Elite Marketing Pro- An Honest Review

Elite Marketing Pro- An Honest Review

I am doing a quick review of an Internet Marketing training program called “Elite Marketing Pro”. This is an Elite Marketing Pro review with a twist from a someone who actually signed up. I am Not going to push elite Marketing pro on you, wow that’s a novel idea Mike. Take the info I provide here and you make your own decision whether to participate or not, enjoy the read, cheers Mike.

In this review I will touch on topics such as….

  • What Is Elite Marketing Pro
  • What kind of Tools and services do you get with an Elite Marketing Pro membership?
  • Who will benefit from an Elite Marketing Pro membership?
  • What does Elite Marketing Pro cost?

I mentioned just a few of many topics that I will touch on in this review. I know that this Elite Marketing pro review will help you get the information you need to make an informed decision.

General Over View Of Elite Marketing Pro

Elite Marketing Pro offers 3 different membership levels

membership $47 (  $27 with a bonus) – This standard option gives basic access and training, definitely has it’s limitations, here’s what you have access to with this membership option

  • 177 page ebook on attraction marketing
  • How to attract and recruit people into your Network Marketing business without picking up the phone.
  • How to use the internet to put an end to rejection and frustration, and sponsor people with ease.
  • How to use email to automatically grow my prospect list, build relationships, and fatten your bank account… all in one fell swoop.
  • The BEST way to filter out tire kickers and lookie-loo’s and get serious people to look at and join your business.
  • How to add brand new streams of income to my existing Network Marketing business… even from people who don’t join you.

To be honest what you will find with a standard membership option is pretty frustrating for the user.  You are shown all the products that are available in EMP, most of which you can’t access under a standard EMP membership. You will also find that you are constantly pitched higher priced packages, its like a pop up nightmare you experience over and over. I personally felt the private coaching calls that you were asked to sign up for were more like sales calls than a training call!

You get very little under the “standard membership” other than the 177 page guide on the basics of attracting customers to your offer and EMP. Can’t give you any pictures of the training because they state you will get a call from a lawyer if you share the content lol.

  Annual membership $297-This membership offer gives you a lot more access. The annual membership will give you access to all the insider membership level training and tools available under this level.

  • Truth about Facebook advertising
  • How to use Facebook groups to recruit
  • How to republish content from EMP
  • Consultation mastery
  • Turning Facebook traffic into profits
  • Automated sales blue print
  • Perfect content marketing strategy
  • Power prospecting
  • How to create a social media plan
  • Personal website hosted with EMP
  • Lead generation builder

There’s quite a bit more to this annual membership, you can go in and look if you want under the $27 Attraction Marketing offer. Have a good look around, but keep in mind, you will face multiple up sells. Don’t bite, take your time, if you want,  come back and ask me my opinion on the packages and how they may help you or milk you, I am here to answer any questions!

Note – You will be asked to join a free 10 day bootcamp to get that $27 price for the Attraction marketing course/guide. The 10 day bootcamp I felt was a waste of time. Once again it seems more like an up selling opportunity for EMP,  but each to their own.

VIP Membership $2997 and $97 a month-This is the membership that offers the most training and in my opinion probably the most meat of all the memberships. Here’s some of  what you find inside this offer….

  • Attraction marketing formula
  • Ultimate sales funnel
  • Copywriters guild
  • Blog Academy access
  • Information blueprint
  • 90 minute profit machine
  • Video sales letter workshop
  • Branded traffic formula
  • Email profit machine
  • Authority Blog checklist
  • Ultimate List building system
  • Ultimate sales conversion system
  • Lead Thief
  • Youtube Traffic blueprint
  • Youtube Traffic Code
  • Social Media Traffic Machine
  • 10-minute Traffic Machine
  • Elite Marketing Pro Insider
  • Whats Working Now Vault

As you can see there is quite a bit of training. This package also gives you a great opportunity to make some nice commissions.

I will be straight up with you, I am an affiliate marketer, that’s why I joined Elite Marketing Pro, not so much for the training, but to make some commissions from EMP, might as well give your money to me lol. There’s a lot to this top tier package but in  my opinion it offers a lot of filler and training I feel you don’t need to drive traffic to a product or generate income online. The platform I use costs me roughly a dollar a day to run my online business that generates thousands in income, not a bad investment wouldn’t you say. With the business building platform I belong to up sells are a strictly prohibited and everything you need to generate traffic and income are supplied, no extras are needed! There are only two levels FREE and PREMIUM which is that $1 a day thing I mentioned earlier.

In all seriousness, if you are joining EMP to get the tools and experience to promote your own product, in my opinion there are less expensive offers out there. One thing you also need to consider is your time. There is a lot of filler in the training, hoops and levels to jump through. Do you have that type of time? Something you really need to consider.

If you are joining with the thought of buying the different memberships so you can make some good commissions like me, then I feel it might be a good idea to you get some  affiliate marketing training first, it will save you a lot of time any money.

Would I Use EMP Training?

Elite Marketing Pro has some decent training and to perfectly honest I have used some of the techniques it offers in it’s training. I have much of the training that EMP offers already under my belt from other less expensive training platforms. I did find quite a few good tidbits in the social marketing segments of the training.

Marketing online, whether it is on Facebook, twitter or Google changes like the wind. Social platforms are under pressure from governments and are constantly changing their rules for advertising or promoting offers on their platform. It’s best to get the basic training and then pick up current specialized training as the rules for promoting change. If you belong to a platform like I do, you will be aware of these changes and where to get the appropriate training. If you think you will get the most current training through a platform that has core training modules you are mistaken.

I was lucky, I got my start with some low cost basic training and slowly over time sourced out current free training in areas that were evolving quickly like social media promotions.  I found this to be the most cost effective and efficient way to learn how to drive traffic to products.

What you need to be careful of is putting all your eggs in one basket. If you focus strictly on Facebook strategies you may end up with nothing in the end. Facebook is facing a lot of heat lately from American law makers and I have talked to quite a few people who are saying its really easy to get your account suspended these days by making a few missteps promoting products on Facebook using outdated techniques, something to keep in the back of your head.

I have affiliate marketing training, which in my opinion is better overall, you touch on all the components of attraction marketing, plus you concentrate a lot on content marketing which has a long shelf life as far as traffic generation goes. You drive more and more traffic to your offer as your affiliate marketing training progresses and your experience grows. Every day you are putting more techniques into your tool box, so to speak. Affiliate marketing training allows you to earn as you learn and is less of the face to face promotion you find with attraction marketing techniques. Personally the thought of doing live Facebook groups and putting on a show for friends and acquaintances just isn’t worth the humiliation it brings. Oh god, what’s she or he pushing today, do they need money that bad? I like promoting to the world, not relying on convincing friends to spread the word.

You could get into affiliate marketing for example and promote any product very quickly. EMP or any network marketing product, really any product you want to promote can be effectively promoted using affiliate marketing techniques. There are high quality platforms that cost as little as $29 a month and are absolutely free to look around before you grab for your wallet. You get everything you need to start promoting and “no up sells”. You can have a website up and traffic rolling to your offer in a few months if you work at it.

Do the math on the top level EMP package that will cost you close to $3,000 plus $97 a month to join. Take that $3,000 for the top EMP membership and divide that number by $300, which is the cost for your average affiliate marketing business building platform  per year on average. You could get 10 years of building a lucrative affiliate marketing business or use your training to drive traffic to your own product or business, you only need a one year membership to build traffic that you can send to an existing business or one you affiliate yourself with to earn commissions. It’s really a no brainer when you look at it that way!

Where Does Elite Marketing Pro Rank for Value 

The price point for the Elite Marketing Pro VIP membership that offers the real meat and opportunity in this program in my opinion is very high. The notion that you need to pay high monthly fees as well as an up front fee seems quite extreme to me. Like I mentioned earlier, I pay roughly a $1 a day to make thousands a month in affiliate commissions, heck I might make a commission off you buying into Elite Marketing Pro today!

Anyone can do affiliate marketing, all you do is direct traffic to merchants products like EMP using a website. If you are into network marketing or have your own product, direct that traffic to your offer.

Affiliate marketing, Attraction Marketing, potato, potatoe, tomatoe, tomato, both the same where I come from.

Are you blessed with an abundance of time?

I don’t know about you, but I don’t have extra time to piss away. I made the mistake of doing the old ruler test to see where I was at in longevity, it’s an understatement today it really freaked me lol.

There is a ton of info and hoops you need to jump through inside Elite Marketing Pro, this takes a lot of time and possibly money on your part. Don’t take my word for it, have a look!

As a product promoter I could easily make EMP sound really good and take my money and run, but I do have a little guy on one shoulder with wings and another on the other shoulder with a pitch fork, as I get older the guy with wings usually gets my ear. So, here’s your choice, buy into EMP if you want through me or check out less expensive options here!

