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700 Profit Club – Is It Really Free!

700 Profit Club – Is It Really Free!

Instant money!? Very little work?! $725 a day with no effort! From researching money making schemes over the years the 700 Profit Club has all the common characteristics of a full-blown scam. I hope by reviewing the 700 Profit Club I can shed a little light on whether this money making offer is a legitimate way to make a good income online or simply another scam that uses shady marketing tactics which I will discuss as we get into my 700 Profit Club Review, like always I welcome any questions or experiences you have had with this offer, have a great day Mike.

What Is The 700 Profit Club?!

When you click on the 700 Profit Club website, you’re presented with a sales video which actually explains very little about what you will be doing to make your millions online. If you take the time to listen to the video, it claims to offer potential sign-ups the opportunity to make $700 a day with only 10 minutes of work required, OK, I am going to tell you right here there is no online money making opportunity that takes little effort, everything I have done or researched online to make money takes considerable effort to make money, convincing people to part with their money isn’t easy, it takes skill and lots of targeted training.

The video goes on for about 4 – 6 minutes hammering home 2 points that the creators obviously want you to get.

Unless you act now you’re going to miss out on a $700 cheque being deposited into your bank account every day a day. The emphasis on this point should be enough for you to take cover and run, this is the oldest pressure and scam tactic in the book so if you see this the offer is bogus. No credible offer relies on outrageous income claims combined with limited time offers.

For the last 30 days, the owner has been taking on 15 different people to coach and mentor, and that today is the last day and there’s only ONE spot left. The site shows only one spot left on a consistent basis. These types of limited quantity claims are a scam artist go to tool, don’t bite!

Although the video is upwards of 6 minutes long, these are the only true points made within the video.

It is indicated that by signing up for this opportunity, you pay nothing. At the end of the day, the 700 Profit Club home page is really just a sales funnel into a different opportunity.

This isn’t a bad thing though, as many legit opportunities have a sales funnel to fast track people into legit opportunities.

But is the 700 Profit Club a legit opportunity?

So, What Happens If I sign up?

If you watch the video, and end up supplying your email, you’re pushed into another video sales page. This one is very similar to the first.

While the video plays, there’s indication that your account is being created at that time, and that you have to watch the video in order to move to the next step.

There is a counter at the bottom of the screen, letting you know how much longer you need to watch the video before you can access your account and start making that ” $700 a day” the 700 Profit Club claims you will make.

In the sales video, it explains that you need to create your “free” website through a domain hosting platform that 700 Profit Club is affiliated with. The sales video states that if you grab your free website that the 700 Profit Club has already done the work for you and hand-picked a done for you website (claiming the niche websites have been selected because they are the most profitable niche websites). The 700 Profit Club goes on to mention that you will qualify for a 40% discount off your hosting.

This is as far as I needed to go with this offer, These guys are simply affiliates for a hosting outfit, they offer simple landing pages claiming they are fully functioning websites when in reality these websites are cookie cutter templates that every scammer and their dog try to pass off as unique niche websites. Where the income starts to roll in is from commissions made from affiliating themselves with the hosting platform, you buy they get a commission.

What’s The Catch 700 Profit Club?

You can source out merchants that sell resell rights for products like pre done niche websites, these sites are extremely inexpensive to buy and you can turn around and either sell these templates for a profit or do what this outfit is doing and combine them with a hosting an offer and make a commission off the back end, it’s actually a really smart idea for the peddlers but not very good for the buyer.

The pre done website templates as I mentioned earlier are low quality, have very little SEO properties so they won’t get a high ranking with search engines such as Google which means they won’t get seen by the internet public and ultimately get no traffic. You can find website template offers in marketplaces like JV Zoo which is known for these resell offers, probably where these schemers got their idea to make money off unsuspecting buyers. On the right is a shot of what the hosting will cost you, typically an affiliate for a hosting platform will make anywhere upwards of 40% commission, so you can see this is a pretty lucrative deal for the 700 Profit Club owners.

The 700 Profit Club are affiliated with a web hosting company called Cool Handle. I have been in the Internet marketing biz for quite some time but have never heard of Cool Handle.

The cost to host through Cool Handle could be upwards of $100 – $200. The picture here represents the cheapest option.

Cool Handle Hosting, Who Are You?

Cool Handle hosting from what I found out has been around for sometime. However, it wasn’t until recently (March 2018) that they were accredited by the Better Business Bureau with a rating of A+.

Unfortunately, Cool Handle hosting offers very expensive hosting options compared to a lot of other hosting companies. Because of this, and the fact that they offer affiliate options, Cool Handle has obtained a very poor reputation in the online community from what I have read.

Compare what you see at Cool Handle to what you would get with a popular hosting platform like Blue Host which you can see below offers everything for under $6 a month or $72 a year all in.

Take a look at where Cool Handle rates on

What Happens If I Do Buy Hosting?

