Google Sniper X Review- Can It Make Money?

Google Sniper X Review- Can It Make Money?

Read my in depth review of Google Sniper X and see why I gave Sniper a 4/10. I hope you will find some valuable information that will help you make an informed decision regarding your purchase of Google Sniper X. Enjoy the review!

Owner:  George Brown  Visit Google Sniper Here
Business Model: Affiliate Marketing Training
Cost: $1, 5 day trial- credit card will be charged $67 commencing after 5 day trial.
Google Sniper Offers a one time $47 membership fee combined with a monthly $47 fee.
Ranking: [yasr_overall_rating size=”medium”]

A quick Glance at Google Snipergeorgembrown725x403

Google sniper is a program developed by George brown, an Internet Marketer that created a step by step system that he used to generate a pretty nice income stream. George was only 17 years old when he first started using  his newly developed techniques while promoting Click Bank and various affiliate products. George Created Google Sniper in 2010, in that year,  George went on to earn a reported $500,000 dollars from the launch of his new product.

Google Sniper is basically a step by step system that George used on his rise to the top of the Internet marketing industry. Unfortunately when George made his run for the top the Internet was a completely different animal. What George is trying to sell you now in my opinion is like buying a TV that doesn’t have HD capabilities.

 How Does Google Sniper Work?

Google Sniper X money making capabilities are based on the creation of what George calls, Sniper sites. These sites are created in multiples by the marketer to give his or her products, usually Clickbank Products,  a greater presence on the Internet, hypothetically the flooding of a particular niche will lead to greater exposure and ultimately affiliate sales . George claims that the methods he uses and the creation of these Sniper sites will lead to top rankings within Google.

 Does Google Sniper X Work?

Sniper sites are basically just quick sales pages or 1 page websites, now referred to as lead pages which are created with the intent of maximizing exposure in a particular niche. In theory this all sounds realistic, achieving top rankings and getting maximum exposure in a niche and corralling in potential buyers.

Stop and fast forward to the modern day Internet where theory and reality collide. Since the implementation of algorithms created by Google ( Google Panda & Google Penguin) Google’s ranking system is now programmed to reward websites on original and quality content which you will not find within a Sniper site thus the significant loss in rankings for George’s Sniper sites. Google now recognizes and rewards authority sites with high rankings, not the model that Google Sniper X is promoting.  Google Sniper X’s quick Sniper sites aren’t built with original and quality content in mind which in Google’s eyes is basement ranking material, I have seen first page search results rankings dropping out of the top twenty pages in mere days of Google panda and Penguins implementation, yet Google Sniper X is still for sale using the same techniques!

Did you know that only 7% of all Internet users make it past the first page.

Enter reality,  what kind of exposure do you think you will achieve with a basement dwelling Sniper site .  Google Sniper X marketing strategy is hanging their proverbial hat on what I would consider prehistoric marketing techniques. Every now and then Google changes it’s algorithms and the Google Sniper X technology stays static lending it ineffective as a money making opportunity. You will read many reviews that call Georges product a scam which is harsh as far as I am concerned, it’s just outdated.  I guess I am a little more tolerant after reviewing many outright scams that offer absolutely nothing in return for your hard earned dollar, with Google Sniper X you are getting something for your money and at one time it was a affective marketing strategy.

How Does Sniper Stack Up On Value? 

Google Sniper is one of these products that on the surface looks competitively priced in the market training place, but this isn’t the case. Truth be known,  Snipers $47 one time fee combined with the additional $47 monthly fee doesn’t include many of the various tools needed to support a successful online marketing campaign . Website hosting, Keyword tool, around the clock support, article writing tools are non existent.  To add another downer to this program you are hit by advances with up sells!  When you start adding in all the necessary tools needed to make money online, the true cost of the Google Sniper X program could potentially be three times the stated monthly fee! I can’t emphasise the importance of access to a keyword tool. I use a keyword tool called Jaaxy to search for keywords that produce boatloads of traffic with very little competition. I used Jaaxy to write this review which in part helped this review of Google Sniper X  achieve first page rankings under multiple keyword phrases. You get your free trial of Jaaxy here!

What Training Can I Expect To Get With This Program?

