Empowr – Make Money With Empower

Empowr – Make Money With Empower

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Cost: Free to join – hidden advertising fees.

Founders: Brandie Williams and Michael Pousti
Established: 2002

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Empowr, make money with Empowr

Everyone at this point has heard of Facebook and the influence it has on it’s users. In fact, Facebook has become one of the most important and most used social networks for marketers and the general public.

Empowr is one of those companies that has taken advantage of Facebook’s popularity and powerful reach into the online world. 90% of marketers said that social media was vitally important to their business and 55% of marketers chose Facebook over any other site, followed by LinkedIn at 18%.

Facebook is by far the number one most used social media platform out there today, and is the main reason I chose to review Empowr today.

Within my Empowr review I’ll be discussing what Empowr really is, how you can earn money with Empowr, and a quick look at their compensation plan. I’ll touch on the support and tools offered within an Empowr membership, as well as what I feel Empowr does a good job at, and what I feel they could do better.

Let’s take a closer look at Empowr…

What/Who Is Empowr?

Empowr is pitched as a social networking site that pays its members to perform specific tasks through social media. The tasks could include liking pictures or posts, sharing posts, commenting etc. Most of what you already do on social media you could get paid for on Empowr.

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Michael Pousti, Founder of Empowr

The company Empowr has gone through quite a few name changes over the years, and technically was established in 2002. Empowr was most recently known as Fan Box in 2007 and at one point referred to as Project Uplift.

Empowr has a very optimistic mission statement, and that’s to help half the planet earn $25 a day by 2025. This is an extremely aggressive goal, and Empowr plans on doing it by providing an efficient way for people to earn a little money on everyday tasks that they do anyway.

The founders have spent a lot of time within internet businesses, specifically Pousti, who founded and was CEO of college club.com back in the 90s. Pousti was also a computer engineering student who started a company called Higher Educational Resources Inc while he was in college. Having lots of experience within start up businesses, both founders are known for helping build multiple companies.

Empowr describes its platform as a democracy, where their citizens elect the company leadership. The more value the citizens create within the Empowr community, the more profits can be earned.

How Can You Profit With Empowr?

As I mentioned above, Empowr is a social media platform that connects through Facebook and Google Plus to create a system where engagement between members creates profit for members. However, let me explain a little more about how this works.

Signing up and connecting is completely free, and is literally as easy as pressing a button to connect and get started. After joining, you’ll be shown different members within you geographical region who you can share with, like posts, comment and engage. It’s as simple as liking someones post, or commenting on different comments and creating engagement within the posts. You can also share you own posts and members can share, like, and comment themselves as well. The engagement part is huge for earning profit.

Empowr is what I would consider a third party program, so its not actually Facebook your directly involved with. Because of that you can actually share almost anything and everything, Facebook on the other hand has specific rules and terms of use that affect sharing content as well as certain things like dropping affiliate links for profit.

Once joining, you’re considered a ‘citizen’, part of the community. You pay no immediate fees or membership fees, however, this is as long as you don’t give them you credit card/banking information.

Empowr, What Are These Hidden Fees?

As I like to maintain as objective as possible within my reviews, I would be irresponsible by not telling you about the hidden fees associated with Empowr.

The company does charge you advertising credits. At first these credits are free, and your given a certain amount of these credits. As you post, these credits get eaten up, and eventually you run out of credits. Once you run out, you’re unable to do anything on Empowr until you gain more credits, and of course surprise, surprise this will cost you money.

Unfortunately, there is no where at all that you can find how much these credits cost, and in what way these credits are
used in your account.

How Else Does Empowr Earn Money?

Empowr also earns money through things such as their ‘Marketplace’ advertising and subscriptions. People have the option of selling items within the community at either

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a fixed price that they themselves set the price for, or through an online auction. Empowr earns 10% off items sold on their marketplace.

Empowr also runs ads, as Facebook does, and earns a profit through the click rates. By actually purchasing a membership or ‘subscription’ you can have success to front of the line products, features, as well as increase you network value within the community. This means you get more engagement on you posts, which equates to potentially more money for you.

