an expert to write an informative blog post on a topic. All they were required to do was, thoroughly research their topic so that they could create content that was accurate and informative.

 Never put emphasis on selling. The focus was always placed on educating their audience

 Maintained authenticity and genuine caring for their blogs visitors

 Worked on building a brand by building credibility through honesty and demonstrating integrity.

 Used the right metrics to choose a niche that offered profitability

The above disciplines were consistent with the new bloggers that created blogs that thrived and eventually ended up making money with their blogs. As you can see there isn’t any reference to buying any services or tools, it’s all about effort, discipline and dedication that are the key ingredients to building a blog that makes money.

It All Starts With A Professional Grade Website Building Platform

Many will say find a topic and build a website. I feel choosing a website building platform should be the first thing you consider. Below are the characteristics and reason you need to put the focus on finding the right website building platform.

Search engine optimization: The reason you want to put a lot of emphasis into finding the right website building platform is, website building platforms have different functions and capabilities. If your intent is to create a money making blog then your needs are considerably different from someone who is creating a blog for their own personal enjoyment. In my opinion WordPress I the best website building platform for people looking to generate income from a blog as it grows over the years.

WordPress offers functionality, capability, portability and expandability for your blog as its development grows. The SEO (search engine optimization) features are also significantly enhanced using a website created using WordPress.

Website add-ons: WordPress has thousands of plugins that allow you to add features and functionality to your website with a click of a button. There are literally thousands of plugin developers working on new and updating current plugin capabilities.

Themes: WordPress offers thousands of themes that you can choose from. These themes offer a variety of styles and capabilities. It’s easy to find a theme that will best suit the look and capabilities that you want for your blog.

Ease of use: WordPress’s website building platform is extremely easy to use, you don’t need to be a computer programmer, actually you don’t need any prior experience to build a professional looking blog using the WordPress website building platform.

Control of your site: Unlike many website building platforms, WordPress offers you complete control over your site and it’s portability. With some notable website building platforms like Weebly and Wix, your website isn’t portable, your site is locked into these platforms due to the unique website building tools that they offer.

Use your own domain: Using your own domain name (website address) is critical for your blogs ranking ability with search engines. What this means is, when you create content or want your site to rank high in search engines such as Google,  you need to have your own domain. Some website building platforms host their customers websites under what are called sub domains, this makes it more difficult to rank high in search results.

Invest In Earn As You Learn Training

As much as I am a staunch believer in not spending money on what I would consider to be unnecessary blogging tools and services, I do believe firmly in new bloggers, especially when they are looking at making an income from your blog, acquiring the appropriate training.  Contrary to what many people think, you don’t just jump on your laptop and create a blog, especially when you want that blog to make money for you. Creating an income generating blog takes not only time, but also requires that you have a plan of what you want your site to look like years down the road. Using an effective blueprint for your sites development, will guarantee that your blog has the potential to earn revenue while at the same time offers your audience a nice user experience.

Here’s what I suggest you look for in a good training platform for bloggers that doesn’t break the bank!

  • Offers a WordPress website building platform
  • Secure hosting
  • Step by step training on how to build a well thought out blog with monetization opportunities
  • Large community with like minded goals
  • Access to a keyword tool and content creation platform
  • Training on how and where to find income opportunities for your website
  • Current training on the latest SEO and keyword research techniques
  • 24/7 support that comes in a variety of forms, live chat, administrative support as well as community support.
  • 24/7 support for website technical issues

A Few Parting Words

I can’t emphasize enough, keep it simple, work hard and keep your costs as low as possible. If you follow what I laid out for you in this post you will be a lot closer to realizing your dream of creating a blog that makes money. Building a money making blog isn’t an overnight success story. If you keep a set schedule and work diligently on your blogs development, you could potentially see income rolling in within 3-4 months. If you need anymore information or even help, I am here for you. I wish you all the luck in your endeavours, cheers Mike.


Is Affiliate Marketing Saturated? (For Some It Is)

Is Affiliate Marketing Saturated? (For Some It Is)

I get asked all the time by people looking to enter affiliate marketing if you can still make money with affiliate marketing or is it too saturated? I will say that there are areas where participating as an affiliate marketer would be difficult to make any significant income due to the fact that the niche they are looking to work in is over populated with affiliates. In saying that, there are many areas where an affiliate marketer could still make a lot of money, you just need to know where to look!

I am currently helping a few new affiliate marketers get their feet wet in the affiliate marketing game, from what I am seeing through some niche research I am helping them with, there are still many areas where affiliate marketing isn’t saturated that offers new and existing affiliates a good chance of generating a very lucrative income stream.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

In the event that you are just investigating whether affiliate marketing is something you want to get into, here is a brief description of what affiliate marketing is.

As an Affiliate marketing you would be, for lack of better words, a salesman for online merchants products. You don’t handle, ship or have any responsibility for these online merchants products or services, other than to direct internet traffic to these products or services. If a sales transaction occurs from the traffic you send online merchants you will receive an agreed upon  commission for your efforts.

Over the years I have made thousands of dollars in commissions directing traffic to online merchants products using proven affiliate marketing techniques.

 The Numbers Don’t Support Saturation Claims

There are literally hundreds of thousands of online merchants and more and more are clambering to get online every year. With the allure of skyrocketing online sales for merchants, comes opportunity for affiliate marketers.

Online retail sales continue to rise year over year. The US Commerce Department data supports what retailers already know, online merchants are flocking to the internet to increase their sales opportunities.

According to recent US Commerce Department data, online shoppers spent $517.36 billion through US online merchants in 2018, up 15.0% from 2017. The online shopping trend continues to increase at an incredible rate and doesn’t show any signs of slowing down anytime soon. More online sales, more online merchants translates to more affiliate commission opportunities for affiliates, doesn’t sound like affiliate marketing is saturated to me!

There are more and more people purchasing products online with merchants trying to capitalize on these sales opportunities by opening online storefronts. The problem for online merchants is still the same as it was years ago when I got my start online as an affiliate marketer, how to get their products in front of the  internet consumer. The majority of online retailers are realizing very quickly that the answer to getting exposure for their products and services lies in the hands of affiliate marketers.

Where The Real Opportunity For Affiliates Hides

Online merchants have a big challenge trying to get exposure for their products or services online, I guess if there is something that is saturated or competitive, it’s the first two pages of search engine results where all the internet traffic is. It’s hard for online merchants to get their products and services in front of internet users when you have online giants like Amazon that have thousands of affiliates promoting their marketplace products, taking up those valuable spots on the first two pages of search engine results. Maybe the question worth exploring should be, is participating as an Amazon affiliate becoming too saturated?

 Only 7% of all internet users search past the first two pages of search engine results. This demonstrates the importance of occupying a spot on the first two pages if you want exposure for your products or services.

Roughly 40% of all online sales in the US are made by Amazon alone. With Amazon’s dominance online and other retail giants vying for their piece of the online sales pie, using affiliate marketers is the only way that smaller online merchants have any chance of levelling the playing field that is dominated by online giants.

My experience has shown me that the real opportunity for affiliate marketing lies with smaller higher commission paying online retailers. Many that enter affiliate marketing have this preconceived notion that becoming an Amazon affiliate is the only way to make it in affiliate marketing. Even affiliate marketing training platforms lure newbies in by using Amazon as their main example for making money online. Amazon is such an identifiable brand that it’s hard not to use their marketplace as an example of the success that the online world offers.

Unfortunately, what falls through the cracks are some very good affiliate opportunities that offer more specialized products and services. These speciality retailers offer more income potential through a higher commission structure. Although Amazon offers a huge market for affiliates,  their commission structure is quite low, set at 4-10%. With some smaller online retailers, commissions can reach as high as 75% with much less affiliate competition.

Practicality And Profitabilty supports Using Affiliates

Affiliate market places like ShareAsale, Commission Junction, Market Health, Rakuten, Amazon Affiliate Program, Clickbank, ImpactRadius, Partnerstack, Refersion Makretplace, Awin and Avangate offer online retailers affiliate management services for online merchants.

Another option for online retailers is to contract out their affiliate needs to an affiliate management group. Many of these affiliate management groups hire affiliate managers that have come from the ranks of top affiliate marketers, some of which I have known through my years participating as an affiliate marketer. Using affiliate marketers is the preferred method to drive sales for online retailers because it is efficient and profitable. Affiliates don’t get paid unless a sale is made. For this reason alone,  it makes no sense why some are saying that affiliate marketing has seen its day?

What’s Really Happening With Affiliate Marketing?

Over the years I have witnessed many changes to how affiliate marketers have made money online. Gone are the days of throwing up simple capture pages or one page niche websites that ranked high in search engines and captured valuable traffic. In this era of the internet, search engines such as Google, are putting their emphasis on authoritative content, giving their users a better experience. This has virtually eliminated the effectiveness of cheap traffic generating tactics that over the years have routinely produced good results for affiliates.

