Digital Cash Course – Or A Cash Grab?

Digital Cash Course – Or A Cash Grab?

I came across Digital Cash Course through one of my Google+ circles and thought I better have a look, I am glad I did! This program,  if you want to call it that,  is a scam in my opinion. From all the complaints I have read it charges people varying amounts to join, never really experienced that before! People are saying they are paying to get online jobs and not getting them, people are getting video series and told that is the Digital Cash course, in my opinion this is clearly not a legitimate opportunity  to make money online from what is being reported.

One online forum that recently visited had quite a few comments regarding the Digital Cash Course most weren’t flattering by any means. There were a few comments in support of this program but that was quickly dispelled after the site moderator said that the comments in support of the Digital Cash Course program all originated from the same email address, that’s not a very good sign when you have to manufacture good comments!

After looking into Digital Cash Course I realized there is another similar scheme that is possibly connected to the creators of the Digital Cash Course that is also growing in popularity, it’s called “Digital Money India”  named to image a Indian goverment initiative. This is what I found when I tried to sign up!

digital money

This is one of the most widely used methods to obtain email addresses and phone numbers on the Internet, this also gives you the feeling that this outfit is busy, don’t be fooled. If Digital Money India is truly sold out which is very unlikely then they don’t have the infrastructure to offer you support to begin with. Too many red flags with these two programs, don’t take the chance, money is hard to come by I don’t want to see you throw it away on programs that are not upfront about what you are signing up for, this is always the first and telling sign of a scam. Leave emails, phone numbers so that you can later be contacted by unethical sales people, this is not how you learn to make money online.

I would like to point out one glaring detail that I noticed about Digital Cash Courses sign up page below. Over 3 million members, really! Do you know what kind of infrastructure would be needed to handle 3 million members? This company would have to be massive to accommodate that many members and still have the capability to support it’s members, odds of that happening are probably the same as the odds that India will never see another Monsoon season.

digital home page

The Digital Cash Course home page is actually a knock off of  Wealthy Affiliate one of the most respected Internet marketing training platforms in the world, I guess if you’re going to copy someone it should be the best! Obviously knock offs aren’t just for purses and watches anymore!

Not having the resources to create your own identity is a big red flag, anyone considering this program should be aware of this, I will talk more on this topic in a minute. 

Who Is Digital Cash Course for?

This is an easy question to answer, anyone who doesn’t value their hard earned money and wants to throw it away on empty promises. I make thousands of US dollars online a year using various techniques that I have learned over a very short period of time, so it can be done!  But looking to make a go of it online by joining programs such as Digital Cash Course and what they offer for training in my opinion would just be a waste of your money!

Why I Think Digital Cash Course Is A Scam!

After I tried at no avail to get into the Digital Cash Course program it wasn’t long and I received the first of many spam emails promoting Digital Cash Course in a whole different light. It started off like most of the scams that I review, fake news releases, limited space available, act now or lose your chance.  Although they claim they have over 3 million members which is quite laughable, even the top Internet marketing programs in the world only have roughly 300,000 members and having the capability to support that many members is a huge task in itself ,  try and provide services for 3 million, not very realistic. There are many work from home programs that I have reviewed that use this same type of sales page that you see below. These are proven scams that pop up weekly under different names but originate from the same scam artists, I am kind of leaning to the opinion that the Digital Cash Course and Digital Money India are one in the same!

digital fake revenuedigital hoax


As you can see this outfit uses what appear to be fake paypal statements that many scams use. Big opportunity, limited availability, Act now all common phrases in a scammers vocabulary. Once you give up your email address you will experience what I have and that’s spam galore and requests for money.  I was recently informed by some residents of India that they have received phone calls immediately following their sign ups and have been asked unrelated questions about their use of the Internet and then offered Internet marketing videos for their membership training, not what I would consider usable training to make money online. Just the fact that they feel a video series will teach you Internet Marketing is a scam in my opinion.

In the email I received a person stated this was a 3 month course, no tools, you get nothing, no website, hosting, keyword tool.

Cost for the program is still a mystery, seems to depend on who you talk to!



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  1. Learning online learning Marketing is not easy, you will face many problems like spam, fake websites trying to scam you etc so you need to be careful. I love this website it offers some great info and a truly honest view of what it takes to learn how to make money online “scam free” thank you Mike.

