Home Profit System Scam- Read My Quick Review

Home Profit System Scam- Read My Quick Review

Home Profit System is just another clone of the many scams that are running rampant on the Internet today! Read my quick Home Profit System review and see why I think this work at home venture will turn into a home nightmare.

TOPS-Home-Profit-SystemHome Profit System Uses Fake News Releases

As you can see from the picture to your left that the home profit system resorts to using altered news release captures to try and set the hook making it look like they are the real deal and the latest craze in making money from the comforts of your own home.

What Is The Home Profit System?

This system as they call it is very simplistic in nature. What the home profit system promote is a prehistoric marketing technique that has long gone by the wayside. Link posting at one time was a way of generating online revenue albeit minimal income even in it’s prime. Link posting is when you are offered money from companies to post their links wherever possible. In theory this sounds quite easy but unfortunately thats the only time this technique holds any water. Over the years Google has put an end to this type of practice s the promotion of this marketing technique is an outright lie. It’s been reported that the home profit system subscribers get varying support material such as DVD series, their offering is different for many different subscribers that tells me they are just covering their backs and avoiding any legal issues in regards to ripping people off. You as the purchaser get something for your investment even though it is absolutely useless to your efforts of generating revenue online.

What’s This Scam Going To Cost You?

This scam will cost you anywhere in the range of $100 and all your personal information. The monetary loss hurts enough it’s the privacy part that will hurt you even more. Endless emails promoting make money at home products, soliciting phone calls at all times of the evening and day are the norm for this type of scam. Really scary giving a credit card number to the likes of these people behind the scene. Like I have said in the past when reviewing programs such as the home profit system, scams like this like a one time fee so that they can get in and out, real online business opportunities have monthly memberships because they are always creating new material that their members benefit from. One payment wonders scam or no scam are usually duds for the simple reason they have no motivation to enhance or improve on their offering, and if they do offer something new it’s at an extra cost to you if you want it, something to keep in mind when you are looking at an online program.

scammersWho Are These People?

Knowing who you are dealing with in a scam like the home profit system is a big problem. People behind scams like HPS are pretty clever but lazy and just want the quick scam and get out, that’s why there is a good chance that the front person or the fictional creator is just a wallet card photo or a copied image off the Internet, by no means is this a genuine program owner.

What Can I Expect For Support?

No such thing as support when it comes to the Home Profit System. Here are a few complaints from the better business bureau.


hps1As you can see the home profit system has some glaring concerns which should be taken into consideration. When you purchase a product and you get no support or even the product that you were promised this is a bad situation, one instance should be enough to stop you from purchasing this product, when I looked there were actually 11 complaints filed with the better business bureau.


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  1. Hi Mike, been wanting to have a shot at Affiliate work for quite a while now but after being scammed I am a wee bit nervous about putting in ton`s of work to simply get ripped off again. What in your opinion is a safe and reliable way to go about it ? Thank you Neil Gingell.

    1. Hi Neil sorry for the late reply. Affiliate marketing does take a bit of work to achieve results. People will try and sell you on the idea that you can make money quickly which isn’t true at all.
      There are two ways to approach affiliate marketing!
      1) Build an authoritative website that Google rewards with high rankings garnering you the traffic that goes with good rankings, divert that traffic to an affiliate offer and reap the rewards. This isn’t an overnight process, it does take months to get that Google’s attention but once you do you will have a long term income stream for years to come using this technique.
      2) Build websites that are very niche specific, only 3-4 pages in length. A domain registry only costs $14 so you could do quite a few of these sites which I have seen earn in the range of $1000 and up a month, do the math on ten for example. This is by far the fastest method in my opinion.
      The key to both these methods working is finding the right training, you need training and quality training.
      Everyone and their dog is trying to sell you on the idea that there are shortcuts but that is pure B.S, you can’t cheat Google, that’s what many of these people are really saying with their bogus systems and such.
      Here’s the program I used to become an affiliate marketer Neil, check it out here! This program has a free 10 unit course that really gets you started with two free websites and free hosting, worth a look, I am a memeber there, look me up and I will give you a hand, cheers Mike.

