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Tips for Writing Awesome Website Content That Ranks!

Tips for Writing Awesome Website Content That Ranks!

writingDo you want to have a successful website? Follow these simple tips for writing website content and you will be well on your way to generating high traffic and a loyal following.

What is the importance of writing quality website content? Website content is the backbone of your online business. If you don’t have easy to read meaningful website content then you will not keep people coming back for more!

Here are a few tips for writing website content.

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Solo Build It Review – Scam Or Real Opportunity

Solo Build It Review – Scam Or Real Opportunity

Cost: $299/yr OR $29.99/m

Founder: Ken Evoy

Established: 1997 (under different names – most commonly Site Build It)


Solo Build it is a step-by-step online website building and training platform designed to help you build an online business.

  • How good is the training?
  • Is it worth the money?
  • Will this program meet your long term needs?
  • Will it actually help you generate online income?

These are all questions you will get answers to in this Solo Build It review.

Everyone and their dog is pitching some type of make money online program that is the best thing since sliced bread, but in reality, generating online income and building a long term online business takes time and a lot of quality support and training. Having a good training program, a community of support, and ongoing learning platform that evolves with the changing environment is critical to your success online, these are the qualities that I will be looking for in Solo Build It.

Join me in taking a look at Solo Build It and like always I welcome any feedback, comments, opinions and any questions you may have on this review or money making questions in general. I value your opinion and look forward to hearing your perspective, enjoy the read and best of luck in you future endeavours, cheers Mike.

Peeling Back The Layers of Solo Build It

Solo Build It is an online membership site that provides tools and training that are needed to help you create your very own income generating website. SBI provides training that will take a website to what is called the authority level.

What’s an authority website?

An authority website is a website that offers a long term high profile presence online. When you create an authority website you are in it for the long haul and your goal is to become an authority in your chosen niche, a place where people turn for informative information on a topic or group of topics, which in the blogging world is called a niche.

SBI offers some really specific training on its platform that will help you create engaging and relative content that will not only please your audience but please the search engines at the same time, this is a balance that is necessary to getting traffic to your site and ultimately to your offers.

I know this sounds like a lot of work but really it can be a hell of a lot of fun in the process, especially if you have an interest in your chosen niche. If you want to learn more about creating authoritative content check out a post I wrote some time ago on how to create authoritative content.

Ken Evoy is the Founder and COB of Solo Build It. Here’s a little trivia for you, Ken Envoy in the 1990s was a prominent figure in the toy industry. Ken saw an opportunity in the online money making business and leveraged his experiences in the toy business to help create what is now known as SiteSell Inc, (Solo Build It).

Solo Build It was designed to provide Solo Build It or Solopreneurs everything they could possibly need to create a thriving online business that revolves around the use of a website as their main money making tool.

Solo Build It offers components on its platform ranging from a brainstorm it v4.0 keyword tool, site design functions such as fully responsive website templates, Action guide which provides you with a step by step plan that will guide you through from start to finish the necessary steps to bring your business to life. Solo Build It also offers integration for autoresponders such as Mail chimp and Aweber.

Having gone through a few different names since conception in 1997, Solo Build It was first referred to as SiteSell Inc, and then Site Build It, and now Solo Build It, good thing it’s an online business I would hate to have to change their decor, lol.

How Does Solo Build It Work?

Solo Build It follows a system or process that they refer to as CTPM which stands for Content, Traffic, Pre-sale, Monetize.

The idea behind CTPM is to help you focus in on the niche you want for your website, building out that website, and creating content with what they call a Block Builder, now referred to as “Site Designer” to maximize your reach within that niche. Through CTPM, you’ll learn to attract traffic and build relationships with your audience.

If you have had any experience within affiliate marketing you will understand the importance of creating lasting relationships with your customers, clients and audience.

Once you build an authority site and establish your authority or demonstrate your expertise in your niche then comes the opportunity to monetize your site.

Solo Build It will host your site, show you how to pick and purchase a domain, and how to set your site up from start to finish.

Who is Solo Build It Best Suited For?

Solo Build It was designed for people who are just starting out in internet marketing/affiliate marketing. The training supplied by Solo Build is step-by-step, and pretty easy to understand.

For someone with experience within internet Marketing, you may find SBI training a little repetitive and it may seem pretty basic, because it is but it does suit beginners who need more of a paint by numbers type of venue. Reading a lot of the discussion inside SBI there are many that like this type of business model and works just fine for them.

What Kind Of Training Does Solo Build It Offer?

Training within Solo Build It is covered off with in the “Action Guide”.  The action guide includes written guides, audio and video that has been broken down into 10 days but there is no time frame to completing the training.

The training provided will allow you to build the foundation for your online business, while helping you to understand your audience.

Your training will touch on topics such as:

  • Brainstorming profitable topics and finding a good niche topic for your site;
  • Learn to monetize your site and the process behind that;
  • Learn how to find a site concept and register a domain name for your site;
  • Begin to build out your site to get traffic;
  • Build free traffic from a variety of sources;
  • Build relationships with youraudience and future customers;
  • Understand your audience and visitors.

Tools Offered Through Solo Build It

Solo Build It offers quite a few tools that are specifically designed to help their membership .