I can tell you from my experiences, affiliate marketers who think they can throw up crappy sales funnels, cheesy one page sites,  or offer completely bias product reviews,  and still make a killing like they used to, are just fooling themselves. The reality is,  these affiliates are the people who are saying that affiliate marketing is saturated because their traffic generation techniques aren’t productive anymore.

 The Key To Success For Affiliates Is The Right Training

If you want to stick around and play in with the big boys, or get started off on the right foot in affiliate marketing, then you had better equip yourself with the most relevant and current affiliate marketing training. There are still affiliate marketing training platforms out there that equip new affiliate marketers with outdated affiliate marketing techniques, something you need to be aware of.

 What you need to look for in an affiliate marketing training platform is training that teaches you how to create engaging SEO friendly content, content that will rank high in search engines.

 Training that shows you how to write informative and product reviews

 Training that emphasis the importance of using social platforms to leverage content creation

 A training platform that can teach you how to create free giveaways such as ebooks for your website visitors that will help to build your email list

 Training that shows you how to build a blog that fosters visitor engagement, looks professional with a good flow and converts your traffic

 Training that shows you how to create a brand for your affiliate business

 Training that re-enforces the need to build trust, be ethical and demonstrate expertise

These are just a few core features you should be looking for in an affiliate marketing training platform that will prepare you for success in todays affiliate marketing environment.

A Few Final Thoughts

Over the years working as an affiliate marketer, I have seen my share of changes to how affiliate marketing is done. The latest trend is affiliate marketing service providers offering high priced tools and SEO services that are hypothetically designed to give you the leg up on your affiliate marketing competition, don’t be fooled into thinking you need all these gadgets and services.  The one method that has consistently produced affiliate commissions is the investment of time where the time is really needed, which is in producing quality content.

Invest your time in creating an engaging and informative blog. You an easily turn the traffic that your blog garners into affiliate commissions with the right training. Google’s focus on giving their users access to informative information makes the creation of an authoritative blog that allows for affiliate opportunities is a no brainer!

I hope you enjoyed this post and encourage you to leave me your questions and comments below, have a good one Mike.


My #1 Work From Home Business Opportunity

My #1 Work From Home Business Opportunity

Over the years I have reviewed numerous new platforms preaching that they have the latest and greatest opportunity for your work from home business aspirations. With all this new competition one work from home business building platform stands out.

Wealthy Affiliate, originally launched in 2005, has not only managed to keep its head above water, but has found a way to stay on top as the #1 premier work from home business building platform.

If you read this post to the end you will see why I put Wealthy Affiliate at the top of the heap when it comes to generating income from home. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave them at the bottom of this page and I will get right back to you, have a great day Mike.

 What Is Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate is a low cost work from home business building platform that offers tools and training that allows you to create an income through the promotion of products. You don’t hold or handle products using WA’s income generation techniques. You don’t sell or facilitate refunds using WA’s business model. Your job is to drive traffic to a product in exchange for commissions or a set fee. There is “zero risk”with unlimited income potential using WA’s platform.

If you already have a product like a network marketing product or service Wealthy Affiliate’s platform will work great for driving tons of potential customers to your network marketing products doorstep.

Although the promotion of WA has been demonstrated to be a good way for some to make a nice affiliate income in its own right, it’s not what the platform is all about. It does seem like everywhere you look on the internet you see someone pitching Wealthy Affiliate, all this shows is the effectiveness of WA’s product promotion techniques. Armed with the right training and tools that WA offers it’s easy for members to get maximum exposure in relevant areas of the internet for their products or services.

Where Wealthy Affiliate shows its real value is with the tools, traffic generation techniques and support it offers its members. WA is a place you go to when you need someone to hold your hand and show you how to drive traffic and generate income from Start to finish. WA does this by using a step by step business building format. Wealthy Affiliate offers everything you need under one roof. Trying to make money online comes with a cost, trying to calculate that cost in most cases can be a crap shoot. With WA, your cost to earn is your membership, there are no extra costs, your income potential is truly unlimited. Wealthy Affiliate offers the opportunity to earn while you learn, as your business grows so does your income. Below is an example of how simple the approach to making money online is using Wealthy Affiliates platform…

The above screen shot shows you the basic business building flow, what is missing is the extensive training and support that this work from home business building platform offers. You will learn the latest and most effective ways on  to use social media and forums to promote your product. You will learn all the latest techniques on marketing products using Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and such more, this is just one small segment of product promotion training using Wealthy Affiliates platform. WA focuses on low cost and free methods for generating traffic and marketing your products. This is in huge contrast to other business building platforms that focus on costly paid advertising techniques that can run you in the thousands by the time the dust settles with no guarantee of results.

My Experience With Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate is the platform that I used to generate my first paycheque online.  I have gone onto make a nice career online with the training I received in my early years at Wealthy Affiliate.

With WA’s help I originally started out promoting weight loss products and after a few years I moved into the fishing equipment niche, Board games were next and eventually ending up where I am now, in the internet marketing tools and services niche. WA gave me the training that now allows me to promote and earn income from any product online with confidence. Looking back on my early years with WA I will say there was one aspect of being a WA member that was instrumental to my success online, you get access to the tools and services included in your membership that you actually need to make money. To this day I only use a handful of tools and services to run my online business, which for the most part are sourced free.

 Wealthy Affiliate’s Community Is Their Best Asset!

What you will find once inside Wealthy Affiliate is that you are never alone when building your online business. With a community of roughly 2 million members and growing, there never seems to be a time where you can’t find a member willing to lend a hand. WA’s community is very active and fosters a “help your fellow member” type of vibe, Quite frankly I haven’t seen this type of engagement in any other platform that I have reviewed over the years. You can ask questions of the community and get multiple answers or feedback within seconds, unparalleled in the home business building niche.

It’s not A Fluke That Wealthy Affiliate Has Lasting Power

As I mentioned earlier, Wealthy Affiliate has managed to not only keep pace in the work from home business building industry, but has risen to the top by investing in new and emerging technology that gives its membership an advantage when working in an ever changing environment such as the internet offers.

What’s The Cost To build Your Work From Home Business With WA?

Year after year I watch as Wealthy Affiliate introduces new strategies, services and tools that makes earning income online relevant. In 2015 Wealthy Affiliate went from a premium membership model where you needed to pay to take advantage of what WA offered to a freemium membership.

WA’s  change to the freemium membership now offers people looking to join Wealthy Affiliate two options, a free starter membership and a premium membership. The free starter membership allows you to start building your work from home business for free with a few restrictions. The premium membership offered at Wealthy Affiliate offers everything you need to create a thriving online business from the comfort of your own home.

The premium membership gives you access to everything Wealthy Affiliate has to offer, which is quite extensive. Premium memberships are offered monthly or annually. I find the annual membership to be the best value, which works out to roughly $29 a month and gives you everything you need to run a business with unlimited earning potential.

 Visit WA for Proof Of Income Potential

I am not going to post a whole pile of income claims, to be quite honest income claims can be falsified. I will post a screenshot from a discussion in WA on some members success. If you want to know for yourself you could see for yourself through a free starter membership and see for yourself.

You can also ask any questions from members yourself through a free starter membership. Here’s a small sample that I snapped a screen shot of….

Like I said this is just a small sample of members sharing their success with other members. You can check these claims out by creating a free starter membership. Once inside you just scroll down on the main WA page and you will see “WA success”. You can simply click on anyones profile and ask them any questions you like. Wealthy Affiliate is very transparent and the people are genuine.

I hope this post showed you why I feel Wealthy Affiliate is a legitimate opportunity to make money from the comfort of your own home. Any questions or comments please leave them below, have a good one Mike.






How To Supplement Retirement Income by Blogging

How To Supplement Retirement Income by Blogging

Getting close to retirement and starting to add up those sources of retirement income? I can personally attest to doing the same as I near retirement.

If your like me and have a pension which I would consider just “OK” then its time to start looking for some way to supplement your retirement income. I am fortunate to have found blogging in 2010 and have built a nice recurring income from working in blogging over the years.

The Advantage Of Getting Older And Wiser

As we get older we tend to gain more of life’s experiences, which is actually an asset when it comes to making an income from blogging. I help people of all ages create income earning blogs, what I have found is, the people that have the most time here on earth usually have the easiest time finding topics to blog about because of their life’s experiences.

I am not saying that everyone that is closing in on retirement has a wealth of life experiences, nor is this a prerequisite to building a blog to supplement your retirement income, it’s not!