Say you do invest Cool Handle hosting to get your site up and going. What happens next?

700 Profit Club provides you with a personal adviser, however, it seems this personal adviser is more of a telemarketer. A master at selling!

Unfortunately there is no training or direction as to how you’ll make $700 a day. And surprise, you have a website but you haven’t made a dime yet.

Your personal adviser will attempt to sell you on a lot of different money making opportunities such as email auto responders, ad optimizer, e books and more, this is one big lesson in up selling and scamming all in one. Next thing you know your free offer is costing you literally hundreds of dollars a month

They don’t actually show you how to use these items, how to set up your website, or how to make $700 a day.

So Many Red Flags!

These types of fast money making schemes come with a lot of red flags to the trained eye, people they are not targeting. People they are targeting are the vulnerable, people with very limited to no knowledge of how the money making gig works online.

The First Red Flag: Exaggerated income claims.

You can almost always bank on it, if someone is pitching hundreds of dollars a day in guaranteed income with little effort, something is rotten.

Making money online is possible, but you don’t start by earning $700 a day, just doesn’t happen.

The Second Red Flag: Fake Testimonies

Buyers are getting very skeptical of online offers and with good reason, websites like the 700 Profit Club use testimonials to try to persuade their visitors that their offer is tries and true. Unfortunately what I see are not authentic testimonials but fake stock photos and testimonials that can be bought from vendors such as fiver. A high quality testimonial can cost as little as $5 on Fiver.

9 times out of ten, if there are multiple people on a website with perfect profile pictures earning thousands of dollars a week, it;s more than likely fake! You’ll probably find these same profile pictures on a different website as well.

The Last Red Flag: There’s a limited availability

The volume of internet users is massive, and anyone and everyone is perfectly capable of making money online with the right training. If an opportunity claims there is only a certain amount of spots or limited amount of time to claim those spots, there only trying to prey on your primary instincts which is to panic buy.

When people feel there’s a limited amount of time to decide something, they usually make decisions without fully investigating or thinking it through.

What 700 Profit Club Does Well…

  • There is only one thing I agree with in the 700 Profit Club offer and that is you need a website to make any really significant income online.

What 700 Profit Club Could Do Better…

  • Don’t use misleading sales tactics, advertising a “free” opportunity which isn’t free and unrealistic money making income opportunities;
  • Offer real training on how to make money online;
  • Don’t up sell products you don’t offer training for;
  • Train people on real affiliate marketing opportunities;
  • Provide a real personal adviser who focuses on helping their customers, not a sales person.

The Final Verdict!

All in all, the 700 Profit Club I feel is a web hosting scam in the way that they intentionately mislead you into thinking you can make $700 a day free. This offer can cost you upwards of $200 plus a month if you buy into all the up sell offers.

There’s literally no value in joining the 700 Profit Club, all they really provide do a website template which you can find almost anywhere with the hosting for your site at an additional cost. If you follow the 700 Profit Clubs instructions step by step, and don’t buy into the up sells, you’re left with very little to no opportunity to make an income online, that’s unfortunately is just the hard truth.

The 700 Profit Club is one of these opportunities that screams unethical marketing practices!






Learn To Make Money Online Inexpensively!

Learn To Make Money Online Inexpensively!

You’re probably asking yourself,  what the hell does a cup of coffee have to do with learning how to make money online, actually everything. I hear it all the time, the cost of training for internet marketing/affiliate marketing costs too much, I can’t afford it. If people could only look at their lifestyle, their needs, their wants and their necessities I think they would see the impact that one single purchase of a cup of coffee everyday has on their life’s potential outcome.

A Quick Look At A Legitimate Way To Make Money Online.

I have been making thousands a month in online income for quite a few years now and I am not alone. Have you bought anything online? Have you bought anything online through a website? If you answered yes to one of these questions then you have probably helped a guy like me make a living online, probably while I was sleeping!

I am an affiliate marketer. I build simple websites promoting products for online merchants, the backbone of the internet. Online sales are increasing everyday, offline merchants are clamoring to get their storefronts online to take advantage of the internet buying public. You have all heard of Amazon, well there are hundreds of thousands of merchants just like Amazon, maybe not as big but looking to sell their wares. All of these merchants have one thing in common, they have a problem. This problem is how do they get exposure for their products, enter affiliate marketers.

Learn Affiliate Marketing 100% Free Here!

Over the years affiliate marketers have become integral to the success of online merchants getting their products in front of as many potential internet buyers as possible, they do this by soliciting affiliate marketers services. Affiliate marketers hire out their services on a commission basis, they create simple websites that promote online merchants products and if that promotion results in a sale then the affiliate gets a commission, commissions range from 4%-75%. It’ not uncommon at all for affiliates to make multiple commissions of many different products in the guration of a single day.

cup-with-moneyHere’s Where The Cup Of Coffee Comes Into Play!