A Little More About Affiliate marketing?

There are hundreds of thousands of online merchants desperate for affiliates (people like me and maybe you, to promote their products). These online merchants are willing to pay great commissions for your services, You shouldn’t be paying for the right to promote products, the fact is people are scrambling to pay you! Yes, I did pay in this case, people are searching for Elite Marketing Pro and I saw an opportunity as an affiliate marketer to make some money if people want to buy after they have all the info.

As an affiliate marketer I could promote any MLM/Network marketing offer with success. I promote products because I can make more money, plain and simple! I would go through the same process to market my own product if I were in a network marketing opportunity.

All you need is a website and the knowledge on how to drive traffic to your product using a website. Throw in the tools which I might add are very minimal. I use a handful of tools to make some good income online, and most of the tools I use you can find free online.

My Advice To You

Elite Marketing Pro is a credible program that has stood the test of time so I do need to give it credit where credit is due.


It makes no sense to me to pay $47 and get access to very little of value. It really blows my mind that people would pay upwards of $3000 and $97 a month to get traffic or make an online income.

Have any questions or comments leave them below, look forward to chatting, good luck Mike.

Elite Marketing Pro

$47-$3,000 and up







value factor


income potential



  • Current training techniques for social media
  • established business model
  • Offers some income potential
  • Good flow to the training
  • Offers a content marketing component


  • Too many up sells
  • Too many upgrades are pitched as needed to maximize results
  • High pressure sales tactics
  • support is through a facebook group
  • Lots of tools and services that really aren't needed to generate an income or traffic online

112 Replies to “Elite Marketing Pro- An Honest Review”

  1. Greetings from Connecticut!

    Can WA “free membership” be utilized only using a smartphone device and approximately how long does it take to complete about?

    1. Hi Heidi from Connecticut, WA is smart phone ready and yes technically you could do WA with just a smart phone. To be honest I feel it would be difficult. I speaking from my standpoint, I am terrible at using my I phone to write any content or even answer questions for that matter. With WA you need to create content that speaks to your offer or product, you then share this content on social platforms as well as search engines such as Google, that’s how you get most of your targeted traffic. The training teaches you how to get the highest exposure possible by leveraging this content.
      For example, I recently started working with a guy who has a line of cooking products and wants to promote these online using Michelin rated chefs input, pretty cool concept. The nice thing is he has a connection with these various chefs. To do this he is creating helpful cooking info with using their tips and sharing this through posts and social media. WA teaches you how to produce the content, how to build a site or sites which they supply. WA teaches you how to source free services and tools in addition to what they offer.
      There are millions of members in WA and all have the same goal, find success online. I find the community is great and very helpful. To make it all work, WA also offers incentives for people to help fellow members, so you get answers immediately, works quite well.
      WA has 2 membership levels and no up selling, free and premium. When you have a membership you won’t need anything else, except a domain name which is about $14 a year. A “Free” membership gets you a 10 unit course on promoting any product online including a MLM offer or any affiliate offer, essentially the training is the same for ay product or biz op you want to promote.
      The free course is a paint by numbers type of set up where you work through the course building your online business and traffic as you go, so the time frame varies. Most typical is around 4 months to start seeing significant traffic and income. Promoting online is like any business where you need to grow your business as time goes on. Your business gets more popular and your traffic grows, this takes work.
      There is no program online that will do it for you, no tools that will do it for you, no automated system, anyone who tells you there is, hold onto your wallet!
      WA does have a premium membership that costs $29 a month if you sign up for a year. This membership offers everything you need and a few extras that help you get to where you need to be a little faster. If you feel you might want another service or tool that WA doesn’t offer, WA will show you how to find it somewhere for free, they believe in keeping costs low and hang their hat on all you need is a membership. I use free tools all the time sourced through WA’s membership. I created all the graphics on this site using Canva’s free membership and Logojoy for any logo’s I create. Everything on this site was free for me to create as well as any info graphics I use on my social accounts. You can find free email campaign providers such as Mail chimp, really the list goes on and on.
      I suggest to anyone, get a free membership and see what it is all about. Ask lots of questions, poke your head in every corner and read some of the members experiences. If you don’t think it will help you achieve your dream of achieving financial independence, then simply walk away. No credit info is required with a free membership. I am a big fan of WA’s platform, I have looked at many platforms and none even come close for keeping costs low and the training and tools that are offered. I like their transparency and I feel they are authentic. They deliver results and don’t push costly products and services on you that you don’t need.
      Here’s a free membership link, FREE HERE! Hope that answered your questions and if you have anymore Heidi don’t hesitate to ask away. Have a good one Heidi, cheers Mike.

  2. Hi Mike. Thank you for your review.

    Just a quick question in relation to WA. I am a consultant for a MLM company and love their products and building a team. I have been supplied a website already that doesn’t allow me to change the content as it is a platform mainly for people to order products.

    As there is 2 sides to the business being direct sales for people interested in the products and building a team which entails finding people who understand the power of building a team and time leveraging (which is where the magic is) how do I go abut finding those people who are interested in the products I sell or who are already interested in MLM or at the very least interested in creating an extra income stream?

    Will WA assist me with this? Do I need to create another website or FB page that attracts ‘those’ people who I can then either redirect to my website or contact?

    To say the last, this area is a mine field and the tech side leaves me totally bamboozled!

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Hi Mariska, your situation is very typical of most MLM offers. Most say that you are provided with a website which is a little misleading, it’s a website in the basic form, very limited capabilities and is used more so for a sales page where your customers can go to place an order. This site has zero ranking power and will never get seen by the internet public. What you need is a site that is combined with a social media component. How this works is you build a website and create content that will rank high and get seen by the masses online and also target people who may be interested in your business opportunity. Lets face it, 99% of all people that enter MLM’s fail but it doesn’t need to be this way, people need to understand which it sounds like you do, that your bread is buttered by people wanting to build a business not people looking to buy the product. Recruitment for your down line is what makes that 1% successful, these people have it figured out. The MLM participants that are good at recruiting make the money. people who try and just sell the product eventually run out of family and friends and then their business dies.
      I work with a lot of MLM participants, more so now than ever and what I teach them to do is focus on creating content that focuses on promoting their offer as a business opportunity that is supported by great products and opportunity to make money. Once these people get going they train their downline to do the same and from their they build a crazy online income.
      I use Wealthy Affiliates platform to help people. Its their training and my knowledge. WA has all the tools and offer unlimited websites and the training to get your posts on your business opportunity inferno of as many online eyes as possible. You then share each post you create with a simple click of a button to Facebook pages, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram. You don’t need to spend countless hours on social media simply click and share and anyone who visits your site will do the same. I also encourage people to post on forums such as Reddit, Stumbleupon and Quora just to name a few.
      When you start working online you really need to make your time count, you can end up just spinning your wheels that’s why I like WA’s training they have a step by step process, it’s really inexpensive at $359 for the whole year, cheaper if you can hit their Black Friday sale, I think it drops to $259 for the whole year. The nice thing about this is, you don’t need anything else except to register a domain which costs roughly $14 a year, everything you need to promote your business with success is included, they have a zero up sell policy so you won’t get pushed anything on top of your yearly. Really who can’t afford $259 that could produce unlimited income potential.
      The nice thing about Wealthy Affiliate is they offer an absolutely free membership where you can test it out and if it doesn’t look like your thing just leave, they don’t take any credit info so you don’t have a trial period that you have to worry about cancelling. Anyone interested can click on the “free membership link here” and see for yourself, have a good one Mike.
      Here’s a link fro a free membership here! You can look me up inside and I will be more than happy to help.

  3. Oh boy, I just purchased the $47 and feel so taken now. I just emailed to see if I can cancel and get my money back. Thank you for this review and lessen learned for me! I sell DIY home Decor products and the company prohibits me from doing any discounts outside of my VIP group. All is have read and all the other companies like Elite Marketing just talk about their affiliate links and can’t seem to help me on my issues. Very Frustrating – thanks again for this review

    1. Hi Cristy, yes that is one of the downfalls or negative aspects of an Elite Marketing Pro membership. You will find you go in with the intention of learning how to promote your own offer but get persuaded to promote Elite Marketing Pro. Most will fall into this trap because their monthly membership is piling up with no results or if you are really going out on a limb you bite on more expensive packages inside EMP.
      Something you might want to look at is to get a little free training at Wealthy Affiliate so you get the concept of driving traffic to a product and then maybe look at using a product like Lead Pages.
      With Lead Pages you can build landing pages that really make your offer or company look great and because of the working relationship that Lead Pages has with Facebook you can integrate Facebook advertising with your newly created landing pages. Lead Pages training isn’t that good that’s why I suggest getting some free training from WA which you can have access to by clicking on this free membership link here!
      If you need any help with using Lead Pages or while you are on a free membership at WA just flip me any questions or issues you may have and I can walk you through them, free of course! Have a great day Mike.

