Clickbank Pirate Review – How To Make Money On Clickbank

Clickbank Pirate Review – How To Make Money On Clickbank

My Clickbank Pirate review will put to rest all the hype and get down to the facts behind Clickbank Pirate and whether it is a good tool to use to make money on Clickbank or just another hyped up sales pitch. Sit back, enjoy the read, this isn’t another sales page review trying to sell you Clickbank Pirate.

clickbank pirate

Product Name: Clickbank Pirate
Owner: David Blaze
Cost: $67 up front and $37/month/ a few upsells for good measure!
Rank: [yasr_overall_rating size=”medium”]

Lets get this party started!

piratebox1What is Clickbank Pirate?

Clickbank Pirate is promoted as a turnkey affiliate marketing business. Clickbank Pirate provides WordPress websites that are pre loaded with material that you can use to promote Clickbank Pirate, WordPress is a great website platform, I use it myself.

This is a system that comes with hosting for your site, free downloads for your visitors to encourage them to leave an email, basically everything you will supposedly need to make money selling Clickbank Pirate is included in your package. Clickbank Pirate is a product sold on Clickbank, a reputable marketplace for affiliate sales with a good refund policy.

What’s Included In Your Clickbank Pirate Business In A Box

Here’s a shopping list of what you can expect to get with your $67 one time fee and your $37 a month membership fee.

♦ Pre- loaded WordPress website
♦ Access to video tutorials
♦ Free reports and newsletters for your readers
♦ PLR material ( private label rights) or pre written, computer generated articles.
♦ Banners and links
♦ Images for your site

How Does Clickbank Pirate Work?

The Clickbank Pirate program is a system that was developed with one purpose in mind, give you the tools and teach you how to promote and sell Clickbank Pirate.

How this program works is quite simple, you are provided a pre loaded website with pre written material which links to the Clickbank Pirate’s home page where hypothetically the sale for their business in a box will be finalized. Your job in this program is to get the traffic to your site and funnel this traffic to Clickbank pirates website. In theory this turnkey business sounds like a no brainer opportunity. Clickbank Pirate uses marketing techniques that in their day were somewhat effective but  have lost some of their effectiveness over the years.

question-mark-faceDoes Clickbank Pirate Actually Work?

Possibly to a certain extent it could produce some results but there are some issues with this offer…

Preloaded websites: These sites are basic sites that are supposed to compete with very sophisticated websites that will be using authentic well written engaging content utilizing SEO techniques. Clickbank Pirate websites on the other hand will be using pre written,  auto generated material which put these CB Pirate sites at a disadvantage.

– You are paying $37 a month to promote their products. This system isn’t setup to promote any other products.

– You are at the mercy of Clickbank pirate, if they are terrible at converting your traffic into sales this could be a problem.

– Clickbank Pirate pre builds 3 links on your site, one of which you get credit for a sale if someone clicks through and purchases Clickbank Pirate the other two are Clickbank Pirates! You are paying Clickbank Pirate so they can get FREE traffic from your site.

– The use of PLR material in my opinion isn’t an effective way to engage your audience. PLR material commonly has poor grammar, spelling mistakes and in many cases reads like broken English.

– Support: This is a component that you hear very little of in the Clickbank Pirate propaganda which could be a weak link in this program.

My Final Thoughts

Obviously Clickbank Pirate isn’t a scam because it does offer some value for your investment,  but I don’t like the use of PLR material and question it’s effectiveness to engage and persuade your audience to act. I also don’t like the idea that you are tied to selling/promoting Clickbank products which tend to have a very high refund rate. I have lost hundreds of dollars a month in commissions from refunds on the Clickbank products I have promoted in the past.



16 Replies to “Clickbank Pirate Review – How To Make Money On Clickbank”

  1. Dear Mike,

    That’s a very thorough review on Clickbank Pirate and you have really covered all bases. I strongly believe your article will help people in their decision making. Thanks for the useful information I will come back to your website to learn more information. Keep up the great work. Wishing you great success!

    Your Friend,

    1. Thanks for stopping by Paul and taking the time to leave your thoughts for my readers, much appreciated, hope to see your thoughts on my other posts, cheers Mike.

    1. Hi Karla, I make some good money on Clickbank also but the problem with clickbank is you end up at the end of the month with tons of returns so that $500 a day dwindles quite fast. If you want to make some serious money you can learn how through my #1 recommended program that teaches you how to promote not only Clickbank but numerous other profitable affiliate programs, cheers Mike

  2. Hi, I fell for Clickbank Pirate and I found it had crappy support, I needed help and I waited 3 days and still I got no answers to my questions, eventually I just gave up, I wouldn’t advise anyone to try this program.

  3. Just wanted to say I love reading through your blog and look forward to all your posts!
    Carry on the great work!

    1. Thank you Chelsea I am glad you enjoy reading my articles, I lots of stuff in the works hopefully you will enjoy it as well, cheers Mike.

  4. I want to make money online and make passive income on the internet. So you can give me advice? what should I do and how start? thank you very much

    1. Hi Luu, making money online takes dedication, you need to stick with it and it will pay off if you have the right training. The big thing with training is you don’t need the pressure of a big price tag hanging over your head while you learn, that’s why I recommend Wealthy Affiliates starter course, you can learn Internet Marketing Free then upgrade to premium when you feel you are ready to make a go of it, I am a member at WA and will help you get started if you need any assistance, cheers Mike.

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