    1. Hi Priya, yes finding a place to learn online marketing isn’t easy that is why I started this site, there are many fake online earning opportunities on the Internet and it’s very hard to discern what is a real authentic chance to learn or what is just a money grab that’s why I offer a free 7 day online marketing course that gives you a free website and hosting and yo can have this site for as long as you like “free”. There is additional training for $49 a month but this is totally optional you don’t need to have it to build your online business it’s just there if you feel you want more training.
      You won’t get spammed by me I keep no email lists, I never have this is a scam free opportunity and this like I said is why I created this site. I unfortunately have ran the gauntlet of crappy internet marketing courses, fake websites promoting training that was a complete scam so that is why I am giving you this opportunity, check it out it is free hope to be working with you in the near future, cheers Mike.

  2. Hi mike! hope you are doing good. I have heard from many people that digital profit course is good. Some say that digital profit course is not a worthy way to earn a lot of money.

    1. Hi Kini, for starters all you have to do is read the numerous “bad” complaints about Digital profit course on the Internet. There are tons of complaints even a couple of complaints should make you stay away from this program.
      Good comments on forums can and have been used by program owners to ease prospective buyers nerves, they know they can’t stop past members from speaking their minds so they combat this with their own good propaganda, you shouldn’t be fooled by this! Just remember that a few complaints when it pertains to the course material or false income claims is a few to many, stay clear if you have even the slightest doubt, better to be safe than sorry!, cheers Mike.

  3. please help me to make money online,i tried using google adsense but cant,its tough,help i am in a need of money chakit here.

    1. Hi Chakit, making money online isn’t a quick thing you need to work at it so if you need a quick fix please don’t look online that is how you will get scammed. I would love to help you but you will have to put the effort in and not give up. You can try a free membership at Wealthy Affiliate where I will gladly help you, Mike.

    1. Try the free membership Loki there’s no risk at all with that! Wealthy Affiliate is the largest online marketing training platform on the Internet they didn’t get that way by scamming people. You will see very little bad press about WA which is surprising do to the fact that they have well over 400,000 members, could you imagine all the bad comments that would be floating around the Internet with that many members if they were not the real thing! Look me up inside I would be happy to lend you a hand, cheers Mike.

    1. Hi Mohammad just contact Wealthy Affiliate directly and ask for a free membership if you can’t get in through my website, cheers Mike.

  4. Digital Profit course is awesome -it includes digital marketing fundamentals like Facebook Marketing, Twitter Marketing, SEO, SEM and PPC, how these impacts me and my customers, and what to do to create a brand that people will really connect to. Though i do not manage a personal blog, but it does covers basics of blogging, email marketing and other email design issues. It is a well taught, practical course for a newbie like me. Highly recommend!

    1. I will start by saying STAY AWAY FROM DIGITAL PROFIT COURSE! Before you get to excited about the comment left by Aanchal Mishra who I believe to be affiliated with the Digital Cash Course course I will give you my thoughts on validity of Mishra’s comment. I will show you why I believe this comment is a complete hoax. Aanchal Mishra’s comment is very common on the Internet and from an experienced marketers perspective these types of comments are generated to redirect traffic to a scam this is what makes learning how to make money online so difficult for newcomers, this is also why over 90% of people looking to make money online will actually get scammed.
      I will break this comment down for you so you will know what to look for in the future. This commenter states that this course offers all this training and says it is ” awesome” yet they don’t actually have a blog.
      How do they know that the SEO techniques taught actually work without testing them on a blog for ranking effectiveness? they don’t!
      How do they know their training in PPC works when they don’t even have a blog to test it? they won’t!
      How do they know their training on email marketing is effective when they have no blog to gauge it, no blog to capture email addresses? you need traffic to a blog to utilize email marketing, hmmmm!
      How do you know their blogging basics will help you create an actual blog when you haven’t actually built a blog?, you won’t!
      You need a blog to put in place these marketing techniques. In my opinion this is a person who works or is affiliated with the DPC product, really has no clue of how it all works just knows of some Internet marketing terminology.
      Unfortunately these types of comments get put in forums and on social platforms such as facebook and people think that this sounds great but in reality they are scam comments likely placed by the creators of the Digital Profit course.
      DPC is preying upon your lack of knowledge on how Internet Marketing actually works and your eagerness to make a living online.
      I have reviewed over 150 programs to date and there are only a handful that I would say could deliver a realistic opportunity to make money online. The program I used to create my online business many years ago that has a proven track record is definitely one of the programs that I would recommend, check out a review I did of my #1 recommended program, Wealthy Affiliate.

