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Wealthy Affiliate – My #1 Recommendation

Wealthy Affiliate – My #1 Recommendation

When I first turned to the internet as a potential way to earn some extra income I never dreamed that my endeavours would lead to making a nice income with just a laptop and a little effort. Wealthy Affiliate is the platform that allowed a technically challenged guy like myself create an online business promoting products from scratch.

What I have found since joining Wealthy Affiliate and building my online business has been nothing short amazing. in this post I will lay out for you the benefits of a platform like what Wealthy Affiliate offers and how I went on to make thousands in affiliate commissions by utilizing WA’s Tools and training.

Here are few benefits that Wealthy Affiliates business building platform affords it’s members

Financial freedom that allows you to….

  • Spend more time with the kids or Grandkids
  • Travel as much as you like
  • Have a retirement income like no other
  • Quit your job
  • Live a lifestyle that you could only dream of
  • Spend More time doing what you want to, not what you have to, such as fishing!

Here are just a few things my business built with the help of Wealthy Affiliate has allowed me to do without any financial worries

Wealthy Affiliate Teaches You How To Drive Traffic To Products For Profit

All you need to make a great income from home using Wealthy Affiliates platform is access to the internet, a computer or tablet to work from.

Wealthy Affiliate gives you everything you need to direct traffic to online merchants products or your own product or offer.  If a sale is made from the traffic you send the online merchant, you make a commission. Commissions range from 4%-75% of the retail sale. On average, the typical commission I make is in the 45% range. You are in control of the commissions you make, don’t like the offer, move to the next online merchant. You are in the drivers seat, you are in demand and there is no sign of this demand slowing down any time soon.

There are thousands and thousands of online merchants that offer affiliate programs that you can partner up with. Some notable online merchants are Amazon, Rakuten, Wallmart, Lowes, Wayfair, Chapters/Indigo just to name a few. Your affiliate partnership options are unlimited.

If you want to find out what affiliate offers are out there for you, simply do a search including the phrase “affiliate program”. You learn all this in WA, but it’s nice to give it a try and see what commissions are out there for various online merchants products and services.

How Much Money Can You Make Using Wealthy Affiliate?

I could post my affiliate commissions and many others, but to be quite honest, anyone can buy false testimonials or make up phoney income claims, happens all to often. I would feel better, and I think you would also, if you could get access to success stories from the members themselves, live within Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate has a section where community members post their success stories. This is where you will see actual members discuss their success with other members in real time. If you like, take advantage of a truly free membership and ask members posting their success stories questions like, how they did it, how long it took, whatever you feel you would like to know. These are real people like myself that you can follow and ask what ever you like about Wealthy Affiliate and your opportunities.

This is just a small snippet of the success stories posted in WA’s community forum

Drive Traffic To Any Offer, Even Your Own!

When you learn how to participate as an affiliate you not only learn how to drive traffic to an online merchants offer, you also learn how to drive traffic to any offer, even a MLM or Network Marketing offer. There are no limits to how you can use your affiliate business and training. If your Network Marketing venture losses its allure, you will always have something to fall back on and still make a great income from home using your affiliate business.

Over the years I have helped a multitude of people participating in network marketing drive massive volumes of traffic to their network marketing products or services.

A Little About Myself?

At the time of this post I am 57. I have owned a few offline businesses in areas such as helicopter logging, landscape and excavation Businesses and I am also a journeyman meat cutter. All my business interests were fairly successful, but over the years my body started to say help. I was definitely ready for a change when I found Wealthy Affiliates online business building platform.

I love playing sports, hiking, fishing, traveling, craft beer and wine. I have a lovely wife and 3 grown children and two Grandchildren that I love spending time with. Since the creation of my online business I have had the luxury of  traveling extensively, fishing in some beautiful and remote regions of the world and spending more and more time with my family.

My wife and I frequently go on wine tours and love spending time just wandering the globe finding quaint little places to have a cocktail or a bite to eat. Traveling and camping with our kids and grandchildren is one of our favourite past times . My wife and I were just in Portugal this year for a month and last year we were in Malaysia for 3 months, off to Southern France in September of 2020. While my wife and I travel my online business is running, leaving us with zero financial pressure while we travel. Sound like a life you might enjoy?

Here’s How I Built A Thriving Online Business From The Ground Up

When I started building my online business I had very little experience online. I didn’t have the foggiest idea on how I was going to make money online, all I knew was, there seemed to be a lot of potential on the internet. I knew online shopping was growing year over year and I wanted a piece of the action.

With very little skill to start with, I have managed with the help of wealthy Affiliate and their community, to create multiple websites that I use to promote online merchants products. People search for these products/services on Google, Bing and Yahoo and come across my websites, read my posts and eventually click on my affiliate links. When you feel like you want to move on and work in another niche you can always sell your site for thousands of dollars, something I have done in the past.

A good site with decent traffic can fetch you $30,000 plus. A $30,000 plus site can be created in less than 6 months. Many that join Wealthy Affiliate learn how to build affiliate websites and flip them for a nice profit. You don’t need any prior experience to build these sites, I am a good example of this. I don’t make a habit of flipping websites because the earning potential of these sites are far better over the long run, but for many this is a great way to generate a nice living.

Here’s a look at how simple making money using WA really is….

You can follow this simple step by step process and make “LOT” of income,  or you can use WA’s platform to earn a nice part time income, it really depends on how much time and effort you want to put into your business. You can make $50 a day or $1000’s a day, there really is no limit to the income you can earn if you are willing to put in the time.

Fun Fact – You are not responsible for the products you promote, shipping or returns, and you don’t have to sell anything as an affiliate. You are simply a director of traffic.

 Wealthy Affiliate Offers Training Options For All Experience Levels

Here is a snapshot of Wealthy Affiliates training designed to help someone build their online business that has no experience.

Finish this simple 5 level course and you are well on your way to creating a longterm income from your online business. You won’t need any complicated or costly tools, you will have everything you need inside WA. The nice thing about Wealthy Affiliate is, you can earn as you learn, you are always building on your business which offers income potential at every stage of development.

You have nothing to lose and so much to gain by trying out a free starter membership at Wealthy Affiliate today.

You Will Have Plenty Of Support From Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate offers a multitude of support options based on your time restraints and needs. There is never a cost for support and you will never find yourself without answers or help.

  • One on one help from myself
  • One on one help from the owners of WA Kyle & Carson
  • 24/7 support desk, in house, not contracted out so they know their stuff
  • Live chat where you can get live help from expert affiliate marketers such as my self
  • Support from a community of over 400,000 members
  • 24/7 technical website support

 Here’s a screen shot of my profile and a small sample of how I work hand in hand step by step with members that Join WA to work with me!

Dillon signed up through this website and is now well on his way to creating a profitable online business that will provide Dillon and his family with a great income for many years to come.

What Will A Wealthy Affiliate Membership Cost You?

This is the sweet part, you don’t have to spend a single dime for WA’s free starter membership,  it’s absolutely free to get started building your online business at WA.

WA’s FREE starter membership signup requires no payment info of any kind, all that is needed is your email address to Start building your online business.

Wealthy Affiliate offers one other membership level which is their premium membership. If you want access to everything Wealthy Affiliate offers, the premium membership is what you want. Here are the premium membership options available…

I hope you got a sense through this post what a great opportunity Wealthy Affiliate offers it’s members. You can make a nice living using Wealthy Affiliates platform or take some of that financial pressure away by making a nice passive income in a matter of a few months. Wealthy Affiliate isn’t some fly by night outfit, WA has been around since 2005 and still going strong. If you are thinking about building a business with WA click on the link below and work exclusively with me.





Wealthy Affiliate: The Ugly Truth

Wealthy Affiliate: The Ugly Truth

You have probably seen tons of Wealthy Affiliate propaganda/scam reviews etc. If you are doing your due diligence, which you should be doing before you jump into any make money from home venture. Its pretty hard not to notice the abundance of Wealthy Affiliate scam reviews littering the internet,  don’t let the scam reviews alarm you or bias your opinion, these Scam reviews are simply titles created by bloggers to fool search engine ranking protocol rather than an assertion that Wealthy Affiliate or any other make money from home program is less than legit.

