How To Drive Traffic To A Blog – Get Your Website Seen By More People!

How To Drive Traffic To A Blog – Get Your Website Seen By More People!


drive traffic to your site

I can’t say how many times I have been asked about  “how to drive traffic to a blog so I thought the best way to reach the masses instead of replying over and over again would be to write a post to give new and even established bloggers some insight into getting your website seen by more people. Without further adue here we go, enjoy the read and please leave me any questions that you may have on my post How To Drive Traffic To A Blog.

What Is The First Thing I should Set Up For My Blog?

There are a few fundamental questions I ask people that I am helping to solve low traffic patterns to their websites, how do you measure the traffic to your blog and utilize that data? What makes you think you have low traffic? These are probably the most common answers I receive…

I don’t get many comments so I am not getting traffic!

I write lots of posts but I don’t see much traffic from these posts!

If this is one of your questions then you’re in luck because there are some very easy habits to adopt that will fix your problems and solve the mystery on how to drive traffic to a blog.

If you implement what I am pointing out in this post  you will create more interest, give your site more exposure, and make your content more appealing to internet users and in the process drive more traffic to your website and know exactly where to make the necessary adjustments to make the best use of your time.  Here is what you must implement as soon as possible! It’s free to set up the following accounts so there’s no reason for you not to have these valuable tools and sevices set up for your website.

google analyticsSet up a Google Analytics account for your website

Having Google analytics set up on your website is critical, you may not see the value at the beginning but it will prove to be very useful down the road as you start to see traffic build. Data from Google analytics is what you will use to analyse how your content is working and if you are going in the right direction with your content and targeting the right audience.

Set up a Webmaster Tools account for your website

The keywords that you are producing content under may be getting traffic but they are not clicking through to your site, Webmaster tools data will let you know how many times your keywords get searched and what your click through ratio is ( your share of that search traffic traffic that actually picked your particular post or page). This information is very useful and can increase your traffic exponentially. How do you use this data from webmaster tools to drive traffic to a blog? If the keywords that you are using are what people are searching for but your content isn’t getting clicked on then you will need to make a few adjustments going forward, these adjustments can translate into big jumps in traffic.

If you are seeing a low click through rate for your post it is more than likely that your title isn’t enticing enough, it isn’t descriptive enough.

Many that try and rank under certain keyword phrases and stick solely to keyword phrases that they feel will rank high using these phrases in their title even if they don’t make sense, don’t bother! your title needs to be captivating, it needs to make internet searchers want to see more and ultimately click on your published post.  In addition you can make sure your snippet is descriptive, you can control what your snippet says through your websites blog post setting in your all in one SEO  area usually found at the bottom of the post you are writing. The snippet is what Google or search engines in general put with your title. Here is one of my first page ranking posts and the snippet that went with it…

drive traffic

As you can see I use keywords that explore a topic that I feel people will want to know about and also keywords that allow me to rank on the first page. I try and entice people looking for information on this topic with a catchy title and a snippet that gives the readers a taste of what they might discover by reading my post. This strategy dramatically increases my odds off having internet searchers pick my published post over competing posts.

jaaxyUse a Keyword tool such as Jaaxy to aid in writing content

If you haven’t had any formal training on blogging which I would recommend you look into, I offer a  free 7 day Internet marketing course that will give you a good foundation on blogging for profit and really focuses on how to use keywords effectively. knowing what keywords to use for your titles makes all the difference in the world if you are not using a keyword tool you are at a huge disadvantage. I use a keyword tool to find topics that have a ton of traffic and very little competition. If you write content and use keywords properly you will get high rankings which means more traffic, only 7% of all traffic makes it past the first page so you know where you need to be to get more traffic and a keyword tool will help to get you there!

Start A Free Trial Of Jaaxy Here!

Submit A Sitemap To Google For Your Website

This only takes a few minutes to do and on the surface you probably don’t see how this is linked to driving traffic to a blog but every little bit helps! What the sitemap submission will do for your site is it allows Google’s bots to have a faster and more efficient way to navigate your website. Google will find content on your site faster and will notice any additional content that has been added. Many websites that haven’t had sitemaps submitted risk the chance that content might get missed losing an opportunity to reach more readers. Sitemap submission also helps in quicker indexing times for your content.

Write Content, Lots Of Content!

