Fast Cash Biz A Scam – Let’s See!

Fast Cash Biz A Scam – Let’s See!

Fast Cash Biz another Binary Options offer!

You won’t actually find out that Fast Cash Biz is a Binary Options trading offer until you have watched the first promotional video through its entirety and have clicked through using the “I want to join Fast Cash Biz” button once you are through to the second production video is when you find out that this is a Binary option trading offer.

deceptive marketingMarketing At Its Best Or Its Worst Depends What Side You Are On!

As far as the quality of marketing production goes the Fast Cash Biz offer is quite well done. The videos they use are of good quality and they have obviously doled out some deniro for some decent actors and prop rentals. The yacht and the walkway leading from it I have seen in another program I reviewed some time ago so I have a pretty good idea that was a rental, jet, Bentley I would venture to guess these are rentals also.

What’s real? who really knows but if you have looked at as many Binary Option offers as I have scepticism becomes your first instinct that you fall back on and this Fast Cash Biz scam review will point out exactly why!

Fast Cash Biz’s marketing campaign in my opinion walks a very fine line of what could be considered an outright scam. Marketing strategies such as the one Fast Cash Biz uses lay on the hype and flaunt the wealth but in reality Binary option trading is a very risky game with zero guarantees of income whatsoever.

Outfits like Fast Cash Biz are just middlemen for trading platforms many of which fall under no regulative authority  leaving the investor on their own, if you didn’t know already that’s all you are is an investor.

option tradingHow Can They Make Bold Income Claims?

How can an offer like the Fast Cash Biz get away with making claims of untold riches, well it’s the old shell game at its best! Under shell #1 you have the possibility that you could make a fortune, like winning the lottery there is a possibility but a probability, see how easy it is to play with words but get the message across.

Under shell #2 you have a disclaimer that really voids any misconception you may have come to under shell #1. If you read the income disclaimer they are very careful to state that there income statements are ” forward thinking” this means that they can pretty well say anything without being held accountable for what you may derive from their lofty sales pitch, others may refer to it as B.S.

fast cash disclaimerOutrages Income Claims Are Standard For Binary Options

As I stated in the last paragraph programs like the Fast Cash Biz offer lay it on thick with no real proof that you will make a single dime never mind lose your $250 investment trading stocks via a computer program. Stocks are very volatile just ask me. A few years ago I bought into trading using a system called technical analysis which consisted of taking the emotion out of trading and buying and selling at certain stages after analysing average stock prices and so on. Needless to say I lost quite a few bucks on that venture.


In many cases, most to be exact stocks move up and down contrary to what makes sense leaving the investor confused and scratching their head. Thinking that a program can make sense out of random fluctuations is ludicrous to say the least. Think about what the Fast Cash Biz offer is promoting, you can be a millionaire many times over with this offer, really? you don’t think that this would have caught on like wildfire by now, you don’t think I would be doing it right now, hell yes if it really worked but I am sorry to burst your bubble there are many, many more losers than there are winners using Binary Options. The end game is option trading is gambling, nothing more!

Read The Fast Cash Biz Disclaimer Please!

I can go on and on trying to make you see the light before you throw your hard earned money away but all I will say now is look at any offer whether it be the Fast Cash Biz offer or any other get rich scheme and scroll down to their income disclaimer usually found in some obscure spot at the bottom of the website and take my advice and read that.

What you will see are the facts, actors have been used, yacht, planes and cars are just props, income claims are just “what ifs” nothing more. We all dream and some outfits play on those dreams, I feel this is one of them!

Want something Real?

Minus putting me on a yacht in a bathing suit which “probably”  would have the adverse effect I intended,  I will forgo that image and tell you how I make money online.

I am an affiliate marketer. Affiliate marketing is the internet’s best kept secret as far as I am concerned. Want to make great money from the comfort of your home or anywhere that has internet access then affiliate marketing might just be the thing for you!

