Dreamlife Rewards – Is It All Just A Dream?

Dreamlife Rewards – Is It All Just A Dream?

Dreamlife Rewards Review:

I am going to break down a relatively new program that is starting to spread it’s wings a little bit. Before you get too caught up in Bill Ebert’s latest offer you should consider reading this Dreamlife Rewards review from a member. Enjoy the read hopefully by the end you will have a clearer picture on whether you want to be part of Bill’s program.

A Little About Bill Ebert

Not digging too hard into Bill’s background you will see that Bill was the owner of a program called Unlimited Profits which essentially funneled you through to a MLM called Ganoderma. a business that sold coffee, body management and personal care products, just to name a few. Ebert has written a couple of books his latest being “Dream Your Life Amazing” which is I feel falls into the self help category. Dream Your Life Amazing is the go to product Bill’s latest endeavour,  Dreamlife rewards.

Bill was also involved in a program called the “Five Dollar Funnel” which I reviewed not long ago, this program now redirects you to his latest offer Dreamlife Rewards. This raises a question that I don’t have the answer to, what happened to the Five Dollar Funnel? At the time the Five Dollar Funnel was pitched as “revolutionary”, well I guess it revolted itself right out of business!

tom-cellieBill had a partner in the Five Dollar Funnel called Tom Cellie who was reported to have connections to what some say was close to a billion dollar ponzi scheme called Bidify. I had thought with the demise of the Five Dollar Funnel that these two entrepreneurs had parted ways until I clicked on a Five Dollar Funnel link and got an automated message with Tom’s name attached,  this inevitably took me to the Dreamlife Rewards offer. To the right you will see a partial screenshot of the automated email I got when I clicked on the Five Dollar Funnel icon…

If Tom isn’t involved I am not sure why they are still using his autoresponder messaging, maybe Tom is just an affiliate, who knows but my eyebrows raised a bit when I saw this. As you can see it is kind of sketchy that the Five Dollar Funnel is still mentioned here in this email and no reference whatsoever is made to the actual offer, Dreamlife Rewards, you won’t find this out until you click the link provided in the message which directs you to a Dreamlife Rewards Capture page.

Knowing who or what you are potentially building a business around is very important, you put all your time and money into a venture you need to know if that person/business is going to be there for the long haul. My little spiel on Bill doesn’t really answer that question,  unfortunately it just raises more. Is bill in Dreamlife Rewards for the long haul? Only time will answer that question!

What Is The Dreamlife Rewards program?

Dreamlife Rewards falls into the MLM category (multi level marketing) which has a product/products and a recruitment based commission matrix structure. As a recruiting member you will benefit as you recruit new members that buy into various levels of membership, this is characteristic of an MLM opportunity. The Dreamlife platform has three membership levels but I feel the real emphasis throughout the program is on achieving the ambassador level, which in a nutshell is a team leader, life coach of sorts. This by no means is a cheap journey, your monthly membership fees at $99/ month could really dig into your bank account.

Who Is The Dreamlife Rewards Target Audience? 

The audience that the Dreamlife rewards program will appeal to are those who are looking for some sort of personal discovery or development, you need the tools to motivate you this is what Bill and his gang have put together. Do you need to be motivated to succeed in business well the program says it can help! I personally feel if you need to be motivated to start an online business for example you are probably the last person who should be looking at starting a business. People who start and thrive in business aren’t the ones that need to be motivated, they are the motivators.

How Do You Join Dreamlife Rewards?

dreams-inviteWell if you do the obvious and go to Dreamlife Rewards.com you would think it would be as simple as clicking a link and seeing what they have to offer and join, nope, not that easy at all, bit of  a head scratcher for me, how’s the program going to grow if you can’t even go to the home site and join? Aahhh! one of those deals like Neurs, you have to be invited. Well that type of deal didn’t go over to well for Neurs, Neurs was pitched as an “entrepreneurial gathering place” that tried the invite only thing which ended up biting them in the you know what, didn’t work!  Hopefully it works a little better for Dreamlife Rewards. This screenshot shows what you will find when you go to the Dreamlife rewards .com website.

Finally In

Once you get past the frustration of feeling like “Alice in wonderland” looking for the magic portal, you are introduced to a quick video presentation by Bill,  just enough info to peek your interest, but before the secret of the Dreamlife Rewards program is revealed you are asked to buy into one of three membership plans, it’s all one big secret up to this point, you’re not quite sure exactly what you are buying into, at least I wasn’t.  I was feeling pretty frustrated by this point but still wanted to know what this thing was all about.

