Coffee Shop Lifestyle Secret – Coffee Shop Scam?

Coffee Shop Lifestyle Secret – Coffee Shop Scam?

Cost: $49 plus multiple up sells

Founder: Jeff Lerner


Everyone dreams of the “Coffee Shop Lifestyle”, wake up no responsibilities, no worries, no where to be and no financial worries, just sit around and work on your laptop in your local Starbucks and drink your latte. Well this is actually a realistic dream that many affiliate marketers like myself live. I guess the question is, will Coffee Shop Lifestyle Secret be the catalyst that will make that dream come true for you, or is it simply another scam product playing on your aspirations of living a dream lifestyle.

In my Coffee Shop Lifestyle Secrets review I will dig into the training, material and support offered within the Coffee Shop Lifestyle Secrets offer. I hope you enjoy my Coffee Shop Lifestyle Secrets review and I welcome any feedback and questions you may have, have a great day Mike.

What Is The Coffee Shop Lifestyle Secret?

Looking at the Coffee Shop Lifestyle Secret offer it kind of reminds me of the old “shell game” where the object of the game is to find the pea under the shell when they are being moved around quickly. Finding the true offer when working your way through the Coffee Shop Lifestyle Secret program leaves you wondering where the pea is, or in this case, where the real offer is. It really looks like to me that Coffee Shop Lifestyle Secret is just a re branded version of the original Coffee Shop Millionaire that I reviewed a while back. To me this is just another smoke screen created to funnel you into Jeff’s main “high ticket” offer called the 6 Figure Business System.

Jeff uses quite a few marketing tactics that I would consider to be less then ethical to funnel you into the 6 Figure Business System, pretty deceptive marketing but unfortunately a general practice for many affiliate marketers. You may have come across a few similar offers that Jeff created to funnel you into his main offer 6 Figure Business System, the ultimate laptop lifestyle and 16 Steps to 6 Figures are two offers that really serve no purpose other than to siphon you into the 6 Figure Business System.

On his website, Jeff claims to be able to make you $5000 a week from little to no work, sitting in his local coffee shop all day. Looking at all the up sells and the fees he is charging for products inside the 6 Figure Business System I would say Jeff is probably making $5000 a week. Looking at the income disclaimer at the bottom of Jeff’s site I would guess that Jeff is one of the few to make $5000 a week.

After you work your way through all the hype the bottom line is, the Coffee Shop Lifestyle Secret offer or should I say the 6 Figure Business System is designed to help you succeed at affiliate marketing while encouraging you promote Jeff’s offer. While affiliate marketing is a real legitimate way to make money online, I feel that you are more at risk of losing money with Jeff’s offer then you are at making any substantial income.

How Does The Coffee Shop Lifestyle Secret Work?

The 6-figure business system/Coffee Shop Lifestyle Secret is a network marketing type opportunity. It is supposed to teach you how to become an affiliate marketer, while attempting to recruit people into Jeff’s program as well. The 6 Figure Business System offers different training options for premium prices right down to paying premium prices for one on one coaching.

There are significant costs associated with participating in the 6 Figure Business System program, if you want to earn an income promoting Jeff’s 6 Figure Business System, which is suggested as your first step, you will have to buy the right to sell or buy what they refer to as the re sell rights to earn commissions off these products. What this means is in order to receive a commission from recruiting someone that makes a purchase of a particular training package you will need to have purchased that same package yourself. There are many programs that have this same type of structure, one that comes to mind is Elite Marketing pro that can end up costing you $3000 for the right to sell their top tier package and earn commissions.

In order to follow along with the training, you are basically forced into purchasing the products that Jeff is teaching you use and promote. If you decide to buy into Jeff’s program you are in for a roller coaster ride that will have your credit card popping into your hands on a regular basis. Multiple purchases are necessary if you follow Jeff’s instructions and follow all the links and buy the tools Jeff prompts you to buy. If you don’t follow along and buy in you forfeit your right to receive affiliate commissions, it will take some self-restraint to keep from spending a load of money hoping you will get some commissions in return. Just keep in mind the income disclaimer, you can’t lie in disclaimers so you need to look at the numbers.

Many of the up sells that Jeff pushes after you’ve signed up and paid your initial $49 are things required to build a site such as:

  • Auto responders;
  • Purchasing a domain;
  • Hosting;
  • PPC (traffic);
  • Page builders.

