How To Promote Your Business Online – Save Money Using This Method!

How To Promote Your Business Online – Save Money Using This Method!

I have decided to weigh in on “how to promote your business online” after reviewing so many training platforms that are asking  an arm and a leg for their training services. When you’re looking for ways on “how to promote your business online” there’s absolutely no reason to pay a fortune to accomplish this. There are many ways that you can promote your business online using free traffic methods that I will get into in this post.

I hope you enjoy this post on how to promote your business online and save money using free traffic methods. If you have any questions or comments, if you want one on one advice,  you can contact me through my “contact me page” and I will get back to you immediately, I don’t charge for any help or advice!

Enjoy my article and Have a great day.

How To Promote Your Business Online –  Where To Start?

As you search for ways to promote your business online effectively, You’ll find that there’re so many programs training platforms out there that want to charge you an arm and a leg for their services. There is absolutely no reason whatsoever to pay high training or support costs, this is a trap that so many fall into. To be more specific there is no reason to pay thousands of dollars for what is really simple step-by-step training that will allow you to promote any business or product online with effectiveness and best of all,  at a very low cost.

There are many of free methods and techniques that can be used to promote your business online, whether this business is a product you personally have created, or a MLM opportunity that you are struggling to get traffic to!

In this post I will show you the simple process that I personally use and teach others to utilize when they want to promote their business online. Learn how to drive thousands of visitors to your business/products with cost effectiveness. What business owner doesn’t want to cut costs and add that profit to their bottom line or add it back into growing your business.

 It All Starts With A Website

We’re going to start at the beginning which all starts with creating a website, gone are the days where this took considerable skill and was a very time consuming process. Technology has made building a website a streamlined step by step process that takes no skill set and very little time.  The website you are on right now was created using the same step by step format that you have access to for free. You can check out the program I used to create this website  for free here!  Better yet you can watch a video on how I created the main structure for this website in less than a minute.


Build A Website To Promote Your Business Online In Minutes

What Do You really Need To Promote Your Business Online?

If you spend any time searching the Internet for ways to effectively promote your business online you’re going to see so many  varying techniques pitched as the “ultimate way to drive traffic to your business online”. It’s really hard to discern what is real and what has been conjured up by some online entrepreneur looking to get rich off your needs.

Having a website to promote your business online is essential, there’s no debating this fact, it’s not short-term, it’s not a fad, it’s been around since the creation of the Internet,  it keeps working for the life of your business.

Many will tell you that Attraction Marketing is the way to go. Many will tell you that social marketing is the way to go. Many will tell you that email marketing is the way to go, and many will tell you that YouTube marketing is the way to go. How about if I told you this is all true, there is a but!!!

Each marketing technique has it’s advantages, but “not” when used on an individual basis. All of these marketing techniques produce optimum results when they are used in concert to make a very powerful marketing campaign for promoting your business or products online.

If you have done your homework you will see that the marketing techniques I mentioned previously can cost you a small fortune to learn and apply to the promotion of your business or products online. Don’t buy into the” pay more and you will get more” sales con. I am going to lay out for you how I learned and use all these techniques with very little or no cost at all to my business.  Check out this low cost training that will help you totally market your business online, it’s free to get started!

  What’s The Cost To Promote Your Business Online?

I am not going to B.S you and say it’s totally free to run an effective marketing campaign for your business online,  it will cost you something,  but definitely not the premium prices I have see thrown around by certain training platforms, plain and simple you are getting ripped off.  If you buy into the dark sides notion that you need to spend hundreds and even “thousands” of dollars to promote your business online, well then,  see you in a few months so I can say I told you so!

Honestly, at the most you should expect to pay $50 dollars a month or less to direct thousands of potential customers to your businesses door step . This includes all your training, as many websites as you need, hosting for your website,  any tools you need to market your products or business online, absolutely everything you need to promote your business online should cost you no more than $50 a month, even less.

 Small Details That Have A Huge Impact

Little things that have a huge impact on the branding of your business and give you that professional look can be found for free if you know where to look. For example,  you can create professional looking logos for your business or website using free services like Canva. Any logo that you see on this website I have created free at Canva. This is just one of many free services that you will learn to utilize through the training we are discussing today. Simple little things like this and will help complement the promotion of your business online.

Look at the call to action I created in under 5 minutes using Canvas platform. This stuff is easy to create and it’s free and can be used in Social media Campaigns such as on Facebook. You will learn how to promote your business sourcing out free tools and services that give your campaign a professional look without the high price tag, what are you waiting for click on the image below and check it out, it’s free to start!