So I joined To See What Was Next!

I will be honest,  I joined under the $5 a month beginner membership until I could be sure that there was value in upgrading to either the planner $25 month membership or ultimately the ambassador $99 month membership.

Well if the $5 monthly membership is any indication my personal feeling would be,  save your money!

What Do You Get For A $5 Month Membership In Dreamlife Rewards? 

I can characterize the Dreamlife Rewards $5 membership as anticlimactic with very little on the substance end of things. You get to watch a 3 part video series where Bill tries to change the way you look at things, and how you approach life in general. Bill explains in this video series how you can utilize his Dream Planner which is included in the planner and ambassador memberships.  What I saw of the Dream planner it really just looked like a day planner/ to do list all wrapped into one, definitely didn’t have me standing in line for the next level of membership!

In addition to the 3 part video series I got a 180 page downloadable version of Bill’s “Dream Your Life Amazing”, still not standing in line for the next membership level

Next I had access to the Dreamlife rewards marketing, a few capture pages that you could use to reach the internet market, very nice looking pages I might add but one small problem, How do you use them? I know the answer to that question but does the average non marketer? Well the answer would be no and from what I could see there is “zero” training at the beginner level on how to use those capture pages effectively.

I did see a brief video where bill talks about starting up a fan page to promote Dreamlife Rewards which isn’t a bad idea, not optimal but not bad. Bill goes on to say that you can hire someone to add to these fan pages for you, that was one common theme I did see, that was a lot of hiring and paying out to promote your Dreamlife Rewards Offer.

 Dreamlife Rewards Program In A Nutshell

I could go on and on about this offer but like the program it would be mostly filler in my opinion. The whole program is geared with the goal of getting as many people signed up under the ambassador membership as possible, right down to the compensation plan pictured below…


What you see above is the compensation plan offered by the dreamlife Rewards program. These numbers are based on the full potential of filling up your 8x matrix under the various membership options. There’s not a lot of difference on membership perks until you get to the ambassador level  which is $99 a month, pretty hefty membership fee considering it is a monthly recurring deal. Looking at the membership fee structure sure looks like the “Five Dollar Funnel” membership Structure!

Dreamlife Summary

I have to say I respect and applaude the whole concept that Dreamlife Rewards program embodies. Empowering people to achieve their dreams and deal with organizing daily tasks, absolutely no harm in that at all, but Bill doesn’t make this a cheap experience, that’s the problem I have with his program. The first two membership options are in my opinion just appetizers for the main course and that main course comes with a hefty price tag.

Dreamslife Rewards Program in my opinion only really has two salable physical products, Bill’s “Dream Your Amazing Life” and his Dream Planner. When you go to the Dreamlife Rewards and click on products, all you will find are the two products I mentioned above in various formats, either paperback, coffee table, ebook,  ranging from 6 months to a years worth of dream planners. This is what you are basing your business model on if your objective is to sell the dreamlife rewards offer to the public, not sure this is going to fly, actually I know it won’t!

Say you go all the way and become an ambassador which means ultimately you want to be a life coach, humour me, set up a twitter account and punch in life coach as an interest, you will be blown away by how many “wannabe life coaches” there are looking for people to coach, this is your competition.

Picking one of the most competitive niches online in the form of self help books and life coaching isn’t my opinion something I would advise getting into if you goal is to make some money online and in the process transform your life, there are definitely easier ways to accomplish your goal if you’re already motivated.



22 Replies to “Dreamlife Rewards – Is It All Just A Dream?”

  1. Ah sounds like another MLM system backed up by yet another pointlessly confusing matrix – some people are a gluten for punishment!
    Have no idea how these opportunities manage to attract members – I suppose thier sales pages and funnels are quite impressive. Are you still a member there or did you quit?

    1. No Chris I am not a member anymore, I don’t see the value in this program. I am not a fan of their product or see value in the service they offer, thanks for taking the time to leave your thoughts.

  2. Hi,

    i don’t think I’ll be signing up for Dream life rewards anytime soon. I was looking into this program but once i read your review I figured it was another crappy program that won’t get me anywhere. Man I am sick of this crap.

    I just can’t get on board with any program that’s main purpose is for me to convince other people to sign up to the exact same program. That’s not a product at all.

    I’m going to check out the link you gave me for your recommendation on making money online. You seem like an honest person and I’ll see what you have to offer.