  2. Ive learnt some excellent stuff here on your website. Certainly worth bookmarking for revisiting. I would actually love to learn how to make a website like yours, where did you learn how?

    1. Hi John, I got my training through a place called Wealthy Affiliate you can check out a review I did on them if you would like, click here to see my review. Building a website like this one is really quite simple the actual set up takes a matter of minutes and everything on a WordPress website them like this one is very user friendly.
      Wealthy Affilaite teaches you how to build a website and turn it into a money making tool in no time check them out if you are interested, read my review on them first to see exactly what you are looking at,cheers Mike.

    1. Hi Satish I am really glad you found my site and didn’t bite on this one you saved yourself some money here! Have a great day Mike.
      If you looking for a way to make money online then have a look at the free 7 day Internet Marketing course I offer, this will show you how to build a website which you get for free as well as the hosting you need for free there are no upsells or “extras” that are needed just a chance to try your hand at affiliate marketing.
      Essentially this course will help you to create an online business in a very short period of time, you can potentially make thousands a month from one website.
      Learn more about this free 7 day course here!

  3. I just could not go away from your website before I told how much I value the job you do, thank you for informing us of programs that will basically steal our money.

  4. Keep up the good work! You know, many people are hunting around for this info and it’s nice to find a website like yours that is authentic.

  5. I have seen a handful of these clones in the past week surfing around the net, thanks for the heads up, colleen.

    1. You’re welcome Colleen and yes there are many of these so called money making programs on the net that are just bogus.

    1. Hi Bonnie, have you thought of doing affiliate marketing, all you need is a computer and Internet. You can get some free training to see if it’s your thing or not. I do it for a living, quite a good living. I work from home selling for merchants online. You can sell Amazon products, clickbank products, you name it you can sell it. The nice thing about Affiliate marketing is all you pay for is the cost to maintain a website which is pretty inexpensive. I make thousands a month and my cost to do this is around $50 a month, pretty cheap business costs. I feel affiliate marketing is the most legitimate way to make money online, you don’t buy or sell any product, you get paid to guide buyers to a merchant’s site Here’s a link where you can do it for free as long as you like no strings attached, click here

  6. hello!,I love your writing a lot! I have seen scams like this before and while checking this out I realized it was the same type of deal, a bad one! Thank you for advising your readers on garbage like this it can really cost people a lot of money if they are not aware what is a waste of money and time, much appreciated, Hilda.

  7. Hello Mike,

    I find your review insightful and personally, I have read so much about affiliate marketing from different people and right now more confused when I started initially, it means I will be leaving my current sales job at the end of the month and would love if you can guide me through on how to proceed with becoming a full fledged affiliate marketer because that is about all I have to do at this time to get my feet back on ground and be able to pay my bills. I have registered on several of them sites but never parted with credit card information because I do not use such that can be used on international portals, my card is limited to my country which makes it easier for most sites to reject the card even when i fill the details just to check.
    For those that have been scammed, if it is still recent, you can request for a charge back from your local bank and the amount will be refunded, most online portals that has an online credit card system, an unsatisfied customer can request a charge back within 6 months of the date of signup or purchase of the services.
    Mike, I really appreciate your efforts in this piece and would love to read from you on how to proceed with becoming an affiliate marketer, I have about a month or two before I find myself in a tight position with bills mounting up and would like to maximize the little time I have if given a guideline. Your help will be immensely appreciated.