  5. It’s difficult to find experienced people for this topic,but you sound like you know what you’re talking about!Thanks

  6. I paid 4500INR to the same course 2 days back…now I came to know its a scam. I have asked them to refund both through telephone and email.I don’t know if they gonna return or not . :((((

    1. Hi Kumarika, so far I haven’t heard far people getting a timely refund so lets keep our fingers crossed that it will happen for you, let me know how you make out, cheers Mike.

  7. Thank God… Just now I read your article and really you saved my money & time.
    Thanks Mike for this useful information 🙂

  8. Thanks I’m saved.
    I came across one news article in which a woman shared her experience and claim to be earning above 4 lacs INR. I was shocked to see that and it was looking real to me. I read all the comments seemed to be real. There were the links to the digital profit course website and steps on how to register. Few things that were looking fishy and alerted me, thinking this could be a scam. They said to act now and only 2 slots were available. Their web address was also looking fake. Then i started researching and came across few sites including yours. Thank god I saved myself from this scam. I did read their terms and their itself says they are scammers. Digital cash course & digital profit course are same with similar websites & images.
    I salute the effort which u put in researching & creating this article to save peoples from these scams. Thank you!

  9. Looked into this farce, absolutely what you said, I see they have moved on. I will check out your pick for making money, bennie.

    1. Hi Bennie, look forward to seeing you inside WA I will be more than happy to give you a hand when needed, cheers Mike.

    1. Hi Pawan, very little is needed for online marketing that’s the best part of it, all you need is a little training and a website which you are shown how to build in less than 30 minutes and you can start making money online. I just finished writing a post on making money selling Amazon products which is very simple to do. That’s the just the start, there are literally thousands and thousands of products and merchants wanting you to send traffic their way. You don’t buy anything, handle anything, or sell anything all you do is direct people to a seller’s site and collect your commission if a sale is made.
      I got my training for $19 a month to start, that was for everything I needed, training included, from that I made thousands a month in online income. Here’s where I got my start, check it out here, cheers Mike.

  10. Hi Mike!! I would like to know how to get my money back from digital profit course. Its been just 2 days that i have been a member. there is a 30 day money back guarantee. Please guide me on how i can get my money back . :/
    also please let me know the Indian version of wealthy affiliate.

    1. Hi Cyndy, you will have to email them and ask them to credit you with a refund and keep your fingers crossed unfortunately. It has been only two days, many of the courses and programs that I review I purchase the product look it over and then ask for a credit, with a 30 day money back guarantee you could be waiting a while for a credit, some I never get my money back from. 30 day money back guarantee only means you can apply for a refund up to 30 days. Wealthy Affiliate is in English but there are many Indian students so there must be a way they convert to Indian I will have to look into it. Good luck with the refund, cheers Mike.

    2. Just an update Cyndy and anyone else looks like digital cash course is now digital profit course so this isn’t a good sign when they shut down a site and just start another one, doesn’t look good for getting your money back Cyndy sorry to say, let me know how you make out, cheers Mike.

  11. Dear Mike,

    I want to earn money in online. please suggest me if there any opportunity .
    In Digital cash course,many people are giving their experiences and the money they all a fake.
    why they were trapping the people like this.
    please suggest me sir?

    waiting for your reply

    1. Hi Ravi, I make thousands a month online as an affiliate marketer. All I do is direct people to a vendor’s product to make a purchase, if they purchase I make a commission! it’s really that simple, you don’t have to buy products and resell them, you handle nothing but the money you make, the more time you put in the more potential you have to make money. The course I used to learn the skills I use today is called wealthy Affiliate, they are the real thing and you get what you pay for, which is the ability to make money online, they supply everything you need with no up selling you things you don’t need. Here’s a link to their site “Wealthy Affiliate”. As far as why people scam online, because they can, millions of people are looking to make money online and for scammers these people are easy prey, wish you luck Ravi, look me up inside WA I am an active member there, cheers Mike.

  12. HELLO, I just need an online money earning through is it spam are trusted site.can you tell and suggest one for me…

    1. Hi Samrat, you will get nothing out of Digital cash course that will make money for you online. Affiliate marketing is really the only consistent way to make money online and even that isn’t a sure thing. Everyone pitches the fact you can make easy money online with ” their systems” and that just isn’t true, there’s no system I have come across yet that is a real online money maker. If you’re willing to put some effort in affiliate marketing is a true online job that does generate some really nice online income.
      You can learn all you need to know about affiliate marketing at Wealthy Affiliate. good luck Mike.