Content is king! This statement is the most important fact that you will need to stay the course on. Content is exposure and if you want traffic you will need to have content and lots of it. Write product reviews or informational posts on popular topics and follow the info I alluded to with your titles and snippets and pick your keywords properly and your content will drive more traffic with a shelf life that no other traffic generation technique could possibly match.

Respond to Comments

Seems like a trivial topic but really this is the backbone of traffic generation. As you build out your site with content you will start to get reader engagement don’t squander this opportunity, not only is it important to your readers to see you engaging and sharing your knowledge on various topics but comments are content and Google doesn’t discern between blog post content and comment content, I have had comments get indexed with first page rankings under various keyword searches so they are very beneficial, ask for feedback. Comment content compounds, what I mean by this is you really have to do very little to get comments and once they start your readers will engage other readers and they will begin to feed of comments creating content for you increasing your content rankings and ultimately your website traffic.

Join Social Platforms



Join Linkedin and Google+, make sure you G+ all your posts, join lots of Google + circles relevant to your niche website.

Join discussion forums such as Quora, Reddit, Warrior and other high profile social sites, be interactive demonstrate your knowledge so others will take notice. Leave links to your site where allowed, be ethical with this,  don’t just indiscriminately drop links it actually will hurt your image in a forum not help it. Use your knowledge to give good answers in forums and leave a link if someone wants to learn more.

These are just a few key points on how to drive traffic to a blog. Get in a habit or a routine every time you publish new content. Spend some time engaging people on social platforms and install a few free tools and services and over time you will see the fruits of your labour in the form of more traffic to your blog, hope you found the information in this post useful.

If you would like to learn more on how to build a profitable online business, learn blogging from the ground up or just want to pick my brain for 7 days then you might want to check out my free internet marketing course offer, it’s absolutely free,  no credit card info or anything like that is required. I am there to help every step of the way.

Free 7 Day Online Internet Marketing Course

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62 Replies to “How To Drive Traffic To A Blog – Get Your Website Seen By More People!”

  1. Thank you for more helpful tips.

    You have given information above and beyond what I was expecting. I have set up analytics but I don’t think I set up a webmaster tools just yet. Sorry, Im still new to these platforms and still learning what each one does.

    I didn’t know setting up a sitemap on google will allow faster crawls either.

    I understand that commenting is a form of content and I am really starting to appreciate what its doing for me.

    Does high volume’s worth of comments (quality assumed) catapult rankings significantly? Like if I have 100’s of comments on a particular post as oppose to say 20 comments.

    Your help is much appreciated,


    1. Hi Jessie I really appreciate you taking the time to leave a comment. Yes high volumes of comments do effect your website and page rankings. Comments demonstrate to search engines that your content is engaging and interactive something search engines strive to achieve. The more comments a post gets usually relates to a higher page ranking and more traffic so encourage your readers to leave comments if not for the enhanced page rankings for the chance to converse with your audience, never a bad idea to get feedback from your readers.

      If you ever have questions in regard to internet marketing or making money online opportunities please don’t hesitate to stop by and ask away, have a great day Jessie.

  2. Hello Mike,
    thanks a lot for posting this engaging article, I really enjoyed reading it, while learning important informations.
    While we should concentrate on posting high quality content on our sites, it’s equally important to use other smart ways to increase the traffic.
    It’s interesting to know that Google doesn’t discern between our content and the comments we receive, so our post need to be engaging.
    I’ll come back to your site for more insights.



    1. Thank you for the feedback Francesco it’s really nice to see that people enjoy my posts and hopefully gain some insight into certain aspects of Internet Marketing, have a great day Mike.

  3. Traffic is something I definitely need more of. It seems to elude me no matter how hard I try.

    I like the sound of the Jaaxy keyword tool. Having those traffic and competition metrics available really sounds like it would help to target keywords and actually get the kind of traffic I’m looking for.

    After the free trial is over, how much does something like Jaaxy cost?

    1. Hi Darren thanks for stopping by! Traffic is not all made equal, the traffic you want more of should be targeted traffic, not something you find through traffic exchanges for example. Try a few of the things I mentioned in this post and you should be much closer to achieving targeted traffic, cheers Mike.

  4. I’ve been trying this for months now and my analytics numbers seem to be completely stuck in a rut – traffic is very very hard to come by for a website or blog!
    Jaaxy looks like a very interesting tool but how experienced at SEO do you need to be to understand it? It seems pretty in depth overall – will I have any problems with it?