  3. I had not heard of Dreamlife but I have heard of Unlimited Profits in the past so very interesting that the same person is involved in both.

    This definitely sounds like the classic MLM – no real products to sell but you make money the more people you recruit. Each of these MLM companies pretend they are not one by touting their amazing product which in this case just sounds like a simple book. There are too many charlatans in the MLM and life coaching business. After all anyone can say they are a life coach and just spout inspirational quotes – basically instagram does the same thing but for no money

    1. Hi Evie, yes you don’t need any credentials to call yourself a life coach that’s for sure, thanks for stopping by, Mike.

  4. This is the first I’ve heard of DreamLife Rewards, but I really don’t like MLMs. I’m convinced MLMs are just Ponzi schemes dressed up to look respectable.

    I know people will challenge me on this, but research and personal experience taught me that MLMs are more scam than substance.

    It’s interesting that Bill Ebert has a history of creating revolutionary money machines and then moves onto yet another project. That does not instill confidence.

    Finally, the self-improvement niche is so abstract you can spend money all day long on DreamLife Rewards and never know if you got what you paid for. That’s great for Mr. Ebert but not so good for anyone else.

    Having said all that, I want you to know your free training is the best I’ve found anywhere.

    1. Hi Gary thank you for taking the time to leave my readers your thoughts. I am glad that the free internet marketing course offered on my site showed some value, have a great day Mike.

  5. Hey, Mike

    First of all, congratulations on that thorough review on DreamLife Rewards. You have made it clear enough that it really is not worth neither your time nor your money.

    People who are looking to earn fast money are the first that fall, victims and are scammed. You need to work hard in order to achieve greatness.

    MLM companies will not help you out. Keep up the great work.

    Best of luck and success!

  6. Hey Mike, this is a very well put together review of dreamlife. As you have noted, it really is offering a dream that will not get most people where they want to be. In my opinion, it is fear that drags people into such MLM “opportunities”. Why should anyone go into something if you do not already have a desire to succeed? As you rightly said, most people will be disappointed with the results they get from this so-called dream life.

    1. Hi Jerry, yes I agree, if you need someone to motivate you starting your own business isn’t in my opinion something you should be tackling, thanks for your comment and have a great day Mike.

  7. Hi! I would like to say it, if you’ve not ever fallen into the traps of MLM they are hard to see but they are obvious to an experienced Internet Marketer. Thank you for your thorough review of the Dreamlife rewards offer, saved me alot of time and potentially alot of money, andrejs.

  8. Mike,

    Thank you for this throughout review on DreamLife. I found it a pity that the owners have such great ideas as to empower organisation and following their dreams would resort to the sales funnel and the MLM models.

    I’ve heard a lot of good things about the sales funnel but never intent to use it. Because all of those “good things” comes back to the seller, not the buyer. And I can’t help but feel frauded when they start promoting more advanced classes etc.

    Thanks for sharing!



    1. Hi Anh, I am glad you found my Dreamlife rewards review helpful and appreciate you taking the time to leave a comment for others, cheers Mike.

  9. Those prices are crazy for what you’re getting in my opinion! People can’t afford to pay that kind of money if they aren’t’ really going to be making money off the opportunity in return, don’t you think?

    It seems like this guy Bill really just cares about putting some money into his own pocket. I can see that he’s pitching all sorts of self-help products but how does it help people to have to pay those kinds of prices? I mean you’d think if he really wanted to help people – he would charge lower for what he’s offering. Don’t you?

    1. Well that’s definitely one way at looking at it Martina, thanks for your views and have a great day Mike.

  10. I’d have to agree with you. Seems a bit odd to join a monthly program just for some self help books and planners. Dreamlife Rewards just seems kind of skethcy to me. Just a way for Bill Ebert to collect money and try to make some money off of his book. Seems a strange way to go about it.

    1. Yes I can see where you’re coming from but I don’t fault Bill he’s just an internet marketer at heart, have a great day and thanks for leaving your thoughts, Mike.

  11. Sigh, another MLM again. Thanks for pointing another potential pitfall.

    I really don’t get why these people are out to make life more difficult for the people whose life are already difficult to the point that they have to turn to online for an additional source of income.

    I think it’s really too much to pay, even if the content is good. One might as well pick a self-help book off the shelves. It’s a one time fee, you get to keep the book as your own and meddle with it whenever you want, and you don’t have to worry about sharing the information.

    1. Yes Rachel Dreamlife rewards has a few pitfalls and there are lots of self help guides out there for much less if that is your need, have a great day Mike.

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