Deadbeat Super Affiliate – Deadbeat program?

Deadbeat Super Affiliate – Deadbeat program?

I thought I would dig into “Deadbeat Super Affiliate” an affiliate marketing training program that has been around  since 2010 and has recently been revamped, or as they put it “reloaded”. Enjoy my Deadbeat Super Affiliate review and hopefully you will have a clear idea on whether this product is legit or simply another product that hit the scam list.

Website: Deadbeat super

Owner: Dan Brock

Product: Affiliate/video marketing training

Cost: $17, up sells / $47/ 67/ $97

Rating: Good

Deadbeat Super Affiliate Offers A Nice Surprise!

To be honest I was a little hesitant when I forked out the $17 bucks for the Deadbeat Super affiliate training. Really, what do you expect to get these days for $17, not much I was guessing, well,  I am happy to say I was wrong! First time this year lol.

What’s Behind The trademark Look Of Dan Brock?

Dan has created an image for himself of a guy laying around in his housecoat watching the cash roll in. Dan’s image is eerily similar to another internet marketer named Jay who goes by the handle “the lazy ass stoner” Jay runs a program called screw95. and claims to work from an altered state.

Dan on the other hand works from his housecoat and sweatpants. When you join the Deadbeat Super Affiliate program you will find out quite quickly that there is more to the guy in the housecoat than meets the eye!

What Will You Learn In Deadbeat Super Affiliate?

Dan Brock’s Deadbeat Super Affiliate was created to teach a (newbie) new person to affiliate marketing on the art of making money online using a step by step format. Deadbeat Super Affiliate I feel is a great resource if one is comfortable getting in front of a video recording equipment.

The video marketing training offered through the Deadbeat Super Affiliate offer does provide beginners to online marketing scene the skills neccessary to sell physical products for literally thousands of online merchants for commissions. Some noteworthy merchants that you will learn to work with but not limited to,  are online giants  such as Amazon and Market health, both of which I myself promote products for but I am not that comfortable in front of a camera I prefer promotion using a website, the program I recommend for this is Wealthy Affiliate.

Deadbeat Super Affiliate – What Does $17 Bucks Get You?

You actually get quite a bit of video marketing training delivered in 23 videos supported by text that you can read on your own if you have any issues with hearing.

The videos are laid out in a step by step format. What I found surprising for $17 was that the quality of training videos, they looked very professional looking.

How Can A Program Like Deadbeat Super Affiliate Be So Cheap?

The first thing that comes to my mind when I see a cheap offer is it is either crap or there is some catch, well the program isn’t crap so where is Dan making his money?

Deadbeat Super Affiliate is craftily put together with many opportunities for Dan to make some pretty good affiliate commissions just from your participation in his program.

Dan mentions some products that you may want to consider using while putting his video marketing techniques in play. Dan signs up as an affiliate for these products and therefor will get a commission if you bite on his affiliate offers. Dan doesn’t come off pushy while mentioning these affiliate products or make suggestions that these products are required which in my mind keeps Dan’s credibility in tact .

Up sells

There a few up sells that Dan pitches such as his one on one coaching through his inner circle group. Dan also mentions his Deadbeat University quite often, these products range in cost from $47-$67.

 Is There Value In The Deadbeat Super Affiliate Offer?

If your new to the world of video marketing I feel this an inexpensive way to get some valuable training and make some money at the same time. The videos are decent, video marketing techniques are solid. Dan shows you everything you need to know about Youtube video creation and how to drive traffic to your Youtube video and ultimately your offer.  You don’t need a lot of costly tools to market products on Youtube and if you are not comfortable with content blogging then video marketing may be your answer to making money online.

I like the fact that Deadbeat Super Affiliate promotes the use of WordPress as a website builder that is linked to your videos. I also like the fact that the program promotes a well balanced approach to marketing products which include the use of a website in conjunction with video marketing,  social marketing is also used by Dan as well. The Deadbeat Super Affiliate offer also encourages the use of a keyword tool which I also feel is essential to successfully marketing products online. Dan supplies a pre programmed website theme so that set up of your website is done in a few simple steps, trust me this is a huge plus.