    1. Hi Chris, this is a two part answer. It’s not a problem if your traffic is stuck persay but this traffic needs to be targeted traffic that converts to sales. I have had websites that have had less than 300 visitors a day but produced a ton of sales because the traffic I targeted with my content was very relative to the products I was affiliated with. People can get so caught up in analytics numbers but these numbers should be used to determine if you are targeting the right audience or demographics.

      Some of the most successful internet marketers will tell you that targeted traffic is like gold and un targeted traffic is a waste of time and resources. I hire writers for some of my blogs and if they aren’t writing highly targeted content their work fall on deaf ears or brings in an audience that isn’t ready to buy my products at that point or have no interest in what I am promoting. I pay these writers per post, if that post doesn’t generate sales it’s an expense with no revenue, bad investment.

      Using a keyword tool like Jaaxy helps you to target relevant keywords and helps to have your content ranked high enough that it will be seen by the masses, honestly without access to a keyword tool you are wasting your time.

      Concentrate on where your audience is in relation to making a purchase and creating content that may not generate that much traffic but the traffic it does bring will be targeted and you will find success with your blog, hope that helps, cheers Mike.

  5. Hey there Mike,

    Traffic is one of the main concerns nowadays since a lot of people want to see quick results. On top of that, they want it for free.

    Obviously, they have to wait and be persistent as you have already mentioned and interact with others in the same category as them. I think people keep forgetting that online business or rather affiliate marketing is not about selling, it’s about helping. Once they get this concept, I think they will be more laid back focusing on THEIR business and not where to get traffic from.

    On every social platform there is, we apply one same principle: giving value. It does not matter where.

    Facebook: You join groups and contribute your VALUE to them. Do it CONSISTENTLY and one day you can leave your website as a back-link and it will NOT look pushy whatsoever.

    LinkedIn: The same applies here.

    Forums: The same applies here.

    Youtube: What do you actually do in your videos? You give VALUE!! You talk about a topic, which will help your audience on their struggles. They will keep watching your videos because they see aha, this is great information! They will want to know more by themselves and eventually they will come to your website.

    There are so many more platforms out there and you should now know what to do: giving VALUE, ENGAGING, CONSISTENCY.

    Thank you for sharing with us your knowledge Mike 🙂

    Keep it up!

    1. Wow! thanks for the in depth comment Winny. Very helpful, insightful comment that my readers I am sure will get some of that value you were talking about, have a great day Mike.

  6. Hi Mike,
    Great tips, it sounds very simple but actually it is that the bloggers should be consistent in all those ideas you were discussing. I think sometimes we do something for a while and then we do not see quick results and give up. But with the content writing especially consistency is kind of the key. I will have to check your free 7 day internet marketing course, sounds like a great thing to do, as I think there can not be too much of education. Thanks for sharing your information, looking forward to seeing more posts.

    1. Thank you for taking the time to comment and leave your input on what you feel is important when trying to create traffic for a blog, have a great day Joana, cheers Mike.

  7. I’m impressed I have to say, hardly ever encounter a blog that’s both educative and entertaining. You have touched on some very interesting ideas in your blog post that I will be sure to implement, thank you!

    1. I am glad you feel there were some points of interest for you. Driving traffic to a website really isn’t a complicated affair. Many will charge you a pretty penny to eventually show you the same end result while all you really need to do is follow the same steps for every post and you will find that traffic will build on a monthly basis, have a great day Mike.

  8. Hi,

    Firstly, your contents are very good and informative. It helps me a lot the way you lay it out step by step on how to drive traffic to my website. I have always looked for the right method on how to drive my traffic on my website. Can I use ppc to drive traffic to my website and actually improve my rank on search engine?

    1. Hi Hadri I am glad that my post on how to drive traffic to a blog was of use to you. To your point of using Pay per click (ppc) to drive traffic to your website, yes you definitely can use ppc to drive traffic to a website but to do this effectively you need to have content on your site that converts that will give you a basis on what keywords to target with your ppc campaign. Knowing where your targeted traffic is coming from is critical to running a profitable PPC campaign. If you are just choosing keywords and not knowing that your traffic will convert will only cost you money. Have a great day Hadri, Mike.

  9. This website is a really good idea, there are so many scams out there it’s good to find a website that shows you how to avoid these common traps.

    I find this website really easy to understand, and it will definitely save people a lot of heartaches.

