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Make Money Selling Amazon Products

Make Money Selling Amazon Products


Make Money Selling Amazon Products – It’s Easier Than You May Think!

If you have access to a computer it’s quite simple to make money selling Amazon products. If you’re retired and looking to supplement your income or a starving college student or stay at home mom looking to ease some of the household financial pressure making money selling Amazon products could be the answer to your financial freedom.

amazon-scotlandAmazon has grown in stature and recently released a massive earning report for their fiscal quarter ending April 2015.  Amazon Stock price soared on release of the news which demonstrates the growing allure of shopping online, especially with a reputable host such as Amazon.  Amazon sells millions and millions of products annually with opportunity galore to take your piece of the pie. There has never been a better time to get your feet wet and start capitalizing on Amazon’s success and their expanding future online.

In this article I will explain to you how I make money selling Amazon products and how you can make money off Amazon’s skyrocketing popularity with online shoppers.

Amazon’s Compensation plan – How Much Does Amazon Pay?

Typically Amazon pays its associates somewhere in the range of 4-8.5% commission depending on the product you are selling. I know this doesn’t sound like much but trust me it can add up quite quickly. years ago I had a website called “Feel good over” I wrote short blog posts on everything that pertained to that particular demographic. I focused on health related products, exercise equipment, clothing, eyewear, you name it I had an opportunity to sell it, 50% of all the products I sold came from Amazon, lets just say I made a very good living selling Amazon products and you can make money selling Amazon products also.

Let’s get back to the money end of Amazon, start doing the math on 10% of a Kitchenaid mixmaster at roughly $300 for one single purchase but it doesn’t stop there, say that person buys the mixer through your affiliate link and decides while they are there that they need a new pair of shoes something that you had never advertised or wrote a review on you will still get the commission. I sold a exercise book and while that person was there they spent $500 on clothing and shoes, this sort of thing happens all the time, collateral sales! One of my main techniques I used was promoting very inexpensive books knowing that all I was doing was getting people through Amazon’s doors with my affiliate link in their wallet so to speak. Amazon offers a massive inventory of merchandise for sale and all you need to do is introduce potential customers to Amazon’s extensive offering and watch your bank account grow! Here’s just a miniscule sample of products you could sell in a weight loss or health related niche offered through Amazon.

amazon products

How Does Amazon Pay It’s Associates?

Amazon has a few different payment methods for you to choose from, you can either be paid in Amazon gift cards( payout threshold minimum $10). You can ask for a direct deposit to your bank account once again there is a $10 minimum payout and lastly payment can be made by cheque with a minimum threshold of $100. If you are from Canada as I am these funds are all paid in U.S currency which right now adds another 20+% bonus for the exchange, not to shabby for doing nothing!

amazon screen shotHow Do You Become An Amazon Associate?

Becoming an Amazon associate could never be easier, all you have to do is go to Amazon’s website and join the Amazon Associates Affiliate program which is absolutely free and takes no more than ten minutes of your time to fill out the appropriate info. Pick a product hit the get your link tab grab and add the code to your website, yes you will need a website but that’s no biggy,  I can show you how to build your basic WordPress website in roughly 30 seconds, yes you heard me right 30 seconds. Click on the image below to watch a video demonstrating how easy it is to create your own professional looking website in no time flat !

Once you have a website up and running it’s quite simple to promote products found on Amazon even if your website is a blog on cooking or home decor or whatever there’s always something you can link to Amazon.

Don’t Jump The Gun! 

One of the most important pieces of advice I can offer to any new Amazon affiliate is don’t sign up before you are ready to start selling. If you have an extended period of time without producing Amazon commissions or sales Amazon will terminate your affiliate privilege and you will have to go through the same process down the road to qualify and this time it may be a little harder because of your previous shortcomings. Take your time build your platform that you will sell from ( your website) and make sure you have everything in place to start making sales within a month or two.

Why Stop With Amazon Products?

I am an Amazon associate and over the years I have sold many products from Amazon but to be honest that’s not my bread and butter so to speak. When you sell Amazon products you are what is referred to as an Affiliate Marketer, you sell products for someone else and in return you make a commission, actually all you do is direct people to a merchant’s site you don’t actually do any selling!  So, why not direct buyers to other merchants products online? There is no reason why you should limit yourself to one market place. There are literally tens of thousands of products online that an affiliate marketer can tap into and some very large affiliate programs offering commissions up to 75%. Affiliate programs such as Market Health, Clickbank, Rakuten Linkshare are some popular affiliate programs that offer great commissions with no Affiliate fees, just pure profit my friends!

How To Become An Affiliate Marketer

This topic unfortunately is much trickier than actually making commissions off Amazon products! Finding the right online training program to learn Affiliate Marketing is a minefield of the good, bad and the ugly. Affiliate Marketing requires a some training, not rocket science by any means,  but some will lead you to believe you need tons of training and endless tools to do the job,  when all you really need is comprehensive training program a versatile website platform such as WordPress, Hosting, and a domain name registrar for your website name and lastly a keyword tool, and that’s it! don’t get sucked into buying more,  you don’t need it!  I hope this article persuades you to give affiliate marketing a go it will truly change your world, cheers Mike.



Make Great Money Online Affiliate Marketing

Make Great Money Online Affiliate Marketing

I do a lot of make money online program and product reviews, 100’s to be exact. In some, actually many cases the products or programs don’t produce favourable results for participants. There are so many work from home opportunities that simply don’t have everything you need to actually make money online. There are many reasons why this is the case. Old technology still being flogged as the way to make money online when in fact the only one making money with this program is the creator.

