Free Cash Formula – Nothing Free Here!

Free Cash Formula – Nothing Free Here!

If you are looking for an online program that will turn your fortunes around and you think the Free Cash Formula is the one then you should read my indepth review of this life changing program!

What Is The Free Cash Formula?

free cash formula

Essentially the Free Cash Formula is pitched as another complete business in a box, a business that operates with a squeeze page which gathers emails and then an autoresponder is used to fire out offers to the email recipients that have offered up their emails. If you have ever heard of email marketing then this Free Cash Formula offering is a very simplistic form of how Email marketing works.  Email marketing can be a very effective way to generate sales from a website but specific components and sequences should be followed to maximize your chances of making money using the email Marketing technique.

empty-box-giftWhat’s Included In My New Business In A Box?

What you get in this business in a box offer is a lead page creator, video lead page creator and some video training on email marketing that’s about sums it up.

Is The Free Cash Formula Really Free?

No,  the Free Cash Formula isn’t free! The advertised cost to participate in the free cash formula offer is $49 downsell to $9 this is a typical marketing tactic nothing out of the norm.  This discounted entrance fee gets you the three items I listed above, Leadpage creator, video lead page creator and the 10 email training videos. If you haven’t had any exposure to email marketing then I feel the package offered might not be enough for you to see results you will be happy with.

What’s missing? For starters I didn’t see any mention of an autoresponder which is typically needed to run an email campaign, this will cost extra. I didn’t see any hosting included for your leadpages which will cost extra.

 My Final Thoughts

I don’t see to much to the Free Cash Formula offer it does appear to be a basic offer which will need some additions to make it a viable money generating opportunity in my opinion. Have a good look and make sure you look at what the cost of any additional products will add to the inexpensive introductory cost.




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