How To Become A Good Affiliate Marketer

How To Become A Good Affiliate Marketer

Would you like to make a 75% commission on  items or services you have sold? If your answer is ” Sign me up” then you will want to keep reading!

Becoming a good Affiliate Marketer should be every Internet Marketers goal. If you are good at any job it tends to open the doors of opportunity. This statement is no more truer than in Internet Marketing. Successful online Marketers are sought after by large companies hoping that the best online marketers will promote their goods.  Affiliate program managers offer the elite marketers incentives that well exceed the norm for Affiliate commissions.

Niche Knowledgebrain

One of the best ways for an Affiliate Marketer to connect with his intended audience is having Niche knowledge. A Marketer must know his product inside and out. If you go out and try and sell someone ” fluff” this is a term we use for KEY WORD dense paragraphs on a page solely intended  to get your page ranked. These words might  get you some traffic but WILL NOT lead to conversions. Look around the Internet at all the websites, a whole bunch of fluff and not a lot of substance! Do you know why?  Affiliate marketing programs that exclusively focus on Website building with little focus on why you are building these sites. ” TO MAKE MONEY”.

Knowing Your Niche

This section is more about Niche Marketing than anything else. Knowing how stiff your competition is and what is available in the form of commissions is important. At one time I looked at Marketing books. Well, not a great main Affiliate product, even a debatable sideline Affiliate product. If your lucky 3% – 10% commissions, hardly worth your time in my opinion, but many people do promote books as their main affiliate product.

I did promote some products in the Weight Loss niche and did quite well. Mega competitive though, you would only want to jump into this one if you really are on top of your game and are a graduate of a good Affiliate program, versed in all aspects of Affiliate Marketing. Weight loss products can be a insanely lucrative niche. Affiliate programs can pay up to 75% out of sales topping $250,  nothing to turn your nose up at. Having a good KEY WORD TOOL at your disposal to drill down on Niche key word competition is a necessity not a luxury if you hope to find a niche with little competition and large Affiliate commissions.


Cool! didn’t have to use spell check on that one, I am moving up!  I dare you,  try and find similar material to what I have written so far in this article. You won’t,  unless of course someone has copied my work. OH yes! That does happen more than I would like to mention. I had content stolen from me  and posted,  the kicker! They ranked ahead of me on the same page. Yikes! That hurt my pride a bit.  Note of caution,  If you want to be a good Affiliate Marketer with any credibility or longevity,  stay clear of this type of practice. Google catches you stealing content your automatically shut down!

If your goal is to be the best Internet Marketer you can be then BE ORIGINAL.  That is what people want and deserve. Write from the hip, be real, tell people what they want to know and what you said you would deliver. Don’t give them the run around and try and sell them something that wasn’t promised. I am not saying that you can’t sell them something extra,just give them what they thought they were coming to your site for. In the end that is what will convert into sales.

trust-bigProfessional Integrity & Honesty

When your writing or reviewing products it is essential that you take the high road when your marketing Affiliate products. Stay true to yourself, promote your products with a sense of professional pride. There are a huge amount of scam artists promoting a wide variety of Affiliate products. These guys have a very short life span on the net, don’t fall into that category if you want to be a successful online marketer. Here’s a quick example:  I wanted to promote Weight Watchers, but to do so they wanted to view my work and only when I had passed their ethical requirements would I get their endorsement. If I had demonstrated any where on any of my sites poor judgment,  I would not have been allowed to promote their product. Many other companies have the same guidelines for accepting Affiliates. So become a good Affiliate Marketer, take the high road!

Building A Brand

Your goal as an affiliate marketer should be to brand yourself. Branding is where the money is made. If you build a brand by demonstrating your knowledge in your niche is like money in the bank, Why?

Branding not only shows that you are credible, knowledgable and trustworthy, but also shows that you are in the game for the long haul, not a fly by night affiliate but one who has put in the time and has the experience in their niche, website visitors associate with trust, something that is earned with time and commitment to your niche.

Demonstrate your knowledge every chance you can by answering questions on forums or on your site. Create helpful, meaningful content that was created to help not sell, that will come with trust!

Put your time in, don’t rush for sales this will only hurt your chances of making sales, like I said, build trust and sales will follow.

Many times I have had the opportunity to plug a product or program I am promoting but I held back because I thought of what that person needed at the time, which wasn’t a sales job. It may have been some reassurance that they had found someone credible after hitting scam after scam, or just needed a little non committal help with out being badgered. Learn to identify these times and make the right decision, it will pay off over time.

What I am describing in this paragraph is no different with a brick and mortar business. Could you imagine if a business just looked at making a sale at any cost, they would build a reputation very quickly as a company that didn’t care about their customers but was only chasing the buck, don’t let this happen to you!

Affiliate Training

Last but not least, you need to have the best training to be the best Affiliate Marketer.

♦ Do you currently have training in:

♦ Search Engine Optimization

♦ Video Marketing

♦ Key Word Research

♦ Content Writing For Articles

♦ Website Development

♦ Niche Research

If you lack any of the above Marketing skills then I would strongly advise looking for some solid training in these areas.  One word of caution, you don’t need to break the bank with the acquiring the training I mentioned, most of it can be found for free!

If you have any questions regarding this article or any Internet Marketing questions in general please feel free to contact me through the “contact me” page on this site and I will get right back to you. I would be happy to help,  Mike.

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