Done for you systems in many cases get created solely for the benefit of the creators bank account. These systems or programs are developed with some truth, some useful elements, but mostly these elements are added to make the product or program appear legitimate.

You will see link posting for example pushed all over the internet as a way to make income from home, “no experience required”.  The fact is that link posting is as relevant as a money generating technique on today’s internet as the flip phone is in today’s smartphone market.

You have probably noticed that paid surveys are also the latest money making opportunity online. I gave the paid survey thing a try just so I could inform my readers on it’s merits.  Once again paid surveys take you down that path of partial reality. The people who are really making the money from doing surveys are affiliates that lead you into these paid survey offers, affiliates like myself, no I don’t recommend paid surveys, not unless you want to spend a whole pile of your time doing surveys for literally cents per hour.

This leads me to what I consider to be the most legitimate and highest paying gig online, affiliate marketing!

The people that are steering you into these money making systems and paid survey offers,  not to mention millions of other products online are called affiliate marketers. Don’t get caught up in the handle, affiliate marketers are only traffic directors, nothing more. You don’t need to be an unethical affiliate marketer steering people towards suspect offers,  you can choose to promote any product using your own code of ethics, I personally believe in karma and won’t deviate from my code of ethics just to make a quick buck, there are many that do, it is very tempting when you see the kind of money that can be made by just moving people towards a certain offer.

Affiliate marketing is how I make my living working from home online. You need very little computer knowledge and you shouldn’t think because training has a high price tag it’s better, that simply isn’t true. I started with a free offer where I received atwo free websites, hosting and a 10 unit step by step free course. I now make a great living online due to this free offer.

Give This Free Course A Try Risk Free Here!

Affiliate-Marketing-how-toWhat is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is the backbone of the internet, it’s the fuel that drives the  internet search engines.

Unfortunately like most things online,  there are many people looking to make money off your lack of knowledge,  affiliate marketing training is no exception.

As I mentioned earlier all you need to participate in affiliate marketing is a website and internet access, that’s it! No costly tools or costly training.  Free websites can be created in less than an hour in most cases and from there you just build your website out with content and affiliate offers.

When I started in affiliate marketing,  roughly some 7 years ago,  It took a couple of tries before I found the program that I now endorse.  The program I started with included my website/hosting and all the training I needed to get started making money online as an affiliate marketer. This program is still going strong today, yes it has gone through many updates allowing it to stay current and effective as the internet has gone through many changes over the years. If affiliate marketing interests you at all I highly recommend checking this program out and saving yourself a ton of money money in the process. I have provided a link that will take to the program  and will allow you to get started free. You can see for yourself how affiliate marketing really works with zero risk,  CLICK HERE if you’re interested in checking this program out.

What Does An affiliate marketer Actually Do?

Affiliate marketing is essentially an online middleman, simply put,  you are a promoter of merchant products or services online. You enter into an agreement with an online retailer to promote their product/service and in return they agree to pay you a commission for anything that gets sold through your personalized ID that they assign traffic that originates from your website. Don’t freak out when you hear the word “agreement,” as the middleman you have absolutely no obligation to the merchant other than to follow their rules when you promote their products/services, the agreement is mostly in place for your benefit, this agreement makes sure you get your commission from any referred merchant sale. Some merchants pay weekly, some pay monthly.

how-affiliate-marketing-works1How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

There are many different techniques used in affiliate marketing but the most basic and consistent method is blogging. Blogging is when you set up a website and write about products and services or just general interest stuff. Through your blog you can sell many items, as your blog’s popularity grows so does your earning potential and merchants will start to seek you out and that’s when the really serious bucks start to roll in. I get many merchants wanting to advertise or have me promote their products through this website, not really the intention of this site but you see how it all works. This website was created through a free platform and the training I received to get going was also free

Blogging is just one form of affiliate marketing, you can set up individual sales pages and write quick reviews on certain products that you are promoting. Here’s a quick example how reviews equate to money in the bank!

Say you’re promoting water filters, this is how I would go about it. First I would sign up as an affiliate to all merchants that sell water filters.  Next I would set up a quick review highlighting all the pro’s and con’s of various water filters.  When a person makes their decision based on your information on that product they click through o a link you provide which has your own personal affiliate ID for this product.

Once the customer leaves your sight they bring with them an affiliate ID or cookie that behind the scenes identifies them as one of your clients and when a purchase is made you will get a commission. Remember you are actually an affiliate to all the items that are being reviewed so you are always in a win, win situation,  doesn’t matter what product your visitor chooses you will get a commission. I have personally done this with water filters, chicken supplies, board games. It’s not unethical to do product reviews if you are stating the actual attributes of these various products.  You don’t want to mislead anyone into buying any particular product. Your job is just to inform your visitors, you are actually performing a service, nothing more.

Does Affiliate Marketing Come With Any Risk?

Affiliate marketing is a very simple concept with zero risk , yes , you heard me right! You don’t hold inventory, you don’t have to buy anything, you don’t have to commit to selling anything,  if you don’t like an arrangement ( commission)  you simply move on to another online merchant!  When you’re deciding  on what’s the best way to make money online you have to consider your cost to earnings ratio, where can you make money with zero risk and very little overhead, which leads me into my next section.

How Much Will It Cost To Be An Affiliate Marketer?