This may seem like a ridiculous anlage but I feel it is a very realistic one. I have a starbucks card that I always seem to be loading. One day my wife and I were sitting down have a grande pike and a chai latte and I thought about the money we just put out and the weirdest thing happened, I got a thought.  I just paid $2.40 after tax for my grande pike which got me to thinking, what could I do with that $2.40 I just threw away on a cup of coffee I probably could have done without or maybe just had some at home for a fraction of the price.

I know you’re saying to yourself,  what’s this guy been sniffing? but just think about it for a moment, there is some significance in evaluating that purchase of one grande pike!

your-choiceThe difference Between Wanting And Having

If I gave you the choice between a successful business online OR being able to drink a cup of Starbucks coffee every day, which one would you choose?

In fact, what if I told you that one grande cup of coffee at Starbucks is $2.40 after tax is three times more expensive than learning how to make money online inexpensively. Learning how to make money online will cost you a whopping $0.82 per day, almost 3 times cheaper than that grande pike at Starbucks.

This is YOUR new reality.  You can create, grow and manage your business(es) within the most advanced, most sophisticated, most useful and helpful affiliate training platform in the world, or you could have 1/3 of a cup of coffee from Starbucks.

You could do NOTHING and continue life “as is” or you could make a monumental shift in the year ahead and get access to the most elite affiliate marketing platform for building an online business that will generate income online for years to come.

And do so for WAY LESS than the price of an mediocre cup of coffee.

Get A Free Starter Membership Here!

What Do You Get For A 1/3 of a cup of coffee?

  • An industry leading affiliate/internet marketing education.
  • The most advanced website building platform in SiteRubix.
  • The most powerful, secure and reliable WordPress hosting platform on the planet.
  • As much personal help and mentorship you want from industry experts.
  • 24/7/365 access to the most interactive and helpful community.
  • Unlimited access to the WA keyword and research platform
  • Live classes every week that cover brand new topics (52 in the year ahead)
  • The ability to network with over 800,000 aspiring and successful entrepreneurs
  • Everything you need to create your very own successful business online to ANY level you want.
  • And an entire YEAR of updates

There are many financial sacrifices we make in life and your business should not be one of them.  Whether it is not “eating out” once per month or skipping the 2nd cup of coffee in the morning, you have the ability to mold your future by what you do today.

Coffee may be a strange comparison, but one I hope will put things into perspective for you. 82 cents makes sense!

Check out the program that I used to make thousands of dollars a month in online income as an affiliate marketer.

How To Avoid Work At Home Scams

How To Avoid Work At Home Scams

I have been licking my chops searching for the time to write an article that could be used as a roadmap for my readers with the hope that equipping readers with the knowledge I have of scams they can safely navigate the Internet without running blindly into a scam. With this article on ” How To Avoid Work At Home Scams” I will lay out what I look for when researching programs and products and what leads me to a scam verdict!

Scams come in many shapes and sizes and they don’t have to be delivered by slippery Internet salesman. Whatever results in giving you false hope when it comes to not delivering on what was advertised I consider a scam all they need is a willing participant.

Enjoy the read and by all means when you are done reading my article ask any questions that come to mind and I will answer your questions as quickly as possible.

 How To Avoid Work At Home Scams Quick Tips

Quick Tip 1 – If it’s sounds too good to be true it is, why? Because that’s what marketers are trained to do, they will prey upon your wants and desires and use them on you, the more desperate you are to make money online the more vulnerable you are. I know this sounds despicable but making money online for many is all about exploitation so check your burning desire to make a quick buck at the Internet door because it will be the opening the scammer needs.

Quick Tip 2 – There is no such thing as a push button work from home way to make money online. Next to a blinding desire to  work from and make money online one of the worst mistakes you can make is to buy into the theology that making money from home will be easy and without dedication. Push button made for you systems once again are geared to play upon another weakness and that is to make money as easy as possible. Marketers have targeted campaigns that promote the ease and speed of done for you systems all you have to do is pay for that luxury, let me tell you straight up there is no valid system that I have found researching close to 200 programs to date.

Quick Tip 3 – There are no moms, dads, grandpas and Grandmas  making thousands or millions from the comfort of their homes without Internet Marketing training, none! There are many outfits that I have reviewed claiming “single mom makes $1500 a day posting on social networks”  no training required. Of course there is no training required because these jobs don’t exist, years ago there were some link posting opportunities but not anymore.  This is probably the most commonly used scam out there right now, link posting as a big money making opportunity is an outright fabrication, run when you see this one.

Quick Tip 4 – Internet Marketing training is not needed to make money online! Absolutely B.S. The only way to make money online is to connect with the masses, you will make little money selling to friends and family  you need to know how to reach a broad audience, a worldly audience, and to do this you do need some training.

Quick Tip 5 – I need to take my Internet Marketing at a school. Some people aren’t going to like what I say here but any good Internet Marketer isn’t going to be training they are going to be out making big money much, much more than a teacher could ever make so I would be very suspect in the quality of training you will get from any traditional academic facility.

