Coffee Shop Millionaire Scam Review- No Sugar In This Coffee!

Coffee Shop Millionaire Scam Review- No Sugar In This Coffee!

Coffee Shop Millionaire joins the ranks of my garbage section. Read my “Coffee Shop Millionaire scam review”

squirell and coffeeCoffee Shop Millionaire At A Glance

Name: Coffee Shop Millionaire
Price: $37 a month
Owner: Anthony Trister
Type Of Business: Internet Marketing
Overall Rank: 4/10

Who Is Coffee Shop Millionaire’s Targeted Audience?

Coffee Shop Millionaire is a program or a system that endeavours to teach the basics in Internet Marketing. CSM is comprised of a number of training modules that can be referred to as many times as you wish so I would say it is a program geared for the newcomer to Internet Marketing.

What Is The Coffee Shop Millionaire System?

CSM is a Internet Marketing system created by Anthony Trister that has a relatively low initial investment which makes this program on the surface very appealing.  Anthony’s program is a selection of marketing techniques such as, Email Marketing,Video Marketing, Article Submission, and  Local Marketing. The marketing techniques that are included in the CSM program are valid and effective Internet Marketing techniques currently being used by many Internet Marketers to generate income online.


What Do I Get For My $37 Membership In Coffee Shop Millionaire?

What do you get for your $37.  The basic modules are included, and a guarantee that their phone and email support will be responsive to your needs.

You do unfortunately have to work your way through a few upsells such as the ” six figure success club offer” that will cost you an extra $297 if you decide to opt in. What I didn’t see were some key tools that you will need to make use of the training techniques mentioned inside the Coffee Shop Millionaire program.

The Coffee Shop Millionaire program does offer some good marketing techniques you really have to add up the extras you will need to purchase to put those techniques to good use this is where you could run into some pretty significant extra costs if you don’t know what you are looking at. The products costs you might want to look into before you join the Coffee shop Millionaire program are costs for web hosting, domain registry, autoresponder, keyword tool and a website builder such as what WordPress offers. Add those costs to your $37 membership fee and then you will have an idea of what costs you may be looking at to have success online.






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