Now to my post “Wealthy Affiliate The Ugly Truth”, yes I am using a little SEO, Google trickery myself but there actually is a Wealthy Affiliate The Ugly Truth which I will explain in this article.

What’s Up With All The positive Wealthy Affiliate Reviews?

If you take the time to read all those Wealthy Affiliate Scam Reviews you will notice they all end up being pretty solid endorsements for Wealthy Affiliate as a work from home opportunity. Theres actually a good reason for all these glowing endorsements, Wealthy Affiliate is a solid work from home training platform that I myself have used to create a nice income from promoting products online.

Before you get your check book out there are a few things I feel you need to know that will go a long ways to helping ensure you have the best chance of finding success if you decide to go with Wealthy Affiliate. That’s right “best chance”, anyone who tells you there are any money making guarantees with any program, not just WA, are outright lying. Success online for the most part is 80% effort and 20% support and training, how can you guarantee that someone will put in the effort needed? You can’t!

Here we go,  enjoy my Wealthy Affiliate The Ugly Truth,  like always I welcome any questions or opinions you may have, I guarantee you will get an answer, look forward to hearing from you, enjoy the read!

The Good!

  • Great step by step training
  • Work at your own pace
  • Offers a free starter membership, absolutely no credit info is taken, just walk away if it’s not your thing.
  • Large membership ( 1 million plus)  with a lot of diverse experience and backgrounds that you can tap into as you work your way through the course material and build your online business.
  • WA offers members incentives to help fellow members, this is the backbone of their platform.
  • You can get answers to questions in minutes from a variety of support mechanisms such as the community, live chat and private messaging.
  • The largest volume and extensive affiliate training resources in one place on the internet.
  • Newly created websites are backed up daily, very secure.
  • Offer WordPress website building platform which has the ability to grow as your business grows. WordPress websites are portable.
  • all inclusive,  one monthly fee memberships, includes everything you need to operate a thriving online business for only $49 a month or for your best value, a $29 month membership if you sign up for a yearly membership.
  • Many forms of training options, video, text, webinars, tutorials
  • All tools are included in your $29 or $49 a month fee, as well as unlimited websites and hosting for your websites.
  • In house writing platform for those members that don’t feel comfortable writing their own content or who want to make some extra income writing for other WA members blogs. You can earn roughly $50 for a thousand word post that you write for another member.
  • Offer a hassle free learning environment, no up selling is allowed in Wealthy Affiliate, your monthly fee gets you everything WA has to offer
  • If you work and have limited time or time periods to work on your online business,  the program is very flexible and allows you to work your schedule around a full-time job
  • Great platform for the beginner, when I started with Wealthy Affiliate I couldn’t even send an email, now I make a great income promoting products online through WA’s training.
  • WA teaches proven marketing techniques that allow for making money online,  all that is needed is some effort and commitment from you.
  • Training can and has led to substantial income for members
  • Never physically hold or facilitate sales transactions, online merchants take care of this for you. Wealthy Affiliate teaches you how to promote your own business, MLM offer or virtually any online merchants offer for some pretty healthy commissions.
  • your services as an affiliate marketer are in demand with no sign of this slowing down as merchants clammer to get their products online and get maximum exposure.
  • Double digit growth for online merchant sales bodes well for affiliate marketers earning potential

The Ugly

  • Large membership, For the most part a massive membership would be considered a huge asset, but in the case of Wealthy Affiliate if not used wisely can lead to your demise. Socializing is a major issue on a platform like Wealthy Affiliate. Everyone is reaching out and if you’re not careful you will spend more time chatting than building a lucrative business.
  • Can easily get distracted with all the training options forgetting that time is money, your money. Stick to the course outline, it is step by step. WA has new training almost daily created by them or members, stay the course and you will be fine.
  • Some members have difficulty finding a profitable niche which is a critical step in your journey to build a profitable online business. You need to know that your mentor will be their with you at this critical time.
  • The community is your best tool inside WA, use it. Ask as many questions as you can, you will get answers in minutes or even seconds. As good as the community is, always ask your mentor, whoever you joined under, to give you a website critique and critique any content you have created. Many ask the community for help in this area and from what I have seen get not so good feedback. These areas I mentioned are critical to your success online. Do your home work when choosing a mentor to sign up under. They need to have the experience to help you in these areas. For example, I check every members websites I work with for a nice flow in the website theme they choose as well as how they set the site up for functionality. I also like to critique members first couple of posts to make sure their content is SEO friendly and resinates with their readers. Make sure your mentor will do this, if they don’t, find another one to join under.
  • Although the free membership is absolutely free and unlimited,  at some point you will need to go premium to get the maximum benefit fro WA’s training. Communication is cut off after 10 days under a free membership but you always have access to training and your websites. What I do with members who want to stay starter is have them work with me through this site as they work through the course material, I never leave people stranded with out help.
  • Members set too lofty of goals, you must be realistic when setting goals. As you achieve your goals check them off and set new ones,  that way you have a sense of accomplishment, not disappointment.
  • Some members read other members accomplishments, some good and some bad, but what you need to understand is you are in control of your success and you can’t gage your expectations based on what others do, stay focused on your goals, not what another member views as success.
  • Members underestimate the commitment needed to find success which ultimately leads to failure.
  • This one really gets me, I see so many members are paying for optional tools and services outside of WA which is an absolute waste of money. In many cases adding extra costs when you are just starting out proves to be the downfall of a members money making aspirations for the simple reason they buckle or fold under the financial pressure they have put themselves under. Keep your costs as low as possible. I only use free tools and services on top of my WA membership. You can find all these free tools through WA.
  • Like any offer there are affiliates that tend to understate the work or financial commitment and overstate the money making attributes of the program

There are many obstacles to navigate as you build your online business with Wealthy Affiliate, it’s not some slam dunk type of deal but it is the best deal I have seen after doing hundreds of program reviews.

My Parting Words Of Advice!

Wealthy Affiliate is a very credible make money from home training program that many have used to create an unbelievable lifestyle, myself included. I feel its at least worth taking the chance on a free membership.

I have personally helped many members go on to very lucrative careers promoting a variety of products and services online with the help of Wealthy Affiliates training platform, bottom line is it works! Yes, there are some downsides to WA’s program, like all work from home offers. The reality of learning how to make a living online or a nice passive income is there is no such thing as a perfect system, they all have their challenges.  All you need is a little help inside WA from a quality mentor and you will be well on your way.

I welcome any questions or comments. If you are looking for any help or want to run any work from home programs by me please don’t hesitate, my help is FREE! Have a good one Mike

Shaw Academy; Offers Blogging & Content Marketing Course And More

Shaw Academy; Offers Blogging & Content Marketing Course And More


If you’re looking for an inexpensive way to gain an education without having to go to university, Shaw Academy could be the right fit for you. However, you’re probably wondering if the atmosphere and quality of training is good enough to allow you to actually get something of value out of Shaw Academies learning platform?

Although quite new to the education delivery industry, Adrian Murphy and James Egan of Shaw Academy have served notice that they are well-equipped to not only participate, but thrive in the online university arena. Offering over 50 courses’, covering a total of 10 different topics doesn’t make Shaw Academy a big player but as you read through this Shaw Academy review you will see they offer some unique features that ensure students will have a positive learning experience.

The Academy offers courses’ in areas such as professional development, notably blogging & content marketing, one of my personal favorites. The Academy also offers courses’ geared towards extra-curricular Image result for shaw academyactivities as well as personal development with more courses’ to come.

Enjoy my review, I look forward to your thoughts and any questions you may have. Your opinion is always valued, cheers Mike.

The What, Where’s And When’s Of Shaw Academy

Shaw Academy is an online education provider based in Dublin, Ireland. The Academy offers live and interactive online courses’ that include subjects such as photography, Financial Trading, Nutrition, and blogging & content marketing.