Quick Tip 6 – Training should cost a lot. Not true at all, you should be able to find Internet Marketing training for less than $50 a month all inclusive. This monthly payment is the norm for many of the top Internet Marketing programs which will include at least 90% of any tools that you will need to make money online.

Quick Tip 7 – Quick tip 6 leads me straight to this tip which is one of the biggest shams on the Internet when it comes to making money online, you need a big costly tool box to make money online. I personally only have 2 tools that I use and pay for to run my online business from home is as follows, keyword tool and an autoresponder, that’s it! No big costly tool box just two tools that help me reach my audience and then reply to their requests. Many marketers will lead you to believe that you will need lead generation tools, traffic generators, Email generation tools and analytic tools which is just not the case. Google analytics and Webmaster tools are FREE and will give you all the data you need to run an effective campaign.

Quick Tip 8 – Joining an MLM ( multi level marketing company)  looks like the easiest way to make money from home. MLM’s are promoted as an all inclusive way to make money online, don’t have to look for products you can use theirs, make money off people under you, benefit from the MLM’s advertising and exposure, done for you built in systems. This is a fact, over 80% of all people joining an MLM fail to make any significant amount of income! Why? MLM’s have limited start up capital most of that capital goes into product and infrastructure development they have very little funds for training and almost zero money for offering support which is very costly. Without support and training you will fail guaranteed and as I stated most do!

The only people who are making money in MLM’s are the experienced marketers that know how to reach a broad market not just their friends and family. Experienced marketers don’t have to rely on training and support all they need is access to the products to sell and have the ability to connect and recruit members under them that they will benefit from, this is why I always tell my readers that yes you can make money in MLM but only if you get the training first then sell.

Quick Tip 9 – Never join any program that doesn’t offer a FREE trial, if the program doesn’t have the confidence to show you what they have to offer at no charge then they are not worth the risk. When I say FREE I mean FREE  not $1, $4, or $7 because what this does is it activates your credit card and this will automatically roll over into a high priced monthly fee guaranteed this is a common bait and hook technique used by many Internet Marketing training programs and done for you money making systems.

Quick Tip 10 – Huge discounts, this is a big red flag don’t be sucked in by perceived value this is called down selling and is a marketing technique used to entice you into thinking you are getting a deal when in reality it is more likely that the product or program isn’t even worth the discount. Quality programs will give a small discount but drastic discounts are scam tactics. One time fee programs that offer a program for say $97 will give you some training but will almost always try and upsell you on more products with monthly fees associated to them. These one time fee programs also can’t afford to offer support and without the best support you will fail.

Theses are just 10 quick tips off the top of my head if you have any questions on programs or tools that you want answered before you take the plunge by all means now is the place and time to ask them, hope this helps you avoid work at home scams.



Killer Content System Review

Killer Content System Review

I recently checked out the Killer Content system by Socrates Socratous to see if this was a system that focused on easy content marketing or just another hyped up dissapointment.

Painful Opening Killer Content Sales Video

I have to say getting through the opening sales video presented by Socrates took every ounce of my willpower and was my biggest challenge doing this review,  the whole time I was hanging in there hoping that the final product was going to be worth the pain I had to endure listening to Socrates play by play video on how his system wasn’t going to disappoint and wasn’t like other “bullshit” systems!

I made it through all income statement claims and then the bomb dropped, Socrates actually gave a brief description of what his revolutionary system actually was. This is something that rarely happens in the world Internet Marketing, so thumbs up to Socrates for that.

What Is The Killer Content System? 

The Killer Content System is an automated process for the application of content on your website, as Socrates explains you don’t even need to know English to use his system. Socrates system works on the premise that you can quickly generate multiple sites adding automated content known as PLR content ( private Label Rights content)  creating multiple revenue streams in the process, more exposure more traffic is the theory behind the Killer Content system, this system is actually eerily similar to a high profile system on the Internet called Google Sniper  created by an Internet Marketing phenom named George Brown.

  Killer Content May Be A Rankings Killer

The one concern that I see  for Socrates and his Killer Content system is the use of PLR material or computer generated content. In it’s day computer generated content was a widely used way of adding content to a website that increased the website’s exposure in a multitude of niche topics very quickly.

Fast forward to modern day Google and a series of algorithm changes made by the search engine giant has really limited the usefulness of computer generated content. Google’s programmers have made changes to their algorithms which sniff out auto generated content and when found can have a negative effect on your website hurting it in the rankings.  Google is looking for originality and authoritative content which PLR content has always struggled to imitate.

There’s More Cons Then Pros To This Offer

If you’re a newbie to Internet Marketing this deal looks legit and in many ways is. The product does offer something for your money which is $37 after a $10 discount. The Killer Content System does deliver a concept and a few tools to support it. Unfortunately your $37 doesn’t give you a few key ingredients to get this offer from the conceptual stage to the implementation stage.