Facebook ads, Twitter Ads, Pinterest ads,  Call to action buttons, these can all be made at Canva for free! ( I am not an affiliate for Canva). There are no up sells in the training I am recommending.

 Back To The Website Thing…

Once you have a functional website up and running your options to promote your business are unlimited. I am not talking about the websites like you will get when you join a MLM, those websites have very limited capabilities and to be honest are given to you to make you think you have something of value to make it easier to promote your business online. MLM offered websites serve very little purpose when it comes to getting traffic to your business, they are simply a landing page that will accommodate sales transactions or orders in most cases.

Here’s what you can do with a real website….

With a fully functional, optimized website,  you have a powerful tool at your disposal. You have the ability to create newsletters on your website that you can send out to potential clients that subscribe.  You can create email campaigns by capturing visitors emails that visit your website. You can engage in social marketing campaigns via your website.  You can Guest post on forums that are relative to your business and link back to your website and your offer, and you can create targeted content that will be indexed high in search engines such as Google,  bringing thousands of targeted visitors to your business. These are just a few examples of what you can do with a website,  but it all starts with a functional website. I like WordPress for its user friendly applications. WordPress websites also have thousands of plugins that can be installed with a click of a button adding graphics, charts, ratings, surveys and so much more.

 Using Your Website To Promote Your Business Online

Like I mentioned earlier, it all starts with a website, this is your home-base, this is where everything originates. All of our promotional and marketing will originate from your website. In the following paragraphs I am going to give you some quick examples on how  you can use your website to conduct a very effective marketing campaign that will draw thousands and thousands of visitors to your product/business quite easily and with a very low investment on your part.

Establishing A Brand Using Content Marketing

We’ve established that you need a website as your home base, a place where you can start marketing  your business to the internet public. Content marketing is a technique that is used to build the foundation for your website and the starting point for the marketing of your business online.

Creating content for your website is a very simple process and shouldn’t be something to back away from. Many newcomers to marketing online get a little freaked out with the prospect of writing content for their website, truth be known this is a very simple process that I have personally helped thousands of people with over the years. The platform I use to write content is called “site content” I wrote this very post using this simple writing platform. This platform guides you through every step of producing a high ranking post, oh, did I mention it’s free also!

Site content has pre done templates that allow you to add your paragraph titles, word counts, spell check, offers writing tips and so much more, all you do is fill in some of the subject matter.  As your business starts generating sales you can hire this work out and concentrate on other aspects of your business, I have two writers that work for me on various websites I own, this is me right now, lol! Content that you create on these templates is directly published on your website with a click of that green button.

This is an example of a basic template that I use everyday, just one of many you will have free access to…


Basic writing template


Keep this under your hat but, I actually use the enhanced dictation feature on my Mac, I am a two fingered bandit but with dictation I can write a post in minutes using dictation. I just speak into my computer and presto, it appears on my template. Do a little editing and I am done. Spell check and grammar check takes care of the rest, I suck at grammar and spelling! Note, don’t try and drink or eat while dictating, lots of editing if you do, trust me I know, lol.

 What Kind Of Content Should You Create?

No business is the same but you are still going to sell a product or a service. To promote your products or business in your content you need to come up with ideas to engage potential customers. For example, if you’re promoting Health and beauty products offered by a MLM like Forever Living, you might want to create a post on ‘repairing sun damage skin’ and link to your recommended product line for this. In many cases the MLM products that you are promoting will come with a lot of promotional literature, benefits, attributes such as no animal by products or testing results that you can leverage and simply spin it into your own words. I can think of quite a few topics that you could post and drive quite a bit of traffic your way.

  •  How to repair damaged hair
  • How to treat athletes foot
  • Get rid of wrinkles with this natural cream
  • Best lotion for a sunburn
  • How to treat an itchy scalp using this premium shampoo
  • Best multi vitamin for kids
  • Natural products for your skin – Forever Living Has you covered!

These are just a few topics but you get the drift. You will learn how to use a keyword tool the will spit out topics that have lots of traffic and very little competition that you can discuss in a post that will bring lots of traffic to your website.

Here’s a quick screen shot of a few searches I did when I was helping someone with their Health and beauty distributor business. Look at the traffic numbers for 1 month in the first column. These keyword phrases (topics) could be quickly discussed in a post and you could capture much of this traffic and even more! Over 1100 searches just for these 3 topics and you haven’t used all the marketing techniques that my #1 business promoting platform offers, your just scratching the surface when it comes to potential traffic to your business.   This keyword tool is also free with your membership!