  4. Hi Mike, I’m in the insurance industry and have a website, Facebook, Instagram accounts but no traffic.. as least not the traffic that’s interested in life insurance. Would you be able to assist with that type of product? I signed up for the free membership, already. Thank you in advance.

    1. Hi Gabriela, You are experiencing what many are that have a biz op that they want to promote but unfortunately many are led to believe that just opening up social accounts will deliver lots of traffic, sorry to say social media alone won’t be sufficient.
      When I market a product to the public I make sure I use a balanced approach with first producing some relevant content which anyone can do using templates that show you how to produce informative content that gets tons of traffic and ranks high in search engines such as Google. Once you have your content you share it on your social accounts and in related forums, it’s really quite simple. This approach can get you thousands of targeted visitors a month to your offer. The best thing about marketing a biz op or product this way is, it’s pretty well free, other than a little hosting fee which is quite low. There aren’t any extra costs that will blind side you.
      For example with a product like life insurance, which is a pretty personal purchase, you may want to create a little content that speaks to topics like ” protect your family – with pennies”, “Free life insurance assessment – get yours here”, “Why life insurance is so important”, Characteristics of the perfect life insurance policy”. I would also produce content with titles that have your insurance providers name in the titles so when people are searching for info on your company you come up on the same page as the company when people do their search. For example I would create a simple post that will rank high, this I can help you with if you like.
      This is how I would approach it, I would create a simple post with a tile like this “name of company – My first hand experience with (name of company). Create a simple post on how you like the companies support, price, how large they are, how long in the industry.
      You could also create a little content that speaks to your biz op as a biz op for others wanting to make some extra income.
      Topics like this if done right can achieve first page rankings, really targeting the traffic that are searching for the best life insurance.
      Creating posts are super simple, the program I use offers SEO friendly templates that all you need to do is fill in the blanks with relevant info and your are styling.
      In my opinion this is the most cost efficient, least expensive way to promote any offer online. You don’t need expensive tools or incur advertising costs that many outfits are pitching these days.
      You can contact me through this site in person “contact me Page”, or look me up inside WA. I am a member at WA and can help you produce content, a simple website and landing pages that will drive traffic to your offer. Anyone wanting to check out what I am talking about can grab a free membership here!

  5. Interesting review. Makes sense to me. I just started with Amway and my biggest issue is how they are pushing me to promote by consumption and sharing testimonies. I am fairly broke (LOL) so I can’t afford to buy a lot of products to share. I need to make sales first, build up a customer base, and then reinvest the profits to buy samples or whatever else. Is that too much to ask? They don’t have any training support for selling and getting customers in the traditional sense. I wonder if this online stuff could help me…

    1. Hey Jimmy nice to meet you, Elite Marketing Pro is a solid program that offers some good training but your going to pay a high price for it! From my experience working with literally hundreds of newcomers to online marketing it is imperative that you keep your costs down when you are first starting out, actually I believe you should keep your costs down period. I have been affiliate marketing for quite a few years now and I don’t use expensive services or tools to run a successful online business.
      You don’t need much to do the online thing, people are making a lot of money selling online marketing products and services that to be honest simply aren’t needed.
      The problem with many MLM offers like Amway for example is they don’t invest in training for their members, it really is just too expensive to offer for them, so they fill their incentives with stuff that won’t help you promote their products and help you actually succeed. The stats for success in the MLM industry are less the 1% range, that’s a pretty dismal number. You would never know it by the promotional garbage that outfits throw out there.
      You don’t need to go out and break the bank to get into that 1%, but you do need to be online with your product or resign yourself to the home shows, trade fairs and door to door stuff, even at that I am positive that you wouldn’t find a decent amount of success.
      The people who are successful are the ones that are good at recruiting, it’s not about selling the product, it’s about selling the Amway business concept. You need to recruit people that want to be independent Amway distributors, you need to convince people to sign up under you and have them recruit people to build their business, it’s really that simple. The people who are successful have huge down lines that keep the machine rolling, you won’t find a successful person in MLM without a huge downline, that’s a fact!
      So what do you need?
      You need to learn how to market Amway online using a website complimented with a social media campaign using media outlets such as Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter and such. You can do all of this with a website which is quite easy to build using step by step training and utilizing a free plugin that posts your content to social media accounts you have opened. Once you get traffic coming in you can also incorporate an email campaign and I think you will be blown away by the traffic and results you get from an approach like this.
      All in, something like this will cost you roughly $50 a month, but to start you can do a lot of what I mentioned using free resources keeping your costs as low as you can so that the financial pressure doesn’t get to you before you have had the time to generate good traffic to your offer.
      I guess what I am saying is, yes, the online stuff in my opinion is the only way to go, hope that helps Jimmy. Here is a link to a free resource/training that you can actually use towards promoting any product online not just Amway, click here Jimmy! Have a good one Jimmy, if you need any free help don’t hesitate to stop by and ask me any questions you may have, cheers Mike.

  6. Mike I am interested in chatting to you as perhaps you can help me with my skincare company as you did with the lady in the comments. I am one whom started with emp but the price tag far out weighed the paychecks…

    1. Hi Amanda, yes I can absolutely help you promote your Skincare company and my help is free! Just contact me through this sites “contact me” page and we can get start promoting your skincare products to the masses online.

  7. Thank you very much for helping me understand the Elite marketing pro program very well. You have helped me know exactly how to go about it.

    One question I have about it is, you said there is some basic training on online marketing with the free membership.

    How helpful will it be for someone who is very serious about learning online marketing?

    Will it help me earn as a Beginner?

    1. I found the free email course that is offered by the Elite Marketing pro platform put on by Ferny Cabellos to be just one big sales job that offered literally no value! Hope that helps Dave, have a good one Mike.

  8. Hey Mike,

    Wow thanks for the honest review of Elete Maketing Pro. It’s kinda crazy that they’re trying to charge 3000 dollars for a subscription with such low offerings. Looking through the list of included product I see a bunch of catch words but what seems to be a lot of “fluff” materials.

    I’ve also never herd of Deadbeat Super Affiliate before so thank you for introducing me to another resource. One things I’m wondering is what your opinions of the deadbeat programs are?

    Thanks for the info,

    1. Hi Atlas, Elite Marketing Pro does offer some proven marketing techniques there is no denying that but there is a ton of filler that you are paying for and it all seems to start with the free 10 day email course that Ferny Cebellos puts on for Emp.

      I yawned my way through it barely and really didn’t see the whole point of it other than to get me to sign up For the Emp course,  it was a series of mini stories and income claims and some vague generalities but nothing of substance. Just don’t get why people would fork out that kind of doe when you can get great training on the same techniques at a fraction of the cost and in many cases even free!

      Deadbeat super Affiliate is a program put on by Dan Brock on using YouTube vkideos for traffic generation, not my thing but I did like his product so I just through that it there for people who may have an interest in promoting via YouTube. 

      Thanks for stopping by cheers mike.

  9. I’ve read through your review of Elite Marketing Pro and the questions and comments that followed and I have question that I don’t believe has been asked. If it has, I apologize for the repetition.

    My question is this: Is the WA set up like an MLM, as in-If I enroll with WA then I have friends or family that enroll and they enroll through my link from any format I’m using, will I receive compensation for their enrollment? Then if their friends and family enroll with WA we both receive compensation? Or is WA an affiliate within itself, as in-If I enroll with WA then I have friends or family enroll through my link, do I receive compensation for their enrollment? Or are we all just “free agents” and anyone can enroll with anyone or off of the website etc. and it doesn’t make a difference?

    I know that’s more than one question but one general idea with the same basic root question. I hope it makes sense.

    I appreciate your review and the information provided through your answers to all the questions. Very informative and helpful.

    1. Great questions Cheryll, Wealthy Affiliate isn’t a MLM it is a training platform that you can promote and sells quite well but you only benefit from your primary referral. For example if someone enters WA under you then you get a commission, if that referral promotes WA and has someone sign up under them they get that commission and that’s where it ends.

      Most that join WA are going to learn how to build an online business promoting products online. For example I was became successful promoting a wide range of products online through the training at WA.

      Wealthy Affiliate teaches you how to get your product seen by as many people as possible using various techniques combined no different than Elite Marketing pro with one major difference, Price!!!! Wealthy Affiliate offers a free membership that allows you to build a website and get your promotion off the ground. Once you have the main structure of your promotion all set up then you will want to look at their premium membership which costs $49 a month or a yearly which costs as little as $29 a month. Premium gives you everything you need, there are no extra fees for any training or tools, it’s all inclusive.