The Two founders Adrian and James established Shaw Academy in 2013, and have quickly found success. In January 2016, Shaw Academy was teaching roughly 55,000 new students. By November of that same year Shaw Academy was teaching over 400,000 students. Fast forward, Shaw Academy is currently teaching well over 1.84 million students, quite a meteoric rise and the reason that motivated me to start digging to see what is making them so successful.

Shaw Academy focuses it’s training on live online teachings combined with personal support. Recently, Shaw Academy launched its own personalized educational platform called Phoenix which allows students to receive a combination of live and online delivery more simultaneously than ever before!

Shaw Academy is really focused on their mission statement which includes:

  • Changing billions of lives by providing great education accessibility and affordability to everyone;
  • To re skill and up skill the world;
  • Make continuous learning a part of life;
  • Make personalized education accessible to all;
  • Focus on interactive education because it is engaging and better for learning.

At this time, Shaw Academy provides more than 50 online interactive courses’, in 5 different languages, covering 10 different subjects.

About The Shaw Academy Affiliate Program

You do have the option of joining Shaw Academies affiliate program and earn commissions from promoting their courses’ earning some decent commissions in the process.

In addition to receiving commissions with Shaw Academies affiliate program, you’ll have access to 95 – 98% off of your own courses’ you take through Shaw Academy. All fulfillment details such as order processing, shipment, billing and support is taken care of by Shaw Academy, allowing you more time to focus on promoting their products.

Banners, links and tracking is offered to help market their course line up and Shaw Academy claims to be committed to ensuring you start to make immediate revenue.

Because they have such a wide variety of courses’ to choose from, as well as skill levels, the audience you’re selling to is much larger.

My #1 Course For Learning How To Build A Profitable Blog!

How To Get Started Today/Cost

Its completely free to join the Shaw Academy affiliate courses’, and you are eligible to receive commissions immediately.

After hovering your mouse over the “Partners” page tab on the top of the Shaw Academy website, you’ll notice two icons drop down, one being “affiliates”.

From there you can “Join Now”, which will give you access to the “Dashboard” where you can track your clicks, sales and other affiliates. You can also find banners, affiliate links, and other marketing tools for use on your website, blog or forum.

Learn how to Effectively promote Shaw Academy courses’ off your free website Here!

The commission on sales of courses’ begins at 40%, and as mentioned earlier, courses’ are discounted for affiliates of up to 95 – 98% depending on the course.
Affiliates are paid on the 15th day of every month based on sales made in the previous month. You’ll be paid out when your account reaches a pre-set threshold (usually $100).

You also earn commission on any course you purchase yourself which is very unusual in the land of affiliate marketing.

What If I just Want To Take Some Training/Courses?

As a regular member you get 1 free introductory course, which gives you 30 days of access to an interactive course. It’s extremely easy to complete the enrolment form on the Shaw Academy website, simply select the course you want from the drop down of subjects and select “Enrol Now”, that’s it!

After the 30 days, if you haven’t completed the course, or would like to continue to do more advanced courses’, OR would like to try a different course and subject, you’ll pay $69/month for access to all courses’ that Shaw Academy offers and much more.

Although you may complete a course for free in the introductory 30-day trial, you will not receive an e-diploma or have the same engagement as you would if you had enrolled under a “premium” monthly membership.

Each course has a course description, course reviews, and a complete course breakdown to view before enrolling in a class.

What Is The Training Like If You Decide To Enroll with Shaw Academy?

When you sign up you don’t actually get to start right then and there.

Each course is offered live at a specific time and day. Because the classes are live, there are set times periods for the course to start and end. However, when signing up you get to decided what time slot suits you best. Although for some live training can be a good thing offerring personal interaction and that one on one training that so many thrive under, but for others that have a busy or demanding lifestyle, having to work your training into your schedule can be quite challenging. You will need to take the demands of your job/household into consideration before you decide to enroll.

The courses’ delivery times vary, but they usually run twice a week for a month, giving you roughly 6 – 10 lessons to work through in a month. This is highly dependent on the advanced level of your chosen course and the depth of the subject matter covered.

The course delivery model allows you to view and replay a course if you are unable to attend, however, you eliminate the ability to be interactive with the instructor and class (I.E asking questions, sharing ideas’ etc.).

Each week you can expect a practice test in order to test your comprehension. At the end of each course you have a few weeks to complete a final exam.

Some, if not all, of the courses’ come with bonuses that include tools and different materials to help you achieve a desirable result (pass) lol. For example, the nutrition course offers instructional aids such as meal planners, recipe cards etc.

The introductory courses’ are very much for beginners, and not in my opinion recommended for someone who has a basic understanding in the subject they are enrolling in.

Who Is Shaw Academy Best Suited For (Courses/Affiliates)

Shaw Academy has one of the most basic, done for you, affiliate programs that I have seen in some time, you simply up sell, promote and take in the cash. Not saying it would be simple task for a beginner with no affiliate marketing experience, and so Shaw Academy does suggest their affiliate program for someone who has a website, blog, forum access, is managing an email list, and/or particpates in social media with high traffic or followers.

Shaw Academy will not have training on how to build your own website or blog for affiliate marketing. Although they will have web design courses’ to take.

Check Out The Program That Gave Me The Skills To Start Making Money Online Promoting Products.

What People Are Saying About Shaw Academy…

Ok this is where my, so far positive, Shaw Academy review takes a bit of a “right turn Clyde”.

I will be honest and say that I did sign up as a Shaw Academy affiliate but not without some reservations. I like the fact that Shaw Academy’s low cost offering has obviously had a mass appeal judging by the skyrocketing membership numbers.

Here’s the but!

The but is, when I do a review I don’t just look at my own experience but the experience of others to come to my conclusions. What a number of past and current members are saying about Shaw Academy’s program offers a different perspective than my experience with Shaw Academy.

I have read a few complaints of “not so live training”, some members state that some of their live training has actually looked taped with dates showing up in live training sessions appeared to be days old. One example was a screen shot of a facebook lesson that had an instructor supposedly putting on a live class and the facebook page was 2 days old.

I read complaints from members regarding billing issues, not being able to access their training, support was non – existent for some people and getting a hard copy of their diploma was hard to get.

Keep in mind Shaw Academy does have over a million and a half students so there are going to be some issue especially taking into consideration their rapid growth.

On the other end of the spectrum once I sifted through all the” positive affiliate reviews” I have read many good comments about current and past members experiences ranging from, great program delivery to quality of training. If you read this post and it looks older then I would hope that shaw Academy has solved any of its growth issues.

What I Feel Shaw Academy Does very well!

  • Offers free introductory course for 30 days to try;
  • Has different levels for each diploma offered;
  • Affiliate program is good;
  • Free to become an affiliate;
  • Affiliates get almost 100% off of courses’ they take;
  • Over 50 courses’ across 10 different subjects;
  • Courses are internationally approved and EQF accredited.

What Could Be Better…

  • Courses/Diplomas do not hold as much merit as a regular college or University course would;
  • Because courses’ are based on interaction, and are live, you must work around the course schedule;
  • Looks like they may be experiencing a few growing pains by the number of complaints.


After completely reviewing, signing up and trying some courses’, I do believe that Shaw Academy is worth investing some time and money into, it’s a credible program.

The company is less than 5 years old but has achieved quite a bit in that short period of time. Shaw Academy has done an excellent job of establishing a solid reputation as a learning platform for people looking to save a few bucks and still receive a quality education.

The education is interactive, engaging.

Although the courses’ are not university or college degrees, the learning achieved through Shaw Academy is beneficial to those who take the courses’. They are inexpensive, and easy to try on a trial basis. Few hiccups with relation to growing so fast and I don’t feel the blogging course goes deep enough into the actual monetization of a blog ( how to make money with your blog).

Check Out The Program That Helped Me Create This Blog And Many Others!