A Blog Can Be About Anything

Finding a niche (interest you want to blog about) for many can be a difficult process. The more life experience you have usually translates into more ideas for a blog. Take me for example, close to 60, I have done quite a few things in life which offered me a myriad of topics to blog about, all you need to do is figure out a way to create a blog that you can monetize.

You don’t need to be a world traveler, it could be a blog about raising a family, fishing, being a grandparent, dealing with current age related issues, it could be about finding ways to make supplemental income. Really, the list of topics for creating a blog about ones life’s experiences are endless.

I don’t Have Any Interests, I Guess Blogging Is Out!

Finding a niche to participate in for people that haven’t had a lot of exposure to different things in their lives doesn’t mean you can’t start an income generating blog. When I am faced with working with someone who doesn’t feel they have any hobbies or interests they can tap into, I have one simple question I ask them. What would you be interested in learning about? If you have something that has always interested you, but haven’t actually done or have any experience with, then this is your chance to learn and earn!

If you are one of those people who think you have no interest to blog about, I created that you may find helpful on finding a niche to work in. Have a look at this post on finding a niche.

Not An Expert On Your Topic, Don’t Worry!

When you look around the internet you see what looks to be a ton of authoritative blogs. People have a tendency to assume that people who created these authoritative blogs started out as experts on the topics they are discussing, for the most part this is not so!

I personally know bloggers, including myself, that found topics that they always wanted to explore and decided to turn their new experiences into a blog. I had a blog on weight loss when I first started out in blogging. I Learned so much about weight loss over the years while my weight loss blog grew in authority, all the while earning income.

After I had exhausted topics on weight loss that I could write about, I moved on to creating a blog on fishing. When I say I exhausted topics to discuss, I mean, I was literally reaching for topic material. My last weight loss post was on “weight loss for menopausal women” Not exactly in my wheelhouse, given that I am a guy who new very little about menopausal women except for my wife’s re-enactment of the exorcist from time to time, she’s going to kill me if she reads this, lol.

My last days in the weight loss niche is a good example of a person who doesn’t have any experience on a topic, yet can write a post that offers value to their readers. As long as you can research and pull all the information together to help educate and inform your readers you can blog about any subject.

As your knowledge grows and you investigate and write on topics in your niche, your expertise in your niche will grow hand in hand with your blogs development. You will become an expert in time, this is inevitable. I learn something new every time I write a blog post, whether it is on writing content that ranks high in search engines or free methods of generating traffic, there is always something that I gain from my research on a topic.

You Don’t Need Any Writing Experience To Blog

The majority of people who I have helped start profitable blogs didn’t have any type of formal writing training, including myself. If you think you need to be technically solid and really have a solid foundation in grammatically proper writing you couldn’t more wrong. See, that probably wasn’t proper English!

When I first started out I tried to be that perfect writer, took me all day to write a simple post because I thought it needed to pass an English professors critique. I can tell with all honesty that writing technically perfect content was a complete flop for me! I received very little, if any visitor engagement, no one was commenting on my subject material because it was so dry, it didn’t make any connection with my website visitors.

I have a buddy who is a “big fish” in affiliate marketing /blogging. The best advice the big fish gave me after critiquing one of my blog posts was, write like you are talking to your buddies, don’t try and be so perfect, you’re boring the crap out of me. He went on to tell me that most people use a lot of slang in their conversations, most people don’t speak perfect English, so why are you trying to write perfect English?

Once I wrapped my head around the concept of writing like I talk, I found that it was much easier to write blog posts,  my website visitors engagement went through the roof. Why? Because they found that I was relatable, not perfect, but relatable, and that’s what you want when you are blogging.

How Much Money Can you Make Blogging?

There are two questions that I get asked by people who are just starting out in blogging. First one is, how fast does it take to Start making money from my blog? Second question is, how much Money can I make from my blog? Both of these questions don’t have definitive answers.

How much you make in blogging boils down to how competitive your niche is,  how hard you work at it,  and what your expectations are going into blogging.

When I first started blogging my revenue expectations turned out to be quite low. My income expectations from blogging were to make a recurring truck payment of roughly $400 a month from my blog. Turns out I made this payment quite easily within the first 4 months of my blog being in operation. I knew quite a few people who started roughly at the same time as I did,  as they were fellow members with the blogging platform I used to get my start in blogging. A few members had beat me to the punch and earned income from their blogs a little sooner than I did, but some after a year in were still looking for their first taste of income from their blog. This didn’t make a lot of sense at the time but after a few  conversations on what each person was doing in relation to their blogs development, it became quite evident that work ethic and time allocated to blog development were key factors when it came to how much and how fast you generated income from your blog.

Do You Need computer experience to build a blog

If you read my about me page on this site you will see that I stated I didn’t even know how to send an email when I first got into Affiliate marketing/blogging, that isn’t an exaggeration, I was computer illiterate. I am not going to say there isn’t a learning curve, there is, but the blogging platform that I joined laid everything out in a step by step process. Probably the most important thing about getting into blogging if you have zero computer skills is having access to great support, which I did.

I was working a full time job and had a few hours after work and my days off to work on my blog and having timely support was critical. There were many times I could have thrown up my hands and probably would have quit if it weren’t for getting answers to my questions literally with in seconds or minutes. If I can tell you one thing, look for a blogging platform that puts an emphasis on offering lots of support mechanisms that you can tap into. Look for live chat support in conjunction with community and administrative support.

Building a blog these days has become quite an easy task with lots of built in short cuts that once would require many manual tasks just to complete one application. Performing Multiple tasks to achieve one application have now been replaced with a simple click of your mouse.

Can I Start My Blog Through Blogger, Wix or Weebly?

If you want to make money from your blog you won’t want to use free website building platforms like Blogger, Wix or Weebly.

The reason you don’t want to use these platforms are for a few simple reasons. Wix and Weebly for instance run websites on sub domains (website address), they don’t offer the ranking power that a WordPress website like this one for example offers, where you can have your own domain that has better ranking power. Ranking power is critical if you want your content to be seen by the masses online.

Another disadvantage of using the above mentioned website building platforms is, they offer unique website building software that isn’t transferable or compatible with other website building platforms for the most part. You want a website building platform that offers expandability and portability as your blog grows. Wix, Weebly and blogger are limited when it comes to plugins that can increase your blogs visitor engagement and experience while on your site.

The First Step Is The Biggest!

We can kick this blogging for retirement can around until you feel comfortable, but what gets people what they want in life is acting and not waiting to feel comfortable.

I made blogging for retirement income my reality because I dove right in,  suppressed my fears of failing which I must admit were pretty strong given my lack of computer skills. In the end I took those important first steps and looked for the right training that would help me create an income generating blog. I now own a few sites that generate income, including the one you are on right now.

It didn’t happen over night, so don’t wait until you are needing the money, it takes time to generate enough traffic that you can monetize your website. All I can say is,  it’s totally possible to make a nice supplemental income, not to mention a nice living from blogging,  so don’t be afraid, you have nothing to lose and a sweet retirement lifestyle to gain.

I hope this post helps to motivate you to create the retirement you deserve. Please leave me any comments or questions you may have. I offer free help to any person looking to create a money making blog, no experience required. Have a great day Mike.



Legendary Marketer Review – My Take On David Sharpe’s Program

Legendary Marketer Review – My Take On David Sharpe’s Program


Looking to excel as an affiliate marketer? Legendary Marketer by David Sharpe may just be the program for you!

In this Legendary Marketer Review I will break the Legendary Marketer offer down into a perspective from an experienced marketers standpoint,  more importantly I will give you my thoughts on how this program may help or hurt your chances of reaching the top of the affiliate/digital marketing world.

Enjoy my Legendary Marketer review, please leave me your thoughts and questions and I will get back to you as soon as I can, or contact me in person through my “contact me page”.

Who Is The Man Behind Legendary Marketer?

David Sharpe is well-known for his multiple “Duplicate Dave” systems. As of late David has put all his focus on his latest offer, which he calls Legendary Marketer.

David Sharpe is an accomplished affiliate marketer/digital marketer. David has made the transition from promoting other merchants products to promoting his own products, which is an impressive accomplishment in its own right.

In the process of building and promoting his own line of products David has built quite a following. David utilizes the Legendary Marketer program to train, coach and mentor new and experienced internet marketers.

As well as a trainer, mentor and coach, David Sharp is a motivational speaker and expert strategist.

Strip away all of David Sharpe’s accomplishments and what do you have?

You have a man that overcame diversity with determination and pure commitment, qualities you need to succeed in the online game.

David’s story is one of how he pulled himself out of the depths of poverty, lived through hardships and battled personal demons while living a life on the streets for 8 long years. In 2008 David decided to make changes in his life and get off the streets. David accomplished this by turning to the online money making game, applying his perseverance and personal strength to his new craft, affiliate marketing/digital, David not only got himself off the streets but went on to launch 3 companies online which brought in excess of $160 million in sales.