    I also like the areas you discuss around blogging which is an interest of mine which I hope to grow into an online business opportunity, thank you.

    1. Hi Lisa thank you for taking the time to leave me your thoughts. It makes me very happy that you enjoyed some of the content on my site I am always looking for new material to share with my readers so make sure you come back for more useful how to blogging info, cheers Mike.

  10. Greetings,

    Exactly what I was looking for! Those are some really good tips right there. So, it never hurts to know couple of neat tricks how to monitor our websites traffic. In fact it’s essential stuff to begin with. Statistics can provide us with some incredibly valuable information indeed. It’s not so easy to make your way on Googles first page but it’s possible.

    I’m thinking of setting up my Google Analytics account after reading your post. I’m also wondering if it is something we have to pay for or is it a free tool? There are so many free & paid tools out there. It would take so much time to test & try them out one by one.. so, it’s always great to come across couple of good recommendations to get it rolling again.
    Thank you for sharing!


    1. Hi Henry, Google Analytics and webmaster tools are very valuable tools to have and yes they are absolutely free. There are so many marketers out there selling all these tools that are of very little benefit to making money online although you would never know it by listening to their sales pitch. You really need very few tools to make money online, keyword tool which is a must and maybe down the road an autoresponder such as Aweber but that’s it. The keyword tool comes free with some Internet training platforms such as Wealthy Affiliate. Don’t get caught up in the who has more tools game you only will ever need a couple and most are free, thanks for the comment Henry, cheers Mike.

  11. Great post on driving traffic to your blog. This is something that I really need to work on. I have been using Jaaxy and I must say that it is a fantastic keyword tool.

    Unfortunately the main topic of my website is extremely competitive so I struggle sometimes to find low competition keyword phrases.

    Something that I really need to work on is getting more social by joining social platforms. Thank you for pointing out the importance of doing this.

    1. No problem Linda happy to help. You brought up an important point about your niche being too competitive, nothing says that you can’t use Jaaxy to find some sub niches that will still work with your websites theme worth a look.

      For any new bloggers it is really important to do you niche homework first, unfortunately many programs don’t focus enough attention on this topic which can really mess a newcomer up. You really need to understand what a niche is and what competition you will face for ranking your website at the top. If anyone wants to learn how to drill down on a niche this is the program you should take a look at. Here’s a full review I did on this program that I give full marks to, my recommendation for choosing a niche training. Have a great day Linda, Mike.

  12. Hi Mike!

    You really are a treasure of information! I hope you don’t mind if I put a bunch of your suggestions to work!

    I am looking to get an online business going, but with all the scams out there it can be very tough to figure out which systems work, and which are just all hype.

    I have had several blogs over the years but have never done very well with them. Most of the time they wind up just being for my personal enjoyment.

    That is not what I am after today, for sure. The tips you have offered here seem like some things I can actually do.

    Thank you again for taking the time to help those of us that are so green.


    1. Hi Tom thank you for taking the time to leave me your thoughts and I am so happy that you are going to put to use some of the info I put together on this site. I hope you can turn your interest into a really unbelievable living online which is well within your reach, cheers Mike.

  13. He gets asked over and over again how to drive traffic to websites so he finally wrote a post on it. The first thing you need to do is create content and lots of it. Get google analytics, to make sure you are targeting the right audience. Make sure that the content you are writing has exciting titles, it will make people want to read it more, and if it’s read more, people will come more to your site and that is exactly what you are wanting.

    1. Well you got that right finally got my but in gear and wrote a post on driving traffic to a blog, wish I had more time to write on knowledge based topics but there is way too much crime fighting to be done online, way too many scams to expose, thanks for your input you are right on the mark with your comments, thanks Mike.

  14. Wow this is some great information! I just started a blog so this is some new information that I am going to apply for sure! I think I am going to try out the Jaaxy free trial as It is obvious that i need a good keyword tool. What is your opinion on Jaaxy?

    1. Hi Jose thank you for reading my post on driving traffic to a blog! I am glad you enjoyed the content and to answer your question in regards to Jaaxy or a keyword tool in general when writing content it is not a luxury but a necessity if you want that content to be seen by as many viewers as possible. You need the maximum exposure for the content that you generate and that can only be done using a keyword tool such as Jaaxy. I offer access to a free 7 day online Internet marketing course where you will build a website and learn how to use a keyword tool effectively might be a good investment of your time to check it out, cheers Mike.