First off every site you create you will need to purchase a domain name for your site, this will cost you in the range of $4.99 – $14.99 annually. Next you will need a place to host your websites which could run you up to $25 a month. This all adds up over time and if you are producing multiple sites your bill is going to grow.

I just want to touch on the PLR content for a minute, most PLR content is laden with spelling mistakes, broken english and in many cases makes no sense whatsoever. Making a connection with an audience is what is important, many who try Internet Marketing fail for one simple reason,  they never focus on the most important element of Affiliate marketing and that is building relationships with your readers,  PLR content in many cases will not have that effect.

Computer generated content isn’t SEO optimized so when Google crawls your site they won’t find relevant keywords that will help your content rank.

There is no mention of any type of support,  you will need some type of support don’t you think?

My Final Thoughts

Socrates hit the nail on the head when he stated “content is king” he is absolutely right. Good content that ranks is what makes a website’s owner rich, whether you have advertisers wanting to advertise on your site because they like your content or you convert your traffic into sales because you connect with your readers,  good content will always produce results.

Having a website, producing content is definitely a realistic and lucrative opportunity but there are many techniques that need to be applied before you will see success. Once you learn these techniques you will always have them and with that you will always have an opportunity to make some good income online.







Free Cash Formula – Nothing Free Here!

Free Cash Formula – Nothing Free Here!

If you are looking for an online program that will turn your fortunes around and you think the Free Cash Formula is the one then you should read my indepth review of this life changing program!

What Is The Free Cash Formula?

free cash formula

Essentially the Free Cash Formula is pitched as another complete business in a box, a business that operates with a squeeze page which gathers emails and then an autoresponder is used to fire out offers to the email recipients that have offered up their emails. If you have ever heard of email marketing then this Free Cash Formula offering is a very simplistic form of how Email marketing works.  Email marketing can be a very effective way to generate sales from a website but specific components and sequences should be followed to maximize your chances of making money using the email Marketing technique.

empty-box-giftWhat’s Included In My New Business In A Box?

What you get in this business in a box offer is a lead page creator, video lead page creator and some video training on email marketing that’s about sums it up.

Is The Free Cash Formula Really Free?

No,  the Free Cash Formula isn’t free! The advertised cost to participate in the free cash formula offer is $49 downsell to $9 this is a typical marketing tactic nothing out of the norm.  This discounted entrance fee gets you the three items I listed above, Leadpage creator, video lead page creator and the 10 email training videos. If you haven’t had any exposure to email marketing then I feel the package offered might not be enough for you to see results you will be happy with.

What’s missing? For starters I didn’t see any mention of an autoresponder which is typically needed to run an email campaign, this will cost extra. I didn’t see any hosting included for your leadpages which will cost extra.

 My Final Thoughts

I don’t see to much to the Free Cash Formula offer it does appear to be a basic offer which will need some additions to make it a viable money generating opportunity in my opinion. Have a good look and make sure you look at what the cost of any additional products will add to the inexpensive introductory cost.




Millionaire’s Blueprint – Scam Warning!

Millionaire’s Blueprint – Scam Warning!

 Want To Be A Millionaire In 90 Days?

Want To Make Millions Just By Clicking A Mouse?

Want To Make A Million Dollars With No Cost

Shazam You’re A Millionaire!


I hate to break it to you but I am going to show you why it’s unlikely that you are going to make millions in 90 days with Walter Green’s Millionaires Blueprint which he refers to as his “Free money system”  I am also not convinced this offer will make you millions with a click of a mouse and I am pretty confident you will not make millions with no cost.

Well if you were getting excited and answering yes to the questions above then this would more than likely end with you donating your hard earned money to the people behind the Millionaire’s Blueprints offer.

Is The Millionaire’s Blueprint Offer Free?

Technically if you stretch the ethical boundaries you could argue there is no cost for the Millionaire Blueprint software but there is a catch, a big one!  The software itself is absolutely worthless unless it is activated through a trading account which is a typical binary option marketing tactic.  What’s the catch? There is an activation fee that will cost you a minimum of $200 and as Walter states in his sales video better results will be achieved with more money invested which is a common binary option claim.

Camera, Lights, Action!

Lets focus on Walter Green and his entourage of supporters giving compelling testimonials for the effectiveness of the Millionaires Blueprint software. Hmmm! well unfortunately no one knows how much of the Millionaires Blueprint promotional video is actually real or staged. Testimonials such as the ones that spoke to the validity of the Millionaires Blueprint effectiveness can all be bought for less than $10 on Fiverr if one choses to go that route making programs like this one hard to discern fact from fiction. Walter Green the man who supposedly pinched this money making system from a group that tried to shut him is a great story line but almost impossible to validate as a prospective buyer.

The Disclaimer!