The affiliate program is extremely easy to use and for an experienced affiliate marketer offer some really great commission opportunities.



Human Proof Designs’ Done For You Niche Affiliate Websites : Full Review

Human Proof Designs’ Done For You Niche Affiliate Websites : Full Review

I have been reviewing make money from home programs for quite a few years now and it seems like I have been giving quite a few programs my stamp of approval lately. After an in depth Human Proof Designs review I have to say this program is one of the coolest programs I have reviewed in some time. As an affiliate marketer I found myself salivating over some of the features that Dom Wells ( owner of HDS) and his crew have incorporated into his Human Proof Designs offer, from pre built niche WordPress websites to custom written content for your website, the list goes on!

Enjoy my Human Proof Designs review and like always I welcome your opinions, comments and any questions you may have, cheers Mike.

Having A Hard Time Getting Into The Affiliate Marketing Game?

Let’s face it, life is busy for the majority of us, and affiliate marketing takes time and expertise to be successful. Human Proof designs is a brilliant concept that I wish I would have thought of myself. HDS is looking to appeal to time strapped or struggling affiliates looking to excel in a lucrative affiliate marketing industry. If you have the money, a lot of money, HDS offers everything you will need to get an affiliate business off the ground, actually, you will be more than just off the ground with what HDS has to offer, you will be instantly in the game and ready to start making money!

What Does Human Proof Designs Offer An Aspiring Or Struggling Affiliate?

HDS offers a host of services and tools that will help any affiliate needing that leg up on their competitors. Here are a few “done for you” services that will make an affiliates life easier and possibly their bank account bigger, that is after you have paid your HDS bill!

Done For You Fully Optimized Affiliate Niche Websites, starter or premium packages ranging from $998-$1298

  • profitable niche sites built for you
  • Extensive Keyword Research goes into every site
  • Guaranteed 100% Original Content
  • On-Page SEO
  • Unique content and design and never re-produced
  • Done for you websites, choose from Starter or premium packages

Have a closer look at Human Proof Designs Websites here!

Along with tons of ready made quality niche websites like you see to your right, Human Proof Designs also offers ebook writing services where they can produce an ebook to your liking within 14 days. You can choose a topic or they will pick a topic related to your niche.

writing services, Only $199

  • Convincing, straightforward content
  • Well-researched and accurate information
  • 8 professional photos relevant to your topic
  • 100% Original
  • Correct grammar and no spelling mistakes
  • Unlimited revisions until you are satisfied with their product
  • 3000 word minimum

Content Writing Services

Human Proof Designs offers a few content creation services…

Monthly Article Subscription Service, $89-$464 month

  • Premium quality articles.
  • Fully optimized, every article is search engine ready.
  • Proofread, edited, no filler.
  • Unique, no article is the same
  • Completely automated service, includes researching topic, editing and links built in delivered to you and published on your site.
  • 2000-8000 keyword researched posts

Have A Closer Look At Content Packages Here!

Article Packs,from $89-$279 per month

  • You choose from 8,000,16,000 and 20,000 word packs
  • Posted directly to your site on a schedule that is search engine friendly
  • Keyword researched
  • professional stock photos
  • Edited, uploaded, and formatted
  • 1000 word articles
  • Less than $50 an article which is a great price for quality SEO friendly content
  • Native English

Are you like me and have the time to learn yourself and want to save a pile of money, all you need is a platform to provide the tools and training all in one convenient place with lots of support?

Check out the program that gave Dom and myself the tools and knowledge to build money making websites and create content that ranks, click here!

Pbn link building services $159-$399 month

Scratching your head on how and where to put your links to drive targeted traffic to your site, this service does all that for you.

  • Private Network links
  • quality articles with relevant links built in
  • Anchor text advice

Amazon Affiliate Training Course $7

This is by far the best thing I liked about the Human Proof Designs program because it’s the least expensive thing you will find, an Amazon affiliate training course. If you don’t do anything with HDS I would strongly suggest if you are looking at flipping products on amazon you can’t beat the value and the priceless training you will get with this course. I had a quick peek at this Amazon affiliate training course and from an experienced affiliate marketers standpoint all I can say is you got to try it out, lots of great training, great tips and valuable information that will help you succeed with Amazon!

Is Human Proof Designs The Right Program For You?

Let’s be honest, not everyone has the kind of doe to throw around for HDS services,  but everything I looked at that Human Proof Designs offers is of pretty good quality but their sites don’t come with Guarantees,  so you could see yourself throwing away a considerable amount of cash in a heartbeat if you don’t know how you utilize your new site. There’s lot to finding success as an affiliate marketer and thinking you can buy yourself into affiliate marketing is a huge mistake. You need to have a really good understanding of affiliate marketing to make use of any built for you services.







Udemy Scam- Or Just Poor Internet Marketing training?

Udemy Scam- Or Just Poor Internet Marketing training?

udemy 1

What Is Udemy?

Udemy was launched in 2010 so as the Internet world  goes it’s been around for a while. Udemy is a video based tutorial platform that offers a variety of material covering a broad range of topics. Udemy outsources all of it’s material in other words it pays people on a commission basis to produce video tutorials which the providers set the price for their services and Udemy and the providers split the proceeds.

 Cost For Internet Marketing Training at Udemy?

Unfortunately the answer to the question of “what Internet Marketing training will cost you at Udemy” is not that simple. The courses I took varied from $15- $99.  There are many great individual courses offered at Udemy which vary in cost from free to $499 in the Internet marketing category.

udemy course page

 What I Didn’t Like About Udemy

One of the hang ups with learning Internet marketing at Udemy is consistency in products offered.  Quality of content, support and delivery may vary drastically,  you might get a well delivered course by a real pro or you might get a dud that’s the downside of training offered at Udemy. You’re on your own at Udemy when it comes to planning out the courses you will need to start building an online presence. There is no chronological order you can follow, it’s basically a game of “pin the tail on the Donkey”, I knew what I was looking for but a newcomer to online marketing may find themselves stumbling around for some systematic pattern to follow, some step by step guide that would bring them from one discipline to the next, that isn’t going to happen at Udemy.

I can say from experience, you can’t find success at Internet marketing taking random courses. You need to have a step by step guide that you can follow, if you’re learning techniques that are intended to be applied in a specific order as basic Internet marketing training techniques are, then these techniques won’t make sense to you if taken randomly, it’s the old adage, “don’t put the cart before the horse” at Udemy I feel there is a great chance of this happening.

I talk to many people through this website that have joined programs and still struggle to make sense out of Internet Marketing,  the reason for this is you need to start from the very beginning and build out your skill level until all the pieces of the puzzle fit together and you achieve that ah,ha moment.

Do The Internet Marketing Courses At Udemy Have Value?udemy course layout

You can’t paint all the Internet Marketing courses at Udemy with the same brush,  I found individual components of some courses were presented in a user friendly format with some very useful content.
In one course that I critiqued the instructor offered some very detailed instruction on choosing a domain name ( website name) and the importance of choosing a niche specific domain name. The instructor also made reference to  Namecheap as an option for a domain registry, accompanied by a very thorough explanation into why Namecheap would be his #1 choice and in my opinion he was bang on, he also went on to explain the importance of keeping the domain registrar and hosting separate, of which I agree is also important.

Building out a wordpress website was another very good module in the Internet marketing course that I enrolled in. The fact that the presenter recommends using a WordPress site was a good sign for me, the instructor went on to demonstrate a proficient ability to communicate in detail the setup process for a  Wordpress site.  Wordpress sites are known for their user friendly applications,  set up a free WordPress site in less than 30 minutes. There is a volume of content in Udemy when it comes to learning Internet marketing,  the problem I found was sifting through the material and determining what was useful and what wasn’t. You have to remember I make money online so I can tell the difference between the useful training and the training that will waste time and potentially money.

Here are a few examples of material that I found in various Internet marketing courses offered at Udemy that I was not impressed with.

