Clickbank University Review- Read This Before You Join!

Clickbank University Review- Read This Before You Join!

cbuName: Clickbank University
Owners: Adam Horwitz/Justin Atlan
Cost: 7 day trial $1/$97 month
Rank: 7/10
Approved Program

What Is Clickbank University?

Clickbank University is an extension of a platform for selling digital products. What is a digital product? A digital product is simply software that can be downloaded for a fee by the purchaser. Clickbank University is actually a great idea that Adam and Justin came up with, it goes hand in hand with their main goal of continual growth for clickbank. What better way to ensure the growth of Clickbank than to tie in a training platform for selling and creating digital products that will be sold through their venue.

CB-University-ReviewsWho Is Clickbank University For?

Clickbank University was created as a training platform by the Clickbank owners to teach you how to create and sell products through their company clickbank. If you are new to Internet marketing, affiliate marketing in particular,  there is no better place to start off your affiliate marketing career than selling Clickbank products.

What’s The Cost To Join Clickbank University?

Everything so far has been pretty straightforward until now! Clickbank University offers a 7 day full access trial for $1, an industry standard.  You get in for $1 and have a look around and when your 7 day trial expires your credit card automatically gets dinged for a regular monthly membership fee. A regular monthly membership fee will cost you $97 a month for their standard offering. This is just a heads up, this is the Norm for Internet marketing training programs.

????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Is There Value For Your $97 Monthly Membership Fee?

If you are looking at creating a product to sell on Clickbank I would have to say yes there is value.
The training in regards to product creation for selling through Clickbank is very detailed and extensive. Clickbank University offers step by step instruction leading you through the various stages of product development, marketing, promotion, and sales.

Clickbank University  also offers their own hosting and Website builder which is of good quality. The thing I liked about their website builder is it had the ability to interact directly with Clickbank,  selling your product on Clickbank with this integration component is that much easier. One note of caution with a website builder unique to Clickbank, once you build your site with their website builder you will more than likely lose the ability to move your site if you decide to use a different venue to market your product. Clickbank isn’t the only way to sell your products online and rebuilding your whole online business will be costly and time consuming, something to keep in the back of your mind!

If you are looking to learn how to sell Clickbank products through Clickbank University then I would have to say the membership fee is on the high end of the scale. $97 a month for learning how to sell Clickbank products is an expensive venue for training. Clickbank products are probably the easiest products to sell online. Starting out as an affiliate marketer selling Clickbank products should be your first consideration do to the fact that they have tons of digital products all in one convenient location. Clickbank has made it so easy to promote and sell products and for that reason I would consider less expensive training options.

I started my affiliate marketing career selling Clickbank products but my training only cost half of what Clickbank University is asking for a monthly membership fee.

up and downWhat I Like About Clickbank University

I like the fact that Clickbank has a vested interest in teaching you how to create and sell products through their venue, they want and need you to succeed. Their training platform is very good. Clickbank University offers free hosting and a website builder. They offer current traffic generating techniques relevant to selling your own product. CBU offers step by step training modules and the video quality was good.

What I didn’t Like About Clickbank University

Obviously I am not a fan of their price point for training provided and they do push a few upsells which sucks and can escalate the cost of training dramatically. CBU really focuses their training on product creation and promotion so if you join just to learn how to sell Clickbank products their cost for training i feel is overvalued. I found that CBU really understates what it takes to create and sell your own product online, if you don’t have a background in affiliate marketing I feel you are potentially setting yourself up for a costly adventure into the online world of marketing.

The training is set at Clickbank University’s pace not yours, they say it is for information retention purposes, your benefit, but at $97 plus upsells per month I am not sold on that one.

Support is simply ok,  not the best I have experienced,  but I think you need to take some of the good with the bad in the case of Clickbank University, I mean, if you want to dive in headfirst and throw caution to the wind,  create and sell a digital product online, I feel CBU is a great training option for you.


22 Replies to “Clickbank University Review- Read This Before You Join!”

  1. Does managing a well-established website such as yours require a massive amount work?

    I am brand new to writing a blog however I do like writing.
    I’d like to start a blog so I will be able to share my personal experience and thoughts online.

    Please let me know if you have any suggestions or tips for brand
    new aspiring bloggers. Appreciate it!

