How To Blog Like A Pro

How To Blog Like A Pro

blog like a proDo you want to learn how to blog like a pro?

Whether you want to make money from a blog or just use your blog to educate the public on a topic you will still need to know how to blog like a pro! 

I have created this quick post to give you some pointers on how to blog like a pro so that your audience stays engaged and more so that your blog gets seen by the masses. I will be right up front and tell you if you think 1 post will teach you how to blog like a pro you are in for a rude awakening.

Learning how to blog like a pro isn’t a 1 post training type of deal in my opinion you really should have some sort of formal training. Don’t let the word formal turn you off blogging all I mean by taking some formal training is learning all aspects of blogging from layout to monetization of your blog if income generation is an interest. Through this site you can access a free  7 day online course that will teach you how to blog like a pro in more detail.

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blog like a proWhere Am I Going With My Blog

I think when all bloggers first set out to create a blog they sit in front of their computer and scratch their head for a while, I know I did! At first you do need to have a starting point but after that your blog will morph into something on it’s own. Reader engagement will eventually show you your blogs path but until you have reader engagement you will need to set the course.

Hopefully you have chosen a niche and have an idea on where you want you blog to start, if you don’t read this little guide for finding a niche that I created for people that I have helped over the years, if you haven’t found a niche I think you will find this info useful, leave me some feedback on it please.

Saying all that you should have a topic that you want to explore for your readers that you can write 15 posts on. Why 1 topic and why 15 posts? When your blog is new it will take some time for Google to index it ( before you will see it on Google). To find out if your site is indexed in the early stages just take the name of your website/blog or even a post that you have written and put it between quotation marks “” what this does is pin points just that search result and if your website has been indexed it will show up, if you don’t do this chances are it may be indexed but it may be so far down in the search results you may never find it.

Back to the 1 topic and 15 posts, you want to have 15 posts on the same or closely related topics so that you can build your online presence quickly. It usually takes about 15 posts before your posts start to rank consistently when this happens you want to be front and center on your chosen topic, having similar topic content right from the start will help establish your blog as an authoritative website in Googles eyes which is what you want if you want your post’s to be seen by the masses.

Blog Layout

An important aspect that new bloggers over look is the importance of good website layout. This by no means is a complicated matter just one that should be addressed while you are building your website it’s much easier to form some good housekeeping habits right out of the blogging gates.

I  have always been a fan of keeping it simple as you can tell by this website.

  1. Your top header should nice and neat not cluttered with non relevant topics. When you are organizing your header make sure the first and last headlines are the ones you want people to click on the most, studies show that the first topic and the last topic are the most clicked on items in your menu.
  2. Depending on your theme organize all your posts under relevant category heading so that your readers have ease and speed when looking up information on your blog.
  3.  Bloggers many times make the mistake of putting topics in their headers that really shouldn’t be there, for example privacy policy and affiliate disclosure or income disclosures should be in the side menu or bottom footer at the end of your blog page.
  4. You only need a few pages that are static, about me page, privacy page and any other page that will stay static (not change) everything else should be structured as a post.
  5. I personally like setting up my home page with a scrolling blogroll, usually I set the blogroll to show my last 10 posts and set my side menu to show my last 15. This is totally a preference thing something that you can play with and get the look you want. Having visitors come to your website drawn by a post they saw in the search engines is great but you want your visitors to explore your site and get a feel for what you are trying to accomplish.
  6. I like to have my picture on my post I feel it gives my readers a sense of who they are conversing with.
  7. Always set your site up with email and of course a comment section is a given.

That’s really all you need to know about the actual layout of your blog it really isn’t rocket science although many will lead you to believe it is and you should pay handsomely for it.

punctuationGrammar and spelling

I can tell you I am the last person who should be doling out advice on spelling and grammar. I really suck at it but at least your website will have spell check and some sort of grammar check which I wholeheartedly advise you use! This doesn’t mean you have speak to your readers in perfect english if that is your chosen language, what it does mean is make sure what you are writing makes sense, always proofread your posts for sentences that don’t make sense, maybe you have left out a word or something like that.

make a blog personalMaking A Connection With You Readers

If your content makes sense, spelling doesn’t suck, grammar is decent then the next step is to format your content/ your posts so that they appeal to your audience. I was lucky enough to learn from a few of the biggest names in Internet Marketing the importance of making the connection with your readers. It never started out that way, I always thought I should be very precise and analytical when I wrote a review or what I would consider technical content, nope, that stuff doesn’t work!