One of the tools that Solo Build offers is what is referred to as the “:Brainstorm It”  keyword tool which offers the user many functions such as

  • Find potential niche topics
  • Import numbers from Google Adwords
  • “Keyword value”  Finds pages on your site that you can tweak to improve traffic. Identifies keywords that you can use in posts, which keywords you can incorporate in your posts that will increase your traffic.
  • SiteBuilder,  a tool that helps with the creation of your website.
  • Socialize It is a social media sharing button creator. This tool helps you create buttons on your posts and web page, encouraging folks to share your posts. Not only does this expand your audience reach, but it encourages conversation on your posts. 
  • Mobilize It helps keep your website mobile friendly. More and more people are reverting to using their smart phones for absolutely everything. Because of this, many people will pass over a web page that is unreadable. This tool prevents that.
  • Content 2.0 is a unique tool to Solo Build It. This is a tool that allows visitors to actually post their own stories or content on your website, including pictures. This means that your visitors are actually creating the content for you! 


Regarding support offered, it is limited to a Community Forum that people use to post topics for discussion, questions, and answers. SBI does have a support desk to also help with any questions you can’t get answers to I their forum.

What People Are Saying About Solo Build It

To be honest it seems split down the middle, there are some real haters of the SBI platform and some real lovers of the program and I am not here to take sides just state what I have read and heard while researching SBI.

Some concerns voiced by past and present SBI users – Some people say the program is to limited or simplistic, there is no room to grow!

Another glaring complaint I see from Solo Build past and present members is the lack of people skills demonstrated by the owner Ken Evoy. From what members have said Ken has a way of going on a few rants when it comes to defending his platform from critiques or people who haven’t found success using his platform, also members that don’t agree with his opinion seem to be targets for his rants.

In addition, it seems the community forum at times is used to “show up” other people rather than as a supportive resource.

On the other end of the spectrum SBI does have its supporters and quite a few testimonials from people who have had some decent success using SBI’s platform. I personally viewed quite a few sites that looked very nice and were in some pretty unique niches so I would say if these sites are any example the system does work!

What I Like About Solo Build It

  • All in one system for building a website and starting your online business;
  • A nice compliment of tools to utilize such as Brainstorm it and content creator;
  • Generous 90-day-money back guarantee;
  • Training offered in both text and videos format;
  • Community Forum for support.

What I Felt Could Be Better

  • No free option without paying;
  • Membership only allows you to build one website.
  • Don’t actually own your site, not portable;
  • Constructive communication with the owner seems non – existent.
  • If your site is receiving over 500 visitors a day, you’re required to pay extra for a premium upgrade. This seems backwards to me, 500 visitors a day is what you pretty well need to effectively monetize a website.
  • Geared towards beginners, it’s hard to grow past their training.


Overall I do believe the training offered in this program is quite good and you do have a good chance of building a profitable business with an authority website.

The biggest reservation I have with using SBI for your online business is you ultimately are not in control of your destiny. All you really own is your domain name ( website name), the ultimate control of your website lies with SBI. If SBI wants to up their membership fees or put in any type of controls or limitations you are at their mercy. You can do all the comparisons on what platform is best and all that but in the end when your business grows and is profitable I would like to know I have complete control. If you are ok with not having control then this is a good program that I feel does offer value.

Learn more about Solo Build It Here!

Solo Build It does offer an alternative that may be a good solution to keeping control of your website and that’s called” Solo Build It for WP” What Solo Build It for WP allows you  do is use a WordPress website like I use with your own hosting so you maintain complete control of your website but get the advantage of using SBI’s training and tools, this to me seems like a pretty decent offer at $149/ yearly or $17/ month.

Learn More about Solo Build It For WordPress Here!


What’s The Future For Facebook Marketing

What’s The Future For Facebook Marketing

Well, if you were reading the news today Facebook shares plunged and Twitter stocks surged as Facebook announced it was doing a major overall of its Facebook Marketing platform namely its Facebook news feed.

If you are one of those small Facebook marketers trying to plug your business in Facebooks Newsfeed then you might be feeling a little jittery right about now. If you have put all your marketing eggs or marketing budget in the Facebook Marketing basket I think you may be in for a wild and uncertain ride in regard to your future Marketing Campaigns on Facebooks platform!

Chances are you won’t be needing this anymore

I am not going to tell you I told you so, well, yes I am! Personally I haven’t invested much time or money on Facebook advertising because I always thought the bottom was going to fall out and I was after longevity for my online business. I have always believed in the premise that  “content is king” and as long as I produced quality, engaging posts, that my content would reach my target audience and have a long shelf life rewarding me for years to come with targeted traffic, I haven’t been disappointed!

So if you are one of those Facebook marketers standing there on pins and needles then don’t waste time, get ahead of the other marketers and save your business, start creating relevant content now that will drive traffic to your offer! Read my post on creating engaging content and beat the throngs of Facebook Marketers who will soon be looking for ways to promote their offers online.

Facebook Announces New Direction For 2018

There’s a really good chance that in the coming weeks/ months your Facebook advertising budget is going to need a significant influx of cash . Facebook announced today that it wants to get closer to its roots and move away from the “anything goes” advertising frenzy that we have all seen as the norm on Facebook these days.
Facebook user interaction in general has been on a slow decline over the last year and Facebook links this decline to their users dissatisfaction with the circus type atmosphere that has flourished on their platform. Facebooks news feed has been saturated with non relative advertising turning Facebook users off in the process. Because of this current trend Facebook has decided to change its news feed to a more organic or personal experience for its users, less commercialized, fewer ads.