Georges program is comprised of primarily video tutorials complemented with a 101 page ebook training manual. Relying on the use of video training as the main delivery model isn’t for everyone, referring back and forth between videos is a slow and cumbersome process and where do you get answers to questions without some type of classroom or chat room interaction? When you are in need of a quick refresher on a particular product video training can eat up a lot of valuable time. In today’s market Google Snipers Internet marketing training is antiquated as a form of affiliate marketing. In it’s day Google Sniper was a program that showed good results, but Sniper has not made a concentrated effort to keep up with the times.



The Sniper program does offer a support desk which as a member you have access to. The support staff are knowledgeable. The downside to this program is, where is George?  You are on your own with your newly purchased program. Buy it, you own it, teach yourself, and good luck!

Support is a critical component to achieving success in Internet marketing .  Any of you out there that have tried other programs just to fall short of making money online no all too well what I am talking about. Numbers thrown around the Internet peg the failure rate of fledgling Internet marketers at around 80%, this is the percentage of how many people make zero dollars attempting an online marketing career. When you’re looking for an Internet marketing training program look for support to be one of the programs core foundations not an afterthought!


Google Sniper X doesn’t supply FREE hosting, Keyword tools, live webinars, Forum support, article writing tools and current learning aids to keep pace with an ever changing marketing industry.



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  1. Dear Mike,

    Many thanks for sharing this review on Google Sniper. Your review is one of the most comprehensive and I got some great insights. Thanks for sharing this valuable information to help people like me. Keep rocking and posting this type of informative reviews. All the very best! I will come back to your website to learn more information.

    Your Friend,

    1. Great to have you back at the site checking out some reviews Paul, always nice to chat with you. Glad you liked my insight into the Google Sniper X offer, cheers Mike.

  2. Hello, please i need a way out concerning affiliate marketing program website i promote for over 1year by now. Making sales is one one of my greatest problem for this long. I’m hoping one day i will make sale with them. In the like of, and others.
    So please if you have technique which could help me make sale on my program i will be happy . currently i was running an advert on facebook about the product i do promote but still i can’t make a single sale. so please help me out if you any helping tips about it.
    Thank you for the good article you review about “google sniper x” it help me a lot because i intended to buy the product.

    1. Hi there, I looked at the offer you link to through your comment and to be honest I can see why you are struggling to make sales, what you are doing is called cold selling which offers very poor results.
      To sell products online or I should say promote products online for commissions you need to build trust with your audience you will see tons of Facebook ads, Twitter ads, Pinterest ads but for the most part these people are just hoping for a lucky sale very few of these ads ever deliver.
      Your better off going to forms such as Quora for example and answering questions pertaining to your service and product and dropping your link there. What this does is really gives people an insight into you and your product and never, never try and sell people on your product just educate them people will see right through the whole sales pitch thing.
      The internet public is getting pretty jaded and for good reason they are bombarded with email offers and pop ups when they visit websites be honest and be real that’s what sells and most of all believe in the product you are promoting.
      Build a website find a profitable niche to operate in and stick to the basics you don’t need much to succeed at affiliate marketing a simple website, access to keyword tool and that’s it. Keep your costs low, create your own sales funnel that slowly primes your customers to your offer.
      I can help you with all of this through a free course that I am affiliated with, it’s absolutely free and you can see first hand what you will need to succeed, you don’t have to buy anything and my services are free also and by the time you are done the course you will be set up in profitable niche with all my tricks and experience at your disposal.
      Check out the free course here no credit info needed!
      If you decide not to do the free course but still have questions pertaining to your affiliate marketing business feel free to stop by and ask away I am more than happy to help a fellow affiliate marketer. I can help you find a profitable niche to work in a matter of minutes, all my help on this site is pay it forward free! I help you, you help someone else, have a good one cheers Mike.

  3. Hi Mike, I saw in ne of your Comment Replies that you still use Clickbank. I feel like they don’t vet the products properly, so I can’t really recommend them (I used to have an ad for “Earth4Energy” DIY Wind Turbine Plans and they replaced it with a supposed Perpetual Motion Machine Ad, which I find disgraceful. How can you tell the good products on Clickbank these days? I tend to prefer Commission Junction nwadays.