This is the sweet part of participating as an affiliate marketer, your cost to be an affiliate marketer is next to nothing. What can you do that has the potential to make thousands a month in income with an all in overhead of less than $50 a month to operate an online business,  none come to my mind!  All you will need as an affiliate marketer is a free website and a registered domain name ( website name) which can be bought for less than $14 a year, that’s all.

So there you have it!

Affiliate marketing isn’t rocket science

what is affiliate marketing?

It’s the internet’s best kept make money from home secret!

If you need me to answer any questions or help in any way with you desire to be make money from  home as an affiliate marketer please don’t hesitate to leave me a comment or contact me personally through this website, I am here to help, cheers Mike.

Work At Home Institute Review – What’s Inside WAH Institute

Work At Home Institute Review – What’s Inside WAH Institute

Product Name: Work At Home Institute

Owner: Bobbie Robinson

Price: $97

Rating: Scam

work-at-home-institute-fake-5What’s Inside Work At Home Institute?

Work At Home Institute is one of the many spin off shell programs that I have been reviewing lately. The Work At Home Institute was engineered more for what they can get from you rather than what you can get from them!

I gave the Work At Home Institute a scam rating do to their scammy marketing techniques they use to promote WAH Institute to the public. The use of outrageous earning potential and doctored photos of newscasts left me scratching my head. Why would a program like the Work At Home Institute resort to using these deceptive advertising techniques when they actually promoted some credible training methods, this is made clearer as my review peels back the layers of WAH Institute.

Work At Home Institute offers some training in the form of a video series but like all scams this is just a means to cover off on any legal implications that may arise from taking peoples money without giving them something in return. The whole Work At Home Institute looks like it was created to funnel you to other products where they get another chance to swindle you out of your money.

Here’s How The Work At Home Institute Scam Works!

This is how I believe this whole scam works. There appears to be at least 3 programs that are all interrelated and feed off each other. From what I can see now that I have reviewed a couple of related programs, the three main participants in this scam appear to be, Home Profits System, Home Job institute and of course the work at home institute. All of the previously mentioned programs have glaring similarities that you will soon see!

Deceptive Advertising Is All In A Days Businesswahinstitute-sealTOPS-Home-Profit-System


Photoshopped generic guarantees, dubbed over newscasts, fake testimonials and phony one on one mentoring are just in a days business for the three programs that are working to steal your money. These outfits will go to any expense to gain your trust and once they do you are in a whole pile of trouble. There is huge money to be made from theses types of scams, think about it for a minute, $47-$97 one time fees multiply that by say a minimum of 30,000 – 50,000 people combined in all three scams and there are some very rich scammers out there. This fake news release is used in the Home Profit System scam as well as the Work At Home Institute scam. Fake seals of approval, advertisements using popular news stations are all used to garner credibility.

Will The Real Bobbie Robinson Please Stand Up!

One of these photos is used in an ad for the Home Job Institute and the other is for the Work At Home Institute. The Home Profits System claims this ladies name is Mary Johnson and in the Work At Home Institute this lady is passed off as Bobbie Robinson the creator of the program. The fact that WAH institute would stoop to this type of advertising deception is alone a good reason to stay well clear of this outfit!




What Do These Scammers Want?

What Work At Home Institute, Online Profits System, and the Home Jobs Institute want is your money to start, this comes in the form of  your initial entrance fee ranging from $47-$97,  secondly they want as much personal information that they can gather from you!  The personal information is worth more or as much as hard cash to these scammers. Your personal information will be sold over and over again to companies from all backgrounds, good and bad!

My Final Thoughts

You will want to stay well clear of products like the Work At Home Institute, Home Jobs Institute, Online Profits System. These products all ask for one payment entrance fees that are backed by a 30 or 60 day guarantee which is a scam, you won’t get your money back! Any product or make money online scheme that promotes one low fee and not a monthly membership has no obligation to provide any support for their product, where a monthly pay as you go offer has a vested interest in keeping you in the program. The monthly pay as you go programs for the most part will always be looking at ways to increase retention so their offering should be evolving on a regular basis.

Home Profit System Scam- Read My Quick Review

Home Profit System Scam- Read My Quick Review

Home Profit System is just another clone of the many scams that are running rampant on the Internet today! Read my quick Home Profit System review and see why I think this work at home venture will turn into a home nightmare.

TOPS-Home-Profit-SystemHome Profit System Uses Fake News Releases

As you can see from the picture to your left that the home profit system resorts to using altered news release captures to try and set the hook making it look like they are the real deal and the latest craze in making money from the comforts of your own home.

What Is The Home Profit System?

This system as they call it is very simplistic in nature. What the home profit system promote is a prehistoric marketing technique that has long gone by the wayside. Link posting at one time was a way of generating online revenue albeit minimal income even in it’s prime. Link posting is when you are offered money from companies to post their links wherever possible. In theory this sounds quite easy but unfortunately thats the only time this technique holds any water. Over the years Google has put an end to this type of practice s the promotion of this marketing technique is an outright lie. It’s been reported that the home profit system subscribers get varying support material such as DVD series, their offering is different for many different subscribers that tells me they are just covering their backs and avoiding any legal issues in regards to ripping people off. You as the purchaser get something for your investment even though it is absolutely useless to your efforts of generating revenue online.

What’s This Scam Going To Cost You?