My Final Thoughts

Deadbeat Super Affiliate delivers a decent amount of training at an affordable price point. The training is very well laid out and easy to follow.

For $17 I feel Deadbeat Super Affiliate Its Worth A Look

Click Here To Check Out Deadbeat Super Affiliate!

Not everyone feels comfortable standing in front of a camera and not many can really come off authentic which will not bode well for your chances of connecting with your audience and ultimately making money using the Deadbeat Super Affiliate video marketing system.




35 Replies to “Deadbeat Super Affiliate – Deadbeat program?”

  1. Hi, and thank you for taking the time to answer people’s comments below your review.

    The review was interesting, but like yourself, I feel more comfortable writing rather than speaking. I love to write, but can speak very enthusiastically to the point it can be off-putting to those who prefer a calmer approach.

     This morning I surprised myself by typing up a 900+ article on Mindset. I thought I had only typed 600! All under an hour!

    Some people are better at speaking and would find Deadbeat Super Affiliate worthwhile to own…

    I am still in a learning curve when it comes to using videos but thanks for letting me know about it!

    1. Hi Stella, Deadbeat Super Affiliate isn’t for everyone thats for sure but Youtube is a pretty big deal these days and people are making some pretty good money promoting products by garnering a following on their Youtube channels. Dan is a really good presenter and offers a very good course in using Youtube to generate income, worth a look for anyone interested in that method of income generation. Dan’s course is really affordable I guess that’s why it’s so popular. Have a great day and keep up the content writing before you know it you will have a great amount of content that will keep working for years to come.

  2. Hello Mike,
    Interesting that I would have stumbled upon your review after thinking about posting video content all day.
    Something I’ve been procrastinating about, for sure.
    I’ve watched a lot of deadbeat affiliate stuff on YouTube. Dan definitely knows his stuff. I never looked into his products at all.
    I think I’ll be giving his course a shot, being only $17. Maybe it’ll give me confidence to finally get a video out there lol.

    1. Sounds like a plan Wilson, $17 bucks is pretty cheap and if you want to create youtube videos  I feel Dan is the guy to learn from, let me know how you make out and drop a link to your new video for me to watch, cheers Mike.

  3. Well you can’t not beat the price for dead be super affiliate.Many of us on her pills have paid much more out in order to try to Tene the commissions of the free and home life style. Still going about making adjustments as many of us are trying to fill this type of promise to ourselves as well.

  4. Hi Mike. In reading your review of this program, it does appear to offer some level of quality in teaching a person how to make money as an affiliate marketer through making videos to promote products.

    The program has some merits, but at the same time has limitations as well. Becoming a truly successful online business entrepreneur I feel requires more than just limiting oneself to just video marketing. Because as you stated, Mike not all people are comfortable trying to promote products talking into a camera.

    It appears as if the creator of this program focuses no attention on website creation and along with that the ability to craft highly relevant content articles, (that could also include videos) that would serve to help people who need a product(s) to improve their lives.

    Yes, the price as little as $17 to acquire the training is quite low. There are up sells but at least Dan Brock is not trying to purposely steal money from people with little substance in return being offered.


    1. Thanks for you comment Jeff! Dan has created a quirky image where he runs around in his housecoat lol, little over the top but his training is actually really good. I believe in a well balanced approach to affiliate marketing but I can’t deny the fact that Youtube is growing at an exponential rate and so is its exposure online for products. Every search result will have a couple Youtube videos on the first page of Google and we all know that’s where the traffic is,

      Video marketing isn’t my thing but if I were going to do it I would do it through Dan for the simple reason he doesn’t up sell the crap out of you, yes he does have some up sells but what he teaches does work, and you can’t beat his price anywhere that I have seen yet. You see his videos all over the place and that’s what he teaches you how to do so really for the money it’s a great deal.