    1. Hi Jonny sorry to hear you got shafted not cool! I have to admit Click bank has a really high refund rate which hurts at the end of the pay period I have had quite a bit of refunds issued against my sales because the products are digital and when people have a good look at them they just ask for a refund which really sucks but for a new person breaking into affiliate marketing it’s still a really good platform that offers very high commission payouts. Many of the products are really easy to promote which is another thing I do like about Click Bank products.
      Not to up on what happened to you but Click bank is a huge digital market place and I know they are always adding and dropping products from their platform but without notice is a poor business practice can’t say it has happened to me but I appreciate the heads up as I am sure my readers do also, cheers Mike..

  4. Hi Mike,

    Definitely nailed this article on Google Sniper X. I was thinking about the trial but when you started talking about the advances in technology the light bulb went off! All George is doing is making money off of what he did once which is a GREAT Strategy but not one that will last long in this industry. I am going to look into your 7 day course. I am trying to get some residual income started as a road to retirement early. 🙂

    Thanks – Rich

    1. Hi Rich thanks for leaving your thoughts! Yes, Google is constantly changing and old marketing techniques have very little use in modern day Google. All you need to do is look at two changes that Google made a few years ago and the subsequent changes since and you will see what I mean by Google Sniper X being outdated, Google panda and Penguin are two algorithms that were released by Google to combat low content websites that were designed to just sell not inform. The websites that were effected plummeted overnight after the changes were made, have a great day Rich thanks for stopping by, cheers Mike.

  5. This excellent website definitely has all the information I
    wanted about this subject and didn’t know who to ask.

    1. Hi Miles thank you for the comment, yes you are absolutely correct in saying that Google Sniper was good in it’s day but the Internet has changed quite a bit since it’s creation and hasn’t kept up with the times that I can see, have a great day Mike.

  6. Spot on with this write-up, I do believe that in it’s day Google Sniper did do the job but the Internet has changed and I haven’t seen any changes in the Google Sniper program that keeps up with the times.

    1. Hi Angeline, this is probably the biggest drawback that I see with the Google Sniper program, I mean think how fast computers evolve as well as the Internets growth over the years, so think how much an online program looking to maximize exposure on the Internet must evolve just to keep up and yet we still don’t see big changes in Google Snipers program offer.

  7. Simply wish to say your article is very good you state some good points that need to be considered before I make a decision.

    1. Thanks Wilfred I hope this post gives you a little insight into Google Snipers platform, have a great day Mike.

  8. hello
    can you sent me some video how google sniper work
    i want to use him
    i don’t have any website can’i just add a link to your software
    i have account with clickbank

    1. Hi Mohammed, sorry man I don’t support Google Sniper X as a way to make money online. I feel their marketing techniques are outdated and therefore somewhat ineffective for making money online. As far as the software thing goes there isn’t any mythical software that will make you money online, these money making software offers are created to take your money not make it for you, sorry to burst your bubble on that one!
      It’s great you have a Clickbank account, I sold Clickbank products for many years and still do but you need a website to sell those products effectively.
      Clickbank is a great way to make money online if you have the right training, you need to know how to build a website (very easy to do) and promote Clickbank products which are digital downloadable products. I never tell people to limit themselves to just Clickbank there are thousands of merchant marketplaces on the net and a well balanced marketing strategy is advised to maximize income potential.
      Clickbank merchants are willing in many cases to pay up to 75% commissions and all you need to do is get the traffic to the merchants websites and they do the rest, you get the commission if they make a sale, pretty sweet deal!
      I have personally helped to train many affiliate marketers that now make thousands and thousands a month in recurring monthly income from Clickbank products with their websites, it’s really not that hard. Well Mohammed I hope that gave you at least something to think about, cheers Mike.

  9. I am continually looking for online tips that can benefit me in my goal of working online for a living. Thanks for this website!