I am using forever living as an example because I’m currently working with a lady that is a distributor for Forever Living products. Mercedes ( the ladies name, not a car) creates knowledge based posts, with my help,  around topics like the ones I mentioned earlier in this post.  Her goal is to write posts on a variety of Products Forever Living carries and how they will help you. Mercedes will also do product reviews which are great posts for converting traffic.

Product reviews target consumers at the right stage in the “buying cycle”. Your time is valuable and you need to focus on the segment of the internet that is ready to make a purchase,  there is no one more ready to buy than a person reading product reviews, all they need is a little nudge and some helpful information.

 Now That We Have Content What’s Next?

Don’t be content with creating a website and content, although content alone will generate lots of targeted traffic  you’re leaving thousands of visitors and potential sales on the table by not expanding your reach by implementing more marketing strategies.

Once you have started to developed content for your website the next thing you want to do is start to leverage that content. Once again this is all part of an easy step-by-step process that doesn’t take that long. So now that you have content on your website and you have people coming to your site following this content, you can now start engaging your visitors.

Have a look at the following headlines to get an idea of how you can maximize your engagement with the customers you have and create even more opportunities to draw more people to your website and business.

 How To promote Your Business online Using Social Marketing

Once you’ve created some informative content it really becomes a push button operation from here on.  To share your content with thousands of potential customers on various venues it’s a mere click of a button.

Take this post for example, when I finished creating this post all I did to share it with thousands of followers and potential followers is effortlessly achieved by simply clicking on the various social sharing icons at the bottom of this page.  I can click on any social icon that I’ve opened an account with, it’s that easy and takes no time at all!

You will want to open as many social sharing accounts as you possibly can, you want your content and business to be seen everywhere, on Facebook, on Twitter, On Pinterest, on Reddit, G+, LinkedIn. Sharing is as simple as clicking a button, and the nice part about sharing is it’s free! Actually this whole process of creating content and sharing the content is all free,  there’s  absolutely no reason to pay to have thousands And thousands of the visitors come to your business.

The nice part about sharing content that offers value is you won’t get banned from social platforms for sharing relevant and informative content.

 Using Email marketing To Promote Your Offers

Using email marketing to promote your product or service online is actually a very simple technique to use. Many think that you can just use email marketing on its own and see results, well you’re sadly mistaken.

Its pretty hard to “cold sell” someone into buying, it’s one thing to send someone an email promoting a product but when they go to your site they want to see credibility, they want to see your an authority, and they want to see informative content.

People just don’t open their wallet for anything, they need to feel a connection, they need to feel they’re in safe hands, and they need to feel that you’re an expert on the product that you’re selling. This is where using your content to leverage an email marketing campaign is critical.

Content is what brings people to your website, and from there we can put into play many techniques such as email marketing. To capture someone’s email address off your website you need to offer something of value that in most cases is free. You can offer any ebook that you have access to, you can offer your own newsletter that you created which is very simple to do with a WordPress website, or you can offer an automated alert that they subscribe to when you have new information or a new product or new service to offer.

Once you capture someone’s email address your options are endless. This becomes your direct link with your visitor.

Email marketing is promoted by many online as a discipline that requires a vast array of tools and gadgets such as landing page creators,  lead the page creators, tracking devices and so on. You really don’t need all this when you have a website. Many that promote email marketing services are affiliated with the tools and services they are pithing, they are getting a nice commission from promoting email marketing services that will end up adding to your monthly cost to operate your online business promotions, this is an unnecessary cost. There are inexpensive ways to engage in an email campaign by sourcing out email providers such as “Mail chimp” ( not an affiliate) which actually offers a free service for subscriptions under 2000 and allows you to send 12,ooo emails a month, feel it’s working for you and want to grow your list, simply upgrade when you can afford it, but yet again another free service saving you money!

 Using Forums To Promote Your business online

Using forums to promote you’re business online can be a very effective way to target people that have an interest in what you have to offer. I guest post in many forms, Quora is one particular forum that I use quite often. I literally get thousands and thousands of people viewing questions I have answered for other members and it’s all free press. I always make sure that I drop a link to what ever offer or website I am promoting at that time, this is absolutely free traffic!

There are many forums online you can participate in, reddit, stumbleUpon, LinkedIn, Quora, and many more. There’re forums on home renovations,  automotive forums, health related forms, book forums, sewing forums, really the list is endless.