This scam will cost you anywhere in the range of $100 and all your personal information. The monetary loss hurts enough it’s the privacy part that will hurt you even more. Endless emails promoting make money at home products, soliciting phone calls at all times of the evening and day are the norm for this type of scam. Really scary giving a credit card number to the likes of these people behind the scene. Like I have said in the past when reviewing programs such as the home profit system, scams like this like a one time fee so that they can get in and out, real online business opportunities have monthly memberships because they are always creating new material that their members benefit from. One payment wonders scam or no scam are usually duds for the simple reason they have no motivation to enhance or improve on their offering, and if they do offer something new it’s at an extra cost to you if you want it, something to keep in mind when you are looking at an online program.

scammersWho Are These People?

Knowing who you are dealing with in a scam like the home profit system is a big problem. People behind scams like HPS are pretty clever but lazy and just want the quick scam and get out, that’s why there is a good chance that the front person or the fictional creator is just a wallet card photo or a copied image off the Internet, by no means is this a genuine program owner.

What Can I Expect For Support?

No such thing as support when it comes to the Home Profit System. Here are a few complaints from the better business bureau.


hps1As you can see the home profit system has some glaring concerns which should be taken into consideration. When you purchase a product and you get no support or even the product that you were promised this is a bad situation, one instance should be enough to stop you from purchasing this product, when I looked there were actually 11 complaints filed with the better business bureau.


Home Job Institute Review

Home Job Institute Review

Home Job Institute is a program developed by Mary Johnson. The Home Job Institute poses as a Internet marketing facility which could not be further from the truth.


What Is The Home Job Institute?

What the home job institute is and what it is promoted as are two totally different animals. The Home Job Institute is actually a scam disguised as a job placement facility. The con starts with a notice that there are  job opportunities in the area in which you live and the scam unfolds from there. What this bogus outfit is after first is for you to take the bait and sign in  with your email address and phone number to access the information you want. Once the home job institute has your email address and phone number it’s only a matter of time before the emails and phone calls start trying to get you to buy expensive training, these types of scams are growing in popularity.

What does the home Job Institute cost?

The price tag is kept low to entice you through the doors, a $49 one time fee is all that is required.  This is a ghost company looking to milk you out of every penny they can get. I just read an ad in one of the Google+ circles I belong to and it was another outfit just like home job institute where they claim to give away internet marketing tools valued at over $1500 away for free all you have to do is give up your email, phone number and mailing address. Unfortunately once you give up your personal information to an organization such as home job institute it is quickly used against you, whether it is used to upsell you or given to the highest bidder.

 Signs That You May Be A Potential Victim Of A Scam

If the outfit asks for more than an email address then you should be very cautious. It’s almost impossible to join any program these days without giving an email address, companies like to get your email address so that even if you don’t sign up they can reach out to you in the future with other offers.  For a Internet business an email list is one of the companies most valuable assets. When a program asks for more personal information up front without showing you their product this is a warning sign that you may be getting involved in a scam, there’s absolutely no reason for an Internet based program to ask for a phone number.

There is no such thing as money for free on the Internet, if it sounds too good to be true it is!

One time fees are usually a sign of a poor quality program or a scam,  very little investment from the creators of a program most times indicates that they are  in it for for what they can get out of it qickly. They offer nothing but junk to cover their butts legally. Many of the well known legitimate online  programs offer monthly memberships and promote support and training,  not quick money making schemes, so look for monthly memberships as a sign of credibility.

Read their disclaimer that’s about as close to the truth that you will get from any program.

Free look at their offering is a sign that a company is confident in their product and want you to see it is something of value. Scams like the home job institute are always a set price offer.

Photos of Clickbank, Clicksure or affiliate commission pay stubs are commonly used as an attempt to add validity to a scam. Photos of big daily and weekly incomes are sure signs that something is up. The real legitimate work from home opportunities usually don’t need to advertise earnings. The home job institute leads consumers to believe that they are working as agents for online companies seeking workers,  there is absolutely no evidence that this is true and I personally haven’t heard of one single person getting an online job through their organization to date.


The home job institute is a full blown scam, stay well clear of this one, can’t make it any clearer than that!


Work At Home University Scam- Another Wolf In Sheeps Clothing?

Work At Home University Scam- Another Wolf In Sheeps Clothing?

In my opinion Work At Home University scam, is a scam, did I just double up on scam? must have scam on my mind. Where was I? Oh yeah, In this short review I will give my reasons why I think Work At Home University is a scam and should be avoided, unless of course you have lots of money and like making donations to unscrupulous marketing scams.

Name: Work At Home University

Owner: Some wallet card person 

Cost: Discount price $97 bucks and as many upsells as you can afford


Rank: Scam







The Work At Home University is promoted like many other scams I have had the pleasure of writing about, a business in a box, no effort required, well they do say 60 minutes a day but that is just to get you thinking there is actually something there that you are going to learn. Pretty appealing to think you can make money online without actually earning it, even 60 minutes a day to make a living online is something fairy tales are made from. Hey,  if you are the type that wants something that takes no effort but makes money online, you will be a victim, this article will not save you! Hate to be the dealbreaker but there is no such animal on the Internet. Learning to sell stuff online takes some perseverance and  commitment but it’s very doable, thought spellcheck would pop up with “doable” wasn’t to sure if that was an actual word! Anyways, read on and I will tell you why Work At Home University is a Wolf in Sheeps clothing!

What Is The Work At Home University?

WAHU is a fake program not a school or a University, don’t think I really needed to tell you that but I did. This program is like all other scams, they have to offer something to keep their butts from getting roasted so they offer up some old decrepit marketing techniques that came in when computers took up two whole floors of a building. The techniques I am referring to are link posting and auction list supplier. These are the two marketing disciplines that you will get instruction on when you sign up. Link posting has been a practice that Google has blackballed sometime ago, so the thought of making money at it is quite laughable, auction list agent is an ineffective method of generating income online, but given you something useful I believe was never their intention.