To add to David’s accomplishments David has trained over 300,000 students worldwide and has been featured on and Forbes, where he was referred to as one of the masterminds within the Internet marketing industry.

David always believes that anyone can turn their struggles into their strengths.

He currently lives in St.Petersburg, FL with his family.

What Is My Legendary Marketer?

Legendary Marketer is an online marketing education platform, delivered in a simple easy to understand format. The Legendary Marketers mission is to help people start an online business or grow and existing business using cutting edge marketing strategies.

The Legendary Marketer program is designed to help participants learn the necessary business and marketing skills to thrive with confidence in an ever-changing and highly competitive online market place.

The Legendary Marketer claims to do this by providing robust digital courses, personalized visual coaching, and highly dynamic and supportive mastermind events.

All in all, what the Legendary Marketer system is trying to accomplish is to bring a franchisee type business structure to the online world.

The Legendary Marketer Products

Legendary Marketer Products are offered using the typical licensee marketing concept. How this works is, when you buy into a course you not only get the course for your own benefit, but you also earn commissions off selling this course to others. Other higher ticket programs to incorporate this business model are programs such as Elite Marketing pro and My Top Tier Business which I have heard has run into issues with the FTC and members are now out-of-pocket.

Basic Legendary Marketers Club: $30/month

This basic membership offers participants training, education and resources to help get you started, grow and scale a digital marketing business.

Members go through monthly training and have access to current and past training sessions.

You’ll learn some of the basics of internet marketing such as creating Facebook ads, generating leads, advertising marketing strategies and have access to weekly educational webinars.

Traffic Rolodex: One-Time Payment $47

With the traffic Rolodex, you get access to vetted traffic sources, along with promotional interviews with each traffic provider to use in your promotions.

You’ll also learn how to generate leads which have potential to generate future sales.

Legendary Builder Master Class: One-Time Payment $2500

This is a course that will equip you with the foundation of business and marketing strategies that will helpful in building your digital marketing business.

Members will receive access to a 4-part master class that covers story-telling, presentation, and leadership principles. It will also touch on lead generation strategies and sales skills.

Legendary Leader Master Class: One-Time Payment $5000

This class focuses on how to become a leader within your marketplace, and how to grow your brand and dominate your competition.

Members will receive training on brand development, product messaging, and scaling strategies on growing your business.

You’ll also get exclusive access that include interviews from highly successful leaders in multiple industries speaking on how they grew their businesses from the ground up.

Legendary Marketer Mastermind: One-Time Payment $8000

This is a live in-person mastermind group, covering cutting edge traffic, lead generation, and conversion strategies from the worlds top online marketers.

Members can enjoy a lifetime membership for all 3 day live legendary marketer masterminds usually held in Tampa Florida.

Each mastermind member is allowed to bring one guest who’s not already a member after members have attended one mastermind session, one non-refundable seat deposit of $250 is required for both the member and their guest in order to attend.

Legendary Entrepreneur Mastermind: One-Time Payment $12000

This is a second Mastermind conference focusing on health, wealth and wisdom hacks, growth tips and performance strategies to create and protect your wealth and become the best version of yourself.

There is a non-refundable deposit required to attend all other masterminds of this kind.

Specialty Products – Invisible Influence: One-Time $997

This Invisible Influence is a complete start to finish course on how to build branded Facebook fan pages and Instagram pages that are specifically used to generate traffic, leads and sales from a highly engaged group of followers. Not sure on how up to date and useful this option of training is, Facebook is updating guidelines on a regular basis so this course would need to be very responsive to the changing guidelines Facebook implements.

Compensation Plan: Legendary Marketer Review

Legendary Marketer offers its participants the ability to resell Legendary Marketer products and services, and in return earn revenue based on the sale of products sold.

Inside the licensing platform they also offer training and tools such as ads, software and sales funnels.

Legendary Marketer will also include sales support for their licensees via phone, webinars and live events from other representatives on behalf of the affiliates’.

You’ll get paid 60% of all introductory-level products and 40% on all core products and specialty products.

The reason why you receive 40% commission on two of those categories is because there will be coaches there to assist in the sale of those products on the affiliates’ behalf. 20% of that commission goes to the coach.

From time to time, Legendary Marketer will have discounts of their products, and you’ll only receive the commission on the sale price, not the regular price of the items.

An affiliate has to qualify for the product level they’re making a sale on. If not, the full commission passes up to the next qualified affiliate.

An affiliate can become qualified to sell a product in 2 ways:

  • First option is to purchase the product, which gives you the right to affiliate commissions from that product.
  • Second Option is to qualify for a commission from a product by selling 3 units of any given product without actually buying the product yourself. This option doesn’t give you access to the product.

Who Is Legendary Marketer Intended For?

If your brand new to internet marketing, then you can start from scratch with Legendary Marketer, the training looks to be very well laid out. If I were to choose who is best suited for the Legendary Marketer I personally wouldn’t go into the program as a beginner, yes it does look fairly straight forward but there are some dangers for newcomers.  I feel the Legendary Marketer program is best suited for someone who has a medium to advanced understanding of internet marketing. Having a good understanding of internet marketing will help you sell the products sooner than later, minimizing the length of return on investment.  Being new to internet marketing also makes you vulnerable to buying into products which realistically you may not need.

If you are new to affiliate marketing/digital marketing you would be putting your faith in David Sharpe to only sell you what you need and I wouldn’t recommend that for any Biz Op, not just the Legendary Marketer offer.

What’s The Better Business Bureau Have To Say?

Although Legendary Marketer doesn’t have an accreditation with the BBB, they do hold a B+ standing.

They were first opened on the BBB in May 2017, and have accrued one negative complaint and a positive comment.

So far, no big red flags to report.

What Legendary Marketer Does Well!

  • Training is detailed and easy to follow
  • Offers experienced marketers valuable training and good resell opportunities
  • High commissions as an affiliate;
  • Sales team will help promote and sell products with you;
  • 30-day money back guarantee;
  • Created and run by a long time experienced marketer in the industry.

What Legendary Marketer Could Improve!!

  • No FREE option to try the program
  • Focus of the program is on selling internal products (building a recruitment force);
  • Program is new and lacks established track record, don’t have good statistics to show successful affiliates’ making money, to date they can only assume the industry standard of between $500 and $2000 a year.
  • Not a program I feel is suited for a beginner, way too much opportunity for a newcomer to get in over their heads with the allure of making big bucks while incurring high associated costs.

My Final Legendary Marketer Review Verdict.

To be honest I have mixed feelings about the Legendary Marketer offer. I like what the program offers in the way of training and support options,  but looking at the Legendary Marketers program from an experienced marketers perspective I feel the program is at the top end of the online marketing training spectrum.  From personal experience I know you can make decent money without incurring the training costs that the Legendary Marketer program requires. I feel that Legendary Marketer could be a great money maker for an experienced internet marketer who wants to resell the courses.

Honestly I am not a fan of high ticket products in general. When I started affiliate marketing I was on a shoestring budget and needed to keep my costs as low as I could, I never went over $50 a month for training, support and the necessary  tools to make money as an internet marketer, far cry from the costs you could incur with the Legendary Marketer program.

When you first start out I totally believe its a necessity to keep your costs as low as you can, the learning curve can be steep and the last thing you need is to add un- necessary financial pressure to the pressures of learning a new discipline.

In summary, I feel the Legendary Marketer is a  legitimate offer, just too rich for my blood. There are cheaper ways to learn to affiliate marketing/digital marketing which give you the opportunity to sell any product. My advice, don’t pay to promote any product online until you have established a sales history online. There are thousands and thousands of merchants willing to pay you to drive traffic to their products with no fees.

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A Look Inside Affiliate Profits Club

A Look Inside Affiliate Profits Club

When looking for online for affiliate marketing training the internet has become a plethora of courses looking to teach about virtually every related marketing technique. Affiliate Profits Club is a hub that offers online video training centered around affiliate marketing. The questions I am going to answer for you today in this Affiliate Profits Club review are, is the training, and cost associated with the training offer any value?

Today in my review I’ll take a look at Affiliate Profits Club and what its really all about. After becoming a member I was able to dive into the training to really see what it entailed, as well I am able to provide some information about the up sells offered after enrolling, which there are a few.

I’ll also touch on whether I feel the training would be sufficient for a beginner, and some upsides to Affiliate Profits Club, and what I feel they could improve on so you can make an informed decision.

What Is Affiliate Profits Club?

Affiliate Profits Club was created in 2014 and one of many of  Promotelabs affiliate training hubs created to corner the affiliate marketing training arena. Affiliate Profits Club runs a very simplistic style of platform. It consists of multiple online video training courses, that are designed to take someone who already has a level of understanding of affiliate marketing and take their business to the next level.