      Have a good One Jeff, cheers Mike.

  5. I highly recommend Dan’s Deadbeat Super Affiliate program..
    I purchased the system a month ago and I have a kick-butt website because of Dan’s guidance….
    If it wasn’t for this program I wouldn’t have a website…
    Dan is a man of his word and he goes above and beyond for his followers

    1. Thank you for your input on Dan’s program and I totally agree Deadbeat Super Affiliate is a very good program and the future in the online money making game is with Youtube. Dan teaches you how to be comfortable in front of a camera and all the tricks on how to get your videos seen by the masses, Dan offers some great training in this area, have a great day mike.

    1. Thanks for your feedback Barney. When I looked into the Deadbeat super Affiliate offer it looked up to date to me. All of Dans techniques were current techniques used in video marketing today and Dan is always on Youtube offering new strategies for selling via Video marketing free of charge so I still think there is good value and opportunity in what the Deadbeat Super Affiliate program offers. Appreciate your taking the time to leave your thoughts, cheers Mike.

  6. Hi I am overwhelmed. I m new to the internet marketing and making money online and so far I am struggling to find genuine reviews. All the reviews for all three programs I see seem to be made by people who are either affiliated with a particular program in some way or slating another person to push their own products and some even get you signed up to teach you to get others signed up to teach them to make money online .ike a vicious circle.

    I would like to make money outside of the make money online niche and do something I am knowledgeable in but I am stuck on who to take my training with and it has gotten to the point where I just do not know what to do anymore. I am running in circles hopping from one idea to the other. I am a new mum so going out and getting a regular job to pay repeatedly for online courses and upsets is out of the question as I have very limited funds. I just want to set up a few affiliate sites in niches that I have general knowledge in and that appeal to me. Can anyone recomend a good course where I won’t have to do lots of up sells to get the results I want?
    Half of these things say start with zero money but you have to fork out for all their up sells which would be fine if I had money coming in. I want to start generating a small amount of cash to be able to reinvest in my business but so far I just feel like I am hearing lie after lie…confused!

    1. Hi Sarah, I totally get your frustration this is one of the reasons I started this site. Over the years I have done hundreds of reviews on training programs and products related to making money online very few I might add reach my approved category.
      When I review various programs like Deadbeat Super Affiliate I draw on my years of experience online and my knowledge of what it really takes to make money online.
      Every day there are new programs hitting the internet and most are just venues for the creators to make a fast buck and move on. I used to be very critical with my reviews and most programs got my thumbs down but in the last two years I have changed the way I approach my program reviews, this was actually done because my readers asked for a different perspective, to be honest many complained that nothing met my requirements and I was bashing too many programs and products, I focused on the negative aspects and didn’t point out enough good aspects and let people decide.
      Some programs are outright scams which I state right out of the gates so that people won’t get taken but what I have found is no program is perfect they all have good and bad qualities, nor is there such a thing as a fail proof program, not even the one program I feel is the best training program for making money online.
      What I do now is spell out the good aspects and the aspects I feel could cause you too have poor results as I did with Deadbeat Super Affiliate, this product isn’t for me I wouldn’t feel comfortable making videos nor do I think I could get my message across to the buying public but some could!
      I despise up selling but almost every product I review has some sort of up selling so this would mean I would have to fail every program or product so what I do is tell my readers what they are and if you need them, 99% of them you don’t need so when you see one don’t bite!
      Every program will get you in with a cheap introductory offer that is a given even tools related to internet marketing will do the same just look at autoresponders such as Aweber or Getaresponse they give you a free trial and then hit you with a monthly fee once they get you hooked no different than a domain registry outfits, Godaddy will let you register a domain for as little as $4.99 per year for the first year but in the second year you may face a yearly fee of $40. You are already vested in your domain name and at this point they have you over a barrel.
      All this stuff is just the way it is online and you need to know at some point trying to make a living online will cost you what I try and do here on is show you how you can keep your costs to a minimum and still make a great living online that’s why I approve a few programs that offer potential but I only have one true recommendation and that’s Wealthy Affiliate.
      WA has only two levels and includes everything you need to build a business promoting products online. Wealthy Affiliate has a zero up sell policy and stand by their claim that all you need to generate income is what they offer in house with no extra costs. You will never face a situation where you will be required to purchase any over and above items other than a domain name for your website which they provide for $13.99 a year and that doesn’t change in year two like many domain providers.
      What I like about WA is you can join under their free starter membership and you get everything you need including websites and training. I suggest you don’t go premium which is $49 a month for “everything” until you see your site/sites and niche is looking like it is going to produce a good income online.
      I am not pushing WA but it is the program that gave me my start online and I am very comfortable putting my name behind their platform. I never had to buy anything extra, I knew what my costs were which were at that time $47 a month plus annual domain name fees.
      I can honestly say I wouldn’t be making the living online I do today if it wasn’t for WA’s training platform.
      I get the whole disillusioned thing it’s frustrating for people trying to find the path that will pay off without spending a fortune and wasting a ton of time in the process.
      Give WA a try, the most you have to loose is your time at worst but I guarantee you that you will understand through your free membership what is involved in making money online and what is B.S that alone is worth your time.
      I am a member at WA and you will have full access to my help and many others at anytime, free of course!
      You can access a free membership here! Have a great day Sarah I wish you the best Mike.

