I thought I would dig into “Deadbeat Super Affiliate” an affiliate marketing training program that has been around  since 2010 and has recently been revamped, or as they put it “reloaded”. Enjoy my Deadbeat Super Affiliate review and hopefully you will have a clear idea on whether this product is legit or simply another product that hit the scam list.

Website: Deadbeat super affiliate.com

Owner: Dan Brock

Product: Affiliate/video marketing training

Cost: $17, up sells / $47/ 67/ $97

Rating: Good

Deadbeat Super Affiliate Offers A Nice Surprise!

To be honest I was a little hesitant when I forked out the $17 bucks for the Deadbeat Super affiliate training. Really, what do you expect to get these days for $17, not much I was guessing, well,  I am happy to say I was wrong! First time this year lol.

What’s Behind The trademark Look Of Dan Brock?

Dan has created an image for himself of a guy laying around in his housecoat watching the cash roll in. Dan’s image is eerily similar to another internet marketer named Jay who goes by the handle “the lazy ass stoner” Jay runs a program called screw95. and claims to work from an altered state.

Dan on the other hand works from his housecoat and sweatpants. When you join the Deadbeat Super Affiliate program you will find out quite quickly that there is more to the guy in the housecoat than meets the eye!

What Will You Learn In Deadbeat Super Affiliate?

Dan Brock’s Deadbeat Super Affiliate was created to teach a (newbie) new person to affiliate marketing on the art of making money online using a step by step format. Deadbeat Super Affiliate I feel is a great resource if one is comfortable getting in front of a video recording equipment.

The video marketing training offered through the Deadbeat Super Affiliate offer does provide beginners to online marketing scene the skills neccessary to sell physical products for literally thousands of online merchants for commissions. Some noteworthy merchants that you will learn to work with but not limited to,  are online giants  such as Amazon and Market health, both of which I myself promote products for but I am not that comfortable in front of a camera I prefer promotion using a website, the program I recommend for this is Wealthy Affiliate.

Deadbeat Super Affiliate – What Does $17 Bucks Get You?

You actually get quite a bit of video marketing training delivered in 23 videos supported by text that you can read on your own if you have any issues with hearing.

The videos are laid out in a step by step format. What I found surprising for $17 was that the quality of training videos, they looked very professional looking.

How Can A Program Like Deadbeat Super Affiliate Be So Cheap?

The first thing that comes to my mind when I see a cheap offer is it is either crap or there is some catch, well the program isn’t crap so where is Dan making his money?

Deadbeat Super Affiliate is craftily put together with many opportunities for Dan to make some pretty good affiliate commissions just from your participation in his program.

Dan mentions some products that you may want to consider using while putting his video marketing techniques in play. Dan signs up as an affiliate for these products and therefor will get a commission if you bite on his affiliate offers. Dan doesn’t come off pushy while mentioning these affiliate products or make suggestions that these products are required which in my mind keeps Dan’s credibility in tact .

Up sells

There a few up sells that Dan pitches such as his one on one coaching through his inner circle group. Dan also mentions his Deadbeat University quite often, these products range in cost from $47-$67.

 Is There Value In The Deadbeat Super Affiliate Offer?

If your new to the world of video marketing I feel this an inexpensive way to get some valuable training and make some money at the same time. The videos are decent, video marketing techniques are solid. Dan shows you everything you need to know about Youtube video creation and how to drive traffic to your Youtube video and ultimately your offer.  You don’t need a lot of costly tools to market products on Youtube and if you are not comfortable with content blogging then video marketing may be your answer to making money online.

I like the fact that Deadbeat Super Affiliate promotes the use of WordPress as a website builder that is linked to your videos. I also like the fact that the program promotes a well balanced approach to marketing products which include the use of a website in conjunction with video marketing,  social marketing is also used by Dan as well. The Deadbeat Super Affiliate offer also encourages the use of a keyword tool which I also feel is essential to successfully marketing products online. Dan supplies a pre programmed website theme so that set up of your website is done in a few simple steps, trust me this is a huge plus.

My Final Thoughts

Deadbeat Super Affiliate delivers a decent amount of training at an affordable price point. The training is very well laid out and easy to follow.

For $17 I feel Deadbeat Super Affiliate Its Worth A Look

Click Here To Check Out Deadbeat Super Affiliate!

Not everyone feels comfortable standing in front of a camera and not many can really come off authentic which will not bode well for your chances of connecting with your audience and ultimately making money using the Deadbeat Super Affiliate video marketing system.