    1. Hi Trinty, I am happy you found some useful info here on my site, check out the free 7 day online marketing course I offer it is totally free, upsell free and no extra costs hidden. This quick course that you can work on when you have time will help you build an online business promoting products online, whether they are your own or for commissions promoting someone else’s. You will get two free websites and free hosting for as long as you like, even after your 7 days of free training, included with this is me as your support, you have access to me as you work your way through the course and can ask me anything you like, I am there to help. There is no catch “learn more about this 7 day course here!” Look forward to working with you Mike.

  10. Thank you for your Google Sniper review you stopped me from making another costly mistake. i have had a few failed attempts to make some money online now all claiming that their method is guaranteed to make me income online, none have delivered.

    1. Hi Gerry you are just one of hundreds of thousands that could tell the same story. The online money making business has evolved over the years with the Internet and many salesman of dreams are getting rich. The problem is unless you are lucky and find something that works you will just stumble around in the maze of endless fake offers of online riches. I am here to put a little reality back into that dream! If one really thinks about it the Internet has grown by businesses wanting exposure online but the problem these business have is getting that exposure and that’s where the only true money making opportunity lies, affiliate marketing. Online businesses need exposure so they hire people like myself on a commission basis to bring them traffic, I don’t sell anything, I hold no inventory and I have very little overhead so my revenue to cost ratio is insane.
      As an affiliate marketer all you need is a website, nothing fancy, hosting and a domain registry, I also use a keyword tool but that’s it. You can make hundreds of thousands of dollars a year with a operating cost of under $500, you can make money as you learn to hone your skills, something worth looking at, it’s real, you have to work at it pretty hard to start but once you get it running it’s pretty laid back lifestyle, good luck Mike.

  11. I tried the Google Sniper program and what you say about the outdated training is exactly what I found and you are also right about the lack of support I wish I would have read this before I wasted my money!

    1. Hi Roger sorry to hear you didn’t have a good experience with the Google Sniper program but unfortunately you are not alone, wish you luck in the future, cheers Mike.

  12. I ‘ve heard quite a bit about Google Sniper and thought I would start checking it out and I came across your review. You have made some good points that I will look into further, thank you for the info, Gerald.

    1. No problem Gerald, I think you will find what I have said here is pretty accurate. You will find the common theme with reviews you will read on Google Sniper, really doesn’t matter the version whether it be X, 2.0, 3.0 they are the same product just different box the marketing techniques used in the Google Sniper program are clearly outdated and honestly are not effective for gaining a presence on the Internet and therefore ineffective for making money online, cheers Mike.

  13. Hi Mike, after reading your Google Sniper review I do see some glaring faults with this program I have been searching for a way to make a living online for some time now and I think I have a pretty good idea of what it will take so thank you for your perspective on the Google program, just seems weird that it has been around for such a long time?

    1. Hi Marry, Yes Google Sniper does have a few issues in regards to making money online with this program. I know when you look at a program and it has been around awhile, like Google Sniper, you may think it is because it actually works and therefore has some staying power do to that fact, but in the case of Google Sniper I believe it is in most part do to the name that George picked for his product. I think if Google Sniper had been called something less relative and didn’t piggyback on such a high profile such as “Google” most people wouldn’t give it another look and it would have died out quickly, I give George full marks, he picked a great name for his product!

    1. Hi Dela just click here and you will get a free starter membership, look me up when you’re inside and I will be happy to give you a hand building an online business, cheers Mike.

  14. I see you say Google is always changing does that mean your recommendation will also be obsolete just like Google Sniper?

    1. Hi Daisy, great question! I can confidently say that my Choice for making money online, the place I used to build my online business many years ago is the industry leader and has been for many years. The reason they are so successful is they change with Google, always offering the current techniques and training. Google is and has been moving towards providing a more authoritative experience for it users and my #1 pick has known this for years and has geared their training to provide just that. This program gets you high rankings which translate into traffic which equates to money, it’s as simple as that. Take a free spin with my #1 CHOICE for generating income online, see you inside, Mike.

  15. Great review! What you say totally makes sense, the Internet has changed so much since George created his product it stands to reason it would be outdated.

    1. Thanks Rodney, Yes in it’s day Google Snipers concept did make some sense but since Google’s business model and the many algorithm changes that Google has made in it’s attempt to make their users experience more authoritative in nature it does stand to reason that Google Snipers day has come and gone, it’s like a mechanic working on a modern day vehicle without computerized tools, he or she isn’t going to be very effective in solving your car’s mechanical issues without these new tools or advanced technical knowledge, thanks Mike.

