Forever Living – Make a Living With Forever Living

Forever Living – Make a Living With Forever Living

Forever Living – Can You Make A Living Selling Forever Living Products?

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Cost: Free to sign up as starting level distributor
Established: 1978
Founder: Rex Maughan


Multi Level offers litter the internet these days offering more and more opportunities some better than others. Today I am doing a Forever Living review with the hope that it will help you make an informed decision on whether to join Forever Living or not.

To date I have had quite a few people mostly prospective and current consultants for Forever Living looking for help in the promotion of Forever Living online which allows me to pass on any insight I may have on the opportunities to sell Forever Living products to the masses online. Enjoy my Forever Living review and by all means leave me any questions you may have and I will try and answer them as quickly as possible.

A Little forever Living History Lesson

Forever Living is a network marketing company created way back in 1978 by a gentleman named Rex Mauhan. The longevity in the MLM industry that Forever Living has managed to create for itself and it’s consultants is truly amazing to say the least, 10 years is the average life span of the majority of MLM offers so Forever living has bucked the odds in this category.  

Forever Living has mastered the game of selling online through distributors. What’s even more remarkable, is that Forever Living has managed to sell products with an active ingredient (Aloe Vera) that can be purchase at literally ANY grocery or convenience store for a third of the price. However, this hasn’t stopped Forever Living from growing their presence in the vast Aloe Vera market.

Throughout my Forever Living review we will take a look at Forever Living products, as well as the potential of Forever Living as a lucrative business opportunity. I will also touch on how much it would cost you to start your own Forever Living business, as well as what the compensation plan (or as they call it “ Marketing plan”) offers. I’ll touch a tiny bit on the support and tools offered through Forever Living, and of course, what I liked and didn’t like about the company and program.

Let’s take a look!

What Is Forever Living?

You probably picked up that Forever Living is a privately owned Multi-level marketing company, that sells their products through distributors (people like you and I, who turn around and sell Forever Living products for a profit).

Forever Living headquarters is based out of scottsdale, Arizona specializing in products that feature their key ingredient Aloe Vera. You may have heard mention of Aloe Vera for the treatment of sunburns and wounds, I actually have first hand knowledge of the plant from my braindead days when I was playing soccer in Hawaii and was told to stay out of the sun in the early afternoon. This of course I ignored giving me a pretty brutal sunburn which was quickly remedied by a fellow teammate that went out and snapped off a piece of the plant from the sidewalk and rubbed it on my back, within no time the burning had subsided and the redness started to disappear so needless to say I am a fan of Aloe Vera products.

For the most part you can’t just go out and snap a piece of Aloe Vera but thanks to merchants like Forever Living Aloe Vera can be found in many products.

Forever Living sells products such as:

  • Aloe Vera based drinks;
  • Bee-derived cosmetics;
  • Nutritional supplements; and
  • Personal care products (shampoos, soaps, face creams, toothpaste etc)
  • Topical Gels and ointments
  • Plus, dozens of other products containing Aloe Vera.

Fun Fact: Aloe Vera is actually used in the food industry for the production of yogurts and multiple beverages.

Forever Living was growing so fast in it’s early years that by 1983 they were added to the top 500 list of fastest growing privately owned companies, and by 1995, they were expanding their product line to carry products such as deodorants, toothpastes, and laundry detergents.

Forever Living has a massive line up of products that they manufacture and sell. In 1990 Rex purchased another company called “Aloe-Vera of America” which afforded Forever Living the ability to manufacture their own products, increasing margins and their offering.

By 2010, Forever Living had built a following of 9.3 million distributors, and was bringing in consistent revenue of well over $1.7 billion dollars.

What Does It Cost To Become A Distributor With Forever Living?

Initially there are no costs associated with becoming a first level affiliate. You can join and sell products without having to pay a dime (except for the purchase of your wholesale products). However, as a first level distributor, you are unable to create a downline (recruits), which is essential I feel to making any type of serious income from participating in the Forever Living program. 

You have access to discounted products of up to 30%, and have the option of making almost 50% profit off of those products when re-sold.

What Does The Forever Living Compensation Plan Look Like?

Forever living refers to their compensation plan as a “marketing plan” similar to most MLM offers they have their own terminology to represent profits.

A Case Credit (CC) equates to a unit of measurement for items such as :

  • Advancements;
  • Bonuses;
  • Awards;
  • Incentives.

Each product is assigned a CC depending on the monetary value of that product. For example, 1 CC is equal to a product costing $132 wholesale.

With Forever Living, your profit can come from several different sources, the most common source of income is from the actual sale of Forever Living products which has the potential to  yield upwards of 50% profit margin. If you’re a good salesman/promoter, you’ll be able to gather a solid customer base and pump out quite a few products. There are a few techniques you can utilize to get sales from Forever Living products….

  • Selling parties;
  • Social media;
  • Friends and family;
  • Paying for ads, etc.
  • Building a blog to promote Forever Living products

Another way to earn more money is by achieving a higher status within Forever Living. By achieving a higher status, you’ll have the eligibility to start a downline of recruits, which you would then profit from their success as well.

The ranks go as such:

  • Distributor
  • Assistant Supervisor;
  • Supervisor;
  • Assistant Manager;
  • Manager

In order to move up the ranks to an Assistant Supervisor, you’d have to accumulate 2 CC’s worth of personal purchases. At this point, you’ll be able to receive an additional 5% on the retail value of your products sold. This 5% goes right onto your profit line.

