How To Build A Website For Dummies

How To Build A Website For Dummies

Training in website building swings from one end of the pendulum to the other,  it either promotes the message that building a website is complicated and with it comes pricy training that is needed to get your website off the ground.  On the other end of the website building training spectrum we have the group that pitches the message that anyone can build a website in minutes with no support. Well I am here today to tell you they are both not the route that I would recommend for someone looking to build a website,  especially if you are trying to make a living off that website.

Using the phrase “how to build a website for dummies” always gets a lot of traction but is it a real legitimate chance to build a website that you could actually make money off, in my opinion no!  The ” for dummies series” works well with many different disciplines but when it comes to actually “building a website for dummies” I found I was left dazed and confused.

buiding for dummiesWho Is Building A Website For Dummies For?

So far there are roughly 4 editions on how to build a website for dummies incorporating different topics on website building.  If you are one of the “for dummies” followers that have committed yourself to learning how to build a website using this series then you are well into this for over a $100 now plus any additional services such as hosting and domain registry.

From what I have read from the various “for dummies website training guides” you are probably in for a frustrating and maybe a little overwhelmed experience. Although the series does demonstrate a good ability to simplify terminology and applications of certain website building techniques the lack of support and continuity between books is a critical flaw in using these books as a website building platform.

If you are anything like me when I started, a complete dummy when it came to the Internet in general then you will struggle  using the dummies training model for building a website. I personally don’t feel this series has the continuity and and definitely not the support that will culminate in finding success online with a website if that is your goal. This in my opinion is strictly a novice, use for your own enjoyment type of training offer.

dummies 2

Technical Jargon Is Filler 

Many of the books that were produced for the dummies brand related to website development offer content that is resurrected from copy to copy. For example you will find instruction on HTML and Javascript in more than one edition relating to website development. There is very good inclusion of the website set up process and there are more than a few useful tidbits in the starting an online business but I found that using this educational model that the for dummies series offers left me confused and what I found worst of all left me in limbo. Evaluating much of the series content  I felt there were gaps in the material that led readers on a information wild goose chase, leaving readers the task of sourcing out material elsewhere to fill in the gaps,  spending a ton of valuable time in the process and really not clear on how I could actually monetize my website.

If I used this model of learning when I first started affiliate marketing I would have more than likely given up, I worked full time and my time was way to precious to be surfing the net looking for relevant content and no one to ask if I needed help.

For an individual using this model of learning when it comes to website development your costs for purchasing the books isn’t the problem but more on the time wasting side trying to fill in the holes that the training in these books leave out, like I said earlier not bad content for your money if you want to create a website for personal use but doesn’t come close to what I would recommend for an online business type of venture or making money from a blog.

I want to quickly touch on the latest edition, the 4th edition on “building a website for dummies”. In this latest book the author touches on topics such as CGI, HTML, and Javascript.  I have been an affiliate marketer for many years happily  going about my business of making money from my various websites.  I personally built all my websites from scratch including the one you are looking at now. I have never had to build HTML myself or know anything about Javascript other than knowing how to copy and paste HTML and Javascript and place it in the appropriate area on your website. When the author puts focus on these particular topics in modern day website building I feel it is a waste of valuable time and a distraction, yes you do need to know the various applications of the above mentioned techniques but not the actual creation of code, too many newcomers get caught up in the behind the scenes type of stuff instead of focusing on the important aspects of website building and that is the actual content that will be put on your website, in my opinion I don’t feel this particular resource allocates nearly enough time to the importance of content creation for a website.

Questions You Need To Ask Yourself Before You Start Building A Website. 

What function do you want your website to perform?

What website template will suit your needs if you want to take it to the next level and make money from it? ( WordPress will suit any need)

 what niche will your website focus on? I wrote a post on choosing a niche that you might want to check out. This quick guide will not only give you an explanation on what a niche is but give you clear instructions on how to choose a profitable niche topic for your website.

How much competition will your website face? Will this make it impossible for your website to ever get sen by the internet public?

Do you want to monetize your website? ( make money from it!) you need to establish this right from the start, not as an afterthought.

 What type of learning platform best fits your style for information retention? ( there is quite a learning curve when it comes to building a website for profit, you will need support!)

These are critical questions you need to ask yourself before you waste your time building a website!

You need to know where to start before you can ever finish!

Website building And Making Money Online with A Website Are Not The Same!

monetizing a blog

The biggest problem I have found with offers like building a website for dummies is that opportunities like this lead you to believe that the actual technical side of building a website is the biggest obstacle you will have to overcome, they lead you to believe that once your site is built you can make money with it when in fact this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Building a website is probably the smallest component if you are thinking of making money with your website.

I can’t think of any series of books that that can teach you how to bring a website from conception to a money making endeavour, if you choose this type of learning avenue it will end in nothing more than a time wasting initiative, well that’s not true,  you will have wasted a few bucks in the process.

The biggest mistake people make when they venture out to learn how to build a website with the intent of making money with it is they have a tendency to separate the two aspects and feel they can build a website and monetize it later, wrong! It doesn’t work that way you need to have a structured plan on how to develop a website with the intent to sell certain niche products this needs to be integrated right from the conception stage.

You need to seek out the right training platform that will suit your wants and needs for your websites performance. What you need is a step by step training platform that doesn’t oversell you on useless gadgets and doesn’t undersell you on what it will take to make money online with a website. You need to invest your time in training that will start you out on the right foot because if you don’t you will be wasting your time with nothing but a website that has no function or real purpose.

There are many website building platforms on the market but to be honest most are more interested in selling their website template builders to the general public for personal use and craftily throwing in the suggestion that these sites are useful for the purpose of income generation which isn’t the case.




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