      You won’t see yourself forking out for training or tools they have the largest training platform in the world and can teach you how to promote or sell anything you can think of online which makes it a great fit for MLM products. Put a WA banner on your MLM website and also earn commissions that way, that’s why you will see WA all over the place. Many members advertise WA on their sites which covers off their monthly fees and much more while still promoting their own offer, essentially you have a business that operates for free every month off of one referral, works like a charm.

      WA can teach you how to effectively promote any MLM offer. I work with many MLM participants ranging from Melaleuca, Young Living, Forever living, Doterra, Juiceplus and many more.
      WA will teach you how to build websites that take no time to build using a step by step process, this site was built using that same procedure. You will also learn how to create “evergreen content” that lasts for years and continues to drive targeted traffic to their products for years to come with no maintenance.
      You will learn how to integrate a social marketing and email campaign into your promotions for maximum exposure for your products. WA teaches people how to brand yourself and become an authority in your niche.

      I work with people everyday helping them promote health and beauty products, weight loss products, Insurance, internet marketing products, Essential oils just to name a few.

      Here’s a quick example, I helped a lady yesterday that promotes Forever Living products so what we did was create a post which is done once again using a standard step by step process to ensure this post ranks high in search engines and gets the traffic it deserves. The post she quickly wrote was on dry skin which she linked to one of her facial products. When the post was done she had it indexed with Google and shared it using a social plugin which was installed with a click of a button. This social plugin in shares it on every social platform she belongs absolutely free!

      As you get going and the money starts coming in many then turn around and hire people to write their content and you get to spend more time playing or putting more time into areas such as paid advertising campaigns, email campaigns, creating free ebooks to draw people to your offer which you also will learn at WA.
      Sorry for the long winded response but many don’t really understand what WA offers and how massive their platform and training options are. Everything is under one roof and you don’t pay for any extras and new training is added Dailey and they offer live webinars every week.

      Here’s a free membership if you want to check it out, they don’t ask for any credit info so if it isn’t what you thought it was then just walk away! Thanks for stopping by, cheers Mike.

  10. Thank you for writing this review. I had never heard of this product before. the VIP membership sounds great, but $3000 is a lot of money for internet marketing. The internet is moving so quickly that many resources are outdated very very quickly. As an example what worked really well on Facebook 6 months ago may not work anymore. I noticed that you mentioned Deadbeat Super Affiliate. I have heard of him. Did you buy the product. Was it any good?

    1. Hi Glenys, you are absolutely right the internet and internet marketing in general changes in a heartbeat and you need to be with a program that is responsive which I am not sure the Elite Marketing Pro system is with their packages, haven’t seen any changes to their offer. $3000 is a pretty steep price to pay so you can sell something especially when there are thousands of online merchants wanting to pay you for your services.

      I did buy Dan’s program and found it quite good. I am not a stand behind a camera type of guy though, I prefer to put my thoughts down in a post. I don’t even type anymore just dictate my thoughts just like I am doing now. I get some weird things on my screen from time to time when I am watching sports for example, lol, forget to turn off my mic.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment, have a good one mike

  11. Hi Mike…. Ive looked extensively at Pro and you can actually spend 15000 and the top level is 30000. Is there a program or programs that offers similiar products and training without the high cost.. Where do you go to get informed? Quite overwhelming and alot of digging. I do Network Marketing. I want to Brand myself and generate a lead system…and communication. Overwhelmed!!

    1. Hi Pamela sorry for the late response to your inquiry I have been visiting my grandkids and so far I have been at swimming lessons, pre school, building forts out of blankets and furniture to watching Paw Patrol, my wife and I are exhausted lol and we are only on our third day lol!

      I work through a platform called Wealthy Affiliate which offers all the training and tools to promote any product or offer. The training is very inexpensive, you can actually start out for free and do quite a bit under what they call the Starter membership. As time passes you will want to go Premium but it’s a nominal cost at only $49/month. That gives you websites and all the tools and training to promote Arbonne which I am assuming is your MLM offer.

      I have never paid for all the tools and services that the Elite Marketing Pro offer includes, to be honest I have never seen the need for them. I have managed to make money online for quite a few years using very few paid tools and services, many of which are included wit a membership at WA. You will also learn how to source out free or inexpensive services if you feel you need them to do business.

      You can have a website and create a successful social marketing campaign and email marketing campaign while learning how to effectively use paid traffic sources to drive potential customers to your product with the training offered through WA. I am currently helping people promote MLM offers such as Young Living and Doterra essential oils just to name a few through Wealthy Affiliates platform which you can read more about here!

      If you run across any other programs that you want my opinion or just want some info on promoting your product feel free to stop by and ask or contact me through the contact page on this site. The contact page is great if you need to privately talk with me, get info, or want a little one on one help, I never charge for any help or advice, hope that helps Pamela, cheers Mike.

  12. Paying upwards of $3000 for an education or chance in this day and age is quite ridiculous really – from what I hear, most of this marketing education can be found for free these days! I’m wondering how an affiliate would manage to get someone to pay out $3000? I’ve certainly never achieved it from one sale!
    What did you see within the product that maybe could have hiked the price up to this level? Was there anything that unique in there?

    1. Hi Chris, I don’t see anything in the Elite Marketing Pro package that is worth 3,000 that’s why I feel it would be a tough sell never mind actually using half of these products yourself. I use 2 tools everyday and a few other free tools the rest of the time but have never had the need for all the tools offered in the Elite Marketing Pro offer. Have a good one Chris, cheers Mike.

  13. Thank you for the review of EMP.

    I was a fan of Mike Dillard’s Magnetic Sponsoring. I read that he eventually sold his business to Tim Erway and it was reborn as EMP and ‘attraction marketing’.

    I am not keen on compensation models that require “buying” one’s way up the ladder to qualify for higher commissions but it seems to be the norm in MLM.

    I would be interested to know what percentage of digital sales is made to the general public compared to sales made to new recruits.

    The $297 annual fee seems reasonable value if the training is as good as they claim.

    For anyone who earns their way to the $2997 level, the commission jumps from 40% to 70%. If it were me, before ‘going all in’, I would want to be confident that the training, tools and products were top notch and were kept updated.

    Basically I agree that one does not need all that stuff to succeed. But the leverage provided by that price tag is what enables the high commission rates, so they have to package it that way.

    A good read – thanks! ~Jude

    1. Hi Jude, the thing I struggle with when it comes to products like Elite Marketing pro is, the focus is on buying the right to sell which goes against everything affiliate marketing represents in my mind. I have never had to pay to promote and earn commissions from products, never! Yes you could use the training for selling your own product but that’s where “do you really need to pay for stuff that you don’t need comes in”.

      If your going into Elite Marketing Pro so that you ca sell their product I feel you are making a big mistake based on my experiences as an affiliate marketer. I have tried to sell high ticket items in the past without having to pay for them and it has just been a waste of time,


      When you start promoting a high ticket item you immediately limit your potential market. You cut out many that can’t see themselves paying that kind of premium for a product. You are not only up against the high price tag but then people really start to scrutinize the quality of the product and you really need to be good at sales or you will fail. I know from experience that even a product with a low price tag and good quality can be a hard sell unless you get an effective sales funnel in place.

      70% of nothing is still nothing! People really need to remember that. It makes me shiver when outfits pitch 100% or in this case 70% commission,  you have bought the right to sell that product ($3000). If you “ever” make a sale you have bought that first sale yourself, your just getting your money back. I make in many cases 75% commissions and I pay nothing for products so that is a true 75%. Yeh they aren’t off $3000 commissions,  but it’s a hell of a lot easier to sell a $50 product that offers value than a $3000 product that offers questionable value in my opinion. 

      You really need to think of why you are joining Elite Marketing Pro and whether it serves your needs. I personally wouldn’t join it for the right to sell it, especially with the competition that you would face in that niche. This leaves joining EMP for their training, so base your research on that which makes more sense!

      Thanks for your comment you raised some very good points, cheers Mike.

  14. I have never heard of Elite Marketing Pro but after reading your article, I don’t even think its worth a try due to the hefty price tag. I understand that one has to invest money and time in order to be successful online but it is also important to know how to be smart and identify which online training program is worth your money.

    1. Hi Rab, There is absolutely no reason to pay a hefty fee to drive traffic to any product or learn affiliate marketing which is the art of promoting products online. There is no reason to by tools you don’t need or services that you don’t need to make money online. what you do need is to keep your costs as low as you can. I use mostly free tools and services. I have only 3 things I pay for online and they come to under $40 a month to make thousands in return and I am not tied to promoting any particular product. iF I don’t like the support of an online merchant I quickly move on. I have multiple income streams coming from the promotion of various products which allows me to keep my autonomy online and ultimately my longevity.