Here’s a quote from mark Zuckerberg just hours before this post was written! Jan/10/18

“We built Facebook to help people stay connected and bring us closer together with the people that matter to us. That’s why we’ve always put friends and family at the core of the experience. Research shows that strengthening our relationships improves our well-being and happiness.

But recently we’ve gotten feedback from our community that public content — posts from businesses, brands and media — is crowding out the personal moments that lead us to connect more with each other.

I think its safe to say that reading Marks statement on his Facebook page that you get a pretty good idea where Facebook Marketing for the small business owner is going, and it doesn’t look promising for the little marketer and their wallet.

What Analysts are saying About the Impact Facebook Changes Will Have On Facebook Marketing

Analysts are a buzzing right now over the changes coming to Facebooks algorithms. Analysts are predicting that with Facebook goal to scale limit publishers offers and news media access to their news feed that spaces to advertise with Facebook are going to be at a premium. Obviously with limited space available analysts are saying that costs for advertising on Facebook are going to rise, some say dramatically!

Analysts are also predicted that organic content publishers are going to be the group that is in the most peril with changes to Faebooks marketing opportunities.

Publishers that have relied on Facebook for what is referred to as “organic distribution” which essentially means, articles that publishers used to get away with publishing in Facebook users news feeds for free will be the first to be impacted if not completely done away with.
Some big winners will be platforms such as Google, Apple News and Twitter. This is a major shift in core values for Facebook which has an estimated cost to the company of upwards 23 billion dollars, ouch!

What Are Your Marketing options Now That Facebook May Be To Pricey For The Small Guy

Content marketing and YouTube will be the marketers new best friends in the months to come. If you haven’t invested your time in a well-balanced approach to content marketing there is no time to waste. Start creating that engaging content that targets the audience you want to reach. If you have always relied on dropping links on Facebook or publishing some content on Facebooks Newsfeed for free,  its time to start learning how to write content that ranks.

Look at a well-rounded approach to marketing your offers by creating content, publishing that content on Google, Bing and Yahoo as well as adding your content to social platforms such as Twitter, Pinterest, Stumbleupon and Reddit just to name a few. Just remember it all revolves around quality and informative content. Looking for a good platform to learn how to create a well-balanced marketing approach check these programs out, Wealthy Affiliate and Human Proof Designs. These programs offer great training and everything you will need to effectively promote your products or your business online for years to come.

I hope you found this post informative and like always I look forward to your comments and questions, have a great day Mike.

SEO Online Training- Quick Tips For Newbies

SEO Online Training- Quick Tips For Newbies

This article will help to clarify what SEO is to online rankings and how you can use these SEO quick tips for instant results in your article and website rankings, certified Newbie friendly!

SEO or Search Engine Optimization can be either very complicated and technical or downright simple, it really depends on who you are talking too and what type of SEO training they are selling. I am not selling any SEO programs or gimmicks,  my version will be a little less technical and a little less bullshit! These are easy to follow SEO training tips,  doesn’t matter what your skill level is, enjoy the read!

seoWhat Is SEO?

There are many forms of SEO but for this article I am going to concentrate on content SEO.

Search Engine Optimization is all about structuring the content and images of your website so that search engines such as, Google, Yahoo, bing can index or find your content and put it on the Internet.

The use of keywords to enhance the performance rankings of your articles or posts as well as other techniques to improve your website or page rankings will be explained in basic, easy to implement instructions.  If Google can’t recognize your content then it won’t get ranked, if Google finds your content and it doesn’t meet their optimum guidelines then your content will rank poorly, it’s that simple. Google changes their algorithms on a regular basis to stop people from gaming the system and cornering all the traffic so you really need to stay on top of the trends.
I am going to use Google as my main example of a search engine. My main reason for this is,  Google has the lion’s share of all Internet traffic at roughly 80%. What I am going to do in this article is just give you a few tips that will show immediate ( improved) results of your articles or posts in Google’s search results. Theses are simple but often overlooked SEO musts. People pay big bucks to buy SEO programing and training which in my opinion doesn’t help you rank any better than the tips I will be showing you today!

Why Is Understanding SEO Important To My Online Business?

Here’s some quick numbers that show the importance of understanding SEO and using it to achieve higher rankings. A study conducted by AOL established the following results…
1) The first ranking position of any given search result yielded 42.5% of all click through traffic.
2) The second ranking position of any given search result yielded 11.94% of all click through traffic.
3) The third ranking position of any given search result yielded 8.47% of all click through traffic.
4) The fourth 6.05%
Overall the first 10 search results received over 89% of all search related traffic. The top ten is roughly the first page and maybe the top two results on the second page in most cases. Close to 90% of all Internet users don’t go past the first page!
So where do you want to be?
You got it!
The first page.
OK! enough numbers and statistics! Here are the do’s and don’ts that will help you achieve better rankings in Google, Yahoo and Bing!

seo does SEO Quick Tip Do’s

1) It starts with your website name!

Choose a domain name that is relevant to the topic that you will be covering with your posts and pages. Be as specific as possible with your website name but yet leave some wiggle room so that you can expand your site with new categories covering varying topics.