    1. Hi Kenney nice to meet you. Reading your comment I sympathize with the position you are finding yourself faced with at this current junction in your life. Becoming an Affiliate Marketer isn’t that hard if you have the right training and you are committed which sounds like you are. I can’t see any obstacles to making Affiliate Marketing your new career.
      Yes there’s a ton of misinformation on this topic all I can say for certain is I make a very good living online as an Affiliate Marketer.
      I would be happy to direct you to the program that gave me my start and the nice thing about this program is you can start off FREE as long as you like and keep that credit card info where it belongs, in your possession!
      Click on this link “FREE STARTER MEMBERSHIP” I am a premium member with this program so please don’t hesitate to look me up and I will help you become an Affiliate Marketer, my member name there is Mike Lambert

  8. Dear Mike, I’m from Guatemala. Yesterday finally got the time to watch all information. After read it, maybe you could explain me the way the system will pay, because I’m outside US. Thank you a lot,

    1. Hi Alejandro, If you decide to become an affiliate marketer payment depends on the merchants you choose to sell for. lots of merchants do direct deposits many make commission payments to your paypal account if you set one up. It doesn’t matter what country you are from, most merchants pay in US dollars, some like to send out cheques.
      You will find people from all over the world inside Wealthy Affiliate selling products online, it’s free to go in and ask as many questions as you like and start learning about making an income online, cheers Mike.

  9. Thanks for your review, am in Nigeria but really in need of a coach to put me through on the online affiliate marketing,
    If you could contact me I’ll be so happy thanks

    1. Hi Chukwudi, where you’re from doesn’t have a bearing on learning affiliate marketing that’s the nice part of working online. I work from anywhere in the world that I want to travel to or call home. I would strongly recommend coming to Wealthy Affiliate where I am a member I can help you through their platform where you will not only get my help but help from many other community members, good luck Mike.

  10. I read what I thought was a review on the home profit system but now after reading your review I realize it was just a sales pitch not a review, thank you for your unbiased opinion, Jen

    1. Hi Jennifer, thanks for your comment. Yes there are so many reviews that are just sales pages for products or a service it’s hard to find something that’s real. Reviews are actually a marketing technique that many marketers use, quite common. I don’t mind it’s use when you are promoting say “Amazon products”. I have used this technique selling replacement filters for water purification systems, all good filters no one gets scammed. Make money online schemes and scams on the other hand can milk people out of their hard earned money with nothing in return, that’s just downright dishonest. Have a good day Mike.

  11. I stumbled upon your review because I want to make some cash online. What exactly is Internet marketing? How long would it take me to make say $1000 a week? What would I have to put out of my pocket? Thanks Scott.

    1. Good questions Scott! Internet marketing is also referred to as affiliate marketing. I am an affiliate marketer and I sell products for companies based in all parts of the world, they pay me a commission if someone goes through one of my sites and makes a purchase from their respective companies, it’s quite simple actually, and there’s a huge shortage of affiliates do to the expansion of Internet use and it grows yearly. I sell products when I sleep, it’s like Christmas every morning at my house, never know how much I made while I was sleeping lol.
      Can you make $1,000 a week and how long? For starters $1,000 a week I was making after about 4 months, now after a few years and many websites later I can easily make that in a day. The time period varies on how much time you put into it, I was working a full time job when I started, so time for me was limited. I put out $47 month for everything I needed to run my online business, that’s it! If you pay more than that you are getting ripped off in my opinion. I hope that helps Scott, best of luck, Mike.

  12. I got burned by this scam, cost me close to $700 by the time I realized it was a scam. Phoned me several times trying to sell me private coaching and autoresponders and what have you. High pressure salesman for sure.

    1. Hi Xavier, thanks for leaving your experience with these guys to warn others. Wish you all the best in the future, Mike.

  13. I am glad I read your review I have since checked out what you have pointed out and you are dead on, thank you , Cole

    1. Hi Cole I am glad you got some benefit from my post. The Home Profit System is the classic example of a scam that gets a hold of new people entering the online money making market, with very limited knowledge of what making money online is all about. IF I had to guess I would say that at least 80-90% of all people hitting the Internet in search of making some money get scammed or take programs that don’t deliver. I started with the goal of making a truck payment and next thing I knew I was faced with doing IM full time, wasn’t a tough decision! The Home Profit System is part of a ring of connected scams as far as I can see, wish you all the best Mike.

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