The promotion of Squidoo lenses as a traffic generating and sales generating venue is absolutely obsolete and is not a method to generate sales in this day and age, they’re actually closing squidoo down do to the bad rankings Google has imposed on Squidoo, that’s what poor content will do to you!

Backlinking was encouraged and promoted for traffic generation, which is an absolute no, no!

Software purchases were pushed as essential for running an online business which in my opinion is totally inaccurate, all you need to run a successful online campaign is some training and access to WordPress sites, you will find with a WordPress site that you have all the plugins ( accessories)  you need to offer viewers a positive experience, and generate sales.

The use of Weebly for providing website templates for online business applications in my opinion is a mistake, I personally reviewed Weebly’s website builder  ,  although I think it is good for the novice or hobbyist, I don’t feel It has the capacity to evolve as your online business grows. Plugins for Weebly sites were very limited in comparison to a WordPress site, with a WordPress site you have access to 1000’s of plugin options that are regularly  updated and added to,  giving your website multiple options to improve and grow with your needs, I can’t say the same for Weebly sites.

 What’s Up With The Course Rating System At Udemy?

The course rating system at Udemy is suspect to say the least, I participated in a course based on a 4/5 star rating which in hindsight makes me scratch my head and ask the question, How in the hell did that course get a 4/5 rating? It was just a quick $9 course that offered ” how to generate $500-$1000 monthly” which I found to be a total bust in my opinion. The course was salesy and had what I consider the typical “scam tactics” that I dislike so much, even the course cost was pitched as get in at $9 going up to $45 at the end of the month, scammy sales tactic to get you to act now.

After I was done with the head scratching I had a quick look at the various courses and how the achieved their rankings. It turns out if you only have two members give a review the course can still achieve a 5/5 rating, the course I took had over 2500 participants of which only two reviews were given, one said the course was good the other said a waste of time which for some odd reason equated to a ranking of 4/5, I don’t know,  I do the math and that tells me it should be 2.5/ 5 stars!

Support For Your Training At Udemy?

Support is undeniably in my opinion the most critical component to finding success in Internet marketing field. I found support to be inconsistent during my training experience at Udemy. One course had a small Facebook group of roughly 3000 that you could join to get help from fellow participants,  but other than that you were dead in the water if you had difficulties grasping the material.

You’re saying to yourself 3000 people isn’t bad! I am used to having access to roughly 300,000 people of all experience levels where through live chat I can get immediate answers to questions I may have. The key isn’t only the 3000 members compared to 300,000,  it’s also the experience level, I have access to Internet marketers that are making money and still honing their skills, that’s something you won’t find in a facebook group of 3000 newbies!


Obviously Udemy isn’t a scam,  used properly Udemy is a great resource if want to get some knowledge on topics such as SEO or formatting a website or used as a tool to gain the basic knowledge of how Internet Marketing works,  used in this manner I feel Udemy is a great resource. Search for some inexpensive or free Internet Marketing courses and go to work on them,  it will give you a good idea of what is involved in the world of online marketing,  it beats the alternative of  finding some snake oil salesman selling his proven money making system which there are many of!

Udemy is credible and they offer some very good course content if you can find it.  The standard of training is mixed leaving you with a less than optimum learning experience in some cases. Support within Udemy sponsored Internet marketing training programs depended solely on the teaching skills and the ability of the instructor to communicate effectively in their chosen topic, just because a person excels in a particular field doesn’t always make them the best teacher.






Tips for Writing Awesome Website Content That Ranks!

Tips for Writing Awesome Website Content That Ranks!

writingDo you want to have a successful website? Follow these simple tips for writing website content and you will be well on your way to generating high traffic and a loyal following.

What is the importance of writing quality website content? Website content is the backbone of your online business. If you don’t have easy to read meaningful website content then you will not keep people coming back for more!

Here are a few tips for writing website content.

Read More Read More

Solo Build It Review – Scam Or Real Opportunity

Solo Build It Review – Scam Or Real Opportunity

Cost: $299/yr OR $29.99/m

Founder: Ken Evoy

Established: 1997 (under different names – most commonly Site Build It)


Solo Build it is a step-by-step online website building and training platform designed to help you build an online business.

  • How good is the training?
  • Is it worth the money?
  • Will this program meet your long term needs?
  • Will it actually help you generate online income?

These are all questions you will get answers to in this Solo Build It review.

Everyone and their dog is pitching some type of make money online program that is the best thing since sliced bread, but in reality, generating online income and building a long term online business takes time and a lot of quality support and training. Having a good training program, a community of support, and ongoing learning platform that evolves with the changing environment is critical to your success online, these are the qualities that I will be looking for in Solo Build It.

Join me in taking a look at Solo Build It and like always I welcome any feedback, comments, opinions and any questions you may have on this review or money making questions in general. I value your opinion and look forward to hearing your perspective, enjoy the read and best of luck in you future endeavours, cheers Mike.

Peeling Back The Layers of Solo Build It

Solo Build It is an online membership site that provides tools and training that are needed to help you create your very own income generating website. SBI provides training that will take a website to what is called the authority level.

What’s an authority website?

An authority website is a website that offers a long term high profile presence online. When you create an authority website you are in it for the long haul and your goal is to become an authority in your chosen niche, a place where people turn for informative information on a topic or group of topics, which in the blogging world is called a niche.

SBI offers some really specific training on its platform that will help you create engaging and relative content that will not only please your audience but please the search engines at the same time, this is a balance that is necessary to getting traffic to your site and ultimately to your offers.

I know this sounds like a lot of work but really it can be a hell of a lot of fun in the process, especially if you have an interest in your chosen niche. If you want to learn more about creating authoritative content check out a post I wrote some time ago on how to create authoritative content.

Ken Evoy is the Founder and COB of Solo Build It. Here’s a little trivia for you, Ken Envoy in the 1990s was a prominent figure in the toy industry. Ken saw an opportunity in the online money making business and leveraged his experiences in the toy business to help create what is now known as SiteSell Inc, (Solo Build It).

Solo Build It was designed to provide Solo Build It or Solopreneurs everything they could possibly need to create a thriving online business that revolves around the use of a website as their main money making tool.

Solo Build It offers components on its platform ranging from a brainstorm it v4.0 keyword tool, site design functions such as fully responsive website templates, Action guide which provides you with a step by step plan that will guide you through from start to finish the necessary steps to bring your business to life. Solo Build It also offers integration for autoresponders such as Mail chimp and Aweber.

Having gone through a few different names since conception in 1997, Solo Build It was first referred to as SiteSell Inc, and then Site Build It, and now Solo Build It, good thing it’s an online business I would hate to have to change their decor, lol.

How Does Solo Build It Work?

Solo Build It follows a system or process that they refer to as CTPM which stands for Content, Traffic, Pre-sale, Monetize.

The idea behind CTPM is to help you focus in on the niche you want for your website, building out that website, and creating content with what they call a Block Builder, now referred to as “Site Designer” to maximize your reach within that niche. Through CTPM, you’ll learn to attract traffic and build relationships with your audience.

If you have had any experience within affiliate marketing you will understand the importance of creating lasting relationships with your customers, clients and audience.

Once you build an authority site and establish your authority or demonstrate your expertise in your niche then comes the opportunity to monetize your site.

Solo Build It will host your site, show you how to pick and purchase a domain, and how to set your site up from start to finish.

Who is Solo Build It Best Suited For?

Solo Build It was designed for people who are just starting out in internet marketing/affiliate marketing. The training supplied by Solo Build is step-by-step, and pretty easy to understand.

For someone with experience within internet Marketing, you may find SBI training a little repetitive and it may seem pretty basic, because it is but it does suit beginners who need more of a paint by numbers type of venue. Reading a lot of the discussion inside SBI there are many that like this type of business model and works just fine for them.

What Kind Of Training Does Solo Build It Offer?

Training within Solo Build It is covered off with in the “Action Guide”.  The action guide includes written guides, audio and video that has been broken down into 10 days but there is no time frame to completing the training.