The broader your niche and website name the more competition you will have, example  ” Wine ratings” is very broad with a ton of competition, this Website would have a hard time ranking, there are many places competition can come from under related keywords. Now,  if you had for example, “California wine ratings’ you would have eliminated probably over half of your competition with the addition of one word. So,  you get where I am going here! Make your website name as specific as you can to the product or service you will be promoting,  this will help eliminate any unnecessary competition .

2) Use a keyword tool to find the competition and traffic for keywords that you will want to use in the title of your posts or pages. I would not think of writing an article without checking the competition that my article may face, this would almost certainly  guarantee a poor result, don’t even bother to write an article if you can’t be bothered checking the comp score.  Jaaxy is the keyword tool I use because of it’s reliability.

3) Post and page titles should be keyword rich and very relevant to your chosen topic. My title for this post “SEO Online Training” is very specific to my post. I used the “Quick Tips For Newbies” as the part of the title that explains a little more about the subject being covered. Many people leave out the descriptive part of a title only focusing on the primary keywords and this is a missed opportunity. The later part of the title is another opportunity to get ranked under some extra keywords.
I wrote a post on using keywords, you can read up on the use of keywords there.

4) Make sure that once you have started generating content you head over and set up a Webmasters tool account, as well as Google Analytics. When you are setting up a Webmasters tools account you will want to submit a website sitemap, this is very important, a sitemap helps Google’s bots crawl the content of your website, as you post new content the sitemap is automatically updated.

5) The use of external links, ( links leaving your website), should be used sparingly. Google doesn’t like the use of external links, their bots are programmed to search out authority sites and if you are directing traffic away from your site that doesn’t make you much of a resource,  now does it? External links should be directed optimally  from one or two pages.

6) The use of internal links on the other hand should be used on a regular basis. Linking to relevant material within your site will allow the bots to search your site to it’s fullest and give your site more Google presence.

7)   Write with your audience in mind, not with how you will rank using certain keywords. Your title needs to make sense and your content has to get your message across in a efficient manner. Your post should be a minimum of 1,000 to 1,500 words to make Google happy, pictures although great for breaking up text need to have keyword rich captions added as well as keyword rich descriptions to have any ranking power. mean absolutely nothing,

8) Set a posting schedule. You need to be posting content on a regular basis at least 2-3 times a week you should be publishing content. Google will see that you are active and give you more credit for being an authority in your niche if they see you are active and the bots will scan your site looking for new content more frequently. I can’t stress the importance of setting up a writing schedule.

The SEO Online Don’ts

1) Don’t keyword stuff! Most people are trained to use keywords but the message gets lost somehow and they feel more must be better, it’s not!  Keyword stuffing will lead to a spam designation which is another definition for “dead in the water”.

2) Duplicate content, don’t republish something that has already been posted under a different title. Don’t copy from another site. Pretty self explanatory. This practice will ruin your website overnight.

3) The use of Meta Tags is not going to help your content rank any better, so don’t waste your time filling out the Meta Tag section on your website.

4) Don’t lead your readers to your site with a post title and when they get there you deliver something totally different, Google hates this practice.

5) Many Internet marketing training programs still teach backlinking as a method to get more traffic to your site, don’t do it unless you are guest posting and linking naturally back to your website or commenting in a forum and linking to your article. Buying Backlinking services will kill your site! If your site gets blackballed their is very little chance that you will ever have a chance of resurrecting your site from the Google ashes!
I could go into a little more detail and I am sure I have missed a few but you have the basic SEO online training tips that will help you achieve better rankings if followed.

If your site is new and you haven’t ranked yet don’t panic! make  sure you have set up a sitemap at Webmaster tools and keep writing relevant content for your readers. Your site if new,  will take usually about 15-20 posts before Google starts to crawl your site on a regular basis, that’s when you will start to see your site rank in Google.

One quick important note! It’s better to write content on an even paced schedule, Google will crawl your site more often knowing they will find fresh content. There are many other useful tips to know when you are optimizing your website and content for search engines such as Google.




Authority Hacker-Build A Money Making Authority Website

Authority Hacker-Build A Money Making Authority Website

Rating: [yasr_overall_rating size=”medium”]

Authority Hacker is a premium authority website training provider.

Cost: One time $997 ( they do offer discounts from time to time)

Founders: Gael Breton and Mark Webster

Established: 2014


As we know, there are hundreds if not thousands of ways pitched on the internet on how you can make passive or even a living. However building an authority website is one of the most popular methods of building a profitable long term online business. Building an authority website through programs like Authority Hacker and Wealthy Affiliate just to name one other popular program, are one of the least expensive ways to make a really good income while maintaining a low cost to income ratio, in other words it’s fairly inexpensive to create and maintain an authority website.

After the owners of Authority Hacker Gael Breton and Mark Webster determined there appeared to be a desperate need for newcomers searching for easy to follow, but yet in depth training on how to create a profitable authority website, they decided to fill the void with a program that would help people build authority websites using a simple and user-friendly system.

On a trial and error basis, the Authority Hacker crew set out to find the perfect method of building a long term online business that would survive any Google algorithm updates. As an experienced affiliate marketer and authority blogger I understand the importance of staying ahead of any Google algorithm updates that could potential ruin your hard work overnight.

Today I am reviewing the system that authority hacker has created, and talking a little about what Authority Hacker is and how they attempt to fill the authority website training niche.