Wish this type of school was around when I was going to school, take two short courses and Bamm! I am out of there. Let’s see what else? Oh you get a personal coach, don’t get excited, when you get your instructions to phone their hotline number and get your  personal coach you will get lots of personal attention alright, lots of phone calls trying to push you into buying extra items that you will need to make your millions online.

What’s The Work At Home Scam Going To Cost You?

WAHU will cost you $97 bucks right off the bat and once you get in touch with your personal coach, or should I say your personal sales person you could be on the hook for well over a thousand with nothing to show for your investment. They do state you will get something from them, the most secure payment site on the Internet, hmmmm, really? that’s bad! What a bullcrap statement! How can you quantify a statement like this, you can’t that’s why they say it!

wahu secure payment




What Are Some Telltale Signs That The Work At Home University Is Misleading?

mary2For starters they seem to use a person for endorsements that is becoming quite a Internet celebrity these days. This beautiful lady is popping up all over the place and appears to be the newest “business in a box” poster child,  in one case she is actually portrayed as the owner of  another less than desirable get rich quick scheme,  Online Riches University, Naah, not another university, go figure!

Bogus news releases are used to make it seem like they have been featured on national news broadcasts when in reality the only chance these guys will have of getting on TV will be when NBC does a documentary on Internet marketing scams.

Offer more than the industry standard of 30 days money back guarantee. Work at home university offers 60 days, good luck cashing in that chip.

wahuThey use a scam type of sales pitch where they slash the regular price and offer a limited time only discount which you know is the regular price.


Not going to waste your time with a bunch of filler just to get my word count up, that is an actual marketing technique you know, Google likes articles to be roughly 1500 words or better, Google will rank your posts higher!

Work At Home University is one big sales pitch, the whole program is designed to suck as much money out of you as possible, this is what they do and they are good at it so please be careful around this one.



Online Riches University – Is Online Riches University A Scam?

Online Riches University – Is Online Riches University A Scam?

Welcome to, Online Riches University is the latest online program promising untold riches from the Internet. Read my full unbiased review of Mary Johnsons Online Riches University Scam.

Name: Online Riches University

Owner: Mary Johnson

Product Price: $47

Bonus Offer: $27


Scam: Yes

How Do I Rate Online Riches University?

Sorry to ruin the punch line for you,  but I can’t rate this product for the simple reason it’s a full blown scam! Zero is a zero is a zero. Mary Johnson could be Harry Johnson for all we know,  but I can pretty well guarantee that this lady isn’t the owner or creator of the Online Riches University.

Will the real Mary Johnson please stand up!

mary1 mary2 old man


The first two photos come from advertisements for two separate outfits, one on the right is Online Riches University and the one on the left is from Home Job Institute, both claiming to be Mary Johnson.  The man on the far right for all we know could be the real creator. Different people claiming to be Mary Johnson, something is not adding up here Mary!

My wife looked at the pictures of Mary Johnson and said ” well,  that could be the same person you know” then we got into a discussion on hair color facial appearances and now I started to question myself even knowing there is a third picture of mary Johnson which is different once again. I felt my article critic, my wife,  totally debuffed my conspiracy theory so I thought I had better dig a little a deeper and this is what I found!

oru logo home job institute

Same logos different scams, starting to get the picture, these logo similarities are just a little too coincidental for me . Mary Johnson, Harry Johnson, whatever has been popping up all over the Internet for the last couple of years promoting Internet marketing platforms and get rich scams. When a scam like the Online Riches University  start to fizzle out they just simply create a new scam using the same template, to be honest it’s quite ingenious . Normally what is promoted on the Internet are scammy products that promote a “business in a box” ready for you businesses no effort required.  Maybe we are the slow ones here, we could all be promoting made for you  “scam in a box” businesses.  A ready to go cookie cutter template that is ready to use, ready to scam.  Actually I think I am onto something here! I don’t imagine that selling a cookie cutter “scam in the box” is illegal, surely unethical.  Wow, I had a Darth Vader moment there, please forgive me.

open universityHow does a scam like Online Riches University work?

Here’s how the Online Riches University scam and the many other scam clones work. Have you ever heard of list building? How list building works is you acquire Internet users email addresses whether by mainstream sources such as offering a newsletter that people subscribe to, free gifts, bonus offers or from unconventional methods such as the Online Riches University scam. To your right you will see how the Online Riches University uses a free access sign up registration to scam you out of your personal information such as phone number, email address, home address, zip code all of which can be used by them in some other scammy promotion or sold to the highest bidder, don’t be surprised when you start getting emails soliciting relevant products soon after you fill out their free access form. The phone calls start coming at a rapid pace also with high pressure sales people selling a variety of goods.

What Treat Awaits You Inside Online Riches University?

A whole lot of fraudulent claims and propaganda are inside Online Riches University. For starters ORU, tired of typing their name, offers up a technique called link posting used by  Internet marketers when the dinosaurs roamed freely, seemed like it was that long ago. Link posting in it’s day was a form of generating income from partner companies that paid you to post their links, this practice has long gone by the wayside as Google has relegated this practice to the do not do pile! The link posting scheme is offered up as an avenue to generate an income online, although not an effective way to make money online it covers their butt in a sense and shows that you will be receiving something for your investment, legally important for them useless to you!