  15. I like your ideas on getting more traffic. Too many websites I have been to all recommend spending money on this or that to get more traffic when I am really after organic traffic. Thanks for this article. I am going to bookmark your site so I can read more articles later.

    1. Thank you Gloria for taking the time to leave me your thoughts, much appreciated. Look forward to talking to you about more topics in the future, cheers Mike.

  16. This article really interested me as i know many people who struggle with the ultimate problem – traffic. Your article is very well laid out and the way you write shows that you have experience with this issue. You give the reader a one on one type taking a personable approach to your site.

    1. Hi Jazz, thank you for leaving me your thoughts it’s nice to know that I come across as a real person that makes a connection. Everyone thinks that making your content feel personal comes naturally but it really is the furthest thing from the truth, writing engaging content is a learned craft that anyone can do. If you are ever interested in writing engaging content join me in a free 7 day online course that will teach you all aspects of blogging from building a website to writing content, read more about this course here….

  17. I am just starting several websites and still getting stuck when it comes to keyword research…
    You mention that you use tools to find topics to write about. I usually come up with a title or topic first, but then seem unsure how to put keywords into the article.
    Which comes first? They keywords or the topic? For example: If my topic is about bitcoin wallets and I want to write a post about/title “How to use a bitcoin wallet”…where do I begin? Do I just go ahead and write the article naturally? At the moment I feel like I am trying to force keywords into my posts. Hope this makes sense.

    1. Hi MC, great questions! You are not alone many struggle with this exact issue, How do I start generating content that ranks?

      You are right on track if you start by finding a topic that people are searching for. You must use a keyword tool at this point and drill down on your topic to come up with a keyword or keyword phrase that has some good monthly traffic combined with low competition, something that you can beat out and achieve a first page ranking on Google. You can’t base your decision on a keyword phrase totally on just numbers you need to have a sense that you can structure your post that will allow for incorporation of your selected keyword phrase into your post and have it make sense.

      How do you accomplish this?

      Set your post up in a series of questions or statements with your keyword phrase implemented, not in all questions or statements but some. These are now your header topics that form the basis for your post.

      For example I could have used a header in a statement that said “how to drive traffic to a website using social platforms” All I have to do with this now is explain “how you drive traffic to website” using social media, see I just used that keyword phrase and you as the reader wouldn’t have even noticed it’s use.

      When I first started I had no idea of how to blog, what a keyword was or any internet marketing lingo, it wasn’t until I joined a program that gave me a free chance to learn under their free starter course that it all started to make sense.

      Check out a review I did of the course I used to build an online business here!

      Have a great day MC, cheers Mike.

  18. Hi, I see the statement about only 7% of traffic that makes it past the top page on Google. So this sounds really depressing. If you are not on the top page you do not exist, right?

    There is a catch in all what you write. To rank well it is essential to go low with QSR otherwise it is impossible even with Jaaxy. But such a low QSR still does not guarantee anything. But in the same time, low QSR implies low traffic. So builiding tons of traffic is terribly hard. Any shortcut?

    1. Hi Jovo thank you for your interest, I will start off by saying not all is bleak if you don’t make the first page of Google and here’s why…

      Many will tell you that a website domain name is really not that important but I totally disagree with that statement and many of my sites have proved the contrary. If your website( domain name is descriptive or relative to the topics you are writing about internet searchers will have a tendency to gravitate to a website that instills authority on a topic, many internet users look for authority and if they need to search a little further in many cases they do.

      One other important factor is the snippet that Google takes that goes with your post, the snippet is a couple of sentences that google takes that it feels best explains your content, you can manually control this and not just settle with what Google chooses. Make your snippet attractive to a reader, make them want to click on your post over a higher ranking post.

      There are many tricks that can get your content on the first page I have many posts on the first page and I have any second page, it doesn’t mean these second page posts stay there I move many up by utilizing reader engagement, comments! Comments are the most relevant content you can get and Google loves comments and will reward your post with high rankings, so not being on the first page is a minor hiccup, I have had posts move up 80 search positions in 1 week so it is very possible to manipulate your rankings.

      On the QSR note, for readers that don’t know about Jaaxy and what a QSR is it is the competition that your keywords will face if you choose to use these keywords as a title or in your post. QSR Jovo doesn’t imply low traffic what a low QSR does imply is that there isn’t much competition for the keywords you are looking at, to see what traffic you can expect you need to look at the column that states the estimated monthly traffic, the two are very different.