Enjoy my Authority Hacker and like always I welcome any feed back or comments!

Authority Hacker; The Company

Authority Hackers was created by Gael Breton and Mark Webster after the success of their first business they built together in 2011 called HigherClick. HigherClick was a marketing agency that provided a wide range of services to suit all marketing needs.

A year or so in, Mark and Gael were confronted with an ever-changing Google, who after doing an update to their SEO algorithms, put Mark and Gael almost out of business. Because of this, the two became dedicated to coming up with real sustainable online properties that could survive any Google update.

Gael and Mark began putting together a system that if followed, would create a website that contained the diversification to maintain longevity despite any Google updates.

After picking up some new major clients such as 99designs, Macy’s, TripAdvisor, Atari, and Evite, the “Authority Model” was quickly born. After utilizing this Authority Model on their own sites, Mark and Gael began to realize the power behind long-term web properties.

Mark and Gael knew that they had something special, and wanted to ensure that anyone out there who was struggling could utilize this model efficiently to turn any basic site into an authority site. This is when they created Authority Hacker, a website/program dedicated to teaching online entrepreneurs their system.

Authority Hacker lives by the core beliefs that ” the stuff we share is based on our own experiences actually practicing internet marketing everyday on our own sites”.

Everyday more “Blogging Gurus” come out with more sites claiming to have the answers for everyone with little to no results. Authority Hacker becomes more relevant to those looking to get away from what doesn’t work, and to utilize only the tools and methods that will work.

By using only systems and tools that have been tested on their own sites for authenticity, Authority Hacker remains one of the premier systems that will help you establish a profitable “Authority” website.

 The Authority Site System (free webinar)click here to view

Authority Hacker Offers Everything You Will Need!

Anyone out there looking to build an online business using a website will eventually come to understand the importance of building a site with authority. An authority website offers stability and long term income generating capabilities.

In order to maintain an authority site, you have to have diversification built into the site. The internet business is changing frequently and drastically, which means you need to build a site that can withstand these changes.

Authority Hacker provides tools and a proven system that they personally have used to maintain and build a profitable long-term authority site.

Authority Hackers refers to this system as the “Authority Site Model”, that helps you build your business from the ground up based on generating traffic and income from multiple sources.

There are three main revenue streams:

  • Affiliate Revenue;
  • Ad Revenue; and
  • Creating, promoting, and selling products.

The Authority Hacker system uses a term called “stacking” which means that they teach you to diversify by mastering and adding one thing at a time to the training. You’ll learn each revenue stream separately, and slowly build upon and add all 3 levels to create a long-term revenue building website.

Within the Authority Site Model, you will have access to 5 different modules where you’ll learn about:

  • The basics of online marketing;
  • Niche and Keyword research;
  • building the site and optimizing it;
  • commercial content creation and optimization; and
  • info content and link building.

The Authority Site Model is intended for those looking to build their site from scratch.

The Authority Hacker Pro

Authority Hacker also has a system for people who have already begun to build their business online.

It contains a collection of processes that help existing sites get more traffic and more revenue. This Authority Site system is considered a prequel to Authority Hacker Pro.

Within Authority Hacker Pro you’ll find:

  • 220+ Video Tutorials;
  • A beginners guide to Authority Sites;
  • 16 advanced blueprints;
  • tons of webinars;
  • Plug and play templates; and
  • A community of 700+ Authority Site Builders.

How Much Will It Cost To Get Started?

There is a one time payment with no hidden or recurring fees associated that gets you the entire system. After purchasing the Authority Site System you’ll have access to:

  • Instant access to 85 video lessons;
  • Access to all pre-built templates;
  • The new site “To-Do List” system;
  • All future updates to the program free of charge;
  • Member only Facebook community; and
  • Regular Q&A webinars with course makers.

The total cost for everything you get with authority hacker is $997.00 – one time payment. Keep in mind this program offers great value and everything you need to make money with their system. 

Take a closer look at Authority Hacker here!

Although the cost is more significant than programs like Wealthy Affiliate who teach you how to build authority websites, and a program that I have personally used to create my online business since 2010, as you look deeper into the program, you begin to see the value that has been added to this system.

Authority Hacker offers a tested and proven system that will take you step by step through the process of creating a successful online authority business.

Tools available Through Authority Hacker

As I mentioned above, everything that Authority Hacker promotes has been tested by both Mark and Gael on their own sites and have WORKED.

Authority Hacker has tons of online marketing tools to utilize within your site, some of which you have to pay for and some of which Authority Hacker is an affiliate for. However, these are tried and true methods for promoting your authority site but will add to your overall cost.

Each tool falls under different subsections such as:

  • Basics;
  • Traffic tools;
  • Sales and Marketing;
  • Essential Tools;
  • Hosting and Registrars.

Every tool has its own benefit, and depending on how you plan to build out your site and what type of audience you’re trying to attract, you could utilize tools such as:

  • Different WordPress themes and Plugins;
  • Different email marketing tools;
  • Landing Page creation;
  • SEO tools;
  • Content marketing tools; or
  • Social Media tools.

Who Is Authority Hacker For?

Basically Authority Hacker will have tools and systems proven for anyone on any track of success. However, specifically if you are someone who:

  • Are a beginner to internet marketing;
  • Is frustrated with false reviews, and UN proven methods;
  • Have a site but want to increase traffic and sales;
  • Is overwhelmed at the thought of building their own site; and
  • Is willing to put in the hard work to build their own site and make it successful.