No there are no get rich videos that go with this just a real opportunity to turn your laptop into a tool that can make you thousands and thousands of recurring dollars every month once you learn some basic skills. Yes there is a learning curve and you have to put the time and effort in for it to pay off but when it does it can provide for a very nice income.





8 Replies to “Fast Cash Biz A Scam – Let’s See!”

  1. hello,

    I am grateful that you have explained this in such detail that i can clearly understand, but i have been meaning to invest in some cryptocurrency trading so how do you suggest i do that, some people online claim to be making real money from it? Please do not tell me to trade on my own i have no clue how to that, if possible suggest a legit service or two.

    1. Hi Dave, I don’t have a lot of knowledge on Cryptocurrencies so I wouldn’t feel comfortable giving you any guidance on that area of interest, sorry.  If you do come across a program or offer I would be happy to look into it for you and give you my thoughts after I have studied it for a while, cheers Mike.

  2. Thanks, Mike.

    I really enjoyed your review of
    I really wish everyone would stop offering me “these easy millions”.
    My driveway is already full of Lambos and Bentleys.
    Personal jets can be a real problem when you own too many.

    It always amazes me when I hear and see people that don’t want to “spend/invest/waste” $250.00 for a yacht!

    Unfortunately, many people fall for these scams and this has been shown over and over again.
    Thanks for exposing this one.

    I came across it a few years ago, but lucky for me I had already been “burnt” by these types.

    The power of words can turn B.S. into “bovine excrement”!

    These “fly-nighters” must be exposed and you have done well with this one?

    Do you always read the disclaimer, nowadays?

    Are there other ways of detecting scams?

    What scam makes the top of your list?


    1. Hi Paul, well I will start with what scams top my list, trick question! A scam is a scam so there is no winner on this list.

      You always want to read the disclaimer it is there For an important reason, it’s required by law for your protection and in cases like this it is very important that you read it, compares can’t use B.S in their disclaimers.

      Usually when you come across anything online that sounds to good to be true it more than likely is so read the disclaimer.

      Hope that answered your questions Paul, have a good one Mike.

  3. I have been had in the past, and I too have lost $500 to binary options, not knowing what I was getting into, and not doing my due diligence and researching before buying!

    You stated at the beginning of your article: “in reality Binary option trading is a very risky game with zero guarantees of income whatsoever.” And it is SOOO true.

    You also mentioned reading the disclaimer. Well, your review is pretty much a disclaimer by itself and I like the fact that, even though you don’t discredit them, your warning says it all. Thanks for the heads up! Great Review!

    1. Thank you Denis for leaving my readers your thoughts. You definitely want to stay away from bInary options, they aren’t regulated so you never know what will happen to your money.

  4. Hey Mike,
    Seems like I’m seeing you everywhere. You must be really prolific. Good for you!

    With a company name like Fast Cash, it’s almost like they are trying to market to the lowest denominator type of customer.

    I find marketing techniques like rented luxury items very unfortunate because it hijacks the emotional systems of the viewers, and people who are most susceptible to a name like “Fast Cash” are also typically people with self-control issues.

    It’s a recipe for disaster, and like you said it’s a fine line between that and scamming people outright.

    Great review, by the way. I can really sense your opinion about the company.

    Take care,

    1. Hi Wilson,  thanks for leaving your thoughts for my readers. I have done hundreds of program reviews over the years so that’s probably why you see me all over the place. I agree when you start adding words like “fast cash” to your offer it really sucks people into thinking that they are going to make fast cash which isn’t the case with most make money programs you find online.

      There are ways to make money online but you need a program that is based on real opportunity. The one thing that hasn’t changed, actually keeps growing is online merchants needing people to promote their products online, they are willing to pay really niche commissions for your services, this is called Affiliate Marketing and is growing like an internet weed. Affiliate marketers can literally make hundreds of thousands a year promoting products. Thanks for talking the time to comment Wilson, have a great day Mike.

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