Affiliate Profits Club offers training in three different levels, with silver being the first. Once a member, you have access to that specific level of training via the videos provided, as well as access to a list of pre-screened premium tools and resources from pre made landing pages, subscription list management tools and much more. You’ll also get the option of investing in some up sells that you’re presented with during sign up.

I ended up only going with the silver level to get a better understanding of their most basic course. Within the silver level, you will find instruction on topics such as:

  • How to find the most profitable niches;
  • How to attract subscribers and build a subscription list;
  • You’ll look at what the ‘perfect’ product to promote would be; and
  • You’ll learn to build traffic with three different but simple ways to create a foundation for your super affiliate business.

The Sign Up Process With Affiliate Profits Club

The sign up process to begin with is very simple. Enter your first and last name, email address and pay the associated cost for silver, $27 one time.

The instant you’ve paid you’re membership fee you are hit with an up sell offer.

The first up sell your asked to read through is for affiliate Profits Club “Gold membership package”, which would cost you an additional one time payment of $9.95. The gold membership is set up to unlock the advanced marketing strategies used by two of the Internets top affiliate marketers. Unfortunately no names as to who these top affiliate marketers were given.

The gold membership is similar to the silver, but has its own nine educational videos. A few of the things you’ll learn through the gold package are:

  • Five surprising traffic generating strategies for yourself;
  • How to negotiate to get super affiliate perks with different product vendors; ( this is something most affiliates don’t do)
  • How to position yourself in a certain way that creates tons of fans and followers who engage with your information on your website;
  • What’s considered to be a $94 bonus value of two more video training courses called Commission Miner, and List Monster.

What If I Don’t Want The Gold Affiliate Profits Club Membership?

In order to decline the offer of the gold membership, you’ll want to scroll straight to the bottom of the sales page and select “No Thanks” that is displayed in very small print.

You are pitched a second up sell. This up sell offer has a price tag of $297, but your given the special pricing of only $97 if you buy it then and there and there, this is called an up sell, down sell which is quite common in cheap introductory offers. This up sell provides you with monthly new lead magnet kits. These kits sent monthly come with 10 to 30 page marketing/web business/ social media-related reports, already made landing pages and a professionally written seven-part autoresponder follow up email series.

You’re also given an bonus which is a ‘top secret guide’ to opt-in lists. From reading these guides, you’ll maximize your subscription list and it’ll help you use three strategies to turn profit from your list without being overly pushy.

The Platinum ‘freemium’ Up sell.

The last offer is given away for a hefty price of $497.

This is the last of the three up sells you’re faced with, which offers the option to be an affiliate with 10 different associated websites.

They are membership sites already set up and all you have to do is market them. Once you get somebody to set up for one of the membership sites, the website operators take it from there and you earn money on any upgrades or up sells that your recruit bites on.

This is kind of a cool process, as literally you’re only job is to up sell these 10 different websites (below), and if anyone signs up you get that commission, plus all other commissions associated as your affiliate link sticks to that recruit.

The Affiliate Profits Club Training

The training included in the silver membership consists of ten different videos, averaging roughly 6 minutes. The training is only in video format, and no other resources over and above are offered with the one time payment of $27 silver membership.

Video 1 – The surprising truth about affiliate marketing:

In the first one your given the low down on what your role is as an affiliate marketer, and what type of niche you should look at investing into.

Video 2 – How to uncover the hottest markets around:

This video will teach you how to research your niche, and whether that niche will work for you.

Video 3 – Finding a golden needle in an affiliate marketing haystack:

This video teaches you how to identify the “red flags’ of an engaged and popular topic within your niche. It will help you identify what you should be promoting within your chosen niche.

Video 4 – Hooking the hungry fish with juicy bait:

Once you’ve identified and are promoting those high ticket products within your niche, this video will help you capture the sales from the growing traffic your website has.

Video 5 – The nuts and bolts of assembling your lead magnet page:

This video explains what you want to focus on once you’ve got your traffic to your main lead or sales page.

Video 6 – What top affiliates do differently with their blogs:

Just as it says, what affiliate markets focus on to engage and capture those sales.

Video 7 – How will the super affiliate sell more than everyone else:

This topic focuses on something I truly believe in, and that’s building relationships and engaging with your audiences.

Video 8 – The secrets of the ugly guys who date supermodels:

This video focuses on the importance of your working, and how to capture the attention of your audience through work choices, and what would be considered as “action” words that increase peoples instinct to click on a sale.

Video 9 – An astonishing way to get vendors to send traffic to you:

This breaks down the benefits of a sales funnel, and subscription list, and the benefit behind promoting more than one affiliate product at a time.

Video 10 – Getting more eyeballs in front of your affiliate offers:

This video, the last of ten, explains what other avenues you can take to get more people seeing your sales funnel. It includes things such as having other bloggers share your content, or linking your content with other high ranking web pages.

Is The Training Sufficent For Beginners?

Unfortunately the answer is a simple No.

Although the training has some good information for beginners, the silver level membership doesn’t actually show you how to set up a website which I found surprising.

If you haven’t already established a website with some small amount of traffic, by the end of this training a beginner would be entirely lost.

The tools and resources to complete the suggested tasks and steps within the videos come at an additional cost, over and above the $27 one time fee. As a beginner not understanding what type of website you want to set up, what type of theme would work best and just general knowledge of user flow you are at a handicap right out of the gates while trying to implement any training you receive in the Affiliate Profits Club training.

In Many parts of the training material you are told what needs to happen, but the training doesn’t show you how to do it. I feel this is a critical chink in the Affiliate Profit Clubs training and could be the biggest reason one wouldn’t find success with this program.

For myself, I need more than just videos and links to other resources and tools. It’s nice to have text to reference as you move through the training.

What Affiliate Profits Club Does Well.

  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed. If you’re not happy they’ll refund your money;
  • Inexpensive for the membership itself;
  • Very simple and easy to follow training and sign up process.

What Affiliate Profits Club Could Do Better…

  • All tools and resources come with additional costs which can really ramp up your costs quite fast;
  • Training is minimal and consists of only 10 short videos;
  • Potential consumer is barraged with up sells before getting to the actual membership page;
  • Not suited for beginners;
  • Training videos only explain what to do, not how to do it.

The Final Thoughts On Affiliate Profits Club

All in all, I wouldn’t suggest this course for beginners. There isn’t a lot to learn under in a $27 membership that you couldn’t find on the internet for free.

Affiliate Profits Club makes their real income not from the membership fees but all the affiliate links to tools and internet marketing services they recommend, I see this all the time with cheap introductory costs and then offer affiliate links to products and services.

As I mentioned above, the training talks about a lot of great things when it comes to affiliate marketing, some better than others. However, it doesn’t explain the “How’s”. For example, it teaches you about sales funnels, and promoting the right products for your niche, but lacks detailed instruction on how to actually create your sales funnel.

There is a real void in the training on Affiliate Profits Club and I don’t feel that many people, especially beginners, would benefit from the training.


Digital Experts Academy – High Priced Membership Scam?

Digital Experts Academy – High Priced Membership Scam?

Cost: $2500 – $20,000

Founders: Jay Kubassek and Stuart Ross

Established: 2012


Learning how to create your own website, build a brand, market products and build a presence online isn’t as hard as you may think.

Programs like the Digital Experts Academy are filling the role of educational providers and helping you brand yourself online. Some questions I will attempt to answer for you in my Digital Experts Academy review are….

  • Is Digital Experts Academy just a high ticket scam?
  • Is Digital Experts Academy worth the high membership fees?
  • Is the training offered in Digital Experts Academy worth $20,000?
  • Can you make money with Digital Experts Academy?
  • What’s the commission structure look like inside Digital Experts Academy?

Enjoy my Digital Experts Academy review and like always I welcome any feedback or questions you may have regarding this review, have a great day Mike.

What Is Digital Experts Academy?

The Digital Experts Academy is a global organization that’s structure closely resembles that of a MLM opportunity.

Digital Experts platform focuses on Digital marketing training as well as many aspects of self-improvement. This program is pitched as a place to learn affiliate marketing, something that I have been participating in for many years now. I have a pretty good understanding on what you actually need and don’t need to succeed as an affiliate marketer, which will come in handy for this Digital Experts Academy review.

Digital Marketing experts is really the back end offer that leads from a cheaper offer called the Six Figure Mentors program. To join the Digital Experts offer you first need to have paid for a membership in the Six Figure Mentor program which will cost you a $297 one time fee plus $97 a month on top of what you need to fork out for your chosen level in the Digital Experts Academy offer, so I hope you have a nice bank account that you can afford to lose.