The training provided will allow you to build the foundation for your online business, while helping you to understand your audience.

Your training will touch on topics such as:

  • Brainstorming profitable topics and finding a good niche topic for your site;
  • Learn to monetize your site and the process behind that;
  • Learn how to find a site concept and register a domain name for your site;
  • Begin to build out your site to get traffic;
  • Build free traffic from a variety of sources;
  • Build relationships with youraudience and future customers;
  • Understand your audience and visitors.

Tools Offered Through Solo Build It

Solo Build It offers quite a few tools that are specifically designed to help their membership .

One of the tools that Solo Build offers is what is referred to as the “:Brainstorm It”  keyword tool which offers the user many functions such as

  • Find potential niche topics
  • Import numbers from Google Adwords
  • “Keyword value”  Finds pages on your site that you can tweak to improve traffic. Identifies keywords that you can use in posts, which keywords you can incorporate in your posts that will increase your traffic.
  • SiteBuilder,  a tool that helps with the creation of your website.
  • Socialize It is a social media sharing button creator. This tool helps you create buttons on your posts and web page, encouraging folks to share your posts. Not only does this expand your audience reach, but it encourages conversation on your posts. 
  • Mobilize It helps keep your website mobile friendly. More and more people are reverting to using their smart phones for absolutely everything. Because of this, many people will pass over a web page that is unreadable. This tool prevents that.
  • Content 2.0 is a unique tool to Solo Build It. This is a tool that allows visitors to actually post their own stories or content on your website, including pictures. This means that your visitors are actually creating the content for you! 


Regarding support offered, it is limited to a Community Forum that people use to post topics for discussion, questions, and answers. SBI does have a support desk to also help with any questions you can’t get answers to I their forum.

What People Are Saying About Solo Build It

To be honest it seems split down the middle, there are some real haters of the SBI platform and some real lovers of the program and I am not here to take sides just state what I have read and heard while researching SBI.

Some concerns voiced by past and present SBI users – Some people say the program is to limited or simplistic, there is no room to grow!

Another glaring complaint I see from Solo Build past and present members is the lack of people skills demonstrated by the owner Ken Evoy. From what members have said Ken has a way of going on a few rants when it comes to defending his platform from critiques or people who haven’t found success using his platform, also members that don’t agree with his opinion seem to be targets for his rants.

In addition, it seems the community forum at times is used to “show up” other people rather than as a supportive resource.

On the other end of the spectrum SBI does have its supporters and quite a few testimonials from people who have had some decent success using SBI’s platform. I personally viewed quite a few sites that looked very nice and were in some pretty unique niches so I would say if these sites are any example the system does work!

What I Like About Solo Build It

  • All in one system for building a website and starting your online business;
  • A nice compliment of tools to utilize such as Brainstorm it and content creator;
  • Generous 90-day-money back guarantee;
  • Training offered in both text and videos format;
  • Community Forum for support.

What I Felt Could Be Better

  • No free option without paying;
  • Membership only allows you to build one website.
  • Don’t actually own your site, not portable;
  • Constructive communication with the owner seems non – existent.
  • If your site is receiving over 500 visitors a day, you’re required to pay extra for a premium upgrade. This seems backwards to me, 500 visitors a day is what you pretty well need to effectively monetize a website.
  • Geared towards beginners, it’s hard to grow past their training.


Overall I do believe the training offered in this program is quite good and you do have a good chance of building a profitable business with an authority website.

The biggest reservation I have with using SBI for your online business is you ultimately are not in control of your destiny. All you really own is your domain name ( website name), the ultimate control of your website lies with SBI. If SBI wants to up their membership fees or put in any type of controls or limitations you are at their mercy. You can do all the comparisons on what platform is best and all that but in the end when your business grows and is profitable I would like to know I have complete control. If you are ok with not having control then this is a good program that I feel does offer value.

Learn more about Solo Build It Here!

Solo Build It does offer an alternative that may be a good solution to keeping control of your website and that’s called” Solo Build It for WP” What Solo Build It for WP allows you  do is use a WordPress website like I use with your own hosting so you maintain complete control of your website but get the advantage of using SBI’s training and tools, this to me seems like a pretty decent offer at $149/ yearly or $17/ month.

Learn More about Solo Build It For WordPress Here!


What’s The Future For Facebook Marketing

What’s The Future For Facebook Marketing

Well, if you were reading the news today Facebook shares plunged and Twitter stocks surged as Facebook announced it was doing a major overall of its Facebook Marketing platform namely its Facebook news feed.

If you are one of those small Facebook marketers trying to plug your business in Facebooks Newsfeed then you might be feeling a little jittery right about now. If you have put all your marketing eggs or marketing budget in the Facebook Marketing basket I think you may be in for a wild and uncertain ride in regard to your future Marketing Campaigns on Facebooks platform!

Chances are you won’t be needing this anymore

I am not going to tell you I told you so, well, yes I am! Personally I haven’t invested much time or money on Facebook advertising because I always thought the bottom was going to fall out and I was after longevity for my online business. I have always believed in the premise that  “content is king” and as long as I produced quality, engaging posts, that my content would reach my target audience and have a long shelf life rewarding me for years to come with targeted traffic, I haven’t been disappointed!

So if you are one of those Facebook marketers standing there on pins and needles then don’t waste time, get ahead of the other marketers and save your business, start creating relevant content now that will drive traffic to your offer! Read my post on creating engaging content and beat the throngs of Facebook Marketers who will soon be looking for ways to promote their offers online.

Facebook Announces New Direction For 2018

There’s a really good chance that in the coming weeks/ months your Facebook advertising budget is going to need a significant influx of cash . Facebook announced today that it wants to get closer to its roots and move away from the “anything goes” advertising frenzy that we have all seen as the norm on Facebook these days.
Facebook user interaction in general has been on a slow decline over the last year and Facebook links this decline to their users dissatisfaction with the circus type atmosphere that has flourished on their platform. Facebooks news feed has been saturated with non relative advertising turning Facebook users off in the process. Because of this current trend Facebook has decided to change its news feed to a more organic or personal experience for its users, less commercialized, fewer ads.

Here’s a quote from mark Zuckerberg just hours before this post was written! Jan/10/18

“We built Facebook to help people stay connected and bring us closer together with the people that matter to us. That’s why we’ve always put friends and family at the core of the experience. Research shows that strengthening our relationships improves our well-being and happiness.

But recently we’ve gotten feedback from our community that public content — posts from businesses, brands and media — is crowding out the personal moments that lead us to connect more with each other.

I think its safe to say that reading Marks statement on his Facebook page that you get a pretty good idea where Facebook Marketing for the small business owner is going, and it doesn’t look promising for the little marketer and their wallet.

What Analysts are saying About the Impact Facebook Changes Will Have On Facebook Marketing

Analysts are a buzzing right now over the changes coming to Facebooks algorithms. Analysts are predicting that with Facebook goal to scale limit publishers offers and news media access to their news feed that spaces to advertise with Facebook are going to be at a premium. Obviously with limited space available analysts are saying that costs for advertising on Facebook are going to rise, some say dramatically!

Analysts are also predicted that organic content publishers are going to be the group that is in the most peril with changes to Faebooks marketing opportunities.

Publishers that have relied on Facebook for what is referred to as “organic distribution” which essentially means, articles that publishers used to get away with publishing in Facebook users news feeds for free will be the first to be impacted if not completely done away with.
Some big winners will be platforms such as Google, Apple News and Twitter. This is a major shift in core values for Facebook which has an estimated cost to the company of upwards 23 billion dollars, ouch!

What Are Your Marketing options Now That Facebook May Be To Pricey For The Small Guy

Content marketing and YouTube will be the marketers new best friends in the months to come. If you haven’t invested your time in a well-balanced approach to content marketing there is no time to waste. Start creating that engaging content that targets the audience you want to reach. If you have always relied on dropping links on Facebook or publishing some content on Facebooks Newsfeed for free,  its time to start learning how to write content that ranks.