      When a person first starts building a website and trying to rank their content high they should except low traffic and low competition for the first say 15 posts until Google sees they are going to be an authority on a subject as you build your relationship with Google you start to go after higher traffic and higher competition because now you have some leverage with Google.

      I have much I can teach new marketers, if you want to me be with you as you build your online business try my

      7 day online Internet marketing course

      it’s a great free start and you have me there to help you through it, thanks again for the comment, cheers Mike.

  19. Pretty good work on teaching what you’ve learned to potential entrepreneurs. It shows that you definitely take every lesson to heart. Just remember to keep your teachings original you have a nice way of saying what needs to be said, it really sunk in with me thank you. Stay strong out there sites like your are needed.

    1. Hi Guy I have to say I really enjoy passing my knowledge on to others there’s something very rewarding in it. I like when I can work with new Internet marketers and watch them grow their business and at the same time listen to how it transforms their lives step by step, as their business grows so does their quality of life, thank you for taking the time to leave a comment, cheers Mike.

  20. Thanks for the tip about making the title of the blog post more interesting than just the keyword that you are writing about. I went back and looked through all of my posts to make sure that they were interesting and some of them might not be as much as I want them but going forward I am definitely going to try to make my titles more interesting.

    1. I am glad you found some useful info Nate, sounds like you are already rolling with producing content which is the key to having a successful website, cheers Mike.

  21. HI Mike: Thanks for this useful information. I am one of those that you are mentioning who write what I believe is useful and helpful content but don’t get much traffic to my health related site. I will spend more attention on the snippet as you suggest to see if that helps. Do you recommend sending out a site map after posting every blog?

    1. Hi Bethany welcome, Yes the snippet is an important tool to capture readers interest. If you structure the snippet manually you can use it to capture the internet searchers imagination and make them want to read more. If you set up a sitemap with Google when you first set your site up which you should always do there is no need to update it Google automatically does this for you. What that sitemap does it allows Google’s bots a roadmap of your site and any new content they find they update the map and that’s why it’s always nice to link other, old or new posts internally because the bots will follow that link and find new comments and so on which Google deems as new content which could lead to higher rankings for related posts. Thank you for your interest, best of luck with your online endeavours, cheers Mike.

  22. Wow, what an informative post you have here. There are some many good things that you point out that any serious blogger or website owner needs to see. I’ve been in search of a keyword tool to help me increase my google rankings so I really appreciate you recommending Jaaxy to me. I’m going to head over there now and try them out. Thanks for the info!

    1. Your welcome I a glad you found the post helpful. I personally use Jaaxy everyday for my online marketing I feel a good keyword tool is the only real tool that you can’t go without, thanks for visiting my site, cheers Mike.

  23. Very good tips, I am a new comer to internet marketing, and my biggest obstacle so far has been writing content. Do you have any specific guideline that you follow to write your content? As much as I want to start writing reviews, I can’t seem to find some kind of template to follow.

    1. Hi Lora, actually I have a tip that works great and at the same time will help your SEO for your post. What I like to do is very simple, I first write a list of questions that I feel my readers will want answered and then I lay these questions out as topic headers ( paragraph titles) from there all I have to do is answer the questions. In most cases the questions you are answering are keyword rich they they fit in nicely. Just start with the who, what, how, why, when.

      What is the product

      What’s the cost of the product

      who created the product

      when was the product created

      why was the product created

      who was the product created for

      This is just a quick sample and for newcomers this is a great way to get your writing mojo going. Make sure you add the keywords in here and there which are usually the product or program name. Hope that helps it is quite a simple process to write content or reviews and answer your readers questions at the same time, cheers Mike.

    2. Sounds good Lora if you need any help by all means don’t hesitate to ask me any questions you may have, cheers Mike.

  24. Hi Mike! You have provided some very helpful information here. I can see why you get asked this question so often. It is tough getting traffic to one’s website and making the Search Engines like you!

    In regard to keywords …. I have read that you should focus on one keyword phrase, put it in the title and in the first paragraph, and then just write normally. I try to use five or six low competition keywords per article, and just use them once. I figure I have a better chance of getting ranked with trying for multiple ones, especially since my website is pretty new. What are your thoughts on this? Also, the keyword doesn’t have to be in the title to get ranked …. does it? Thanks so much!