    1. Hi Francine, looking after a website such as this one takes a few hours a day to answer comments and research for readers questions and on top of that I need to research and write about products and programs but it’s something I really enjoy. If you’re thinking about blogging for money I think you would really enjoy it, this isn’t an overnight success thing you need time to build traffic so that you can either get paid advertizing or sell products from your site either way you need traffic and that does take time. The biggest thing I run into these days are people selling leads (email addresses) which is a farce, don’t buy leads they are very rarely relevant to your targeted market so this makes these leads useless. Let me know how you make out I would be more than happy to look at you site and help you monetize it when you are ready, free of charge of course, cheers Mike.

  2. Hi Mike,
    I’m listening to the Click Bank Webinair as I write this. Thanks for writing this review. I appreciate your candid breakdown both the pros and the cons. I think I’ll pass on the University at this point in time.I will continue to learn about affiliate marketing. Thanks again !

  3. Very informative, I did not know such university existed, and I loved the review it showed me advantages and disadvantages, I will keep trace and bookmark your web, wish you all the best and I agree WA teaches very well.

  4. I’m not that much of a internet reader to be honest but your blogs really nice,
    keep it up! I’ll come back down the road. All the best

  5. This is my first comment here so I just wanted to give a quick shout out and say I
    truly enjoy reading your blog posts.
    Is Clickbank just downloadable products?
    Thank you so much!

    1. Hey Lorraine, thanks for reading my post and thank you for your kind words! Yes Clickbank is just a digital platform. Clickbank hosts a multitude of marketplace products that can be promoted. I have promoted many in the past but found my sales per day looked good but by the end of the month there were so many refunds given out that my bottom line suffered. I still promote a few CB products but focus my efforts in other places with better quality offerings, less refunds!

  6. This article proves that there are quality writers out there that do their research and share their findings with others. Thank you for sharing this.

  7. I agree with your assessment of CBU, especially with the monthly pricing. Am just wondering how many folks have enrolled at that level? I cannot imagine a newbie going in at that level.

    -Dan Sacapano

  8. I quote your text:
    ”One note of caution with a website builder unique to Clickbank, once you build your site with their website builder you will more than likely lose the ability to move your site if you decide to use a different venue to market your product. Clickbank isn’t the only way to sell your products online and rebuilding your whole online business will be costly and time consuming, something to keep in the back of your mind!”

    Isn’t this more or less the same with Wealthy Affiliate? When one joins it, the website built is tied to WA, so even if I am a paying-member, and if one day I decide to quit and stop paying, then there goes my website gone like a smoke, as i have no total control on it. Can you please explain. Thanx!

    1. Hi rick, I am glad you brought this question up. Actually, building a website with a website builder unique to Clickbank is not the same as building a WordPress website at WA.
      Clickbanks website builder operates on software that is unique to Clickbank, developed specifically to integrate with clickbank products and this could pose a huge problem if you wanted to go independent of Clickbank and promote products in different marketplaces, which is common in affiliate marketing. Wealthy Affiliate on the other hand offers free access to WordPress as a website builder. Your WordPress website is yours, with no programing connecting it to WA, therefor making your website or websites( your allowed as many as you like) totally transferable. You get free hosting with a membership at WA but that too is transferable. WA is a very transparent company, take the free look and ask people inside, you will get all the answers you need, Hope that helps, cheers Mike.

  9. Good review, you get into this on a wave of hype and crash when it comes to what they deliver. I felt lost through much of what I tried. One month and $100 later I have learnt very little about IM, no support is the worst part. As I watched my $100 disappearing as I struggled to get answers it was frustrating, hope this helps someone else.

    1. Hi Pamela, yes, Clickbank University is not for everyone, actually it’s not for anyone who wants to learn affiliate marketing in my opinion. I think they have a unique niche when it comes to teaching you how to develop products to market on Clickbank, but that’s about it. I sell quite a few Clickbank products but that wasn’t where I received my training do to some of the pitfalls of their program I mentioned in my review. Thanks Pamela, have a great day Mike.

  10. I tried this program, quite pricy and I don’t feel I am any closer to making money online, at your site looking for options, love your reviews!

    1. Hi Brian, it’s unfortunate that you tried and it wasn’t what you wanted, as I say in my post it definitely isn’t a program I would recommend for the beginner or affiliate marketing, more I would say for product development and launching, take care Mike.

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