These tools and services are quite normal for affiliate marketers, I personally only use a website, domain, autoresponder and a keyword tool. The most expensive aspect of being part of the 6 Figure Business System is buying the re sell rights to make potential commissions. This could cost you well over $10,000 if you buy into everything that Jeff would like you to buy. I guess you can see where Jeff makes his $5000 a week!

The Coffee Shop Lifestyle Secret Training And Materials

At the beginning, once you’ve paid for the initial $49, your given a coach who is supposed to help guide you through to success.

They will emphasis the fact that you have to purchase certain products (website building materials, affiliate access to Jeff’s products) before you can continue on with the training.

The sales material your given teaches you to generate leads, and push people through to Jeff’s products.

As I mentioned earlier, you’re not given all the tools needed to build your own website. You must first purchase products and services such as:

  • Domains;
  • Auto responders;
  • Hosting…etc

As much as Jeff emphasizes that they do all the heavy lifting for you, this is slightly untrue, as generating leads and building traffic through a site is one of the hardest aspects of affiliate marketing.

***Although you’re taught about everything above, much of it is at an additional cost to you.

What Does The Coffee Shop Lifestyle Secret Cost?

The initial cost to get access to the training material is $49 which is very respectable, programs like Wealthy Affiliate charge $49 a month for affiliate marketing training also, but WA offers everything you need, websites, training, keyword tool, one on one help and much more for “no additional costs”, whereas $49 is just the start of your costs when you join the Coffee Shop Lifestyle Secret offer. Once you’re pushed through, you’re confronted with some up sells.

The first up sell you’re asked to consider is the human support component and training options. In order to have continuous access to human support and training, you are required to pay an additional $37/month which makes this offer start to look quite pricey and we haven’t even touched the tip of the iceberg yet.

Once you’ve purchased the monthly support and training, you’re asked to join Jeff’s 21k system, with access to the 6-figure success club, which will cost you another $300.

The Coffee Shop Lifestyle Secret will also try to get you to purchase some of Jeff’s affiliate products such as auto responders, domains, hosting and more which I am sure they are affiliates for and getting a nice commission cheque off your purchase.

All in all, you’re looking at upwards of a $500 commitment before you’re able to actually get started.

The Statistics.

As I mentioned earlier in this review you really need to look at the income disclaimer that is required by law. You can’t make crap up, this is a legal document for consumers protection, the numbers don’t lie.

Within Jeff’s income disclaimer, he very honestly states that many people make little to no money during their time with his opportunity. In many cases, people usually leave the program with less money then they first started (roughly 69%).

What The Coffee Shop Lifestyle Secret Does Well.

  • First initial cost is low;
  • Some very basic, yet useful training on lead generation.

What The Coffee Shop Lifestyle Secret Could Improve On…

  • The initial investment won’t get you the success promised at the beginning. Jeff could be a lot more transparent on what costs are really associated with the program;
  • Jeff indicates in his disclosure that “we are not promising, predicting, implying, or even hinting that you’ll make a dime” so I think a little less aggressive sales pitch to reflect his statements would be more realistic.
  • Only 30.4% of people make between 1 and 100 dollars. This is less then what is to be invested;
  • Jeff is very unclear on exactly what you’ll be learning.
  • Lots of up sells
  • Training doesn’t teach you to generate honest, raw traffic;
  • Membership doesn’t come with tools to build your own website (additional cost).

My Final Say On The Coffee Shop Lifestyle Secrets Program…

Although I try to keep each and every review as objective as possible, some programs have more glaring red flags then others.

Unfortunately the Coffee Shop Lifestyle Secret is one of those training programs that screams “scam”, without really having to dig too deep into it. When I say Scam I don’t mean Jeff is giving you nothing for your fees which would be an outright scam, but in my opinion you are paying absorbanent fees for a service which you could get elsewhere for a fraction of the cost.

To start from the top, having multiple sales funnels with different names all leading to the same product is a clear indication that there’s no real value behind the product. If the product held value, people would be proud to promote, and join it. With a product that holds value, Jeff shouldn’t have to go to the lengths that he has to catch the attention of his visitors with fancy new names and sales pitches.

In addition, the tactic of presenting a low initial start up cost, and then bombarding the new member with several other promotions, just to get them started is very scam like. Tell me the cost upfront, and if the program speaks for itself, people will buy it.

Affiliate marketing is a proven way to make money online, but you don’t need to break the bank to participate as an affiliate marketer.



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