If any of those above types of people sound a little or a lot like you, this may be the system for you to try out!

What Authority Hacker Does Well!

  • 30 day money back guarantee;
  • All tools and systems personally tested and are proven to be effective;
  • Systems in place to successfully build a website that can withstand the test of time;
  • Lessons and courses easy for all skill types;
  • All future updates free;
  • Systems in place to diversify your website between three different revenue streams;
  • Large Facebook community of support;
  • Lessons built upon stacking (learning and mastering one level at a time).
  • Everything you really need to make money online with a website is included in this program.
  • A very comprehensive offering that covers all the bases when it comes to affiliate marketing/blogging.

What Authority Hacker Could Do Better.

  • Ticket price may seem on the high end but does offer great value.
  • Still a fairly new company.

My Final Opinion

Although not everyone has close to a thousand bucks to spend on a training program, I am confident after looking at authority hacker that this system will pay off over time and does offer great value for your money, no fluff in this program. Learning how to build a diversified 3 stream revenue sites is an investment in your pursuit of long-term success.

I found Authority Hackers training to be very easy to follow and I feel just about anyone can utilize Gael’s and Mark’s program to generate a nice income online.

Honestly I don’t feel that any one other than Google can anticipate Google algorithm changes and what they are going to be, but building an authority website I feel is the best way for you to protect your future revenue streams online.

Between the amount of training included, the tight-knit support from the community, and the step by step, easy to learn training, this Authority Hacker system I feel is well worth the initial investment.

I do have to mention that the price point may seem high for some and when you look at some of the added costs for tools, from what I saw you could potentially end up with another hundred bucks that you need to keep in mind, but if you put the cost into perspective many that I have helped build authority sites that make anywhere from $5000 – $20,000 a month and a one time fee of $997 is a drop in the bucket!

Hope you enjoyed my take on the Authority Hacker offer, I value your thoughts and opinions or any experiences you have had with the Authority Hacker program, cheers Mike.



Finding A Niche Market

Finding A Niche Market

If you are new to Internet Marketing and have been tasked with finding a niche market to promote then the following information will make that task a lot easier.

If you are just starting out the whole Internet marketing thing can become a little overwhelming. Finding a niche or niche market is one big hurdle to put behind you. Because I write for people that are primarily new to the marketing industry I will give you a quick explanation of what a niche market is!

A niche market or a niche is a group of people looking for a product or a service, sounds simple! That was the easy part, now you need to know how to find a niche market out of an ocean of products and services that you can promote.

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How To Use A Keyword

How To Use A Keyword

For any one who doesn’t know what a keyword is or the importance of keywords when creating content for a blog or website  I am confident after this article you will know “how to use a keyword” to maximize your article or page rankings in Google, Bing, and Yahoo search engines and drive huge volumes of traffic to your website in the process. There is no credible or more reliable way of getting massive amounts of “targeted traffic” to a website.

You will notice I highlighted targeted traffic, traffic is not all made equal, if you hope to make money from your traffic, in other words,  direct your traffic to buy something then you need targeted, people who are actually interested in what you might be promoting.

So here we go, enjoy the read and by all means leave me your comments please!

The Importance Of  Keywords In Blogging

Many new bloggers start out using blogging platforms or website building platforms that offer what is pitched as a professional looking website with hosting which leads many newcomers to the conclusion that it is really a simple procedure but this is far from the reality of blogging.

Cheap website building offers in most cases offer very little in the form of training that pertains to anything outside the simple setup instructions which eventually proves to be a huge problem for new bloggers. Wannabe bloggers are led to believe that “if you build it they will come Ray”. Unfortunately for website builders they may be thinking they are working on their dream of living of the profits and popularity of their website but as they soon find out they have very few or no visitors coming to their ball park, this is where the use of keywords come into play!

Statistics show that only 7% of people searching will go past the first page looking for information. Therefor knowing how to  use a keyword and keyword phrases effectively is critical to generating high volumes of traffic and can’t be overstated when it comes to the success of your website.

What Is A Keyword?

A keyword is a term that people type into a search engine such as Google to find something that they are searching for, hopefully if you choose your keywords correctly it will be your post that they click on first resulting in a visitor. An example of a keyword phrase would be the title of this post ” How To Use A Keyword”. If all falls into place and I was successful at selecting and applying keywords relevant to my topic title then I have a pretty good chance that Internet users searching for this topic will see y post somewhere on the first 2 pages of search results on this particular topic.

My goal is always to have my content rank on the first page of a search result. This of course doesn’t always happen for varying reasons, maybe the content I am adding is a deviation from the usual content that my website focuses on,  but if you choose your keywords properly and strategically place your keyword selections in your content your chances are greatly increased.