Checking out programs like the Millionaires Blueprint offer you really should surf down to the disclaimer where you will find the facts.  The disclaimer for Millionaires Blueprint sales video clearly states ” The Millionaires Blueprint sales video is fictitious and was produced to portray the potential of the Millionaires Blueprint software”.  The disclaimer goes on to state that actors have been used and they should be viewed for entertainment purposes.

If you read any binary options disclaimer they all state clearly that ” Binary options trading entails significant risks.” 

One last thing you should be aware of is that Binary options in many cases are not traded under the rules of any recognized or regulated exchange this opens you up to substantially greater risks than if you were trading under regulated conditions.

Pressure tactics

Here’s something that is common amongst binary option offers.  Pressure tactics that state there is limited space or time,  you must act fast! Please don’t let these types of marketing tactics influence your decision to rush into making a purchase that’s what they are designed to do!

millionaire blueprint

My Final Thoughts

People can argue until they’re blue in the face over the validity of Binary options trading systems but just look at the hard evidence. Why would you risk $250 minimum when at best they are a huge investment risk. When actors are used for testimonials and Millionaires Blueprint disclaimer is essentially telling you outright it’s purely speculative and hasn’t been proven to work why would you still bite? Just some food for thought, hope you enjoyed the review. If you have any feedback or prior experience with this offer please let my readers know your opinions, cheers Mike.





Online Cash Direct – Link Posting Scam?

Online Cash Direct – Link Posting Scam?

 How Does Online Cash Direct Work?

I have written quite a few articles on link posting this year, as fast as I can write on current link posting schemes such as Online Cash Direct a new one is created. From what I can see many of these link posting offers are intertwined leading to one final destination.

Online Cash Direct appears to be another storefront linking to another program I reviewed not long ago called “Secure Home Profits”.

Can You Make Money Link Posting?

Money making offers such as Online Cash Direct use an outdated income generating technique called link posting which for all intensive purpose sounds like a realistic opportunity to make income online but in actuality this income generating technique has been summoned from the Internet Marketing graveyard. Hanging their hats on what I consider to be an obsolete online income generator I feel doesn’t leave the user with a realistic opportunity to make any significant income online.

What Is Link Posting?

As I stated in my last paragraph link posting was popular in the wild west days of the Internet when posting links where ever you could offered an opportunity to divert Internet traffic to a merchant’s website or sales page. Another term used for link posting was backlinking which fell out of favor with search engines such as Google.

With Google’s direction heading towards a more authority based platform for it’s users link posting was a problem. Link posting was being used to divert traffic away from authority websites which is the experience that Google wanted for it’s users. In many cases traffic was being diverted away from authority websites offering relevant content only to be diverted to a sales page that offered very little to no relevant content for it’s readers. When Google caught on to link posting practice online companies who were caught in the act of link posting found their websites exposure plummet in Google’s search results overnight. Being on the first and second page of Google’s search results is like winning the traffic lottery and for some online companies this meant losing a top page ranking and being relegated to Google’s basement where their companies died of traffic starvation.

Still Have Options For Dropping Links?

Link posting schemes such as Online Cash Direct will lead you to believe that there are many options available for dropping links. Forums are promoted as prime locations for dropping links which is not the case anymore. Almost all of the forums have moderators that are on top of people trying to leave links in forums, once these links are discovered it usually results in the link droppers account being suspended.

How about posting links on Facebook? This practice is also on it’s way out according to some Facebook news releases.



Work At Home Paycheck

Work At Home Paycheck

Work At Home Paycheck – Or Maybe Just A Scam Reality Check?

I will be honest I am starting to sound like a broken record when I write about products such as Work At Home Paycheck. I have done a few reviews in a row now that all have the same characteristics and the Work At Home Paycheck program appears to have all the same traits. I am going to make this a quick review and just point out some glaring similarities that this offer has with other schemes.

Some Odd Findings!

Actors Play Big Part In Work At Home Paycheck Promotion

excel7Jessica Marshall single stay at home mom creates this amazingly simple system to make thousands of dollars a month from the comfort of her own home giving her family the life they could only imagine, sounds pretty good, tugs at the imagination of one of the largest demographics in North America ( BY DESIGN OF COURSE). Single parent down on their luck looking for that one timely break that will change their fortunes for the good.

The Work At Home Paycheck sales pitch might as well have went like this:  An alien spaceship landed in Jessica’s yard and took Jessica and her daughter to their home planet Zoron where they made her queen and she reigned happily for many years and never grew old!  Maybe there is a single mom named Jessica somewhere but was she a successful benefactor of the Work At Home Paycheck Program? Not quite sure on that front!

Jessica Marshall’s image is a stock photo that has been used numerous times in schemes just like WAH Paycheck. I have run into Jessica, Mary, Kelly, Maggie whatever you want to call this stock image when reviewing programs such as Online Riches University, Work At Home Institute, Excel Cash Flow, Work At Home University, these are just a few programs that all have the same scam characteristics which I will expose as we get further into this WAH Paycheck review.


acting classes Fake Testimonials Make Me Feel For My Wallet!