  15. Mike, thanks so much for this information. I am trying to break into the online marketing field. And I paid $99 for AWOL. Have you had any experience with that? They definitely upsell the heck out things and to get their “top level” program it’s like $15,000!!!! Yes! That was not a typo! I didn’t find any of this out until after I paid the $99. I’m wondering though if what I bought for $99 will give me the training I need to learn what I need to learn or should I try and get my money back? They “say” 100% money back guarantee – no questions asked, we’ll see.

    1. Hi Kelli I am actually in the process of writing a review on AWOL and right off the top I can say there is absolutely no reason to pay that kind of money for internet marketing training. You can get a lot of free training all over the net but you need to be careful with that. Many outfits say free but take your credit card # and when your trial is up you get billed, lots of times your free trial isn’t even over and you get billed, so watch out for that!
      The absolute most you should expect to pay for everything you need for internet marketing/affiliate marketing is roughly $50 a month that should include as many websites as you need plus hosting, keyword tool, content generation tool, lots of relevant training covering every aspect of marketing online. Here’s a link to an absolutely free offer for training, they don’t ask for any credit info so you just walk away when you feel you are done, click here for more info
      Good luck I hope that helps, keep looking for my AWOL review, cheers Mike.

  16. Hello,
    I am already involved with a MLM and the company gives ypu a back office and website which I have and use. What do you recommend to utilize my tools I already have to create more traffic and leads?
    Thank you,

    1. Hi Tina thanks for stopping by. Couple of things I will need so I can help you. What is the name of the MLM you are involved in so I can look at what type of websites they give their members.
      What I find with a lot of MLM’s, probably 99.9% of them provide websites that are really only good for completing sales transactions and some company history but unfortunately these websites are not Search engine optimized and their capabilities are very limited.
      You need to have the ability to add content and images as well as add plugins to perform various functions such as social sharing and such, does your site have these capabilities.
      If your site doesn’t chances are you will get very little internet traffic. A website itself will attract very little traffic unless it is a very targeted domain, its like wanting to have a garage sale, you need to advertise in places that are inexpensive such as hanging flyers on telephone poles and advertising free in the local paper. A Website is no different, if you want people to come to your site you need to get the word out. You do this by finding inexpensive ways to tell people about your offer.
      You can do this quite easily by creating content that ranks high for various searched topics relative to your products or MLM company. For example if you were involved in an MLM that sold skin care you would produce content that talked to issues like “dry skin care” maybe the effectiveness of sunscreen and then pitch your MLM’s sunscreen. These are just a snippet of topics you could post on the internet about and get traffic coming back to your site.
      What I always suggest to people is to create a balanced approach dragging visitors from various platforms. This marketing strategy consists of some content publishing as well as social marketing, email marketing and pay per click advertising once you really get a good understanding of key word usage.
      This can all be done quite inexpensively, most of the techniques I suggest don’t cost a dime which is probably what you are looking for if you have a membership fee of some sort.
      Get back to me with your MLM and I will gladly give you some more detailed input, talk soon Mike.

  17. Hi Mike,
    Really appreciate your post, as I am 5 days into the annual membership at Elite Pro, and I just feel like they’re trying to sell me their program more than teach me how to get leads with my own MLM business. So that is my question–for the $297 annual membership, will I eventually get the capture pages that create leads who I can call and follow up to sell my MLM products and perhaps recruit?
    Also–with the free WA membership, do they teach me how to generate leads so I can follow up? Do they filter prospects with a “funnel” so that I only call the people who will most likely buy something?
    Ultimately, I just want to prospect outside of my friends and family by getting quality leads from people on the internet searching for what I’m selling, and I’m willing to pay for that (hopefully not too much). I could see doing affiliate sales on the side, but want to see where my MLM business can get to primarily.
    Thanks again!

    1. Hi Tina, Once you join Elite Marketing Pro you are going to be faced with many decisions and the main one is how much do you really need or need to spend to market your business to the public. I will tell people looking to promote a MLM until I am blue in the face, you only need a website and a little instruction to successfully promote any product any product online, even a MLM.
      When you mention affiliate marketing and how you might want to get into that a little later but right now you just want to promote your MLM and get some recruits you’re actually participating in affiliate marketing right now, yes they call what you are doing attraction marketing but from where I stand it’s all internet marketing. Both marketing techniques affiliate and attraction marketings ultimate goal is to successfully promote a product online whether that product be yours or an online merchants product. In your situation Tina you are promoting your MLM and Elite Marketing Pros products if they have their way. Elite Marketing Pro is believe it or not an online merchant selling a product and you are their affiliate.
      I honestly can’t say what you will end up with your annual membership in Elite Marketing Pro like any internet marketing training program they produce mixed results primarily based on the members commitment not so much with the marketing technique.
      What I can say about Elite Marketing Pros platform is you need to use caution and don’t get caught up in buying into extra tools and training on top of what your annual membership costs you. $297 is in the acceptable range for an annual membership for internet marketing training but it boils down to what you get in that annual membership that matters, you shouldn’t have to go out and purchase anything on top of your $297 or you are paying way too much to get results.
      Personally I have found over the years all you need is a simple website and use combined internet marketing disciplines such as capturing emails from your website and engaging in social media that originates from that very website, thats it thats all you need nothing more or in my opinion you are wasting your money and your time buying a bunch of products you really don’t need.
      I have been online for many years now and reviewed and tried hundreds of programs for their effectiveness and at the end of the day all these different marketing techniques are valid and do work to some extent but what newcomers to the online scene fail to realize is you don’t need to spend a fortune to get results and no one technique alone maximizes your exposure for your product online. I have given many of the programs I have reviewed my “approved status” but I always state the pros and cons which every program has so that my readers know what to avoid, Elite Marketing Pros con is the cost and the up selling!
      One quick note, never pay for leads, these leads come from various ad click outfits that aren’t targeted whatsoever and you will get very little results from this type of lead generation, tried it myself with poor results.
      Now to WA, yes I endorse their program because it offers everything and they have a zero up sell policy they don’t try and sell you anything, they provide a free membership and a premium and that’s it, no levels, no extra costs, no extra training fees, you get what you see which makes me feel good about putting my name behind their product.
      The Free WA starter membership provides you with a free website and teaches you how to build your website and promote your product, whatever that product is, in your case your MLM. You don’t need capture pages and all those tools when you have a simple website and the know how to get it to the top of the search results where all the traffic is. Wealthy Affiliate teaches you how to get that website in front of targeted traffic without wasting a lot of time and money.
      The only issue I have with WA’s free starter membership (their con) is your free site is built on a sub domain of Wealthy Affiliate called Siterubix if you want your own domain which I eventually feel you will want you will need to be a premium member or transfer your site.
      In saying that the training in the free starter membership is high quality and lacks nothing, you learn how to effectively promote any product online, your MLM, using the training from the free starter membership option.
      Little long winded Tina but I don’t want you buying a whole bunch of stuff when it really isn’t necessary.
      You can access a free membership here, no credit info is required so you can have the peace of mind that if you don’t see the value you just walk no questions asked or worries about a trial that results in a credit card being charged.
      Need any help Tina doesn’t matter what program you are in feel free to stop by and ask me any questions here at the site I am happy to help, was once in your shoes, have a great day Mike.

  18. That’s an interesting review of Elite Marketing Pro. 4 different membership levels is very surprising, but the $47 a month one surprises me a lot because you don’t get a whole lot with it like you said.

    I can’t imagine spending upwards of $3,000 to get access to everything and then still having upsells. I know there’s an annual membership, but is that quarterly or yearly?

    1. Hi Brian, yes Elite Marketing Pro has a few membership options and yes it doesn’t look to me that you get all that much with the $47 membership. The annual is just that annual!

      Like I mention in Elite Marketing Pro review putting yourself under the pressure of a $3000 cost when you first start out in my opinion is just adding another reason why you will fail. You don’t need to saddle yourself with big costs when you first start out, let me re phrase that, you don’t need to put yourself under that financial pressure at anytime in internet marketing there’s absolutely no reason to spend that kind of money when you can get great training and everything you need to make money online at a fraction of the cost. Thanks for your input Brian, cheers Mike.

  19. Yes, thank you so much. I have my phone call tomorrow after watching Module 5. I have been in NWM for 3 years and am in live with my company, but exploring the online traffic getting and Attraction Marketing as it sounds much better than all the invites of my warm FB market. Trying to figure this whole online thing out. Definitely “green” when it comes to that. I guess what I liked was the automated set up as I have no idea where to even start with a website, lead capture page, etc. The other thing that I liked was the idea of an auto responder. I too, am very Leary of a $3000 price tag and during the last video felt I was being SOLD to hard. That doesn’t fly with me! I want to be able to have a page, get traffic there and have content that gives value all without having to build that relationship one person at a time until I know they are interested in my product or opportunity. I get the big concept of what I need to do, just need help with all the technical stuff. Is that what you are saying you can get with Wealthy Affiliate? I will check out some of the others too. Definitely need something beginner friendly to help me learn. Thanks!