Look at a well-rounded approach to marketing your offers by creating content, publishing that content on Google, Bing and Yahoo as well as adding your content to social platforms such as Twitter, Pinterest, Stumbleupon and Reddit just to name a few. Just remember it all revolves around quality and informative content. Looking for a good platform to learn how to create a well-balanced marketing approach check these programs out, Wealthy Affiliate and Human Proof Designs. These programs offer great training and everything you will need to effectively promote your products or your business online for years to come.

I hope you found this post informative and like always I look forward to your comments and questions, have a great day Mike.

SEO Online Training- Quick Tips For Newbies

SEO Online Training- Quick Tips For Newbies

This article will help to clarify what SEO is to online rankings and how you can use these SEO quick tips for instant results in your article and website rankings, certified Newbie friendly!

SEO or Search Engine Optimization can be either very complicated and technical or downright simple, it really depends on who you are talking too and what type of SEO training they are selling. I am not selling any SEO programs or gimmicks,  my version will be a little less technical and a little less bullshit! These are easy to follow SEO training tips,  doesn’t matter what your skill level is, enjoy the read!

seoWhat Is SEO?

There are many forms of SEO but for this article I am going to concentrate on content SEO.

Search Engine Optimization is all about structuring the content and images of your website so that search engines such as, Google, Yahoo, bing can index or find your content and put it on the Internet.

The use of keywords to enhance the performance rankings of your articles or posts as well as other techniques to improve your website or page rankings will be explained in basic, easy to implement instructions.  If Google can’t recognize your content then it won’t get ranked, if Google finds your content and it doesn’t meet their optimum guidelines then your content will rank poorly, it’s that simple. Google changes their algorithms on a regular basis to stop people from gaming the system and cornering all the traffic so you really need to stay on top of the trends.
I am going to use Google as my main example of a search engine. My main reason for this is,  Google has the lion’s share of all Internet traffic at roughly 80%. What I am going to do in this article is just give you a few tips that will show immediate ( improved) results of your articles or posts in Google’s search results. Theses are simple but often overlooked SEO musts. People pay big bucks to buy SEO programing and training which in my opinion doesn’t help you rank any better than the tips I will be showing you today!

Why Is Understanding SEO Important To My Online Business?

Here’s some quick numbers that show the importance of understanding SEO and using it to achieve higher rankings. A study conducted by AOL established the following results…
1) The first ranking position of any given search result yielded 42.5% of all click through traffic.
2) The second ranking position of any given search result yielded 11.94% of all click through traffic.
3) The third ranking position of any given search result yielded 8.47% of all click through traffic.
4) The fourth 6.05%
Overall the first 10 search results received over 89% of all search related traffic. The top ten is roughly the first page and maybe the top two results on the second page in most cases. Close to 90% of all Internet users don’t go past the first page!
So where do you want to be?
You got it!
The first page.
OK! enough numbers and statistics! Here are the do’s and don’ts that will help you achieve better rankings in Google, Yahoo and Bing!

seo does SEO Quick Tip Do’s

1) It starts with your website name!

Choose a domain name that is relevant to the topic that you will be covering with your posts and pages. Be as specific as possible with your website name but yet leave some wiggle room so that you can expand your site with new categories covering varying topics.

The broader your niche and website name the more competition you will have, example  ” Wine ratings” is very broad with a ton of competition, this Website would have a hard time ranking, there are many places competition can come from under related keywords. Now,  if you had for example, “California wine ratings’ you would have eliminated probably over half of your competition with the addition of one word. So,  you get where I am going here! Make your website name as specific as you can to the product or service you will be promoting,  this will help eliminate any unnecessary competition .

2) Use a keyword tool to find the competition and traffic for keywords that you will want to use in the title of your posts or pages. I would not think of writing an article without checking the competition that my article may face, this would almost certainly  guarantee a poor result, don’t even bother to write an article if you can’t be bothered checking the comp score.  Jaaxy is the keyword tool I use because of it’s reliability.

3) Post and page titles should be keyword rich and very relevant to your chosen topic. My title for this post “SEO Online Training” is very specific to my post. I used the “Quick Tips For Newbies” as the part of the title that explains a little more about the subject being covered. Many people leave out the descriptive part of a title only focusing on the primary keywords and this is a missed opportunity. The later part of the title is another opportunity to get ranked under some extra keywords.
I wrote a post on using keywords, you can read up on the use of keywords there.

4) Make sure that once you have started generating content you head over and set up a Webmasters tool account, as well as Google Analytics. When you are setting up a Webmasters tools account you will want to submit a website sitemap, this is very important, a sitemap helps Google’s bots crawl the content of your website, as you post new content the sitemap is automatically updated.

5) The use of external links, ( links leaving your website), should be used sparingly. Google doesn’t like the use of external links, their bots are programmed to search out authority sites and if you are directing traffic away from your site that doesn’t make you much of a resource,  now does it? External links should be directed optimally  from one or two pages.

6) The use of internal links on the other hand should be used on a regular basis. Linking to relevant material within your site will allow the bots to search your site to it’s fullest and give your site more Google presence.

7)   Write with your audience in mind, not with how you will rank using certain keywords. Your title needs to make sense and your content has to get your message across in a efficient manner. Your post should be a minimum of 1,000 to 1,500 words to make Google happy, pictures although great for breaking up text need to have keyword rich captions added as well as keyword rich descriptions to have any ranking power. mean absolutely nothing,

8) Set a posting schedule. You need to be posting content on a regular basis at least 2-3 times a week you should be publishing content. Google will see that you are active and give you more credit for being an authority in your niche if they see you are active and the bots will scan your site looking for new content more frequently. I can’t stress the importance of setting up a writing schedule.

The SEO Online Don’ts

1) Don’t keyword stuff! Most people are trained to use keywords but the message gets lost somehow and they feel more must be better, it’s not!  Keyword stuffing will lead to a spam designation which is another definition for “dead in the water”.

2) Duplicate content, don’t republish something that has already been posted under a different title. Don’t copy from another site. Pretty self explanatory. This practice will ruin your website overnight.

3) The use of Meta Tags is not going to help your content rank any better, so don’t waste your time filling out the Meta Tag section on your website.

4) Don’t lead your readers to your site with a post title and when they get there you deliver something totally different, Google hates this practice.

5) Many Internet marketing training programs still teach backlinking as a method to get more traffic to your site, don’t do it unless you are guest posting and linking naturally back to your website or commenting in a forum and linking to your article. Buying Backlinking services will kill your site! If your site gets blackballed their is very little chance that you will ever have a chance of resurrecting your site from the Google ashes!
I could go into a little more detail and I am sure I have missed a few but you have the basic SEO online training tips that will help you achieve better rankings if followed.

If your site is new and you haven’t ranked yet don’t panic! make  sure you have set up a sitemap at Webmaster tools and keep writing relevant content for your readers. Your site if new,  will take usually about 15-20 posts before Google starts to crawl your site on a regular basis, that’s when you will start to see your site rank in Google.

One quick important note! It’s better to write content on an even paced schedule, Google will crawl your site more often knowing they will find fresh content. There are many other useful tips to know when you are optimizing your website and content for search engines such as Google.




Authority Hacker-Build A Money Making Authority Website

Authority Hacker-Build A Money Making Authority Website

Rating: [yasr_overall_rating size=”medium”]

Authority Hacker is a premium authority website training provider.

Cost: One time $997 ( they do offer discounts from time to time)

Founders: Gael Breton and Mark Webster

Established: 2014


As we know, there are hundreds if not thousands of ways pitched on the internet on how you can make passive or even a living. However building an authority website is one of the most popular methods of building a profitable long term online business. Building an authority website through programs like Authority Hacker and Wealthy Affiliate just to name one other popular program, are one of the least expensive ways to make a really good income while maintaining a low cost to income ratio, in other words it’s fairly inexpensive to create and maintain an authority website.