So not only do you give this outfit your personal information but if you are really gullible you will give them $27-$97 bucks for outdated marketing techniques and maybe a lot more now that they have your credit card number, Owch! that’s really going to sting.

Final Verdict On Online Riches University

Not going to waste to much more of your time with this scam. It’s a scam and there are many where this came from. The only thing you can take out of this is, there is opportunity in the “scam in a box” market as Online Riches University shows. Stay well clear of any program like this and do your homework before you give out your personal information.




Start An Internet Business From Home

Start An Internet Business From Home

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIf you have been dragging your feet procrastinating, what are you waiting for? Start an Internet business from home, it’s really very simple! In a few months I created a thriving Internet business that I ran from the comforts of my own home. I don’t want to glamourize running a Internet business but damn is it nice, having no one to answer to makes life as close to stress free as it gets. If this is a lifestyle that interests you then sit back and enjoy the read.

What I am going to tell you is real, not some get rich scheme or hyped up garbage but a real life success story that you to can create for yourself if you decide to make it happen.

I am an average joe, father of three,  worked for a large grocery chain for almost 30 years and decided I wanted to supplement my retirement income. I decided to start an Internet business from home with a long term goal in mind of creating a passive income in roughly 5 years. I figured by the time I reached my goal the timing would be right for my wife and I do some traveling and spoil the kids and grandkids when we felt the urge. Well,  to make a long story short I became an Internet entrepreneur a lot faster than I had ever imagined using real, tangible techniques and in the process created an Internet business that well surpasses our needs.

Can I  Start An Internet Business From Home With Little Computer Experience?

Believe it or not I couldn’t even send an email when I started my Internet business. My whole working life had very little exposure to computers and my kids had all grown up in an era where the Internet was just emerging as consistent form of information.  I was for lack of words a newbie to the workings of the Internet when I decided to take the plunge. It was through a friend  the whole notion of doing something online to supplement my income became a reality.  The Internet was probably the furthest thing from my mind when I was exploring supplemental incomes, looking back I am glad I chose this method to start my stay at home business. I am a prime example of how easy it can be with the right training to make a living off the Internet,  computer experience or no computer experience!

 What Type Of Internet business Did I Start?

People that are trying to scam you will leave you hanging and make you read a bunch of garbage and then pitch you some push button, cash generating machine type of deal that requires no effort, I can’t do that! What I did is hard work, not manual labor but dedication perseverance.  My Internet business from home is Affiliate marketing, in plain terms I sell stuff online, and I sell a lot of it! So much so I had to start a company and start looking for investment opportunities to balance my income, when my online business got going it took off! I guess in a sense it is a cash generating machine but a machine that you control with your efforts,  not some fictionary scheme that you buy into but a real business opportunity that fills a need, a need that merchants are scrambling to fill, why not offer your services? Don’t want to promote their products anymore,  all you have to do is walk away, it’s that simple and stress free, next to my family, pursuing a career in affiliate marketing has been the best decision I ever made!

Why Affiliate Marketing For An Internet Business From Home?

Plain and simple I had very little cash to invest in building an Internet business.  Affiliate marketing was the perfect fit, you can get started with a very small initial investment, almost nothing is required to get your business up and running.  Affiliate marketing is the easiest and least costly way to learn the ins and outs of the Internet and make good money while doing it. Where do you get paid to learn?

Affiliate marketing allows you to start an online business basically risk free, you don’t have to purchase or hold any inventory, the cost to operate your Internet business is less than $250 a year,  plus of course your Internet bill, which most people have anyways. Think about that for a minute, where can you run any business for a measly $250 annually. Making well over $100,000 and upwards a year with very minimal cash outlay. This is real,  affiliate marketing income isn’t a pipe dream it’s a reality that many affiliate marketers enjoy. Like myself,  many people come from all walks of life with varying experience levels and backgrounds. The versatility that affiliate marketing allows people is the key, there are so many merchants looking for affiliates right now and increasing every year that the opportunities are endless.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

It’s quite simple actually, all you are is a middleman for online merchandisers. You sell Internet merchant products to Internet users for a commission. You don’t have to handle any sales transactions or merchandise the merchant takes care of that. You build a simple website that can be done in less than an hour and equipped with some basic training you are off and selling, it’s that easy.  A quick exercise, go to a popular merchant online, say Home Depot or Amazon and scroll down to the bottom of their websites you will see a section called ‘affiliates’, click on affiliates and you will see What these merchants are willing to pay to have you promote their products. These two merchants that I have just mentioned are literally only two out of thousands that want you to sell their goods, you can do this exercise with any retailers you find on the Internet.

Once you decide to promote a company’s line of products or services you will register as an affiliate then the company will supply you with an affiliate link which you will paste on your website, when a prospective buyer leaves your site after clicking on your affiliate link they will leave with what is called a” cookie ” which tracks their movement and credits you for the visit to the merchants site. If a sale is made within a specified time period you will get a commission from that sale, a 30-45 day window is common, anything after that time period you’re out of luck.

Where Can You Learn Affiliate Marketing?

To be honest the actual training to be an affiliate marketer is the riskiest and hardest part of starting an Internet business.  There are so many scam artists on the Internet waiting for people like you and me it’s really hard to separate the scammers and the legitimate affiliate marketing training platforms.

When I started I wasted a lot of money and I almost gave up. I tried the personal guru thing that cost me a bundle with very poor results. Because I was so green I didn’t know what I needed and what I didn’t need and there were people out there that prayed upon that inexperience. The Internet can be a school of hard knocks, boy did I learn that quickly!