    1. Hi Heather I am glad you stopped by!
      What I am saying in this post is you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars to promote a biz op period.
      All it takes to get traffic to a biz op online is a website and some training in how to use a website and social media. There are many platforms on the internet that provide websites, hosting and training for a fraction of the price you don’t need to buy all these gadgets to be successful online promoting your opportunity effectively.
      I am not pushing WA but it is in my opinion by far the best of the lot which offers the most comprehensive training and everything you will need under one roof nothing costs extra there are no levels or extras other than two membership option free and premium that’s it! I have personally used there training to make a good living promoting products online so I know their training can drive traffic to your offer, any offer to be exact. Hope that helps Heather, need any more info just ask, cheers Mike.

  20. The internet is full of scams and thank you for sharing your insight which equips us with a little more knowledge than when I arrived at your site. I like the fact that you give honest and unbiased critiques of programs, some meet your criteria and some don’t. I feel I have a better understanding what I need to be looking for in an online money making program after reading posts on your site, thank you!

    1. Hi Mohammad, thanks for the vote of confidence and I am glad you found some useful info.I have a category on the site which explains various aspects of internet marketing everything from finding a profitable niche to using a keyword tool to optimize your success, so please take the time to look around and if there is anything that I can help with any questions you may have just ask, cheers Mike.

  21. Hi Mike. When I saw the 2997$ price, I started laughing. This product is not for me for sure! I checked out your recommendation on Deadbeat program and it looks really interesting. 17$ sounds better than 2997$. Even if wanted to buy the Elite Marketing I can not afford it.

    1. Hi Ilias, yes the $2997 price tag is a shocker for sure especially when the average internet training program costs less than $300 for a full year everything included to make money online.

  22. So here we have yet another program you have to pay through the nose for overwhelming amounts of training that most people will never even get through. By the time anyone gets good at one piece of it, everything else has changed! Thank you for bringing this to light. I’ve gotten trapped so many times by these exact types of programs and lost so much money buying lessons instead of using that to outsource the immense amount of work I was doing! Money can be far better spent than buying into $3,000 programs that become outdated in a few months.

    1. Hi Steve, thanks for stopping by! Yes, when you are paying premium price for internet marketing training people need to know that internet marketing techniques evolve and conform to the changes that Google routinely makes to their augorythims. Buying tools and training that could easily be less effective a month from the purchase date seems like a gross waste of money and a hard sell if you decide to try and resell these tools and training.

  23. Thank you for the post. I personally have not worked with this site but being new at online marketing. I want to learn without breaking the bank and make money. The best thing I found so far is WA. The community to so friendly and helpful. So thank you for the post. I will look for companies that will not break the bank.

    1. Hi Wendy, yes, when you are starting out it is imperative to keep your costs to a minimum. Financial pressure Is something that will skew your judgment and force you into hasty decisions which can be costly ones. Wealthy Affiliate is my top recommended program for many reasons but I like the fact that they offer a free no string attached membership where you can really see what internet marketing is all about. They also have a zero upsetting policy so what you see is what you get with no extra costs.

  24. I totally agree with you Mike. It is absurd how many companies are out there that promise you the world in terms of training with a ridiculous price tag tied to it. $3000 is way too much when there are programs out there with the same (if not better) trainings offered at a fraction of the price. Thank you for your honest review of elite marketing pro.

    1. Your welcome Johel, I appreciate you taking some time to leave my readers your thoughts, cheers Mike.

  25. Thanks for the info on Elite Marketing Pro. That sure sounds like a lot of money to pay out with no guarantee of return on your money. I have tried several programs online and found most of them to be scams or just poor training like you said. I would like to find a good program to get started with and maybe with some free training to try. What are your top recommendations?

    1. Hi Mitch, there are no guarantees with any internet marketing program doesn’t matter the cost or how good it is. Results always vary for multiple reasons, what niche you participate in is one of the biggest reasons that people find success or failure, work ethic is also very important.

      Elite Marketing Pro in my opinion is just to expensive for beginners and I feel weighting yourself down with the financial burden of big training costs ranks right up there with the other two reasons I mentioned for failing online. When I started online I kept my costs down, I still do and I found that I could be in it for the long haul something everyone trying to make a go of it online should prepare for. Thanks for the comment Mitch, cheers Mike.

  26. Hi Mike! Really interesting review on Elite Marketing Pro! I liked how you also evaluated it based on the value it gave and I was actually thinking of trying out the program but now I think I’d just pass it. Thanks for this review and looking forward to your next!

    1. Hi Fernglow, yes I focused on the cost for the simple reason in my mind that is the biggest obstacle to joining this program it offers a fair amount of training and tools some I don’t see the value in but that is neither here nor there. Like I have mentioned on multiple occasions keeping posts down from my experience is paramount I have seen many fold under way less financial pressure than what you would face in the Elite Marketing Pro program, have a good one Mike.

  27. Wow, this system seems pretty expensive if you want to go all out and spend the $97 per month.

    I for one do not have that kind of money lying around, and there are no guarantees that you will even make any of it back unless you maybe have the time to promote it night and day.

    I prefer the option of selling products that you don’t need to pay a monthly fee for. At least what you make is yours to keep and you don’t have to pay it back into the system.

    1. Hi Michel, yes it doesn’t make sense to pay for the right to sell a product or suite of products like Elite Marketing Pro offers especially in a very competitive niche like internet marketing tools and training when you have the option of promoting literally hundreds of thousands of products were the online merchants are willing to pay you some pretty sweet commissions seems a little backwards to be paying an online merchant which is exactly what Elite Marketing Pro is! Have a good one Michel, cheers Mike.

  28. Hi Mike , just finished reading your post on ” elite marketing pro “. I would say I have to agree with you 110 % as far as the chances of you leaving elite marketing pro with a big bill instead of big $$$bills ( no pun intended ) is more realistic for an ending. I would hope that most people looking for an online program to generate income would have the common sense to not pay that much to start their online business.

    1. Hi Quang I think it just becomes a case of people thinking that the more they pay the better the program will be but that’s just not the case with many high ticket items. Many programs try and market their offer as a premium product therefore they can ask a premium price when in reality there are comparable programs, actually even better programs for a fraction of the cost, thanks for your input Quang have. good one Mike.

  29. I have seen some affiliate marketing training online that was in the range of $2000-$3000 but to be completely honest from everything I had read about it, it was actually seemed like good training that many people felt was worth the money. This program sounds nothing like the program I saw, comes with way less training and a lot more products you need to sell, not a good sign if you ask me. I am not interested in buying into an affiliate marketing membership, I wanna pay for 1st class affiliate training! Nice post, its always interesting to read about expensive programs like these.

    1. Hi Lorenzo, I have been in the internet marketing field for sometime now and pretty successful. I know many may think that a course that costs $2000-$3000 may look good and appear to offer a lot of great tools and training but I am here to say that I have taken continuous training related to internet marketing since roughly 2010 and haven’t yet eclipsed $1500 in training costs yet have made thousands and thousands online. I can’t stress enough that you don’t need to put yourself at a disadvantage by loading your self up with training costs, keep it simple, keep it inexpensive and you can still achieve some great results and if you don’t at least you can walk away feeling not so bad about your experience. Thanks for your thoughts have a great day Lorenzo. 

  30. Thank you, Mike another great post.
    If I come into a lot of money, then Elite Marketing Pro may be considered. Notice I say considered, paying $3.000 ain’t in the real world, you are spot on.
    I believe you are going to be very convincing to sign anyone up to this programme, as you state a more realistic online marketing programme with smaller costs and smaller commissions will entice many more potential new members.
    So Deadbeat Super Affiliates would be a better fit.
    A quality post and with clear fair opinions, should bode very well for you.


    1. Hi John Thank You for your comment, if you are looking at marketing with video I think Deadbeat Super Affiliate is a great option but only if you want to utilize Youtube. Yes Elite Marketing Pro can be a very expensive program to participate in that’s for sure, have a great day Mike.

  31. I agree, $3000 is crazy! To me when someone wants to charge that much it says they are not successful and need to make more from one person since there aren’t a lot of people to spread the cost over. Some of the perks sound good but seeing a price tag like that is the quickest way to get me to look elsewhere! Thanks for sharing this!

    1. Hi Laura thanks for stopping by and taking the time to leave a comment. I agree that the price tag is way to high. I do like some of the products that the Elite Marketing Pro offers but then again most of these products I don’t even use running my affiliate marketing business so I question their relevance and feel they would be a hard sell to anyone who knows a thing or two about affiliate marketing which is your attended market. Once again than you for stopping by, cheers Mike.