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lyndaIn this review I will be focusing my efforts on’s Internet Marketing course selection. offers an impressive variety of quality videos ranging from Internet Marketing basics to the most in depth web design courses.
I will be upfront and state that I am a affiliate and I do make commissions off referrals to their program. Why should I bother stating this? Because being an affiliate for is in it’s own right an endorsement of credibility for my site. has a very selective and thorough screening process when it comes to choosing affiliates to promote their company, they view your website and content and only then do they make a decision to form a relationship. The end result of’s screening process is there isn’t a whole pile of us affiliates out there!
Ok enough, my head is already big enough without having it swell up even more. I think you will want to read my review through it’s entirety, knowing that I get paid to promote their product I think you will find my review to be honest and refreshing. I reveal what I like and dislike, yes, dislike about’s Internet Marketing training offering, all ending in an unpredictable, but in my opinion a fair final verdict.

lynda course layoutWhat Is is training center that offers an impressive video library covering, at the time of publishing, a whopping 4592 courses with over 100,000 video tutorials with topics such as photography, Data entry, web design, programming, 3D animation and Internet marketing are just a few that come to mind, really if you can think it you can potentially find it at Methods of delivery range from video tutorials to video based instructor led training supported by downloadable project files.

What’s The Cost To Access offers a few different options which will enable you to have access to their courses and tutorials. offers a basic membership in the form of a monthly membership at $25 monthly and a yearly basic membership at $250, these two basic membership options give full access to all courses and tutorials. The second level of membership offered is their premium package starting at $37.50 a month and $375 annually.  The premium membership allows the ability to download project files and also the adaptability to access offline viewing via a mobile device. also offers group memberships for small and large organizations.

lynda marketingWhat Are The Pro’s Of’s Internet Marketing Training? is a reputable company which is demonstrated by their course material being used by the likes of Adobe, USC, Microsoft, and NBC so you know who you are dealing with.’s Internet marketing training material is very good ranging from training for the Internet marketing beginner to some of the most advanced website development training material. I found most of their Internet Marketing training material to be of very good quality and their instructors explained marketing techniques in simple terms with in an easy to follow point by point presentation.’s Internet marketing material covers off such topics as SEO, Email marketing, Social marketing, PPC and much more!

Price point:’s Internet marketing training cost is reasonable but not optimal, I will explain this point further in my con’s section.

No up sells: What you see is what you get at, no surprises. When you enter their doors it  is an all inclusive experience with no up selling of products, a pure learning experience.

What Are The Con’s Of’s Internet Marketing Training?

I have to keep reminding myself that I am reviewing’s Internet marketing offering not their site in general and this is where I come up with a few issues.

Price point:  I look at price point from an experienced marketers perspective that has a realistic view of what it will take to operate a successful online business and here’s how I see it, you will need a website to implement the training that you will receive at,  hosting and domain name registry which will unfortunately up your monthly cost considerably. Expect to tack on to’s monthly premium membership around $25 a month which will bring you close to $60 a month. I use the premium package as an example for the simple reason I feel it is necessary to have the downloadable project files that only come with a premium package to maximize your learning capabilities.

Support: I was happy with much of the Internet marketing material offered at but I did find that the support that I had access to was not in line with what I am accustomed too with my #1 recommended Internet marketing program. The course material was great but as far as support went I found myself alone with my training videos and no one to bounce my thoughts off of.  Knowing what I know now about how challenging it can be to make a living online without the right support, I feel you could find it difficult and time consuming to get timely answers to your questions and achieve online success. I personally like the community atmosphere where I can learn from others mistakes and triumphs, something that you will not find at One on one support when I needed it would have been of great benefit also.

Training platform: Although the individual training courses were of good quality unless you were like me and had previous experience with Internet marketing and new the steps that were needed to create an online business you will find it hard to put the required courses in order to achieve the right result. For example, on its own’s SEO training tutorial was a great learning resource. Stepping back a few years and looking at things through the eyes of a beginner I would have found it difficult to organize the course offerings in order of priority, no point learning SEO if you don’t know key Internet marketing terminology that SEO focuses on.

I was literally alone when it came to mapping out the courses I would need to start an online business using Internet marketing.

My Final Verdict On Internet Marketing training offered at

I was impressed by the quality of individual Internet Marketing courses offered by I found the instructors to be knowledgable and the video production to be of the highest quality.

As an avenue to make money online through Internet marketing I honestly don’t feel it’s a viable option. I feel that a complete step by step platform such as my #1 recommended program for starting an online business is more suited for a online career. When I started online marketing I needed to be held by the hand from start to my first online paycheck and that isn’t a reallity using  I definitely would recommend using’s various Internet marketing related courses as supplemental aids do to there in depth and very specific course content material. For example I operate a WordPress 4.0 website theme which offers a tutorial on. I built this site with training and support from my #1 recommended program and did quite fine with it but when a new version of WordPress came down offered a tutorial on all the new features and how to use them effectively. This was a very valuable additional resource that I accessed, cost me $25 for 1 month, plus I did some extra non marketing courses that interested me all at the same time. Once I had my fill I left before the month was over to avoid the next months billing.

In summary’s Internet Marketing training on an individual basis is very good but if you truly want to make a living online then you need step by step training, great support in a community atmosphere. You will need access to all the marketing tools and techniques all under one roof at your fingertips with no hidden costs. The program that I found online success from offers “state of the art training” developed by two highly successful Internet marketers in a scam and up sell free environment like the one you will find at

If you are an experienced marketer or someone who would like to view some of the courses that I offer this to you! Get 10 days of free unlimited access to If you are truly interested in making a living online  then have a look at the comparison chart that I created below that shows what I feel is your best scam free chance to learn how to make a living online.