Looking back now I can honestly tell you that paying more than say $50 bucks a month for everything you need for affiliate marketing training is a waste , it’s an absolute waste of money and a scam. The program that eventually taught me everything I needed to know came with free hosting, multiple WordPress website templates, free hosting, great support all for one set price of $49 bucks. The best part about this program was a huge community of people at different skill levels all willing to help, without them I would have struggled. As I learned I generated income which paid my monthly fee which took any pressure off me financially.  I also found the low end of price scale not to my liking, cheap membership price usually meant no support or poor training, so look for the middle of the road pricing with all the bells and whistles included, they are out there!

Starting an internet business from home shouldn’t cost you anymore than a small monthly payment. Please don’t go for the high priced courses you don’t need it. I know people have a tendency to think because the price tag is higher the training will be better,  but in the affiliate training field this is not the case, guru’s pray on that exact mentality.

Where Did I get My Start?

I have to admit I got ripped off a few times but I finally found the program that got me up and running in less than two months, next thing I knew I was making money, not lots,  but enough that I could pay a monthly payment for a new truck and within a year I was well on my way to doing affiliate marketing full time. I did a review on the program that was the key to my success, have a look, see what you think. I welcome any questions you may have and you can always email through my about me page where there is an email option, this works better if you want to keep our correspondence private. Good luck and remember, keep it simple, take action and you will be well on your way to finding the lifestyle you could only dream of,  Cheers Mike.

Mobile Money Code Scam- A Scam In The Making!

Mobile Money Code Scam- A Scam In The Making!

mobile money code  In my opinion Mobile Money Code doesn’t have a hope in hell of delivering on what it preaches plain and simple. The Mobile Money Code is geared towards the newcomer to Internet Marketing who really doesn’t have a clue and doesn’t understand how difficult it is to make money online without a solid background in Internet marketing and a legitimate product.

I am kind of wondering when these products with prefixes such as code, money, easy, system will finally see their last day on the Internet but there’s tons of words in the English dictionary that can be used to make the next scam.  This time they got creative and used two of the words with mobile, way to go guys you’re moving up in the world. Oh well,  I guess It will keep me busy!

The figurehead for the Mobile Money Code this time is Greg Anderson, Greg is supposedly the creator but you never know who is behind these products, they like to use actors and even say so in their disclaimer as you will see further down in this post.

 How Much Will Mobile Money Cost You?

How much do you have? Just joking, not quite that bad,  although it will sting a little! The cost to participate in the Mobile Money Code deal starts at $49 bucks and heats up a bit through the signup process. You can expect a few surprises when you get your final bill, actually one big surprise totalling a whopping $236 bucks, hope it was worth it!  The Mobile Money Code creators add in two upsells totaling $187 apparently on the sly adding to your already $49 commitment just because, You can reject these charges but just the fact that they tried to slip them on your credit card is scary,  if that doesn’t slap you across the face and make you run then I guess you had it coming!

What Do I Get With My Purchase Of Mobile Money Code Besides A Stomach Ache?

emb.-stomach-ache1They say you get access to 50 mobile websites that are in targeted niches that you turn around and sell to prospective businesses. These  mobile websites are pitched as being integratable with mobile devices, hence the name ” Mobile Money Code”. The concept of this type of venture is good but that is about as far as it goes. Take an idea that has merit and some logic and try and sell it to people without spending money on development,  support and infrastructure.  They do give you access to 50 mobile websites but they are amateuristic something I couldn’t see a business interested in.

What you will find inside the Mobile Money Code is upsell after upsell. Bonus #2 on their homepage states 6 weeks live group coaching and training which turns out to be one big sales pitch forget any training mentioned.  I think I counted 5 videos in all that were all about selling rather than instructing or training. A free gift is offered which turns out really isn’t free, you need to pay for a service so that your free gift will work!  Really,  if you want to learn how to make money online watch how the Mobile Money Code scheme unfolds this is the true marketing program that you can learn from, this is IM 101, capture your audience’s interest  with shiny objects that they have always desired and they will buy anything you suggest.

mobile disclosure

 How Does Mobile Money Code Get You That Lamborghini In Their Sales Video?

The only people who I see getting the Lamborghini’s are the creators of this program, chances of you “the buyer” making any money from a program like Mobile Money Code I would guess is somewhere in the  .0001% range. You get no support with your purchase of the Mobile Money Code and a few brief video tutorials are offered as your training. The sad part I found with their training videos were they consisted of everything you could add to the word code, Traffic money code, social money code, all just another opportunity for the creators to pitch another product for sale. I don’t see too many purchases of mansions and fast cars with your proceeds from this product given the lack of support and training. They don’t  really go into detail on how you are going to get these prospective business owners to take action and make a purchase of a mobile website from you.

fakereviewsI am Confused,  I See Positive Reviews On The Mobile Money Code!

This is not uncommon with schemes like Mobile Money Code, actually this is the norm. When these products are launched all the highly relevant domains are snatched up by the program promoters. The .com’s, .net’s, .org’s so that they can write bogus reviews more like sales pages to get first page rankings so when unsuspecting newcomers come along they get first poke at shooting fish in a barrel, newbies that is!


The Mobile Money Code has every attribute of a scam, lots of hype while delivering very little in the way of substance. This is not even close to a business in a box in my opinion. This program lacks support and offers very little training not to mention a product that is of professional quality.