  32. Very well written site. You covered all the bases. I like your reviews, very detailed and thorough. You give the reader a reason to read more. I especially enjoyed the personal photos and the references to members you are helping. A very good touch. Thanks for a good site, Deanna

    1. Hi Deanna thanks for taking time to comment and the kind words, hope you have a great day and stop by again I am always adding tips on affiliate marketing and doing more and more reviews, cheers Mike.

  33. You’re definitely right about Elite Marketing Pro coming with a hefy price tag, I agree with you, when looking to make money the last thing you want to do is be getting into debt before you even begin!

    It also sounds like the majority of their business model is based on reselling their training which is always a red flag for me. Thanks for your honest review, it’s confirmed my suspicions and I shall be staying away.

  34. Hi Mike,
    I have heard of Elite Marketing Pro however never looked into as I was with another system. I just wonder, when you buy all these products and trainings, are they up to date? Because as we know the internet is changing all the time. I certainly am thrilled to say I am with something that doesnt cost an arm and leg and is always evolving and up to date. Thanks heaps for sharing this with us. I wont be going near this any time soon!
    Cheers, Sharon

    1. Hi Sharon I appreciate you taking the time to leave a comment and a very good question. I honestly don’t know if they update their tools and training if they even do. Internet marketing training and tools are always evolving you just need to look at JV Zoo a marketplace that launches new internet marketing products weekly, I know I review many of them! I am pretty confident in saying that EMP doesn’t change their package weekly!

      Getting stuck with tools and training that are outdated would be a huge detriment to your chances of selling a high ticket item that EMP offers. Great point you have made here Sharon thanks for your input.

  35. Mike thank you for posting this. I have a coaching call setup tomorrow after watching my 5th module with EMP. I have been struggling in getting leads with my current MLM and thought this would be a good avenue it has opened up my mind to a different approach with lead generation, but $3000 is insane. I feel kind of lost for words bc I have no idea where to begin. I think I need to do even more research thank you for opening my eyes.

    1. Hi Renee and I am glad you stopped by! Not many people who enter into an MLM for example actually realize what is involved in effectively promoting their MLM to the point where it has potential to earn them a decent income nor do they actually know what they need to promote their MLM opportunity this is where people like yourself can get into a financial predicament quite quickly.
      When you look at the Elite Marketing Pro platform and especially the extremely high priced package that you refer to you need to ask yourself do you need all this stuff to effectively promte “your MLM” or are you buying their packages to resell them either way I feel you are taking the wrong path.
      You absolutely don’t need all that stuff to promote your MLM and if you are buying into that extremely high-priced package I can tell you that you are going to have a hard time selling that stuff to others so that you can recoup your investment.
      If you want to promote your MLM all you need is a WordPress website builder which offers thousands of “FREE” plugins that you can add to your website that will give you many options to promote your MLM be it through social media platforms or creating videos and many other marketing options all with just one WordPress website.
      The most you should expect to pay for step by step training, website, hosting, keyword tool and one on one training right by your side help no need to wait for phone calls or Skype hookups that you are trying to coordinate do to varying time zones is $350 a year max. I can’t think of too many people who would want to pay 10 times more for a product not because they actually need it but because it gives them right to turn around and sell it! Bit of a head scratcher if you ask me. Really ask yourself if putting out that much money is a wise investment, have a great day Mike.

  36. Ok I’m pretty anxious this evening after reading your review on EMP mike , I have been with MLSP for well over 12 mths and decided to migrate toward EMP , I have just paid for the annual fee and now feel like I’ve made the wrong decision , how would you say EMP compares with MLSP please?

    1. Hi Aly, I feel that you will receive higher quality training with Elite Marketing Pro than you would with My lead system pro. I guess the issue I struggle with is the concept of joining Elite Marketing Pro or MLSP so that you are pigeon holed into selling their suite of products. As an affiliate marketer buying the right to sell just doesn’t make any sense to me, especially when online merchants are crying for affiliates and willing to pay good commissions for affiliate marketers services, not the other way around. Having access to products that are pitched as having 100% commissions when in reality you are paying for the right to sell these profits up front is a little bit of “the hand is quicker than the eye” type of stuff. I had one gentleman comment saying he was ready to pay $3000 for the right to have access to a suite of products that EMP offers so that he could get 100% commission. If you don’t have a solid internet marketing background working under that financial pressure is a recipe for failure, not to mention if you do have a strong background in affiliate marketing why would you ever pay to promote anything?
      I think the quality of training that Elite Marketing Pro seems good but just can’t wrap my head around paying to promote something when you have literally thousands and thousands of online merchants willing to pay you for your services. Wish you the best of luck Aly, let me know how you make out, cheers Mike.

    2. Hi Emma, I am interested to hear after your call on Tuesday if you are pitched any up sells like you would benefit from this or that or if that call is simply a progress call, this is usually where an up sell will come in. Look forward to hearing from you, Mike.

  37. Mike, let me congratulate you for this massive work you do enlightening people about this industry!

    I found EMP on a search about email automations because I’m developing a Network Marketing business that is mainly build with the old tools (meetings, prospecting warm contacts mainly, etc.) and I can see value in finding a way to find the right people to build it with me through the Internet.

    Can you share any independent service/platform (with no specific business attached, just the tools) that let you fully customise web funnels (landing pages, forms, e-mails, etc.)

    Hope I was clear,
    Cheers from Portugal.

    1. Hi Rick thanks for stopping by, it’s hard to find platforms that run independently for the simple reason many Network Marketing companies or MLM’s like to grab all these individual tools and package them up and attach a membership fee of some sort to them. In saying that there are two companies that are in the marketing tool business which I feel will be a good fit for what you are looking for, Getaresponse and Leadpages are two companies that offer businesses a full tool suite plus they can help with the setup. These two offer everything from email to lead and landing pages including autoresponders. They offer some really nice professional looking pages that are customizable. I went and had a look here are the links if you want to check them out and see if they meet your requirements. I believe many network marketing startups us them, wish you the best in your start up, let me know how it goes and if I can helping any way don’t hesitate to ask, cheers Mike.

    1. Hi Steve, I am glad I could be of some help. If you ever feel you may want my input on an online opportunity you are looking into please don’t hesitate to stop by and ask any questions you may have. I have quite a bit of experience with internet/affiliate marketing and have been successful at it for many years now, I am happy to pass on any knowledge that I may have to anyone looking to get started online, what tools you made need, more importantly what tools you don’t need to make money online. My help is absolutely free, so don’t hesitate. Have a great day Steve.

  38. I’m looking strongly at EMP. I paid the 27.00 and really do feel like my eyes have been open to a new way of growing my business. I’m not sure that 3,000 is the way to go. I really like the idea of making extra money through the affiliate program. Does wealthy affiliate have the same type of program?

    1. Hi Paul, Wealthy Affiliate isn’t an MLM offer it is an unbelievable training platform for affiliate/internet marketing. Yes it is true you can make some insane money promoting WA as an affiliate for WA but there are no layers of income stream, simply a one off referral type of deal. WA is a pretty credible outfit so it’s not a hard sell at all, many affiliates make hundreds of thousands of dollars promoting WA. The nice part about promoting WA is all you need are two sales a month to pay for everything you need to run multiple websites in multiple niches if you choose.
      WA teaches you how to sell or promote any product in any niche online with no financial pressure.
      For me it’s a no brainer, learn to promote online before you get into an offer that saddles you with some huge financial commitments, trust me, adding steep costs on top of the learning curve you experience in internet marketing is the #1 reason people fail online.
      I am not against getting into opportunities like Elite Marketing Pro, some programs have much steeper 100% commission offers than the $3000 offer I believe you are referring to in the Elite Marketing Pro program.
      Just incase someone is reading this that thinks wow! 100% commission, this isn’t that exciting, you actually buy the right to promote tools or services upfront and therefore need to sell before you can make that money back and any profits.
      If all you have to pay is $27 and you get the internet marketing training to successfully sell products online I would say go for it but I really don’t feel that’s the case with the Elite Marketing Pro program, it’s going to cost you a sizable amount of cash by the time the dust settles.
      Best of luck to you Paul whatever you decide, if you need any help at all or just some advice please don’t hesitate to stop by and ask, cheers Mike.

  39. Hi, I’ve just read through the Elite Marketing Pro’s offer for their Attraction Marketing Formula – programme and they offer the whole lot fora one off payment $27.00…..????!!! Would you get this? or should I steer well clear? Feel really confused after reading all your reviews…… I have enclosed their link if you want to take a look…I would love your thoughts….Thanks for such honest reviews…well done and keep them coming
    Best regards

    1. Hi Helen, what you are looking at or that $27 is just a 116 page ebook. You can’t learn attraction marketing from a book so I don’t see any value there, they go on to say they will give it to your. Free ebooks are just a prop to get you on an email list.
      You can purchase it and look for a refund but I would only do this if it is through Clickbank which it might be. Clickbank is the marketplace that brokers anything digital for merchants, they are very good to deal with if you want your money back, they give you a refund without question.
      Attraction marketing is just another form of affiliate marketing nothing more. Hope that helps Helen any more questions please feel free to ask, cheers Mike.