When you write don’t hide who you truly are, don’t try and be someone you aren’t that will always show through your writing and to be honest you won’t enjoy what you are doing. I grimace when I write, smile when I write, stick my tongue out, lean on the balls of my feet at various times when I am writing, why? I like to write with emotion.

If you want lots of reader engagement (comments) then write with emotion, make that connection with your readers, stimulate a response good or bad! The best advice I ever received from my mentor after reading one of my posts was, write like you are talking to your friends. I am an average guy who likes to have a good time, play sports, I don’t like fluff, I am straight forward type of guy, like a good joke, compassionate, honest, love life, all these aspects hopefully show through in my writing, at least my readers think so for the most part.

Wooo, my head is feeling quite large right now! lol Anyways you get the message right? Be yourself and you will engage your audience, on the other hand if you have the personality of a stick, well you know where I am going with the stick thing, might want to think about another avenue rather than blogging.

relevant imageBreak Up Your Text With Relevant Images

No one likes to come to a blog and see a sea of text, wow, was that perfect grammar or what? Break your text up with relevant images. This is very easily done so don’t hesitate to add some images, graphs, or videos.

Topic Headings

I like to use either h1 or h2 headers for my topic headers. I like to change things up from post to post going with an italics style header and I always make my headers bold.

Blog Colors

Don’t go overboard on multi colors. I have always been told that black on white is the most pleasing to the eye so I always instruct people that I work with to stay to black on white whenever possible. Never use red unless you want your readers to stop or get pissed off one or the other. Red does instill a sense of hostility, no I am not making this stuff up it has been proven. Use color as a interior designer would, as an accent. Trust me I know all about the interior designer thing I am married to Martha Stewart junior.

Blog Post Layout

When you are writing a post for your blog one simple technique I teach people I work with is to set your blog post up like a series of questions and you simply have to answer them. This technique not only gets rid of writer’s block but also serves to inform your readers and answer the questions they may want to have answered. So think of questions you think your readers want answers to. Simple technique that works like a hot damn.

Ask For Feedback

Don’t be afraid! You want feedback good or bad, I get both I just ignore the bad! Just joking, you want all forms of feedback it not only makes you a better writer but it will also create more and more comments whether you are part of them or not. Comments help your posts SEO rankings, comments believe it or not can move a post up the search engine ranking all on their own, so encourage people to comment. This of course all starts with writing engaging content.

linksUse Internal Links Often

What’s an internal link? An internal link is simply when you link to another one of your posts that covers a relevant subject. What this does is links relevant content together,  gets your readers surfing your site as well as Google now has links that their bots will follow when they are scanning your new subject matter, really good for SEO once again. Think of internal linking as your transit system for your website, you want to move people around your site so they really get a sense of who you are.

No Fluff please!

Many bloggers try an get their word count up because they feel it will help their SEO power which it does but you risk boring the shit out of your readers. Don’t use filler, make your posts informative to the point with a little humor for flavour.

Well That’s It For Now!

Obviously there is a ton of information and a little training you should take to best prepare you for the world of blogging, like learning some keyword usage and a few other important techniques that will help your posts get seen by as many people as possible. What you have read is a really good start in how to blog like a pro. Blogging shouldn’t be a scary endeavor it should be fun! Follow the tips I have laid out for you here and you will have a great start to a long career blogging online.




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  1. Hi, Mike! Thanks for the post I’m so grateful for the useful information! Your write-up is incredibly original and very well put together.

    1. Hi Carla thank you for the comment I am happy you got something out of my post ” how to blog like a pro”. Blogging can be a great income generator and it really isn’t that hard to get going, have a great day Mike.

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