Once you’ve started a downline ( recruits under you), you have to accumulate 25 CC between your own personal purchases, and your teams purchases, in order to advance to the next level which is that of a  Supervisor.

When you’ve hit the Supervisor ranking, you’ll be eligible to receive an 8% bonus on your personal volumes.

When your team hits 75 CC over a 2 month period, you move up into an Assistant Manager position, earning an additional 15% bonus off retail items.

Another way to make additional profit, is to train and encourage your team to move up the ranks as well. When a recruit moves into the Assistant Supervisor role (or any rank), you’ll get an additional bonus on top of what you’d already be receiving within your rank. For example, if you have achieved Manager status, and one of your recruits becomes an Assistant Supervisor (making a 5% bonus) and you’re making a 18% bonus for your manager status (18-5=13) this makes you eligible for an additional 13% bonus from the retail sales made by that recruit.

You can already start to see how the profit can quickly accumulate. The great thing about Forever Living, is that once you move into one of those 4 ranks, you stay there which is unusual for MLM offers. Whether you make bonuses relies on your active status (purchasing certain amount of products a month between yourself and team), If you by chance go dormant and don’t have sales you don’t lose your rank once you become active again. In my opinion the holding power of your established rank even with inactivity makes Forever Living one of the premier MLM opportunities on the market.

As you team grows under you and your recruits start to build their own teams, there are bonuses of up to 6% that can be earned off of the generations built through your downline. (A recruit building their own team would be generation 1, once your recruit has a recruit that starts building a team, that constitutes generation 2 and so on).

There are higher rankings that can be achieved by having multiple generations as well. However, with most networking style companies, less than 3% of distributors really make those ranks.

What Kind Of Training And Support Is Offered Through Forever Living?

When you sign up as a distributor, you’re assigned your own sponsor (if you don’t already have one). If after 6 months you haven’t moved into a rank yet or found some form of success, you have the option of choosing a new sponsor which is a great feature of Forever Living. I love this feature because it shows Forever Livings commitment to your success, this also encourages your sponsor to be proactive in your development as a Forever Living consultant. I have worked with quite a few Forever Living managers looking for ways to support their recruits build an online presence unlocking the potential of sales on the Internet.

Forever Living does supply members with tools such as brochures, banners, and posters to help throw selling parties for example and draw attention to your products. Forever Living offers training videos and training seminars/workshops to help aid you in your sales efforts. 

Forever Living also provides their FLP 360 platform, which is an all-in-one marketing suite for you to utilize. It will provide you with 4 websites to sell your products through, as well as give you a breakdown of sales, margins, and how well your companies doing. Don’t get to excited about having a FLP website they are very basic with limited capabilities, this is why many recruits come to me for help promoting Forever Living products online.

What I Like About Forever Living

  • Long standing company, proven track record;
  • When you move up in ranks, you cannot be demoted;
  • New sponsor will be assigned if you haven’t started to move up in ranks after 6 months;
  • Money back guarantee on products in the last 6 months if you decide to quit. Or, if the products are unsatisfactory, the customer gets a refund, and you get a replacement product.
  • Very good compensation plan offered.
  • No membership fee or monthly fee to participate.

The Downside Of Forever Living

  • 9.3 million distributors makes for a lot of competition from other distributors;
  • 95% of distributors struggle to make the top “Manager” ranking;
  • Aloe Vera is the only “special ingredient” in these products, and can be found for a third of the price at any retail store.
  • Lack of training for online sales.


All in all, I give Forever Living a solid ranking of 3/5 stars, which is a higher rating than normal for MLM companies. Normally, I don’t see many upsides to MLM offers as a whole for the simple reason most MLM offers have inadequate support and tools to offer and earning potential relies on recruitment. Forever Living on the other hand offers some good support and their products have consumer appeal. 

Forever Living offers good potential for advancement within their ranks and just the fact that you don’t lose out on all your hard work if you become inactive is a slam dunk for me.

Although the marketing plan (or compensation plan) sounds very confusing from their booklet, it’s actually really simple once broken down, and makes for good earning potential even if you don’t reach the top rank.

If you decide to Join Forever Living and need help building a presence online and take your Forever Living business to the next level I am here for you. I have access to a training platform that I work with that will give you and your team members the skills to market your products online via social media, forums and through a high-ranking website.



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  1. hi,
    I am inspired from your gentle review about Forever Living Network. I want to join and I want to promote these products in my blog.So is it possible to get product link to place in my blog.I am very tight in financial position So right now I am unable to spend money to become Assistant Supervisor.My blog which is related to Aloe Vera So I am thinking to have a try in this network.


    1. Hi Raj, I don’t have anything to do with Forever Living but I could offer some advice. If you want to promote Forever Living products and use your own site you can simply re direct your traffic to Forever Living. You need to become what they call a Forever Living business owner which will make you a sponsor, that way when you direct someone to the Forever Livings site you will get these people put into your down line. It’s free to become a Forever Living business owner, also referred to as a distributor.
      The way to make money with any MLM is by recruiting people to your down line and when they sell products you also benefit, this is the only way to really make money with any MLM, Forever Living is no exception. Hope that helps and good luck, if you need a hand driving traffic to the Forever Living site form yours just let me know I am always willing to lend a hand, have a good one Mike.

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