Freedom Fighters Network- Is It A Scam?

Freedom Fighters Network- Is It A Scam?

freedom-fighters-networkIn my opinion I would say that Freedom Fighters Network is a scheme or even a scam, potatoe or potato call it what you may. Read this short review and find out why I feel Freedom Fighters Network has all the trademarks of a pyramid scheme!

Everything on the surface looks ok, the price point of $47/ month is in the range that I consider respectable. I have said in the past that a monthly membership offers more value than a one time offer simply because one time fees have no support once you pay. Unfortunately Freedom Fighters Network is one of those monthly membership deals that pokes holes in my theory.

What’s The Real Cost To Join The Freedom Fighter Network?

By the time you figure the answer out to this question you will be whimpering in a corner with your pockets turned inside out! This is classic Internet marketing 101, it’s the shell game, just substitute your wallet for the pea!

The Freedom Fighter Network will lure you in with the classic 7 day free trial after you have given them your credit card. Before you know it your 7 day free trial is over and your card has been charged $30 for an autoresponder then tack on your $47 bucks a month and all of a sudden your backside starts to hurt, that’s just the first month!

-Entitled-to-Nothing-at-allWhat Do You Get For Your Money At The Freedom Fighter Network?

You get the opportunity to sell the Freedom Fighter Network! Yep, you heard me right, not only is your first Internet marketing limited to selling a suspect product you get to pay through the nose for this chance. In my opinion this is a pyramid scheme plain and simple. The primary way that you make money from this scheme is to recruit other unsuspecting schmucks so that you have a chance to make a buck, which I might add is a very remote chance.

If you think you are getting off that easy you are sadly mistaken. Phase two of this scheme or scam is to sell you traffic packages allowing you to hypothetically generate the right amount of traffic to reach your intended prey. $200 bucks supposedly will guarantee you 250 clicks, $300 gets 375 clicks and the list goes on, just depends on how gullible you are you could pay upwards of a $1000, that’s gonna hurt! The hook with opting into this buying clicks scheme is you will generate more traffic quickly and gain back your investment. The problem with this type of scheme is who knows if these clicks will convert into sales, most likely they won’t but by then it’s too late and there is a no guarantee and a no refund disclaimer.

reluctant praiseGive Credit Where Credit Is Due!

I have to give the Freedom Fighter Network some credit, they do make their program quite user friendly, pretty well a step by step process which targets the new Internet marketing crowd, eeerrrch! Lets stop here shall we. Do you as a newcomer to the Internet marketing game really know what it takes to make money online? I am betting you don’t and I would say in my opinion that the Freedom Fighter Network is betting on that too.  I feel your chances are much greater making more money in one day from a flea market bake sale  than you would using the Freedom Fighters Network system. You are relying on an outfits sale funnel to convert your traffic into sales and looking at their actual sales funnel I would say you’re in trouble relying on that ship to come in. Systems like the Freedom Fighter Network offer rarely ever produce significant return on investment. Seasoned marketers chuckle as we see schemes like this one roll off the press, they are good money makers alright, but only for the product creators.

The Worst Element Of The Freedom Fighter Network

This is where I beat the Freedom Fighter Network with my ugly stick! The Freedom Fighter Network has an affiliation of sorts with the Empower Network which in my opinion is a huge pyramid scheme that has taken many a newbies nest eggs with a smile. Usually in a scheme such as the Freedom Fighters Network where they offer a chance to opt in to the Empower Network it is actually a creation of an Empower Network disciple.  The Freedom Fighter Network in my opinion is just the storefront creatively orchestrated to promote and sell the wares of the Empower Network. You can read my full review of the Empower Network here but honestly you’re wasting your time on that one, don’t have one good thing to say about that outfit!

weird peopleMy Final Rant

The Freedom Fighter Network is in the purest sense a MLM ( multi level marketing program). When you see the abbreviations MLM you are best to run away as fast as you can in the opposite direction because the only winners or earners are the ones at the top, and that’s not going to be you!

Think about what you are getting for your potentially outrageous cash outlay, you get to sell an inferior product that you actually pay a monthly fee for and pay for the tools needed to sell this product and all you get is the right to sell that product. The only thing you have is a single item you have no rights too, they could close up shop tomorrow and what do you have, let me tell you, squat! In the end you potentially will have no online business, no product to sell, you will have no marketing skills that you can use to start over unless you stumble on a similar money losing venture, you will have the same as when you started this nightmare, correction, you will have less money to lose!

Unlike the Freedom Fighter Network there are legitimate programs that offer value for your money and one in particular that offers a FREE starter course no strings attached, no credit card info, so no risk of payments being charged and  no time restriction on your FREE membership. You get to ask members how they are enjoying or disliking their membership in the program.  If you like you can upgrade to a premium membership but this is totally optional and isn’t a requirement to starting and operating a profitable  online business. Here’s just some of what my #1 recommended program for starting a profitable online business has to offer.

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  1. I am very happy I stumbled across your review of the Freedom Fighters Network before I joined your review was very informative, thank you.

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