Kelly Frazier, Mark Wilson and Alex Cooper for all you know are all Fictional characters playing various roles from program creator to down on their luck program users that have turned their fortunes around. You will never know who is real and who is fictional in this promotion which for me makes me leary.

Misleading Media Exposure For WAH Paycheck

This is where the Work At Home Paycheck sales pitch incorporates a popular tactic which uses well known media broadcast giants such as Fox News, CNN, Nbc and Abc to add a sense of legitimacy to their offering.  The creators of the WAH Paycheck offering use deceptive language in their infomercial that if you weren’t looking for it as I was you would think that the Work At Home Paycheck program was profiled on these popular broadcast stations which is was not exactly true! What it does say is that work at home opportunities have been profiled on these broadcast stations which is probably a true statement.

Fake News Articles

Manufactured for their viewing audience are fake news articles articulating the effectiveness of the WAH Paycheck program as a money generating system. Here is an example of what appears to be a manufactured article.

fake wah paycheck

That’s Enough! My Final Thoughts

There are many more tactics used in the WAH Paycheck promotion such as fake security badges, news releases and testimonials. and so on but I think you can see where this is all going, DON’T GET SUCKED IN! . The $47 price tag seems appealing especially after the program is discounted from the initial offer of $397 if you go to click off the sales page ( another common marketing Tactic) but once you bite you will be contacted by high pressure salespeople that will offer additional ” coaching programs” that will enhance your chances of success.

Link posting is what the WAH Paycheck program hangs their hat on as a money generating online job, I won’t go into detail here on link posting you can read my article on link posting to get the full scoop on how this works, or doesn’t work!



Laid Off To Paid Off Review

Laid Off To Paid Off Review

“Laid Off To Paid Off Review”

This is a quick review of a popular program known as Laid Off To Paid Off, catchy name for a program has a nice ring to it so let’s start digging and see if the content of the program allows for a nice ring at the cash register, in your favor of course! Enjoy the read!

lotpoWhat Is Laid Off To Paid Off?

I will start by saying Laid Off To Paid Off is the product of an Internet Marketer named Bryan Winters. From what I can see Laid Off To Paid Off was developed to provide what I would consider a modified sales funnel for ZNZ Big Cash ( Zip Nada Zilch) a program that I have reviewed in the past. ZNZ Big Cash is a trial offer program where you get an opportunity to participate in trial offers on various services and products which in turn offer credits for completion of that trial offer.  One of the perks of completing trial offers are prizes and your eligibility to recruit other people into ZNZ  ($20 commission paid) after you have fulfilled your required trial offers.

sales funnelWhat’s a sales funnel?

A sales funnel is a  a program designed to sell products or programs. In this case I believe Brian is using Laid Off To market and provide access to the real offer which is ZNZ Big Cash.

There are numerous upsell offers you will need to navigate through to get to your final destination which is the ZNZ Big Cash program.  These upsells are optional they are pitched in a fashion that alludes to the need for these products ” if you really want to make money.”   Here’s a short list of offers that are pitched inside LOTPO…..

 CashBlurbs: This is stated as optional at $20 a month. With this product you will be eligible for commissions off this product if someone clicks on your link that will be applied to what they refer to as the backend.

 Charlie Page’s Directory Of Ezines: This offer will cost you a whopping $197 so that you can place adverts on Ezines. Basically this is you paying $97 for a system to sell a system.

 Ad Swaps: A product that allows others to advertise on your email list. This product is a video viral generator.

How Does Laid Off To Paid Off Benefit You?

No money required: If you get through the up sells without biting you still have to find enough trial offers at ZNZ to complete 1 full credit, doesn’t sound like much but I couldn’t find enough free offers to reach my credit. Also keep in mind many off the offers are trials that lead to monthly subscriptions and if you don’t keep a close eye on them you might end up paying for a monthly subscription, in some cases you may end up in longer contracts.

  No Training required: Having no training going into this deal in my opinion is probably going to be your biggest mistake, this is a seasoned marketer selling you on stuff because you have no training or experience in Internet Marketing.  You are taking a person’s word on what you need to make money online so you should thoroughly check out what is being pitched to you.

 Free customized website from LOTPO:  From what I saw the same website that you are on is your site with an affiliate link added, not sure if I would consider that a customized website of your own.

My Final Thoughts On Laid Off To Paid Off

I am pretty confident from testing out ZNZ  that you could make money referring people to ZNZ but using a system like Laid Off To Paid Off I think you could get away with going straight to ZNZ Big Cash and bypass the up sells in the Laid Off To Paid Off offer.