  16. Hello Mike, please i want u to explain much about dis site i want to be a part of good and great things in life, how can i register and am from Africa Nigeria.. If u ask me any question am ready to answer u i will give u my infomation about me.. Am looking forward to see your reply

    1. Hi Michael I just do reviews and write on Internet marketing techniques and products that I have personally used or researched. I offer my recommendations, I don’t collect email addresses to be used in email campaigns like so many review sites do, I will not take your personal info but I will point you in the direction that I used to build a profitable online business and I will offer my personal help at no expense, no strings attached. Read my review of the program that basically taught me everything I know about making a living online, if you have any questions after that don’t hesitate to ask, cheers Mike.

  17. Mike, I cannot log into my WA account. Am I a guest or something? Can you tell me what’s going on?

    1. Hi Robert, if you signed up for the free starter membership you are a full member just give it another try, let me know if you have any problems and I will see what’s going on but usually it’s a very simple process you just need a username. Mike.

  18. You saved me from getting into the sniper trap. Thanks mike for that amazing review. I’m a blogger who writes and has been struggling some time to make some money out of affiliate marketing. Would be glad if you could just provide me a tip or two. thanks! This site is amazing just for the revelations and the traps it wants users to avoid, people like me who want to make some money online are surely hugely benefited by this site.

    1. Hi Pankaj, I would be happy to give you a hand. I found success online where so many fail only because I had quality step by step training and great support and that’s the key to succeeding online, no magic or push button systems, that’s not Internet reality just made up garbage to empty your wallet in a hurry! Check out the program I recommend, it’s a free no strings attached, no credit cards, chance to start making money online. Have a look at a review I did on it HERE!

  19. do you have live support and can i get you or support staff 24/7 if i have questions .what is your business do can you forward a link to exactly what you sell or do thanks Russell

    1. Hi Russel, if you are referring to my #1 recommended training program the place I got my start in 2010, yes they do have 24/7 support and they do have live chat where many experienced and successful marketers offer their help including myself and the owners, so yes there is live support.
      My business is “Affiliate marketing” best non job on the planet. At this current time I sell Internet marketing tools and services such as autoresponders, hosting services, domain registry services, website builders, keyword tools just to name a few. Over the years I had my hands in the weight loss market, did quite well there, and I have also been in the personal development market.
      I have sold everything from antioxidant cleansing drinks, cutlery, books, glucose monitors, eyewear, weight loss programs. In my early years when the Internet was much different you had to write articles on a directory to get traffic to a site, I wrote for Street articles and I was what Ezine Articles called an “expert author” don’t think I would categorize myself as that but they seem to like to throw around titles, my articles are still on the net and get modest traffic. I have written articles on everything from “choosing the right steak to bbq” to “menopausal weight loss for woman” my wife and I still have a good chuckle over that one! That was my exit from the weight loss niche, figured I had just about exhausted my options at that point, lol.
      Since roughly 2010 I have sold 100’s of products and been in multiple niches. In saying that all you need at any given time is one niche to make a great living online, multiple niches become a “jack of all trades master of none” gig. I learned early on in my online career that multiple niches are a pain in the ass, doesn’t make you any more money just burns you out.
      When I say I have sold products, I mean I have directed people to make a purchase, that’s the nice thing about Affiliate Marketing I actually don’t sell anything all I have to do is direct people to something they were looking for in the first place, you do it once you can do it a hundred times, a thousand times and you know where it goes from there. Hope that helped, cheers Mike.

  20. It really was the-bomb-dot-com back in the day, however oh how issues have modified online and because of this the “Sniper” technique is less impact as we speak that it was.
    And although George has updated the information, the changes in Google’s algorithm modifications happen much to often for George to keep current, which renders his course useless.

    1. Thanks for the comment and your insight into Google Sniper Stiven, appreciate you taking the time to leave a comment, cheers Mike.

  21. Looks like you know your stuff, thank you for the review of Google Sniper X. I know for a fact that these multiple sites sound good in principle but Google has changed the way they do things over the years and I see where you are coming from.