  40. I actually just got done watching one of their modules and it’s actually $2, 997 to get their VIP… I was kind of sad I didn’t have that kind of money to join, but this article made me open my eyes and realize I need to be really careful… Thank you

    1. Hi Alma, that’s a lot of money for internet marketing training in my opinion and what do you get? Why is there a VIP level? Personally I don’t care for offers that have multiple delivery models I feel they are just methods to get more money out of you. Internet marketing doesn’t have to cast you a fortune there are programs that give you all the internet marketing training plus hosting and wordpress website templates all included absolutely nothing extra is needed for less than $50 a month or even cheaper by the year, wish you the best cheers Mike.

  41. Excellent Article! Very unbiased and to the point review. I love your style of writing it has a real personable ring to it, thank you Karl!

  42. Hi Mike
    I am glad I am across this review. I always believe in doing research first before I buy. I have been around and was a victim of so called gurus who vowed to help me make money and all I had to do was duplicate their system, etc which never works.
    I am going to check out wealthy affiliate as well.

    1. Hi Terry thank you for commenting, WA is worth a look they are not a Guru type of deal you are the one that has to put in the effort all they do is supply the training and support which many can attest does deliver results. There is no cookie cutter system at WA just a series of steps you follow to start your online business. Members go in all directions and create their own distinctive business models depending on what niche they want to sell products in. For sure give it a try it is free for a starter membership which gives you two websites and free hosting along with some great training, look me up inside and I can offer some tips that will help you get started, cheers Mike.

  43. Thank you for your information. I am just in the first week Elite Marketing Pro and I have enjoyed how I have “stepped out of my comfort zone” yet I started to think something wasn’t adding up. And you have summed it up completely. I couldn’t figure it out until you have explained it. I’m going to get my money back now and check out Wealthy Affiliate. Thank you.

    1. Only you will know if a program suits your needs Marie all I can do is give you an objective opinion, hopefully Wealthy Affiliate will be more suitable, cheers Mike.

    2. MARIE! Don’t leave EMP! It’s an amazing community and you can learn so much. I was a part of Wealthy Affiliate for a little bit but recently left because I don’t want to be a WA affiliate and decided I didn’t want to pay $50/mo to host my websites on their hosting. For a beginner though, WA has a lot of great features to learn niche marketing. But EMP is absolutely not a scam. And it’s not an MLM company. It is an affiliate program geared towards network marketers who want to learn how to attract leads without having to bug your friends and family. But all of the training can be applied to any business.

    3. Hi Eva I was just reading your comment and I thought I would just make a few notes for my readers. You don’t have to be a WA affiliate actually WA encourages members to learn how to make money from an interest or a passion, very few actually promote WA as their online business. Yes Wealthy Affiliates premium membership is $49 a month but that is for everything you need to make money online, thousands of training modules, videos, live webinars, live chat unlimited WordPress websites and hosting that backs up your website’s daily. I would say 90+% of the people I work with don’t join WA to become a WA affiliate.
      EMP costs $47 a month and offers a very simplistic website builder nothing that compares to WordPress as a website provider with thousands of plugins that can be used to customize your website. The nice thing about WA is once you feel you have a good foundation and a good grasp of the training all your website are fully transferable, so you don’t lose any of your hard work.
      WA also teaches many other forms of marketing, social marketing, email marketing, attraction marketing and so on, all offered at no extra cost, one membership all training and tools which you can’t say the same for EMP.
      Elite Marketing Pro can go into the thousands for training and tools and coaching so that $47 monthly fee is just the basic membership.
      These are just a few differences I see that people may not be aware of, and yes I absolutely agree EMP isn’t a scam, it is a credible program just at the high price range for a program offering internet marketing training.

  44. Mike, I’m Into my second month with Emp. I was really excited, but after reading your thoughts I’m not sure what to do now. I only paid 37.00 a month but was going to go for the 197.00 a month deal to get 100 percent commissions. I’m so green that I need a set up to start. At least where I can learn, I’m also a member of mymlmformular, and your thoughts about this site. Lastly you recommend wealth affiliate , do they set u up to learn and give you the tools to do it??

    1. Hi Randy, yeh at $100 a month that’s going to be hard to keep things going especially if your “green” big learning curve for a newbie and I am willing to venture that’s probably not everything you will need to fork out to make your online business profitable.
      I haven’t looked into my mlm formula yet but I definitely will.
      There are a few very good Internet marketing programs available at way more reasonable prices but the best on the market is Wealthy Affiliate they offer a unlimited free trial. Their premium package is only $47 a month and that gets you everything with no upsells, you will need a domain registry for $13 bucks a year which they now offer in house. You get hosting, you can build as many custom wordpress websites as you want and they offer the most extensive library of training available anywhere.
      They offer step by step training and they have a community of well over 400,000 members many very experienced that are encouraged to help through their ambassador program, this is all inclusive there is no upselling inside WA if your premium you get everything they offer.
      I have been a member at WA since 2010 I stay because they have the most current and up to date training techniques available and I like networking with some of the industries best inside WA. Try a FREE MEMBERSHIP on for size there are no strings attached they ask for no credit card info you just walk away if it isn’t your thing but I am sure you will love it, cheers Mike.

  45. Mike, I’m just starting out in the internet business…marketing etc. Do you have a #1
    internet company recommendation? I don’t have a lot of money to invest but I’m willing to work
    hard and do what is necessary to make myself an independent income. Can you help me?

    1. Hi, I would say my top recommendation is Wealthy Affiliate I am a member there and have been for years now. WA has excellent easy to follow training in various delivery models and almost instant support. WA is where I got my start online. There are many successful marketers inside WA that are encouraged to pay their knowledge forward which is the foundation for support inside WA.

    1. Hi John you can reach me anytime through my “about me page” through the websites email, look forward to talking to you cheers Mike.

  46. Thank you for sharing this with your readers I was thinking of joining Elite Marketing Pro but after reading your review I am going to pass on this one. Why is it so hard to make a few dollars online? I just want to get started and all I read are reviews like yours telling me a program is garbage, I thank you but I am discouraged!

    1. Hi Neil, it’s very hard to make money online because it’s so hard to sift through all the bullshit that is peddled online. Everything from making money off social media exposure such as facebook when you have no website to getting leads by posting links, it’s so deceptive. Marketer’s pitch these partial truths because legally they can get away with it because it’s partially true but in reality they are just segments of Internet marketing techniques that on their own produce “nothing” when put into play with other techniques these segments can provide results. Unfortunately if you don’t know better you will waste money and time as I did when I first started my online career. Wish you the best Neil, cheers Mike.
      P.S there are a few credible programs that I point out on my site such as Chris Farrell, Mark lings Affiloramma and my first choice Wealthy Affiliate, this is where I got my training!

  47. I bought the trial version, or had my wife order it, and since then, I have received a deluge of emails trying to up sell me on other products. I messaged Justin Mass, my noose-holder about it, and he said that I didn’t HAVE to buy the other things, and could still make money, but I had to be extremely ‘coach able’ (not even a word as far as I know) and 100% committed to the system.
    Since you posted this blog, they have apparently lowered the price to (you guessed it) $47/no.
    Thank you for your review, sir.

    1. I feel like I have been had, I paid just a week ago $227 x 3 for the program how is it that people are paying only 47 and they keep trying to upsell me to VIP which is a lot of money.

    2. Hi Lilly I can appreciate your frustration I would ask for a credit of some kind there doesn’t seem like any reason you should be overcharged in comparison to others unless you bit on an upsell right out of the starting gates which is possible. Upsells are a frustrating thing and are one aspect I on grade programs for. The best programs offer everything for one set price no surprises, at least that way you know what your overhead is going to be and make a decision whether it is going to be a realistic opportunity to make money.
      Many programs have all these additional costs staged throughout their programs, they entice you in with a cheap introductory price but sock it to you once you have already spent considerable time and resources using their program and feel it will all be wasted if you bail so you buy in for more, kind of like a gambler o a slot machine that can’t quit that machine until it pays out, used that analogy because I was gambling not long ago so I know that feeling all too well, by the way I did walk away and made money on the next machine which out weighed my losses on the previous machine, actually went home with money, lol. I know this isn’t a laughing matter for what you are experiencing but there options, ask for a credit or a refund if they don’t comply with your request, you have nothing to lose. There are programs out there that offer online income opportunities with zero upsells so don’t hesitate to walk away if you don’t get the right results, hope all works out for you Lilly let me know how you make out, have a great day Mike.

  48. I thought Elite Marketing Pro was pretty good when I started but in the end I still didn’t make any money and put out quite a bit.

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