  7. Mike,
    Awesome review! I never knew about these “alternative” living people who are raking in cash… I have also found that upsells are what keeps many programs afloat or makes them so profitable. Deadbeat Affiliate seems legit though, so I will probably take a look! Thanks for posting such a thorough review.


    1. Hi Justin, yes, Dan Brock offers a pretty good product that focuses on video marketing. You mention up sells and there are a few in the Deadbeat Super Affiliate program. You will find one for video equipment for example where Dan gives you a link to Amazon to look at high quality video equipment you got to know he is an affiliate for this equipment. In saying that these up sells are stated as voluntary and only suggestions the problem I see is new people to marketing don’t really know what they need and simple suggestions can make them make purchases they really needn’t make.

  8. Hi Mike
    I’ve been on his email list for about 6 months, i have watched every video, and he does offer quality information. I have not purchased his $17 product, but i would have, had i not came across Wealthy Affiliate.
    His expertise in video making is what would help him earn money, his free videos have included items like microphones, lighting, sound deadening products, all these and more are mentioned.
    Like any niche, you promote products that can help the visitor, and he has done this.
    I would recommend this too, if not for WA, and their Education.

    1. I agree totally with you Greg, Dan offers a good product but it is very specific and you really need to be comfortable in front of a video recorder and it’s not always easy to get believable message across to your intended audience.

  9. You’re not sitting here claiming everything is a scam and Wealthy Affiliates is the way to go over all systems. I like the fact that you are giving other programs a fair review.

    However, I do have to agree I chose wealthy affiliate for all my affiliate marketing education and advice. I am happy with it thus far and feel I have gotten plenty of valuable information that I have never found in any other program I have tried.

    Deadbeat is definitely something I will be looking into further, only because you peaked my interest!

    1. Hi Salvator, I appreciate your vote of confidence. I don’t have any bias when I do reviews if the product or program is good I State it is. I feel my readers deserve a fair assessment of the program/ product that I am reviewing.

  10. This seems like a pretty good program for $17. I would not have figured you would get much for that price. It seems there are so many programs out there that just want your money and offer little to nothing in return. I’m glad you took the time to write a review on Deadbeat Super Affiliate. I may check into this more.

    1. Hi Mitch thanks for stopping by. Deadbeat Super Affiliate I found good value for the money if you think you could do the whole video marketing thing, it’s not for everyone myself included but for $17 it does offer some very good instruction. Have a great day Mitch and thanks for commenting, Mike.

  11. Thanks for the post Mike. Think I need to check out these Dead beat guys, as video marketing via youtube could be a good skill to learn as people are seeming to be reading less and less these days!