Make Money Blogging For Beginners – Learn How To Blog Free

Make Money Blogging For Beginners – Learn How To Blog Free

Make Money Blogging For Beginners


There is so much junk on the Internet today where do you start, who do you trust in your pursuit to make money from Blogging. Well I have the answers for you inside my “Make Money Blogging For Beginners”  article. At worst this article will save you tons of money and time that many will lead you to believe is necessary to make money from blogging! This isn’t a sales pitch just some helpful information that I have gained through my experiences that I would like to pass on.

It’s Simpler Than Ever To Make Money Blogging

When I first started to make money blogging in 2010,  the Internet was a whole different animal, back then I would have to write articles and submit them to an article directory such as “Ezine Articles” and many others for any hope of attracting readers to my site. I am not going to go into detail why that changed, but what I will tell you is Google,  the main search engine online today wanted more control over what their users were experiencing and year after year Google has been consistently implementing measures to make sure it’s users find what they were looking for when they browse on their search engine, this was achieved by rewarding authority websites (providers of quality content) with high rankings!

I Just Want To Blog And Make Money!

I know you just want to know how to make money blogging but the history behind where the Internet has come from and where it is going is so very important to building and online business that will stand the test of time. The Internet literally grows daily and there are more and more people flocking to the Internet to sell their merchandise, if you own an offline business these days and don’t have an Internet presence in the form of a website your are doing business in the stone age that’s why there is so much potential for people to make money blogging even for beginners.

The problem with people flocking to the Internet is it brings the sharks, people who will sell you a push button system guaranteed to make you money no effort required, one page sales pages that will make you thousands, traffic generating tools, jesus! I have written countless reviews to alert money making prospectors on the various scam products and everyday I see at least 10 more created, in many cases by the same sharks. Blogging is the only authentic way to make money online, my next paragraph explains why!

This Is Why You Need To Blog To Make Money Online

Earlier in this post I gave you a little history lesson on where the Internet has been and where it is going, why was this important? Now I am going to tell you why you need to blog and why you need to offer quality content that ranks high in Google, not one page sales pages or build email lists by offering free products on a one page website.

Did you know that only 7% of all Internet users search past the first page? That means that 83% of all Internet users don’t bother going past the first page when looking for information or products after that 7% gets filtered down through the second and third pages. To realistically have a chance at making money blogging you need to be at least no lower than the third page and that’s stretching it!

content writing SEO tips for beginnersWhat Do I need To Make a Blog?

It’s really not complicated but once again there are those people who will tell you it is and you need to buy this and that and for the record this isn’t the case! All you really need is a Domain name registered ( website name, also called a URL) Hosting, a place where your website is located ( also called a server), a keyword tool some training so that your website will rank high, now that you know ranking high this is crucial to making money blogging. That is really all you need to start making money from a blog, it’s that simple.

How Much Training Do I need If Any?

Yes it is unrealistic to think you can build a successful blog without training, you need to know how to get your material to rank, you need some knowledge of how to use keywords and find topics with high traffic and low competition. This is where I take issue with platforms such as Weebly, Wix and other various discount website and hosting platforms. These website template and hosting providers really lack in the training department they put very little to no emphasis on training they lead you to believe all you need to do is create a website and presto! You are now a blogger, yes you will technically be a blogger but you will never reach your goal of making money blogging.

wordpress for beginnersYes these discount website providers offer free websites but theses website templates are basic templates that play no significant role on the Internet.  Free or discount website templates offer very little room to expand your blog and have very limited plugin applications making these website templates lousey for making money blogging. I personally uses WordPress websites do to there expandable and programming capabilities, they grow with your online business needs. The place where I got my training is the only place that I have ever seen that offers 2 FREE WordPress websites as well as FREE hosting with an unlimited free  “STARTER MEMBERSHIP”  no strings attached offer, have a look if you feel like it they don’t ask for credit card numbers or anything like that, I always suggest this program to newcomers because the way it’s set up you get a 10 lesson course on how to set your website up and all the training to start making money with your blog,  if you don’t like the experience then you just walk away, they make it pretty simple!

Is That All I Need To Make Money Blogging?

What you have read so far is all you will need to make money blogging, it’s by no means a push button thing, you can set up a website in less than 30 seconds believe it or not but the rest does take some time to create content and build your website into an authority site but once your website becomes more popular the traffic starts to build and Google rewards you for that the next step is monetising your website ( sell products on your site)  which is actually the easy part. Just remember it is really easy to get dragged into the online money making game, resist the urge to benefit from all your new found traffic,  you will want to sell everything under the sun but if I can give you one piece of advice I would tell you to keep it simple!  Only sell quality, reputable products and you will enjoy a long and lucrative blogging career, get salesy and you will ruin all your hard work.

I hope you found some value in this article, I have been blogging for many years and have built and sold many websites and made a considerable amount of money in the process. It’s not hard but it does take some commitment and you have very little overhead in the form of a Domain name fee ( under $15 annually) hosting, keyword tool, some training to stay current, total cost under $50 a month for a potential return in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.