After the owners of Authority Hacker Gael Breton and Mark Webster determined there appeared to be a desperate need for newcomers searching for easy to follow, but yet in depth training on how to create a profitable authority website, they decided to fill the void with a program that would help people build authority websites using a simple and user-friendly system.

On a trial and error basis, the Authority Hacker crew set out to find the perfect method of building a long term online business that would survive any Google algorithm updates. As an experienced affiliate marketer and authority blogger I understand the importance of staying ahead of any Google algorithm updates that could potential ruin your hard work overnight.

Today I am reviewing the system that authority hacker has created, and talking a little about what Authority Hacker is and how they attempt to fill the authority website training niche.

Enjoy my Authority Hacker and like always I welcome any feed back or comments!

Authority Hacker; The Company

Authority Hackers was created by Gael Breton and Mark Webster after the success of their first business they built together in 2011 called HigherClick. HigherClick was a marketing agency that provided a wide range of services to suit all marketing needs.

A year or so in, Mark and Gael were confronted with an ever-changing Google, who after doing an update to their SEO algorithms, put Mark and Gael almost out of business. Because of this, the two became dedicated to coming up with real sustainable online properties that could survive any Google update.

Gael and Mark began putting together a system that if followed, would create a website that contained the diversification to maintain longevity despite any Google updates.

After picking up some new major clients such as 99designs, Macy’s, TripAdvisor, Atari, and Evite, the “Authority Model” was quickly born. After utilizing this Authority Model on their own sites, Mark and Gael began to realize the power behind long-term web properties.

Mark and Gael knew that they had something special, and wanted to ensure that anyone out there who was struggling could utilize this model efficiently to turn any basic site into an authority site. This is when they created Authority Hacker, a website/program dedicated to teaching online entrepreneurs their system.

Authority Hacker lives by the core beliefs that ” the stuff we share is based on our own experiences actually practicing internet marketing everyday on our own sites”.

Everyday more “Blogging Gurus” come out with more sites claiming to have the answers for everyone with little to no results. Authority Hacker becomes more relevant to those looking to get away from what doesn’t work, and to utilize only the tools and methods that will work.

By using only systems and tools that have been tested on their own sites for authenticity, Authority Hacker remains one of the premier systems that will help you establish a profitable “Authority” website.

 The Authority Site System (free webinar)click here to view

Authority Hacker Offers Everything You Will Need!

Anyone out there looking to build an online business using a website will eventually come to understand the importance of building a site with authority. An authority website offers stability and long term income generating capabilities.

In order to maintain an authority site, you have to have diversification built into the site. The internet business is changing frequently and drastically, which means you need to build a site that can withstand these changes.

Authority Hacker provides tools and a proven system that they personally have used to maintain and build a profitable long-term authority site.

Authority Hackers refers to this system as the “Authority Site Model”, that helps you build your business from the ground up based on generating traffic and income from multiple sources.

There are three main revenue streams:

  • Affiliate Revenue;
  • Ad Revenue; and
  • Creating, promoting, and selling products.

The Authority Hacker system uses a term called “stacking” which means that they teach you to diversify by mastering and adding one thing at a time to the training. You’ll learn each revenue stream separately, and slowly build upon and add all 3 levels to create a long-term revenue building website.

Within the Authority Site Model, you will have access to 5 different modules where you’ll learn about:

  • The basics of online marketing;
  • Niche and Keyword research;
  • building the site and optimizing it;
  • commercial content creation and optimization; and
  • info content and link building.

The Authority Site Model is intended for those looking to build their site from scratch.

The Authority Hacker Pro

Authority Hacker also has a system for people who have already begun to build their business online.

It contains a collection of processes that help existing sites get more traffic and more revenue. This Authority Site system is considered a prequel to Authority Hacker Pro.

Within Authority Hacker Pro you’ll find:

  • 220+ Video Tutorials;
  • A beginners guide to Authority Sites;
  • 16 advanced blueprints;
  • tons of webinars;
  • Plug and play templates; and
  • A community of 700+ Authority Site Builders.

How Much Will It Cost To Get Started?

There is a one time payment with no hidden or recurring fees associated that gets you the entire system. After purchasing the Authority Site System you’ll have access to:

  • Instant access to 85 video lessons;
  • Access to all pre-built templates;
  • The new site “To-Do List” system;
  • All future updates to the program free of charge;
  • Member only Facebook community; and
  • Regular Q&A webinars with course makers.

The total cost for everything you get with authority hacker is $997.00 – one time payment. Keep in mind this program offers great value and everything you need to make money with their system. 

Take a closer look at Authority Hacker here!

Although the cost is more significant than programs like Wealthy Affiliate who teach you how to build authority websites, and a program that I have personally used to create my online business since 2010, as you look deeper into the program, you begin to see the value that has been added to this system.

Authority Hacker offers a tested and proven system that will take you step by step through the process of creating a successful online authority business.

Tools available Through Authority Hacker

As I mentioned above, everything that Authority Hacker promotes has been tested by both Mark and Gael on their own sites and have WORKED.

Authority Hacker has tons of online marketing tools to utilize within your site, some of which you have to pay for and some of which Authority Hacker is an affiliate for. However, these are tried and true methods for promoting your authority site but will add to your overall cost.

Each tool falls under different subsections such as:

  • Basics;
  • Traffic tools;
  • Sales and Marketing;
  • Essential Tools;
  • Hosting and Registrars.

Every tool has its own benefit, and depending on how you plan to build out your site and what type of audience you’re trying to attract, you could utilize tools such as:

  • Different WordPress themes and Plugins;
  • Different email marketing tools;
  • Landing Page creation;
  • SEO tools;
  • Content marketing tools; or
  • Social Media tools.

Who Is Authority Hacker For?

Basically Authority Hacker will have tools and systems proven for anyone on any track of success. However, specifically if you are someone who:

  • Are a beginner to internet marketing;
  • Is frustrated with false reviews, and UN proven methods;
  • Have a site but want to increase traffic and sales;
  • Is overwhelmed at the thought of building their own site; and
  • Is willing to put in the hard work to build their own site and make it successful.

If any of those above types of people sound a little or a lot like you, this may be the system for you to try out!

What Authority Hacker Does Well!

  • 30 day money back guarantee;
  • All tools and systems personally tested and are proven to be effective;
  • Systems in place to successfully build a website that can withstand the test of time;
  • Lessons and courses easy for all skill types;
  • All future updates free;
  • Systems in place to diversify your website between three different revenue streams;
  • Large Facebook community of support;
  • Lessons built upon stacking (learning and mastering one level at a time).
  • Everything you really need to make money online with a website is included in this program.
  • A very comprehensive offering that covers all the bases when it comes to affiliate marketing/blogging.

What Authority Hacker Could Do Better.

  • Ticket price may seem on the high end but does offer great value.
  • Still a fairly new company.

My Final Opinion

Although not everyone has close to a thousand bucks to spend on a training program, I am confident after looking at authority hacker that this system will pay off over time and does offer great value for your money, no fluff in this program. Learning how to build a diversified 3 stream revenue sites is an investment in your pursuit of long-term success.

I found Authority Hackers training to be very easy to follow and I feel just about anyone can utilize Gael’s and Mark’s program to generate a nice income online.

Honestly I don’t feel that any one other than Google can anticipate Google algorithm changes and what they are going to be, but building an authority website I feel is the best way for you to protect your future revenue streams online.

Between the amount of training included, the tight-knit support from the community, and the step by step, easy to learn training, this Authority Hacker system I feel is well worth the initial investment.

I do have to mention that the price point may seem high for some and when you look at some of the added costs for tools, from what I saw you could potentially end up with another hundred bucks that you need to keep in mind, but if you put the cost into perspective many that I have helped build authority sites that make anywhere from $5000 – $20,000 a month and a one time fee of $997 is a drop in the bucket!

Hope you enjoyed my take on the Authority Hacker offer, I value your thoughts and opinions or any experiences you have had with the Authority Hacker program, cheers Mike.