The Founders Of Digital Experts Academy

Both founders first created the Six Figure Mentor program, which is like I mentioned earlier is a prerequisite for joining Digital Experts Academy.

Stuart Ross uses his own business accomplishments as a template to create passion and share his knowledge. He provides marketing platforms that are designed to give students the opportunity to be as successful as he is.

Jay Kubassek is an author, producer, and professional speaker as well as digital entrepreneur.

Together the two men head a team of 31 people filling positions such as sales, customer loyalty, content and design, operations, tech, and coaches.

How Does Digital Experts Academy Work?

As I mentioned above, Digital Experts Academy is an upgrade to the Six Figure Mentors program.

Besides Affiliate marketing training, DEA provides management training, leadership, and professional/entrepreneurship development training.

Once you have paid for your Six Figure Mentors membership the first thing you will learn is how to promote Six Figure Mentor, upgrade to the Digital Experts Academy and you will also learn how to promote DEA.

The training you will receive inside DEA will teach you how to promote any product online although the emphasis is squarely put on promoting the Digital Experts Academy products and recruiting new members.

They have four different memberships to choose from, each more advanced than the previous.

What Happens When You Sign Up.

After registering with Digital Experts Academy, you are actually pushed towards the Six Figure Mentor site, where you are required to buy a membership, you don’t have to take any of the Six Figures Mentors training before moving onto the Digital Experts Academy training.

Below is a flow chart of what you will experience. Starting with a free affiliate membership if you want to promote the Six Figure Mentor program ending with the Elite membership which is the entry level membership into the DEA program.

By joining the Six Figure Mentors, and than selecting the “add on” membership for the Digital Experts Academy the lowest fee of $2500 per year, you’ll get access to a membership for the Digital Experts Academy.

Each Digital Experts Academy package offers digital education courses in video and written formats that focus on your personal achievements, success and business development.

The Digital Experts Academy Memberships

DEA Silver $2,500: This membership is an e-learning program. It allows you to position yourself as a marketing consultant and enables you to transition to self employment. You learn advanced marketing strategies and leadership skills. You’ll’ll learn to own your own e-commerce business, promote physical products and push your own brands to retail.

DEA Gold $8,000: This is a 12-month digital marketing coaching program, plus a 2-day workshop. You’ll get one-on-one marketing with some top coaches within the company. You’ll also get to attend a Digital Experts Academy gold convention, which is a 2-day live workshop held in an exotic location. There will be access to the co-founders of the company as well as leading industry guest speakers.

DEA Platinum $11,000: This package comes with a 3-day workshop plus a website with social media profiles and branding training. The platinum membership is a program to help you create your own professional brand identity. In this package you’ll get to work with the founders, and have access to the brand incubator portal. You’ll learn to develop your own professional website that concentrates on logos, fonts, colors and how to create your own website. A project manager will be assigned to help ensure that your branding process flows smoothly, as well as 5 separate coaching sessions.

DEA Black $20,000: This provides a ticket to the annual Mastermind retreat which includes meeting with Stewart and Jay the founders. This is a one-on-one mentoring type program that helps you dive deep into your goals and set targets for yourself for your own online business.

Who Is Digital Experts Academy For?

The Six Figure Mentors is more so for beginners just starting out. I wouldn’t suggest if you are new to affiliate marketing that you saddle yourself with the costs associated with being a member in Digital Experts Academy. The cost of the Six Figure Mentor program is at the top end of affiliate marketing training and the Digital Experts Academy program is in a league with a few other high ticket affiliate marketing offers.

Digital Experts Academy I feel is designed for people who have experience and feel they can sell a high priced product like DEA. It’s really hard to make a sale online at any level, move into the premium training space and tray and sell a $2500 offer never mind a $8,000 and $11000 offer and you really need to know affiliate marketing inside and out.

What Digital Experts Academy Does Well.

  • The training is good and it is honest, real training and resources to learn from;
  • The support offered through each membership level is sufficient, and you won’t feel left behind or not helped through-out;
  • Not only does it teach affiliate marketing, but DEA will help you in the area of personal development.

What Digital Experts Academy Could Do Better.

  • DEA is just plain expensive, no skirting around that topic;
  • Borderline MLM program, focus is on getting referrals and selling memberships in DEA
  • You have to join Six Figure Mentors and pay their membership fee in order to even start your Digital Experts Academy education. This results in a huge financial pressure on members.
  • Each membership level encourages you to advance to the next membership and an increased expenditure. In order to learn internet marketing from start to finish,
  • Much of the training you will get with DEA can be found elsewhere for a fraction of the cost so really you are buying in for the right to sell their product which is never a good idea in my opinion. Most Affiliated products have no fee to earn from so paying for the right to sell really goes against affiliate marketings core concept.

My Final Thoughts On Digital Experts Academy

If your goal is to become an affiliate marketer and sell and promote any goods you wish to then I don’t believe Digital Experts Academy is worth the high ticket price, you can learn affiliate marketing for a fraction of the cost on very good platforms that offer all the training, support and tools you will need to find success in affiliate marketing.

Unfortunately, as much as I respect the Digital Experts Academy for teaching things like personal development, and leadership skills, the crux of this offer is earning money online promoting DEA’s high ticket levels. If you think it will be easy to sell a $20,000 product to people think again. I personally can’t think of any affiliate marketing training that would cost $20,000.

My advice is, buy yourslef a good book on self help or read a few free articles on self help and get yourslef some inexpensive affiliate marketing training and you will have a great affiliate business at a fraction of the cost as you would getting your training through the Digital Experts Academy platform.

Do you know how much trust you need to build with a customer just to get them to break out their wallet period? It takes a lot of knowledge and commitment to sell anything online never mind a high priced ticket item.

Do you think you could be in the top 5% of Digital Experts Academy because that’s what it’s going to take for you to make any money promoting the DEA offer.

If you have any comments or questions please leave them below and I will get right back to you, cheers Mike.


How To Promote Your Business Online – Save Money Using This Method!

How To Promote Your Business Online – Save Money Using This Method!

I have decided to weigh in on “how to promote your business online” after reviewing so many training platforms that are asking  an arm and a leg for their training services. When you’re looking for ways on “how to promote your business online” there’s absolutely no reason to pay a fortune to accomplish this. There are many ways that you can promote your business online using free traffic methods that I will get into in this post.

I hope you enjoy this post on how to promote your business online and save money using free traffic methods. If you have any questions or comments, if you want one on one advice,  you can contact me through my “contact me page” and I will get back to you immediately, I don’t charge for any help or advice!

Enjoy my article and Have a great day.

How To Promote Your Business Online –  Where To Start?

As you search for ways to promote your business online effectively, You’ll find that there’re so many programs training platforms out there that want to charge you an arm and a leg for their services. There is absolutely no reason whatsoever to pay high training or support costs, this is a trap that so many fall into. To be more specific there is no reason to pay thousands of dollars for what is really simple step-by-step training that will allow you to promote any business or product online with effectiveness and best of all,  at a very low cost.

There are many of free methods and techniques that can be used to promote your business online, whether this business is a product you personally have created, or a MLM opportunity that you are struggling to get traffic to!

In this post I will show you the simple process that I personally use and teach others to utilize when they want to promote their business online. Learn how to drive thousands of visitors to your business/products with cost effectiveness. What business owner doesn’t want to cut costs and add that profit to their bottom line or add it back into growing your business.

 It All Starts With A Website

We’re going to start at the beginning which all starts with creating a website, gone are the days where this took considerable skill and was a very time consuming process. Technology has made building a website a streamlined step by step process that takes no skill set and very little time.  The website you are on right now was created using the same step by step format that you have access to for free. You can check out the program I used to create this website  for free here!  Better yet you can watch a video on how I created the main structure for this website in less than a minute.


Build A Website To Promote Your Business Online In Minutes

What Do You really Need To Promote Your Business Online?

If you spend any time searching the Internet for ways to effectively promote your business online you’re going to see so many  varying techniques pitched as the “ultimate way to drive traffic to your business online”. It’s really hard to discern what is real and what has been conjured up by some online entrepreneur looking to get rich off your needs.

Having a website to promote your business online is essential, there’s no debating this fact, it’s not short-term, it’s not a fad, it’s been around since the creation of the Internet,  it keeps working for the life of your business.

Many will tell you that Attraction Marketing is the way to go. Many will tell you that social marketing is the way to go. Many will tell you that email marketing is the way to go, and many will tell you that YouTube marketing is the way to go. How about if I told you this is all true, there is a but!!!

Each marketing technique has it’s advantages, but “not” when used on an individual basis. All of these marketing techniques produce optimum results when they are used in concert to make a very powerful marketing campaign for promoting your business or products online.