How To Become A Good Affiliate Marketer

How To Become A Good Affiliate Marketer

Would you like to make a 75% commission on  items or services you have sold? If your answer is ” Sign me up” then you will want to keep reading!

Becoming a good Affiliate Marketer should be every Internet Marketers goal. If you are good at any job it tends to open the doors of opportunity. This statement is no more truer than in Internet Marketing. Successful online Marketers are sought after by large companies hoping that the best online marketers will promote their goods.  Affiliate program managers offer the elite marketers incentives that well exceed the norm for Affiliate commissions.

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Need Help Finding A Profitable Niche?

Need Help Finding A Profitable Niche?

One of the biggest obstacles that newcomers to blogging or affiliate marketing face is finding a profitable niche for their blog/website. Yes I hear it all the time from training platforms that say,  just choose an interest that you are passionate about and that’s all there is to it, wrong!

There are many factors that you need to consider when choosing a profitable niche. Here are a few things I focus on when helping people find a niche that they can make some pretty crazy income off of for years to come….

Niche Competition

Building a profitable niche blog isn’t as simple as many blogging platforms state. It isn’t as easy as just following your passion when it comes to choosing a blog topic that will generate income.

When I work with perspective bloggers/affiliate marketers I take them through a process of discovery. We always start with their passions or interests and see how competitive these niche ideas actually are, I do this with the aid of a keyword tool, the one I use is called Jaaxy.

I like to take new bloggers interests or ideas and run these through my keyword tool. I will show you a screenshot of a topic I just researched for a lady that I am working with as I write this post. Karen is interested in ETF tapping a technique that has many uses.

When Karen first started working with me at Wealthy Affiliate she told me her interest was to create a blog about tapping and generate some income from this blog. After digging into ETF tapping for Karen I noticed that there was a considerable amount of  competition for a broad niche so I started to drill down on this broad niche finding some really good sub niches that were still in her area of interest. Here’s how I went about drilling down on a profitable niche for Karen.

If you look at the screenshot below you will see my original search results. EFT tapping has a red icon under KQI, this is not a good niche to be involved in, way too much competition. You need to remember that you need to be on the first page of Google to get any real traffic, only 15% of all people researching a topic go past the first page while searching a topic in Google.

When you see green this is a good thing, green means that the QSR score is less than 200. QSR is a term used for competition, I personally like less than 150 for a QSR score for people just breaking into blogging or affiliate marketing. You will see on the right related topics, this is where I focus my search going forward.


Next is a screenshot of a drilled down sub niche topic “ETF emotional freedom technique”


Although the emotional freedom technique doesn’t pan out, remember the red, stay clear of this one. Now took further down in the search. Look at “stop smoking using ETF emotional freedom technique”. This  drilled down sub niche has a QSR of only 16, an insanely low score for competition. The monthly traffic looks good at 160. I know you are saying to yourself that 160 visitors isn’t going to make you rich but this is just one keyword phrase on the topic “stop smoking using ETF” there are many variations of this keyword niche topic that you will rank highly under. what this keyword search tells me is,  Karen will be an authority in this particular niche in no time flat,  with Karen’s authority in this niche comes a favorable first page ranking with Google and all the first page traffic that goes with it!

What’s Next When Choosing A Profitable Niche?

Ok now that we have drilled down to find a niche that looks promising Karen and I looked at what affiliate relationships we could find that would suit her income needs. This is a simple process of doing a Google search that will find affiliate programs, merchants that will pay her to promote their products. I did a Google search looking for affiliate programs for Karen by simply using Karen’s selected niche topic. I punched in “ETF tapping affiliate programs”. This is just a small sample of what was available for income opportunities, there were at least two more pages of offers for affiliates, some offering a 50% commission.


As you can see there are many opportunities to build an affiliate relationship and monetize your blog in the process.

Are We Done Selecting A Niche Yet?

No there is one more critical step to selecting a profitable niche. Next I along with the person I am working with we look at what the first page in their chosen niche looks like. We look for competition, I know we have established there’s not much for competition but now we are looking at what type of competition we will face to achieve a first page ranking in Google, an important factor if we are to maximize our traffic potential for my students website.

What Are We Looking For On The First Page Of Google?

We are now in the final stage of selecting a profitable niche. What we are now looking for is the quality of competition we are going to face. Take for example if I was researching a niche topic in the area of health and saw high profile websites occupying the first page of most of the related keyword searches I looked at. Website  like DR Oz, DR phil, Doctors without borders, Harvard medical school and the Mayo clinic. This would indicate to me that we should investigate another niche idea.


With the amount of fresh content websites like these high profile websites will generate there’s no amount of content that you could create that would knock them off the first page and capture the traffic that goes with that first page ranking. There are usually only about 10 spots available on the first page of any given search and if these spots are taken up by high profile sites you probably will never see a first page ranking. I look for websites like the ones my members will be building and with the knowledge I will give them in regards to SEO they will easily capture a first page ranking.

Now We Are Done Choosing A Profitable Niche! 

We are now done and I am satisfied that we have thoroughly investigated our prospective niche. Only after going through this process for selecting a profitable niche would I confidently say you have a very good chance of creating a website that will make you a lot of money over the years.

Yes there are a few more elements that need to be put in place. Elements like building a website structure that is user friendly, creating engaging and high ranking content are a few main aspects that need to be put in place but these are minor in comparison to choosing a profitable niche.