The ‘Compensation Plan’

I wouldn’t really call it a compensation plan, however, I cannot really think of what else it would be called.

You’re probably wondering how the calculations work in regard to engagement on you posts turning into profit. Empowr claims to use an algorithm that calculates your earnings based on posts and interaction levels within your content etc. Empowr says that their users can expect to see anywhere from $0.60 to $2 per post in earnings.

In order to receive your payout, you must wait for your balance to mature over a 90-day period. As you post, you use advertising credits, once those credits get used up you will need to pay for more credits (or they charge you for more from you balance) and the profit made after credits plus earnings is what you actually get paid out on after the 90 days is over.

There are four different roles you can play within the community to earn money.

Content Role:

This role is the role I have been referencing throughout the post, and is the most common role practiced throughout the community. This is just simply liking, sharing and engaging within the community to earn profits.

Marketplace Role:

This role I spoke to once before, which is selling you own programs, software, or products OR helping others promote their products (such as affiliate links) and earning money off of what is sold.

Educator Role:

This is basically someone who understands the community and how to earn money, and wants to take it upon themselves to recruit and support others within the community. As they take people under their wing, they earn a small amount of profit from what their ‘students’ earn.

Developer Role:

This role helps Empowr come up with new and creative ways for members to earn through the community.

Overall, there are no real calculations, algorithms, or equations to show how much in advertising credits is coming off compared to what you earn. Empowr is unclear as to how exactly calculations are done between members which I find a little concerning.

Support And Tools

Support is very minimal, I suppose assuming that the concept is fairly straight forward. However, there is an educator role that people play within the community to support and mentor those who may be struggling.

There is no 1-800 number or contact information for the actual Empowr company.

Tools are minimal as well, all you really require is just internet access and a computer to get started.

What Members Are Saying About Empowr

Unfortunately ( a word I have used far too many times in this post) Empowr is surrounded by an overwhelming amount of negative criticism.

Members are fed up with earning large sums of money, but having no access to it as it must mature for 90 days. The catch? You have to pay them their advertising credits NOW, no waiting period for that, but you don’t get paid until you give them a PayPal or bank account information so they can charge you, and wait the 90 days for any review.

Seems unfair to me as well :/

Even as recently as October of this year complaints are pilling onto Empowr from hundreds of different members.

Having a look at www.ripoffreport.com, you will notice article after article claiming lost profits, money taken without consent etc.

Many community members are drawn in by the easy profits, and large cash sums sitting in their account. Until they try to withdrawal these sums, and the many hidden fees become show up.

There are a few members who claim to have received money, and been able to profit with Empowr. Although these members are few, they claim that many community members do not understand Empowr enough to profit and earn from it, which is why they end up in the negative. Although these members are few, and I don’t believe there is much to ‘understand’ from such a simple concept, its important to take all relevant facts into considerations.

What I Like About Empowr

  • Easy to sign up
  • Easy to earn

What Empowr Could Do Better

  • Advertising credits are not clearly laid out or even mentioned;
  • Empowr only has as much of a social reach as their community offers. Substantially smaller than actual Facebook;
  • No real equation or algorithm showing how much money is taken off of earnings;
  • A lot of negative criticism from past websites that were created by owners;
  • Very little if any proof of payout to community members;
  • Compensation plan very unclear and nonexistent.


All in all I really wouldn’t suggest utilizing or trying Empowr. There’s just too much bad press from fellow members. The majority of comments I have read come from people saying they feel swindled by this company, and the small amount of people who claim to have earned with Empowr show no legitimate proof.

Empowr changes names for no apparent reason that I can see which leads me to believe that they do so to avoid the negativity that surrounds their offer, this is just my opinion and may not be the reason for the multiple name changes.

Although its fun to see you account racking up this “profit”, you have to wonder exactly how these profits are accumulating, which Empowr doesn’t tell you. In addition, there is no indication of advertising credits until you run out, or are charged. On top of that, all expenses are due now, but payout doesn’t happen until 3 moths later. Who would be satisfied with that?

I don’t feel Empowr operates a completely transparent platform which in itself makes me give their platform a low  rating [yasr_overall_rating size=”small”]  as a business opportunity.



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