If you have done your homework you will see that the marketing techniques I mentioned previously can cost you a small fortune to learn and apply to the promotion of your business or products online. Don’t buy into the” pay more and you will get more” sales con. I am going to lay out for you how I learned and use all these techniques with very little or no cost at all to my business.  Check out this low cost training that will help you totally market your business online, it’s free to get started!

  What’s The Cost To Promote Your Business Online?

I am not going to B.S you and say it’s totally free to run an effective marketing campaign for your business online,  it will cost you something,  but definitely not the premium prices I have see thrown around by certain training platforms, plain and simple you are getting ripped off.  If you buy into the dark sides notion that you need to spend hundreds and even “thousands” of dollars to promote your business online, well then,  see you in a few months so I can say I told you so!

Honestly, at the most you should expect to pay $50 dollars a month or less to direct thousands of potential customers to your businesses door step . This includes all your training, as many websites as you need, hosting for your website,  any tools you need to market your products or business online, absolutely everything you need to promote your business online should cost you no more than $50 a month, even less.

 Small Details That Have A Huge Impact

Little things that have a huge impact on the branding of your business and give you that professional look can be found for free if you know where to look. For example,  you can create professional looking logos for your business or website using free services like Canva. Any logo that you see on this website I have created free at Canva. This is just one of many free services that you will learn to utilize through the training we are discussing today. Simple little things like this and will help complement the promotion of your business online.

Look at the call to action I created in under 5 minutes using Canvas platform. This stuff is easy to create and it’s free and can be used in Social media Campaigns such as on Facebook. You will learn how to promote your business sourcing out free tools and services that give your campaign a professional look without the high price tag, what are you waiting for click on the image below and check it out, it’s free to start!

Facebook ads, Twitter Ads, Pinterest ads,  Call to action buttons, these can all be made at Canva for free! ( I am not an affiliate for Canva). There are no up sells in the training I am recommending.

 Back To The Website Thing…

Once you have a functional website up and running your options to promote your business are unlimited. I am not talking about the websites like you will get when you join a MLM, those websites have very limited capabilities and to be honest are given to you to make you think you have something of value to make it easier to promote your business online. MLM offered websites serve very little purpose when it comes to getting traffic to your business, they are simply a landing page that will accommodate sales transactions or orders in most cases.

Here’s what you can do with a real website….

With a fully functional, optimized website,  you have a powerful tool at your disposal. You have the ability to create newsletters on your website that you can send out to potential clients that subscribe.  You can create email campaigns by capturing visitors emails that visit your website. You can engage in social marketing campaigns via your website.  You can Guest post on forums that are relative to your business and link back to your website and your offer, and you can create targeted content that will be indexed high in search engines such as Google,  bringing thousands of targeted visitors to your business. These are just a few examples of what you can do with a website,  but it all starts with a functional website. I like WordPress for its user friendly applications. WordPress websites also have thousands of plugins that can be installed with a click of a button adding graphics, charts, ratings, surveys and so much more.

 Using Your Website To Promote Your Business Online

Like I mentioned earlier, it all starts with a website, this is your home-base, this is where everything originates. All of our promotional and marketing will originate from your website. In the following paragraphs I am going to give you some quick examples on how  you can use your website to conduct a very effective marketing campaign that will draw thousands and thousands of visitors to your product/business quite easily and with a very low investment on your part.

Establishing A Brand Using Content Marketing

We’ve established that you need a website as your home base, a place where you can start marketing  your business to the internet public. Content marketing is a technique that is used to build the foundation for your website and the starting point for the marketing of your business online.

Creating content for your website is a very simple process and shouldn’t be something to back away from. Many newcomers to marketing online get a little freaked out with the prospect of writing content for their website, truth be known this is a very simple process that I have personally helped thousands of people with over the years. The platform I use to write content is called “site content” I wrote this very post using this simple writing platform. This platform guides you through every step of producing a high ranking post, oh, did I mention it’s free also!

Site content has pre done templates that allow you to add your paragraph titles, word counts, spell check, offers writing tips and so much more, all you do is fill in some of the subject matter.  As your business starts generating sales you can hire this work out and concentrate on other aspects of your business, I have two writers that work for me on various websites I own, this is me right now, lol! Content that you create on these templates is directly published on your website with a click of that green button.

This is an example of a basic template that I use everyday, just one of many you will have free access to…


Basic writing template


Keep this under your hat but, I actually use the enhanced dictation feature on my Mac, I am a two fingered bandit but with dictation I can write a post in minutes using dictation. I just speak into my computer and presto, it appears on my template. Do a little editing and I am done. Spell check and grammar check takes care of the rest, I suck at grammar and spelling! Note, don’t try and drink or eat while dictating, lots of editing if you do, trust me I know, lol.

 What Kind Of Content Should You Create?

No business is the same but you are still going to sell a product or a service. To promote your products or business in your content you need to come up with ideas to engage potential customers. For example, if you’re promoting Health and beauty products offered by a MLM like Forever Living, you might want to create a post on ‘repairing sun damage skin’ and link to your recommended product line for this. In many cases the MLM products that you are promoting will come with a lot of promotional literature, benefits, attributes such as no animal by products or testing results that you can leverage and simply spin it into your own words. I can think of quite a few topics that you could post and drive quite a bit of traffic your way.

  •  How to repair damaged hair
  • How to treat athletes foot
  • Get rid of wrinkles with this natural cream
  • Best lotion for a sunburn
  • How to treat an itchy scalp using this premium shampoo
  • Best multi vitamin for kids
  • Natural products for your skin – Forever Living Has you covered!

These are just a few topics but you get the drift. You will learn how to use a keyword tool the will spit out topics that have lots of traffic and very little competition that you can discuss in a post that will bring lots of traffic to your website.

Here’s a quick screen shot of a few searches I did when I was helping someone with their Health and beauty distributor business. Look at the traffic numbers for 1 month in the first column. These keyword phrases (topics) could be quickly discussed in a post and you could capture much of this traffic and even more! Over 1100 searches just for these 3 topics and you haven’t used all the marketing techniques that my #1 business promoting platform offers, your just scratching the surface when it comes to potential traffic to your business.   This keyword tool is also free with your membership!



I am using forever living as an example because I’m currently working with a lady that is a distributor for Forever Living products. Mercedes ( the ladies name, not a car) creates knowledge based posts, with my help,  around topics like the ones I mentioned earlier in this post.  Her goal is to write posts on a variety of Products Forever Living carries and how they will help you. Mercedes will also do product reviews which are great posts for converting traffic.

Product reviews target consumers at the right stage in the “buying cycle”. Your time is valuable and you need to focus on the segment of the internet that is ready to make a purchase,  there is no one more ready to buy than a person reading product reviews, all they need is a little nudge and some helpful information.

 Now That We Have Content What’s Next?

Don’t be content with creating a website and content, although content alone will generate lots of targeted traffic  you’re leaving thousands of visitors and potential sales on the table by not expanding your reach by implementing more marketing strategies.

Once you have started to developed content for your website the next thing you want to do is start to leverage that content. Once again this is all part of an easy step-by-step process that doesn’t take that long. So now that you have content on your website and you have people coming to your site following this content, you can now start engaging your visitors.

Have a look at the following headlines to get an idea of how you can maximize your engagement with the customers you have and create even more opportunities to draw more people to your website and business.

 How To promote Your Business online Using Social Marketing

Once you’ve created some informative content it really becomes a push button operation from here on.  To share your content with thousands of potential customers on various venues it’s a mere click of a button.

Take this post for example, when I finished creating this post all I did to share it with thousands of followers and potential followers is effortlessly achieved by simply clicking on the various social sharing icons at the bottom of this page.  I can click on any social icon that I’ve opened an account with, it’s that easy and takes no time at all!

You will want to open as many social sharing accounts as you possibly can, you want your content and business to be seen everywhere, on Facebook, on Twitter, On Pinterest, on Reddit, G+, LinkedIn. Sharing is as simple as clicking a button, and the nice part about sharing is it’s free! Actually this whole process of creating content and sharing the content is all free,  there’s  absolutely no reason to pay to have thousands And thousands of the visitors come to your business.

The nice part about sharing content that offers value is you won’t get banned from social platforms for sharing relevant and informative content.

 Using Email marketing To Promote Your Offers

Using email marketing to promote your product or service online is actually a very simple technique to use. Many think that you can just use email marketing on its own and see results, well you’re sadly mistaken.

Its pretty hard to “cold sell” someone into buying, it’s one thing to send someone an email promoting a product but when they go to your site they want to see credibility, they want to see your an authority, and they want to see informative content.

People just don’t open their wallet for anything, they need to feel a connection, they need to feel they’re in safe hands, and they need to feel that you’re an expert on the product that you’re selling. This is where using your content to leverage an email marketing campaign is critical.