Here are some of my numbers just from answering a few questions on Quora’s forum. All my answers have links to my products or online business, this is all free traffic. To be honest

 Lastly,  There Are Paid Traffic Sources

I know many outfits out there will pitch using paid traffic sources as a way to get targeted traffic to your business. If your new to the online game this isn’t something I would advise getting involved in until you have a really good understanding of where your traffic is coming from. Not only can this be an expensive endeavour but if not done properly you won’t see the optimum results you should see. You really need to understand your market as well as keyword usage if you are going to advertise on venues such as Facebook, Google, Bing, Yahoo or Twitter. I do recommend using paid traffic sources but not until you have a good foundation and have created a solid base and know exactly who your customers are and where your traffic is coming from.

Once you see the analytics from your content you will know where to focus your paid traffic resources. Did I mention Google Analytics is a free and valuable tool!

 I am Finally Done!

Yup, I have finally stopped blabbering. From reading the process I laid out for you in this post you might get the impression that there’s a lot to creating website and promoting a business, but it really is a simple step-by-step process and by the time you’re done you will have implemented an awesome and effective marketing strategy that will bring thousands of potential customers to your products doorstep on auto pilot for many years to come. The nice thing about this process is it allows you to focus on what’s important and that is growing your business not worrying about how you are drowning under all the financial pressure that needless gadgets and training will end up costing you!

It’s not hard, it’s not overly time-consuming, and it definitely doesn’t need to cost you an arm and a leg to promote your business online. If you have any questions at all regarding this post or promoting your business online,  feel free to contact me at anytime,  I’m more than happy to help you, free of charge of course.

Have a great day and thank you for stopping by.



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  1. Hi Mike,
    I really appreciate what you have shared with us (and you saved me LOTS of money). You write of a platform called, Site Content. Will you share their address? I really like what you had to say about writing content and the method that you use.
    Thank you for your article,
    Kirsten Collins

    1. Hi Kristen sorry for the late reply I am travelling Europe and in and out of wifi. Site content can be found and accessed through wealthy affiliates platform which offers a free membership, just click on that link which will allow you to access the site content platform for free. Have a great dat and by all means if you have any questions at all about blogging or affiliate marketing please don’t hesitate to stop by and ask, cheers mike.

  2. Hi Mike! I have a few pages myself as I drive and get traffic from the organic search.
    I use Google Planner to find keywords that I use for my local pages. I use another for my English language page. On my clients’ pages, I also buy a little traffic. I am very sure if I want to increase the number of readers to my international side.
    Do I have to keep creating a new content?
    My question is how important you see the keywords regarding getting the good organic traffic

    1. Hi Steen, sounds like you have a great plan in place. You do have to keep creating content but what I found is once you start making decent money you can invest in hiring writers, I have two that work for me on my various websites.

      Keywords are critical when creating content, if you haven’t done your homework on your keyword research then you are throwing darts with a blindfold on. Keywords are what Google and other search engines rank you by and if you don’t have the proper keyword usage it will definitely hurt your chances of ranking where people will see your content.

  3. Hey there! I just started my online business but right now I’m having hard time to promote it. My visitor for my website is so low or sometimes none. This means that I can’t earn that much money. Luckily, I found and read your how to guide which is very informative and helpful. This is so great since I’m just a beginner and I don’t know how to invite more people. I really appreciate your time and effort sharing this guide.

    1. Your welcome John I am glad you found some useful info in this post, best of luck, cheers Mike.

  4. Thanks a lot for this valuable information. I Am a beginner and reviews like this are extremely helpful for me and many other starting our journey on building successful business online.Once again thanks a million I Am going to make sure to follow your advice and feed back.
    Review it constantly and practice the guidelines and methods you are suggesting to assure we promote our business in the right and professional way.

    1. Great that you stopped by Xavier and more than happy that you found this content useful, keep in touch and let me know how you make out, cheers Mike.

  5. Hi Mike,
    Thanks for sharing a great article to read about how anyone can promote their online business and save some money while they get traffic and make money from it.
    Isn’t it great that anyone can start working from home and make a living from it.
    I find your article well written with great information.
    I’ve been having some problems to find out how could I get more traffic to my website and I found a few great ideas to work on for my online business.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Alejandra. Using the techniques I make reference to in this article I think you will see a significant boost in your website traffic, let me know if I can help at all, it’s free! Have a great day Mike.

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