    It sounds pretty cheap too so the downside is protected when compared to a lot of other training courses out there costing hundreds and hundreds of dollars.

    1. Yeh Dan Brock puts on a good training program when it comes to video marketing and you really can’t beat the cost, cheers Mike.

  12. Hey Mike,
    At first I thought Deadbeat Super Affiliate was just another online scam looking to take my cash. After reading this I feel like it is something to look into. From all the hype online I am trying to avoid as many scams as possible. Thanks for the overview. It really helped.

    1. Your more than welcome Kendrick. Dan Brock’s Deadbeat Super Affiliate offer deffinretly isn’t a scam it offers some really good training on video marketing and like I said if you feel you can get in front of a camera this is definitely a program to consider. Have a great day Mike.

  13. Hi Mike, I’ve been following Dan Brock for a few months on YouTube, subscribed to his channel. RIght now he seems to be uploading videos on a daily basis.

    I quite like the guy and I always get something new from his videos. He seems like a very smart guy who works hard and I’ve been thinking about starting my own YouTube channel for some time. I’ve seen his views and followers go up over the past few months, I think because he’s consistent and targets keywords for every video.

    The thing that interested me in the Super Affiliate Deadbeat program is the low price tag so it’s great to read a review like this from someone who has already seen what it’s like on the inside. I’m going to check it out, thank you for the insight : )

    1. I am happy I could put some clarity on the Deadbeat Super Affiliate program, nice to hear you have been doing your homework on the program, have a good one Simon !

  14. Hi Mike, it sounds like a good program for me with all the details that you mention but as you say not everybody feel comfortable in front of a camera which is my case, so This program is not for everybody even it is good program to learn about affiliate marketing it has this little inconvenience.

    1. Hi Darmendra, Yes Deadbeat Super Affiliate is a really nice program for anyone wanting to take advantage of Youtube traffic, not for everyone if you’re not willing to be a movie star lol. Have a great day Mike.

  15. Hey there,
    This is a nice review of the Deadbeat SUper Affiliate System. I actually have heard of Dan Brock and his program before. I watched some of his youtube videos and he seems like a pretty honest and smart guy. I believe now that his program is legit and I would like to take a look at it. Thanks for sharing this content!

    1. Hi Carlos, Yes Dan is a pretty stand up guy and does stand behind his product and has a pretty open approach to working with people who purchase his products. Thanks for leaving your thoughts for my readers, cheers Mike.

  16. I’ve subscribed to Dan Brock on YouTube and I’ve always been curious about his training and how it compared with WA. Of the videos I’ve seen in YouTube all have been pretty useful and had good information but I still had this feeling that he wasn’t for real. But of course after reading this I know he is a legitimate online marketer.

    1. Hi Lyle I appreciate you for taking the time to leave your thoughts. What Dan specializes in is video marketing which Wealthy Affiliate also has training on but WA’s focus is really on affiliate marketing via a website and content creation that’s their specialty and they are very good at it. Dan Brock from what I saw by joining his program is pretty good at his particular marketing method which is video.

      WA is a huge well rounded platform that I have personally used to build my online business as an affiliate marketer you can read about WA here Wealthy Affiliate – My #1 Recommendation

  17. I like the idea of deadbeat but I won’t join it.

    Getting infront of the camera is a huge issue for me. I’d rather use a website and sell to people who won’t see me but who can trust me.

    I am quite a shy guy, I lived with women with a lot and can’t quite express myself. I think wealthy is more convenient for me.

    I hope there are no upsells, are there?

    1. Hi Dave thanks for taking the time to comment. Yes, there are 2 up sells that I saw and I totally get the apprehension to get behind a camera it’s not for everyone thats for sure. You really have to be comfortable making a video and come off comfortable and confident to your audience, its all about getting your message across also which isn’t always an easy thing to do. Like I mentioned in my Deadbeat Super Affiliate review you need to feel comfortable doing videos to engage in video marketing.

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