Content is what brings people to your website, and from there we can put into play many techniques such as email marketing. To capture someone’s email address off your website you need to offer something of value that in most cases is free. You can offer any ebook that you have access to, you can offer your own newsletter that you created which is very simple to do with a WordPress website, or you can offer an automated alert that they subscribe to when you have new information or a new product or new service to offer.

Once you capture someone’s email address your options are endless. This becomes your direct link with your visitor.

Email marketing is promoted by many online as a discipline that requires a vast array of tools and gadgets such as landing page creators,  lead the page creators, tracking devices and so on. You really don’t need all this when you have a website. Many that promote email marketing services are affiliated with the tools and services they are pithing, they are getting a nice commission from promoting email marketing services that will end up adding to your monthly cost to operate your online business promotions, this is an unnecessary cost. There are inexpensive ways to engage in an email campaign by sourcing out email providers such as “Mail chimp” ( not an affiliate) which actually offers a free service for subscriptions under 2000 and allows you to send 12,ooo emails a month, feel it’s working for you and want to grow your list, simply upgrade when you can afford it, but yet again another free service saving you money!

 Using Forums To Promote Your business online

Using forums to promote you’re business online can be a very effective way to target people that have an interest in what you have to offer. I guest post in many forms, Quora is one particular forum that I use quite often. I literally get thousands and thousands of people viewing questions I have answered for other members and it’s all free press. I always make sure that I drop a link to what ever offer or website I am promoting at that time, this is absolutely free traffic!

There are many forums online you can participate in, reddit, stumbleUpon, LinkedIn, Quora, and many more. There’re forums on home renovations,  automotive forums, health related forms, book forums, sewing forums, really the list is endless.

Here are some of my numbers just from answering a few questions on Quora’s forum. All my answers have links to my products or online business, this is all free traffic. To be honest

 Lastly,  There Are Paid Traffic Sources

I know many outfits out there will pitch using paid traffic sources as a way to get targeted traffic to your business. If your new to the online game this isn’t something I would advise getting involved in until you have a really good understanding of where your traffic is coming from. Not only can this be an expensive endeavour but if not done properly you won’t see the optimum results you should see. You really need to understand your market as well as keyword usage if you are going to advertise on venues such as Facebook, Google, Bing, Yahoo or Twitter. I do recommend using paid traffic sources but not until you have a good foundation and have created a solid base and know exactly who your customers are and where your traffic is coming from.

Once you see the analytics from your content you will know where to focus your paid traffic resources. Did I mention Google Analytics is a free and valuable tool!

 I am Finally Done!

Yup, I have finally stopped blabbering. From reading the process I laid out for you in this post you might get the impression that there’s a lot to creating website and promoting a business, but it really is a simple step-by-step process and by the time you’re done you will have implemented an awesome and effective marketing strategy that will bring thousands of potential customers to your products doorstep on auto pilot for many years to come. The nice thing about this process is it allows you to focus on what’s important and that is growing your business not worrying about how you are drowning under all the financial pressure that needless gadgets and training will end up costing you!

It’s not hard, it’s not overly time-consuming, and it definitely doesn’t need to cost you an arm and a leg to promote your business online. If you have any questions at all regarding this post or promoting your business online,  feel free to contact me at anytime,  I’m more than happy to help you, free of charge of course.

Have a great day and thank you for stopping by.



Jaaxy Keyword Tool Review- How Does It Compare To Google’s Keyword Tool?

Jaaxy Keyword Tool Review- How Does It Compare To Google’s Keyword Tool?

This is going to be a quick comparison review of Wealthy Affiliates keyword tool called Jaaxy and the keyword tool supplied by Google.  Most would think that Google being an actual search engine would own the marketplace when it comes to providing the most accurate and resourceful keyword tool on the market so let’s find out, enjoy the read!

What spurred me on to write this post was one of my readers left a comment on an post I had written called “Wealthy Affiliate – The Ugly Truth”, they wanted me to write a comparison review, ( in plain English) lol,  I always strive to write in plain English due to the fact that it is my native tongue,  I do know my grammar leaves a little to be desired lol! Anyways here goes my best effort at a review in plain English.

I am not going to start this comparison on a point to point basis because and then change over to a more rambling style of comparison so I will start with cost….


Jaaxy cost: $19 month/ enterprise plan $49 a month

Google Keyword tool:  Free with a Google adwords account. A Google adwords account is a pay per click program that allows you to place ads on Google for cost, people click on your ads and you get charged a fee per ad clicked.

Obviously Google has it hands down with the FREE offer.

Language Parameters

Jaaxy: English Only

Google Keyword Tool: Offers the ability to change the way you see your Google adwords account by managing your language in your account set up.

User functionality

Although the Google Keyword tool has the advantage in the cost if you are a Google adwords member and also the edge in offering more language parameters I found the Jaaxy keyword tool to be much more user friendly. Navigation, keyword list building, expanding keyword relevancy and building keyword campaigns were much easier with Jaaxy than with Google’s keyword tool.

Much of Google’s keyword tool function revolves around its integration with Google adwords which makes the simple process of finding  building campaigns based on results found for keyword competition, monthly search stats, and filing keywords found by drilling down on related keywords not only more complicated but in many cases not possible inside the framework of Google’s keyword tool platform.

Instead of you doing the search and having the keyword tool offer up related keywords you are pigeon holed with Google’s Keyword tool into picking from categories unlike Jaaxy where you can simply punch in your search phrase or word and you are presented with many related results. Here is a 5 minutes in total search I did for a student that was looking into building a website on Organic Coffee, this person was looking for keywords to write blog posts on to help his site rank and offer his readers an authoritative experience at the same time , I quickly did a search and saved these keyword phrases to a file as shown in the first screenshot in one easy application. The second screenshot is what I stored in this file within that 5 minute period…

jaaxy coffee

jaaxy coffee results

Try Jaaxy Free Today

I quickly exported this list to my student and he had all the low competition reasonably decent monthly searched keyword phrases to start building his website’s content to achieve the desired rankings in Google.

Google’s Keyword tool doesn’t give you these seamless user functions. Your compiled keyword lists need to be managed outside Google’s keyword platform utilizing excel spreadsheets and external documents which really complicates the functional ease of finding and storing relevant keywords. Here is what you will find when you go to do a keyword search using Google’s keyword tool..

google keyword tool

Compare the above search to a search in Jaaxy below….

jaaxy comp

Simply type in any search phrase and you will not only get quick and accurate search results but as you can see on the left Jaaxy gives you many related terms that with a click unlock so many more keyword variations, ease and functionality that Google’s keyword tool doesn’t offer.

Get Your Free Jaaxy Trial Here

 Why Search results May Vary!

If you do a results comparison between Jaaxy and Google you will find some drastic differences in some cases due to the following reasons….

  • Google’s keyword tool is designed for use in Google’s search engine unlike Jaaxy that was designed to pull data from all search engines making it much more accurate when trying to rank in all search engine results.
  • Google’s keyword tool will use your browser information which will skew your findings if you don’t clear your browser before use in many cases.
  • Google’s keyword tool offers in many cases really obscure and irrelevant keyword search results do to the fact that it will go many pages deep pulling up keywords that have very little relevancy demonstrated by their low page ranking results whereas Jaaxy only uses the most relevant keyword search results.
  • Google’s keyword tool only gives you results based on broad suggestions breaking searches down into categories instead of using any word or phrase that you could possibly think of. Jaaxy on the other hand allows you to enter any word or phrase you can possibly think of and Jaaxy will automatically give you a ton of related keywords.
  • Google’s keyword tool is designed to go hand in hand with “Google adwords” a pay per click advertising platform that tends to complicate the tools application and user friendliness.

Jaaxy Offers A Few More Options

Jaaxy is completely integrated to allow you to use your keyword results to find available domain names related to your keyword search right there on the same screen with a click of a button, this function will also allow you to register a domain name through their venue quickly and with ease.

Alphabet soup method: Jaaxy offers what they call an Alphabet soup component where you pick a keyword term and hit the Alphabet soup icon and your keyword will automatically be preceded or followed by words starting with the letter A all the way to the letter Z, a quick example of this would be the organic coffee example, all I would do is enter that phrase push the Alphabet soup icon and watch Jaaxy deliver keyword results with combinations of words added to my keyword search such as, “organic coffee sold on Amazon” going right through relevant combinations using the alphabet saving you a ton of time in the process.

Video tutorial training included: Easy to follow step by step video training is included with Jaaxy explaining all the available functions and their applications.

This was just a quick comparison between Google’s keyword tool and Wealthy Affiliates keyword tool Jaaxy. I hope this review helps you find the keyword tool for your needs,  these are both very good keyword tools both offering  different options for your Internet marketing needs.