  13. Hi,
    I got cheated with T Projects ad posting job, I did not get my money back, I want to earn from home. I have gone through your article. very useful. Hi, Please tell me what is Affiliate marketing? how to make money from that? Thank you.

    1. Hi Saraswathy, sorry to hear you lost money trying to make money but unfortunately this is a common occurrence online.

      Affiliate marketing is the most widely used means to make money online. As the Internet keeps growing and more retailers turn their focus online they need people to promote their products and that is where Affiliate Marketers come in. What affiliate marketers do is steer people towards merchant websites and if someone makes a purchase you get a commission! These commission can be quite large, some companies pay up to 75% commissions on products sold. As an affiliate marketer you don’t purchase or handle any products all you do is re-direct people to the place where they can make a purchase, it’s really that simple. If you would like to learn how to become a Affiliate marketer check out a review I did of my #1 recommended program for affiliate marketing training, cheers Mike.

  14. HI MIKE

    1. Hi Jattan, just a word of caution Jattan, there are many online that would take what you just asked and swindle you out of anything that they could, so please use caution going forward.
      I can tell you from my point of view there are zero opportunities to make money online without some training or a website. You will see all these adclick scams that say no experience, no website and free, all you have to do is click on ads but they’re an outright scam, they will get you to pay for something downline. Affiliate marketing is by far your safest bet, it’s a real online job advertising for online companies, it’s real not fake, people are doing it all the time and it’s growing faster than their are affiliates so commissions are on the rise and will continue to rise. Hope that helps if I can help at all don’t hesitate to ask, cheers Mike.

    2. is there any online business which helps to earn money atleast rs 2000 per day safe and legitmate way even if it involves small investment

    3. Hi Sanju, you can build an online business as an affiliate marketer very inexpensively, this is what I do for a living. I make a pretty good living online and my online business plus any training I need costs me about $50 us dollars a month, when you look at what my business makes it breaks down to about 15 minutes a month for me to pay that off, here’s where you can start an affiliate marketing business like the one I run, click here good luck mike

  15. Hey mike,
    i am a student and i want to earn enough for my own expenses. can you recommend me some online earning websites?

    1. Hi Anushka, I would look at wealthy affiliate but really there’s not a lot of legitimate outfits out there that you can make a quick buck from, most will just suck you in and take your money. All these email and Facebook link posting things are scams. MLM you have to put out money and try and suck people into joining so I wouldn’t go that route either.
      To be honest it takes a few months to generate income online, you need traffic to a site and then you can sell stuff on that site, no traffic no sales. Give wealthy Affiliate a look to see if they have their free offer available I would jump on it, that’s your best chance, cheers Mike.

  16. Mike, I don’t know anything about online earning.Pls help me find a good online job that brings me a little money.

    1. Hi Mridul, The best online job is by far Affiliate Marketing. Don’t let the name scare you, I started with very little computer experience and I now make a great living online. Affiliate marketing is when you direct people to a website to purchase a product, it’s really that simple, you don’t buy product, sell product, or handle product, all you do is tell people where to find it, have a look at Wealthy Affiliate they taught me how to do this for a living.

  17. Hi Guys,

    In need the customer care number, as i want to be part of digital cash course and need complete details on this. Please provide me the CC number. Thanks in advance.

    1. Well I don’t know if you read the article Vikash but I don’t think you want to get hooked up with these guy’s I am surely not going to steer you in that direction. I am here to help you make money, not lose it for you! Sorry Mike.

  18. is digital cash course is real one or a scam , please feel free to share if any one of you have came through with a bad experience .

    thanks regards

    1. Hi Dushyant, yes Wealthy Affiliate is available to people from India, I personally know quite a few inside WA. Have a great day, Mike.

    1. Hi Carl, yeh! Digital Cash Course sends out more spam than I have seen in a long time, quite frustrating that they think this type of tactic works, just pisses me off, cheers Mike.

  19. I went through the signup process with Digital Cash Course and now I live to regret it, they hound me with emails constantly, a heads up to all that even consider this program.

    1. Hi Zoe,

      I applied for this course a couple of days ago and I am wanting to get out of it now. They had mentioned about 100 % refund on cancellation. I would like to know whether you had opted out of it and got the refund? Thnx, Mudit

  20. I am in my 60’s elderly lady and I have been harassed by endless emails by these people, how do I stop it? My first real experience at this what a mistake. Thank you if you can help me.

    1. Hi Milly, yes I can help! there should be a place where you can unsubscribe in these emails, have a look and if you can’t just email through this site and I will look into it for you, don’t worry all will be fine, cheers Mike.

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