How To Make Money In Affiliate Marketing

How To Make Money In Affiliate Marketing

In this article I will give you a quick rundown on ” How To Make Money In Affiliate Marketing”.  Some simple techniques and tools I use to generate steady income online from a website. There are many mainstream techniques still taught today that I actually avoid using,  many Internet marketers still use certain Internet marketing techniques that I feel will actually hurt your chances of making income online and I will explain in this article why!

FreeInternetMarketingTraining-300x211Free Affiliate Marketing Training

I will start by saying if you don’t have any training or feel your training may not be up to the challenge then you need to check out the program that gave me my start promoting products online for a great living. The program I am talking about offers a free starter membership that will help you get started promoting products online the right way.

View a review I did on my #1 rated program here!  

When you first look into starting an online business promoting or selling products online as what is referred to as affiliate marketing you are  pitched “must have crap” on a continual basis which 99.9% of it you don’t need to make money online.

There are many who are looking to make a lot of money off your aspirations of making your own money online and I am here to tell you all you need to make money online is a website, nothing more!

I know you may be thinking, build a website, is this guy crazy? Well, I am not crazy and building a website has now become a very simple step by step process that anyone can do with ZERO experience. I am a guy that started with absolutely no exposure to the internet or  a computer and I now have multiple websites to my name using taking advantage of very simple step by step training.

Here’s a sample of some of the free training on building a website in 30 seconds or less. 

How To Make Money In Affiliate Marketing With A Website

First mistake many new affiliate marketers make is believing the “no website make money garbage” being promoted by scam artists on the Internet. Garbage is a nice word I will use to keep profanity out of my writing. Using lead pages or sales pages at one time was an effective way to make some modest sales but now a days it’s not! What you have to understand is Google has a goal to create a search engine that is authoritative, In other words when you punch in a search on the Internet Google wants to be the place where you can find an answer or a result that is as relative to your search as possible, therefore maintaining its stature as the place to search for relevant information,  sales pages don’t fit into their future, solidifying the eventual demise of sales pages. Are there still sales pages on Google? Absolutely there are! But not to the extent there used to be and fading fast, so why would you build an online business around using sales or lead pages?

NameCheap-vs-GoDaddyAffiliate marketing with a website is where it’s at, it’s the future and this is going to be the foundation of your new online business. Not only are you going to build a website but your are going to build an authority website.  What’s an authority website? On your website you will offer relevant, non promotional information, don’t get me wrong, it’s ok to sell things on your site but in a classy non in your face method and products that are of value and relative to your sites core meaning. For example in this article I would promote Namecheap as a domain registry because I use them now and they have a no upsell policy which I love, unlike where every time you turn around you are getting pitched deals which are quite annoying to say the least. Yes, I make a commission off your enrollment with Namecheap, but obviously that’s how affiliate marketing works.

How To Make Money In Affiliate Marketing And Still Maintain Your Credibility

The best advice I can give an emerging affiliate marketer is don’t sell your credibility for any price, once you sell it you will have a hard time getting it back! I will use this site for example, I get emails on a consistent basis asking for me to promote products because my site gets some really high profile rankings under certain search results, had an offer yesterday for a WordPress plugin that I could easily put in my sidebar and make some good money on, but it has a lead page that has a corny video offering a $300 product for $17 bucks, product looks good but scammy sales pitch! My site is built on it’s transparency and honesty, selling a product that has a misleading sales pitch isn’t a product that I would want my site to be involved with.

Just a quick note, there’s nothing wrong with adding Google adsense to your site but I do warn I try and stay away from putting Google ads on my sites for the simple reason that I feel they detract from the focus on products that I am selling, you go through all the effort to get readers to your site and then you give them alternative products via Google ads that you make pennies from , doesn’t quite add up for me. I can sell products for hundreds of dollars or have my viewers click away on an excursion following a Google ad,  Hmmm!

It’s easy to chase sales down the hill,  the goal is to follow the sales up to the top where you belong, just remember, you will always have the option of selling a profitable site for a pile of cash when you decide it’s time to move on.

jaaxy-review-keyword-tool-awesomeness1Tools You Will Need To Make Money In Affiliate Marketing

Earlier I stated that  99.9% of the garbage you are told you will need to make money in affiliate marketing is bogus, well there are a few tools you will need that are essential.  A keyword tool is something I use on a daily basis and is by far the best investment an affiliate marketer can make. I use a keyword tool called Jaaxy, give it a try with this  FREE  TRIAL. Once again I dropped a link but this a product that I use daily and I am confident that you will also see the value in having access to a keyword tool such as this. Here’s how I used Jaaxy to find the title for this article and ensuring I had the best chance to rank high in Google’s search results.

jaaxy screen shotIf you have never used a keyword tool I will give you a quick rundown on how I use Jaaxy to achieve great rankings. As you can see under the column (Avg?) this is the average traffic results for this specific search result, next column is the actual traffic you will see under this particular search result and the next column is your Qsr score which is the competition that you can expect to encounter. I always look for a Qsr score of under 200 to best optimize my chances of ranking high in Google. I put check marks by other keyword phrases that I would hope to build into my article that will give my article a chance to show up in multiple searches on the Internet. As you can see Jaaxy is a very valuable tool when writing content that ranks high in search engines. I have a few other tricks that you can use with Jaaxy but that will have to be for another day.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it all you need is a website and a keyword tool, nothing else, no gadgets, no traffic generation tools or lead page creators just a simple website. Affiliate marketing is a crazy lucrative way to make money online, it’s very easy to get started and very inexpensive to run your online business, it’s definitely worth looking into. Leave me your comments or questions I am happy to answer any questions you may have.