    1. Thanks Willey, I appreciate taking the time to leave a comment. I have been at IM for quite a few years so I have a pretty thorough understanding of what it takes to make money online as a Internet Marketer. Yes Google Sniperx In my opinion uses some outdated techniques that will prove ineffective in your pursuit of the elusive online dollar, cheers Mike.

  22. I tried this product I made $30 in one year and worked my ass off. I think the $30 was just a fluke. I believe George is a millionaire, he is good at selling his program. Thank you!

    1. Hi Karen, yes Google changes their algorithms sometimes a couple times a year so putting your eggs all in one basket as Google Sniper would like you to do in my opinion is foolish, what works one year might not work the next year. There is only one thing that will stay constant and that is building a authority site and monetizing it, that will never fall out of Google’s favor, at the same time you are building a long term business model that will generate great income for many years to come. Check out my #1 recommended program for a free chance to learn how!

  23. Hi, I used George’s Google Sniper and I guess the reason I am here leaving this comment is it didn’t work for me. Support was terrible, setting up these sites sounds so easy but it isn’t. In theory GS sounds good that’s why I bought in but the end result is it didn’t work! Your article is accurate.

  24. I bought into Sniperx and I was really disappointed with it. I know it’s not a get rich scheme and that’s why I bought in but I have done some IM and I found this system to use techniques that I feel don’t work these days, hope that helps someone.

    1. High Zach thanks for leaving a comment. When I did my review on Google Sniper X i found that Georges program did use some outdated techniques in my opinion. It is a known fact in the IM world that 1 page sales pages are out and Google is looking for content, “content is the king” What you need to be looking for is a program that teaches you how to fill a site with content that ranks. Finding niches is really simple using a keyword tool such as Jaaxy. Google sniper in my opinion hasn’t kept up with the times, I am sure in it’s day it was a great program, the use of sniper sites as an effective tool I could see working, but since that time Google has changed it algorithms numerous times, so now when Google crawls these one page sites they don’t offer what Google is looking for. I mean I can go on and on about what Google wants these days such as post length, internal links, # of external links but you can learn all of this at My #1 recommended training program, cheers Mike

  25. I see what you mean about outdated marketing techniques. I have a website and I am having a hard time ranking, any suggestions.

    1. Hi Sarah, yes I have plenty of suggestions and questions. First I would have to ask do you use a keyword tool to find high search keywords with low competition? I use jaaxy, great tool, very accurate. Are your posts 750-1500 words? they should be. Is your content original, it should be. How many external links do you have leaving your site, you should have only a couple. How many internal links do you have, linking articles, you should have multiple, Google loves this. Do you know how to place keywords to maximize article rankings. You can learn all this and much more in a month or two at Wealthy Affiliate, good luck and if you need a hand inside WA look me up, cheers Mike

  26. Thanks for the review, I have tried Google Sniper X and it is exactly like you said, felt like I was just spinning my wheels and the lack of support frustrated me to the point where I just gave up. This is the second program that I have tried and I can’t find a program that will take me that one step more to making money, is there such a thing? I am thinking online marketing is just one big scam!

    1. Hey Mark, have you checked out my #1 recommended program, its free to try it out as long as you want. You get to build a few free websites and get chance to build an online business from the ground up. One thing Mark about Wealthy Affiliate is there are many alumni that make a great living online myself included, so it does work, it’s real Internet marketing techniques no B.S hype. It take some work and dedication but the rewards are unbelievable. This program is like no other for many reasons but the one that makes the difference is the many pillars of support.
      Lots of programs offer SEO training, Email marketing techniques, writing content lessons and so on but what they all lack is help! Training programs are so focused on course material that they often forget about various learning roadblocks that their members run in to. Wealthy Affiliate puts as much resources into providing support as it does on its volumes of training options. They have one on one coaching when needed, no extra fee, they have a community of thousands with varying experience levels that are willing to give you a hand and they have some very experienced marketers such as myself that are always willing to lend a hand, live and taped webinars, the list goes on. Give it a try and look me up when you are inside WA, I am more than happy to give you a hand, cheers Mike.

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