How To Avoid Work At Home Scams

How To Avoid Work At Home Scams

I have been licking my chops searching for the time to write an article that could be used as a roadmap for my readers with the hope that equipping readers with the knowledge I have of scams they can safely navigate the Internet without running blindly into a scam. With this article on ” How To Avoid Work At Home Scams” I will lay out what I look for when researching programs and products and what leads me to a scam verdict!

Scams come in many shapes and sizes and they don’t have to be delivered by slippery Internet salesman. Whatever results in giving you false hope when it comes to not delivering on what was advertised I consider a scam all they need is a willing participant.

Enjoy the read and by all means when you are done reading my article ask any questions that come to mind and I will answer your questions as quickly as possible.

 How To Avoid Work At Home Scams Quick Tips

Quick Tip 1 – If it’s sounds too good to be true it is, why? Because that’s what marketers are trained to do, they will prey upon your wants and desires and use them on you, the more desperate you are to make money online the more vulnerable you are. I know this sounds despicable but making money online for many is all about exploitation so check your burning desire to make a quick buck at the Internet door because it will be the opening the scammer needs.

Quick Tip 2 – There is no such thing as a push button work from home way to make money online. Next to a blinding desire to  work from and make money online one of the worst mistakes you can make is to buy into the theology that making money from home will be easy and without dedication. Push button made for you systems once again are geared to play upon another weakness and that is to make money as easy as possible. Marketers have targeted campaigns that promote the ease and speed of done for you systems all you have to do is pay for that luxury, let me tell you straight up there is no valid system that I have found researching close to 200 programs to date.

Quick Tip 3 – There are no moms, dads, grandpas and Grandmas  making thousands or millions from the comfort of their homes without Internet Marketing training, none! There are many outfits that I have reviewed claiming “single mom makes $1500 a day posting on social networks”  no training required. Of course there is no training required because these jobs don’t exist, years ago there were some link posting opportunities but not anymore.  This is probably the most commonly used scam out there right now, link posting as a big money making opportunity is an outright fabrication, run when you see this one.

Quick Tip 4 – Internet Marketing training is not needed to make money online! Absolutely B.S. The only way to make money online is to connect with the masses, you will make little money selling to friends and family  you need to know how to reach a broad audience, a worldly audience, and to do this you do need some training.

Quick Tip 5 – I need to take my Internet Marketing at a school. Some people aren’t going to like what I say here but any good Internet Marketer isn’t going to be training they are going to be out making big money much, much more than a teacher could ever make so I would be very suspect in the quality of training you will get from any traditional academic facility.

Quick Tip 6 – Training should cost a lot. Not true at all, you should be able to find Internet Marketing training for less than $50 a month all inclusive. This monthly payment is the norm for many of the top Internet Marketing programs which will include at least 90% of any tools that you will need to make money online.

Quick Tip 7 – Quick tip 6 leads me straight to this tip which is one of the biggest shams on the Internet when it comes to making money online, you need a big costly tool box to make money online. I personally only have 2 tools that I use and pay for to run my online business from home is as follows, keyword tool and an autoresponder, that’s it! No big costly tool box just two tools that help me reach my audience and then reply to their requests. Many marketers will lead you to believe that you will need lead generation tools, traffic generators, Email generation tools and analytic tools which is just not the case. Google analytics and Webmaster tools are FREE and will give you all the data you need to run an effective campaign.

Quick Tip 8 – Joining an MLM ( multi level marketing company)  looks like the easiest way to make money from home. MLM’s are promoted as an all inclusive way to make money online, don’t have to look for products you can use theirs, make money off people under you, benefit from the MLM’s advertising and exposure, done for you built in systems. This is a fact, over 80% of all people joining an MLM fail to make any significant amount of income! Why? MLM’s have limited start up capital most of that capital goes into product and infrastructure development they have very little funds for training and almost zero money for offering support which is very costly. Without support and training you will fail guaranteed and as I stated most do!

The only people who are making money in MLM’s are the experienced marketers that know how to reach a broad market not just their friends and family. Experienced marketers don’t have to rely on training and support all they need is access to the products to sell and have the ability to connect and recruit members under them that they will benefit from, this is why I always tell my readers that yes you can make money in MLM but only if you get the training first then sell.

Quick Tip 9 – Never join any program that doesn’t offer a FREE trial, if the program doesn’t have the confidence to show you what they have to offer at no charge then they are not worth the risk. When I say FREE I mean FREE  not $1, $4, or $7 because what this does is it activates your credit card and this will automatically roll over into a high priced monthly fee guaranteed this is a common bait and hook technique used by many Internet Marketing training programs and done for you money making systems.

Quick Tip 10 – Huge discounts, this is a big red flag don’t be sucked in by perceived value this is called down selling and is a marketing technique used to entice you into thinking you are getting a deal when in reality it is more likely that the product or program isn’t even worth the discount. Quality programs will give a small discount but drastic discounts are scam tactics. One time fee programs that offer a program for say $97 will give you some training but will almost always try and upsell you on more products with monthly fees associated to them. These one time fee programs also can’t afford to offer support and without the best support you will fail.

Theses are just 10 quick tips off the top of my head if you have any questions on programs or tools that you want answered before you take the plunge by all means now is the place and time to ask them, hope this helps you avoid work at home scams.



2 Replies to “How To Avoid Work At Home Scams”

  1. You’ve made a very good point there Mike and I applaud you for that. My experiences are that most Network Marketing companies these days are a scam. The so called MLM schemes come in all shapes and forms and they coat it with the hyped up promises of making millions and doing almost nothing, no selling, no calling. And the most tricky part is some of these companies are promising to recrute even the subscribers/members for you and when you sign up and pay you discover that it was a trick and that it is a system you have to apply but you have to go out and get the traffic yourself. I’ve had my share of dissapointment with these home based opportunities and I have swithced over to Affiliate Marketing. Selling other peoples products for a commission. Some of them even have two tier programs where you can get other afffiliates to join and receive a commission from there efforts. The Affiliate programs are generally free to join. I have found a program that completely set up a done for you system for free where you can go out and just generate the traffic and get paid commissions instantly as you generate sales directly into your Clickbank account. It is called Instaffiliate. You may want to check them out.

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