    1. Hi Brittni, I would always advise having your keyword phrase in your title and I would also implement a variety of keywords in your post it doesn’t hurt. I get posts ranked under multiple search results when I write a post, you can check this by going to your webmaster tools account and punching in search query and you can sift through and see what turns up it will list any keyword terms that your posts have been indexed under. You are on the right track with using six low competition keywords if your site is fairly new but you definitely don’t have to limit your keyword usage to that number, the main thing is you are still telling a story and that story has to make sense so I don’t recommend keyword stuffing or overuse of keywords to the point that they take away from the essence of your writing making a connection with your readers is paramount, hope that answered your questions Brittni, good luck with your online endevour, cheers Mike.

  25. This is the question that every internet marketer and blogger asks: how do i drive more traffic to my website. These are all really great techniques for getting more visits.

    In my opinion keyword research is the most important aspect if you are looking for traffic from google. If you write a brilliant article but target an extremely competitive term, you probably won’t be seen. It’s important to write articles you actually have a chance to rank for.

    You deffinetly need to promote too and quora is a great place to do that.

    Thanks for the information. I’ll make sure to use it going forward.

    1. Thanks for your input Dylan and I am glad that you found the information in this post of some use, cheers Mike.

  26. Hi Mike,

    I think your tip on checking your google snippet is great… I have checked some of my snippets and if I was searching and they came up I wouldn’t click through on them either. I had just let the software fill it in for me not anymore…


    1. Hi Scott, I am glad you got something out of my post “How to drive traffic to a blog” Yes the snippet tip can have a huge impact on how the internet public view your post, it’s such a small detail which can pay huge dividends if you take the few minutes it takes to do, thanks for visiting my site, cheers Mike.

  27. I’m a newbie to blogging. I found your post to be informative. I hope you don’t mind that I bookmarked your site so I can read more of what you have to say.

    The next thing I’ll do (after creating and publishing a new page) is going to find out more about google analytics. Then Webmaster Tools. I don’t know anything about either, but they sound crucial for a blogger to use.


    1. Hi jeff welcome to blogging! We all start at one time or another as a “newbie” many will fail and few will make it as a blogger. The key to finding success online is having the right training, I knew zero when I started but everything that I know I owe to an online course that gave me the support as well as all the training I needed to be successful online. You can read a review of the program that gave me my start online here!, Cheers Mike.

  28. Hi There Mike,

    I love this post! brilliant thanks for sharing it. I really need to add that quora/yahoo answers to my traffic strategy to drive more visitors to my content.

    You mentioned Google analytics and google webmaster tools, both of which I am very familiar with but I have to develop a strategy to interpret the data in terms of what do I do with the information in front of me and what it all means. Do have any information or a tutorial on that?

  29. Everyone wants to know how to get more traffic to their site. You are right on with your post Mike. I have been in Internet marketing for some time now and have seen a fair amount of success. I saw your post and thought I would take a peek and was pleasantly surprised with the content you have written, you obviously have a good grasp on Internet Marketing. You outlined almost to a tee the process I go through with my websites and have found this process works very well for driving big volumes of traffic.

    One of the first things you should do is get a google analytics account. This will help you see is you’re targeting the right audience. Getting webmaster tools will let you know how often your keywords are Searched and what your click through ratio is. Make sure your blog post title is captivating and your snip it on google is descriptive. Use a keyword tool like Jaaxy when writing your post. Write tons of content. Respond to every comment that is made, even if you are just thanking them for visiting your site. And join social platforms and then after a while talk up your blog.

    1. Thank you for the vote of confidence it is nice to hear from a fellow Internet marketer. Thank you for taking the time to leave your thoughts for my readers, cheers Mike.

  30. This is very useful information. Some people set up a blog and then struggle with the fact that nobody reads it. They think that by just blogging they will have visitors. But no, you need to target keywords that’s something I should try myself and I like the idea of leaving links on social sites.

    1. Hi Ben thank you for the comment, yes many new bloggers and even some seasoned bloggers think that just random content will get visitors to their website when this is not the case. You need to target your audience, understand who they are and if your intention is to sell something then you need to know that you are targeting the right people at the right point in the buying cycle, no need wasting valuable time reaching out to readers that haven’t decided what they want yet it’s better to reach out to readers that know what they want but not sure how to get it or what type of product they want, that’s where you come in. So knowing your audience and their habits are crucial in getting them to your website, cheers Mike.

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